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    [Blog] Business Blogging Made Clear
    Why on earth should you be blogging for your business? Business Development blogging blogging tactics communication create value marketingYou need to do Twitter! And Facebook! And, and, and… Sorry, I am getting ahead of myself. I am going to go on a short rant here, then get right down to the nuts and bolts of why this topic is so freaking important! Social [.].
    [Blog] 120 Marketing Tactics for Blogs
    Part of a good content marketing strategy, blogging helps you position yourself as an expert in your area. . Successful blogs play a pivotal role in delivering your brand message, and help drive sales without using traditional hard-sell tactics. steps for creating a successful blog. The key to successful blogging is creating content that your target audience wants to read. The steps below will help you create a content marketing strategy for your blog that ensures that you will reach your goals. 1. What do they want and need from a blog like yours?
    [Blog] How I Set Up My WordPress Blog In 2 Hours
    But really, how many blogs does a gal need? If you and I talk regularly on Twitter, or Facebook… heck, even in the early days of WUL (and I have to stifle a giggle as I say that, because this blog is barely two years old!), you’ll know that I love food. So it’s probably high time that I started a food blog. On Waxing UnLyrical, my regular bloggers and I take blogging about the business of public relations, in all its facets, very seriously. registered the domain and immediately got excited, envisioning the coolest food and cooking blog evah!
    [Blog] How to Future Proof Your Website or Blog
    Your SEO is only one part of your website, and every aspect of your site or blog is potentially vulnerable to changes made by Google but also in technology in general. If you run a blog or a website then you work in the tech industry, and that’s an industry that is notoriously fast moving. Business & Marketing ever green blog ever green site ever green website evergreen blog evergreen site evergreen website future proof blog future proof site future proof websiteThere is a lot written online about the importance of ‘future proofing your SEO’. Devices.
    [Blog] How to REALLY Increase B2B Blog Traffic
    Good content isn’t enough for a blog. You can have the best blog in the world, but if nobody goes to it, then you’re spinning your wheels. Great content and consistent traffic are the backbone for creating a viable blog. Explode Your B2B Blog Traffic. Our blog had been averaging about 150 visitors per week since June. The increase happened immediately when our blog was submitted – and selected – to be included in several blogging communities. Content from a blogging community is contributed by members and curated by editorial staff.
    [Blog] How to Get More Blog Traffic – Real World Data
    So where does blog traffic come from, and how does this change over time? Looking at data from the Webbiquity blog, several trends are apparent. This B2B blog isn’t necessarily representative of all blogs of course, but the trends likely aren’t much different for many business blogs. What’s important here isn’t the specific results from this blog, but what those results say about how to get more traffic to your blog. Six conclusions that can be drawn from this graph: It takes time to build a blog audience.
  • SOCMED SEAN  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 2012
    [Blog] Spring Cleaning For Your Blog – How A Little Work Can Drive Search Engine And Social Media Traffic
    Just a heads-up…your blog may need some Spring cleaning, too. So in preparation for my blog Spring cleaning, I thought I’d put together a checklist of things that I want to do that would positively impact my SEO and I figured I’d share it in hopes that might help you out. Tips For Cleaning Up Your Blog And Improving Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Clean up those plugins – If you have been trying out new plugins or widgets for your blog, be sure to delete them if you’re not using them. Are those widgets slowing down your blog?
    [Blog] How to Import Your Blog into Facebook Using Networked Blogs
    Home Consulting Products and Workshops Boulder Social Media Training How To Use Twitter To Grow Your Business How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business Sink or Swim Webinar Facebook Tutorial Twitter Tutorial About Grandma Mary Contact me Subscribe How to Import Your Blog into Facebook Using Networked Blogs July 22, 2010 Have you imported your blog to automatically post to your Facebook Profile or Fan Page? In the past, I recommended importing your blog via the Facebook Notes feature. What I recommend now is the Networked Blogs application within Facebook. 
    [Blog] How The 5 Whys Can Answer Your Most Challenging Blog Questions
    More Blog Promotion Tips My 3 year-old has discovered the “Why Game.”. His adaptation inspired me to show you how to apply the 5 Whys to getting you more blog readers. The 5 Whys and Blog Growth. I ask new blog review clients to tell me the biggest problem they are trying to solve. She’s unsure about Blogging for SEO and how to make it work with her writing style. She’s busy and having trouble organizing her blog promotion priorities. She can research blogging SEO tactics and apply them to her posts. Why?”. Because you need your sleep”. Why?”.
    [Blog] How The 5 Whys Can Answer Your Most Challenging Blog Questions
    His adaptation inspired me to show you how to apply the 5 Whys to getting you more blog readers. The 5 Whys and Blog Growth. I ask new blog review clients to tell me the biggest problem they are trying to solve. She’s unsure about Blogging for SEO and how to make it work with her writing style. She’s busy and having trouble organizing her blog promotion priorities. She can research blogging SEO tactics and apply them to her posts. She can align her blogging goals with tasks and identify where she needs to cut, outsource, or prioritize. Why?”.
    [Blog] 5 Embeddable Resources You Could Be Using To Enhance Your Blog And Keep Visitors Coming Back For More
    Tweet For a lot of businesses, the idea of blogging can be scary. It’s easy for a CEO to decide that his or her company needs to have a blog. For most blogging platforms, the setup process is fairly simple. The hard part, however, comes when the person who has been put in charge of running the company blog realizes they have no idea what to write about. So what’s the secret to running a successful, interesting, valuable blog that keeps people coming back for more? Here’s the deal: Blogging isn’t hard. That’s it. Cost: Free.
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    [Blog] Inbound Marketing, the science of showing respect to get more revenue in exchange
    To know what you customers are saying about you, you should monitor social media and blogs and respond to their comments in a professional, kind and problem solving manor! When customers discuss about you anywhere, in social media, blogs, forums and other sites you need to respond quickly and to follow up with their comments. When you want to grow your business you need to treat your audience with a certain level of respect. You need to show them that you care about them and not only about their cash they maybe could spent with your business. Credibility can be earned only.
    [Blog] Why to have a great Business Blog design for your Corporate Blog
    Why to have a great Business Blog design for your Corporate Blog. Corporate blog is essential for your website if you want to get fast online exposure. It is therefore essential for you to design your corporate blog well so as to attract most customers and business clients. Having a great business blog design that looks professional is must for you to go professional. One of the most advantageous parts of using great business blog design for your corporate blog is it attracts more traffic. Do you have any tips about Corporate Blogging?
    [Blog] 5 Things You Need To Blog Every Month
    I’ve been thinking about how people can better their blogs in 2011, beyond the general “write better content&# or “do 5 steps to…&# type of advice. Of all the different types of people who read this blog and the different types of content I post here, one large demographic is people who are in the media / social media space and write blogs to that effect. What follows are 5 things you need to do at least once a month in 2011 to grow your blog, grow your community, and grow your communication skills: 1. Things You Need To Blog Every Month.
    [Blog] Weekend Blog Recap – 4/30
    There’s No “I&# In “Brands&# , But They’re Surrounded By A Lot Of “BS&# – Blogging may be a singular effort most times and when building a company or brand you need to stand behind a singular vision, but your brand is defined by both you and the audience that aligns itself with you. Blog Social Media blog For Bloggers By Bloggers Fun Friday Game Theory Mario Bros marketing public relations Royal Wedding social media unreviewAlso, I’m tired and have written more than usual this week. So here goes! Tuesday. Schaefer. Thursday.
    [Blog] Why I Don’t Want You to Come Back to My Blog Post After You Comment
    Due to a change in how readers consume content and how they discuss it afterward (and, more specifically, where they discuss it), many bloggers have decided to switch off blog comments altogether. For me, this is a lost opportunity for these bloggers, as the often rich exchanges of thoughts and ideas help take a blog post to a much higher level than it was originally. So why isn’t blog commenting as simple? While choice is great, the truth is we don''t need so many different blog comment solutions. Which is great news if you have a self-hosted WordPress blog.
    [Blog] My Blog Monetization Results
    About a month ago I decided I wanted to test out ads on my blog to see what kind of return I would get by devoting some right sidebar space for a medium sized ad.  I was a bit leery about the idea, but figured it was worth a shot seeing as my blog traffic had reached a point where I thought the return could be worth it.  I decided to go with Social Spark (IZEA) since they offered a model that pays on impressions rather then click-throughs.  I knew the return probably wouldn’t be as high as a click-through model, but I figured it was a good starting point. Blogging
    [Blog] The Sport of Blogging
    If you remember the transitive property from algebra, then you could see that blogging and sports have many parallels. In this post, I break down various sport-blogging comparisons as it relates to growing your blog’s following. Doing this will make blogging more fun, increasing your productivity in the process. spent years blogging about random topics before finally settling in on blogging about sports and entertainment marketing. separate blogs. You can’t expect your blogging efforts to result in instant fame when you’re first starting out.
    [Blog] 7 Simple Ways to Tweak Your Blog Email Opt-in and Get More Reader Sign-ups
    It’s frustrating that one of the most important blog success elements is so often ignored. I’m talking about the email opt-in for getting blog updates or an offer.  I think deep down most people feel “icky” about asking for a person’s email address. What I will tackle is how to give that lonely and forlorn email opt-in form a makeover. I get super-specific on this in my blog reviews but here are 7 tips that you can use now: 1. Your email opt-in should a be a self-contained eye-catching gem sitting in your sidebar or your blog header.  Blog Marketing Blog Strategy
    [Blog] Does Your Blog Really Need to Provide an RSS Feed Anymore?
    Back in 2010, I published a blog post about the choices bloggers gave  when it came to how readers consumed their content. The blogs I never, ever want to miss (including yours) are ones I subscribe to via email. Maybe it’s the Boomer in me, but I only read–on a daily basis–the blogs of those to whom I can subscribe via email, or perhaps on a blog roll. The thing is, though, it didn’t seem to matter – Google Reader was king and RSS feeds were the currency of any blog worth its salt. Does Your Blog Really Need to Provide an RSS Feed Anymore?
    [Blog] Steak holder value and Inbound Marketing a huge revenue potential
    If you are a company who is thinking about to do Inbound Marketing than you can become outstanding attractive with the effective use of social media, blogging, publishing and lead generation. But wait! How about your steak holder value? If you do not take care about your steak holders, your employees than your success is in danger! To have satisfied customer’s satisfied employees is a must. Hire and fire companies do not have satisfied employees, moreover they have scared employees and as a result the customer satisfaction declines. This could impact human resources and recruiting.
    [Blog] How to Make Your WordPress Blog Mobile Friendly
    This is part of the Blogging for Grasshoppers series. If you talk to Howie Goldfarb anywhere – Twitter, here on his guest posts, or over at his own blog, you’ll know that he’s fixated on one thing. Howie really really really believes in blogs being mobile friendly. After all, it takes enough guts, time and energy to get a blog started, and then to keep it going. WPTouch will automatically populate the name of your blog, the footer message, and so on. really easy way to make your WordPress blog mobile friendly. The font was tiny.
    [Blog] Do you still interrupt and disturb your audience too?
    With inbound marketing businesses EARN their way to the customer, by publishing helpful information on a blog, in social media and forums. Inbound marketing includes Blogging, Social Media, Lead Conversion, Lead Nurturing and Closed-Loop Analysis. Today I’ve had a chat with a sales person of a company. This sales person told me that he has not made a sale in the last three months and is scared about keeping his job. As I knows this sales person I have asked where the problem is, because this sales person is a great seller I was wondering where the problem is?
  • JEFF KORHAN  |  FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2013
    [Blog] How to Write Web Copy That Gets a Response
    For articles and blog posts, this is usually the first couple of lines. 3. Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Outstanding is an earlier article that goes into a number of these topics in depth. There is business writing and there is writing for the web. Writing for the web is an intentional process for eliciting a response, and often a series of responses. This is why it is sometimes referred to as direct response copywriting. Your web copy should be designed to attract attention, develop a relationship with an audience, and then convert that interest into some form of action.
    [Blog] Why Many Well Written Posts Still Suck
    More Blog Promotion Tips I read an ungodly amount of posts everyday. Worse, if your blog is boring you to tears then shut it down. Blogging is about heart, relevance, and reason. Social Media blog post blog writing bloggingUnfortunately, the majority of them suck. Many of them are superbly written and well-organized but still bore the snot out of me. Some say that I’m extremely opinionated – a harsh and perhaps unfair judge. Sometimes, especially if I haven’t dosed myself with caffeine. Here they are: 1. Do I Give A Damn About This Topic?
    [Blog] Learn – Spy link building from your competitor
    Search engines rank your site importance depending on the Backlinks which come from other related websites and blogs. The more Backlinks from related websites you have, the higher the search engines will preferred rate your website or blog. When you have assessed the Backlinks of your “next higher ranked competition&# than you can build a list of activities, websites, blogs, comments and article topics which have lead to his amount of Backlinks. Backlinks are important for your business to get better found online. There is an easy solution to overcome this issue.
    [Blog] A good Page Rank on Google only doesn’t bring you revenue
    The more you are active in social media, means the more you interact with your audience, build and distribute remarkable content like blog posts, video, eBooks, Whitepapers and Articles, the more trust and credibility you will build with the people you like to attract as your future customers. To have a good PR – Page Rank on Google is not enough to be successful with your business online. huge amount of traffic is also no guarantee for a successful online business. You need to have the right traffic , and a huge amount of it. People only buy from people and businesses they trust.
    [Blog] When is the Right Time to Invest In Your Blog?
    More Blog Promotion Tips. Successful blogs require love, passion, tenacity, and…um…well…money. thought “It’s a blog! That “smart” decision resulted in an embarrassing outage when Brian Clark sent over 2,000 people to my blog in 60 minutes. As my blog grew, the traffic would bring it down at the worse moments. Is It Time to Invest in Your Blog? If your blog is published solely for personal reasons then put away your wallet, jump on blogspot and go to town. Your blog isn’t worth getting the lights turned off. Stupid right?
    [Blog] How Do You Define Blogging Success?
    My blog often stresses me out. It’s gotten me thinking about how I personally define blogging success as it pertains to me.  It’s obviously a question that can be answered quite differently for people depending on their particular situation.  My blog isn’t really a source of income for me directly, but it has opened up quite a few doors for me in my career, so indirectly it does.  For me I’ve measured success through my blog traffic, subscribers and engagement.  What I’ve Learned About Blogging Based On A Year’s Worth Of Data.
    [Blog] 10 Ways to enhance your Facebook Static page
    It is also called welcome tab and you can add any type of content picture and video so that it can attract facebook users more to your facebook page. #2 Your Blog: A blog has been a great source of an inbound marketing, but it can bring a great attraction to your Facebook page. Your friends get to read your ideas as well as thoughts in your blog. Moreover, through your blog you can do web marketing as well as web advertising as it is very useful. As facebook is very popular all over the word and it is a kind of social media marketing tool. Tweet this on Twitter!
    [Blog] Top 2011 Blog Promotion Tips
    Did your blog attract new readers? Email Lists: Email lists are the red-headed step child of blog publishing. Sending your blog posts to your email list is the best way to generate repeat visits to your blog. Also many WordPress theme providers offer easy built-in widgets for connecting your blog to an email provider. Helpful Articles: Why Your Blog Needs a Mailing List. Places to Build Your Blog’s Email List. Helpful Articles: Blogging Tips: How to Promote and Publicize. How to Make a Blog Post Go Viral in StumbleUpon.
    [Blog] HOW TO: Build an Effective Editorial Calendar for Your Blog
    We’ve implemented an editorial calendar at Buzzshift before, but recently, however, we were repeatedly asked again and again, “what is the best time to publish a blog post?” Our primary objective was to determine the most effective time(s) to publish our blog posts. All the more reason to test for YOUR blog (or your client’s blog) and YOUR audience. “Hits” don’t matter to us, especially with blog posts, because people tend to go back and read them again and again, and bots crawl daily, so unique visitors are a better measure.
    [Blog] Successful Blogging for Small and Medium Businesses
    Blogs for business are an outstanding tool for business, they can build community, be the backbone of your social media program, and drive traffic to your website, just for starters. Its so easy to think that because their are millions of blogs (and if you check out Technorati you’ll see that I am write right.) Welcome to blogging, the place where you try to suck less. But the business of blogging is just that, a business. Here are 5 tips for businesses thinking of blogging. 1. Determine what the benefits to blogging will be. Define your goal.
    [Blog] Overtake 33 Percent of your Competition by Measure your Marketing ROI
    If you are in B2B than this data could be very interesting for you! Moreover if you read them backwards you can learn how to overtake about 33% of your competition by simply measure your marketing ROI. A new research done be Sagefrog Marketing Group and reported be eMarketer found out that about 33% of B2B companies did not track return on investment (ROI) at all. Do you measure your marketing ROI? If not yet you should do it as soon as possible. To measure the marketing ROI is easier than you think. What does this mean to your business when you are selling primarily to B2B? Salesforce.
    [Blog] The Worthwhile Law Blog: How To Create Engaging Content For Clients, Not Lawyers
    Blogging seems to be an unavoidable phenomenon these days, especially for businesses. Only a few years ago, no business wanted to waste it’s time creating blog posts…and most consumers didn’t want to waste their time reading them. Blogs are not only followed, shared, and commented on, but they also play a major role in your company’s search engine optimization (or SEO) efforts. But a law blog inherently faces big obstacles that other blogs, say a fashion or movie blog, don’t. From a “civilian” standpoint, law blogs sound boring. Cross-Promote.
    [Blog] 7 Strategies For Employee Communication Through Social Media – Part 2
    Develop An Internal-Only Blog. In some companies, social media (whether in the form of blogs, Twitter, RSS or Facebook) is an island unto itself, a hermetically sealed, back-room “experiment” that no one else in the company interacts with or hears about. This can be employee tweets, blog comments, shared stories – literally anything that sheds light on how the company can change or improve in some meaningful way. bookmark to: Other Posts You Might Like 7 Strategies For Employee Communication Through Social Media – Part 1 Where Is B2B Blogging Going?
    [Blog] How to Climb Out Of Your Blogging Slump
    Unlike most bad things that happen in life, I saw this one coming.  I had been dutifully blogging here on Pushing Social for a year and a half.  I had settled into a groove and was seeing limited success. As you know, this wasn’t the end.  I found the motivation to move forward again.  In fact, Since November 27th, the day I published my first-slump post, I’ve been blogging every weekday non-stop.  It’s been an amazing time.  Does your spouse support your bloggingBlogging is a social activity that requires real word contact.  Write down your vision for your blog
    [Blog] How to Get Your First 1,000 Blog Readers
    I’m calling it the 1,000 Blog Reader Challenge and it will change how you blog.  The goal is to get 1,000 new blog reeaders to your in the next 90 days. You can join the challenge by adding your name and blog address in the comments.  In a few days, I’ll work up a snazzy table showing everyone’s blog. The 1,000 Blog Reader Challenge is a start. Many of the techniques I’ll show you have been battle-tested on Pushing Social and other blogs.  We’ll get to the 1,000 reader mark together. Blog Marketing Blog Strategy
  • INBLURBS  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011
    [Blog] Low cost lead generation with Inbound Marketing Strategy
    With inbound marketing businesses earn their way to the customer, by publishing helpful information on a blog, in social media and forums. One of the biggest challenges for businesses is the generation of qualified business leads. Today businesses have great opportunities to attract business leads to their website. The quickest to get traffic and leads is PayPer Click marketing through Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook. With PPC you only pay for clicks made. PPC is definitely no low cost lead generation! Brain vs. Budget = Inbound Marketing. Stand out of your competition. C.
    [Blog] These 7 Simple Tweaks Will Get You More Blog Retweets
    Did you publish a blog post this week? . If you did, I bet you are slyly checking on you retweet count.  I’m a religious retweet checker simply because retweets are the one of the best ways to evaluate my blog post’s performance. The official Twitter button does the best job of accurately capturing all of the retweets generated by your blog post (no surprise). Since your retweet count offers social proof for your blog post, it makes sense to get the most accurate count possible. Your blog headline demonstrates how compelling your post will be.  Blog Marketin
    [Blog] Show me the social media Return on Investment
    Inbound marketing includes Blogging, social media, Lead Conversion, Lead Nurturing and Closed-Loop Analysis. With inbound marketing businesses earn their way to the customer, by publishing helpful information on a blog, in social media and forums. To do this effectively a corporate blog can be a great way to publish  helpful information and start the conversation through blogging and on social media as well. Blogs , here all search results which appear for the requested keywords and are related to any blog article published to the web.
    [Blog] What Happens When You Change Your Blog Subscribers Over to a Newsletter Format?
    About three months ago, I made the decision to change up the way my blog posts were delivered to email subscribers. The Benefits of Switching to a Newsletter Format Changing the delivery format of the blog was weird, at first. I’ve always been used to writing a post, hitting publish, and then seeing it go out to whoever had subscribed, either by email or RSS. Initially, I thought this might have an impact on traffic to the blog, comments, shares, etc. Comments can take place anywhere – my blog, on G+, etc. This played into reason three. have increased.
  • JOEY STRAWN  |  MONDAY, APRIL 18, 2011
    [Blog] 8 Bloggers You Should Be Reading Right Now
    Social media, blogging in particular, gives people ample opportunities to talk about themselves. Danny Brown – Aside from being a leading voice in social media marketing and running two successful blogs, Danny is one of the most humble and nicest people you’ll ever have the chance to meet. knew of Danny from simply reading his blog and occasionally talking with him on Twitter, but until he reached out to me to join For Bloggers, By Bloggers I never really had a personal relationship with him. He blogs at Goins Writer. Thanks, Ingrid. 7. Mark W. Thoughts?
    [Blog] Business Blogging: Five Reasons You Have No Readers
    By Eleanor Pierce It’s a common complaint: You have a  business blog , but no one’s reading. Maybe your blog’s boring, hard to find, or poorly written. But maybe the reasons no one reads your blog are a little harder to suss out. Business Blogging: You’re Too Clever for Your Own Good Look, I love clever wordplay as much as the next nerd. Your blog’s purpose isn’t to impress people with your cleverness.  It’s to get people to click and read. You read other blogs. Not just a “great post” comment with a link back to your blog. It happens.
    [Blog] Pros and Cons of a Blogging Committee
    Christina is blogging on behalf of the company (check it out by clicking here ) and she wants to know whether or not she should create a committee to review blog posts. She asks: Should small (less than 100 staff) companies create blog committees to review weekly blogs, and if so what are positives/negatives, and do you have any examples of how to make blog committees work? Before I answer Christina’s question, I have two questions for her: What are you trying to achieve with the blog and how is traffic? It’s. Freaking.
    [Blog] Why Your Blog Readers Aren’t Buying
    Are readers enjoying your blog posts but “passing” on your services? Your readers visit your blog with a problem or question. However over the last year, I’ve discovered that frameworks are the key to unlocking a blog’s marketing power. For example, I use a 10-point blog review framework to dissect your blog into concrete parts. For example, the first step in my Blog Sales Cycle framework is “Uncovering Customer Needs”, the rationale is that you’ll sell more if you understand your customer’s core problem. 3. More Blog Promotion Tips. Make sense?
    [Blog] Ready to Make Money with Your Blog?
    Next week, I will be holding a free coaching session called “Side Income Blogging” which will show you the nitty-griddy details of making a nice side-income from your blog-based business. If you are interested in making a little cash from your blog then you need to be on this coaching call. know that you can’t make a six-figure income with your blog overnight. Remember that their isn’t anything magical about blogs. Blogs are great marketing tools but you need to have a business first. Register for one of the 100 open spots here.
    [Blog] How to Pitch This Blog
    If you’re more a “normal reader” of the blog, and don’t fall within these two industries, feel free to skip this post completely and come back on the next regularly scheduled updates. This is cool – after all, this blog looks to help you, the reader, in being more successful in whatever it is you want to succeed in, from your business and where social media fits to understanding blogging and everything in-between. They’re a huge reason this blog exists so understand who they are. Or, simpler still, check the About This Blog page.
    [Blog] Three Blogs You Must Read
    A couple of weeks ago, solopreneur and PR pro extraordinaire, Kellye Crane , wrote a blog post title, “ Three People You Must Read.&#. Three Blogs You Must Read. I’m going to take a different path and leave the PR/communication world for my recommendations. Instead, I’m going to look at really thoughtful leaders that have business, entrepreneurial, or leadership blogs. 1. The crush started when I read “ What Would Google Do. ” It’s only increased since reading his blog consistently. His blog, Buzz Machine , is a not-to-be-missed daily read.
    [Blog] Consider This Before Advertising On Your Blog
    Pushing Social Should you start advertising on your blog? While advertising is the easiest way to start monetizing your blog, it’s also one of the hardest ways to make money in the beginning. Check your blog’s monthly pageviews to estimate how many times an ad in your sidebar would be shown. If you only get 100 pageviews a month to your blog then you will be waiting a very long time to make any money. The actual CPM rate is governed by the quality of the blog and the relevance of it’s audience.  Should I Start Advertising on My Blog?
    [Blog] The Secret To Writing A Practical, How-To Blog Post
    We get told to write “how to&# posts and “practical&# posts, but ever sit and wonder what to do a practical, how to blog post on? All of these things, and many, many more, are great how-to posts in the waiting and add that practical takeaway value that every blog needs because everyone needs it! Let’s make this your blog clinic right now: what things could you start writing about right now? The Secret To Writing A Practical, How-To Blog Post. Blogging Social Media Tips blogging practical tipsAnd guess what? Your Leading Thoughts.
    [Blog] 7 Insights I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging
    You might not know that Pushing Social is my 3rd try at turning a blog into a business.  My first two attempts were anonymous failures from a visitor or popularity point of view. ” 7 Blogging Insights… Insight #1: Losers Love Opinions: Winners Love Action I built Pushing Social by observing and testing out ideas gleaned from other successful blogs. From my research, I noticed that many people with mediocre blogs were the loudest and most fervent opinion-leaders. Insight #6: Your Blog is Just the First Step. Blog StrategyThey just acted.
  • DANNY BROWN  |  MONDAY, MAY 4, 2015
    [Blog] One to One Blog Consulting? I’m Your Huckleberry
    For the last 8 years or so, I’ve helped a lot of friends and family dive into the wonderful world of blogging, both for personal and professional use. Many have been put off blogging up until then, thinking it was either something we did in solitary, or something that they had little time (and even less inclination) to do so. Why Trust Your Blog With Me? In that time, I’ve probably shared thousands of hours of advice, tips, ideas, and content to give you some insights into how to start, manage and nurture a blog. Blog Tips blog consulting blogging
    [Blog] Blogging Commandment 7 – Thou Shalt Look Great
    I’m recapping the 10 Blogging Commandment for a Successful Year.  We’ve discussed, (#8) asking for action, using SEO (#9) to get more traffic, and remembering that your blog is a just another (powerful) tool in your marketing toolbox (#10). Let me be blunt – There’s no excuse for an ugly blog. There are absolutely gorgeous templates available that can turn any blog into a runway model.  On average these templates will cost you $80 – $150. The cost of having a unprofessional, 1st grade art project as a blog design is much greater. 7  Signs of an Ugly Blog.
    [Blog] Why IFTTT Could Be the Best Blogging Tool Ever
    You can use this automation to save time, find blog topics, and curate content just for starters. Automatically tweet a link for every new post on your blog [Recipe ]. Blogging Grunt Work. Update LinkedIn when you add a new post to your blog  [Recipe]. This is Just the Beginning… Geeked yet?  I’m sure you will find creative new ways to manage your blogging activities with IFFT. Blog Post WritingBloggers are busy folks.  We shoehorn post writing, promotion, and networking in between day jobs, family time, and sleep (sometimes).
    [Blog] Why IFTTT Could Be the Best Blogging Tool Ever
    You can use this automation to save time, find blog topics, and curate content just for started. Automatically tweet a link for every new post on your blog [Recipe ]. Blogging Grunt Work. Update LinkedIn when you add a new post to your blog  [Recipe]. This is Just the Beginning… Geeked yet?  I’m sure you will find creative new ways to manage your blogging activities with IFFT. Blog Post WritingBloggers are busy folks.  We shoehorn post writing, promotion, and networking in between day jobs, family time, and sleep (sometimes).
    [Blog] Six Sinister Blog Time Wasters
    More Blog Promotion Tips. My favorite blog writing stall is looking for a photo before I write the post. Add your blog writing time. Blog posts are done in one block of time: no excuses, no exceptions, period. One of those should be to write a blog post. Next, write the outline for today’s blog post. Come back here and tell me how you do. {A Blog Moonlighting Installment}. Blog Post Writing Blog StrategyTime is slippery. On a Monday, it creeps along taunting you minute after agonizing minute. Think about your schedule today. Wrong.
    [Blog] Identify your buyer persona first, and then start marketing
    Business online is successful if you follow the basic techniques and use latest marketing strategies. Basic techniques involve identifying your target market, where exactly you can generate more business leads, how to attract these visitors and generate business leads for your business. This article describes a few tips of identifying buyer personal first and use marketing strategies to generate business leads. The first step in promoting your business online is to identify the buyer personas. Identify your buyer persona. This helps your business to be more engaged with customers online.
    [Blog] 20 Social Media Blogs You Should Read in 2012
    Here’s a list (in alphabetical order) of some great social media blogs to read in 2012. He blogs about building strong brands through passion, innovation, creativity, and common sense.   2. She blogs about social media strategies for business, and offers insights into what works and what doesn’t.   3. CopyBlogger (Brian Clark): Ranked as a top marketing blog, Brian and his team help businesses persuade in a 2.0 Diva Marketing Blog (Toby Bloomberg): Toby’s blog provides a wide array of social media advice. Are you reading any of these blogs?
    [Blog] The Best Blogging Platform and Plugins
    Jeremy Whittaker , my Utah turned Germany friend, asks, “Could you give a rundown of the the best technologies for a corporate blog? I’m looking for the best platforms and plugins that make a blog rock.&#. If you’re curious about my personal Tumblr blog I mention, you can find it here ( Del Williams calls it food porn). Tweetbacks (shows tweets as comments on the blog). OnSwipe (allows you to view the blog on the tablet as if it’s a magazine). The Best Blogging Platform and Plugins originally appeared on Spin Sucks on September 1, 2011.
    [Blog] Blogging: 3 Secrets To An A-List Blog [Infographic]
    Blogs are an important channel of communication, a platform to talk and be heard. Most of the time, bloggers will know the right things to do, write and talk about on our blog, but are often not able to put things in perspective or overlook them. Here is an interesting infographic that can be used as a ready reckoner whenever you are planning content for your blog. borrowed this from Heidi Cohen‘s blog called Actionable Marketing. Connections: While writing on your blog, you must keep in mind the motive of writing a blog.
    [Blog] Social Media For Personal Use vs. Business Use
    We especially advocate for the Big 5: blogging, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Tweet On our weekly show yesterday, The Social Truth , we talked for a little while on the differences between using social media personally and using it for your business/brand. This is all well and good, except that most people’s understanding of social media comes from how they’ve used the various networks personally. The reality, however, is that using social media for your business or brand has a few key differences that must be taken into account. The highlights: Content. Personal.
    [Blog] Blogging Tips for Coaches and Therapists
    More Blog Promotion Tips By far, the most common question I get from coaches and therapists is: “How do you publish a blog that attracts clients without giving away free consulting?”. The good news is that there is way to use your blog to build your client base without “giving away the farm.” Your blog is the stage for demonstrating value, building relationships, and getting the first call. Use your blog posts to thoroughly explain to what you do. Blog Marketing Blog Strategy” “Pre-Sell” Posts for Coaches and Therapists.
    [Blog] Lady Gaga's 8-Point Guide to Larger than Life Blogging
    Home About Pushing Social #FF Gratitude Journal 4 My Tweeps Archives Contact Subscribe Pushing Social Lady Gaga’s 8-Point Guide to Larger than Life Blogging by Stanford on June 29, 2010 Spread it! Take a close look and you’ll see a strange genius to her social media antics and a blueprint you can apply to your own blog. Most of the fundamentals of blogging have been figured out. The days of “Me Too Blogging” are over (Maybe they never worked). Before the end of the day, 42,000 new blogs will be published; this is a publishing tide that will drown copycats – quick.
    [Blog] Consultants – This is Why Your Blog Isn’t Attracting Clients
    Their blog. Their blog, maybe even your blog, isn’t bringing in those premium, pre-sold, clients. This is where the content for Born to Blog came from. Blog Business Blog Marketing consult Right now, there is a consultant looking at their appointment book wondering how they will earn enough to keep their doors open. They’ve spent time on LinkedIn, shared information on Twitter, and dabbled with Pinterest. Everything seems to be working but there’s one area that hits a sore spot. It was supposed to position them as an expert. What happened?
    [Blog] Blogging Tips for Coaches and Therapists
    Pushing Social By far, the most common question I get from coaches and therapists is: “How do you publish a blog that attracts clients without giving away free consulting?”. The good news is that there is way to use your blog to build your client base without “giving away the farm.” Your blog is the stage for demonstrating value, building relationships, and getting the first call. Use your blog posts to thoroughly explain to what you do. Blog Marketing Blog Strategy” “Pre-Sell” Posts for Coaches and Therapists. Absolutely.
    [Blog] 10 Obsolete Blog Marketing Tactics That Are Costing You Readers, Time and Money
    Blog marketing isn’t all apple pie and warm fuzzies. In fact, the marketing calculus for blogging and content marketing is downright Darwinian. After three years blogging and fifteen years creating marketing strategies, I’ve developed a nose for thought leader camel dung. In the end, you’re left with some great tweetables and a failed blog. Today, I’ll share 10 blog marketing tactics that don’t work in 2013. Top blogs routinely turn down guest post requests because they already have writers they trust. This idea virus is blog killer. Passion.
    [Blog] 24 (of the) Best Business Blogging Guides, Tips and Tools of 2011
    Despite any recent recent rants you may have seen about how blogging is dead or blogs are passé , the fact of the matter is that business blogging is now more important than ever. With Google’s most recent Panda algorithm updates, attributes like content freshness and social signals (strengths of blogs, not corporate websites) will gain increased importance in search ranking. How can a company launch (or relaunch) a new blog properly? Write great blog post headlines? Optimize blog content for search? Emulate the best corporate blogs?
    [Blog] Five Ways to Lose Your Commenting Virginity
    There has been much discussion on blog commenting in the past few weeks. Check out these other resources if you haven’t already: Erica Allison wisely suggested that you Comment Before you Blog. Mark Schaefer discussed The Surprising Impacts of Comments on Your Blog. That’s when I decided the time was right to blog about first-time commenters. That’s going to happen – I read plenty of blogs every day and don’t take the time to comment on each one. So then, why a blog? Photo credit thanks to Tech n Blogging. It takes time to comment.
    [Blog] 12 Common Mistakes New Bloggers Make
    Blogging’s a great way to grow awareness of you and/or your brand and, with bloggers now getting book deals and media contracts, it can also be a lucrative one. Unfortunately, many bloggers shoot themselves in the foot by making some basic errors that holds their blog back from its true potential. Knowing how to avoid these mistakes can mean the difference between just another blog online, and one that stands out as the kind people take notice of. 1. For anyone serious about blogging, a self-hosted option is the only way to go. Optimizing your blog’s permalinks.
    [Blog] 104 Fascinating Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 (and 2015)
    Blogging Stats. 34% of Fortune 500 companies now maintain active blogs – the largest share since 2008. Each month, 329 million people read blogs. 37% of marketers say blogs are the most valuable content type for marketing. Companies that publish new blog posts 15+ times per month (3-4 posts per week) generate five times more traffic than companies that don’t blog at all. 17% of marketers plan to increase blogging efforts this year. Blogging increases web traffic by 55% for brands. What type of content is most effective? Really.
    [Blog] How WordPress Can Make Your Website More Manageable
    How many content management systems can design a blog, a newsletter, a sales page, a community website, and an eCommerce store without any extra paid software or development time? He enjoys sharing his knowledge about SEO, web design, blogging, CMSs, writing and best hosting providers. Tags: Blog marketing Wordpress advantages of wordpress blogging in wordpress how to blog using wordpress wordpress blogging For many online marketers, there’s no web development platform that’s as user-friendly, valuable, and adaptable as WordPress. Digg this!
    [Blog] The Forrest Gump Guide to Attracting Readers and Becoming a Legend
    But most of all, I’m struck by how Forrest gave advice (wrote his blog post to stretch the metaphor). This reminds me that we often complicate our business and blog. Your smartphone is probably all you need to start a video blog. Has your blog run its course? Your answers will lead you in the right direction. I can talk about Forrest Gump and blogging all day but  I guess that’s all I have to say about that – for now. Blog Promotion Blogging Inspiration How to Get Blog ReadersEveryone wants to be a hero. Heavy stuff right?
    [Blog] Do You Really Want Comments on Your Blog?
    Yet many still gauge their success on how many comments they get on their blog. It seems there are three stages of of thought around comments on a business’ blog: Fear of negative comments. Some never get to the third stage – heck, some never overcome the first stage and therefore don’t blog – but those are trails for another stroll. Would you rather have comments on your blog or have others comment about your blog elsewhere? I’ve long held to the practice and teaching that long comments should become blog posts.
    [Blog] Inbound Marketing to attract Hedge Fund Investors
    Starting a corporate blog. Starting a corporate blog is a great way to show expertise in the financial management field. blogging inbound marketing business blog business leads corporate blog hedge fund hedge fund advertising hedge fund invstors hedge fund marketing hedge funds inbound marketing agency internet advertising setting up a blog social media marketing agency targeted web traffic web marketingThe hedge fund advertising and marketing is set under various restrictions. Hedge funds in the United States are under strict rules and regulations.
    [Blog] Get More Blog Email Subscribers With This Quick Step-by-Step Process
    More Blog Promotion Tips I spend a lot of time talking about your email list for one reason: you are not converting 100% of your visitors into buyers, leads, or repeat visitors. This means that you spend 100% of your time trying to find NEW blog readers. On the other hand, successful blogs have a head start because they have an established audience nurtured via email. You might be saying: “Stan, I already offer blog updates”. They can get your blog via RSS or just visit every day. Blog Marketing Blog StrategyThe lesson is simple. Sorry.
    [Blog] 100+ Blog Directories and RSS Sites for Promoting Your Blog
    Over time, the top source of traffic for most blogs is search. But two great sources are blog directories and RSS syndication sites. To give credit where it’s due, both the TopRank Online Marketing Blog and Robin Good have provided nice lists in the past, but as changes in the blog directory world can be challenging to keep pace with, both now include dead links and directories that have significantly changed their policies (e.g. Create a plain text file, using Notepad or a similar tool, with the following information compiled: Blog name/title (e.g.,
  • INBLURBS  |  MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2011
    [Blog] Inbound Marketing to gain the trust and respect of your buyer personas
    This does not mean you should give away your services for free, but you could do a corporate blog where you can publish tips and tricks with helpful insights for your audience. Trust and respect are important in real life and much more important in today’s anonymous times of internet and internet business. Trust and respect comes before the sale. When people trust and respect you they are more willing to listen what you have to say. Be helpful and try to assist where ever you can. Ask for comments and encourage your buyer personas to give you their honest opinion.
    [Blog] How Do You Measure Influence?
    Advanced Blogging Tips Blogging Tips Social Media advanced blogging[Guest Post by Bernadette Jiwa ]. My friend Lucy Buck saves the lives of abandoned babies and finds loving new homes for them if they cannot be reunited with their biological families. She founded the Childsi foundation and opened a babies home in Kampala, Uganda seven months ago. She’s active on Twitter, Facebook and You Tube. Lucy has a Klout Score of 10. That’s 10 out of a possible 100. To put that into some kind of perspective Paris Hilton has a score of 83. They discovered three fascinating things.
    [Blog] Eight Factors to Consider When (Re)Launching a Business Blog
    Over the last decade, business blogs have gone from being a novelty to a leading-edge practice to an essential element for any company seeking to optimize its presence on the web. According to Small Business Trends and HubSpot , the percentage of businesses with blogs has increased from less than half in 2009 to nearly two out of three in 2011. Why are so many companies now embracing blogging? blog helps on all three fronts much more than a standard corporate website. Will the blog be part of your corporate site or have its own unique URL ? Location. Sassy?
    [Blog] Get More Blog Email Subscribers With This Quick Step-by-Step Process
    This means that you spend 100% of your time trying to find NEW blog readers. On the other hand, successful blogs have a head start because they have an established audience nurtured via email. You might be saying: “Stan, I already offer blog updates”. They can get your blog via RSS or just visit every day. At the end of the post explain a little about yourself and the big idea behind your blog. offer the 7 Minute Blog Strategy Guide as a bonus for my email subscribers.  My list jumped to over 1,500 subscribers immediately after I started offering the bonus.
    [Blog] Why The Blogging Experts Are Wrong About Headlines
    I’m uncomfortable with the headline advice being offered in the blogging and content marketing space. Questions”: Do You Want More Blog Readers? And they still are creating traffic stampedes to their blog. To be fair, I do see “How to” headlines pop-up from time to time on the top media blogs but you would assume that these publications wouldn’t dare deviate from the headline canon. What the Big Blogs Know. Arguably, Gawker is the most viral blog publication on the planet. You publish a blog to stay relevant and top of mind. Notice anything?
    [Blog] Content Marketing: Content and Blog Frequency
    Blogging Content marketing blog blog frequency blogging content marketing Joe PulizziContent marketing is marketing. So it should serve your business goals, take into account the needs and the behavior of your different ‘audience’ segments and finally be relevant from the perspective of costs, benefits and resources. These elements have an impact on the frequency of putting out content via the different channels you use. Frequency [.].
    [Blog] How I Turned A Part-Time Blog into a Full-Time Business
    Do you want to turn your blog into a full-time business? Each stage of this blog’s growth was crafted to build a brand, cultivate a community of buyers, and deliver valuable content. I’m proud of the results. Take Action: Decide on a realistic timeframe for achieving your blogging goals. also searched the top blogs in my niche looking for unanswered and frequent reader questions. It was reassuring to know that my blog wouldn’t die because I ran out of things to say. Blog Strategy blog business If so, you are my kind of people.
    [Blog] Why You Should Blog About Your Business [Guest Post]
    while back Mike asked the question, should every business blog , and concluded that no, it’s just not for all businesses. Everyone should blog about his or her business. This doesn’t necessarily mean blogging for your business. But anyone, excepting people with strict non-disclosure agreements, can blog about a business. Blogging to learn. Here’s what anyone stands to learn in the first few months of blogging: How to research. Blogging builds them. Blogging to connect. Blogging naturally connects us to others.
  • PAUL GILLIN  |  FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2013
    [Blog] Not Dead Yet: Blogging’s Popularity Surges Among F500
    What is surprising is the sudden popularity of corporate blogs. After stagnating at just above 20% for three years, use of corporate blogs has shot up to 34% of the Fortune 500 in the last two years. This comes just as many of the digerati are writing off blogs as yesterday’s news. Blogs are search engine magnets and search is still the killer app for people researching purchases. Key findings of this study include: • In 2013, 171 companies (34%) had corporate blogs showing the largest increase in use of this tool since the 2008 study of the Fortune 500.
    [Blog] Social Media’s Shocking Statistics
    Blog Facebook Metrics Twitter blogging blogging stats facebook fans facebook marketing facebook stats social media statistics social media twitter social media's shocking statistics twitter statsWith 500 Billion + people on Facebook and an estimated 280,000,000 Twitter accounts, there is no doubt that social media is eye opening.shockingly so. The significance of social media for businesses is equally big. Expanding your brand's potential reach via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more has become the holy grail of marketing.
    [Blog] Blogging Commandment 3 – Thou Shalt Build an Email List
    Naturally, we pull back only using email to handle simple tasks like sending out blog post updates. The next step was to re-imagine my blog as the foyer to my email mansion. Email…the WD40 of Blogging. Want more blog readers? Use email to turn your casual readers into fanatics who not only come back to the blog but share your posts with colleagues. Eagle-eyed readers have noticed that I ask email subscribers to identify their top blogging goal. Not added an “blog subscription” optin form to your blog? 2. Has email grown your blog?
    [Blog] How to Successfully Launch Your Small Business Blog
    Pushing Social Launching a new blog is an amazing, scary, and exciting time. I’ve helped quite a few businesses launch their blog and the mixture of emotion is always the same. Here we go… Your Small Business Blog Checklist: 1. An empty blog is as unattractive as an empty restaurant on Friday night. Seeding your blog with ten posts will give it a lived in feeling that will reassure new readers. 2. Your business will need to establish a solid blogging habit. Consistency is critical to the success of your new blog. Schedule Time to Blog.
    [Blog] Blog Mastery #16: 7 Ways to Blog Without Writing
    The other day I was talking with a reader about their blog. Are you kidding me, I thought blogging was about writing!?”. Nope” blogging is about creating and sharing awesome content. Ways to Blog Without Writing. Use Google Hangouts to record an interview and link to it from your blog. Use Storify to create curated stories taken from blog posts, tweets and links. Upload your content to your blog, Slideshare, Scribd, and YouTube. How to Sell More With Your Business Blog RSS Feed Powered by MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back.
    [Blog] How to Turn Your Blog Into Your Top Salesperson
    During my last review I noticed something… I talk about blogging – a lot. Anything you care to know about blogging is right here. You really don’t care if it is a blog, a Twitter account, or a yellow pages ad that gets you there. Somewhere along the way, I lost sight of the fact that a blog is a means to an end. Next Wednesday, April 23rd at 4PM EST I will be teaching a brand new free workshop called “How to Get More Sales in 30 Days With Your Blog.” Blogging is a great tool – but let’s talk about how to make it pay.
    [Blog] One simple reason why you should do Inbound marketing – PROFIT
    With Inbound marketing businesses EARN their way to the customer, by publishing helpful information on a blog, in social media and forums. Inbound marketing includes Blogging, Social Media, Lead Conversion, Lead Nurturing and Closed-Loop Analysis. <a href="[link] _cke_saved_href="[link]. In the past five years the inbound marketing – Internet marketing strategy has emerged and grown his popularity through its massive and convincing results. What’s Inbound marketing?
    [Blog] TOP 15 Augmented Reality Blogs
    Home Content RSS Log in Social Media Citizens Home Case Studies Reports SMC List TOP Lists Video Consulting Portfolio TOP 15 Augmented Reality Blogs February 26th, 2010 by Giedrius Ivanauskas Leave a reply » Share I’ve just created a new tab in my RSS reader solely dedicated to Augmented Reality. RobertRice I'd suggest [link] (Tish Shute) and my own blog [link] as well. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. powerful as it is, technology is just an enabler. smcitizens ] — October 8th via Twitter Comments ?????? Valid XHTML 1.0
    [Blog] 7 Reasons Why Visitors Leave Your Blog
    Only then you could turn to provide solutions to why visitors leave your blog. With website receiving less traffic, it is equally important to know why your blog is receiving less traffic as well. Users and visitors are very important source of income as well as source of encouragement to your blog as well as to your blogging experience. Everyday new blogging “experts” come into the market and display their opinions. However, with the same frequency these blogs disappear in the blogs-sphere. Firstly, you need to find your blog’s niche.
    [Blog] Attract More Blog Readers With These Simple Social Sharing Icon Tweaks
      (For the rest of the year, we’ll be discussing more technical topics to help you work out the bugs in your blog and get it looking and working great. Most didn’t work, but I uncovered a few “best practices” that has reliably ushered quality readers to my blog. I’ve implemented these techniques with equal success on my client sites. So, for now, no Pinterest even though there might be oodles of potential readers on Pinterest. I’ve seen to many bloggers turn their blogs into a social flea market with every social network getting equal visibility.
    [Blog] How Much Time Do You Spend Reading Blogs?
    How do you (Gini, or any of your staff) manage the amount of time you spend reading new blog posts, catching up on Twitter feeds, reading news stories, etc.? Blog Social Media blog reading Blogging elizabeth shelby facebook question time commitmentIt’s the Arment Dietrich Facebook question of the week time and this week’s question comes from Elizabeth Shelby. Elizabeth is a student at NYU, but is from Houston. All that snow is probably killing her right now (and I’m insanely jealous)! Any tips?&#. What are your tips for Elizabeth?
    [Blog] Your Blog Sidebar’s Dirty Little Secret
    Most bloggers, including me, have a secret love affair with their sidebar. I’ve reviewed hundreds of blogs and almost all of them have lovingly curated sidebars. This love is based on the hope that sidebars are valuable blog real estate. When you reader arrives at your blog they immediately look for the featured post – everything else is considered old news. They come to your blog for content, not static sidebar widgts. Write a blog post that delivers excellent “how-to” content around your product. Blog Strategy Social Media
    [Blog] What’s your Social Media ROI?
    Do you measure your social media activities and whats the ROI? More and more businesses worldwide and are validating daily the business impact of social media in building brands. How about your business? Is social media part of your marketing plan now? In 2011 social media will be in use of any smart entity! More great data which show the ROI of social media is emerging daily and these data will encourage further companies to get started with social media as an important additional marketing channel to attract further customers to their businesses. Some proven facts about inbound marketing: A.
    [Blog] A Simple and Discreet Way To Transform Your Blog Readers into Customers
    At some point you’ll want your blog tribe to take action. . That’s why you’ve killed yourself to write compelling posts, promote your blog and create expert products! The problem is that your blog isn’t the best platform for direct sells. The best approach is to use your blog to educate your audience about your products and services.  Done right, these posts will deliver interested blog readers ready to do business. Blog Marketing Blog Post Writing Blog StrategyPushing Social. Simply writing a sales pitch post won’t work very well.
    [Blog] Two Quick Ways to Promote Your Blog
    Although it may seem like an obvious question, do your blog readers know who you are? While there may be a host of reasons for you to write your blog in the first place, none of it means anything if you don’t offer a clear-cut picture of who you are, what you do and why you should be read. After all, if your blog readers don’t know who you are why should they read you over the next guy? This is the single most important aspect of your blog when it comes to letting your visitors know who you are,  after the content itself. Tell Your Readers Why Your Blog.
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