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    [Marketing] The End of Traditional Marketing
    And, like the contemplations of communication theorist Marshall McLuhan, they have taken on new meaning with the collision of traditional and digital marketing strategies. In 2009 Forrester issued a report that outlined the world of interactive marketers in the digital space. It’s about the death of traditional marketing. Advertising Buzz Marketing Data Mining Innovation Interactive Marketing Media Social Media Social Networking Earned Media Owned Media Paid Media POEM Social InsightsPaid, owned and earned media.
    [Marketing] 120 Marketing Tactics for Blogs
    'Part of a good content marketing strategy, blogging helps you position yourself as an expert in your area. . Content marketing  consists of producing and publishing information that builds trust and authority among your ideal customers. It The steps below will help you create a content marketing strategy for your blog that ensures that you will reach your goals. Are you trying to attract a particular target market? Use marketing tactics to create visibility . “If you build it, they will come” isn’t a viable blog marketing strategy.
    [Marketing] Interesting Marketing Trends of Small Businesses [Infographic]
    What are the most used marketing tactics used by small businesses? Website Marketing Email Marketing Print Advertising Social Media Online Advertising Event Marketing What are the most used social media sites used by small businesses? View the Small Business, Big Impact marketing infographic below: Via: Bolt Insurance. Content Marketing Email Marketing Online Advertising Paid Search Search Engine Optimization Social Media email marketing event marketing online advertising print advertising small business social media website
    [Marketing] Close Looping Your Social Media Marketing Campaign!
    While we all fret about the RoI from social media marketing, there seems to be little concern over how we close loop our social media marketing efforts. Tags: Digital Feature Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing The real RoI from social media (buzz or viral effect, thought leadership or engagement) can be achieved effectively if we also focus on Close Looping our campaigns. So, Aircel, created an independent website Save Our Tigers and promoted this cause through hoardings and (presumably) barter ads on TV and Newspapers. How to sustain the excitement and.
    [Marketing] Microsoft’s Future in Digital Marketing
    Over the weekend I got to meet with Romi Mahajan the World Wide Director of the Digital Marketing Platform Group at Microsoft. His His role is to create the vision for Digital Marketing as it relates to Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites, Microsoft FAST Search Server technology, and Microsoft Silverlight browser plug-ins to create great digital experiences for its customers and leverage its extensive partner network. 1) What is your vision for Microsoft and Digital Marketing? I see Microsoft at the forefront of digital marketing in the next 5 years.
    [Marketing] Creating and Curating Killer Internet Marketing Content
    From blogs to email, creating killer internet marketing content is what separates the winners from the loser. Whether you believe content is king or not, there’s no denying that it plays one of the most important roles in modern marketing. What is Killer Internet Marketing Content? However, in this article we’ll be narrowing our focus to the type of internet marketing content that appears on sites – be it static or dynamic – email shots, promotional materials and social media. Where do you get your content marketing ideas? Rich Media.
    [Marketing] Why Mobile Marketers Must Listen & Respond To Digital Natives
    Mobile enables instant self-expression and turns up the pressure on companies and brands to deliver their marketing message via a two-way conversation within the context of what matters most to digital natives: their lives, their experiences, their networks, and their worlds. But delivering a message doesn’t make for a conversation; marketers also have listen to what digital natives have to say. Connect the dots, and it’s clear that permission marketing has earned a central spot in the mobile marketing mix. Marketing and more.
    [Marketing] What Marketers Can Learn From Zombies
    Then select two disparate items as I have for this post: What Marketers Can Learn From Zombies.  What lessons could a marketer draw from zombies? Marketers too often are fragmented in their approach to the market. There is a fine line between too slow and too fast, when it comes to marketing. For instance,  marketers often trot out a marketing tactic and when it doesn’t immediately gain traction, they move on to the next thing. Most marketing tactics require time to become effective. At Tags: My Creative Team Marketing
    [Marketing] Is social media marketing too labor intensive?
    And then, it works best if it’s in conjunction with all the other activities, marketing or otherwise within your organization or the organization you’re working with. The actuality again, as has been said many times by myself and others, is that social media marketing and engagement is very labor intensive. Tags: Social Media marketing marc meyer I was looking at a list of clients that I had worked with over the past couple of years and it’s well over 40.  What they needed to say was that, “We needed to give it more time&#. Create listening posts.
    [Marketing] Going Mobile with B2B Marketing – Part II
    So in my last blog post – Going Mobile with B2B Marketing we discussed the basics of the mobile market and where to focus our attention as a B2B Marketers. Related posts: Going Mobile with B2B Marketing As I mentioned in my Top 10 predictions for 2010. Why is Google Scared and What it means for B2B Marketing! Tags: Advertising Buzz Marketing Mobile Now we want to move into the content. would say that if  “ Content is King &# on the internet “ Context is Queen &# on mobile.  This is why aps like Yelp and foursquare are so hot now.
    [Marketing] Marketing Technology Takes a Page From Unified Communications.
    Like Unified Communications, the next generation of marketing data and analytics is likely to require big changes and it also is all about unifying and imbedding it into more business processes. In the case of customer engagement, that can be any business area that is tangent to the marketing goals. So if marketing technology has some similarities to UC, where are we in the evolution of obtaining the bigger benefits? So what to do while waiting for these next generations of unified marketing technology systems to emerge? Mike Fuqua. Tweet This! Post on Google Buzz.
    [Marketing] Social Media: Marketers Chasing Marketers
    The world of marketing is learning that old models, old mindsets and the intents of marketing are changing. As the world adopts “all this social stuff” marketers seem to be chasing other marketers to do the same old thing but with a different tool, social media. What seems to be apparent to consumers but mysterious to marketers is the intent of social media. Marketers tend to use old media methods within social media channels. Users attention for a moment doesn’t necessarily equate to the same intent of the marketer.
    [Marketing] Marketing Must Be Anticipated, Relevant, Personal, and Integrated
    Change the way they are developing marketing initiatives and using marketing technology. There comes a time when the marketer and the consumer must say, “Dear Marketing, I’m no longer in love with you. sat down this morning to look over (and review) Permission Marketing by Seth Godin. One of the famous quotes from the book is the following: Businesses can no longer rely on traditional forms of interruption marketing in magazines, mailings, telemarketing, radio or television. Marketingwant to build something deeper and stronger.
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    [Marketing] Big Data: Should Marketing Really Care?
    Marketers (or ‘marketeers’ as others would say) capitalize on trends that potentially influence how products and solutions are perceived. It’s what marketing folks do. So what are marketers, entrepreneurs, techies and scholars saying? In the interest of offering raw, top-of-mind views into big data I thought it sensible to knock on a few doors and ask some feedback from my Twitter follows—some of whom in fact are seasoned marketers. Marketeering the predictable. There are things that marketers can’t glean from databases. ?. Well, yes.
    [Marketing] 11 Myths of Social Media Marketing
    Though social media marketing is rapidly advancing in terms of adoption and sophistication, many marketers and business executives still struggle with it. This confusion is partly due to some still-common misconceptions about social media marketing. As the goal of Social Media is Simpler Than You Think was to demystify social media marketing, this post will attempt to de-myth-ify it. Social media marketing is really hard. Age is irrelevant in social media usage, and life experience is a plus for social media marketers. Social media marketing is new.
    [Marketing] Mobile Marketers Need To Balance Targeting & Privacy Concerns
    Yet targeting is core to marketing in all its forms , from creating and maintaining a database to developing an online/offline strategy. This week we learned the details about how Apple collects location information from iPhone devices (and hence, their users) — data it yields to help marketers target consumers. Think of the money (billions of dollars) involved in targeting and marketing. Market research firm eMarketer takes a look at what consumers think of discounts and limited deals. Mobile Marketing Permission marketingHOW I SEE IT: Detailed?
    [Marketing] 3 Facebook Hashtag Marketing Tips
    If you happen to be using Facebook for outreach and marketing, the new hashtag feature will extend your reach dramatically. 1 – Avoid Desperation Marketing. This is just one more example of desperation marketing. Smart businesses know that desperation marketing only serves to repel potential buyers. 3 The Best Marketing is Specific. Mass marketing may work well for big consumer brands, but not for your small and probably local business. So, get ready for what may prove to be a game-changer for Facebook marketing. Don’t do it.
    [Marketing] Strategies 360 Is Hiring: Marketing & Social Media Associate
    Today I begin my search for the first piece of many in building out the S360 Marketing & Social Media team. The New Gig: VP of Marketing & Social Media @ Strategies 360. Great Social Media, Digital Marketing & Productivity Tools. Digital Marketing Social MediaTweet Like I mentioned in my earlier post, things couldn’t be better in my new gig at S360. So good in fact that it’s only taken a little over a month and a half to already need to hire my first team member and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Tweet This! Digg this! Share this on Facebook.
    [Marketing] How can marketers best make sense of database intelligence today?
    The buzz amongst marketers is, “How can marketers best make sense of database intelligence today?” CI Hub is a central repository that holds accurate data from all marketing sources, including both online and offline information. Business Intelligence Customer Data Integration Customer Intelligence Marketing Data Management customer data database marketing Digital Marketing forrester research marketing data”  Concurrently it’s a panel discussion at B2B Online. Join in and contribute your thoughts.
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    [Marketing] Give Your Inbound Marketing an Interactive Boost with Prezi
    Strategy using prezi for marketing 'TweetNothing is worse than sitting through a presentation, staring at the same five plain slides over and over again. Of course, nobody wants their clients or consumers to have to go through the same boring experience. Once you attract your audience, you must engage them. Prezi might just be the tool that gives your business […].
    [Marketing] Is Your Online Marketing Intuitive?
    Design Your Marketing for Your Customers. This means you should be able to design and build your marketing to effectively lead them to your door. When it comes to any kind of marketing – especially social media and other types of online marketing, there can be a temptation to think that more is better. The key to successful marketing is both understanding your ideal customer and firmly taking a stand on what you believe and are prepared to deliver. Is Your Marketing Working? Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Why not sooner? It Just Works.
    [Marketing] Social Media Marketing Needs a Purpose
    It is an overlooked fact in when talking about Social Media Marketing that there needs to be a specific purpose to your efforts. Thousands of e-books are sold explaining all of the ‘secrets to social media marketing ’. Marketing is comprised of campaigns and all marketing campaigns have a goal or end result that they are trying to achieve. fast food chain running a marketing campaign for $1 cheeseburgers has a goal of attracting more customers to buy a $2 coke to go with that burger. Your social media marketing campaign should have an equally definable goal.
    [Marketing] Celebrity CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett Talks Mobile Marketing, Social Media & Privacy
    How should marketers approach social media marketing? It challenges executives and marketers to take a hard look at their businesses, forcing them to evaluate, deconstruct and then reconstruct their business into one that is alive and thriving. No doubt today’s new emphasis on social media in marketing makes that last connection mission-critical. How do marketers communicate the value proposition and maintain a personal touch? Vdopia’s is primarily focused on the Indian market , but Jeff sees growing opportunity for mobile video across all markets.
    [Marketing] Great Content Marketing Lessons from SAP
    Lee Odden, one of the speakers at Content Marketing World 2012, posted a series of blog posts with interviews about content marketing. content marketing success example about content marketing to promote Content Marketing World 2012! B2B marketing Content marketing Interviews content marketing Content Marketing World inbound marketing Lee Odden Michael BrennerThe different interviews were also summarized in a great eBook. Lee, who launched his book Optimize in Europe [.].
    [Marketing] Blyk Sells Indian Youth On Permission Mobile Marketing
    Since launching its permission-based marketing service with Indian mobile operator Aircel in November 2010, mobile messaging media company Blyk  reports over one million opted-in users. caught up with Blyk Country Manager Shubhodip (Shubho) Pal to discuss Blyk (which describes itself as a “mobile media that works with operators to link young people with brands and other stuff they like&# ) and key learnings from the Indian market. India, like most developing markets, is country where spam is a concern. Mobile Marketing Mobile Social Media Permission marketing
    [Marketing] #FF FollowFriday: Derek Johnson On Mobile Text Marketing
    #FF at MobileGroove amplifies the voices you need to hear, and profiles Derek Johnson , CEO of SMS marketing company Tatango and — more importantly — a brave (sometime edgy) voice in the mobile marketing space. We may know him best as the CEO and founder of Tatango, an angel-funded text marketing company with a sharp focus on outbound messaging. In June Derek’s company got even more coverage when it took the wraps off a new look, a new version of its service and a new emphasis on helping small- to medium-sized businesses harness text marketing.
    [Marketing] A Cause Marketing Christmas
    We’ve run across a few articles concerning cause marketing during the Christmas season that you might find of interest. Cause Marketing Christmas – As a holiday, Christmas is surprisingly challenging to cause market around, but a local homebuilder has the bones of a good campaign based on a gingerbread house-building contest. Southwest’s Check-In Cause Marketing – Southwest Airlines is combining Facebook Places and charitable giving to the Make-A-Wish Foundation to encourage travelers to check into Southwest when they get to the airport.
    [Marketing] Introducing: User Marketing
    But in that same breathe, many are pursuing social media and mobile marketing methodologies. Enter, User Marketing. In an environment where the interaction and relationship between the people, the consumer, the individual has never been closer to the brand, the product and the company than ever before, the User will become the proponent to your either marketing scheme. Not to be mistaken for a user of the product itself, User Marketing will come to represent the very users of social media and mobile technology. Our ways of life are changing. The beloved ROI.
    [Marketing] The Content Marketing Explosion [infographic]
    Tweet Content marketing is on the rise and many people say that “content is king” It seems that more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of great content since ‘content marketing’ has expanded at an exponential rate in 2011 alone on Google. The people at Bluegrass made this infographic illustrating how content marketing is gaining a foothold and how it is used by brands. For brands, content marketing is mostly about creating brand awareness, generating leads and acquiring customers. The Sharing Avalanche [Infographic].
  • JEFF KORHAN  |  MONDAY, JUNE 2, 2014
    [Marketing] Stories Are Valuable Marketing Assets
    Traditional marketing is being replaced by social selling and relationship marketing, with stories being the cornerstone for executing both well. About the Author:  Jeff Korhan, MBA, is the  author of  Built-In Social: Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business  –  (Wiley)  . 'In a world in which content is clearly king, one of your most valuable business assets are stories that validate its capabilities. Consider that your business made a considerable investment to earn its stories. “Look at the bright side; you’ll have a great story to tell.”
    [Marketing] Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2011
    In January of 2011, I said that I’d make our Internet Marketing Posts of 2011 subscriber only. Many loyal readers have checked in on the newsletter throughout 2011 to get both evergreen content , the content that typically embraces these monthly updates, in addition to something completely new, monthly digital trends  – the stuff you use for presentations and proposals, for arguing that social media and online marketing does have a firm place in today’s landscape. The Marketing Automation. Automating your marketing efforts may be fruitful. Blogging.
    [Marketing] What is Influencer Marketing?
    Here I am with a short video on influencer marketing, filmed as part of Encore Alert ‘s League of Extraordinary Marketers series (*blush*). Read more from the awesome Encore Alert Blog  and sign up for their upcoming ebook on influencer marketing. The post What is Influencer Marketing? 'Short answer – human to human interaction. Haven’t heard of Encore Alert? Well I will keep up the suspense while you watch this space, as I’m going to feature them in a forthcoming Cool Social Tools post. In the meantime, enjoy the video. More like this.
    [Marketing] Using Content to Build Trust in B2B Marketing
    To me this is the story for any content marketer like myself. Bottom line this is great news for us content marketers. How much time do you give each of them to “soak” in the market – like cooking you start with the hardest vegetables first that take the longest to steep – so perhaps you start with more traditional channels first since they have longer lead times to get to market and then start hammering the market later in the campaign to crank up the buzz. Related posts: B2B Marketing: Trust + Community = ROI Trust is not a new thing when it comes to.
    [Marketing] Your Marketing Strategy Needs to Keep Pace with Digital Culture
    But as consumers quickly ditch in-store shopping in favor of the speed, ease of use, convenience and massive array of product options made possible by online and mobile devices, a brand’s digital marketing culture matters, a lot. We spend our marketing dollars and resources in search of ways to “one-up” our competitors. Because of these challenges, we often see brands looking to digital marketing to move the engagement and revenue needles in the right direction. We can no longer envision “big ideas” and creative marketing without the support of big data. Not much.
  • DAVE FLEET  |  TUESDAY, MAY 25, 2010
    [Marketing] Four Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Campaign Sucks
    That’s the three-step approach we recommend companies take when it comes to approaching social media marketing activities for their organization. However, we’re still seeing social media marketing campaigns built with this implicit process. If you think back to our social media marketing ecosystem and Forrester’s breakdown of media types , marketers are often most used to paid media – immediately scaleable and controllable. Tags: marketing social media strategy Listen; engage; develop. You know what you don’t see anyone recommending? Do you agree?
    [Marketing] Marketing Metrics: The key to marketing ROI
    As every marketer knows, we exist in a point in time where paradigm-shifting innovations require us to constantly evaluate our programs and the value they deliver. With the growing expectation that marketing departments will increase revenue and cut costs, being able to quantify the results from previous programs and then predict the financial impact of future efforts are becoming must-do items. Check out the job boards; most senior marketing positions are being defined with a requirement for statistical analysis. How do you determine marketing ROI? Hurry up.
    [Marketing] The Importance of Healthy Internet Marketing Strategies
    'As an online marketer I get contacted on a daily basis by potential clients from around the world. ” However, these are two perfect examples of what healthy Internet marketing strategies are NOT. Chris, Kilbourn, Founder and CEO of Utah-based Tofu Marketing , explains it well: “You’ll never hear us throw around the term ‘traffic’ as though it is the be-all and end-all of Internet marketing. Instead, we are an online marketing agency that focuses on sending  qualified leads  to your website.” Can you buy us a couple email lists?
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    [Marketing] 9 Steps to Digital Marketing Greatness [Infographic]
    The post 9 Steps to Digital Marketing Greatness [Infographic] appeared first on Elign Marketing. Email Marketing Inbound Marketing Local Listings Mobile Marketing Search Engine Optimization Social Media Traffic Analytics Website Design 'This guide exists to help you understand, build, and eventually maintain a powerful, integrated online presence. It won’t happen overnight, but with a little bit of dedication and the right resources to back you, you can accelerate your small business’s online presence to a formidable level. link].
    [Marketing] Changes in B2B Marketing — Mad Marketing TV Ep 13
    Join guest host Jeff Ogden and special guest Paul Dunay, CMO of Networked Insights and author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies, as they discuss: Recent changes in B2B marketing. Facebook’s IPO and what it means for marketers. New social media tools for B2B marketers. Social data and what it means to B2B marketers. Join Jeff and Paul as they discuss how Paul has made the shift from working within a large company doing B2B marketing, to thriving in a start up environment where he’s focusing on social, amongst other things. Visit [link] to learn more.
    [Marketing] 52% of B2C Marketers Plan To Increase Social Marketing Budgets in 2013
    The vast majority – 70% – of B2C marketers are moderately to highly engaged in social media, followed closely by 63% of B2B marketers, according to Webmarketing123′s new “ State of Digital Marketing 2012 Report.” The report examines lead generation, marketing budgets, and measurement of ROI for both B2B and B2C marketers using social media in the US. B2B and B2C marketers are spending their social media budgets in different ways. The majority (65%) of B2C marketers spend money on Facebook, vs. only 40% of B2B marketers.
    [Marketing] Creating Addictive Marketing Content
    One of the distinguishing qualities of successful marketers is they are passionate students of human behavior – more specifically, buying behavior. As content marketers, you want to create desirable experiences. That is your goal as a content marketer. Awareness Blogging Community content marketing Marketing Online Marketing Search Optimization Selling Small Business Success action Addiction customers desires fresh Google human behavior Jeff Korhan memorable originalAddictions are unfavorable behaviors that can develop very innocently.
    [Marketing] 5 Tricks to B2B Marketing Socially
    Then how do B2B Marketers use that content with Social Media to do the same – here are 5 tricks to Marketing B2B content socially … 1) Tell good Stories – You have a new kind of marketing evolving now – a marketing that is driven by good stories. think Story Telling is going to be a huge component of the marketers tool kit going forward since the web and social media adore good stories. Related posts: What to look for in a Social Media Marketer? Spray and Pray Marketing 2.0 Tweet This! Share this on Facebook. Digg this!
    [Marketing] Learn More About Internet Marketing – Free Course
    If you’ve been interested in learning more about Internet marketing for your blog, brand, or business, there are a ton of resources out there, from blogs to ebooks, classes to conferences. But if you want something structured without any expenses involved, why not start with a free 10 week Internet marketing course ? Mark Thompson of Search Creatively and Stay on Search (also a regular on Search Engine Journal ) has created a great course covering all the aspects of online marketing. Internet Marketing Course Content. 100+ Online Marketing Resources.
    [Marketing] Marketing’s Magic Bullet
    Do you believe there is a marketing magic bullet? Hundreds of “consultants&# make millions of dollars each year teaching seminars and boot camps, and selling newsletters about marketing’s magic bullet - that one simple thing you can do to fill up your register with virtually no effort on your part. My marketing magic bullet: focus , discipline and consistency. Discipline necessitates developing a marketing plan and implementing it aggressively. know businesses that market and then just expect clients to flock to them with wallets in hand.
    [Marketing] Streamlining Text Messaging To Fast Track Mobile Marketing
    The advance of smartphones, the avalanche of apps and the heightened interest in mobile video, mobile barcodes and Augmented Reality are combining to take mobile marketing strategies and creatives to the next level. But are marketers and mobile operators getting ahead of themselves? In developing markets is the only screen.) SMS is clearly an effective way to deliver mobile marketing campaigns and messages. Permission marketing also builds trust. Marketers need little convincing to understand the value of a deeper engagement with consumers. percent.
    [Marketing] Content marketing is king
    Content is set to be one of the biggest trends in B2B marketing for 2012, but the concept is not all that new. Corporate blogging began circa 2004 and with the growing ubiquity of social networks many companies have been creating and sharing content as part of their marketing strategies. The excellent infographic below (knicked from Jeff Bullas ) shows that B2B marketers are now investing 26% of their TOTAL marketing budget into content creation! Related posts: Content marketing delivers sales leads. Coke is world’s No. Facebook brand. Related articles.
    [Marketing] Why We Still Fight Over Social Media and Content Marketing
    A few years ago I wrote a piece on the commoditization of content (marketing) in a social jungle. Last year I took it a step further with what you could call a rant about the ‘ big content marketing fail ’. was pleasantly surprised to see that many people using content marketing (as I do) wrote similar posts taking a critical look at the evolutions in content marketing. Many people still use content marketing without a clear purpose. And the same goes for social media (marketing). Let’s take content marketing, for instance. Brand marketers.
    [Marketing] Five Engagement Strategies for Bank Marketers in 2012
    Many of the leaders in the direct and database marketing field started their professional lives as bank marketers – your name was on a bank database and mixed into a predictive model before nearly any other industry started thinking of such things. Sadly, bank marketing today has lost much of that early competitive edge, as other industries have caught up and surpassed them with the use of marketing technology and analytics.  Below are five ideas for the bank marketers –. Martha Bush. Are you ready? Follow Martha on  Twitter  or connect with her on  LinkedIn.
    [Marketing] How You Can Use Native Advertising to Complement Content Marketing
    While the online space was in its infancy for marketers, this approach was successful. However, in recent years, consumers have become more discerning about how they’re marketed to, and this has resulted in banner ads and PPC campaigns taking a revenue hit. Instead, social ads and content marketing have started to drive bigger engagement, with  consumers increasingly acting upon ads within the likes of Twitter and Facebook , as well as sponsored blog posts from bloggers promoting a certain brand or product. Native Ads As Content Marketing.
    [Marketing] How to Generate Business through Content Marketing
    We live in a customer centric time powered through social media and the rules of marketing and PR has dramatically changed. Marketers need to understand that most people do not go online to buy something. Content Marketing is great to build your online reputation. Here are some marketing tips you can use right away. But as you need to spend time for your business you also need to understand that marketing and content creation is an important part of your lead generation. Infographic: The Rise of Content Marketing. This is valid for B2C and B2B!
    [Marketing] What Separates Effective Mobile Marketing From Noise; Why Mobile Is The First Screen
    The best insights I’ve seen or heard about consumer behavior on tablets were shared during a seminar in New York conducted by the Direct Marketing Association in collaboration with the online news destination Mobile Marketer. Etheridge also gave us the numbers that are meaningful to all in the mobile marketing ecosystem. HOW I SEE IT: One of the inhibitors of mobile marketing and advertising is a lack of visibility into consumer behavior online versus what they do on their mobile phones — and now how they use their tablets. His mobile marketing do’s?
    [Marketing] The Big Content Marketing Fail: How Much Content Do You Need?
    In case you don’t feel like fully reading it, prefer the rules of short copy and want to read the conclusions first then this is for you: we are massively killing content marketing and are making the same old mistakes we always have. was active in media, online publishing and digital marketing strategies at that time and didn’t have to think long about the way forward of that small business. We would specialize ourselves in online content (no one used the word content marketing yet). From content marketing to marketing content Still reading? Hurray.
    [Marketing] Show 461 - Marketing in Context
    'The Engaging Brand podcast  covering social marketing , business ideas and  brand marketing tips  has a new episode. Anna Farmery  speaks with Professor  Chris Hackley about  Marketing in Context   which argues that the best marketing doesn''t just focus on the individual psychology of the consumer in isolation, but operates at a cultural level. . Are we lazy about marketing today? The idea of social context and how marketing has a role within that social context. Should marketing bridge the customer to the business or the business to the customer?
    [Marketing] Is Touchpoint Marketing the Only Marketing Left?
    Content marketers like to use Seth Godin’s famous saying that ‘Content marketing is the only marketing left’. Content is obviously crucial in marketing. It just took businesses a very long time to realize it, helped by what we call ‘content marketing’. In that regard, it looks a lot like social media, which seemed necessary for businesses to realize that marketing is not a one-way street. The concept of content marketing is much about providing value in order to get it back, one way or another. Content marketing is not the only marketing left.
    [Marketing] I’m Ashamed to Call Myself a Marketer. It is Time to Change
    have begun to realize that the majority of marketers, advertising firms, and communication professionals have become extremely complacent. Why is it so hard for marketers to speak human? Greg Ballard pulled out the win to secure his second term but not without some terrible marketing from both sides of the aisle. Political marketing hasn’t changed in twenty years and I am becoming tired of innovation NOT happening in this world. Marketers are some of the hardest working individuals in the professional world. MarketingPeriod. Why Comcast .
    [Marketing] The Because of Cause Marketing
    However, another way that companies can become more socially responsible is via cause marketing, which is becoming a lot more mainstream and visible. Some figures from  IAB  show why cause marketing is becoming something business can’t ignore any longer: 71% of consumers are giving  as much (or more) as they were before the economy dipped. As you can see, cause marketing isn’t just good business ethics, it’s good business sense too. The Because of Cause Marketing. Is your local community  one that can work with a cause marketing mindset? Consumers are smart.
    [Marketing] Google+ is Content Marketing on Fire
    This explains why Google+ is steadily gaining momentum  for attracting the attention of a wider audience than even Facebook , and quite possibly one that will prove to be more powerful for content marketers. Now Google+ is layering in Authorship, shares, +1′s, and relevant hashtags to provide additional social context to that content marketing equation. About the Author:   Jeff Korhan, MBA, is the  author of  Built-In Social: Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business  –  (Wiley 2013)  . 1 – Search Drives the Web. Is this surprising?
    [Marketing] 10 Strategies of Push-Pull Marketing for Your Online Business
    If you want your online business to be successful then you need to actively market your business. An introductory marketing class will teach you that there are two basic options for marketing: push and pull. smart online business marketing strategy is to use both types of marketing at the same time. Push and Pull Marketing. The two different types of marketing are: 1.  Push marketing : This is marketing to push your product to the market. Both types of marketing create a demand for your product. Your blog. Do both.
    [Marketing] Marketing Automation, Set It and Forget It
    This obviously allows you to match your customers with sales transactions, but more importantly for marketers it allows you the option of layering on a marketing automation system that can deliver targeted messages at the right time without continuous management by additional personnel. If you’re like many companies, you employ a marketing individual or team to collect your contacts information and execute campaigns in somewhat of a batch and blast situation. Marketing automation, what is it? Turn your marketing into a 24/7 sales generating machine.
    [Marketing] Do Content Marketers Compete?
    recently realized many of the people who agree with this philosophy are also doing content marketing. began to wonder, do content marketers compete?  . In marketing, you may have the same goals as other companies, but if you’re doing content marketing, you really aren’t trying to win the same race. The real victories in web marketing are borne out of collaboration. Inbound marketing is called such because the potential customers come to you. Content Inbound Marketing Marketing andy crestodina competition content marketing inbound marketing SEO
    [Marketing] Fitting The Social Media Cube into a Round Marketing Strategy
    What would happen if an anthropologist, an innovator, a neuroscientist, and a social media marketer got together and decided to create a brand marketing campaign? Would it be chaos or next level marketing at its finest? The idea of linking these concepts together was discussed in my recent post , “Taking Multi-Dimensional Marketing to the Next Level,” where I presented The Social Media Cube © as a visual representation of this approach. Their argument is that, in today’s marketing world, too many disciplines try to stand alone.
    [Marketing] Stop and Rework your Digital Marketing Budget Right Now
    The digital marketing budget needs to follow the path towards customer-centric integration and company-wide enablement. Opinion digital marketing budget 'While many are still trying to get their heads around social media and social business, the digital business challenges already go much further and involve all departments and functions in and around the enterprise. Soon all business will have a [.].
  • JEFF KORHAN  |  MONDAY, JULY 14, 2014
    [Marketing] 3 Content Marketing Planning and Productivity Tips
    'As we cross the annual midpoint, many businesses experience a transition period , making this an ideal time to assess marketing effectiveness to make the necessary adjustments for finishing the year strong. Planning and productivity is always relevant, because time is the one obstacle small businesses most frequently give for failing to consistently build their content marketing assets. If you put your attention to applying some of these practices, you will regain control of your day, your content marketing , and your business. So, let’s take a closer look. Dwight D.
    [Marketing] The Importance of Content Marketing When Building SEO Strategies [Infographic]
    Earlier this month, Mai wrote an article about why you should put content marketing at the heart of your brand strategy , in which she gives a summary of the importance of content marketing for your brand. However, she also mentions that even though 90% of marketers think content marketing will become more important over the next year, more than 60% still haven’t invented a content marketing strategy at place. 94 % of marketers believe that the users  analysis of the site’s perceived value will increase in importance as a ranking factor.
    [Marketing] The FT: content marketing lessons
    The lessons for content marketers, and struggling news organizations in particular, are clear.  Featured Headline Media Content marketing Financial Times Newspaper Press Gazette 'Newspapers  struggling to find an online model that pays the bills might find a little light at the end of the tunnel, if they look towards The Financial Times (The FT). According the Press Gazette , The FT’s head of operations Mary Beth Christie recently said, “We are now digital-first and we believe our content is valuable. We had a hard paywall similar to The Times.  million people worldwide. Simple!
    [Marketing] The 4 P’s to Social Media Marketing
    Ok ok – based on the great response I got from my readers on my last blog post The 4 C’s of B2B Marketing I thought I would try to apply the same principle to Social Media Marketing. It combines a few things you might have read about into one new concept around social media – the 4 P’s of Social Media marketing. 4 Launch them using all available S ocial Media - think Inbound Marketing by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. think this strategy is exceptionally good for B2B marketers with long lead cycles. Slide 1. Tell Good Stories.
    [Marketing] How to Take Advantage from Mobile Marketing & Location Based Marketing
    Is mobile marketing recently a part of your inbound marketing strategy? To ignore this growing mobile marketing trend could be a very dangerous failure for your business! Did you thought about to make use of mobile apps to improve your location based marketing? Services like Foursquare are best examples how businesses use location based marketing to reach a wider audience. Actually about 30% of companies who are using Mobile Marketing do strategic lead generation through this! Further sources: Location-Based Marketing: X Marks the Sweet Spot.
    [Marketing] Influencer Marketing: Facts and Miscomprehensions
    The fact that consumers rely on opinions of peers, so-called influencers and (often unfortunately) celebs offers opportunities for marketers but threats for them and for consumers. Blog Connected marketing Social media marketing influencer marketing peer reviews word-of-mouth marketingThe importance given by people to the opinions of others is well known by now. We pay a great deal of attention to what complete strangers say and think. [.].
    [Marketing] Inbound Marketing Is Rising [Infographic]
    Tweet Marketing has come a long way. marketing has been given a totally revamped identity. Marketing today is more of an interactive and a two way dialogue, between brands and customers, which can be termed as “inbound marketing”. Why is inbound marketing better? Inbound marketing focuses on earning, not buying, a person’s attention, which can be done through social media and engaging content, such as blogs, podcasts and white papers. Take a look at the infographic here and do tell us how you found it – is inbound marketing the future?
    [Marketing] Understanding Viral Content Marketing [Infographic]
    Through a guest blog post called “ Tips for Viral Marketing Success: Channels, Stories and People ”, our posts “ Viral Campaigns: Do’s & Dont’s ” and How to Create Viral Success: Top 10 Viral Campaigns. Why should you opt for viral content marketing? Want to find out more about viral content marketing. Companies’ Use of Content Marketing Is On the Rise [infographic]. 64 Inspiring Facebook Marketing Techniques [infographic]. Social Media content sharing Pro Blogger Roi for companies Viral conntent Viral marketing Voltire Digital
    [Marketing] B2B Marketing Content: Lure or Lasso?
    You can call it Inbound Marketing (like the folks at HubSpot do) or you could call it Content Marketing (like the folks at Junta42 do) but whatever you call it its the basis for all your online activity. Related posts: Spray and Pray Marketing 2.0 The 4 P’s to Social Media Marketing Ok ok – based on the great response I got. Tags: Blogging Content Marketing Inbound Marketing Interactive Marketing Lead Nurturing Social Media Thought Leadership I picked this saying up from Gary Vaynerchuk’s new book called Crush It. Tweet This!
    [Marketing] Content Marketing Week Starts Tomorrow!
    'Is there any question content marketing has taken off? As noted in the last post here , nearly two-thirds of marketing executives plan to increase budget allocations for content marketing in 2014, while just 2% plan to cut spending in this area. And in other marketing research recently covered here: • On average, 25% of marketing budgets are now spent on content development, delivery and promotion; • 92% of marketers believe that content creation is either “very” or “somewhat” effective for SEO; and. Want to be part of Content Marketing Week?
  • DANNY BROWN  |  THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014
    [Marketing] Is Your Marketing the PITS?
    'When I took my marketing degree back in 2001, part of the course was learning about the  Four P’s of Marketing  –  Product, Price, Place  and  Promotion. These terms have been the mainstay of marketing since the 1950?s, Borden published an article called  The Concept of the Marketing Mix  , although the actual phrase The Four P’s was coined by E. Marketers have used the Four P’s to plan marketing campaigns, measure and gauge how well something will be received. The best marketers know how to persuade people that their ideas are worth listening to.
    [Marketing] What Makes Good Online Marketing Content?
    The question I’m asking here is: Can content in email or online marketing provoke any action without some kind of emotional response? Blogging Content marketing Opinion content marketing content marketing strategy email marketing engagement interactive marketing online marketing relevanceThe issue of emotional response is often overlooked and I agree. Perhaps it is overlooked because it is that underlying common denominator and not a separate factor.
    Stop your online marketing right now. The problem with marketing today versus marketing in 2006 is volume. There are more social media marketing experts in the world than there may be doctors these days. Get a Twitter account, amass 50,000 followers by buying them through cheap online marketplaces, RSS port a bunch of popular marketing blogs to give off the appearance of knowledge, and you look like a guru. Here’s another truth: those marketing firms that do this level of work also charge $150-250 an hour. STOP YOUR ONLINE MARKETING.
  • PAMORAMA  |  SUNDAY, MAY 20, 2012
    [Marketing] 15 Informative 2012 Marketing Infographics
    Infographics Marketing Social Media StatsWe live in the age of data. The The information collected by the world’s databases grows by an astounding 40% annually. How we collect, harness, and use this content shapes our lives — our work, our relationships, everything.  One way to make the fire hose of information more understandable is to use visual representations, which is why [.].
    [Marketing] How We Market
    The question was, "How do you employ social media to market your own company's services?" As a result, all of our activities in the marketing world are predicated on the theory of “give before you get.” Because we are so bullish on creating content, we also help marketers better understand the rapidly emerging discipline of social marketing and what it means to their company’s marketing mix though monthly webcasts with thought leaders like Forrester’s Jeremiah Owyang and MarketingProf’s chief content officer, Anne Handley OR the social media leads at Ford, GM and
    [Marketing] Why We Shouldn’t Confuse Real Time Marketing with Data Driven Marketing
    While the goods being sold were a great mix, and kept the bakery successful, it was what the owner did to keep it that way that interested me (and probably instilled the first concept of marketing to my subconscious). Real-Time Marketing or Old School Initiative? It received praise from various publications, and was used by many social media consultants as the dawn of real-time marketing. While there’s no doubt it was a masterful stroke of quick thinking and marketing on the day, it was more than just that. Real-Time Marketing, Before Social Media.
    [Marketing] Use an editorial calendar for content marketing
    'If you are into content marketing make 2014 the year you start an editorial calendar and keep it going all year long. This is an essential tool in producing quality, effective content that consistently supports marketing and business objectives. An editorial calendar not only improves the organization of content marketing initiatives overall, it provides the broad overview required for smart strategy. Advanced planning ensures that content and distribution aligns with all business and marketing objectives and tactics such as planned events, promotions and campaign.
  • DANNY BROWN  |  SUNDAY, APRIL 24, 2011
    [Marketing] Sunday Brunch – Twitter As a Marketing Tool
    Welcome to a new episode of Sunday Brunch, where we talk about your questions on social media, marketing, business tips, entrepreneurship and more. The question is: “How can you use Twitter as a marketing tool?&#. Got a question on marketing? Sunday Brunch – Twitter As a Marketing Tool originally appeared on Danny Brown | Social Media Marketing Blog - The Human Side of Media and the Social Side of Marketing under a Creative Commons license. Sunday Brunch inboxq timely twitter marketingThis post contains a video. Resources: Timely.
    [Marketing] Social Media Marketing and Darwin: Evolution or Irrelevance
    Have your marketing efforts evolved with them? Marketing at the peak of the television era was relatively simple. As a marketer, how do you possibly compete for attention within this constant stream of information? How do you speak to consumers who don’t want to hear traditional marketing messages? Marketers can no longer program consumers with advertising; instead, now your imperative is to attract people through unique content and authentic brand experiences. Remember: There was a time when no one was email-marketing. Army Chief of Staff.
    [Marketing] Presentation Skills for Marketers
    Successful marketers know that presentation skills are just as important as the message – maybe more. Presentation skills are vital for marketers. Awareness Blogging Community How-To Marketing Online Marketing Selling Small Business Social Business Social Media Success advice audience communication community Jeff Korhan memorable presentation skills speaking Steve MartinMedia used to be the domain of specialists. Some had expertise in radio, television, newspapers, and other forms of print. This also means that every small business is indeed a media company.
    [Marketing] Boosting your Seasonal Marketing with Pinterest
    By now your seasonal marketing campaign should be well under way. And even though you’ve placed your media buy and have your media relations program in gear, are you still looking for that extra edge to your marketing efforts? Especially if women are your target market, Pinterest is an invaluable tool to add to your marketing toolkit. Below you’ll find three ways to boost your seasonal marketing with Pinterest. Boosting your Seasonal Marketing with Pinterest is a post from: Waxing UnLyrical. Boosting your Seasonal Marketing with Pinterest.
    [Marketing] Marketing to your mom
    Get more content marketing tips from Copyblogger. How would you market to your mom? Marketing momLike this graphic? feel like this just says it all. Would you spam and annoy her, or would you make sure she was well informed and had a pleasant experience? Thanks for reading, Josh S Peters.
    [Marketing] Marketing Is What Happens In The Market…(Not What Happens In Your Marketing Department)
    'What’s going on in your marketing department doesn’t actually matter Despite your natural inclinations to focus on what you can see, what’s happening right in front of you, in your office, is irrelevant if you aren’t seeing what’s happening in the real world market. What really matters is what’s going on with customers, advocates, influencers, Blog Social Media Marketing
    [Marketing] The Art of Book Marketing: Past, Present & Future
    Marketing a book after it's published can be equally difficult for a few different reasons: There is a LOT of content out there right now. Publishers often don't pony up a lot of money to market new books. That doesn't mean they never put marketing muscle behind a book. For me, I've had the benefit of some past, present and soon to be future experience with book marketing. In the spirit of being prescriptive, I'm including a "what worked, what didn't and what I would have done differently" for the past and present books I helped market. Just not a lot.
  • JEFF KORHAN  |  TUESDAY, MAY 27, 2014
    [Marketing] State of The Social Marketing Industry
    '2014 Social Marketing Industry Report by Michael Stelzner. We’re almost at the midpoint for this year, making this an ideal time to assess your social marketing efforts and reallocate resources as necessary. To give you some benchmarks, I’ll be sharing research results from the 6th Annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report from Michael Stelzner and our friends at Social Media Examiner. This is a hefty 50-page report that provides interesting insights from the responses of over 2,800 marketers like you and me. 1 – Visual Storytelling is Hot.
    [Marketing] Social Marketing is Getting Personal
    Marketers will become increasingly aware of seeking personalized interaction with consumers. expect that social media is already a key element in your marketing plan for 2011. Yet, for the most part, social media is passive marketing. Social marketing is getting personal. Marketers will become increasingly aware of seeking genuine interaction with consumers. Awareness How-To Marketing Search Optimization Selling Small Business Social Media action competition Jeff Korhan marketing small business social graph social search Twitter Advanced Search
    [Marketing] Marketers Need Return On Marketing Investment Now
    Yesterday, I had a long and interesting conversation with the president of STIMA , Belgium’s largest association of marketing professionals. He told me the main issue that surfaces in his daily contacts with marketers is ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment), a.k.a. Marketing ROI. The results of the annual marketing survey by Belgian The House of Marketing , in collaboration with STIMA, are a clear illustration of the need for ROMI. Barely, one year ago, the 2011 edition of the survey showed a relatively optimistic marketer. And it’s about time.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 27, 2012
    [Marketing] Five Things Bacon Can Teach Us About Content Marketing
    This cultural phenomenon didn’t take shape overnight and there are hidden secrets to bacon’s success that can be applied to a content marketing strategy. Five Things Bacon Can Teach Us About Content Marketing. Have a problem with a boring, or less than flattering marketing message? Like a good content marketing strategy, bacon is always top-of-mind. This should be the goal of your content marketing efforts. Jason Miller  is the social media manager at Marketo and a regular contributor to the Modern B2B Marketing Blog. Necessary? Useful and entertaining?
    [Marketing] Your Content Marketing Store
    Are you still having some challenges wrapping your arms around the concept of content marketing  to increase your small business revenues? It just so happens that the intersection of those thoughts gave birth to an idea that can help all of us better conceptualize how to make our content marketing work. Regardless of whether your business has a physical store or not, you now have a mental picture of what you provide to your market that generates revenue for your business. Now Imagine Your Content Marketing Store. Imagine Your Store. Hold that thought.
    [Marketing] Why You Shouldn’t Do Content Marketing
    My admission now: I’ve been talking some of my clients into doing content marketing. believe in content marketing. Click to read more » Content Marketing barry feldman content marketing content marketing strategyImage via. m guilty. There. An odd way to come out of the 2013 gate, I admit, but the truth will set you free, right? Intent to harm doesn’t factor into this crime. In fact, until now, I wasn’t even aware of my wrongdoing. can’t stop myself. It works. But to do it well, creatively, most importantly, effectively, you have to believe in it too.
    [Marketing] 64 Inspiring Facebook Marketing Techniques [infographic]
    Some time ago, I found an infographic called “Facebook Marketing Strategies” on AllFacebook , which, as the name suggests, functions as a great inspiration for how to create interesting marketing activities. The infographic has eight different categories with 64 marketing techniques in total. However, you probably don’t need that many, but you have to remember that it’s crucial for you to choose something that relates to your brand and overall marketing strategy. Companies’ Use of Content Marketing Is On the Rise [infographic].
    [Marketing] Understanding The Because of Cause Marketing
    However, another way that companies can become more socially responsible is via cause marketing, which is becoming a lot more mainstream and visible. Some figures from IAB show why cause marketing is becoming something business can’t ignore any longer: 71% of consumers are giving as much (or more) as they were before the economy dipped. As you can see, cause marketing isn’t just good business ethics, it’s good business sense too. The Because of Cause Marketing. Invest in your cause marketing for the long-term; grow a relationship with the cause – build and support.
    [Marketing] Social Marketing Hangover
    I was recently quoted on making the following prediction: “Look for marketing’s love affair with social media to give way in 2011 to the sobering reality that a Facebook fan page and Twitter account don’t solve problems of poor products or positioning. few of my more passionate social marketing friends contacted me and asked politely if I had lost my mind or something for issuing such a gloomy and pessimistic forecast at precisely the hour of social media’s triumph. I’ve recently noticed that the questions marketers ask me have changed.
    [Marketing] Vine for Brand Marketing
    In this post we look at different ways your brand can benefit from Vine, by incorporating its unique qualities to create visual marketing-content. Similar Posts: Facebook Poke vs. Snapchat: New Marketing Channels? Integrated Marketing: Communicating One Big Idea. Content Marketing Engagement Marketing & Communication Social Media Social Network Visual content Brand video Short video Social media network Twitter video sharing vine Vine for brands Vine Marketing visual contentAnd visuals are great for brands to interact with consumers. v/bnbh3VtrUHH.
    [Marketing] Social Media Marketing Wins…and Fails
    Here’s a great infographic surreptitiously  attached to an MBA in marketing lead gen site. social media social media infographics Social Media marketingBe that as it may on the interwebz, this inforgraphic nonetheless, is not bad.
    [Marketing] Will Facebook replace your B2B Marketing email system?
    Facebook made its initial announcement of Project Titan to the market on February 5th and was candidly thought to be a Google Gmail killer. The point here for B2C and B2B Marketers is that as Facebook makes their platform rich in interaction and captures more users and hence more conversations about your brand – you will need to be there and engage with their user base. Related posts: 5 Tips for Optimizing your Facebook Marketing One of the great things about the Facebook platform is. But what does that really mean. Did I forget to mention all of this is FREE!
    [Marketing] 3 Cool Pinterest Tools For Brands & Marketers
    The popularity of Pinterest is growing by the pins! With all of the followers, likes, repins, boards and comments, it can be hard to keep track of everything your brand is doing on Pinterest. Consider using these tools to help with your Pinterest efforts: PinReach. Pinreach is a free platform that is very user-friendly. It breaks down each board in chronological order based on repins, followers, pins, likes and comments. It also displays analytical graphics, most popular pins and your influential followers. Pinerly. Curalate. Curulate offers affordable plans and can be tested with a free trial.
    [Marketing] 11 must see QR Code Marketing and Implementation Campaign Videos
    Lately I’ve been focusing on two areas, location-based marketing and QR Code implementation with various clients. Being that QR Code use is still new in the USA, sometimes you may need additional marketing efforts to educate your audience on what a QR Code is, what app to use or download to scan a QR Code and/or a sneak peak of what they will receive if they scann a QR Code. With that being said here are 11 must see QR Code marketing and implementation campaign videos. How are you marketing your QR Codes? Zoo Records “Hidden Sound&#. via 2d code. FAIL ).
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