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Meet the Delicious New Product Designed for Instagram

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From the overall concept of designing a product for Instagram to the event exclusivity and delicious flavors, there are many compelling layers. Get more content like this , plus the very BEST marketing education, totally free. Chances are, you’ve had a moment like this: A gorgeous meal or beverage is placed in front of you. or Watch Here. The currency? or Watch Here.

Yahoo! Unloads Delicious

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Unloads Delicious Yesterday, the Internet’s largest has been – Yahoo! – sold Delicious. Delicious is one of the early forerunners of social bookmarking. The question is, can these two successful entrepreneurs take Delicious and turn it into a superstar? That at least gives me a little bit of confidence in the future of Delicious. sold Delicious.

Rumor: Yahoo Sells Delicious | Small Business Mavericks

Small Business Mavericks

The latest is around the social bookmarking site Delicious. I think that is a gross underestimation of Delicious’s value, though I’m no expert on business valuations. And if you use Delicious, then you won’t have to export your bookmarks to someplace else. Personally, I hope Delicious sticks around. Should we jump for joy if Delicious was sold?

The 32 Best Twitter Marketing Tools

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Looking at the most significant social networks for the coming year, Upfluence contends that “Twitter remains a must-use for content distribution to boost visibility and drive follower growth in niche or specific communities,” and that while both B2C and B2B marketers extensively use the platform, its performance is slightly stronger on the B2B side. 1) TwitterCounter. I like it.”

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Five Things Bacon Can Teach Us About Content Marketing

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This cultural phenomenon didn’t take shape overnight and there are hidden secrets to bacon’s success that can be applied to a content marketing strategy. Five Things Bacon Can Teach Us About Content Marketing. Have a problem with a boring, or less than flattering marketing message? Umami is loosely translated as “deliciousness” and it’s highly addictive. Necessary?

Five questions your marketing team should be asking about location-based technology

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Some forms of marketing are fairly black-and-white: Company A emails a coupon to Customers A to Z, who can then use it to take 10 percent off of their next purchase. Or perhaps a restaurant launches a campaign of print, TV and social media marketing to advertise a new selection of entrees. The directive is simple: Visit us to try these delicious new dishes. Telecoms: 30%.

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The Value Of Blog Comments

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They can share it as a bookmark (with comments) on Delicious or Google Bookmarks. When brands look at Blogs as a marketing opportunity, this is one of the leading key indicators that they are looking for next to traffic. delicious. marketing. In the beginning God created the Blogs and the RSS. And it was good. Last week, Mathew Ingram over at GigaOm published a Blog post titled, Yes, blog comments are still worth the effort. It seems like there's a movement for more and more Blogs to not bother having the comments enabled. It's nothing new. But things have changed.

How I Use Delicious | Justin Levy

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Justin Levy Marketing and Social Media Home About Archives Contact Disclosures Newsletter Speaking How I Use Delicious Written on July 28, 2009 by Justin Levy in delicious , social bookmarking , social media 9 Comments - Leave a comment! My social bookmarking platform-of-choice is Delicious. Never tried using Delicious before or just starting out?

How Pabst Blue Ribbon Dominated the Millennial Marketing World

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The beer of Pabst Blue Ribbon has been described as a lot of things: Delicious, cheap, watered-down hipster trash, the breakfast of champions (okay, maybe that last one is just me), but no matter what it’s called, the PBR brand has earned the right to be called the next Millennial marketing machine. Marketing. Millennial Marketing and Experiences. That’s right.

Essential tools for influencer marketing

A master roundup of social marketing tools to use on behalf of brands. Target audience: Social marketers, influence marketers, businesses, brands, digital marketers, SEO specialists, entrepreneurs, educators, journalists, Web publishers. If you’re an aggressive email marketer, GoDaddy can really zing you if they, for whatever reason, are displeased by your behavior.

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2010

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2010 by far was the biggest year yet in the Internet Marketing realm. Here’s how I do it : I read and review hundreds — thousands — of articles yearly, on all Internet Marketing topics from SEO to social media to general entrepreneurship (new for 2010!), Content Development/Marketing. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing. Affiliate Marketing. Enjoy!

Marketing and Grilling Have More in Common Than You Think

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I must have had marketing on the brain during my last cookout because the gears started to turn on why I love them both. ” It’s the reason the steak at the gourmet restaurant tastes so delicious—the high quality and the experience. By not bringing the best “ingredients” to the table in your marketing, the experience can end up being forgettable. Here’s why.

How to Use Facebook for Business and Marketing

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Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Business , Marketing , Social Media > How to Use Facebook for Business and Marketing How to Use Facebook for Business and Marketing by Tamar Weinberg on May 5, 2010 Share As much as Facebook may not be kind to businesses , it’s still a tremendously valuable business tool.

The Marketing Of Things

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Marketers haven''t been negligent in this regard. Android has been using names of delicious deserts and sugary snacks since Cupcake in 2009. What makes this deal that much more fascinating, is that both Google and Nestle are portraying it as something more closely tied to partnership marketing than corporate sponsorship marketing. The Kit Kat website has already been updated to reflect this marketing opportunity. It means that a whole lot more of new and interesting doors may be opening up for marketers that are creative enough to create them. android.

Best Social Media and Digitial Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 1

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companies now use social media for marketing (though the figure varies widely based on size of company)? Get the details behind these stats and many, many more here in more than 40 of the best articles and blog posts about social media, search, budgeting and digital marketing research, facts and statistics of 2011 so far. companies now use social media for marketing. Oh yeah.

Social media metrics: why, what and how to measure according to Jim Sterne

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Social media management Social media metrics and measurement Social media ROI blogging bookmarking consumer-generated content customer satisfaction David Berkowitz Delicious Digg Facebook Flickr Forums and message boards Jim Sterne key performance indicator KPI LinkedIn lower costs Marketers Studio marketing mix media sharing micro-blogging Ning raise revenue roi sentiment social media marketing Social Media Metrics social networks StumbleUpon YouTubeIn his book ‘Social Media Metrics’, Jim Sterne says: “The Internet has always been a social medium”.

Social Media Marketing - Is Your Business Ready?

In order for companies to realize the maximum benefit from social media marketing, there must be a certain level of understanding about the nature of online communities, social media sharing web sites and applications. What measures of success will be used to evaluate a social media marketing program? Have you started something you really weren’t ready for? What are we missing?

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #100

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When I first rediscovered the Web in 2004, it was WordPress , Wikipedia , Flickr and Delicious that revealed to me a new future. Both Flickr and Delicious were bought by Yahoo!, Why not be able to take a marketing class at Stanford , a strategy course from Harvard and then a physics class from MIT all from the comforts of your computer ?' delicious. 93Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? In this piece, they look at the seven lenses through which they try to guess the future. Nope. story.

7 Truths About Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Marketing , Social Media > 7 Truths About Social Media Marketing 7 Truths About Social Media Marketing by Tamar Weinberg on April 8, 2010 Share Even though social media isn’t new to many of us, the world is waking up to this new shiny toy. Social media marketing is work.

Diva Marketing Turns 7!

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Yes, girlfriend, Diva Marketing celebrates 7 years. And so I continued Diva Marketing because I was having too much fun to stop. . Along the way Diva Marketing changed from a concentration on general marketing and branding to a focus on how to use social media to support brand values/promise by creating and nurturing relationships. So perhaps not so strange? belatedly.

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Data and Storytelling: PR’s Peanut Butter and Jelly

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PR pros are very familiar with the deliciousness of storytelling. Because let’s face it, everyone loves a delicious and nutritious dose of knowledge. Leta Soza is the Director of PR Engineering & Ops at AirPR where she specializes in PR strategy, content marketing, community cultivation, and analytics. Guest Post by Leta Soza. Summing it up. The result?

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What Traits Define a Social Media Marketer?

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Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Interviews , Marketing , Opinion , Social Media , Websites > What Traits Define a Social Media Marketer? What Traits Define a Social Media Marketer? This will help a great deal in planning and managing successful marketing campaigns. Others aren’t. Mídias sociais. |.:The

The Content Creation Formula for Successful Online Marketing


Online marketing can be an impossible task without quality content. The process of building a marketing strategy can be complex, and involving various analytics. This is incredible news for marketers – your viewers are willing to build loyalty and trust. This can be an overwhelming and challenging process for even the best content marketer. Getting Noticed Online.

Do Brand Characters Help or Hurt Visual Content Marketing on Facebook?

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Marketers and advertisers have relied for decades on brand characters like Tony the Tiger and Mr. Clean to build brand trust and awareness through print, TV and packaging. Today, brand marketers use these same characters in visual content on Facebook in an effort to engage their target audience. Which poses an interesting question — do brand characters actually help a brand’s visual content marketing efforts on Facebook? For Green Giant, images of delicious looking food resulted in higher share counts. Visual Content Marketing for Facebook Takeaways.

Why SEO is Easier than Social Media Marketing

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However, the number of SEOs I’ve come across are much fewer and farther between than social media marketers. Despite this, social media marketing is much more difficult than search engine optimization. The Quest for Knowledge What exactly does it take to become a search engine optimization expert or a social media marketing expert? Someone needs to do the marketing.

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The Mounting Challenges of an Established Social Content Market

Geoff Livingston

The pioneering era prompted the rise of books like Naked Conversations with story after story of content marketing success, and folks like Sarah Lacy who espoused the theory that anyone could create their own successes online. The social content market evolved and embraced power dynamics, mostly in the pursuit of monetization. Image by Randy Pertiet. Great content is not enough.

Master List ?(A Wiki of Social Media Marketing Examples)?

For an additional 500, be sure to visit Master List 2. And the third 500 has started on Master List 3. To learn how to contribute/edit, visit the Administration page. Wikis Automotive United States David Bausola Ford Hurra Torpedo campaign Presentation sharing Automotive United States Philippe Deltenre Ford Where are the Joneses? adenin Facebook Page Social networks High Tech United States Meryl K. Evans adenin TECHNOLOGIES Inc. Adenin Twitter Microblogging / Microsharing High Tech United States Meryl K. Whittemore ePi Tech Inc.

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New Features Added to B2B Marketing Zone and Social Media Informer

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Several great new features were recently added to the B2B Marketing Zone and Social Media Informer by co-founder Tony Karrer. Best is decided by the system based on social signals – that’s clicks, views, twitter, delicious, and other kinds of inputs that tell us what people are doing with the content. You can find a long list of the Featured sources on the right side.

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The 29 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

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Sample review: “Become more familiar with your Instagram account and how it’s performing with key metrics offered by Iconosquare…The company says it helps improve audience engagement via sponsored photo and video contests, while allowing marketers to discover their total “likes,” the origination of responses, and how followers are finding them.” 1) Socialbakers. 9) Mention.

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The Anatomy of Viral Content


Market causes or brands. The infographic below from ProBlogger nicely illustrates how combining the right design and tone with the appropriate social media marketing platform can lead to success. Viral marketing is a way to create value beyond the initial costs of creating the content. Sharing content is an integral part of modern life. Define ourselves to others. Video/audio.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #332

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What $50 Buys You at Huaqiangbei, the World's Most Fascinating Electronic Market - NewCo Shift. Last December, when I was in Shenzhen, I visited Huaqiangbei (pronounced "wah jong bay"), a multi-storey electronics market. Well, it turns out that they're not just a modern version of Delicious , after all. delicious. And really good spicy noodles, it turns out." amazon.

Your 2016 PR Goal

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They are: Better content marketing; Content as product; Livestreaming; Private communities; Paid amplification; Virtual reality; Semantic search; and. If I were to apply the SMARTER goals Geoff Livingston and I introduced in Marketing in the Round —specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound, evaluate, and re-evaluate—I have to get even more specific. By Gini Dietrich.

Why You Should Stop Worrying About Differentiation

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Your fruit snacks must taste delicious, your customer service team responsive, and your prices reasonable. Related Stories Four Marketing Mistakes to Learn From How the Senses Affect Purchase Decison Develop a Bare Minimum Brand Strategy. Branding Marketing compassx strategy flashdry-xd north face unicornsBy Nancy Goldstein. Three Models for Digital Brand Differentiation!

Blog Marketing Tactics - 10 Tested, Proven Ideas

If you can build a group of social web power users who are your blog’s True Fans you’ll be in a position you can just focus on making awesome content – and your community will market your best stuff organically. link] Disclaimer Adam Singer works for LEWIS PR where he crafts effective social media marketing and PR solutions for companies to achieve sustained web visibility.

2015: The Year of Redefining Your Basic Needs

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On Thanksgiving Day, Wayside hosts a fancy and delicious dinner for those in need. Community Social Media basic needs building community community community marketing foundational need hierarchy of needs interconnectedness maslow value of community By Laura Petrolino One of the first things every Psychology 101 class on the planet teaches is Maslow’s Pyramid of Basic Needs. M.B.A. (a

6 Scientific Strategies to Improve Your Content With Visuals

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Now, if that same page has a picture of a delicious chocolate cake or a group of attractive people, your primitive brain perks up to see what’s going on. Get more content like this, plus the very BEST marketing education, totally free. Digital Marketing brain science content marketing visual content visual marketing visual storytelling visualizationStay Relevant.

Content Marketing Smart – Why Your Blog Article is Just the Beginning


In this article I’ll dive into content marketing smart, not hard. Introduction to content marketing smart. Content marketing smart is all about using your existing content in creative, practical ways that save you time and energy but give you a great return on your investment. Let’s market smart, not hard. This is a guest contribution from James Scherer, of Wishpond.

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4 Ways to Find the Right Eyes for Your Amazing Content

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Ninety percent of marketers say they currently utilize content marketing in their strategies, but only 26 percent actually invest in their distribution plans. This will optimize your inbound website traffic, create informed buyers, and give you a whole lot of bang for your content-marketing buck. Get more content like this, plus the very BEST marketing education, totally free.

There Is No Salvation for the ‘Facebook Expert’

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In the old days of search marketing, it was about tricking the dumb robots –buy links, cloak, spin content, or whatever trick you could pull. This kills the single-channel marketer and a raft of Facebook-only companies at the same time. They’re dropping SEO out of their name, rebranding as content marketers and jumping ship. Sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo?

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Why Getting a Little Emotional Helps Grow Your Influence Marketing Program

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Are influence and advocacy marketing the gifts that keep on giving? Allie Ingalls and Jennie Hughes of WhiteWave Foods agree that being generous with customer rewards and aware of consumer needs help create a lasting and effective base for true advocacy and successful influence marketing campaigns. Why it helps to use fans as influence marketers. So Delicious. Resources.