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    [Marketing] Tips for Brands Using Social Media
    By now, any marketer worth their weight in salt knows the importance of social media in your campaign efforts. Between it’s affordability, potential reach and audience engagement rates, there is no reason a strong social media strategy shouldn’t be fully integrated into your marketing setup. The really savvy marketers will also pick up on the topical aspect that Facebook, Twitter & their contemporaries all offer, whether that’s engaging with customers via trending hashtags or direct comments, or creating some specific holiday-themed content. Honda are great at this.
    [Marketing] Snapping at Synapses: Why Digital Death Sucks
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    [Marketing] The Future Of Digital
    We live an era of exponential business and marketing growth. marketing growth. That's right, we no longer see business moving in a linear fashion. The growth has become exponential (magnificent rises and terrible burn-outs). While many pundits will argue that not much has changed in the world of business, I'm bullish on digital and the disruption it has caused - and will continue to cause in the coming years. It will also tackle what you (and I) will need to bring to the proverbial table to be employable within this time of purgatory (as I will define it in the business book).
    [Marketing] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Mountain Light Timelapse
    Making Money Online / Marketing / Online Business. Why some blogs do not convert with affiliate marketing – listen to the whole video to see if there are ways you can improve your blog to perform better. Why affiliate marketers are the best marketers – 7 reasons why you should look toward affiliate marketers for advice on improving conversion, niche research, driving traffic, ROI, and more. Local SEO tracking: how to effectively track offline conversions – what custom entities to create to track offline conversions from online marketing.
    [Marketing] Why $1 Million Wouldn’t Help Your Business Growth?
    Strong idea which meets a need in the market or which creates a need through delight for it. What if someone offered you a gift of one million pounds to grow your business? Nothing needed in return and it never needed to be paid back. Would that help your business growth? Would that guarantee your success? Now of course financial investment helps, don’t get me wrong and if someone wanted to gift me a million pounds then it would happily be received! However money is not the guarantor of business success. You have already been given the success gift for strong business growth.
    [Marketing] Social Media Cupcake Thoughts
    Authentic Brand Stewardshi p - Social media brings interesting challenges to marketers who are responsible for keeping the brand safe.  On my happy birthday to me day, thoughts turned to cupcakes. Little tastes of wonderful sweets that do not overwhelm. but with big flavor. They can be made from decadent chocolate or veggies like carrot or zucchini. Cupcakes are limited only by your imagination. Read what resonances with you. As with social media. it's always your choice! Consumer generated media may find its way into every area/department that touches the customer experience.
    [Marketing] Why you need the right people to help your business grow
    These people will be people who look at your finances, business operations, marketing, and other aspects of the business that need to be performed in order to effectively make the business work. Recently I and another coach decided to exchange services with each other. While I don’t often do barter anymore, I felt like this would be a good trade, and so far it looks like it’s beneficial for both of us. As a coach, one of the biggest reasons a person hires me to help with their business is because they want a different set of eyes and perspective on what they are doing.
    [Marketing] Why Successful Businesses need a Business Coach
    You use that day to track your weekly efforts, plan next week’s goals, review your marketing and sales actions and plan, attend to your internal business processes and communication, and develop content that will be used during the rest of the week for your business. Most of the time people think that a business coach is needed when a business is in trouble. And that is certainly true, but sometimes even successful businesses need a business coach. For example, you might be bringing in lots of sales and not have time to attend to specific business tasks that need to be done.
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    [Marketing] Comparing Apples To BlackBerrys
    Many people didn't think Apple (a computer manufacturer) could never successfully produce and market a smartphone and those same people probably questioned a search engine's ability to create a mobile platform like Android. PlayBook 's lack of success (RIM says that only 500,000 tablets are in market) compared with the iPad is indicative of this. The PlayBook was announced long after iPad's initial in-market success and prior to the launch of iPad 2. In the end, RIM 's Achilles Heel is not marketing or technology. Research In Motion had a tough week last week.
    [Marketing] How to Implement the rule of 3 in your business
    In Romancing the Brand , the author discusses a rule of marketing call the rule of 3. While it’s a marketing rule, it also applies to customer service. Romancing the brand is an excellent book for understanding the relationship of branding to marketing. also learned some interesting history around the marketing of particular brands such as coke, dos equis, and other brands. If you are a business owner or marketer, you’ll find this book useful for helping you understand how to create a relationship between your brand and your clients. Blog busines
    [Marketing] Become an Advocate (Not Just a Leader) in Your Industry
    good example of an industry advocate is Jim Wurm, executive director of the Exhibit & Event Marketers Association. When it developed new standards and consolidated data references, E2MA strengthened the entire concept of face-to-face marketing and completely revolutionized the trade show industry. This post by Eric Schaumburg, founder of the innovative tradeshow e-commerce platform , originally appeared on  . Disclosure: Maddie works with, because it''s an awesome and disruptive startup you should check out. :)]. photo credit ).
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    [Marketing] Blogging Like a Shark: 10 Secrets to Bootstrapping Your Blog into a Business
    Shark marketers are at the top of the promotional food chain but not because they use force or deception. In today’s competitive times, bloggers need to bootstrap intelligently to stand out from the scores of new blogs and brands with million dollars content-marketing budgets. Predatory Marketing Tactics Don ’ t Work Anymore. Shark marketers rarely if ever address themselves as “experts.” Contrary to popular belief, the idea of bootstrapping is not based on using free marketing to spread the word about your brilliant idea. Market with a Magnet.
    [Marketing] Social Media Monitoring Tools: An Overview
    pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Social Media Monitoring Tools: An Overview by Pam Dyer on January 7, 2010 Share This terrific SlideShare presentation was created by Stefan Betzold, a partner at pier314 , a digital media consulting company in Hamburg, Germany. It provides a comprehensive overview of social media monitoring tools, covering a variety of free tools and a selection of the best professional paid tools. Key elements and features of each are shown, along with test cases, examples, and advantages/limitations. Please leave a comment!
    [Marketing] Search Engine Optimization: 5 Important SEO Ranking Factors
    Mobile searching is rapidly gripping the market especially since the year 2010. Seeing the importance of mobile users in the internet market, Google immediately countered the, would be problem, by releasing a solution. SEO Ranking Factors are probably the most important thing to know when you are creating a web site since they are the rules that determine how popular your website will be on the internet–and how much high it would go in search results. There are more than 200 factors that contribute to this ranking scheme. Remove the no. Search Engine Optimization
    [Marketing] Want to network AND get smarter? Check out these conferences
    The Ritz-Carlton , The Melting Pot, Progressive Insurance, , Starbucks, Nestle, Goodyear, PNC Bank are some of the bastions of world-class customer service excellence who have participated in the "Secret Service Summit."    The Senior Marketing Executive Conference by The Conference Board -- November 9 -11 (NYC). In 2009, The Senior Marketing Executive Conference was cited as the #1 Senior Marketing Venue Globally; this year’s 2010 conference promises to deliver. There are three excellent opportunities to do just that in November.
    [Marketing] Let’s Call It: #SuperBowl XLVIII Is the Biggest Social Media Event Ever
    Unless next year’s game has a better matchup (and this one is pretty darn stout) with bigger markets like a Cowboys/Jets matchup, we will see a slight drop off next year. There’s no need to wait around for the numbers. The race has already been run before the pigskin was kicked off. Super Bowl XLVII in 2014 is the biggest social media event of all time and will likely stay that way for a few years. It’s bigger than the Oscars. It’s bigger than the presidential election. It’s bigger than the death of Michael Jackson.
    [Marketing] Hindu Story on Identity Theft and Cyber-stalking on Social Networks
    However, increasingly, I am seeing social media agencies in India, China and other Asian markets create fake social network profiles, to promote their clients’ brands. I was recently quoted in a Hindu story on identity theft and cyber-stalking on social networks. said that, in general, people tend to use their real identities on Facebook and LinkedIn, with real names, and real photos because these social platforms have worked hard to establish that norm. On Twitter, real names are common, but sometimes, people use avatars and pseudonyms. Vasudha Venugopal and Petlee Peter.
    [Marketing] Social Media Impacts The Trust of People Not In Our Digital Networks
    Diva Marketing is part of an online influencer network for MSN Business on Main. Sometimes the smart people can be the most naive when it comes to social media and social networks. In the post I wrote on employee personal branding  I offered the premise that an employee's digital personae will likely be affilated with their employee's brand during, as well as after, employment ends. As adults we learn best from peer-to-peer interaction. Let's call the business owner Ruth and the employee Bert. To frame this, the guy was in his early thirties and not at the beginning of his career path.
    [Marketing] Risk Management and Open Community: More Similar than You Think
    But one constant thread is that “reputation management” is now everyone’s responsibility – not just the marketing and public relations personnel. To decide what to write for my monthly SocialFish post, I used free association to relate risk management to social media. discovered a link between creating a social open community and a risk management community. There is only so much you can say about social media risks, although I keep hearing the same questions and concerns. Risk management is also everyone’s job – not just the person responsible for risk management.
    [Marketing] A Cloud-Centric Web Makes Device & OS Switching Easier
    Switching between phones was even easier, as on Android, I was able to redownload all my paid apps from the Android market, free of charge. There is a tug of war going on in your mobile devices and your desktop OS - between the world of apps and that of cloud-based Web services. The applications, usually designed and optimized for your particular environment, serve as familiar tools for you, and improve your productivity, bring you news, enabling you to do new things or they may simply entertain you. Clearly, I have more cutting to do.
    [Marketing] Live Streaming = Death of Television?
    Being a self-identified digital marketing nerd, I found myself wondering what live streaming says about us as consumers and what it means for video watching in the future. The concept of cord-cutting is debatable; whether you believe that TV is seriously threatened by online video or whether it will always have a place in the home, marketers can’t deny that the idea is taking hold.  I personally believe that TV is here to stay. It’s clear that live streaming is going to have an increasingly strong presence in the future and there is a large, gaping opportunity for marketers
    [Marketing] A Quick Click RSS Button for Chrome Browsers
    Related Stories Showrooming Away from the Counter No Shame in Being Different … Or Same Practice, Purpose, Perseverance, and Playlists in Saturday Videos Fred Astaire was a Content Marketer? Believing that content curation is almost as important for small business owners as content creation, I tend to share this cool tool with several people to help save them time. call it a “Quick Click RSS button”, though I believe the official name is RSS Subscription Extension  for use with Chrome browsers. This handy RSS Subscription Extension can be found in the Chrome Web Store.
    [Marketing] The future is now…
    For one thing, it’s hard not to be impressed when the cover was shot by Annie Leibovitz – puts all the talk of ‘rock star’ marketeers and developers now into perspective! At least it is while I’m reading my latest book purchase. always love looking through charity shops to see what people once wanted but have let go due to changing tastes, changing fashions etc. And occasionally you stumble across something like ‘The Road Ahead’ by Bill Gates for the bargain price of £1! Buffer. Books bill gates futurism technology predicitions the road ahead
    [Marketing] Twitter Manager Tools – Compare!
    Forget HootSuite: 5 Best Twitter Marketing Tools. As Twitter becomes more widely used as a marketing tool for businesses, using it effectively and creatively will be critical.Given the nature of Twitter, if used incorrectly, a marketer will become overwhelmed and get lost among the constant stream of information. When it comes to managing your Twitter account, there is a plethora of offerings, some free, some not. And because everyone has an opinion, here is a collection of  lists for Twitter manager, Twitter client, and Twitter management tools.
    [Marketing] Viewers in China Are More Receptive To Online Video Ads
    However, eMarketer warns that while internet users in China may be highly receptive to online video ads, “marketers must still bear in mind the nuances of the Chinese viewer.” ”  Kendall agrees: “What multinational marketers aren’t doing well here is creating content and experiences for consumers that are specific to the Chinese experience.” In terms of total time spent, watching video is the #1 online activity among China’s over 500 million internet users, according to new research by eMarketer and iResearch Consulting Group.
    [Marketing] The Art of the Personal Power Ratio
    As always Josh provides real-life interesting examples from his own personal Groundswell. At 8,000 followers, Josh certainly has a poweful and potent following, not quite capable of causing an uprising perhaps, but certainly being very informative. In this case, Josh used his personal Twitter following to try to remember a name of movie that tanked due to negative Twitter coverage. The film was Bruno by the UK’s Sacha Baron Cohen. Personally, I haven’t seen the movie but in general the reviews in the UK had been pretty good. Rightly so in some aspects. Link here.
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    [Marketing] Shift the Perception of Public Relations
    That requires more work on developing benchmarks for what a PR program should be expected to do in both marketing and corporate situations. Huh? I don’t disagree with her list, which includes business, marketing, budgeting and forecasting management, leadership, and a willingness to learn. Today’s guest post is written by Rick Rice. . Changing the perception of the public relations industry requires more than a new definition. That shouldn’t be news to anyone. Just saying something will not make it a reality. Smoke and mirrors won’t change anything. These are just tools.
    [Marketing] How to use Internal Site Search Data to Figure Out If You’re Giving your Readers What They Want
    Let’s go back to this report: So thanks to this report I can see ‘content marketing’ is something that my visitors are interested in finding out more about. I can also see that I’m not doing as great a job as I could in helping them. While this isn’t great news; this sort of insight is really valuable and leads to action – in this case the data suggests I need to create more content around ‘content marketing’ (oh the irony!). This is a guest post by Hannah Smith. Step one – you’ll need to set it up (if you haven’t already done so). Login to Google Analytics. search-query.
    [Marketing] Battle of the Social Media Giants: Facebook Vs. Twitter Vs. Google+
    Facebook is so popular that other companies have been able to become successful simply by marketing its products on the site. Facebook, Google and Twitter are all viable services that should be fighting for market share for years to come. Social media has taken the world by storm in the last 5 years. It has become one of the things that have defined the early part of the 21st century. Millions of people use Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to communicate with others on a daily basis. Which company is going to become number one in the social media world? Google+. Twitter. Facebook.
    [Marketing] What Can a Man in Just a Towel Teach you About Audience Insights?
    When the campaign resulted in low engagement, I had the enviable job of explaining why it didn’t go so well to Subway’s senior marketing team. What was new was the idea to market male hygiene products directly to women , with a masculine appeal. This marketing detective must formulate the simplest explanation (“Elementary, my dear.”) How important is it for a marketer to know that fundamental truth? Ideally, that someone is a marketing detective working for your brand who’s equipped with the resources and commitment to find it Then, the eureka moment happened.
  • GET SOCIAL PR  |  SATURDAY, MAY 14, 2011
    [Marketing] PR Strategy: The future ain’t what it used to be
    Here, I’ll summarize: Find what people are reading in your industry or market. Yogi Berra was famous for giving us one-liners that seems a little off, but always apropos. And when we think of public relations campaign strategies in a new digital world, the future [really] ain’t what it used to be. With social media tools aplenty and the changing behaviors of savvy consumers, companies that want to connect with them must build PR strategy with social and search in mind. Today, I want to focus on search, specifically the process of backlinking. It wasn’t talked about.
    [Marketing] 25 Success Tips for Writing Irresistible Customer Success Stories
    Your company’s best advocates aren’t in your marketing department; they’re your current customers. Customer success stories are among the top five most popular forms of content marketing, and 64% of B2B marketers consider them the single most effective form of custom content. Your prospects and customers are highly jaded to biased marketing messages, and nothing will raise suspicions faster than a report that seems exaggerated, or inaccurate. Cross-promote their content on your social media channels, or offer a discount for their help to your marketing strategy.
    [Marketing] Farnoosh Brock Talks About a Smart Exit Strategy Out of the Wrong Job
    Related Posts How to Become a Local Business Marketing Expert as a Blogger. This is an interview with Farnoosh Brock of Prolific Living. She is returning again to Kikolani to talk to us about creating a smart exit strategy (aff link) out of the wrong job and why it pays to find work that you can love. 1. A lot of the readers at Kikolani are interested in full-time self-employment with strong interests in social media, blogging and free-lancing among other things. You share some of these passions. Can you tell us your take on self-employment? It is perfectly normal. Oh yes, the paycheck.
    [Marketing] Radian6 Big Data
    Caveat , maybe the vendors, such as Radian6, Sysomos, at el, are also contending with the marketing of their platforms to people who were expecting streamlined solutions, and haven’t been able to take their own data and questions and match it up with the platform can provide – again, not necessarily the fault of the platform, but still, the platforms get blamed. It’s been about a week since the Radian6 Big Data  announcement (is that the right words to use?) and this is what it looks like on the Insights Panel (see below). That’s my guess. Solariat Press Release.
    [Marketing] Buy Amazon Kindle at Croma Stores in India
    You also browsed my amazing new Amazon Kindle lighted cover photos and found the best Kindle reading lights available in the market. Home > Gadgets > India » Kindle Amazon Kindle is now officially for sale in India. You can buy Amazon Kindle exclusively at Croma stores across India from now on. After launch of Junglee  search engine, this is Amazon’s biggest push to sell Kindle in India. Buy Kindle at Croma Stores. If you visit the Croma Online Store today, you can see Amazon Kindle featured on the front page. Indians can buy Amazon Kindle starting at Rs.
    [Marketing] Here Is What Smart Companies Get That Others Don’t
    That isn’t just a marketing slogan coined by Apple the ability of an organization to think differently drives everything they do and why they do it. There is nothing more alarming to a man than when a woman says “you just don’t get it” That phrase implies many things including you are not listening, you don’t understand or you are so arrogant you don’t care to try to either.  In others words the phrase or feelings of “you just don’t get it” implies a serious disconnects that are usually followed by trouble ahead. What Smart Companies Understand.
    [Marketing] Get Social Media Right: Five Things you Just Can’t Miss
    It’s marketing 101. Here are some of the top indicators every social media marketer should pin to the wall. With so many metrics out there for a marketer to measure, life just got harder for content marketers. For contemporary content marketers, metrics are best classified into classes, and then each asset must be measured against the overall performance of the asset class it comes under. Cyfe integrates with social media networks, email marketing tools, and all other major sources for your traffic, revenue, or sales. Business Assets. Retention.
    [Marketing] 3 simple ways to attract huge conference crowds
    Immediately place the keynote speaker in all marketing materials. Have the keynote speaker stay for an autograph or book signing following their speech and make sure you mention this in your marketing materials. #3 Capture video/photos of the event. If you have someone helping you with the video and photo production make sure you own all the rights for future marketing use. Store these media materials in an easy to locate digital folder for next year’s marketing which should start today! #1 Hire a rockstar keynote speaker.
    [Marketing] June Revisited:Top 5 Blog Posts on Social Media
    Some time ago, we had a guest post on our blog stating how social media is not a cheaper alternative, even though many marketers think it doesn’t cost much. Companies’ Use of Content Marketing Is On the Rise [infographic]. More companies are moving their marketing efforts online and seeking to expand their reach in the web sphere. Here, social media naturally plays a great role and this means that the budgets allocated to content marketing are growing. Instead of using only traditional marketing, content marketing has become popular at the same time as it.
    [Marketing] NowStreaming: Rage Comics
    The presentation centers around the spread and usage of Rage Comics, as well as how they can be applied to marketing. NowStreaming is our new collection of videos that we have created to help others learn the various aspects of Internet marketing. In this video, NowSourcing’s Rose Wallace goes through the ins and outs of Rage Comics. Because of their popularity on the online community, Rage Comics are quickly becoming a great way to gain views, subscriptions, and even customers to your site. To view all of our videos, head to the NowSourcing YouTube Channel. Rage Comics.
    [Marketing] Basic Social Media Optimization Tips That Can Make A World Of Difference
    Here are some general, easy optimization tips to set your social media marketing into complete success. Social media is one amazing media to communicate with the masses in real time. It can single handily turn your brand from a “nobody” into an “everybody.” While content plays an important role in your strategy, so does your appearance. Remember, first impressions are everything. Instagram: Instagram doesn’t allow for clickable URLs in your photo and video descriptions. Facebook: Make sure your cover photos are always branded. Omitting this area is definitely a huge missed opportunity.
    [Marketing] 'Jumo' – The New Social Networking Site For Non-profit.
    Making people participate With the understanding in mind that sometimes certain ideas that already exist need a twist and a marketing strategy to really hit the roof, I think Jumo has great potential to do exactly that. brilliant marketing strategy Subsequently, what is really worth mentioning here is not Jumo, what Jumo is, and how that’s going to change the world for the better, or help users online donate to causes and see in real time where disasters are taking place and how to help prevent those. The real issue I noticed here is how brilliant the marketing strategy is.
    [Marketing] Solid Tips for Managing Your Online Social Life - The Steve Rubel.
    Great marketing work. He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. Steve is using Posterous to post everything online. Shouldnt you? Steve Rubel owns this site 5,034 subscribers The Steve Rubel Stream 8 Jul 2009 Solid Tips for Managing Your Online Social Life MakeUseOf has two great sets of tips for staying on top of your online social life, without letting it run you. Part I and Part II ). funny, i dont see any room for work in there :P Jul 08, 2009 juleslov said. youve got to be kidding.
    [Marketing] Winning Unconventionally
    While Microsoft was building a dominating market share position for operating systems through licensing its software to OEMs, one of Steve Jobs' first moves upon returning to Apple was to discontinue licensing of the Mac OS to 'clones' including Motorola and Power Computing. The clones were not, in fact, helping the Mac increase market share, but were cannibalizing Apple, and going a different way was needed. No two fingerprints, people, or businesses are exactly alike. Regardless, the team is winning unconventially, changing the rules to match the talent set provided.
  • CITIZEN MARKETER 2.1  |  MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010
    [Marketing] Quick'n'Dirty Episode 43: We've Got a Producer!
    Citizen Marketer 2.1 Useful information on how to add "social" into your marketing mix with measurable results. This weeks TOTW was none other than Lee Odden , CEO of Top Rank Marketing. minutes ago What We Do Inside Third Tribe Marketing - Ever wonder what we do inside Third Tribe? We help people improve their marketing. So how are you taking advantage of the market con. 1 day ago Small Biz Survival You lead the applause in the brag basket - Even though I call this the Brag Basket, its not really about bragging. Let us know in the co.
    [Marketing] New Subscription Available (Free): Whistle Stops Weekly
    A new weekly email is available: Whistle Stops Weekly.   It will arrive in your inbox each Sunday , with at least one tip in four areas: your website, mobile, social, and inbound marketing. You should subscribe.  We launched the first issue last week ( have a look-see ). Whistle Stops used to be a regular feature on this site, highlighting conversations, news, and tools about social media. Now, it’s more focused: in content and intent. There is a lot of great information created and shared across the web and social networks every day, it’s hard to keep up. You should subscribe.
    [Marketing] On the Oregon Trail
    There are new conversation stations and I'll be sharing ways to use social media tools in a couple of niche markets ready to engage in different ways (more on that in the next few days). I believe each life has different seasons and multiple paths. And after a few fantastic seasons in Iowa, I embark on a new path today - and it takes me to Oregon. Like the settlers of old, I travel west with opportunity shining on the horizon. Same guy, different location. One of the beauties of this talk-nological landscape is how I will still be able to engage with folks from Iowa from afar.
    [Marketing] The Misery Of Agency Life
    In June of this year, longtime marketing agency professional, Uwe Hook , did something about his unhappiness with agency life. digital marketing. marketing agency. marketing blog. marketing podcast. Episode #438 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Some of us actually meant it, quit our jobs and went off to do other things. After close to twenty years in the business, he quit his job and explained it all rather publicly in a Medium post titled, Why I quit my agency job. Enjoy the conversation. audio.
    [Marketing] Facebook Surpasses Google
    Market Share according to recent data from Hitwise. By Erik Qualman. The week of SXSW Interactive Conference in Austin is an appropriate time for data to show that Facebook has overtaken Google in U.S. Facebook surpassess Google in traffic in the U.S. according to Hitwise. While I’ve often said that Google views Social Media as their top competition, this rapid ascent by Facebook is astounding. Facebook surpassed the previous most popular site, Google, in terms of overall traffic for the week in the U.S. web traffic vs. Google 7.03%. Facebook traffic +185% vs. Google 9%.
    [Marketing] More Updates Means More Traffic | Small Business Mavericks
    That data isn’t included in this study, but I’d hazard to make that guess because small business owners who own their own domain names are likely business owners who have a better understanding of search marketing. Contact Us | Home Site Map | Legal Notices Small Business Mavericks is a part of Melberg Marketing, Inc © 2006 – 2010 Melberg Marketing, Inc., d/b/a/ Small Business Mavericks, Minneapolis, Minnesota Website Design, Development & Promotion Services About Us What’s a Maverick? times per month. That’s once every two months! Surprised?
  • PR AT SUNRISE  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 2011
    [Marketing] There Are Benefits to Staying at the Same PR Agency and Not Jumping Ship
    In September 2001, I accepted a manager position with Dixon Schwabl Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations. Stay the course to find your path to success. If someone told me nearly 15 years ago when I started my career that I would be in the same industry 15 years later, and with only two separate companies, I would have never believed them. After all, it was the late 1990s and no one was sticking it out for more than a couple of years at the same job. The then 13-year-old integrated agency offered the promise of a self-empowered workforce and a diverse client base. About the Author.
    [Marketing] Monitoring Social Media 2010 London and Integrasco Event Presentations
    That got me thinking on how value for a object or service is often set by an market or trading service.   A razor, bottle of soda, sofa bed, bar of chocolate, these all have some value assigned to them that might fluctuate but is still possible to calculate with precision. I’m in London all of this week doing a series of public and private speaking engagements beginning with Monitoring Social Media 2010 Monday and followed by a private event co-sponsored by Integrasco , a social media monitoring firm and platform headquartered in Oslo, Norway.   Friend, Re-Tweets, Likes? 
    [Marketing] Three Things Your Brand Needs to Be Successful In Social Media in 2013
    Just look at Amex who isn’t a social media expert per say, but they started rocking it across social media channels, using guest bloggers to bring in expertise, and offering their small businesses the content they need to be successful in their markets. So you’ve read about what your brand resolutions should be, what social media goals you should consider, and what to do and not do over and over again…but do you really know what your brand needs to be successful in social media this upcoming year? cannot emphasize this enough – hire native, hire native, and hire native.
    [Marketing] Could and Need
    Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs Could and Need August 19, 2010 3 voices share yours! Share Save There are two basic ways of deciding on a course of action. call it the Could and Need Effect. Both similar. Both different. Both entwined. Both separate. But each one defines your success and longevity. Ask yourself a question and approach it from Could and Need to decide your next step. This bill could wait until next week. need to pay this bill to keep my business open. Enjoy this post?
  • KIKOLANI  |  TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2012
    [Marketing] 5 Steps to Improve Your Pinterest Profile in Five Minutes
    If you’re willing to put in a bit more time, you’re in luck – BlogWorld & New Media Expo just launched a completely free eBook called The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Blog, Podcast, or Videos with Pinterest written by yours truly that shares more secrets to improving your Pinterest profile, especially if you’re an online content creator. This is a guest post by Allison Boyer , Community Outreach Coordinator and regular blogger for BlogWorld. For most users, the answer is no, unfortunately. When you create a board on the fly (i.e., Like the current default?
    [Marketing] What is PitchTo and How Can Founders and Investors Use It?
    It ranges from none to a crowded market. Size of the Market: What is the big opportunity in terms of revenue, or user growth? Today I’m pleased to announce the public beta release of PitchTo. PitchTo is a dedicated platform for managing and rating founder pitches and provides a way for entrepreneurs to get feedback on their product or pitch. While working with founders on their pitch deck either preparing for demo day or investor meetings I saw an ongoing theme. The other space where PitchTo could be used is judging hackathons, pitch contest or startup weekends.
    [Marketing] Association Social Media: NASTAD
    Association Social Media: ASCD BREAKING: LinkedIn is Shutting off the Jobs Tab for Groups 3 Reasons Why Content Marketing Doesn’t Work for Associations ePatient 2015: Healthcare Associations, Are You Ready? ——————— Please welcome Meico Whitlock, Senior Manager, Communications, at NASTAD , the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors. 1) First things first –  in what department in your organization does your role sit? Who do you report to? Meico:  We don’t have a formal department for the work I do. More like this.
    [Marketing] Quality Still Counts - Danny Brown
    Whether it’s launching new products, starting a PR/marketing/advertising campaign or adding sections to your website, taking on too much will leave you thinly spread. The iPhone, the iPod, Windows Vista, Xbox – although there may be different versions of the same product for different markets, essentially it still equates to one product line. This is one of the main reasons why these two companies lead the market in their fields. They keep the new products launched to a minimum for a simple reason – don’t confuse the market. And, rather ultimately, less effective.
    [Marketing] Day 10: People of color impacting the social web – Melinda F. Emerson – #29DaysofDiversity
    She is an author, speaker and small business coach whose areas of expertise include small business start-up, business development and social media marketing. As we all know, February is Black History Month. It’s a month where we honor those who have made an impact on American culture for equal rights, those who have invented, those who have a helped others and those who have inspired everyone to be the best they can be, not only as a person of color but as a human. Each post will include a picture, bio, two links from the selected person and this paragraph. Emerson. Melinda F.
    [Marketing] Social Media Tweetable Facts
    FACT] Although data mining poses a challenge to today’s marketers, 61% say big data will overhaul marketing practices for the better. FACT] 71% of chief marketing officers feel their organization is not prepared to deal with the impending big data explosion.  Social media statistics these days are all about big data, how companies are collecting (and using) the data, where this data comes from and how social media sites are used.  Do you know the recent B2B social media facts from fiction? Twitter devours 12x more. TWEET THIS. TWEET THIS. TWEET THIS. CNET TWEET THIS.
  • FEVER BEE  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2010
    [Marketing] Are Your Employees Too Busy To Participate In Your Online Community?
    They believe that replying to their e-mail, checking the marketing material, working their way down their to-do list is more important than participating in the community. You’re not alone, every organization claims their staff are too busy to participate in an online community. It’s not always true. In fact, it’s never true. No staff at any organization are too busy to participate in an online community. They just have different priorities. and it’s your fault. Have your employees ever stayed late to get some work done? Then why not to participate in a community?
  • TWITIP  |  MONDAY, DECEMBER 21, 2009
    [Marketing] Content Planning to Add Value to Your Tweets
    For those who use Twitter for marketing purposes, you need to have so much more than just “Hi I’m here buy my thing&# Having a plan saves so much time and for me, it’s imperative I save my clients as much time as I possibly can. Twitip Getting more out of twitter Follow 102,289 followers Subscribe 20,083 subscribers starters guide getting followers tools tips business people news add a tip Alison Rothwell @alisonrothwell Alison is the founder of the SEO Training Club - shes also a mama, geek, gardening freak and entrepreneur. Maybe it’s me? Best Regards.
  • ENGAGE  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 16, 2014
    [Marketing] Our Director of Search Answers Common Questions About the Seemingly Mystical World of SEO
    Example: As a content marketing company, McMURRY/TMG can post multiple times a day because content marketing is a constantly evolving industry. com/ search-marketing /organic-search  for a more optimal URL structure. We would need to redirect the  category /search-engine-optimization  page to the  / search-marketing /organic-search  page. As the director of Search, I am often asked various questions around organic search strategy and technical application. once a month, every week, etc.)”. What are 301 Redirects and how do you use them for SEO?”. For example:  www.
    [Marketing] How Reading Fairy Tales Can Improve Public Relations
    Post Categories Select Category Blogging for Grasshoppers Business Career Networking Communication Blogging Measurement MeasurePR Public Relations Social Media Twitter Writing Events Guest Posts Amrit Pal Bryce Keane Conway Wigg Erica Holt Herwin Icasiano Howie Goldfarb Mike Doman Narciso Tovar Shanan Sorochynski Steff Metal Interviews Marketing Media Personal Cooking Recipe of the Week Philanthropy PRSA 2009 Resources How To Weekly Roundup Speaking Training Women Grow Business Featured Guest Bloggers Extra, Extra! actually have a bunch of them. Also Cinderella. Also Sleeping Beauty.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012
    [Marketing] This Blog Sucks (And You're Probably Not Reading This)
    " The article went on to quote Sam Weston (director of communications at digital marketing agency, Huge ): "Nobody reads agency blogs, and there are so many out there it's impossible for people to keep up anyway. digital marketing agency. I don't mind that I'm becoming a dinosaur. I'm not going to lie and say that I was shocked to read the DigiDay article, Agencies Ditch Blogs , that they published on Monday. "With the rise of social media, businesses are blogging less. We put ours on hiatus while we figure out what we want to do with it. We do use Facebook and Twitter.
    [Marketing] Top 5 App Store Optimization (ASO) Hacks For Better Rankings
    Anyone who owns a smartphone knows just how massive the app market is today. Keep in mind that some app markets don’t take kindly to keyword stuffing. Markets can differ greatly, sometimes in subtle ways you may not be aware of. What works on one market might not always work on another, so be willing to adapt your ASO accordingly. 5. The app market is one of the most competitive out there, but its size shouldn’t prevent you from exposing your app to a large audience. Is your app among them? It doesn’t have to be. Be Visual.
    [Marketing] Why Google+ is an Essential Part of Your Social Strategy
    Businesses and marketers need to gather crucial information on potential users signing up for their site, but the more hoops people have to jump through, whether that’s the number of clicks or the number of information boxes that need to be filled out, the less likely they’ll continue through the process until they’re all signed up. It’s an all-in-one marketing platform. 5) G+ is Visually Engaging. Let’s say you market for a cupcake company. With these resources, you’ll be a Google+ expert in no time, and the businesses you market for will reap the benefits.
    [Marketing] 3 Huge SEO Mistakes Business Owners Make
    Robert Cairns, the Lead Account Manager from Canadian SEO company  Caseo Digital Marketing Services  sat down with us to explain the 3 most common SEO mistakes he sees business owners make. 1)   Inadequate Research About An SEO Company. There are blackhat SEO ’s (search engine hackers), marketers who portray themselves as SEO’s, service providers that have a misconception of SEO as a technical skill, and even companies that simply have no idea what they are doing out there. Quality SEO can be very difficult to find. Robert sighs. B2B Featured How To Tips Business tips
  • KIKOLANI  |  FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2012
    [Marketing] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Baboons in a Car
    Guide To Developing Your Content Marketing Strategy – From the webinar “Implement These 10 SEO Tips, You Must” comes a guide to developing a comprehensive content marketing strategy. 25+ Tools for Real-Time Marketing – We’re about to document the 25+ tools marketers need to know about if they’re serious about real-time marketing. Ways to Grow YouTube Subscribers and Your Exposure – YouTube Marketing Strategy: How to get subscribers with strategically placed annotations, call-to-actions, your blog and Featured Channels.
  • SOSHABLE  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 5, 2012
    [Marketing] How to Spot a Link Builder (Infographic)
    As a practice, it doesn’t always get the attention or respect it deserves amongst the online marketing community. Links are the backbone of the entire internet and have been since it was invented. link is quite literally linking two documents (or pages) together, and is one of the most important aspects of SEO efforts. Because they are how Google finds and crawls pages, links are a major influencer in Google’s algorithm that determines where to rank a page in their index. As a profession, link building is fast-paced with best practices changing regularly.
    [Marketing] Four Secrets of the Super Productive
    also have blocked out hours each week for writing time, marketing time etc. Brass Tack Thinking Make Things Happen Home About Amber Naslund Tamsen McMahon Contact Speaking Amber Naslund Tamsen McMahon Brass Tack Reading Archives Four Secrets of the Super Productive September 28, 2010 | by Amber Naslund View Comments I actually don’t know if I’d be considered super-productive. But I do get asked a bit how I “manage to do it all&#. certainly don’t do it all, and I have my days where I’m woefully behind or buried or overwhelmed. It’s not fancy. Do It 2.
    [Marketing] Unleashing the Power of Agile and Scrum: Collaboration and Teamwork Tools
    Practically speaking, agile reduces development costs as well as the time it takes to get a product to market. Agile and scrum are often discussed together, but the distinction between the two is left murky. Part of the problem comes from the fact that the terms are used interchangeably with each other and with other software development terminology. Here is a look at what agile is and how scrum relates to it along with an overview of some of the benefits provided by agile. What Is Agile? Agile is a methodology applied to the process of developing software. ” What is Scrum?
    [Marketing] How can multiple people use one Twitter account? | Shuaism
    Home About eBooks Social Media and Internet Marketing Speaking Twitter Says You Are Here: Home » Microblogging , Social Media , Strategy , twitter » How can multiple people use one Twitter account? How can multiple people use one Twitter account? Written on January 18, 2010 by Josh Peters in Microblogging , Social Media , Strategy , twitter 1 Comment - Leave a comment! Well in a word Cotweet. So that takes care of technology, but that’s always the easy part. The hard part is figuring out exactly how, who, when, and why. Are they tweeting because they absolutely need to?
    [Marketing] A Social Media Status Quo – Brazil
    Mindjumpers Network is a global platform of local country Community Managers, enabling international companies to execute and maintain brand communities in a structured, quality assured and cost effective way across markets with the aim of creating effect and value. As the largest market outside the US, Brazil is indeed a force to reckon with when it comes to seizing social media opportunities. The following post is part of the Mindjumpers Network series. Here’s a sum up of our report from Mindjumpers’ local community manager Debora Corrano. Introducing Brazil. Trends.
    [Marketing] Pinterest Has New Analytics!
    Successful marketing requires the ability to track and analyze and deduce, it’s what makes the industry exciting. Original post about Pinterest marketing can be found on Wikimotive’s blog titled “ Pinterest Offering New Analytics ” by Zach Billings. Businesses are always clamoring for more analytics tools from the services they use, and now Pinterest is delivering an interesting new tool, sure to be a boon for any  SEO company  smart enough to invest in social media. Ensure you have a verified website. So go ahead any try out the new analytics tool.
    [Marketing] 5 Steps Required to Building a Best Practice Digital Analytics Function
    The changing communications landscape has also led to revolutionary changes in the world of market research. Unfortunately, not every market research professional is adopting this new form of research citing its lack of structure as a major drawback. Fortunately, that’s becoming a smaller group of individuals as progressive companies up and down the Fortune 500 list see mining digital and social data as an essential part of the marketing function. The most common digital data use case is for public relations and marketing, and that is totally fine.
    [Marketing] B2B & Social Media: Provide A Solution
    If you rely solely on ads & sponsorships, how many page views is enough for your market? You’ve probably heard at one point or another the question “does Social Media work for B2B?&# Perhaps you’re even asking it yourself. One of the main things that helped with me this is a post by Dan Blank called “ Creating Interest vs Providing Solutions &# from late last year. Dan says a number of pertinent things in this post, my favourite being: If you can’t properly monetize 18 million unique visitors a month, how will another 5 million help clarify the way forward?
    [Marketing] 10 Perfect Tips to Start a Business Online
    Time for marketing and advertising. In order to achieve your goals of becoming successful, you have to generate more traffic, which cannot be done without proper marketing and advertising techniques. These resources will help you tackle the marketing challenge properly: - Information about online advertising. Advertising and Marketing on the Internet: Rules of the Road. 6. The Internet offers so many opportunities, that more and more people are becoming interested in starting an online business by the day. Start exploring your options. You need a domain name.
    [Marketing] Online Videos Rise: Where are the Advertisers?
    Learn more about video marketing on this social news site. The trends are clear: more people are watching videos online and spending less time in front of the television. Perhaps more importantly, it’s easier to skip television ads thanks to technology such as Tivo than it is to skip ads online. With such clear trends, why are companies not embracing online video advertising more? This Infographic by our friends at BuySellAds has clear implications, but online video ads are only marginally increasing. We hope. * * *. YouTube advertising videos
    [Marketing] BIG NEWS! @TheEIU Announces Top 25 #SocialBusiness Leaders #SocBiz25 @TheEconomist #SocBiz
    Aside from myself, the board included prominent social business thought leaders Lisa Gansky (@instigating) , chief instigator at Mesh Labs, Brian Solis ( @BrianSolis ), principal at Altimeter Group, Maria Winans ( @MariaWinans ), vice-president of social business marketing at IBM, and Nick Blunden ( @nickblunden ), senior vice-president and global head of digital and content strategy, The Economist Group. Today, we are thrilled to unveil our list of the EIU’s Top 25 Social Business Leaders to the world. Also, please kindly use the hashtag #socbiz25.
    [Marketing] 5 essential books for geeks…
    It’s not a definitive list, as I’m sure there are some great books I’ve yet to read, and it’s not focused on marketing, because that requires it’s own list. Having seen some recommendations for what Wired considered the essential books for any geek, and found it a bit esoteric in recommending the original Dungeons & Dragons manual, for example, I thought I’d recommend the five books I have read, owned, re-read and recommended on numerous occasions as the core of my own geek libary. The Hacker Crackdown on Amazon. Code 2.0 on Amazon. above.
    [Marketing] Going Gluten-Free [Infographic]
    This infographic provides a deeper look into celiac disease and the gluten-free market. One in three US adults want to reduce or eliminate gluten from their diet. Restaurants are noticing this demand for gluten-free options and are adding them to their menus. But do they know exactly what going gluten-free entails? Check it out below to learn more. What every restaurant should know about going gluten-free [Infographic]. Compliments of Infographics
    [Marketing] Keeping Gov 2.0 Fresh
    The biggest challenge of any privately-funded start-up venture is finding the right balance. I do Web, marketing and social media consulting ( [link] ), but put a lot of effort into GovFresh. I’m very family with the start-up environment. Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0 Events Calendar Subscribe: Posts | Comments | Email Social Media Strategery Best Of Best Practices Enterprise 2.0 Government 2.0 Miscellaneous Personal Prof. Development Social Media Keeping Gov 2.0 Fresh Thu, Jan 21, 2010 Government 2.0 Have you heard of GovFresh ? community from 3,000 miles away?
    [Marketing] Getting The Social Customer To Buy
    Between us friends, I've shifted and changed my presentations on Digital Marketing in the past few months. It has moved away (almost completely) from what brands either should be doing in the Digital Marketing and how to think about the space to being one hundred percent customer focused. wish I had the source for the following thought, but someone recently said that this is the first time in the history of Marketing that the consumers are ahead of the marketers. digital marketing. Shopping is a social act. Is it? It's true. What are brands really up to?
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012
    [Marketing] Top 10 Guest Blog Posts of the First Half of 2012
    vs Marketing and  Owned vs. Earned Media: Measuring the ROI. Today’s guest post is written by Lisa Gerber. . Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s time for the Spin Sucks Semi-Annual Top 10 Guest Blog posts. Our guest bloggers create about 30 percent of the content on the blog, and we love having you because we get to showcase some of the great talent within our community (cough, with a few exceptions, cough). So, much like Nordstrom does with their  Half Yearly Sale , we want to thank you. Let’s get right to it. The Top 10 Guest Blogs on Spin Sucks for 2012. Oh, Pinterest.
    [Marketing] KFC and Comedy Central Create Web Series and UGC Contest For Young “Adults”
    Social platforms are figuring heavily into the marketing for this series; links to the video are on the Facebook and Twitter pages for both KFC and Comedy Central, as well as on their YouTube accounts.  Kentucky Fried Chicken and Comedy Central have teamed up to offer an original web series and contest focused on user-generated content that’s geared toward 18-24 year-olds who are living with their parents. Viewers are encouraged to participate by sharing their experiences of living at home, with the chance to win a year’s worth of free rent and lots o’KFC chicken.
    [Marketing] The StumbleUpon effect - Koka Sexton dot Com
    Between listing my favorite StumbleUpon Links and adding to that with a post on my all time favorite StumbleUpon Links, and an article on how to use StumbleUpon as a marketing tool. [.] ¬ Kilroy_60 #711 June 8th, 2008 at 10:23 pm I still feel like I’m getting acquainted with StumbleUpon, and have a lot of learn. How NOT to use your Social Media Marketing Manager! Koka Sexton dot Com Home About Koka Contact Twitter FULL RSS The StumbleUpon effect Getting traffic to your website can be a daunting task. Blog for yourself. Social Media brought the game to the next level.
    [Marketing] The Art of Inclusion: Using Content to Bring Different Audiences Together
    I was thinking about the term content marketing the other day and that process brought me to the word “inclusion.”. After all, what is content marketing if not an inclusive activity that brings wide swaths of interests, people (or customers) and subjects together? n?klo?oZH?n/ . The more I thought about it, the more I realized that “inclusion”—according to the traditional definition as well as in the metallurgical sense—really is a perfect description for the art of content marketing. noun. 1. the BIOLOGY GEOLOGY METALLURGY. Take me, for instance.
    [Marketing] Photos from the San Francisco Giants World Series Game 7 Celebration in the Streets of SF
    This was Market Street after the game. Photos from the San Francisco Giants World Series Game 7 Celebration in the Streets of SF. photos San Francisco game 7 giants world series
    [Marketing] The Human Element: Making Content That Reaches People on a Personal Level
    It’s a lasting predicament that rings uncomfortably true for modern-day content marketers. The trouble was, my dad said—and the trouble is today, I think—that marketers too often view their audience through a sort of superficial lens—people as portrayed through a statistical breakdown of demographics and tendencies. Individuals develop brand loyalty and make purchasing decisions on a deeper more personal level; the best marketing reaches people at those depths. When is real-time marketing productive and when is it the corporate equivalent of killing time? It’s ours.
  • DANNY BROWN  |  SUNDAY, JULY 25, 2010
    [Marketing] Why Arkayne is Good for Your Blog and Business - Danny Brown
    You might also like: Creative Social Sharing to Promote Your Blog Why Loyalty and Mobile Marketing is the Future for Retail How to Use Blog Lists for Your Social Media Strategy Tags: arkayne , blogging , Business , social media 14 voices - share yours! Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs Why Arkayne is Good for Your Blog and Business July 25, 2010 14 voices share yours! So what is Arkayne and why should you be bothered? Simple. Arkayne can help with all three. Not quite. Is Arkayne Worth It?
    [Marketing] Net vs. Books - The Steve Rubel Stream
    When it comes to books, I do still buy and read them, although at a far slower pace than before, and generally theyre either biographies of people I admire, or more often, related to technology and marketing simply to give me a different way to read the content of people I generally follow online. He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. Steve is using Posterous to post everything online. Shouldnt you? And that experience, thanks to my smartphone, is getting a lot richer. Not really.
    [Marketing] Are You Asking the “Why Should I” and Missing the “Why Are They”?
    Mobile Marketing Research You Need Now! Wow, things change fast, hmm? New things, changed things, different ways to use things. And have you seen the way those people are using those things? And so we are faced with a question (or two). Many of us start with this one: Why (on earth) would I want to do that ?! Unfortunately, as you may have determined by the tone (the exclamation after the question mark) this really isn’t a question – though it should be, just without the sarcasm. Whether you and I agree with that practice is secondary in the context of business. Mobile Apps.
    [Marketing] Do you SoLoMo?
    I know — it sounds like a line dance but it’s actually a quickly emerging marketing trend that you need to have on your radar. For example this morning, I have a meeting at Gateway Market. SoLoMo is the combination of social, location and mobile. It takes the form of mobile phone apps that combine social networking and location data. The blend of these makes perfect sense. We know that social is working for local businesses. business with 100+ fans are experiencing a much higher engagement and click-through rates. That’s where SoLoMo fits in perfectly.
    [Marketing] Classic Black Dress Posts
    Some people might call Matt's idea an "evergreen post; this is Diva Marketing after all and I prefer  - "Classic Black Dress Post." Girlfriend, Please enjoy one of Diva Marketing's Classic Black Dress Posts - August 31, 2008 life just happens.  What might this have to do with marketing, or branding you may ask? For me social media marketing is making that happen more so every day. Last Sunday night I was chatting with a few hundred people about blogs on Mack Collier's popular  Tweet Chat #blogchat.  What's a tweet chat? Glad you asked. couldn't help but think.
    [Marketing] Why Your Blog Must Sell Sell Sell
    Content Marketing and blogging is the process the salesperson uses to communicate their empathy, selflessness, and value-based story in a confident way. routinely meet so-called marketing experts that can’t increase sales. Ogilvy was the quintessential ad man. His agency created iconic advertising that still inspires creators today. He was also famous for focusing on his ad''s performance instead of awards. He summed his philosophy in 6 words. It’s not creative unless it sells. “It’s Not Creative Unless It Sells” - often quoted by David Ogilvy. Blogging Ghettos and Shantytowns.
    [Marketing] Runaway Holiday Hashtag Campaign: Lidl’s To Donate $260K in Christmas Dinners
    Lidl hyper-underestimates impact of social network marketing. Global discount supermarket chain Lidl started a hashtag campaign to do some holiday social good – and may have been caught off guard when it quickly went viral. The Twitter campaign – launched on Monday, December 10th – offered to donate five four-course Christmas dinners to food banks in Belgium for each tweet using the hashtag  #luxevooriedereen , Dutch for “luxury for everyone.” After local newspapers picked up the offer and promoted it, people started retweeting the hashtag. Lidl bit naive.
    [Marketing] 522 – What is the Experience Economy?
    No worries, today I am talking to Joe Pine who has been on the show before talking about Infinite Possibility one of my all time favourite books to get you thinking about how the world of customer experience is changing , and how to create customer value through experience marketing. Heard about the experience economy yet don’t really know what it is or how to incorporate into your business? What is the difference between great service and a customer experience? What does a customer feel when they enjoy an experience rather than customer service? How to measure customer sacrifice.
    [Marketing] How to Avoid Action Figure Disorders
    Ari Herzog provides social media marketing and editorial services. The Acute Action Figure Addiction Disorder Council of Australia released the following public service announcement about two years ago, but it is as relevant today as it was then. Please watch and learn how you can fulfill your life to avoid the serious addiction that adults sometimes develop. The takeaway is clear. If addictions can be developed from Boba Fett fascinations, then surely you can be afflicted from being on the internet too much. Twitter and Google+ are not far behind. Thank you for reading! Productivity
    [Marketing] Driving Intelligence and Analytics with Omniscience
    And although it looks highly theoretical, it's already suggested a practical application that I haven't seen on the market. It started with a simple challenge: if I were to draw a big circle around the things I find interesting enough to follow and declare them to be one thing, how would I label it? To avoid flying completely off into pointless musing, assume that it's relevant professionally. Considering that the circle included social media, analytics, intelligence, geopolitics, and natural disasters—to pick a few—the label wasn't obvious. The label was Omniscience.
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