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Twitter Analytics: Your Guide to Drive Traffic and Boost Sales [Updated in 2020]

While Twitter isn’t the most popular social platform out there, it’s still the go-to platform for live conversations about news, TV, and sports. Finally, the Conversion Tracking dashboard allows you to track website and mobile app events based on a tag you’d install on your website or app.

A Deeper Look at the Twitter Metrics You Should Be Tracking

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Mobile footprint : Informs you about which wireless carrier and device your audience is using. Here you’ll find a plethora of events, ranging from holidays and conferences to sporting events and movie premieres. And if you’re looking for something not so specific, there’s also a Recurring Trends option, which highlights some of the most popular hashtag trends on the platform. A well-timed Tweet sporting a trending hashtag could give your engagement a boost.

The Top 25 Instagram Apps to Produce Killer Content in 2018

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Additionally, Sprout aggregates your Instagram notifications so you never miss any shout-outs from your followers. The app sports 36 adjustable layouts, 32 vintage borders and 92 effects to apply to photos in an instant. Share Photos With a Specific #Hashtag to Slack Channel. This IFTTT formula will pull all of the Instagram photos with a specific hashtag into a Slack channel. Nothing stays the same on Instagram for long. Especially for marketers.