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    [Marketing] You Have to Write about Making Money Blogging to Make Money Blogging [Misconceptions New Bloggers Have #3]
    As a result of the success of some (and the public broadcasting of the results), many others have joined the hunt for market share in this space. The photography niche is very competitive, but there are some other upsides including: The market place is bigger: There are a lot more people around who own cameras than have blogs. The audience isn’t as suspicious: While people still have a healthy suspicion of online marketers in this space, there are fewer barriers on this front. and that you must post every day on your blog. Why this myth exists.
    [Marketing] Bad things happen in the dark
    Don Imus: The dark side of citizen marketing? When you think about it — being in the dark is always scary. When you were a kid, laying in bed and you heard a strange noise in your closet or under your bed you never thought to yourself, “hey, I bet there’s an ice cream sundae making machine in there!” ” No — it was always a monster, a giant spider or a deranged killer. There’s something about being in the dark that makes us feel vulnerable and afraid. And that doesn’t seem to change as we get older. Then the silence is deafening.
    [Marketing] Is it okay to leverage 9/11 for social engagement?
    Kristen shares her opinion on the whole idea of leveraging a tragedy for marketing purposes and i agree with a lot of what she has to say. However, I do recall reading an interesting opinion in a post a while back that shared a different perspective – that social marketers shouldn’t be held to higher standards and that if they want to take advantage of historical events, tragedy or otherwise, so be it. Some are no longer live, and there have even been a few apologies posted for distasteful images or messages that some found offensive, like this one from AT&T.
    [Marketing] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #120
    It's Not About You: The Truth About Social Media Marketing - Tim O'Reilly. " Tim O'Reilly of O'Reilly Media talks about marketing: don't market your products, he says, but instead: help people do great things (with your products), and then find ways to amplify their voices, and help them connect with other people who want to do great things also." social media marketing. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? " (Alistair for Hugh). " (Alistair for Mitch). He's smart.
    [Marketing] TEDx Video: The Killer Business and The Next Vision of the Web by Kimberly Dillion of House of Mikko
    Kimberly Dillon is the founder of House of Mikko, where she manages Marketing and Product Strategy. She started her career as an IT Consultant with Accenture and has over 8 years of marketing experience in the digital and consumer space, including a stint at Procter & Gamble. Title of Talk: Acknowledgment- The Killer Business Strategy. She founded the company to address the challenges that women, specifically women of color face at the beauty counter. She has 2 undergraduate degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and an MBA from the University of Michigan. About TEDx?
    [Marketing] Twitter Says Shoutouts are Internal Only to "Give Props"
    The entertaining denial and explanation is below: There have been reports of a Twitter Shout Out™ product being launched on the market soon. My late-night speculation on Twitter readying a new feature uncovered not a new way for users to send notices to others on the site, but instead, one of the multiple internal-only accounts used to raise company morale and togetherness. We can neither confirm or deny a product at this time. Not even if you ask us really nicely*. However, what we can say is that we are always optimizing for user value and relevance. Anywho, where were we? You tell me.
  • KIKOLANI  |  FRIDAY, JULY 2, 2010
    [Marketing] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, First Newsletter & Tennis Street Magic
    Understanding women in social media – nice infographic, especially for those looking to market to women socially. Making Money Online / Online Marketing. What on earth is affiliate marketing ? Keyword research for blogging – covers the use of generating keyword ideas with Google Adwords Keyword Tool then analyzing them with Market Samurai and SEOMoz Keyword Difficulty tool – applicable to any website, not just blogs. The Resources Mashup. Here are some of the best articles I have stumbled upon and retweeted on @kikolani this week. Facebook. Twitter.
    [Marketing] Why Social Media is a Load of Pollacks!
    Have a strong sense of who you are and who you are not.don't want to cut any part of the market out people say, I say better to be loved by a sector than not seen by the masses. because marketing, because social media is part of that creative world. "I let the painting live". The words of Jackson Pollock and when you think about it, so relevant to the way we see social media today. Just like Pollock, when we are producing, curating, commenting on social media we are the vehicle for our personality.our values. In fact one could say. I let the ideas live".
    [Marketing] Developing for the Web or for Classic Mode
    These limitations, and general skittishness over new technology, led many people not to dive into Mac OS X right away - and some software developers, most notably Quark and Adobe, dragged their feet on committing to the new OS, waiting for the market to demand it. It''s, pardon the pun, a classic dilemma of developing for a known and existing market, or preparing something for a future market. remember, as if it were yesterday, my own delight at hearing the deliveryman knock on the door and leaving behind a package which contained a retail box with Mac OS X 1.0
    [Marketing] Top Five Stories Week Ending December 3
    If you are in PR or marketing, if you blog, if you hire PR or marketing professionals, or if you do any blogger relations, please, please, I implore you. If people around you have the flu or strep right now, amp up your immune system! I’m serious. This stuff is bad. haven’t been this sick in 10 or more years or for this long. It’s been an entire week.  I can’t even get on my bike. Take extra vitamins and drink OJ (or mimosas – great idea, Howie Goldfarb !) daily! I’d ignore them and listen to me if you do get sick. Read it. Billion. Dollars.
    [Marketing] If You Don’t Stop Doing This One Thing, Your Blogging Business Will Never Go Anywhere
    This guest post is by Tommy Walker, Online Marketing Strategist and owner of The problem with the “Facebook marketing&# world is that too many marketers are focused on the “get more fans&# aspect, and completely neglect how you can use the platform to genuinely learn more about how to communicate with your customer base. wanted to put out a free series that wasn’t just about Facebook marketing, but focused on developing an engaging voice that could be woven into every aspect of a business. Why are you reading this article? So what?!
    [Marketing] Hijacking of the Fast Company Influence Project | Spin Sucks
    Arment Dietrich Overview Expertise Resources Gini Dietrich News Media Center Careers Contact Follow US Facebook Linkedin RSS Feed Twitter YouTube Share Categories Communication Social Media Advertising Entrepreneur SEO Marketing Marketplace COMMUNICATION / SOCIAL MEDIA / ADVERTISING / ENTREPRENEUR / SEO / MARKETING Aug 03 2010 Hijacking of the Fast Company Influence Project By Gini Dietrich | Email | Print | 3 Comments | A few weeks ago, Fast Company launched their Influence Project , a contest of sorts to find some of the most online socially influential people. Leave a comment!
    [Marketing] How to Design Social Games That Are Easy to Learn (Accessible) But.
    Gauravonomics Blog For Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists How To Organize and Energize Your Evangelists Blog Speaking Writing Bio Media Subscribe Slideshare Twitter LinkedIn Facebook IdeaSliver Labs Tumblr « I Am Really Excited About My New Asia Regional Role With MS&LGroup 18 Social Media Use Cases: Conversation, Campaign and Community » How to Design Social Games That Are Easy to Learn (Accessible) But Difficult to Master (Challenging)? Welcome to the Gauravonomics Blog for Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists ! What do you think? For more, read my bio.
    [Marketing] LIVE from SHSMD 2013
    From left to right: CEO Matt Petersen, Account Manager Annika Honkanen, VP of Interactive Marketing Tina Kelly, AVP of Integrated Sales Crystal Kaiser, AVP of Content Marketing, Health Care Amy Shepard, EVP, Health Care Sales Chad Rose. SVP of Interactive Kyle Crafton put Google Glass on Lisa Stansbury,marketing manager for the Baton Rouge region of Ochsner Health System. Mary Jane Gore, a marketing and communications specialist at Duke Medicine, is a first-timer at SHSMD but she''s thrilled with all of the discussions about the future of health care marketing.
    [Marketing] What really ended EMAP’s golden days?
    As any blogger will tell you, bespoke quality content is incredibly labour-intensive with low margins, and the rise in content marketing is due to the fact it works extremely well for business which have products to sell. More and more businesses are realising how useful content marketing can be, which is great for me as a consultant in that field, but not good for magazines, which are going to increasingly be cut out of the loop as middlemen unless they can build their own value as arbiters of taste in a cost effective way which includes social signals and added value.
    [Marketing] As Froyo 2.2 Looms for Evo, HTC Sense Is a Concern
    Even as Android gains in market share, assuming the #1 position by most metrics , ahead of both Apple and Blackberry , the very nature of its expanded ecosystem presents weakness. With an Apple product, you are getting an Apple hardware device with an Apple operating system. Should something go awry, you can usually look to Cupertino (or AT&T ). But with an Android-based phone, issues could be tied to the hardware provider (HTC for me), the Android OS, or even a thin software layer on top of Android which many manufacturers are using to "enhance" the experience. And you know what?
    [Marketing] A Brand, Twitter and Jobs
    In todays’ job market, with so many experienced professionals needing jobs, college graduates need any advantage they can get. How does this younger generation not know how to identify opportunities with the industries and companies represented on Twitter and how to use social media, including Twitter, to brand themselves in the market place. Two years ago, a friend of mine asked me if I was on Facebook and I replied in a somewhat haughty tone, “No, I’m not 16.” have not only embraced social media but I’ve become evangelistic about it. And, I’ve created a brand in the process.
    [Marketing] Will Social Media Make Brand Managers Obsolete?
    Now let’s talk about what happened… Just 10 years ago, agencies, CMOs and legions of marketing hopefuls were crowing about the new age of brand management. Ford Zero To 60 Social Media Strategy Scott Monty Omma ( Tagged as: Brand management , Business , Facebook , Ford , Marketing and Advertising , Scott Monty , Social Media , SXSW Written by Stanford Im Stanford and I want to help you stoke your passion, spread your message, and help your blog get noticed and promoted. by Stanford on May 5, 2010 Spread it! It’s not your fault (really).  Sorry.
    [Marketing] Start with a Taste on a Toothpick
    'Whether it’s a new opportunity for you, or it’s something you’re offering to a new market, sometimes a taste on a toothpick is enough to get things rolling. The risk is lower, the reward potentially greater. Often it’s enough to satisfy curiosity, and a new decision comes with the new information. Whether it’s Bitcoins and Beacons (your business taking a taste), or podcasts and product offerings (your business handing out a taste) – sometimes the Taste on a Toothpick is the best small step to take on either side of the coin you’re on.
    [Marketing] Baseball Motivation and Matinee
    Related Stories Immersion into the Language of Your Craft [Saturday Videos] Practice, Purpose, Perseverance, and Playlists in Saturday Videos Fred Astaire was a Content Marketer? 'It’s an exciting time of year. Ballplayers are reporting to camp with everyone in first – and even us Pittsburgh Pirates fans are thinking pennant. Stay warm with these scenes and speeches, but know they relate to business as well: Joe Maddon on Doing Too Much and Trying New Things. Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email?
    [Marketing] One Social Thing Wrapup – Week of 6/4/2012
    Scroll to see the social media and content marketing articles you need to know. If you find a social media or content marketing story you think is a must-read, tweet it out with the #OneSocialThing hash tag. Here’s what we included in this week’s One Social Thing daily email. To get One Social Thing delivered to your email each day, please subscribe below. If we use your idea in an edition, I’ll send you a signed copy of my book. Thanks! – Jay. What was the big issue of the week for you? Who is Using Twitter? Who is Using Twitter? Jess Ostroff.
    [Marketing] How to Get Your Headshot to Appear in Google Results—Wherever Your Content is Published
    Jeff Foster is the owner of WebBizIdeas , an SEO, social media marketing and website design firm. This guest post is by Jeff Foster of WebBizIdeas. Many people who blog want their image to appear next to their listing in Google’s search engine results (SERP) when either they publish a post, their guest contributors publish a post, or when they guest post on other sites. What is the correct way to code your blog to ensure your content looks like this in First, does having this picture in the SERP results increase Click Thru Rate (CTR)? Yes. Where is your content located?
    [Marketing] Wealth and its place in my life
    I’m still working on the business a lot…this week and next week will involve a flurry of activity around pricing and marketing for the business. One of my readers asked me what my answers were to the questions I asked in this post. That’s a fair question to ask. To be honest, I’m working on raising my wealth barometer. Financially I’d definitely like to be in a better place than I’m at now, though it is nice to finally feel like I’m no longer just surviving or scraping by. Am I as wealthy as I want to be? Definitely not, at least financially.
    [Marketing] The lack of intimacy in our culture
    It does happen, but it takes more effort than any kind of marketing out there does. Jay Baer posted a very thought provoking commentary on social relationships in social media and how much we really know. He wonders if social media technology is driving us further apart, instead of bringing us closer, like we thought it would. It’s an understandable concern, but as I wrote in response to him, I think this issue has less to do with technology and more to do with how people relate to each other. How much do you really want to know about someone?
    [Marketing] Why you need a blog on your website
    As such, I think any business that’s serious about using online marketing needs to integrate a blog into their website, in order to take advantage of what a blog can offer. I’ve become more convinced than ever that the blog is the center tool of all the other social media tools, mainly because it functions like a website and because if updated regularly, it not only allows you to post material to social media sites, but also helps with the search engine optimization for your website. Don’t think of a blog as just a tool to post articles. It’s much more than that.
    [Marketing] The value of an email subscription form for a blog
    Also from a marketing standpoint, providing multiple means of disseminating information can only improve how that information is received and dispersed by others. I’ve heard some pretty interesting claims that email will eventually go away because of the emerging technology that is providing us access to quicker ways to get information. I’m not sure I really believe those claims, if only because I think email is a fairly useful communication platform and something that provides some level of privacy that social media doesn’t provide.
    [Marketing] Why you need a blog on your website
    As such, I think any business that’s serious about using online marketing needs to integrate a blog into their website, in order to take advantage of what a blog can offer. I’ve become more convinced than ever that the blog is the center tool of all the other social media tools, mainly because it functions like a website and because if updated regularly, it not only allows you to post material to social media sites, but also helps with the search engine optimization for your website. Don’t think of a blog as just a tool to post articles. It’s much more than that.
    [Marketing] Does networking happen on Linkedin?
    The value of context in defining your business Social media and workplace discipline How to figure out how to participate on social media sites Participation and its role in affiliate marketing Why I enjoy learning outside my discipline What makes you stand out? Imagine Your Reality Business and Social Media Coach Blog Home About Taylor Ellwood Services Social Media and Business Classes Does networking happen on Linkedin? Each day I write a note to a few different contacts asking to learn more about them and what their business needs are. Anonymous I see how it can work that way.
    [Marketing] Strategy: Deciphering the Void
    This blog series looks at each of the Five Rings (chapters), and discusses how some of the phrases apply to the modern communications market. It reminds us to know everything we can, not only of our own disciplines, but of other disciplines and market factors which affect our approach. Applied to today’s communications marketplace, their is great turmoil in the market this week because of the Fortune article about Twitter’s troubles. A Book of Five Rings , written by Miyamoto Musashi in 1645, is one of the world’s classic sources of strategy. Conclusion.
    [Marketing] Misunderstanding cigarette branding…
    So why do tobacco companies spend so much on marketing, and finding ways to place their brands in your eye, despite cigarette advertising bans? I’d reveal a more effective way to tackle smoking, but unfortunately there’s a limit to how long I can write about the topic without nipping outside for a cigarette… Tags: Branding advertising marketing branding brands cigarettes restrictions smoking teens unbranded packs What’s happened is that there’s a misunderstanding of the role of branding in cigarette smokers. Image via Wikipedia.
    [Marketing] 9/13/12 – On What to Say about what Social Media is, & Web Journal – Sept 8th – Sept 13th 2012
    Pinterest Marketing Tools  - Seems there is more to know about Pinterest tools the longer I work with this platform, which lately, I’ve been using to store a lot of images I’m finding as I browse the web. In addition ”although CMOs expect to increase their spending on social media, they admit that the channel remains poorly integrated with their companies’ overall marketing strategies.” SEMrush describes the tool as more comprehensive than others on the market that are “only be able to provide details of likes and shares”. On to other subjects.
    [Marketing] Working with Boston in Mind
    After yesterday’s terrible attack in Boston , it did not feel right to publish yet another marketing post. 'It’s late, roughly midnight, and I am settling in after a long night of networking, walking the dog, and putting to bed an excited toddler still up and excited to see her Dad. It’s time to write. So here we are, reeling from cruel violence on U.S. soil, most likely a terrorist action. First, as horrible as it is to watch these events unfold in the news and online, it cannot even come close to experiencing it. sense of horror that engrossed DC (and New York).
    [Marketing] Would You Pay for Twitter?
    In addition, the demographics in the region makes the online marketing kinda tough – the locals are not as “plugged-in&# as they tend to be in a larger market.) …words The personal weblog of Stephen P Smith Home Would You Pay for Twitter? July 30th 2010 Posted at Business Development 4 Comments A recent survey has some pretty surprising results: Survey – How Many Would Pay For Twitter? recent survey of nearly 2,000 people found that zero percent – you heard correct – of respondents would pay to use the service. “ Well, now. Ditto that.
    [Marketing] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup and Blog Post Ideas
    20 WordPress plugins for successful marketers – great list of must have plugins. Making Money Online / Online Marketing. online guerrilla marketing tips that feed your business – a look at what is guerrilla marketing plus 7 unique online marketing and socila media strategies that can boost business and increase exposure. This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the resources mashup and how to generate 100 blog post ideas in 30 minutes on The Resources Mashup. Blogging / Writing. Facebook. Twitter.
    [Marketing] 3 Ways to Capitalize on the Opportunity Economy
    This is contextually appropriate, just-in-time marketing where you find a chance to engage authentically, and you take it. That type of rifle shot, competitive marketing would be unthinkable in the “real world,” but it happens every minute of every day on Foursquare and elsewhere. We weren’t trying to market,” Zolezzi says. Social media isn’t all about planned campaigns and editorial calendars. In some cases, the best way to make an impact – to win the hearts and minds of customers and prospects – is by being timely, hyper- relevant, and individualized.
    [Marketing] Youtube deletes videos that buy fake views; including Rihanna and Justin Bieber
    Whether it is or not the end of fake views, it’s a great reminder for all of us to focus on what really matters when it comes to video marketing: creating great content. Youtube has finally taken a step further in its war against fake views, deleting thousands of videos that received ‘unnatural’ views during the past few months. Each of these users received a warning email clearly stating that this is a breach of Youtube terms of service and that if they are caught again, their account will be terminated. fromgroups=#!topic/youtube/RTeFVXWsMTs.
  • CHRIS BROGAN  |  FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2011
    [Marketing] It’s Not Who You Circle; It’s Who Circles You
    For instance, just because you and I are both interested in marketing, I’m not as likely to add you to a circle, because I’m already reading hundreds and hundreds of sources of marketing information. In Google+, one of the main activities we perform is finding people of interest to follow. In this graphic to the left, I started following journalists and news professionals based on a great list that I found at Muck Rack (hat tip +Steve Garfield ). But It’s Not Who You Circle. They may or may not look and think, Huh. That’s how Google+ works.
    [Marketing] Get Your Audience to Work for You… and Thank You for It!
    These are good types of activities to run when you’re recovering from or planning something else that’s a huge drain on your time and energy – that’s what we’re doing with the Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt this month and next – we’re coming down from the dizzy heights of a product launch and a guest posting competition – so we’re very eager to see our readers out there engaging with each other, making new connections and generally becoming better marketers – still with our guidance – but mostly of their own volition. This is a guest post by Danny Iny. It’s a lot of work!
    [Marketing] Seth Godin, Tribes and Brand Communities
    From the marketers perspective it is very important to consider tribal relationships as it may be a powerful tool in building loyalty and trust among the consumers. Therefore, the creation and development of brand communities is one of the most important tasks of the marketer as it can guarantee the company success in the long term. [youtube=[link]. Was watching this new inspiring TED talk by  Seth Godin and remembered my earlier research about tribes and brand communities which are so important  in analysing the post-modern consumer behaviour.
    [Marketing] 30 Lessons from Selling $30 Million Worth of eBooks
    True word of mouth will sell more copies than your marketing copy ever will. If you want to play in the sub $10 eBook market then getting your eBook into places like iEBookstore and Amazon are a no brainer.  'This is a guest contribution from our very own Shayne Tilley. Before you hit me up for a loan, let me preface this post. That number represents eBooks sold in for various masters and partners in the last decade. Yes there are a couple of mine in there, but it’s a tiny fraction of a % of the total. ve been trying to sell eBooks before anyone really knew what they were.
    [Marketing] Social Business Means Collaborating Internally and Externally
    Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER Social Business Means Collaborating Internally and Externally View Comments December 22nd, 2009 I had the opportunity to write an article for Jennifer Leggio over at Zdnet on the importance of internal and external collaboration.  It actually really got me thinking about how both types of collaboration can really benefit from one another.  The fact is that there are two types of collaboration: internal and external. Web 2.0 You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0
    [Marketing] 6 Lessons for Writing Irresistibly Magnetic Blog Post Headlines
    Garret Moon proposes re-writing your blog headlines at least three times  to A/B test your headlines using Twitter and email marketing. Most of the content featured in the study that made the top 10 lists was generated by NYU students participated in the Inbound Marketing Clinic and couple recent grads who work with me at Lowe Profero. One of the top shared blog posts on my blog, The 10 Secrets of Effective Bootstrap Digital Marketing for Startups , leverages this tactic. The 10 Secrets of Effective Bootstrap Digital Marketing for Start-ups from Matthew Capala.
    [Marketing] The Importance of Now
    Well, some other fella out of Minneapolis is testing it (or some other version of it)… right now… in three markets. Although I was too young to write cursive, I can recall the first time music had a profound impact on my life. was in my San Antonio living room on a Saturday afternoon, probably wearing my Speed Buggy or Roger Staubach t-shirt – those details are a little fuzzy right now, for obvious reasons. And then it happened. And because it was on American Bandstand , it was easy for me to jam along to. was mesmerized. Who is this younger kid and how can he move like that?
    [Marketing] Pedal-powered Storytelling
    In a video interview , Capital Radio Director of Marketing Giles Pearman highlighted the importance of brands understanding each and every touchpoint that a consumer has with its products. I was catching up on emails recently when a message caught my eye from one of my favorite brands: Rapha. As a bike geek and cycling lover, I love Rapha’s comfortable and beautifully designed cycling wear, and admire its use of content (particularly video ) to tell its story. You can see some of the great efforts and content shared by the community here. Quality, not quantity. Flip the dynamic. Balance.
    [Marketing] Google+ Tactics of the Blogging Pros
    Over the next couple of days on ProBlogger, we’ll be taking a look at key marketing tactics bloggers are using on Twitter and Facebook. Since we covered Pinterest recently , I thought I’d explore Google+ today, and check out the approaches some of the A-list bloggers are using on this network. Tactic 1: Cross-promote a particular offering. Gary Vaynerchuck might have become famous for his books, but he’s been vlogging since 2005, so its no surprise that his Google+ page is dominated by video posts. Tactic 2: Day-in-the-life reportage. Tactic 4: Close curation.
  • PAMORAMA  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 21, 2010
    [Marketing] Happy Birthday Twitter: The Path to 10 Billion Tweets
    pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Happy Birthday Twitter: The Path to 10 Billion Tweets by Pam Dyer on March 21, 2010 Share Today (March 21st) marks Twitter’s 4th birthday — exactly four years since Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sent his first Tweet and, along with Evan Williams and Biz Stone , started a phenomenon: After its launch in 2006, it took years (until November, 2008) to collect its first billion tweets. Just one year later, Twitter hit five billion messages. link] » Blog Archive » ART BACKWASH: Get the Twitter Beard [.]
    [Marketing] Pret A Manager and Web Journal July 8th-12th, 2011
    There’s a post on creating a Social Media Strategy in one slide that I plan to adapt and use for a Web Marketing Course at the University of Denver I’m conducting the last week of July (its a several session course and I’m teaching just that one session on measurement). My take is these slides are great, but are missing a layer of segmentation that prevents them from being actionable. Just a thought. On the other hand, according to, Google Analytics may not be up for the job of a segmentation tracking such as the one I just suggested. Well done Pret.
    [Marketing] Everything You Need to Import and Display RSS Feeds with WordPress
    investment sites displaying current market values and stock prices. WordPress makes it super-easy to publish your own content, and even easier to import and display content from other great sites around the Web. Just as other people are displaying and reading your feed in their apps and devices, you can use external RSS feeds to supplement and strengthen your site’s primary content. Whether you’re displaying feeds from similar sites or aggregating news from around the world, importing feeds means taking advantage of the best that the Web has to offer. Why do it? WP-o-Matic.
    [Marketing] Social Web Bootcamp – Time to Get in the Game
    Home About What We Do PayPal Speaker Contact Subscribe Press / PR Bare Feet Network Internet Literacy for Business: Blogging, Podcasting, Online Video & Social Media Howto, Consulting, Training & Public Speaking Home > News , Social Media , Speaking > Social Web Bootcamp – Time to Get in the Game Social Web Bootcamp – Time to Get in the Game by Roxanne Darling on October 26, 2009 Does it feel like 1999 all over again? Remember when you didn’t think you needed a web site because you had a brochure? Confused by all the hype surrounding blogs, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook?
  • SOCIAL WAYNE  |  MONDAY, MAY 30, 2011
    [Marketing] The Startup Genome Report – infographic
    Founders overestimate the value of IP before product market fit by 255%. Startups need 2-3 times longer to validate their market than most founders expect. Startups that haven’t raised money over-estimate their market size by 100x and often misinterpret their market as new. We found 4 different major groups of startups that all have very different behavior regarding customer acquisition, time, product, market and team. Take a look bellow. better user growth. Startups that pivot once or twice times raise 2.5x more money, have 3.6x Solo founders take 3.6x
    [Marketing] Draw a Tree, Get Cool Stuff - Danny Brown
    Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs Draw a Tree, Get Cool Stuff August 6, 2010 4 voices share yours! Share Save Over at Bonsai Interactive, we made an art video on how to draw a bonsai tree, but we’re not sure of the results. So… we want you to show us the way. The best will get a cool little bonsai package sent to them. We’ll also upload to our Bonsai album so you can tag you and your friends if it’s a joint collaboration! So, watch our video then get drawing. Bonsai!!!
    [Marketing] Swimwear Industry Surfacing With Social Media
    Most pageants will have some following on social media; they use it as an important marketing tool. Not only is a great way for them to promote and market themselves, contestants can get ideas of what the look of the year is by following fashion on social media. 'Social media reaches far and wide. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for or what you are promoting, it can go far on social media. As for the pageant world, social media is especially big. Finding out about pageants through social media. Finding out tips for competition. Finding out what to wear.
    [Marketing] Brand Series: A Global Agency Speaks – The Brand Union « Wisdom London
    The Brand Union was named 2009 Design Agency of the Year by Marketing Magazine, for their work with Bank of America / Merrill Lynch, Argos and Vodafone. Virgin is incredibly strong as a brand through their single-minded vision to champion the customer – in all of the markets they’ve entered, they’ve differentiated by finding better ways of serving the customer. Their holistic approach to branding encompasses research, strategy, design, engagement and evaluation. Simon, what makes a great brand? What does that look like in practice? Who owns a brand?
    [Marketing] Write For Your Customers, Not Your Peers
    This guest post is by Laura Roeder of LKR Social Media Marketer. Laura Roeder, founder of LKR Social Media Marketer , is a social media marketing expert who teaches small businesses how to become welcome-known and claim their brand online. Think about your last ten clients. Did they hire you because they have the same level of knowledge and experience that you do? Or did they choose to work with you because of your expertise? My guess is that they fall into the second camp: your customers look up to you because you’re farther ahead than they are. It’s not too late to start.
  • KYLE LACY  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 2010
    [Marketing] Experts at Your Fingertips – The Value of Social Q&A
    Bryan Povlinski is a recent IU graduate and currently works as an Online Marketing Specialist at ecommerce fulfillment provider Fifth Gear.  If I need help with something at work, I have only a handful of friends that work in marketing/technology so it’s not necessarily the best place for me to ask questions. He is part of the Orr Fellowship program in Indianapolis, and you can find his blog about online tools at Let’s say you’re in your weekly team meeting planning your next big initiative. Then you have a couple options: A. LinkedIn.
    [Marketing] What are the top 10 ways newspapers can add value to a local.
    Search Categories Book Reviews Brand Facebook Find a job Influence Inspiration Integrating Social & Traditional Media Leadership Live blogging Marketing Publicity Radio Program Resources Reviews Sales Social Media Speaking Storytelling Technology Uncategorized Writing Get New Posts by Email My Facebook Profile My Tweets My Delicious Bookmarks My MySpace Profile My YouTube Videos My Viddler Videos My Flickr Photos My RSS Feed My TwitPic Photos Facebook “Fan&# Box Trey Pennington on Facebook Contact | Disclosure | ©2009 Trey Pennington | 209 N. That is local/niche news.
    [Marketing] Nokia developers, Absolute Radio and the N8
    TheWayoftheWeb The digital convergence of media, entertainment, marketing and PR front page archives about RSS Click below for the WayoftheWeb bookstore The Blogroll A Shel of Myself Chris Brogan Currybetdotnet Eaon Pritchard Faster Future Gaping Void Howard Owens Jaffe Juice Jonathan MacDonald KDPaine’s PR Measurement Blog Michael Leis – Digital Strategy Nick Burcher Occam’s Razor Web Analytics blog Only Dead Fish Seth Godin Simon Collister – Networked Society Teaching Online Journalism The Herd The Obvious?
  • KIKOLANI  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 15, 2011
    [Marketing] The Essential Guide to Lucrative Guest Podcasting
    Guest podcasting has done wonders for marketing my blog and that’s why I am highly recommending that you try it out at least once. For an example of guest podcasting, take a look at my interview with Christopher Penn over at Marketing Over Coffee where we talked about how I make over $10,000 per month online as well as how to build a community and be successful. This is a guest post by Chris from The Traffic Blogger. Appearing on a podcast is exhilarating, fun and most importantly: easy. Reasons to Guest Podcast. Here are five reasons why you should guest podcast! Blogging
    [Marketing] Viewers in China Are More Receptive To Online Video Ads
    However, eMarketer warns that while internet users in China may be highly receptive to online video ads, “marketers must still bear in mind the nuances of the Chinese viewer.” ”  Kendall agrees: “What multinational marketers aren’t doing well here is creating content and experiences for consumers that are specific to the Chinese experience.” In terms of total time spent, watching video is the #1 online activity among China’s over 500 million internet users, according to new research by eMarketer and iResearch Consulting Group.
    [Marketing] Why writing and blogging are so important
    Also look at Groupon, it was reported that Groupon has 70 writers on staff to help with marketing which has lead Groupon to be the fastest growing business ever. flickr photo By futurowoman. If you heard me speak at a conference or panel before a common line I will often say about why people should blog is that if you don’t tell your story then who will? Then I usually follow up with some ways to create blog topics and justify blogging and the whole social media building relationships, you can’t rely on news media etc. You get the picture. But what is Blogging?
    [Marketing] Niche Travel Blogging Demystified
    One of the greatest things the Internet has done is that it has made all niches marketable. It helps focus your content, your marketing, and your audience. This guest post is by Matthew Kepnes of Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site. If you look at all the travel blogs out there, you’ll notice many common themes. People tend to write a blog that falls into an overarching category like cruises, backpacking, solo travel, or digital nomad travel. They don’t refine their offerings any further. There are no leaders, no experts, and the bloggers’ voices get lost in the crowd. Don’t follow.
    [Marketing] Make Your Blog Load Faster than ProBlogger: Part 2
    If you’re a blogger, you already know about the importance of blog loading speed, and the role it plays in search engine rank and marketing your blog. Dev is a part time blogger and blogs about WordPress Marketing at WPKube. This guest post is by Devesh of WP Kube. few months ago, I wrote a guest post here called How to Make Your Blog Load Faster than ProBlogger. Today, I’ll go into some more detailed advice to help you speed up your site even more. If you want your blog to rank high in the search results, you need to make sure your blog loads faster than others.
    [Marketing] Version 2 of Viral Success
    As social media marketing often shows, it’s profitable to give to get. Social Media Marketing Goals & Tools An Interactive YouTube Campaign By Tipp-Ex Subscribe to Blog Subscribe to Danish Newsletter TOPICS Best Practise Cases (46) Facebook (53) Linkedin (5) Marketing & Communication (104) Mindjumpers (32) Social Media (219) Social Network (128) Social Responsibility (43) Tech Development (51) Tips (25) TribeSourcing (15) Twitter (23) FLATTR MINDJUMPERS Mindjumpers © 2010 All Rights Reserved It’s possible since the video has had 35 million views.
    [Marketing] YouTube Launches Charts of Top Videos
    Furthermore, the most popular videos can function as an inspiration for marketers, among others, to think in new ways and create new ideas. Youtube Makes Interactive Gallery Tags: Social Media , Viral video , Youtube , YouTube blog , YouTube Charts , youtube video Posted in Marketing & Communication , Social Network Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. The purpose by making this new feature is to keep the users updated on which videos that are trending at the moment, which videos are all-time classics, how videos stack up against one another etc. Where do I go?
    [Marketing] The Nominees for Bees Awards 2011
    At the show, some of the best examples of international social media marketing will be presented and awarded. The Bees Awards was created to grant recognition to the best Social Media communications and marketing practices. Best Marketing Within Social Games. Best Social Media Marketing Theory. Tweet Yet again, it’s time for the Bees Awards – The International Social Media Award Show – to start. And yesterday, the nominees were announced. The Bees Awards will be held in San Francisco the 3 rd of May. Best Use of a Micro-Blogging Platform. Best Social CRM.
    [Marketing] Social Media Workshop in the Motor City
    Ford is getting good coverage on its Fiesta Movement Social Marketing campaign (thanks to my mom for sending that link). There’s good news in Detroit with GM announcing the Volt will get 230 miles per gallon. BTW, my first car was a Ford Fiesta, after my Dad (a Ford employee) made me return the used VW bug I had purchased on the cheap with my first employment earnings, working at a Ford dealership actually. Irony was in play back then. The workshop is an introduction to how the social web works, and can work, for you. Blogs have been around for 10 years; Twitter for three. Hawai?i
    [Marketing] Building A Decoded Company
    Segal is the president and CEO of Klick Health (a well-known healthcare marketing agency) that is both well-recognized for their client work as well as being an "e-mail free" work environment. content marketing. digital marketing. marketing blogger. marketing podcast. 'Episode #398 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. How much data is big data? How well can a company leverage that data and technology that they have to make the actual company a better place to work? Enjoy the conversation.
    [Marketing] Build a Successful Blog by Creating a Content Musical
    The trick in content marketing is to find a middle ground. Brad Smith is a digital marketing consultant who focuses on lead gen for businesses by getting more traffic, leads and sales online. This guest post is by Brad Smith of So you want to make money blogging? You want a popular blog that gets thousands of visitors each day, and the attention and respect you’ve been looking for. So what’s stopping you? What’s holding you back? You’re cranking out content, just like Mashable, about the latest news stories in your industry. Conclusion.
    [Marketing] Can we stop bashing Google+ now?
    The platform is fake because only marketers use it. A few days ago, I read an article from a self-proclaimed Social Media Rockstar who was literally bashing Google+. His claim? His conclusion? G+ is hopeless, and he prefers losing clients rather than reconsidering his position. Writing controversial posts is an excellent technique to attract traffic to [.] Can we stop bashing Google+ now? was written by Cendrine Marrouat for her social media blog, Creative Ramblings. Google Ramblings facebook google social networking
    [Marketing] How the Grinch Stole Green Christmas
    Until green becomes well marketed and sexier, consumer focus and behavioral change won’t occur. Tags: Green green gift monday marketing nature conservancy treehugger Holiday presents — consumerism at its best — represent the great opportunity for all retailers. Merchants and product manufacturers seek brisk sales to ensure a profit for the year, thus the naming convention of “Black Friday.&# The logic lies from a spiritual ethos of abstinence and self-driven worth to the more well-grounded idea of reducing carbon footprints. Consider that U.S.
    [Marketing] microMARKETING Offers Refreshing Look at Online Communications
    It’s been about two years since I published a book review about online or social media marketing. tend to lock onto great sound bites, and this one resonated so well with me, you can expect to see it in Welcome to the Fifth Estate (location 1172 on Kindle): “All this creates a new marketing imperative and demands a new media model. Me getting my chops busted by Greg Verdino. Greg Verdino ‘s microMARKETING offers a different experience with new, refreshing looks at online communications. Case in point, the 7th Son case study in Chapter Eight was just fantastic.
    [Marketing] This Week in Location: 30 must read location-based articles from the past 7 days
    Pros And Cons Of Mobile Marketing. is Catching Up to The World in the SMS Marketing Race. PlacePunch Co-Founder Discusses The Future of Location-Based Marketing [Interview]. Local Social Media Marketing: How Your Peers Use Twitter, Facebook, And Blogs. Fan Appz Integrates With Facebook® Places to Enable Location-Based Marketing. Videos. schneidermike and @EricLeist check out SCVNGR rewards. Social Media Tulsa What is Whrrl. Blog Post. The real Facebook burglaries story. How Local Businesses can use Facebook Places. Plan and share your trips with Tripline.
  • ENGAGE  |  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16, 2011
    [Marketing] Rebecca Black and the Art of Being Bad
    Engage Content marketing resources and insights from content marketing professionals. Rebecca Loveridge Rebecca works in marketing at TMG. Matthew Bavosa Matthew is a Marketing Intern for TMG and a lifetime goal of his is to collect antique license plates and state flags from all 50 states. Things Good Marketers Have in Common ( 2 ) Sean Kelly : Coincidentally, these are the same qualities that you need to be successful in life! Home 1. Strategy 2. Creation 3. Management 4. Distribution 5. For the moment, anyway. And why should they? FRIDAY! Makes sense.
    [Marketing] Natural Growth Caps
    If you want more active members in an early-stage community, don’t spend more on marketing, hire more community managers. Marketing will get you more registered members; community managers will get you more active members. 'Before a community is launched, you must build relationships with prospective members. These are the founding members. These are the people that join when there's nothing there because they have a commitment to you as much as they have a commitment to the cause.    Building these early relationships is a time-consuming process.
    [Marketing] Get More Clicks Using These 3 Emotional Hot Buttons
    Here’s what the top internet marketers know that most people don’t… It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to get traffic from social media sites, article directories, or through Google’s organic search. Marketing firms all around the world have know this for decades. Glen is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs create and market a business online that makes them money. This guest post is by Glen Andrews of pleasure. curiosity. Most people will do more to avoid pain than they will to gain pleasure. And guess what? It works !
    [Marketing] Tell Your Buyer’s Story
    When thinking about content marketing for your business as a way to get attention and draw people into potential business activity, it starts with thinking about and conveying the bigger story of the community you serve. I’m too busy to prospect with content marketing. I’m Too Busy to Prospect With Content Marketing. If you view content marketing is wide area sales funnel activity, then saying you’re too busy to create useful content that serves your opportunity to acquire leads? Story is how we’re built to think. That’s a good start.
    [Marketing] Social Influence Scoring - Good or Bad?
    For me when looking for marketers or indeed any job which involves social media, why not use the social influence as another input to the process? I often hear people criticsing using Klout , Kred , Peer Index scores as part of the job interview process because it isn't accurate - I smile because. Are you saying CV's themselves are totally accurate? Are you saying that they are not exaggerated, that they are not manipulated in some way? Are you saying that as the law stands, references are accurate and useful? They are so vague that they are almost useless.
    [Marketing] 16 Tips on LinkedIn From Hubspot Seminar
    Marketing.always integrate and promote all of your social media.and create marketing partnerships eg vendors, suppliers. I enjoy Hubspot webinars and today was on LinkedIn - here are my live tweets, I thought that I would share as a reminder for us all - I have left as tweets so as to get the information out to you all as soon as possible. Remember, remember don't violate terms on Linkedin.they can pull your group.not a good brand move! . Don't forget to use surveys within LinkedIn groups to improve experience - . Keep on topic).
    [Marketing] Behind Every Great Blogger is an Even Greater Voice
    Your voice has to resonate through a sea of white noise before its message will reach the market. If you want to build a blog as an industry commentator, you must be in touch with the core concerns of your market. If you can pinpoint the archetypal reader in your market, you can then turn your blog in to an ode to that character’s hopes, concerns and dreams. ” The average industry joe fights the corner of his market so that the crowd does not have to. He is the beating heart of the market. None of it matters if you don’t have a great voice.
    [Marketing] Stop Socializing! Auto-Share Social Media Updates and Get Back to Blogging
    The problem is that that leaves just 20% of your time to split between time-intensive (but important) activities like social networking, ad sales, new product creation, and marketing. Fred Perrotta  is the co-founder of  Tortuga Backpacks  and a freelance marketing consultant. This guest post is by Fred Perrotta of  Tortuga Backpacks. As a blogger, you should be spending  at least 80% of your time creating killer content. In this post, you’ll learn how to automatically share your blog posts to your social networks. Your new best friend: IFTTT. Automatically share on Twitter.
    [Marketing] Day 26: People of color impacting the social web – Pam Perry #28DaysofDiversity
    For day 26 , I would like to introduce to some and present to others: Pam Perry Twitter: @pamperry Website/Blog: Bio Pam Perry is a PR Coach and Social Media Strategist delivering online branding and marketing solutions for best-selling authors, nonprofits and entrepreneurs. Pam Perry is also a local Detroit Emmy-award winning TV producer, a columnist with Gospel Today magazine and blogs for, on banding, marketing and public relations 2.0 As we all know, February is Black History Month. Run, Demond Wilson and Yolanda Adams. tactics.
    [Marketing] Magazine ‘App’-titude
    This is a bet on Zite but also a bet on the tablet market and the growth of the mobile business and how people are discovering content on those devices,” said KC Estenson, senior vice president and general manager of in a release Monday. W hen CNN announced plans earlier last week to acquire Zite, an upstart creator of magazine apps for Apple’s iPad, it wasn’t exactly Earth-shattering news. The East Coast was still sweeping up after Irene. In the wake of a disaster that almost was, the acquisition caused nary a ripple in the blogosphere. Understandable. That much is obvious.
    [Marketing] [infographic] Industrialized vs Humanized Companies
    Park Howell opened his sustainable marketing firm in Phoenix, AZ, in 1995, and uses the power of storytelling to ignite the growth of people, products, companies and causes that dare to make the world a better place. “Life finds a way.” ” Jeff Goldblum’s character in Jurassic Park leveled this caution to the scientists resurrecting the dinosaurs about their inability to control organic evolution. That line struck me as I read Humanize: How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World by Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant. Centralized thinking. ” Etc.
    [Marketing] Optimizing Twitter For
    For instance, “ online marketing.&# There’s one titled “The Online Marketing Daily&# by Jon Reed. Have you heard of ? It’s a new social curation tool that allows anyone to start their own online newspaper, except that the “news&# one prints isn’t original content. Despite that weakness, however, it’s becoming very popular. What does is take links sent out through Twitter and curates them into one news source according to the publisher’s preferences. It works something like this. At 8:00 a.m. At 9:00 a.m.
    [Marketing] Whittle: How To Write a Novel
    know Rob from the local DC marketing community (he is CEO of Williams Whittle ), and the book looks awesome. 'The following is a guest post by Rob Whittle , who recently published his first novel Pointer’s War. Any book that features both Lucky Lucciano and Nazis has to be interesting. Periodically, someone will ask me how to write a book, especially since publishing Exodus. So when Rob suggested this topic, I was delighted to publish his guest post. Here you go! How To Write a Novel (Or, At Least How I Wrote One). by Rob Whittle. My novel, Pointer’s War, was published this month.
    [Marketing] Verizon's Big Year Is Much More than Just iPhone
    Additionally, Verizon is going to be the go-to-market partner for Motorola's new Xoom tablet, which I saw demoed at CES this morning, and was awarded best in show. After years of living in the barren AT&T wilderness, iPhone fans and desperate would-be switchers are eagerly awaiting the widely reported planned announcement that Verizon will finally make it to the iPhone 4. Depending on who you read, it's thought the availability of iPhone in CDMA wearing a new carrier's clothes could boost Apple by another 10 million units. More costs extra, of course. Probably not. As for me?
    [Marketing] 3 Reasons Why Twitter Profitablity Is Near
    Not merely being dependent on Fortune 500 marketing dollars, but having small businesses be able to easily purchase advertising that drives results. By Erik Qualman. With 160 million* users, the release of the new Twitter interface could easily turn the Twitter blue into a vibrant green of cash. “Obviously, there’s more opportunities for more info to be displayed now,&# Biz Stone, Twitter’s co-founder, told in an interview about Twitter’s overhaul. “It’s a great opportunity for all sorts of content, including ads.&#. Social Commerce.
    [Marketing] Newspapers, Magazines, and the Apple iPad
    TheWayoftheWeb The digital convergence of media, entertainment, marketing and PR front page archives about RSS Click below for the WayoftheWeb bookstore The Blogroll A Shel of Myself Chris Brogan Currybetdotnet Eaon Pritchard Faster Future Gaping Void Howard Owens Jaffe Juice Jonathan MacDonald KDPaine’s PR Measurement Blog Michael Leis – Digital Strategy Nick Burcher Occam’s Razor Web Analytics blog Only Dead Fish Seth Godin Simon Collister – Networked Society Teaching Online Journalism The Herd The Obvious? The Australian has had 4,500 downloads at $4.99
    [Marketing] Attract 100,000 Pageviews in 1 Month Using Slideshare
    The marketing. Market the heck out of it. Similar to podcast listeners, Pinterest users and YouTube users, they’re an entirely different market that may or may not read blogs. This guest post is by Joel Runyon of Impossible HQ. How do you stand out and differentiate yourself online when more and more people are starting blogs every day? Sure, you need to write stuff that’s gong to stand out, but a lot of blogging advice focuses just on writing. Sometimes to really stand out, you need to go beyond writing and create something different. The spark. The plan. Beautiful.
    [Marketing] Social Media is a Lifeline After Haiti Quake
    pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Social Media is a Lifeline After Haiti Quake by Pam Dyer on January 13, 2010 Share As we’ve seen lately with other emergencies and disasters, the news about the devastating earthquake in Haiti materialized online. After the 7.0 quake struck yesterday, with most power and services knocked out, Haitians turned to Twitter, Facebook, and other Web sites to show the world what had happened. One showed a man, almost out of frame, screaming. In another, a woman covered in dust reached frantically toward the camera.
    [Marketing] Facebook Catching Up to Google and Yahoo as Your Home on the Web.
    pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Facebook Catching Up to Google and Yahoo as Your Home on the Web [Chart] by Pam Dyer on February 5, 2010 Share Facebook is bearing down on its rivals, threatening to become U.S. Internet users’ home on the Web. Time spent on Facebook soared to 27.6 billion minutes in December, up from 17.8 billion minutes in October, according to data from comScore. In December 2008, it was just 9.3 billion minutes.) Meanwhile, online rivals like Yahoo, Microsoft, and MySpace are all down. billion for Facebook versus 38.8
    [Marketing] Using Interactive Infographics to Boost Social Sharing
    It boils down to the simple idea that if you create something interesting and and market it well, people are more likely to share it. 'Infographics are one of the most effective ways to engage an audience and generate valuable social shares and links. As the trend for infographics grows, so do the options available when it comes to creating them. Interactive elements, or even entirely interactive data visualisations, have proven to be both popular and effective at building natural links online. Interactive content is a step in the right direction to keep up with this. Cyclemon.
    [Marketing] My Site Was Hacked and How it Was Fixed in 24 Hours!
    social media marketing So sad to hear. Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER My Site Was Hacked and How it Was Fixed in 24 Hours! View Comments January 11th, 2010 Quick update.  My site was hacked a few days ago and it was just now fixed; which is why I haven’t posted anything in a few days.  Big thanks to the guys over at Blue Sail Creative for getting everything resolved within 24 hours!  I actually didn’t know my site was hacked until a few days ago.  The attack is of a Chinese origin. Thanks guys! Thanks a lot.
    [Marketing] The New Rules Of Email
    When the BlackBerry first came on the market, everyone set the platform to notify them (be it by ringing, vibrating and/or flashing) when a new email arrived. It's rare that you come across an individual who feels like they simply don't get enough email. In fact, the reaction most people give you when you even discuss the topic of email evokes words and emotions like, "overwhelmed" and "out of control" to "I wish it would stop" and "please give me my life back." It doesn't end and they are no bonus rounds or extra lives to save me. and there is. Do not let the technology control you.
    [Marketing] One Social Thing Wrapup – Week of July 2
    Scroll to see the social media and content marketing articles you need to know. If you find a social media or content marketing story you think is a must-read, tweet it out with the #OneSocialThing hash tag. Here’s what we included in this week’s One Social Thing daily email. To get One Social Thing delivered to your email each day, please subscribe below. If we use your idea in an edition, I’ll send you a signed copy of my book. Thanks! – Jay. What was the big issue of the week for you? Thousands of People Get One Social Thing. How About You?
    [Marketing] The Truth about Food Blogging
    Find a gap in the market (easier said than done, I know, but that’s blogging for you) and fill it. 'This is a guest contribution by Amy Murnan, writer of TheFreshFresher. . It is slim pickings in the world of food blogging. know this because, about a year ago, I had a bright idea. said to myself – hey, don’t worry about your lack of job prospects after graduating University! You like writing and you like cooking, so start a food blog – you’re bound to get a book deal! Needless to say, I was a tad naïve. In reality, the truth about food blogging is tougher than any other blogging niche.
    [Marketing] Landing Pages: The Incredible True Story Of How Visitors Become Leads
    internet marketing , then you?ve internet marketing strategy. If you?re involved in your company?s probably heard the term, “landing pages”. landing page, or a lead capture page, is the page that a potential customer arrives at after clicking on an advertisement or other link. The page should be related to the ad or link and also should contain a form for gathering information. good landing page is the difference between getting a lead and getting a fly-by visitor, so make sure yours are up to snuff. Chapter 2: Building a Landing Page. done reading, you?ll Featured
    [Marketing] That Sense of Overnight Success
    also have work with CrossTech Ventures on The Pulse Network and Red Pin Marketing (our hyperlocal effort), and other stuff. have my speaking career , and continued work on Third Tribe Marketing. I shot this video a little while back. It talks about what it might take to be an “overnight success.&#. If you can’t see the video, click here. Yesterday, I sat with Rob Hatch and laid out my plans for Human Business Works for 2011. Even after paring down about 50% of my plans, I have a pretty aggressive and powerful year ahead. That’s what matters.
    [Marketing] Who’s Playing Social Games, Anyway?
    The total social game market, including Facebook, is expected to reach $8.6 Businesses and corporations are recognizing the value of the rapidly growing social game market. Social Gaming is becoming vastly popular and according to sources from, 53% of Facebook users play games, 69% of Facebook Gamers are women, and 20% have paid cash for in-game benefits. If you think these numbers are high, wait till the stats come out for 2011 because these stats are from last year. Do you remember Myspace? You are probably wondering how does this affect you?
    [Marketing] Use word of mouth to score your next job
    Tags: Marketing
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