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    [Marketing] 3 Reasons why to outsource Social Media and Inbound marketing for your Restaurant
    All successful businesses have one thing in common, they have great marketing and they care about their customers and restaurants are no exemption. And which strategy should you use, which one brings the big bang for your marketing buck? Inbound marketing has been the most successful Internet marketing strategies in recent years. Many businesses from different industries are using inbound marketing since about ten years as it is highly productive for their business. Inbound marketing has been the successful and cheapest marketing trends in online world now.
    [Marketing] Marketing & Branding in Social Gaming
    B2C marketing Brand marketing Community marketing Research Social media marketing brand marketing Facebook online games social gaming social marketingIn the year of social media (2010) we also saw social gaming burst forth with huge numbers of people playing.
    [Marketing] How To Use Facebook For Marketing
    Tweet Facebook has published a Best Practice Guide for how to use their platform for marketing. The guide provides a great overview of the marketing potential in having a presence on Facebook as well as suggestions for some strategic steps to go through when building a presence. Use some of Facebook’s targeting capabilities such as Ads or Sponsored Stories as a marketing tool. This includes advice on integrating Facebook with your marketing efforts, making a good tone of voice and creating content that is sharable and social in nature. The Facebook Ecosystem.
    [Marketing] Content Marketing As A Process: Three Rules Before Starting
    Content marketing is defined as a marketing technique. However, it’s also  a process that it is very connected – and thus should be aligned – with several marketing purposes and business processes. Note that the definition of content marketing as a technique should not make you focus too much on the content itself. Blog Blogging Content marketing Conversion Opinion AIDAS content marketing conversion customer life cycle customer-centricity lead management metrics ROITo succeed, [.].
    [Marketing] Social Media Lead flow in B2B Marketing
    You must keep a constant eye on mentions of your brand, your products and your services in order to survive in this market landscape. In the last post we covered Social Media Listening for B2B Marketing and while providing outstanding customer support is always a good choice when it comes to building a business case that will stand up in the boardroom, another very fertile area to consider is creating a stream of leads from all those conversations out there. Social Media Listening for B2B Marketing One of the biggest challenges for organizations today is managing.
    [Marketing] The Need for Personality in Customer-Centric Social Media Marketing
    Cross-channel Social media marketing Touchpoint marketing brand personality customer-centricity Edelman trust barometer people-centricity 'Customer-centric social media requires a personal approach. It’s about people connecting with people. However, many businesses still look at the tools and channels first. In virtually all business functions, people, personality and relationships are key. Faceless and big companies are looked upon with distrust. It’s an evolution that has been going on for years, especially [.].
    [Marketing] YOU Are Invited; MMA Tweetchat Looks At Mobile Marketing Hot Trends
    With the MMA Forum (London, October 4-5)– the premiere mobile marketing knowledge and networking event organized by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) — just three weeks away, MobileGroove brings industry authorities and pundits together to debate the hot trends and topics moving up the global brands agenda. Mobile marketing is global, what are the learnings from other markets that matter most? Coupons, QR codes, LBS, Augmented Reality, Apps: what are the hot trends in mobile marketing? Events Featured Mobile MarketingGoogle findings.
    [Marketing] Unified Marketing: Buzzword or Bellwether?
    The newest buzz-phrase to hit the marketing scene is Unified Marketing. If you’re like me, my first thought is that this is just some new spin on something old, like integrated marketing , relationship marketing or customer relationship management. If you take what we’ve learned so far as integrated marketing, and add social media, paid search, online advertising, mobile marketing, etc., to it, then you have unified marketing (in simple terms).  What needs unifying in today’s marketing world?  Marketing Product Silos. Kenyon Blunt.
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    [Marketing] Where does content fit in Facebook’s new marketing model?
    While marketers everywhere seem to be focused on Facebook Timelines for brands, the latest changes to Facebook’s advertising model represent just as significant a change for brands – if not even more so. marketer’s journey on Facebook: from engagement to advertising. This, on its own, means that anything Facebook does that affects content is hugely significant for marketers. facebook marketing social media contentHow so, you ask? Let’s start by. Facebook has a saying that, “this journey is 1% finished.” Sound crazy?
    [Marketing] Ring! Your Best Web Marketing Tool is Calling
    The best web marketing tool is sitting right in front of you. That’s why so few web marketers do it. The outcome of the call was a blast of activity, new connections, and web marketing. Great Web Marketing is Calling. There are a bazillion web marketing tools. But the best web marketing tool is offline. Like the forgotten inbox (your USPS mailbox ), that phone on your desk is a powerful marketing tool. Yes, you can connect with Andy on Google+ and Twitter , or you can contact him using his favorite web marketing tool by dialing 773.353.8301.
    [Marketing] Oliver Blanchard: Think Beyond Marketing
    think beyond marketing. B2B marketing B2C marketing Blogging Social media marketing Fusion Marketing Experience Oliver Blanchard online marketing social media social media marketingThink beyond campaigns. See the whole field.
    [Marketing] Lessons from HubSpot’s State of Inbound Marketing Report
    'HubSpot last week released its 2013 State of Inbound Marketing report,  this year weighing in at a massive 175 pages. But as always, the report is crammed with useful facts, interesting stats, and vital tips, tools and techniques for inbound marketing success. Inbound marketing (a subset of though not to be confused with web presence optimization ) is big, and growing. Companies spend, on average, about a third of overall marketing budgets on inbound tactics. ” • 82% of marketers who blog see positive ROI for their inbound marketing.
    [Marketing] What Traits Define a Social Media Marketer?
    Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Interviews , Marketing , Opinion , Social Media , Websites > What Traits Define a Social Media Marketer? What Traits Define a Social Media Marketer? by Tamar Weinberg on July 8, 2008 Share With many individuals finding great success with social media (and as an aside, a basic understanding of search engine optimization ), they immediately consider themselves social media marketers and consultants (as well as seasoned SEOs) and offer to sell their promotional services.
  • KYLE LACY  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 15, 2011
    [Marketing] Calling All Marketers. You Are Destroying Something Great.
    Brian was discussing concepts of marketing the mission of your organization and he said something that really stuck with me. We are marketing to people who are extremely passionate about a cause… our cause! If you are not passionate in developing marketing and the story of your organization… HOW. When did we (as marketers) become lazy? This is my official call to all marketers… all C-level executives… all business owners… to anyone involved in leading the communications strategy for a company or organization. Marketing
    [Marketing] How to use Inbound Marketing for your Coffee Bar
    All successful businesses have one thing in common, they have great marketing and they care about their customers and coffee shops are no exemption. am talking about the opportunity which inbound marketing offer to a coffee shop. Inbound marketing includes Blogging, Social Media, Lead Conversion, Lead Nurturing and Closed-Loop Analysis. Look what big coffee shop chains do but do not try to copy them look through other industries how they do marketing to get inspired for yours and your customer loyalty program. Coffee Shop Facebook Marketing: 4 “Hot” Examples.
    [Marketing] Creating Engagement in B2B Marketing
    You can call it Inbound Marketing (like the folks at HubSpot do) or you could call it Content Marketing (like the folks at Junta42 do) but whatever you call it this is the basis for all your online activity.  Years ago on this blog I remember saying “measuring engagement is hard since there is no one button you can push as a marketer to measure it&#. Related posts: B2B Marketing Content: Lure or Lasso? The 4 P’s to Social Media Marketing Ok ok – based on the great response I got. A recent Cone Inc.’s Creating Engagement. Measuring Engagement.
    [Marketing] Mobile Marketing 2012: Practical Predictions To Guide YOUR Planning
    Some of the smartest minds in mobile marketing and advertising recently gave their 2012 predictions for mobile during a webinar conducted by Mobile Marketer and sponsored by Hipcricket. All speakers agreed that mobile plays a more central role in marketing, impacting people and influencing their actions throughout the purchase funnel (from awareness to conversion and commerce). ” Finally, Hipcricket Chief Operating Officer Eric Harber told us he believes that 2012 will be about selecting partners that will “protect” brand marketers.
    [Marketing] Should a New Year Equal A New Internet Marketing Strategy?
    It’s important to take time and understand which marketing strategies that you used in the previous year were successful, which were not, and why. You can save marketing time and advertising budget by re-using ideas from campaigns that were successful. · Other inbound marketing strategies – in the prior year, did customers come to you? Inbound marketing is the art of turning someone who seeks out your business for information into a paying customer. One of the best ways to do this is to have quality content for inbound marketing.
    [Marketing] Email Marketing Testing Tips from Muppet Labs
    So, since testing is so important, it seemed a good idea to look to his years of testing examples for some basic tips about testing your marketing via email and the web. Email marketing email marketing email marketing testing Muppet Labs tips & tricksObviously, Dr. Honeydew is a proponent of testing! On every episode of the Muppets, he would be demonstrating and testing some new invention.
    [Marketing] Great Content Marketing Case: the Vocus Social Media Strategy Tool
    Content marketing Social media marketing Beth Harte content marketing case MarketingSherpa Serengeti Communications social media marketing strategy tool social media strategy app VocusContent is a social object. By that I mean it is defined by what people want and how they interact, not the other way around. Content can take many forms. Often, it’s narrowed down to the types of content we immediately think of such as a blog post, a paper, a presentation, a video, the [.].
    [Marketing] Tradition or Fear: Which Drives Your Marketing?
    Both are pretty powerful motivators, but both are poor reasons for making marketing decisions. Last year I sat down with a small business client to take a look at their existing marketing plan, with an eye toward helping them jump into the world of social media. Their marketing budget was very lean, but one line item in particular gave me the jitters. Tradition can be a powerful branding and marketing tool, but we should never do something just because “that’s the way it’s always been done.” Are fear and tradition crippling your business and marketing decisions?
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    [Marketing] Finally – A Promising Buzz in the Social Media Marketing Atmosphere
    I’ve watched with a bit of dismay as marketers have tried to figure out the social media environment, working to get consumers to buy products and services purely based on electronic communication. It seems that there are new players coming on the "daily deals" market every day, but there is one launching on May 15 in Iowa that has caught my attention – FreebeeCards. Good for Customers, Great for Marketers. Blog Social Media business daily deals groupon livingsocial marketing In April Groupon settled a lawsuit for $8.5
    [Marketing] Best Internet Marketing Blog Posts of 2007 » Techipedia | Tamar.
    Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Blogging , Business , Internet , Marketing , Search Engine Optimization , Social Media , Viral Marketing , Web Design , Websites > Best Internet Marketing Blog Posts of 2007 Best Internet Marketing Blog Posts of 2007 by Tamar Weinberg on December 26, 2007 Share Last year, I ended 2006 with a great (and still pertinent) list of blog posts and articles that I felt were really the best in their class in the area of Internet Marketing. Maybe next year, folks! Clever!
  • JEFF KORHAN  |  MONDAY, MARCH 18, 2013
    [Marketing] Memorable Marketing Content is Original, Fresh, and Personal
    The practice of repurposing marketing content across multiple channels seems to be not only acceptable, but one that many online marketers encourage. What’s interesting is that businesses, marketers, and content contributors that would otherwise take exception to their content being scraped by others, are in fact leading the dilution of their own original work. The better marketers understand that most buying decisions are made on emotion, rather than logic. If you want to make your content social marketing memorable, keep it original, fresh, and personal.
    [Marketing] The 5 Elements Of Successful Influencer Marketing Programs
    Businesses have always understood that word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful ways to shape opinions and drive awareness, preference and sales. “Influencer marketing” is simply the new, fancy way to describe word-of-mouth. The difference now:  the spread of influence is directly measurable, and there are all kinds of tools designed to help you identify and manage influence marketing programs. So what are the elements that actually make up an influencer marketing program? Want to learn more about influencer marketing? Identify. Engage.
    [Marketing] Marketer’s Important Objectives for Social Media in 2011
    MarketingSherpa has posted an interesting chart derived from a survey of 3,300 marketers asked to indicate their most important social media marketing objectives they hope to achieve in 2011. The question was: What are the most important objectives for your organization’s social marketing program to achieve in 2011? Research Social media marketing Marketingsherpa social marketing social media social media marketingIncreasing website traffic via social media integration [.].
    [Marketing] Bad Marketer, Naughty Marketer
    I’ve been in marketing communications since shortly after the earth cooled and I have seen a lot of poorly conceived advertising and marketing programs. But in today’s unstable market, I’m seeing some unstable marketing, too. Do you have any examples of bad marketing? Advertising communication dumbass marketer Marketing socialmediabitchslap advertising marketingFor instance, about a month ago, I received a sort of desperate sounding note from a mortgage consultant that I didn’t know. Anyone have an answer to that?
    [Marketing] Infographic: B2B content marketing trends
    'Despite continued economic uncertainty, nearly half of B2B marketers plan to increase their marketing spend this year. Why Visual Content and Marketing Go Hand in Hand [Infographic]. Content Marketing Tips: 10 Tips and Tricks for Creating Content. Featured Headline Marketing Content marketing infographic Information graphics Source: Ambassador. Related posts: Infographic: colour and logo design. Twitter for companies. Does Facebook affect your brain? PLEASE LIKE  MY FACEBOOK PAGE. Related articles.
    [Marketing] Why Your Marketing Needs Real-Time Data
    We often throw this idea around as marketers – “being relevant”, but few people discuss how! The idea focused on how I could show the IAB MIXX audience how to target marketers like themselves with real-time data. To do this, I asked our research analysts at Networked Insights to study what marketers talk about. Together, this information tracked what topics were important to marketers over the last 4 weeks. As a seasoned marketer, I came to the table with my own ideas of what topics marketers discuss, what media they consume, and what popular culture they talk about.
    [Marketing] 12 Business Marketing Trends and Better Practices for 2013
    As a small business , you will have to respond to these business marketing trends to keep your business relevant in 2013. As a business owner or manager, the suggested personal marketing practices will prove to be valuable for helping you to better implement them for maximum business marketing benefit. Business Marketing Trends and Practices. Google Authorship is evidence that original marketing content – one of a kind – a category of one - will always be more highly prized. Personal Marketing Practices. 2 – Business is Now Personal.
    [Marketing] Content, Stories and the Blurring of B2B and B2C Marketing
    Content has for many years been treated as the ugly duckling of the online marketing universe. Or better, I maybe should say “it starts to change” because every day again I have to notice how companies succumb for the old ways of push marketing under pressure of internal silo-driven personal short-term priorities. When talking about content marketing and content in context, we are, however, mostly talking about “inbound marketing” and lead nurturing and, indeed, often in a B2B marketing framework. Joe Pulizzi. Today, however, this seems to have changed.
    [Marketing] How to Sell Video Marketing to the C-Suite
    With such a captive video audience, video marketing has become increasingly popular thanks to improved technology, Internet connections, and the sheer popularity of video consumption demonstrated by these statistics. If you’re in marketing and you aren’t producing videos, you might want to consider doing so. But what if your executive team isn’t convinced video marketing is the way to go? What is Video Marketing? Video is one tactic in your overall marketing strategy. It Why Video is Important to Your Marketing Campaign. SEO Benefits.
    [Marketing] 10 Obsolete Blog Marketing Tactics That Are Costing You Readers, Time and Money
    'Blog marketing isn’t all apple pie and warm fuzzies. In fact, the marketing calculus for blogging and content marketing is downright Darwinian. Bold, strong, unique, and persistent marketers grow and dominate. After three years blogging and fifteen years creating marketing strategies, I’ve developed a nose for thought leader camel dung. Today, I’ll share 10 blog marketing tactics that don’t work in 2013. It’s a buyer’s market for guest post content. The thought is that every marketing action you take should be manual. Passion. Tweaks.
    [Marketing] Marketing Fail: iNET Web Case Study
    Home About Contact Archives Testimonials Speaking Podcast Chat LIVE Social Media Vault My Inner Circle Plugins eBook Hire Me Marketing Fail: iNET Web Case Study January 15, 2010 by Taylor Marek Welcome to a pillar series I plan on putting together on my blog titled, “Marketing Fail&#. The idea behind this came out of watching companies market their products and services. Some do their marketing extraordinarily well, while some just plain fail. When marketing your company, there are certain ways to go about it. Market your company that way. Can I?
    [Marketing] Five Ways Marketers Should Use Foursquare
    Foursquare Uses for Marketers. Location Social Media Bryan Willmert flat top grill foursquare julius meinl location-based services mark robins Marketing New York Times recommendation engine schuba's southport groceryA few weeks ago, after I rode 63 miles, I was craving eggs like nobody’s business. So Mr. D and I set out to have brunch at Schuba’s , a little restaurant down the street. It was 1:45 p.m. Never mind the fact that the table next to us had just ordered lunch and were happily eating away while Pete the Tapeworm was eating my stomach. Foursquare is Changing.
    [Marketing] Content Marketing: Content and Blog Frequency
    Content marketing is marketing. Blogging Content marketing blog blog frequency blogging content marketing Joe PulizziSo it should serve your business goals, take into account the needs and the behavior of your different ‘audience’ segments and finally be relevant from the perspective of costs, benefits and resources. These elements have an impact on the frequency of putting out content via the different channels you use. Frequency [.].
  • KYLE LACY  |  FRIDAY, JULY 8, 2011
    [Marketing] 15 Tips to Building A Better NonProfit Marketing Strategy
    Of course, we are not talking about new ideas but it is always better to discuss the fundamentals of marketing and strategy. Storytelling is one of the premiere problems in the nonprofit marketing world. Segmentation is extremely important when building the ultimate social media and direct marketing strategy. If you capture and segment off the six main forms of data… your marketing strategy will be unstoppable. Remember that measurement is extremely important when implementing a digital marketing campaign. MarketingIdentify Your Target Audience.
    [Marketing] Marketing via Aggregation, Filtering and Curation – Tools and Resources
    How Marketing Might Want to Aggregate, Filter, Curate, Publish and Distribute. Before you start to look at all the different approaches, marketing professionals should be thinking about what exactly would make sense.  You might want to take a look through the following articles that consider how aggregation, filtering and curation can be used by marketers to build audience, reputation, influence and as a means to do content marketing without having to create lots of original content: A Marketer’s Guide to Content Curation. Aggregation. Filtering. Curation.
    [Marketing] Want To Market Your App Better? Identify Loyal Users First
    It’s a profound shift that market analysis and strategy firm VisionMobile has expertly identified and documented in Developer Economics 2011 , a landmark, must-read report that surveyed some 900+ developers across 75 countries to understand their attitudes and identify the hottest issues in mobile apps. surprise finding: brands may have thought of apps as a means to increase awareness, but a significant number are marketing apps to generate real revenues. Featured Mobile Apps Mobile Loyalty Mobile MarketingClick here for free report. ]. This is where Fiksu comes in.
    [Marketing] A Content Marketing Debate
    The coupling of the words “content” and “marketing” creates a debate centering on the differences between publishing and selling. By its very nature, marketing is a function of sales. As such marketing communications activities, regardless of form — search, email, publicity (on behalf of a company), content creation, social, events, etc. can see why content purists, particularly those with a journalism background, flip their fricking lids at the very phrasing of “ content marketing.” Image by Peter Hutchkins. Let me explain.
    [Marketing] Social CRM and Return on Marketing: Customer Life Cycle Value
    No marketing activity is an island. Every business should be working on integrating all data platforms, silos, marketing channels and businesses processes right now in order to have a single customer view and 360 degrees social CRM approach. This does not mean you should only invest in CRM, integration, data and the most cost efficient forms of marketing (and business). But, even without that, it’s time to make the difference by having a smart marketing approach that’s human, data-driven and social. It’s important to know your Return On Marketing Investment.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012
    [Marketing] Three Ways to Be a Better Integrated Marketing Professional
    Integrated marketing is the ‘buzz’ phrase of the moment in our industry. Before it even became part of our lexicon, the integrated marketing professional—a person deeply encompassed in the many avenues necessary for effective lead generation and relationship building – emerged on the scene. These professionals were the first to embrace email and email marketing. But in order to be successful as an integrated marketing professional, you need more than just agility and willingness to embrace new tools. The business world is filled with marketing gaffes.
    [Marketing] Four Step Process to Create an Integrated Marketing Campaign
    It used to be all we had to worry about was advertising, public relations, and direct marketing. Then we added websites and email marketing. Then we have to figure out Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Path, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, content, search engine optimization, inbound marketing, infographics, webinars, videos, email, search engine marketing, gamification, mobile marketing, oh my! It’s no wonder we have no idea how to integrate the marketing disciplines, what to measure, or when to use which tools (or if at all). It takes time.
    [Marketing] Why Content Marketing Fails
    Content marketing seems to be the meme du jour. According to the Content Marketing Institute, only 40% of content marketers feel their efforts are successful , and consumers have been less bullish, with only 14% trusting corporate blogs in recent years. The reason most organizational content fails lies in the fact that they are marketing initiatives. It’s marketing! People don’t want marketing schtick! People don’t really want marketing in any form of social media, much less content ! They don’t want it on Facebook.
    [Marketing] 8 Marketing Trends to Implement in Your 2012 Marketing Plan
    What a year was 2011 for social media and marketing! I watched and experienced first-hand the marketing and social media landscape change, consolidate, focus, develop and evolve all at the same time. As I’ve said before, social media needs to be INTEGRATED into your overarching marketing plan.  But social media is a powerful marketing medium that MUST be used in your marketing tactics today.  And other important marketing tactics must not be ignored either. So here are my 8 marketing trends to implement in your 2012 marketing plan. 
    [Marketing] How to Reach Social Success with Contextual Marketing
    Mindjumpers Network is a global network of local country community managers enabling international companies to execute and maintain brand communities in a structured, quality assured and cost effective way across markets with the aim of creating effect and value. The value of contextual marketing. The challenge for global brands to keep an Always On-strategy is to get the context in place across local markets. Mindjumpers Network is our way of working with local market activation for global brands. Throughout most social media networks, content is king.
  • JUGNOO  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 2012
    [Marketing] Business Marketing Lessons from SXSW
    This is a lesson the Jugnoo team learned from our recent adventures at SXSW Interactive, and based on what we saw we thought we’d share with you some ways that businesses of all sizes can get a competitive marketing advantage—online and off. Three members from the Jugnoo marketing team (myself included) built key relationships with people and generated interest in our product through our love of the company. Business Marketing Lessons from SXSW originally appeared on Jugnoo Social CRM and Social Marketing Blog - making your business social under a Creative Commons license.
  • ADAM SHERK  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 29, 2010
    [Marketing] The Most Overused Buzzwords and Marketing Speak in Press Releases
    Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk The Most Overused Buzzwords and Marketing Speak in Press Releases by Adam Sherk on June 29, 2010 Unique, one-of-a-kind, best-of-breed…blah, blah, blah. We see this type of marketing speak over and over in press releases and promotional materials. lot of what I have included is more marketing speak than technology or industry buzzwords, since I wanted to look at overused words across all industries. What would you love to see stricken from marketing speak forever? award-winning and award winning).
  • JUGNOO  |  MONDAY, MAY 14, 2012
    [Marketing] Marketing In The Round
    We’re trying to figure out how to harness the wild, wild west feel of social media and incorporate it into a bigger marketing program. We’re even trying to figure out which tools to use in our marketing program – do we use everything available or do we pick and choose? But you don’t want to focus on one type of integration; rather create a marketing round that fluidly incorporates all the types into one. In order to create a marketing round, you have to understand the different types of integration. This must change with your marketing round.
    [Marketing] Content Marketing 2.0
    Content marketing has been all the rage for a couple of years now. No longer is it enough to market your own content. Since I started blogging in 2005, I have tried to find and showcase the best possible resources on advertising, marketing, PR and social media as a service to my readers. bookmark to: Blogs Content Curation Content Marketing Content Marketing 2.0But now it is time to change the game. You need to become a content curator if you plan to stay ahead of the slavering pack. Why curate content? This pays off for the curator as well. Symbiotic, no?
    [Marketing] Where Does Online Video Sit in Social Media for Marketers?
    'With the recent implementation of video posts for popular photo app Instagram , and the swift uptake of the Vine platform when it was released on iPhone and later Android, video has continued to make bigger inroads into the marketing tactics for brands and agencies alike. Whereas previously marketing budgets would allocate a certain amount for professionally-filmed video for promotion and media ad spots, the rise of YouTube as a content-rich medium for brands saw tactics change. Where Does Online Video Sit in Social Media for Marketers? Are you ready for it?
    [Marketing] SMBs go for content marketing, social and email marketing: report
    Digital Marketing Survey”, Vocus and Inc. share their findings on the “state of digital marketing for SMBs” Email marketing plays an important role and, although the website still reigns, the more connected and integrated digital marketing mix becomes apparent. Research content marketing email marketing Inc. marketing automation Vocus 'In the “2013 Inc.
    [Marketing] More B2B Marketing on Mad Marketing TV — The After Party
    After last weeks show, guest host Jeff Ogden and B2B marketing expert, Paul Dunay discuss: - Marketing at a small company versus a larger company. MadMarketingTV is sponsored by Act-On Software: Marketing Automation for the Fortune 5 Million. Related posts: Changes in B2B Marketing — Mad Marketing TV Ep 13 Join guest host Jeff Ogden and special guest Paul. Buyer personas and the importance of knowing your buyers. Approaches for creating engaging content. How writing a book can help generate awareness and build reputation. Visit [link] to learn more.
    [Marketing] Book Review: Marketing in the Round
    Today’s explosion of media channels has made it simultaneously more challenging yet more vital for companies to present unified messaging and branding to their markets. Businesses need to break down the silos both within their marketing and public relations (PR) teams but also more broadly between other departments, including product development and customer support. Much more than just another tactical marketing field guide, Marketing in the Round aims to provide comprehensive strategy guidance. Four Marketing Round Approaches. Think of marketing as the hub.
    [Marketing] A Guide to Marketing on Tumblr
    As with any other social platform attended for marketing, you should set up a strategy for your brand’s use of a Tumblr blog. Best Practise Cases Community Management Marketing & Communication Social Media Social Network Tips Blogging Branding marketing on Tumblr Tumblr for brandsTweet Have you established a brand presence on the blogging platform Tumblr ? If not, you should consider the opportunity of tapping into an exciting platform where there is a chance that people already are talking about you. Tumblr’s functionalities. Set a strategy. Become a valuable asset.
    [Marketing] Stop Talking About Products and Services
    I’ve been a huge fan of Seth Godin and love this insight on the consumer brand and product marketing, however, (like Jay) this excerpt hit me right in the face. believe, as marketers, we spend a lot of time talking about choice. MarketingAs many of you know, I read Jay Baer’s blog – Convince & Convert – constantly and never feel like he is shorting me on information. read his post this morning titled, The Power of Consumer Choice Drives Social Media Importance , and a couple of points really hit me. wanted to share them with you!
    [Marketing] Seven Ways to Get More From Your Nonprofit’s Email Marketing Strategy
    Like social media, email marketing is where you nurture constituent relationships. Segmentation – The core principle of e-mail marketing is segmentation, or adding people to specific lists based on their interests and actions. Seven Ways to Get More Results From Email Marketing. Following are a few strategies and tactics that you can do right now to get more from your e-mail marketing. Personalize Messaging – A quality email marketing service allows you to personalize the email message for each subscriber. Content Strategy email marketing
    [Marketing] What I’d Like to See From Location Based Marketing Services
    Location based (or geo-located) marketing is getting a huge amount of buzz at the minute, as  Twitter apps connect location tweets to its service,  Foursquare is credited with Domino’s Pizza’s UK success and  smartphone users get ready for augmented reality to guide their leisure time. For the most part, we’re still being safe and boring when it comes to how we, as marketers, use these geo-location services such as Foursquare and  Gowalla to drive traffic and sales to our clients and own business. Cross-Platform Marketing. Marketing Business lbs location based marketing
    [Marketing] 20 Social Media Marketing Blogs You Should Read in 2013
    Looking for the best social media marketing blogs? I’m always trying to keep pace with the evolving social media marketing landscape, and reading many of the fantastic blogs out there helps me stay on top of best practices. Analytics B2B Blogging Brand Branding Facebook Google Google Plus LinkedIn Marketing Personal Branding Small Business Social Media Social Media Marketing Social Network Social Networking Trends Twitter WOM Word of Mouth YouTube Blog Social media marketingYou’ve come to the right place! Here are some that [.].
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 20, 2012
    [Marketing] Five Ways to Build the Perfect Web Marketing Storm
    I hate to admit this out loud, but I know only a fraction about content marketing for the web. learned this flaw last night, as I watched the webinar Andy Crestodina is doing for us on Thursday – Build the Perfect Web Marketing Storm. He talks about five weather systems in building the perfect storm: Blogging, email marketing, search engine optimization, social promotion, and writing. He begins with a content marketing template. He uses it to show you how to complete each of the five weather systems in order to create the perfect web marketing storm.
    [Marketing] The 6 Step Inbound Marketing Process [Infographic]
    I wanted to share this fantastic and easy to understand infographic I came across outlining the Inbound Marketing Process. According to their website, Impact Branding & Design is a “Creative team of inbound marketing professionals that develop and execute highly effective online marketing campaigns.” ” The Inbound Marketing Process infographic can be found on their original blog post here. Step 1: Develop a successful marketing strategy Determine the purpose of your marketing by establishing clear goals, objectives, and challenges.
    [Marketing] 101 Vital Social Media and Digital Marketing Statistics for (the Rest of) 2013
    'As marketing becomes more data-driven, it’s vital to use data to keep up with trends, competitor strategies, and developments in your market. of all marketers love blog posts about marketing statistics. Okay, that statistic was made up (though probably not far off the mark),  but the social media and digital marketing facts and statistics below are real (or at least from generally reliable sources). For example, 93% of marketers use social media for business. But how do marketers and consumers view social media differently? B2b vendors?
  • FIREBELLY  |  MONDAY, MAY 14, 2012
    [Marketing] Instagram Marketing: 5 Must-Reads
    Here are your 5 must-reads on Instagram marketing that we don’t want you to miss. The Rise of Instagram in Social Marketing: Tapping Into Consumer Creativity. Awesome Examples of Instagram Marketing From Real Brands. Marketing Lessons Learned From Facebook’s Acquisition of Instagram. Marketers should take a cue from Facebook’s move and apply the following tips. Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Marketing. Ways B2B Marketers Can Take Advantage of Instagram. Here we outline 4 ways B2B marketers can use Instagram. That’s too bad.
    [Marketing] 10 Facebook Tips Every B2B Marketer Should Know
    B2B Internet Marketing B2B Social Media Facebook Industrial MediaAre you one of the 41% of B2B companies acquiring customers through Facebook? If not, don’t be discouraged. All you might be missing is just a simple fix. Try these 10 quick tips to improve your B2B Facebook Page. Utilize Facebook to provide thought leadership in your industry, spot trends in what services businesses want, and provide a face for your organization. Include photos, videos, tips, community news, staff announcements (employee anniversaries, etc). Post on Facebook three to five times a week. Be human.
  • INBLURBS  |  THURSDAY, MAY 17, 2012
    [Marketing] 4 Steps How Closed-Loop Marketing Can Help you Grow your Revenue
    To promote business online, there are many important marketing strategies adopted by companies to generate revenue for their business. Closed loop marketing is one efficient marketing strategy that is key point in generating quality business leads and revenue for organizations. About Closed Loop marketing. successful company online is the one which manages its Closed Loop Marketing effectively and strategically. But what is this Closed Loop Marketing which helps businesses to develop faster and securely? Phases of Closed Loop Marketing.
    [Marketing] Top Ten Features of Successful Social Media and Email Marketing
    Many email marketers I speak to are wary of creating a social media presence on Twitter and Facebook since it’s a big step into the unknown. Here I hope to show, if you haven’t taken the plunge already, how social media marketing on two of the main social channels shares much in common with email [.]. Blog Email marketing Social media marketing Dave Chaffey social media and email marketing
    [Marketing] Report: Social Marketing Is More Than Just Likes [Report]
    Tweet Recently, ComScore , the global leader in measuring the digital world, published a report on social marketing and how it’s not just about getting likes! The report called “The Power of Like 2 – How Social Marketing Works” was made in a research collaboration with Facebook in order to deliver unique insights on social media marketing. Facebook case comScore Engagement Facebook Page fans Report research sales Skittles social marketing social media marketing Starbucks studyFacebook pages are the go-to destination. It’s all about planning! percent, 0.58
    [Marketing] What Makes Email Marketing So Effective
    In the area of online marketing, there are many different tools that you can use. Pay-per-click campaigns, banner ads, article marketing and email marketing are just a few of the options that you have available. Of the most prominent marketing methods available, email marketing is one of the most effective strategies that you can apply to your business. Why exactly is email marketing such a powerful way to market to your customers? How Email Marketing Works? With email marketing, it’s much more cost-effective. Email Marketin
    [Marketing] Mobile Commerce Moves Up To Marketing Mega-Trend
    It was the brands that told us with their increased marketing spends that 2010 was The Year of Mobile. By way of background, these early holiday season findings are based on data from IBM Coremetrics Benchmark, an analytics-based, peer-level benchmarking solution that measures online marketing results, including real-time sales data from the web sites of more than 500 leading U.S. Indeed, mobile shopping is fast becoming a mainstream activity and the market has moved past the early-adopter stage. To the brand marketers who have yet to get on board, I offer two thoughts.
    [Marketing] How to Use Twitter As a Marketing Channel
    And with more than 200 million users on Twitter, there is no doubt that there exist a great potential in using it as a marketing channel. think this infographic provides insight and great advice on what to do on Twitter, if being a business that wants to market itself. Social Media Twitter brand communicating conversation goal Infographic marketing channel promotion tribeTweet When it comes to communicating and creating conversation with your tribe, Twitter is a great platform to use. It’s very simple, but yet it underlines the basic things to remember. We Love Facebook!
    [Marketing] Quit Selling Vapor – Marketing is About Data, Not Emotion
    This quote from Daniel Pink points to one thing in the marketing world. The one tenet that should be universal for all marketing agencies, technology firms and consultant is responsible marketing. As marketers… our ability to deliver a brand experience that is truly rewarding to the customer is becoming harder on a daily basis. Marketing has always been about finding, utilizing (and sometimes exploiting) empathy. Data and analytics are becoming a central part to any marketing process. Consumer Behavior Data Marketing Strategy Perspective Taking.
    [Marketing] Why cause marketing is an inside job
    Despite the wonderful work and contributions made by corporate foundations through their  cause marketing  campaigns, there is a fundamental obstacle that cause marketers must overcome if they hope to truly have the impact our world at scale and build the bottom-lines. Much like sustainability, for too long cause-marketing has been viewed by many brands as an add-on, afterthought or PR exercise, independent of its profit-driven business strategies. What other benefits do you see to the integration of cause marketing into the for-profit business strategies of a brand?
    [Marketing] The Marketing Technologist: Time has Come!
    Said differently, I think they are looking for Marketing Technologists! This got me thinking about an idea I’ve had for the past year about the need for a new role in the marketing organization: Marketing Technologist. In researching the concept further, I came across the Chief Marketing Technologist blog by Scott Brinker. Brinker recently published an article in Advertising Age titled, The Case for a Chief Marketing Technologist (September 29, 2010), in which he states: “Marketing has become deeply entwined with technology. No related posts.
    [Marketing] Review of Content Marketing Measurement Platform Squeeze
    Squeeze is a Sequentia product and the way they describe it is as: A new content marketing measurement platform designed to help marketers make better decisions, optimize their budgets, and deliver greater results. Another marketing measurement platform? Measurement Social Media content marketing content measurement get squeeze jen evans sequentia sequentia environics squeezeI have something new for you to try! It’s way cool and I think you’ll like it. By way of background, I get asked to review a lot of products, books, and services. And love it I do.
    [Marketing] 10 Marketing Trends for 2011
    recently completed a new point-of-view for my firm which outlines how I think marketing will be changing in the next few years.  Given that disclaimer, here’s what I see as the big issues facing marketers next year: Customer engagement is not a passing fad. Now that there’s so much more data with the advent of social media, marketers must look beyond their traditional sources of data warehousing.  Marketing analytics are red hot. Social media marketing will mature. 2010 was the year social media exploded onto the marketing scene.  Kenyon Blunt.
    [Marketing] Word of Mouth Marketing: When a Human Phenomenon Goes Business
    These changes affected the ways businesses can leverage the power of word of mouth for marketing purposes and, vice versa, the impact of word of mouth on businesses. However, the rules of word of mouth marketing have changed and evolved and they continue to evolve. But when do we talk about word of mouth marketing (WOM)? In the broadest sense, word of mouth marketing encompasses among others: Creating content that has the potential to become a story. Monitoring what is being said for marketing purposes. Viral marketing and activities to generate “buzz” .
    [Marketing] How To Create Killer Internet Marketing Content for Your Website or Blog
    If internet marketing were that easy, there wouldn’t be a need for internet marketing businesses and SEO practitioners. The How To’s of Creating High Quality Internet Marketing Content. When it comes to creating high quality internet marketing content, not everyone makes the grade.  Don’t let your internet marketing content fall into that trap.  Consider the following ways in which you can create high quality internet marketing content: Visualize your goal! Visual marketing is an extremely effective form of internet marketing.  Get social!
    [Marketing] 5 Ways B2B Can Learn from B2C Marketers
    Business and consumer brands have traditionally approached marketing from two totally different vantage points. While there are always going to be distinct differences between b2b and b2c marketing practices, B2B websites must make some B2C-inspired adjustments to keep up with savvy consumers. B2B marketers spend copious amounts of money driving traffic to their website, but spend next to nothing on converting said traffic. can’t help but think we are leaving leads—and money—on the table as B2B marketers. 2)     Start testing, seriously. 5)     Allow product reviews.
    [Marketing] Web analytics Is Not Sufficient For Customer-Centric Inbound Marketing
    For many companies they are sufficient to measure and improve the results of content marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing and what we generally call inbound marketing. Blog Inbound marketing Web Analytics Avinash Kaushik ClickTale heatmap HubSpot inbound marketing web analyticsWeb analytics offers enormous possibilities for those able to take all out of it. However, if you want to go a step further and know the efficiency, [.].
    [Marketing] Top Ten Features of Successful Social Media and Email Marketing
    Discover how social media marketing on two of the main social channels shares much in common with email marketing. If you’ve already ‘taken the plunge’, then I hope you will think of some new ideas on how to exploit some email best practice within your social media marketing for Facebook and Twitter. Cross-channel Email marketing Social media marketing email marketing Facebook social media marketing Twitter
    [Marketing] 102 Compelling Social Media and Online Marketing Stats and Facts for 2012 (and 2013)
    With 92% of companies now incorporating social media into their marketing efforts, it’s no longer sufficient to just “be there” on social networks. Today’s most effective marketers are optimizing content across channels, coordinating search and social marketing activities with traditional PR, and measuring their web presence and performance with sophistication. The first step to improving digital marketing results is to understand the emerging trends and best practices. What do buyers really want from social media marketers? But why?
    [Marketing] 17 Digital Marketing Experts Share Their Top Tips, Tricks, and Tools
    He’s also founder of Exploring Social Media , a social media marketing program for beginners to teach them how to best understand and make sense of this online phenomenon for marketing. Samir Balwani is a marketing strategist and Director of Member Acquisition for StyleCaster. Adam Singer is a digital marketer and blogger at The Future Buzz. Kristi Hines is a freelance writer and marketing consultant. Jay Berkowitz is is the owner and founder of B2B marketing company Here’s what they told me: Shannon Paul. Jason Falls.
    [Marketing] A Great PR Campaign Combines Facebook and Direct Mail
    MarketingI recently received an email from Michal Hanan from the firm Smoyz. They are an Israeli creative advertising agency that works with brands like Kleenex and Evian. He wanted to clue me in on their recent Facebook and Direct Mail campaign for Kleenex. The campaign uses the Facebook platform to find sick people and then sent the Facebook users Kleenex care packages in the mail. Michal sent me a link to a video that describes the campaign process. Smoyz did an excellent job at using a unique idea to drive impressions and reactions through the Facebook profile. This is great PR.
    [Marketing] Marketing 3.0: How Marketing Gurus Catch Up With Old Realities
    Last year, Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya and Iwan Setiawan published their book “Marketing 3.0: Marketing 3.0, also known as human-centric marketing (or as I [.]. Marketing theory Opinion human-centric marketing Marketing 3.0 From Products to Customers to the Human Spirit”. It is essentially about how customers should not be looked upon as consumers but as “as complex, emotional, value-driven and multi-dimensional human beings”. Philip Kotler
    [Marketing] How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy for Your Business
    Surely, video marketing must be really expensive, time consuming, and technical? Even on a limited budget, if you plan well, maximize your resources and invest some creative energy it is possible to build a video marketing campaign that will take your business to the next level. There is no use investing the time and money in creating a video marketing strategy if you don’t know what you want at the end of it. Market your video. How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy for Your Business is a post written by Tamar Weinberg. ]. But where do you start?
    [Marketing] 100 Posts and Predictions for 2011 in Technology, Marketing, and Social Media
    One-to-one direct response marketing will be the pinnacle of advancement in PR, technology, and marketing. Measurement will be even more important in the world of marketing because of the meshing of service offerings (direct mail + social). ExactTarget will have an explosive year with their new Interactive Marketing Hub. Any marketer who can take an online experience and add entertainment or some other real-world value will reap big rewards. Email will become even more important in the world of direct response marketing. OpenID will finally die?
    [Marketing] Content Marketing: What Content People Share And Why They Do It
    However, in trying to answering it, one can find a lot of value for his business and “target groups” in this social media and multi-channel marketing age where content plays an increasing role and content marketing is a hot topic. We talk about how it should be: how important relevant and share-worthy content, how crucial it is in lead nurturing, how it makes or breaks our email marketing programs and even how it has become a currency. Based on this list, it is clear that personal and plain fun content are shared most, probably another argument for word-of-mouth marketing.
    [Marketing] 33 Phenomenal Content Marketing and Copywriting Guides and Tips
    'Content marketing represents the most fundamental and widespread rethinking of marketing practices in decades. Unlike other modifiers attached to the discipline (consumer marketing, b2b marketing, trade show marketing, digital marketing), the term “content marketing” doesn’t describe an audience, tactic, or channel, but rather a completely different approach to marketing. Content marketing turns the dominant paradigm of the last half-century—interruption-based mass marketing—on its head. ’ Yawn.
    [Marketing] Integrated Marketing: Communicating One Big Idea
    Integrated Marketing is about communicating one big idea across several media channels with one voice in order to reinforce the brand’s core message and create a greater and seamless experience for the consumer. Today’s consumers lose interest very quickly as they are looking for something beyond the marketing message and ask themselves the question: “What’s in it for me?”. Advertising Marketing & Communication big idea consistency core message IMC integrated advertising integrated marketing communicationHow do you succeed?
    [Marketing] 87 More Vital Social Media Marketing Facts and Stats for 2012
    Though social media marketing is now used in about 90% of companies, techniques, platforms and best practices continue to evolve.  Increase use of video marketing? Marketers have questions, this post has answers: 87 vital social media and online marketing statistics covering everything from how executives and large companies are using social media for marketing, customer service and recruiting to fresh stats on the leading social media platforms to search, email, content and mobile marketing trends. Marketing Pilgrim ). V3 Integrated Marketing ).
    [Marketing] How to Measure Content Marketing Success
    'With more than 90% of companies now doing some form of content marketing , the logical question is: how do you know if you’re doing it well? In terms of “how” to measure success, CMOs utilizing a sophisticated web presence optimization framework for maximizing content marketing results will likely embrace tools for measuring competitive multi-channel marketing metrics —not just “are we making progress?” Content Marketing Social Media Marketing Web Presence Optimization v39% of all customers come from search.
    [Marketing] How Seriously Do You Take Mobile Marketing?
    'Matt over at Slicktext had this interesting infographic on mobile marketing. Marketing slicktext mobile marketing infographic marketing
  • KYLE LACY  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 2011
    [Marketing] 5 Proven Ways to Increase Your Online Network
    In this world of uncertainty… it is extremely important to understand the concepts of measurement with everything you are doing in the world of marketing communication. Whether you are a nonprofit or a for-profit entity, intense measurement of the dollars you are spending for marketing could mean success or failure. MarketingI recently received this graphic from Dan Zarrella of Hubspot. Before getting behind this graphic, I want to tell you why I follow Dan’s content. He is obsessed with measurement.
    [Marketing] Is Social Media Marketing Effective?
    Social Media marketing roi social mediaThanks to the folks at MDG.
    [Marketing] What Social Consumers Want and What Social Marketers Think They Want [INFOGRAPHIC]
    There is a frighteningly deep gap between what social consumers want and what social marketers think they want. Here are some of the key learnings: 76% of marketers feel they know what their customers want, yet only 34% have actually asked. However, social marketers think consumers see customer service (59%) as the biggest benefit. 45% of marketers think rewards programs are important to customers, yet an entire 70% of social consumers expect this as a benefit. Social consumers and social marketers agree on product feedback, however.
  • PAUL GILLIN  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012
    [Marketing] Research Finds Expanded Marketing Role Correlates With Business Results
    IBM just released a global survey of more than 360 marketing practitioners and one of the key findings is that marketers want to be better aligned with their IT organizations. There’s a lot of data about the lousy tools most marketers have two analyze the flood of data they’re collecting, but the relevant point for tech pros is that “nearly 60% indicate that lack of IT alignment and integration are significant barriers to the adoption of technology.” They’re also more likely to be involved in customer service, supply networks and multi-channel marketing.
    [Marketing] How Marketers are Using Facebook: New Study by Marketing Profs Director of Research Tim McAtee – Part 2
    Facebook takes the work of navigating the web out of the hands of the user and that’s one reason why it is having success with marketers says Tim McAtee, Director of research for Marketing Profs. Facebook is seeing enormous usage by corporate marketers and yet it’s truly still the early days of sophisticated use says McAtee. Marketers are mainly using Facebook to drive traffic to get to their corporate websites. For B2C marketers, Facebook is a more effective tool than for B2B marketers. To find out more about the study go to
    [Marketing] Customer Experience Trumps Content Marketing
    More and more voices state that content marketing overhype has jumped the shark. As a primary strategy content marketing is overhyped. Instead, brands should focus on customer experience marketing. That doesn’t necessarily mean content marketing should serve as every company’s primary outreach strategy. better strategic approach focuses on marketing tools as extensions of the brand experience. This is word of mouth marketing assisted by communications. Red Bull offers a top case study for the content marketing company model. The rest?
  • KYLE LACY  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 10, 2012
    [Marketing] The Building of the Social Media and Digital Brand Organism
    What should be the goal for marketers when dealing with this binary, changing and social organism? Actually using the data being generated by the individual’s creating the code… The people generating the clicks and applying the to a personalized set of marketing tools. On top of that, it is important to collaborate with this organism and build content that is so tightly interwoven into the fabric of the brand… you can’t tell where the marketing message stops and the customer story begins. MarketingSounds like a good book right? Exactly.
    [Marketing] 5 Jobs for Tomorrow’s Marketing Team
    If you want to see the future of marketing, just take a look at recent job postings. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects marketing payrolls to swell by at least 13 percent between 2010 and 2020. This week, I asked more than 30 marketing and recruiting specialists what they see in the industry’s employment future. Cotton and others I interviewed see companies recruiting a Marketing Integration Planner in the future, or someone that would identify ways to deliver a single marketing message, campaign or branding effort across multiple digital channels.
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