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    [Marketing] Why I enjoy learning outside my discipline
    The value of context in defining your business Social media and workplace discipline How to figure out how to participate on social media sites Participation and its role in affiliate marketing Why I enjoy learning outside my discipline What makes you stand out? I’m reading it to review it and to interview the author on my radio show, but I’m also reading it as an opportunity to learn more about something I’ve never done. The book is: The Survival Guide: Home Remodeling (Amazon link) by Diane Plesset (who was one of my clients recently). What has it taught you?
    [Marketing] As Life Moves Beyond Web 2.0…
    by a Millennial Why and How You Should Be Mobile Marketing to Millennials How Will Gen-Y Change the World: A Gen-Y Mini-Series (Part 2 of 5) How Will Gen-Y Change the World: A Gen-Y Mini-Series (Part 1 of 5) Introducing Lifestyle Brands: The Emerging Branding Strategy A Day in the Life of a Millennial 23 Things You Must Know About Gen-Y 26 Facts About Millennials Online, Social and Mobile Behaviors All content by its Josip not is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 And I must say, I came up with some pretty interesting ideas.
    [Marketing] As Life Moves Beyond Web 2.0…
    by a Millennial Why and How You Should Be Mobile Marketing to Millennials How Will Gen-Y Change the World: A Gen-Y Mini-Series (Part 2 of 5) How Will Gen-Y Change the World: A Gen-Y Mini-Series (Part 1 of 5) Introducing Lifestyle Brands: The Emerging Branding Strategy A Day in the Life of a Millennial 23 Things You Must Know About Gen-Y 26 Facts About Millennials Online, Social and Mobile Behaviors All content by its Josip not is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 And I must say, I came up with some pretty interesting ideas.
  • JEFF KORHAN  |  MONDAY, JULY 11, 2011
    [Marketing] Finish Any Project by Designing it into Three Stages
    I began to think a lot less about the book and more about folks like you – small businesses that want to keep your online marketing simple, while still getting practical results that move your business forward. Any project you can think of can be designed and more readily finished by recognizing that it has three essential stages – a beginning, middle, and an ending. Whether you are writing an article, cleaning out the garage, or starting a new business, you intuitively know this to be true. Logically, most folks start at the beginning. How will you involve them?
  • ENGAGE  |  MONDAY, MARCH 17, 2014
    [Marketing] The Truth and (Unintended) Consequences of Our ‘Likes’
    The giddy optimism of our brave new digital world reigned supreme in previous years, with tech gurus and marketers touting the boundless opportunity offered by new technologies. Takeaway for Content Marketers: Consumers are once again apprehensive about sharing personal information online and having their online behavior tracked. Takeaway for Content Marketers: Is our social media distracting us from what is really effective or guiding us to a better answer? Takeaway for Content Marketers: Don’t just give your consumers what they want. What a difference a year makes.
    [Marketing] Pay Attention: The End Is Nigh (For The Personal Computer)
    If you''re running a business in the technology sector, exponential growth is the type of thing that happens when your market hits the tipping point and the growth ratchets up from there in a way that could have never been estimated by the analysts (take, for instance, the growth of tablets ). The personal computing market is imploding at an exponential pace, and it''s something that has taken even the technology analysts by surprise. We attempt to discredit the data by looking at the market of one. market of one. and threats to business today. Surprise. Surprise.
    [Marketing] Interesting Data Mashups and plus Web Journal Mid December 2010
    I’m still not convinced that most of the companies looking for social media are looking at this strategically, I think most organizations are looking at social as a way to sell more stuff, spam more customers, and market to a wider audience. Heard about Google Ngram Viewer ?  Interesting to compare citations of terms in books  (Google Ngram) with web search ( Google Insights for Search ) and see what we come up with. Web Analytics , while searches are quite flat, seemed to be getting more content in print.   It is, after all, only a study on those posting on a BBC news forum. 80legs.
    [Marketing] What Are Post Tags & Why You Should Be Using Them
    Marketing Takeaway. This is a guest post by Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe. can’t believe it’s taking me so long to look into the topic of tags and how they can benefit our blogs. To be quite honest, I’ve been clueless on whether to use them or not to begin with or how to use them properly. Judging by the guest posts submissions I get and the tagging used in those posts, looks like I am not alone. So, the questions of this post: what are tags? what benefit they bring? how to use them the right way. What Are Tags? Are they the same as keywords ? Yes and no.
    [Marketing] The Steps From Business Owner to Franchise Owner
    Marketing is defined for you. 'In a report for the International Franchise Association (IFA) by IHS Global Insights, franchises outpaced the growth of other business sectors in 2012. They estimate that there will be more than 750 thousand franchise locations by the end of 2013, a 1.4 percent increase. If you’re considering moving away from small business ownership and buying a franchise, this might be the time to capitalize on the franchise growth trend. Make sure this is a good move for you by doing your homework and understanding the inner workings of owning a franchise. L.I.F.T.
    [Marketing] How Often Should I Blog? (A Truth)
    Blogging as a Business is providing content on a site, building traffic, and either selling advertising or doing affiliate marketing. 'The question, “How Often Should I Blog?” ” comes up daily. There is a large variety of answers – many of which are good answers, even though they’re different. With so many ways and reasons for blogging, let’s set a few parameters for this piece: To begin, let’s put the practice of business blogging into two large buckets. Blogging as a Business and Blogging for a Business. The Blog IS the Business ). At least.
    [Marketing] Web Segmentation – Web Journal April 1st – 10th, 2011
    Explanation #2 : Our satisfaction with existing customers is up but our marketing has added more prospects that tend to have a lower score – the two trends pretty much balance out. It’s a classic database marketing style segmentation and it’s essential context to understand almost any metric. Was thinking about Gary Angels recent post titled Semphonic’s Two-Tiered Segmentation: Segmentation for Digital Analytics Done Right and realized the new Radian6 Insights features support such a segmentation, though imperfectly, as of yet. Explanation #2 : Our SEO has improved.
  • JUGNOO  |  FRIDAY, JULY 26, 2013
    [Marketing] Fortune 500 “Get” Social Media
    Interesting to note that Twitter has surpassed Facebook for Fortune 500′s social media marketers. 'Cell phone life by jseliger2, on Flickr. In the U.S., audiences spend up to 3 hours every day on social media, and a large portion of that time is on mobile. The question for many businesses is what social media platforms to invest time and money in. And they should: as an example,  Syncapse has done a study  that shows social media fans spend more annually on products than non-fans. 66% have Facebook accounts. 62% have YouTube accounts. Photo by jseliger2.
    [Marketing] The Master List: 10 Ways to Use Pinterest Secret Boards
    Collect Ideas Before a Marketing Meeting. The modern world of marketing is so fast paced and spontaneous that people from the same company might rival each other while dreaming up ideas for the next big concept launch. Make it collaborative so everyone you’re working with can add things, and then come together to narrow down the possibilities prior to a major meeting with marketing leaders. 'During the holiday season a couple of years ago, Pinterest introduced secret boards. Plot Your Nursery. Just use a secret board to add possibilities for décor, baby items and themes.
    [Marketing] Banks Are In Trouble… Again
    There is less of a need for physical jobs, but an increased demand for web marketing content. In a slow job market, it is essential that this does not occur. Today, it seems like big banks and corporations are constantly in the news.  With the recent financial crisis, there have been massive government takeovers as well as buy outs from other banks.  This banking crisis was caused by loans that were not paid and was also one of the direct results of the housing crisis.  People in the banking industry have (yet again) reason to worry.  Related articles.
    [Marketing] Applying Social Storytelling to Strategic Online Fundraising
    Ironically, the most common mistake nonprofits make with social is to treat it like another medium, and simply publish solicitations and marketing. This is a preview of tomorrow’s Millennial Donors Summit presentation on “Connecting with Social Media&# at 11:30. There is still time to register for the telesummit! Join us! The fundamental skill of social is applying traditional relationship development savoir faire in the media. Meaning, the tools are the tools, but the actual interaction between people should be the focus for those seeking to cultivate donors.
    [Marketing] The Future of Square
    It would not be surprising, because the company seems to have a good handle on the market.  Many businesses place a minimum on the amount a retailer has to spend while using a credit card.  This is because on small purchases, it can cost merchants up to 50% of the retail cost.  However, it is likely that in the near future an increasing amount of small businesses will be finding a new solution for credit card payment.  In fact, several small businesses around the country have already turned to mobile payments start-up Square as their answer for credit cards.  Credit. Credit. Credit.
    [Marketing] Is Quora the Next Social Media Star?
    Honestly, I have not seen so many social media experts flock to a social media web site since all of my social media and search engine marketing buddies flocked to Twitter. For questions that are borderline between serious and not so serious (like social gaming), there was a mix of questions asking how to better market a social game along with questions pertaining to favorite social games, and top scores. Recently, I have had an influx of Quora friend requests in my inbox. So, I started my quest to find out exactly if is the next social media web site to go mainstream.
    [Marketing] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Christmas Spirit
    The 5 pillars of business blogging succes – planning, content, design, marketing, and engagement. The blog tree – the world’s first visual depiction of the interrelationship among marketing blogs. Keyword and market research with Yahoo Clues – get valuable marketing insight into keywords from the last 30 days including age, gender, income, location, and search flow. Making Money Online / Online Marketing. The Resources Mashup. Blogging / Writing. equate to in actual visits to your website. Facebook. Infographics. Photography. Twitter.
    [Marketing] Report: Only 3% of Business Sites Are Optimized for Social Media Mobile Usage
    Perhaps email drip campaigns are an integral part of a business’s marketing strategy, for instance. 'Now that 58 percent of American adults use smartphones, it’s critical for brands in every industry to keep mobile users – a large contingent of which are social media users – in mind while developing their websites. This is because an increase in mobile use equals an increase in web browsing – and these rates are steadily growing. As they click on outbound links to destination websites, they’re being exposed more and more to publishers’ mobile website versions. Analytics. Assessments.
    [Marketing] 2012 Daylight Savings
    We decided to use the extra hour to launch the   revised edition of Socialnomics with 12 brand new chapters and modifications to the existing 8 other chapters.    It was nominated for the American Marketing Associations’s Book of the Year and reached #1 in 8 different languages. TODAY: A friendly reminder to roll back your clocks in the U.S. one hour at 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 4, 2012.  What are you going to do with that extra hour? Perhaps send out a few more tweets or Facebook that boy you have a crush on? 
    [Marketing] Turning Customer Behavior into Currency: Key Insights from Liz Crawford’s Educational Webinar
    You’re a marketer. Marketing used to facilitate a customer transaction with a brand, generally one that occurred before a sale. At the time, marketers ‘rewarded’ customer relationships by delivering a good or service. By building marketing strategies with this framework in mind, we can create “value transactions” that effectively reward customers based on their behaviors. You spend countless hours measuring, analyzing and strategically planning ways to “build a better mousetrap.” Today, it’s no longer enough to simply reward your customers for buying your product.
    [Marketing] Forrester to Analysts that Have Their Own Blogs: Umm, No
    Needless to say, I don’t agree with this move by Forrester and here are a few reasons why: The time spent on branding and marketing the analyst’s website will be lost.  Yet without the hassles of marketing, billing/accounting and administration that most either don't want to deal with or don't have the skill sets for. Apparently Forrester feels like they can provide more value to their clients if they aggregate all of the content into one space, that place of course being Forrester’s site.  How incredibly short-sighted. Fail by Forrester.  consultants.
    [Marketing] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Videos from Australia
    question of money back guarantees and marketing your online products – great info for anyone doing online product sales. The beginners guide to online marketing with a GIANT infographic – this is hands down one of the most comprehensive infographics and posts I have ever seen. ways to record video for your social media marketing – this covers the five types of video you can use to further engage with your social media following. The Resources Mashup. Blogging / Writing. Making Money Online / Online Business. Personal Development / Productivity.
    [Marketing] Spin Sucks Relaunches!
    Arment Dietrich Overview Expertise Resources Gini Dietrich News Media Center Careers Contact Follow US Facebook Linkedin RSS Feed Twitter YouTube Share Categories Communication Social Media Advertising Entrepreneur SEO Marketing Marketplace COMMUNICATION / SOCIAL MEDIA / ADVERTISING / ENTREPRENEUR / SEO / MARKETING Jul 07 2010 Spin Sucks Relaunches! Comment by Molli July 7th, 2010 at 2:47 pm Marketing is missing as a category! Spin Sucks relaunches with a new design, look, and feel! But that’s not all…check out what’s to come! Do you like this post?
    [Marketing] Communicating Through Change
    was immediately given the opportunity to move interstate to work within a new and combined marketing and communications team of six people (a big change coming from a team of one). Change is a-coming. was reading through Lauren Drell ’s overview of how to manage a re-brand in Mashable recently and began to reflect on my own experiences through a company re-brand and merger, and lessons I could pass on to fellow communicators. As a brief back-story, in May I returned to Australia after three weeks in New York … right in the middle of a company merger. Look for the opportunities.
    [Marketing] Presenting as Shock Jocks… Or Bloggers?
    We are professional PR/marketing/social media professionals. Much has already been written about BlogWorld at which, for the most part, I had a really great time. While there have been a ton of recap posts, here are some from  Arik Hanson , Justin Goldsborough and  Chuck Hemann to get you caught up. The session that probably generated the most chatter was the much-hyped  “New Media LIVE!&# Talk Show closing keynote panel. couldn’t have been more disappointed with it. ’ Talk Show!&# The band warming up and live music certainly lent an air of festivity to the evening.
    [Marketing] Would You Pass This Brand Values Test
    The more we focus on a specific niche of the market the more we increase our chances of being liked by the people who will buy what we offer… Are your brand values clear, specific and lived daily? ' Some of us need to be liked. Some of us want to be loved. Some of us just don’t care! For brands though, it is important to be liked because it can turn interest into a sale. But when we say ‘liked’, we don’t mean by everyone… we mean liked by some people. Why should ONLY some people like your brand? They are you. Branding
    [Marketing] This Week in Infographics: #Winning and Losing
    This next infographic takes a look at how we make choices as well as how marketers take advantage of that knowledge. During a 2013 wild-card playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks, rookie Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III fell to the turf after twisting his right knee. This first infographic takes a look at his injury and other information about ACL and knee injuries. Next up we take a look at why Apple is “winning.” ” Apple is building one of the most stunning financial runs in the history of corporate America. Robert Griffin III Knee Injury.
    [Marketing] Business Forecast for 2011
    The plans, confirmed to The Independent by both Gulf Arab and Chinese banking sources in Hong Kong, may help to explain the sudden rise in gold prices, but it also augurs an extraordinary transition from dollar markets within nine years. From the Market Oracle : A “Bottom-Line&# Outlook for the U.S. housing market – will spawn a new (actually, a renewed) banking crisis. I am very concerned about what is going to happen to the US economy in 2011. From the Raleigh, NC business forecast ( via ): RALEIGH, N.C. If no action is taken, he predicted, the U.S.
    [Marketing] Why banks need to behave more like startups
    According to Westpacs Brian Hartzer banks must learn from startups and act as disruptors if they are to successfully fill gaps in the market. In addition to this, teams within financial services organisations dont tend to be set up in an agile way and the firms themselves often have a mind-set that has been conditioned towards caution, resulting in long lead-times before products come to market. 'An era of unprecedented digital disruptionwill force banks to behave like startup companies in order to survive. Digital disruption is affecting every industry.
    [Marketing] “I want a Twitter for All the Various Parts of the Government”
    If that means getting every Government agency department and agency tweeting, that’s ok by me, as long as they’re doing it to be helpful and not to check a box, or to market themselves, or to help someone leave behind some sort of legacy. Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0 Events Calendar Subscribe: Posts | Comments | Email Social Media Strategery Best Of Best Practices Enterprise 2.0 Government 2.0 Miscellaneous Personal Prof. Development Social Media “I want a Twitter for All the Various Parts of the Government&# Sun, May 3, 2009 Government 2.0 happen. 
    [Marketing] 10 Dreadful Mistakes that Kill Your Comments
    Marketing Takeaway. Benefits of Blogging – Developing SEO & Internet Marketing Skills. This is a guest post by Ana Hoffman. What does it really take to build a hustling and bustling blog with a thriving and active community around it? Kristi knows – just look around. PageRank 5, Alexa rank about 15K and constantly dropping (in case you are not familiar with how Alexa rank works, the lower the number, the better), a wealth of comments on every post. It seems like Kristi knows everyone and everyone knows Kristi. Want some of that? Glad you asked. Dofollow Links.
    [Marketing] In The Nick Of Real-Time
    As a marketing professional, I have seen brands struggle with customer service and supply chains. marketing professional. Are consumer expectations getting out of control? True story: our brand-new dryer broke down. It's not even one year old. It's not the first time. We were told we would have to replace a piece, and that it would take five to ten business days for them to receive the piece, and only once the piece is in inventory will they be able to make an appointment to replace the piece (which could also take up to an additional five business days). What gives? apple.
  • ENGAGE  |  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2013
    [Marketing] 7 Ways Millennials Could Affect Your Business
    Because as a marketer and manager, I''ve come to realize that it’s critical to understand this increasingly influential generation. As we look for ways to connect with this audience, consider some of their standout qualities, which should influence both the marketing strategies you develop and the ways in which you interact with staff who fall into this category: Millennials grew up with technology. Millennials like a good cause—and cause marketing. 'I took a quiz recently on Pew Research Center’s website that suggests that I have a lot in common with Millennials.
    [Marketing] What is Enterprise 2.0? The Basics
    A similar debate happened around the whole “social media&# space where a few of us were screaming that social media is going to change how brands market and build relationships with their customers.  Companies such as Southwest and Comcast have dedicated a good amount of their budget to social media and some companies such as Volkswagen have cut their traditional marketing budgets entirely and shifted them to social media.   Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER What is Enterprise 2.0? are not small changes.  Adoption?
    [Marketing] Who Do You Trust for Product Reviews?
    Since I don’t see Kikolani as being the right platform for writing reviews all of the time, and would rather use this site for strictly blog marketing strategies, blogging tips , and social media , I decided to start off a new site. Trusted Affiliate Marketer is going to be my home for honest, comprehensive product reviews, as well as a focus on affiliate marketing and money saving tips. In the last few months, I entered into the world of writing product reviews. Why product reviews? Sure, it seems like everyone is doing them. First Reviews. Related Posts.
    [Marketing] Social Media Privacy = Oxymoron?
    Historically, we’ve seen the “we are the best at everything&# messaging come out of many marketing departments. There’s also a need for continuous information exchange across the entire organization; in particular, it’s critical for production and marketing to be in constant contact. It’s one thing for marketing to listen to consumers’ complaints, but it’s an entirely different thing to respond to their complaints, look for trends in product deficiencies, and work closely with production to develop solutions. By Erik Qualman.
    [Marketing] 5 Ways to Humanize Your Brand on Twitter
    She is also founder and principal of Genuine Media , a marketing agency that helps clients build their individual and brand reputation through social media. Injecting a real face and personality into your personal Twitter account is intrinsic, and most people don’t give it a second thought. We We share what’s happening in our lives, photos from great vacations, things that annoy us, and other content that compels us. But when it comes to imbuing corporate Twitter accounts with a similar measure of personality and humanity, we often fall down on the job. True, Host Twitter chats.
  • JACOB MORGAN  |  MONDAY, MAY 31, 2010
    [Marketing] What is Advocacy?
    Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER What is Advocacy? View Comments May 31st, 2010 Here is another chess puzzle, white to move and mate in 2! Last week at the social CRM summit in Georgia those in attendance were tasked with an interesting exercise around understanding advocacy.  We were to imagine that we worked for Direct T.V. or as Paul likes to say Drek) and were told to come up with answers to the following questions: How do you do define advocacy for Direct T.V? How do you reward advocacy for Direct T.V? So back to Direct T.V.  
    [Marketing] Great Education for Bloggers at the Blogging Success Summit 2011
    You will: Discover the best ways to market your business with a blog! Finally, you get a chance to learn from industry experts who are out there making a living through blogging, marketing, and social media. Joe Pulizzi , content marketing expert. Mari Smith , Facebook extraordinaire and co-author of Facebook Marketing and Relationship Age. Dave Garland , author of Smarter, Faster, Cheaper: Non-Boring, Fluff-Free Strategies for Marketing and Promoting Your Business. Favorite Lists of Bloggers and Marketing Experts in 2010. Main Objectives. Registration.
    [Marketing] Why soft skills matter: Live Blog from MarketingEDGE 2013
    'I’m attending MarketingEdge 2013 – a great event put on by the Houston Chapter of the American Marketing Association. At 3:15, I will present on incorporating social media into  your marketing mix, with a strong emphasis on B2B, marketers. But when I saw the title of this panel and given my belief in the importance of soft skills in today’s marketing environment I thought a live blog would be better than a series of tweets. CMO Panelists: John Arcidiacono, SVP Marketing, Stewart Title (@arcidiacono). Marketing is strategic.
    [Marketing] Blog Posting Mantra No. 3 – Image Above the Fold
    As you think about marketing your blog posts , remember that “Images Sell” A terrific image gets a click far more than no image or a bland image. 'In the original 2006 version of our Blog Posting Mantra , Image Above the Fold was the 5th item on the list. It’s moved up two spaces. Images have become a more important part of publishing, sharing, and even search. An image that tells part of the story gets shared far more than no image or a bland image. An image that can fill a small screen gets noticed and saved far more than no image or a bland image. Small Business
    [Marketing] Collaborative Business Alliances – Shared Customer Base
    In today’s market place with collaborations and business alliances becoming a popular device to extend reach and broaden a customer base – the third one (Candlestick maker) is a bit of a mismatch, isn’t it? 'Have you heard the one about the Butcher, the Baker, and the Candlestick Maker? could see potential replacements in the Casserole Maker or Salad Dressing Shaker. The question for your small business is what type of businesses share your customer base ? Can you think of a few? Or a webinar. Or an E-book. Remember to provide a call-to-action. Small Business
    [Marketing] Knowledge and Application are Two Different Things
    One of the concerns I hear from many small business owners just getting into blogging, podcasting, or video as part of their marketing is how they don’t want to give away their secrets of how they do things. 'When I was a 9-year old boy, I was handed my first uniform and told to go play 3rd base. was now a ballplayer. The best role models at the position at the time, according to my baseball cards, were Brooks Robinson and Ron Santo – and both were known for their stellar glove work. had read how each of them practiced, fielding many ground balls on a daily basis. Click Here!
    [Marketing] Books, Brochures and Business Cards
    Unfortunately, these by-products of disseminating (hopefully) noteworthy ideas have become the primary purpose behind many marketing voices’ books. Back before publishers sold their souls to Mephistopheles (and marketers), books used to get published because they were unique, offering completely new views, or different ideas and approaches to older topics. Marketers have awoken to the image value that writing a book brings. And publishers love the fact that marketers pimp their books so well! Will they say that about all marketing authors, too? Rants
    [Marketing] Cybercrime, peeing your pants and Facebook Saturation
    Marketers are facing a content skills gap – attention job seekers… learn how to write and create. Facebook Saturation – despite Facebook’s newsfeed makeover yesterday (more on that soon), I agree with Jason Falls that we’re at the dawn of marketing saturation on there. By the time you read this, I will be halfway to Texas. After waking up at an ungodly hour, I realized that all this hype about Winter Storm Saturn was nothing more than weather men trying to be rockstars. During SXSW this blog will primarily be dark so until next Friday enjoy this week’s edition of Five for Friday.
    [Marketing] Run Your Own Race
    Brass Tack Thinking Make Things Happen Home About Amber Naslund Tamsen McMahon Contact Speaking Amber Naslund Tamsen McMahon Brass Tack Reading Archives Run Your Own Race July 19, 2010 | by Amber Naslund View Comments “But were you this successful when you were 27?&# I got that question in a DM a couple of weeks ago from a young professional, clearly trying to see if she’s “on track&# in her career. It’s an all-too-common thing. The trouble is that everyone’s story is utterly unique. How I “got&# where i am is totally different than someone else. Be brave.
    Home About Services Social Media Speaking-Training LMA Contact Subscribe Myrland Marketing Minutes Strategic Social Media: Making Social Media Make Sense TWITTER BASICS – DON’T EVER FEEL DUMB! by Nancy Myrland on October 23, 2009 I’m a member of a group on LinkedIn called Social Media Marketing. Relationship-building is not a passive marketing tool. In that group, someone started a discussion by asking a very basic Twitter question, and even stating he felt dumb to ask such a question. wrote an answer to him, and thought I might as well share it with you too!
    [Marketing] How to Write a Press Release in 2013
    That led to a glut of releases that read like marketing material or worse still, they were a vehicle for stuffing keywords and anchor text links into a piece of content masquerading as a press release. Use no hype or marketing-speak about how excited  you are or that you are the leading end-to-end solution for something. 'Webinar August 28, 2013, Sally Falkow APR and Lisa Buyer discuss the new Google rules for writing a press release. Register here. Unfortunately, the SEO community saw the possibilities of using optimized press releases long before the PR industry did. Links.
    [Marketing] Get Open Community on Audible
    membership recruitment, marketing, advocacy etc)? ” Andy Sernovitz , founding CEO, Word of Mouth Marketing Association; author,  Word of Mouth Marketing. '( photo credit ). Love audiobooks? Open Community is now on Audible! We have FIVE DOWNLOAD CODES AVAILABLE  - all you need to do is drop us a comment below. Just answer any of these questions: How has the growth of online community changed  the way you work today? Is community management part of your job? In what way? How has community management changed other business processes at your org (e.g. Why or why not?
    [Marketing] 3 Ways to Ensure Your Social Promotions Follow the Law
    'Image via Sophisticated marketers have a lot on their minds these days, such as developing and reaching audiences, creating consumer connections with meaningful content and campaigns, demonstrating business results, and doing it all in compliance with legal rules and guidelines. This important section “requires the disclosure of a material connection between a marketer and an endorser when their relationship is not otherwise apparent from the context of the communication that contains the endorsement.” Are Your Promotions Legal? Sweeps or #ChanceToWin).
    [Marketing] Salary Guide for UX Jobs [Infographic]
    To learn more about the UX job market, check out this infographic presented by Onward Search. 'There are many cities in the US in which UX professionals are in-demand, particularly if they are in development or design. New York is first in both job postings and salary level, followed by San Francisco and Seattle. 2013 Onward Search. Infographics salary salary guide ux
    [Marketing] Businesses Getting More Social With Mobile Card Payments
    Fast Company reports that 93% of marketers use social media for business. It’s fast and affordable and has taken the place of print and other marketing strategies. 'Social is the way to go. If you own a small business and you’re not active in the social media world, you are missing out. According to HubSpot , 46% of online users count on social media to make a purchase decision. So you better get on it. Think about the things they may want to know about you, and make it available. Mobile Options. You need mobile card payment options. You win the deal. Win them!
    [Marketing] How to Make a Blogging Business Plan … Whether or Not it’s a Business Blog
    Kelly Watson is a freelance copywriter and longtime blogger who writes about marketing for small business owners. This guest post is by Kelly Watson of Blogging can be a great hobby. But treat it like one, and you may not get the traffic and attention you want. Treat blogging like a business , however, with a detailed plan and scheduled check-ins, and you’ll see results in no time. learned this the hard way. When I first started blogging 10 years ago, I dove in without knowing how to sustain regular updates or gauge my progress. Today, I do. Explain. Case studies.
    [Marketing] Trends for Companies Searching for a Social Media “Something” (2013)
    What I did was look at the trends for several “social” job types in the market today and was actually quite surprised with some of the things I found. Just over two years ago I wrote a post on “ Trends for Companies Searching for a Social Media ‘Something’ ” and I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of these trends a few years later. “Social media” is still seeing some very solid growth in terms of jobs, at least according to this chart. In fact the trend has gone up almost 9x since October of 2011.
    [Marketing] Going Off the Grid at SxSW
    Getting stalked at an event via geo check-in or status update is surreal at best, and absurd at worst… Especially given that none of us would be recognized in our hometowns at the grocery market. Image by saidemily. Welcome to SxSW, the heart of online nihilism. Whether you are at the event or unfortunate enough to tune in via Facebook, Twitter and other social media, you will witness one of the greatest spectacles of popular pageantry. The art of seeing and being seen is taken to its highest form by the faux famous. Is this anti for the sake of being anti? No, it’s not.
    [Marketing] OliveWoo – The First Location-based Date Service
    Social Media Marketing Goals & Tools An Interactive YouTube Campaign By Tipp-Ex Subscribe to Blog Subscribe to Danish Newsletter TOPICS Best Practise Cases (46) Facebook (53) Linkedin (5) Marketing & Communication (104) Mindjumpers (32) Social Media (219) Social Network (128) Social Responsibility (43) Tech Development (51) Tips (25) TribeSourcing (15) Twitter (23) FLATTR MINDJUMPERS Mindjumpers © 2010 All Rights Reserved About SF New Tech SF New Tech is the largest and longest running monthly technology event in San Francisco.
    [Marketing] Facebook Introduces Location Service: Places
    Social Media Marketing Goals & Tools An Interactive YouTube Campaign By Tipp-Ex Subscribe to Blog Subscribe to Danish Newsletter TOPICS Best Practise Cases (46) Facebook (53) Linkedin (5) Marketing & Communication (104) Mindjumpers (32) Social Media (219) Social Network (128) Social Responsibility (43) Tech Development (51) Tips (25) TribeSourcing (15) Twitter (23) FLATTR MINDJUMPERS Mindjumpers © 2010 All Rights Reserved Now Facebook is following their footsteps and introduces their own location service called ’Places’. But no one really knows how long it will take.
    [Marketing] Will iTunes' Ping Be a Success?
    Social Media Marketing Goals & Tools An Interactive YouTube Campaign By Tipp-Ex Subscribe to Blog Subscribe to Danish Newsletter TOPICS Best Practise Cases (46) Facebook (53) Linkedin (5) Marketing & Communication (104) Mindjumpers (32) Social Media (219) Social Network (128) Social Responsibility (43) Tech Development (51) Tips (25) TribeSourcing (15) Twitter (23) FLATTR MINDJUMPERS Mindjumpers © 2010 All Rights Reserved Posted by Anne Herngaard Sep 2nd, 2010 Tweet Yesterday Apple announced a line of updated products along with the social network called Ping.
    [Marketing] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #126
    It's a topic that's more and more mainstream, as everyone from politicians to marketers tries to manipulate us. The 'purpose' of financial markets is to enable entities who produce value to raise capital in order to undertake costly initiatives (think building bridges, inventing new products, or investing in new marketing of existing products). secondary 'purpose' of financial markets is to enable companies to manage risk of price fluctuations in products that they are buying or selling. " Teller (the quiet one) talks about magic and neuroscience. Magical times.
  • ARI HERZOG  |  SUNDAY, AUGUST 28, 2011
    [Marketing] Questioning Why I Still Use Twitter
    Their tweets range from nonprofit communications to public administration to social media marketing. Ari Herzog provides social media marketing and editorial services to the nonprofit and public sectors. Photo by darnok. Bill Dorman and Shonali Burke probe into the efforts of friendship and internet relations. Shonali expands: Whether you’re using social media for personal reasons or business, there’s nothing like carefully nurturing relationships, especially those that start with an @. Why do I follow you? Can we be different people to different audiences? don’t know.
    [Marketing] My Thoughts on the Social CRM Summit in Georgia
    Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER My Thoughts on the Social CRM Summit in Georgia View Comments May 27th, 2010 me on the left, Paul Greenberg in the middle, and Lauren from Ngenera on the right This past week I had the privilege of attending Paul Greenberg’s and BPT Partner’s Social CRM Summit in Atlanta.  I’ve never been to Atlanta before or anywhere near that portion of the U.S.  Yes it was a bit warm and yes it was a bit humid, but I still had a great time.  next month! jacobmorgan you are very welcome, E2.0
    [Marketing] The Case For and Against Popup Opt-In Forms
    There have been several plugins built for WordPress, and designs by email marketing services available to manually install a popup form to greet visitors to your website asking them to subscribe to a newsletter or mailing list. We only have the form show a single time (the first visit) and we make a cool offer (free Twitter marketing video tutorial). Blogging is a beautiful mix between static and dynamic content, great design, and insightful marketing practices. Gerald Weber of Search Engine Marketing Blog and the Bad Ass SEO Blog Contest. The Survey. Michael.
    [Marketing] Was Eleven Years Of Relentless Blogging Worth It?
    As a marketing professional, I used blogging as a gateway to share my ideas. To let the world know how Twist Image likes to think differently about what marketing is. Some take it for granted, in terms of publishing little more than marketing pap that clogs our feeds and provides no value to the reader. What''s going to capture their attention will not be a one thousand words piece on marketing (like this), but a funny and cute picture (or video) that they can quickly share. Let''s keep pushing the boundaries of marketing. content marketing. Thank you.
  • FEVER BEE  |  MONDAY, JUNE 3, 2013
    [Marketing] A Different Approach To Content Sharing
    This is a rough market. For all the talk of content marketing, few people are doing this in any major way. 'How do you get members to share content? One solution is technical. You can tweak the sharing options. You can provide more nudges for people to share the material. This has a small boost amongst the members that were planning to share it anyway. Another option is to beg. Please share/click/recommend/like this article. This is the route most FB fan pages take. It doesn’t work well and reflects badly on you. You can’t pull this off every week.
    [Marketing] If You Can’t Be James Bond, You can Still be a Social Media Not-So-Secret Agent
    For example, I use social media for marketing various businesses 80% of the time, but the other 20% is dedicated to exposing and attacking certain evils I perceive in the world such as censorship, GMO-controlled food industries, political corruption, and attacks on Christians. Not all of us have the abilities, training, and gumption to make it as 007. Globetrotting with a Walther PPK 9mm Short under our tuxedo jacket is an appealing life to some, but the majority of us are perfectly fine spending time with our families and posting our mundane lives on Facebook. What’s yours?
    [Marketing] Why You Need to Care About Tomorrow
    When he's not blogging, Ari helps brands improve their digital media marketing. It’s an issue that must be asked in a culture and society where technology is seemingly on the verge of supplanting the human race. Given the major technological milestones of the last decade people are wondering: What’s next? And what are the social implications? Business implications? Is this new technology being made affordable for all? And perhaps most importantly, will it ultimately help or hurt us? Social Implications. Let’s start with everyone’s favorites: Facebook! Twitter! Really?
    [Marketing] mizz information: List of Nonprofit Social Media and Community Managers
    Im realizing he has his hands full trying to keep up with the list of enterprise social media types since the market for these jobs seems to be exploding, so I may as well just start my own list for nonprofits. skip to main | skip to sidebar mizz information Monday, February 1, 2010 List of Nonprofit Social Media and Community Managers Every time I see Jeremiah Owyangs list of corporate social media strategists and community managers I wonder when hell do a similar list for companies with fewer than 1,000 employees--or nonprofits, for that matter. the way the way Web 2.0
    [Marketing] Forget e-readers, I just want a CC-reader
    TheWayoftheWeb The digital convergence of media, entertainment, marketing and PR front page archives about RSS Click below for the WayoftheWeb bookstore The Blogroll A Shel of Myself Chris Brogan Currybetdotnet Eaon Pritchard Faster Future Gaping Void Howard Owens Jaffe Juice Jonathan MacDonald KDPaine’s PR Measurement Blog Michael Leis – Digital Strategy Nick Burcher Occam’s Razor Web Analytics blog Only Dead Fish Seth Godin Simon Collister – Networked Society Teaching Online Journalism The Herd The Obvious? Bringing Nothing To The Party: Paper Version.
  • FEVER BEE  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 10, 2011
    [Marketing] How To Build An Online Community - The Ultimate List of Resources (Updated)
    Never Hire A Marketing Agency To Build Your Online Community. This is a collection of my favourite and most popular posts from the last three years. It should give you a great overview about both the strategy any the process of creating an online community from scratch. The Online Community Basics. Primer About Successful Online Communities. The 11 Fundamental Laws of Online Communities. Building An Online Community: How You Start With 0 Members. How Do You Build An Online Community? Contrary Truths About Online Communities. Don’t Start A Community For Any Of These Reasons. Epic Events.
    [Marketing] Dealing With Micromanagement
    was working in the marketing department of a major record label and had a boss who started out as a big-time micromanager who also acted like a female Ari Gold (Entourage) and treated me like Lloyd. Brass Tack Thinking Make Things Happen Home About Amber Naslund Tamsen McMahon Contact Speaking Amber Naslund Tamsen McMahon Brass Tack Reading Archives Dealing With Micromanagement June 17, 2010 | by Amber Naslund View Comments We’ve all been there at one point or another. Working with a boss who can’t or won’t delegate. Looks over our shoulder all the time. Ask for input.
    [Marketing] Social Media Training Gap: 50% of Companies are Ill-Equipped
    According to a 2012 study conducted by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Ipsos ASI and Bloomberg, there is a skills gap in business use of social media.  While the majority of businesses are using social media, only 6% say their social media skills and competencies are optimal.  A full 50% claim to be either below their industry average or feel they are ‘fundamentally ill-equipped.’. Why does this skills gap matter? The updated Social Media Revolution video shows that social media has become part of the fabric of our lives. Facebook has over a billion active monthly users.
    [Marketing] PR’s 4 Biggest Challenges
    Is social media a separate discipline, does it belong in PR, marketing or customer service? It’s very rewarding to discover that the key challenges identified by a global study of 4500 PR leaders in 23 countries align with my 2013 strategies post. The Cross Cultural Study of Leadership in Public Relations and Communication Management conducted by the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations at The University of Alabama highlighted the four most important issues identified by nearly two-thirds of global respondents to the online survey. The role of Social Media (15.3%).
    [Marketing] A Premature but Useful Recap of Social Media in 2013
    For example, 36% of marketers have found a customer via Twitter this year. 'Just as Christmas lights are already going up with a month and three weeks to go, so too will the onslaught of “best of 2013″ and “2013 year in review” posts start finding their way into your feeds. It’s natural. First isn’t always best, but at least it’s first, right? It’s not a high number but it goes to show that the notion that “people don’t buy things through Twitter” might be false. Now, if you’re selling $1.99
    [Marketing] Top Ten Implications of Google’s Broadband Plans for Competition and Regulation
    This way, changing trends in the consumer market are retained by the company. Now, Google can augment its own profitability by presenting its own products to the relevant target market accordingly. 8.     Redistributing Market Share to New Entrants. However, this competition is other than the one derived from market forces. It is the competition managed by FFC, in which Google’s goal is to redistribute the market share to new entrants or smaller competitors. Google's Broadband Plans. The implications of Google’s broadband plans are worth considering.
    [Marketing] Social Media: Best way to use Instagram for business promotion
    The below is the list of best ways to use Instagram for your business promotion and marketing. The purpose of business marketing and promotion simply means communicating with your prospective customers. Social media has become a global phenomenon among the web users, with almost everyone using the internet seems to have their accounts at site or the other. The sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. seem to have become the best tools for business promotion. Showcase your products or services. Build up the interest. Give your business brand a face.
    [Marketing] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Scared Kitty
    Here’s Why – great post for anyone thinking of moving to California or in CA who is thinking about building a business or affiliate marketing. 17 digital marketing experts share their top tips, tricks, and tools for social media – learn what experts little know social media secrets and tools are for success. 29 tips to make your video marketing easy – tips for everyone, including one from me on what to do if you aren’t ready to get in front of the camera yet. The Resources Mashup. Blogging / Writing. Business / Career. Search Engines / SEO.
    [Marketing] A Great Infographic is Only as Good as its Story: An Interview With Alex Kenemer, Head of Research
    ” That is the traditional broadcast marketing way of thinking– Free entertainment, but you must sit through advertising. Due to a bad track record in marketing, they’ll let us pull out all the stops and without fail, those are always our best infographics. 'When you look at an infographic, the first thing you see is a compelling design. Once you’re past the appealing visuals, there has to be a compelling story and quality research that’s truly the backbone of the infographic. And that’s not really much of an exaggeration. So where’s the medium?
    [Marketing] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & ASW Recap from 2010
    Small business Internet marketing – a great place to start for business resources on social media, local search, and blogger outreach. Best Internet marketing posts in 2010 – posts from every aspect of Internet marketing, including a huge section on SEO, link building, PPC, usability, and more. This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the resources mashup and a recap of Affiliate Summit West 2010 for those going this weekend to get geared up on The Resources Mashup. Blogging / Writing. Facebook. Check this one out!
    [Marketing] Nike Celebrates Instagram Milestones by Thanking Its Community
    Nike Celebrates Instagram Milestones by Thanking Its Community is a post from: Convince and Convert: Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing Strategy. It all started with a hashtag – two years ago, the ceremonial first fan photo with a #Nike tag on Instagram. Fast forward to the present, and Nike has amassed more than one million followers and more than six million photos with the tag #Nike on Instagram. To commemorate both milestones, the company hosted a 24-hour long community celebration on its @Nike account. Milestone’s aren’t about you – they’re about your community.
    [Marketing] How creates a love affair with me
    There’s no valuable and ROI focused marketing goal greater or more effective than to create a love affair with your customer. Related posts: Marketing tip #1: Create a love affair with your customers. they even send love notes! Remember the perks: It feels good. It’s easier to sell more to a current customer than something to a new one. It’s more profitable. It generates word of mouth. It’s incredible for employee retention. And here’s a little case study to prove my point. All of that adds up to a ton of t-shirt purchases throughout the year.
    [Marketing] Blog: Available For A Limited Time Only!
    One weapon, which is an advertising and marketing tactic used for years is what is known as “Scarcity&#. Related Posts: Warning: This Social Media Includes Me Those Golden 15 Seconds Be There or Be Foursquare Inception Marketing, An Infection of Ideas But To Read Is Devine. Digg Digg My favorite part of almost every episode of Inspector Gadget was when Chief Quimby would show up in a garbage can (shown), or locker, or sewer grate and give Gadget his assignment. Classic. This is nothing new, we see it everyday. Scarcifying Forever. Basically, how do we scarcify forever?
    [Marketing] Facebook Reveals New Changes On Platform | Mindjumpers
    Blog About Clients Cases Tribesourcing Video People & Contact Bloggers « Social Media Marketing Requires Involvement 5 Popular Posts About Social Media » Facebook Reveals New Changes On Platform Posted by Marlene Friis Oct 7th, 2010 Tweet Yesterday, Facebook held a press conference revealing what changes were coming up on the platform. Similar Posts: New Features on Linkedin – Time To Rediscover The Platform How Users Engage With Advertising on Facebook Facebook Changes Their Pages – What Does It Mean For Your Marketing Potentials?
    [Marketing] 10 Ways to Position Your Blog Above Copycats
    Having an online network of marketers and peers will help you position yourself above copycats because you’ll have comments on your hard work and a thriving community that knows where to find you. This is a guest post by Gabrielle Conde. So, you’re seeing your post on scraper blogs, and want to know how to avoid them outranking your content in Google? When my daughter watches Dora The Explorer, they stop the thief, Swiper, by simply raising their hands and saying, “Swiper, no swiping.” ” Unfortunately, it’s not that easy in real life. Brand your blog. Blogging
    [Marketing] Why you need to friend your competition
    Which competitors could you get close to in the market - are there opportunities to add to each other's offerings? I am an avid sports person - both playing and watching, I just love it. Over the last decade you have seen many sports become more business like, with teams of people supporting Brand Tiger or Brand Roger Federer. There is one thing that business leaders could learn from these top players.whether it is knocking up before a grand slam final or having a practice round before the US Masters.these people don't hide from their competition. Practice with the opposition .
    [Marketing] Top 10 People Who Influence What Americans Buy
    While the financial market collapsed, Orman’s stock rose as she convinced people what NOT to buy during the economic recession. Brands like Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Disney are realizing the platform’s potential by generating huge fan followings, making it a marketer’s paradise. Report: Two Thirds of Small Businesses Plan to Increase Email and Social Media Marketing Spend in 2010 VerticalResponse recently did a survey to find out how small. Despite the fact that glitz and abundance are alive and well in mainstream media (think: Bravo’s The Real Housewives and E!’s Indra K.
    [Marketing] Social Tactics: Manipulation
    You may believe you can manipulate a market and if you think this way you are only fooling yourself. Tags: Advertising Factor Attention Factors Change Factors Disruptive Factors Market Factors Relationship Economy Strategic Factors Systemic Factors business business intent client corporate leadership detractor diplomatic approach evidence exception friendships intelligent inquiry intents manipulator online person personal plot response self social study Tactics time transparency word manipulation Intent means an aim, plan or plot.  Manipulating Engagement. Download article as PDF.
  • KIKOLANI  |  FRIDAY, JULY 30, 2010
    [Marketing] Fetching Friday – Resources, Easy Tweet Sharing Tool & Maru Meows
    Why guest blogging works better than article marketing – the reasons, and how to make your article writing more beneficial. Making Money Online / Online Marketing. Secrets to building online relationships – get this free whitepaper to learn how to build quality, lasting relationships online for online marketing. Black hat SEO – a guide to the dark side of search engine marketing. Discover your email marketing audience on social media – find out where your audience is and get active on their networks. The Resources Mashup. Facebook.
  • BILL HARTZER  |  MONDAY, JULY 20, 2009
    [Marketing] comScore Search Engine Rankings for June 2009
    Google has 65 percent market share, Yahoo! percent market share. percent search market share. percent market share, a 0.4 If you’re interested in reading more about’s search engine market share, here are a few links: comScore: Bing Barely Gaines Share In June 2009. comScore, Inc. NASDAQ: SCOR) , a leader in measuring the digital world, has recently released its monthly comScore qSearch analysis of the United States search marketplace. This is the first time we’re seeing data that includes the new search engine has 19.6
    [Marketing] If Your People Pin, You Should Pin Too
    Social Media Marketing is a business tool, and Pinterest is clearly aiming to be one of the power tools in your marketing tool box. 'The people you are trying to reach might not use Pinterest, but it’s a lot more probable that they do. The popular social site drives a lot of traffic with its visual appeal and home-grown talent show, so businesses have been learning to get in on the site’s success. Eighteen months ago, the business account was created and things have been popping ever since. New tools for businesses on Pinterest are in the works!
    [Marketing] Day 2: People of color impacting the social web – Faydra Deon (Fields) #28DaysofDiversity
    Faydra uses social media on a daily basis and also teaches social media classes, which include “Social Media Overview,&# “Marketing with Social Media,&# and “WordPress for Blogs.&# As we all know, February is Black History Month. It’s a month where we honor those who have made an impact on American culture for equal rights, those who have invented, those who have a helped others and those who have inspired everyone to be the best they can be, not only as a person of color but as a human. On top of training, Faydra Deon writes six columns for
    [Marketing] I confess — I don’t write these posts on my own
    The post I confess — I don’t write these posts on my own appeared first on Drew's Marketing Minute. 'I have a confession to make. don’t write my blog posts on my own. m just not a good enough writer. And I’m even worse at proofreading. That’s why I use Grammarly’s proofreading software  because, with my luck, public would become pubic without its keen eye keeping me on the G-rated side of the tracks. When I started in the business, every time we drafted anything, it immediately went to the proofers. When possible, let it sit overnight. Know your own bad habits.
  • DANNY BROWN  |  MONDAY, APRIL 12, 2010
    [Marketing] Together Again – 25 Years Later: A Social Media Success Story by.
    Learn about life on the production side of the advertising/marketing/graphic design community by visiting her blog The Production Side. Vancouver Search´s most recent blog post.What exactly is SEO article marketing? =-. Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs Together Again – 25 Years Later: A Social Media Success Story by Debbie Kipp April 12, 2010 12 voices share yours! Share Save Our story was set in motion during those wonderful college years. Fast forward to March 14, 2009.
  • VIPER CHILL  |  MONDAY, JUNE 17, 2013
    [Marketing] Backlinks XXX is Now Public (And We’re Giving Away $5,000)
    'How would it help your business if you could look over my shoulder and watch as I take a plain website and turn it into an email marketing and monetisation machine? We’re debuting today with a much better sales video, which should help your marketing efforts as well. Seeing exactly what I do, step-by-step, on a site that is already getting hundreds of targeted visitors every single day (but it’s only 3 pages). That’s exactly what you have the opportunity to watch today with the public launch of Backlinks XXX. our rankings went even higher. Have an Audience?
    [Marketing] 12 Social Media Job Titles I Want
    Marketing Manager. Amid a job search for a position leveraging my public administration and new media background, I am quickly realizing that job descriptions are very similar and titles are vastly different. By means of example, here are 12 job titles with a range of similarly-worded responsibilities: New Media Coordinator. Web Communications Coordinator. Website Coordinator. Director of Integrated Media. Social Media Manager. Content Strategist. Social Media Specialist. Digital & Social Media Specialist. Communications Specialist. Communications Associate. Online Associate. Wrong.
  • TWITIP  |  FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2010
    [Marketing] Does Google Buzz Plan to Overtake Twitter?
    He specializes in search engine optimization and social media marketing in Utah. Pepsi did not run a Superbowl advert for the first time in 23 years because they chose to invest 20 million marketing dollars in social media. On the other hand, Twitter has become an incredibly integrated part of our overall marketing plan and operation. Especially given it’s investments in the mobile and information pimping markets. Does Google Buzz Plan to Overtake Twitter? 18 For most of us, Twitter has become part of our day to day life. What do you know about Google Buzz?
    [Marketing] 5 Tips to Boost Email Productivity
    It is common for marketing companies and brands to send you newsletters, coupons, and other forms of both solicited and unsolicited spam because you provided your email address somewhere online. Email can sink your time so it is crucial you are in control. Here are 5 sure-fire ways you can be productive with email. Create folders and filters. Every email program since the dawn of computers has allowed for folders and filters. The purpose of a folder is to store messages. The purpose of a filter is to automatically move incoming messages to a folder. How many of each do you employ today?
    [Marketing] Headway, Thesis and Genesis – A Non-Coder's Take - Danny Brown
    think its probably less mass market than the three here, which could be why there doesnt seen to be as much written about it? Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs Headway, Thesis and Genesis – A Non-Coder’s Take August 22, 2010 31 voices share yours! Share Save With Thesis 1.8 now out, Headway 1.7 about to launch and the Genesis WordPress theme picking up steam from bloggers switching to it, I thought it’d be fun to see how they compare. So here are the results. Thesis 1.8
    [Marketing] Klout is getting better – Like the new direction – though the analytics are still a work in progress
    Of course, all of that is being generated by the marketing programs Klout is doing – so it’s more than anything else, a reflection on it, I see it more like direct response – you put out energy, and hopefully, get responses – it’s not a measure people like or agree with anything – and it’s not clear what notifications or perks one is actually getting until you go and look. Was meaning to write this post about Klout but didn’t have the time and have been penning it for a few days – and. Influencer Klout
    [Marketing] Top Secret of Entrepreneurs who Succeed in Social Media
    need to believe that social marketing will work IF you keep doing the right things for the right reasons to the right people.over the medium term. We may all operate in different markets but one product connect us all - we all market ''enthusiasm'', our customers all make their purchasing decisions based on the enthusiasm thermometer! You need to be the warm sahara wind causing the enthusiasm temperature to rise in your market.  . 'You know what to do, it is just how to do it. You read. You listen. You learn. True, honest belief. Anyone spot it? Belief is contagious.
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