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    [Blog] Blog Sabotage!
    Even more personal, focusing on life and issues outside of marketing, this has become much more of a writer’s blog than a professional marketer’s vehicle. One could say I sabotaged my own blog. Certainly if you are one of the seven angels of blogging doom , the critical pen is flying right now. The renaissance of this blog that began last summer was part of my effort to market the last book. Imagine getting non-stop marketing blogs every week, year after year, and suddenly have a post-apocalyptic science fiction book dropped in your feed.
    [Blog] Why Blogging Isn’t Good Enough
    Blog posts aren’t getting it done. Anyone can blog and almost everybody does. Your blog post is locked in a cage match with millions of other posts shouting at a limited pool of readers. Success in 2015 means retiring your blogger title and taking your game to a whole new level. You’ll need to become a full-stack content creator. Content Management content marketing Social Media
    [Blog] 5 Things You Need To Blog Every Month
    I’ve been thinking about how people can better their blogs in 2011, beyond the general “write better content&# or “do 5 steps to…&# type of advice. Of all the different types of people who read this blog and the different types of content I post here, one large demographic is people who are in the media / social media space and write blogs to that effect. What follows are 5 things you need to do at least once a month in 2011 to grow your blog, grow your community, and grow your communication skills: 1. Things You Need To Blog Every Month.
    [Blog] Digging Deeper: 10 Big Blogging Ideas for 2012
    More Blog Promotion Tips Last week I spoke at Social Slam in Knoxville, TN. My talk followed the innovative Social Slam format which allowed me only 10 minute to share 10 Big Blogging Ideas for Social Media. But that’s what I have a blog for! 10 Big Blogging Ideas for 2012. The large broad subjects are dominated by mega blogs with armies of writers. In 2012, blogs will succeed by identifying small audiences with specific problems that beg for novel solutions. If you are trying to write a general subject blog, pause, and rethink your focus. Enjoy!
    [Blog] 6 Useful Blog Proofreading Tips
    [Blog] 7 Ways to Use Slideshare to Get More Blog Traffic
    Just double-check to make sure that your blog url, twitter handle, and offer to subscribe to your blog newsletter is included in every presentation. Wow, looks like Slideshare is stepping up to the big leagues. Today, I perused a nifty infographic that tallies up some impressive stats for the powerpoint hub. One of the Top 150 sites on the web. 60 million visitors a month. Billion slide views a month. It seems that Slideshare has gone and done the impossible – turned the powerpoint deck into a content marketing darling. Go figure. Look close…. Don’t do it. Social Media
    [Blog] Pros and Cons of Changing the Name of Your Blog
    During the Facebook question of the week , Jennifer MacDonald asked: What are your thoughts on changing the title of your Blog? I was not planning on changing the URL, that is my name, just the title. couple of months ago, he changed his blog name from to A Better Mess. He talked to a couple of people who changed the name of their blogs, but not their URLs. I’m pleased to present you both options with the pros and cons to each. Should she change the name of her blog and  the URL? Plus, I got a day off of writing. No crazies commenting.
    [Blog] 7 Simple Ways to Track The Health of Your Blog
    Instead of “hoping” for a successful blog, website or business, I want you to go out there and make it happen. Today, I’m going to give you a powerful tool for staying accountable and systematically improving your blogs performance. Your Blog’s  Arch Nemesis. I’ve met many people who failed at blogging. These people didn’t fail because they didn’t have a great idea for their blog. Here Are The Blog Numbers You Need To Watch. 1. Conversions measures how well your blog converts readers into action-takers. Links to Your Blog (Backlinks).
    [Blog] Blog Traffic Secret: Woo the Groupies
    It’s logical to think that influencers with big audiences hold the key to growing a blog. All it takes is one tweet or link and thousands of visitors will rush to your blog. Once they arrive on your blog, they settle in and do what they are good at: sharing content. Although I love the spike in visitors, I really love the sustained groupie traffic to the blog. Walk them home: Find your groupie’s blog and tweet out their posts and comment. Blog MarketingIn reality, this is not the case. As you see, new visitors arrived in droves. Or did it?
    [Blog] How to Build a Loyal Blog Community With the Power of Give
    One of the conversations that often arises when talking about blogs is community, and how to both grow and reward loyalty. Making sure your blog community knows you appreciate them helps in several ways – there’s two way respect between blogger and reader/subscriber/commenter, as well as opportunities for advocacy and blog growth through referral. One way to do this is to offer exclusive content to blog or newsletter subscribers – a free ebook or white paper, for example. Loving Your Blog Community. Blog Tips Insights Blog community
    [Blog] 20 Cringe-Worthy Business Blogging Mistakes
    More Blog Promotion Tips Last week, I did a little mental housecleaning with a mega list on Blogging Ideas. This week I’m sorting through some of my business blogging pet peeves. From my experience, this list details all of the blog booby traps that businesses face.  If you run a business blog, read this list to avoid things like: Trying to sound smart instead of being smart  (This one  really  gets under my skin). The boneheaded mistake that will turn your blog into a ghost town. Always write content that is customized for your blog audience.
    [Blog] 50 Ways to Dodge The Blog Burnout Sucker Punch
    I recently got sucker punched by burnout. A few weeks back, I sat down to write a blog post and the idea didn’t materialize. Blog Your Experiences: Stop theorizing and start describing your actual day-to-day experience.  Change Your Medium: Explore podcasting or video blogging until you get your mojo back. 8. Change Your Environment: Blog from your back porch, the basement or a new coffee shop. Concentrate on a Different Platform: Facebook requires you to use different mental muscles than blogging. Method Blogging immerses the blogger in a new personae. 
    [Blog] Blogging: 3 Secrets To An A-List Blog [Infographic]
    Blogs are an important channel of communication, a platform to talk and be heard. Most of the time, bloggers will know the right things to do, write and talk about on our blog, but are often not able to put things in perspective or overlook them. Here is an interesting infographic that can be used as a ready reckoner whenever you are planning content for your blog. borrowed this from Heidi Cohen‘s blog called Actionable Marketing. Connections: While writing on your blog, you must keep in mind the motive of writing a blog.
    [Blog] 5 Keys to Ensure Your Business Blog Content is SEO Friendly
    Having a blog for your business is great, but if you’re not integrating SEO into it, you’re just wasting time and energy. While a blog can provide a great outlet for information, news and other updates, they are, most importantly, an SEO-building tool. Here are five simple tips to ensuring your business blog is being used to its full potential. . 1.     Pick your keywords carefully. On every blog post, include a link or two out to valuable or pertinent information on other sites. Not SEO savvy? Don’t fret. These will bring in the most qualified, ready-to-buy leads.
    [Blog] Why I’ll Only Use Postmatic for WordPress Blog Comments
    That’s exactly what happened with the Postmatic WordPress plugin that enables blog comments by email. You can imagine some of the stuff that could appear on your blog with that in mind. Why do so many blog comment systems make it such hard work to enjoy a conversation? But, fair play to him, he didn’t give up, and reached back out at a time when I was ready to look at commenting options again, especially given how I want to turn this blog into a very personal destination, where conversations are the driver of the content as much as being the other way round.
    [Blog] 18 Blogging Tips to Create and Maintain a Successful Blog
    However, I’ve also participated in many less advanced and business focused discussions such as how do create a successful blog?  It’s interesting and even somewhat funny that the same person who manages a supply chain, a CRM program, or company’s collaborative efforts, still wants to know how to create and maintain a successful blog.  I thought I’d take a little break from our usual business topics and provide some good ‘ol fashion blogging tips that I have used over the years. What does success look for your blog? Don’t force it!
    [Blog] The One Tip That Took My Blog To New Levels. Stop Caring.
    I’ve been blogging for about 5 years now and as I look back over those years, I’m amazed at how much I have learned. When I first started blogging, I was so worried about driving readership, getting listed in the search engines, becoming popular, being liked. I was so focused on what other people thought about my blog that it is evident that my content wasn’t as good as it could have been. I was more worried about writing what I thought others wanted to hear, that I didn’t write what I wanted to write. My blog became about me. Stop caring.
    [Blog] Is Blogging Overrated for B2B Organizations? | PWB Marketing Blog
    [Blog] Blogging Tips for Coaches and Therapists
    More Blog Promotion Tips By far, the most common question I get from coaches and therapists is: “How do you publish a blog that attracts clients without giving away free consulting?”. The good news is that there is way to use your blog to build your client base without “giving away the farm.” Your blog is the stage for demonstrating value, building relationships, and getting the first call. Use your blog posts to thoroughly explain to what you do. Blog Marketing Blog Strategy” “Pre-Sell” Posts for Coaches and Therapists.
    [Blog] Using Google Voice Mail for Blog Posts
    I've written and talked often about my dislike for ghostwriting blog posts. Occasionally I would find it necessary, but the process still carried the uncomfortable feeling of breaking integrity (for the blog author as well as myself). To maintain voice and tone of the author, I've begun using Google Voice Mail more often as a "Blog Post Drop" for clients. In 10 minutes or so, we have the transcribed version, find a relevant outbound link, insert an image, and presto - a blog post voiced I'm going to put Google Voice to another use later this week.
    [Blog] 6 Places to Find Ideas for Blog Posts
    Gotta get the blog post out and feeling fresh out of ideas?  Here are 6 great places to find ideas for your new blog post. 1.  Other blogs.  Make sure you are subscribing to other blogs with Google Reader and keeping track of blogs in your industry.  You can also find blogs listed by category at Alltop. 6.  How about you, where are your best places to find blog posts ideas? bloggingBrain freeze!  Questions on your Facebook Page.  LinkedIn Answers.  Go into your LinkedIn account, click on the More button on the menu bar and select Answers. 
    [Blog] How to Get More Blog Readers By Having Your Content Syndicated
    For most (if not all) bloggers, one of the key metrics on how their blog has grown comes from how many readers it has. It’s a big blogging world out there, and people can be sparing with their time and where to invest it. The good news is, there is a way you can attract more readers to your blog, and that’s through content syndication. Before we look at how you can get your blog in front of the eyes of more readers, let’s just take a quick look at what content syndication means. Now, take that back to your blog. Again, submitting your blog is straightforward.
    [Blog] Blogging Tips for Coaches and Therapists
    Pushing Social By far, the most common question I get from coaches and therapists is: “How do you publish a blog that attracts clients without giving away free consulting?”. The good news is that there is way to use your blog to build your client base without “giving away the farm.” Your blog is the stage for demonstrating value, building relationships, and getting the first call. Use your blog posts to thoroughly explain to what you do. Blog Marketing Blog Strategy” “Pre-Sell” Posts for Coaches and Therapists. Absolutely.
    [Blog] Blog check list for getting noticed
    12 Things To Do After You’ve Written a New Blog Post infographic. Blog comment policy. What I’ve Learned in One Month of Blogging. Blog Etiquette. Headline Social Media blog Blogging Here’s a great infographic check list from the folks at DivvyHQ to help bloggers build an audience.  Some tried and true tactics are include and some new ideas too.  Enjoy! Related posts: The wine blogger kerfuffle. Top tips for bloggers and brands. Click here to start to receive my newsletter. PLEASE LIKE  MY FACEBOOK PAGE. Related articles.
    [Blog] How to Quickly Discover and Organize New Blog Post Ideas
    How to find post ideas” is a popular blogging topic. That’s when I turned to the Blog Series. What is a Blog Series? Blog Series posts break one subject into multiple and easily digestible pieces. Overall, blog series are easier to create because we naturally think about topics this way. For example, let’s say I wrote a personal finance blog. Pause here for a second and think about your blog. While you are thinking consider this… Why Readers Love Blog Series Posts. How to Get Your Next Blog Post Series Started. Pushing Social.
    [Blog] 5 Blogging Lessons We Can Learn from Yoda
    His advice can be applied to our every day life… even blogging. If you want to be successful with blogging, quit trying. What could you do to improve your blog today? For those of you that have been blogging for a while, look at what you can do to amp up your game. Pick one thing you can do this week to move your blog forward, then make it happen. Or, if you haven’t yet started a blog, quit thinking about it and just do it. Quit worrying about the size of your blog or the number of subscribers you have. Blogging Tips Guests Social Media
    [Blog] Blog Posting Mantra No. 1 – Write the Blog Post
    Blog Posting Mantra No. 1 – Write the Blog Post is a post from: ConverStations. You just finished reading Blog Posting Mantra No. 1 - Write the Blog Post ! Related Stories Blog Posting Mantra for Small Business Owners. Blog Coach Blogging Finding Forrester Writing Many sit and stare at the keys, thinking about what to write. Yet writing is the movement of pen-to-paper, fingers-across-keys. There’s a scene in Finding Forrester , perhaps you’re familiar with it. ” [ Watch the scene from Movie Clips ]. Just Spill. Edit later.
    [Blog] How to Bring Your Business Blog to the Next Level
    Your business blog is a failure. But you keep updating it because all your competitors have blogs. Many company blogs are like this: Business owners start them because everyone else does but you are not sure what to do with it. You just haven’t brought your blog to the next level. What Constitutes A Successful Blog? Why do you have a business blog? Readers are wondering how they can improve the performance of their blog and bring it to the next level. Blog posts are great, but they don’t attract everyone. Sounds familiar? What gives?
    [Blog] Case Study: Value-Based Blogging
    Today I want to open up the guts of this blog and show you with stats, number and benchmarks the return of a value-based approach to blogging. The image below is a screen shot of the last 7 posts on this blog in PostRank’s Analytics platform. According to Feedburner , I have 148 people subscribed in Google Reader, and 48 who have subscribed to this blog in email. value based blog doesn’t need lots of retweets to get engagement. If you were to ask me for my number one metric of success on my blog, I’d tell you instantly it’s comments.
    [Blog] Access and Action: Premium Content and Business Blogging
    We use a blog (or other streams and content) to give a taste-on-a-toothpick , not wanting to give away the farm. The first, a weekly delivery , is less expensive than just about everything and slightly more than a freely published blog post. Access and Action: Premium Content and Business Blogging is a post from: ConverStations. You just finished reading Access and Action: Premium Content and Business Blogging ! Blog Coach Access Action Membership Site Premium Content Small businessStephen P. In his post uses two key words: Access and Action. Hmm, I thought.
    [Blog] Google Declares End of Guest Blogging for SEO!
    Google has finally declared guest blogging is over and is another bad link building practice. We had warned guest blogging will be penalized and the challenges for guest blogging. Google Google has been warning and trying to get some order in the guest blogging practice with subtle hints and warnings. But guest blogging has come a long way from. Blogging SEO Read more.
    [Blog] Are You Setting the Right Goals For Your Blog?
    For example, “I want my new blog to average 10 comments per post during its first month”. The problem is that 2 out of 100 people usually comment on a blog post. During that first month, a blog may only get 10 views per blog post! This model depends on getting large amounts of traffic to your blog. Most young blogs can’t attract enough readers to reliably earn this type of advertising revenue. For a blog, impressions usually equals pageviews. In my experience, bad goals are set when a blogger doesn’t understand their blog’s lifecycle.
    [Blog] 21 Best Business Blogging Tips
    When it comes to building a better business presence on the web, one of the topics that come up most often is blogging tips: How often to post; Length of posts; Headline writing; Curation and Copyright practices. The team at Verve has put together a playbook of sorts with 21 Blog Writing Tips From the Experts. From an inside perspective (one of my tips is included in the post – one of the Blog Posting Mantra tips), Dave cultivated the tips with a short email filled with clarity and excitement, yet respectful of time. Blogging Social Media
    [Blog] When is the Right Time to Invest In Your Blog?
    More Blog Promotion Tips. Successful blogs require love, passion, tenacity, and…um…well…money. thought “It’s a blog! That “smart” decision resulted in an embarrassing outage when Brian Clark sent over 2,000 people to my blog in 60 minutes. As my blog grew, the traffic would bring it down at the worse moments. Is It Time to Invest in Your Blog? If your blog is published solely for personal reasons then put away your wallet, jump on blogspot and go to town. Your blog isn’t worth getting the lights turned off. Stupid right?
    [Blog] Klout Adds WordPress But Not For Self Hosted Blogs?
    Quite frankly I think those that write successful blogs carry more influence then just about anyone in the social media sphere, so a welcome addition. Apparently the new addition only covers hosted blogs and not self hosted blogs. Anyone that goes to the trouble of self hosting a blog typically is serious about their blogging.  Most of the successful and lasting blogs you find online are self hosted.  But to not include and factor self hosted blogs is a serious miss on Klout’s part. Mobilize Your WordPress Blog!
    [Blog] Blogging and Content Marketing: Results Versus Personality
    A corporate blog has a purpose. So, it’s obvious you want to get results with your blog. However, the rules and best practices of efficient blogging should not undermine vision and personality. Blogging is a balancing act. Blogging Content marketing blogging content marketingIn fact, it can serve several purposes. Content is produced by people for people, with a focus on [.].
    [Blog] 3 Things Your Blog Readers Want to Know About You
    More Blog Promotion Tips. With our premise, it holds that people arrive at your blog looking for something that is personally relevant to them.  At Pushing Social, I’ve been teaching that readers are goal-seeking machines looking for answers. Well…not quite.  It occurred to me that your blog readers are a hell of a lot more sophisticated than my mechanistic view of psychology. Ok, so what does this have to do with your blog? Does your blog help your reader meet these objectives? Likely, this type of blog isn’t hitting the mark. Sorry, I digress.
    [Blog] Why The Blogging Experts Are Wrong About Headlines
    I’m uncomfortable with the headline advice being offered in the blogging and content marketing space. Questions”: Do You Want More Blog Readers? And they still are creating traffic stampedes to their blog. To be fair, I do see “How to” headlines pop-up from time to time on the top media blogs but you would assume that these publications wouldn’t dare deviate from the headline canon. What the Big Blogs Know. Arguably, Gawker is the most viral blog publication on the planet. You publish a blog to stay relevant and top of mind. Notice anything?
    [Blog] Having Trouble with Your Blog’s Voice?
    More Blog Promotion Tips On Sunday, I checked out the popular #blogchat Tweetchat. The discussion was about “how to create your blog’s voice”  As usual, the smart folks were digging into the topic with gusto.  I watched a few minutes and realized that we tend to make the whole “blog voice” exercise harder than it should be. In fact, your blog’s Voice can be boiled down to one thought. You blog’s voice is an expression of your core principles.  . People say that your blog’s voice needs to be authentic.
  • DANNY BROWN  |  TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2011
    [Blog] Does Your Blog Embrace Mobile Browsing?
    Which begs the question – is your blog or website mobile-friendly? Depending on who you ask, making a blog or site mobile-friendly is as simple as asking the question, “Can I view it when I open my phone’s browser?&# (or tablet, as the likes of the iPad and Playbook continue to grow in popularity). So now that’s kinda cleared up, how do you make your site or blog mobile-friendly? If you’re reading this blog on a desktop browser, you’ll see that the content is pretty centred, as opposed to being full-width and starting on the left.
    [Blog] The Secret To Writing A Practical, How-To Blog Post
    We get told to write “how to&# posts and “practical&# posts, but ever sit and wonder what to do a practical, how to blog post on? All of these things, and many, many more, are great how-to posts in the waiting and add that practical takeaway value that every blog needs because everyone needs it! Let’s make this your blog clinic right now: what things could you start writing about right now? The Secret To Writing A Practical, How-To Blog Post. Blogging Social Media Tips blogging practical tipsAnd guess what? Your Leading Thoughts.
    [Blog] 5 Reasons for Using a Blog Post Template
    While there may be more, here are five reasons why using a blog post template will make your blogging more successful. #1 – For Capturing Ideas Large and Small. The inspiration for blog posts will come in a variety of forms.  It may be a specific point you wish to make or a larger problem that you plan to solve. We all have our own natural way of doing everything – and that includes blogging. Blogging well takes time.  If you invest a little time in your planning, you will get it back with dividends in the form of speedier writing. Need more?
    [Blog] Having Trouble with Your Blog’s Voice?
    The discussion was about “how to create your blog’s voice”  As usual, the smart folks were digging into the topic with gusto.  I watched a few minutes and realized that we tend to make the whole “blog voice” exercise harder than it should be. In fact, your blog’s Voice can be boiled down to one thought. You blog’s voice is an expression of your core principles.  . People say that your blog’s voice needs to be authentic. Imagine if I decided to write rants and starting whining about my blog and readers?
    [Blog] Content Marketing is More Than Just Blogging
    Content marketing is about more than just blogging. According to Jeremy Williams, you all should be going crazy over this blog post now. According to Jeremy Williams , social media director for the Indiana Office of Tourism Development (and my boss when I do travel writing for IOTD), blog posts with photos get more traffic than blog posts without. Find photos from Flickr or Picasa — be sure to use Creative Commons photos — or buy royalty-free stock photography, and put them in your blog posts for added impact. Basically anything you can read. And video?
    [Blog] The Lazy Blogger’s Guide to Effective Blog SEO
    That’s why we’re going to focus on it as a tool for getting your first 1,000 blog readers. Thankfully doing the SEO basics is good enough for most blogs since the WordPress platform already handles much of the SEO heavy lifting. The sitemap makes it easy for the search engines to find new and existing blog posts.  Neil Patel at QuickSprout offered a great suggestion to create Hub pages for content on your blog.  These hub pages help your readers get to buried content on your blog.  This works especially well if you have more than 50 posts on your blog
    [Blog] Rock, Paper, Scissors for Blogging
    wish we had something as simple for guiding blogging decisions: a social form of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Our new blogging game follows these principles: Content builds traffic. Let’s test our new blogging Rosetta Stone. You can be a traffic-generating savant, but that traffic will quickly evaporate if your reader arrives at a blog filled with useless crap. Some quick calculations revealed that only about 1% of my Twitter followers take the time to comment. I did a similar calculation with other top blogs in my niche and came up with similar results.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 16, 2015
    [Blog] Three Essential Blog Writing Tips for Just Before You Click Publish
    We’ve talked about blog writing tips for when you need ideas. That’s what these blog writing tips are for. You’ve read enough blog writing tips by now that you should have already spent some time on your headline. Take the title of this blog, for example. Now, if I’m targeting someone who already publishes a blog, is crunched for time, and just wants to improve what she does every day? Do any of the tried and-true-tricks-of-the-trade make sense for your blog? Do these subheads add any personality to your blog? Your Blog Writing Tips.
    [Blog] Got Community? 5 Ways To Foster It On Your Blog
    This is even true when it comes to your blog. Here are 5 ways to foster community on your blog: 1. Commenting is the #1 way community is built on a blog. There has been a long debate about whether you as the blog owner should respond to every comment posted. still respond to every commenter on blog posts that I write. Guest blogging has a bunch of benefits including stuff having to do with SEO , but in my mind, it is a way to build community through variety. Connect with your readers outside your blog. Ways To Foster It On Your Blog at AriWriter.
    [Blog] 7 Simple Ways to Get Your Readers to Spend More Time On Your Blog
    While “great content” is always the best answer to most blogging questions, there are other techniques you can use to entice your readers to take off their shoes and get comfortable.  stumbled across the Slide plugin while reading the Harvard Business Review Blog and wanted to test its impact.   The plugin creates a pop-up that slides in on the lower right-hand corner of the screen. New visitors to your blog will be looking for something to get them “oriented”.  Your page  introduces your blog’s Big Idea and gets them to stick around and explore your other content.
    [Blog] Google’s Official View on Guest Blogging Links [Video]
    Home > Blogging > Google > SEO Google’s engineer Matt Cutts today revealed an official view about Guest blogging links from the Google search engine perspective which webmasters need to look out for. Guest blogging blogs continue to dole out free links, and we warned you that Google might penalize guest blogging blogs ! Google View on Guest Blogging Links. Watch this video answer by Google spam team engineer Matt Cutts which answers Google’s view on guest blogging links. 200 Guest Blogging Posts!
    [Blog] Your 1,000 Blog Reader Challenge Toolkit
    Every Wednesday we’re going to talk about getting you an extra 1,000 blog readers in 90 days. I’m excited to see so many PS readers stepping out of their comfort zone and holding themselves accountable for greatness. Today we are going to get organized for the 1,000 Blog Reader Challenge in three areas. Last, we’ll discuss how to boost your blogging metabolism (scary but fun!). Build Your Blogging Dashboard. Trying to grow your blog without tracking in place is like driving blindfolded. There are dozens of ways to get Google Analytics installed on your blog.
    [Blog] Why Blogging Works: 10 Reasons Blogs Make Good Content
    In 2005, one would be hard-pressed to find a small business who used blogging as a form of outreach or marketing. Now, most every business has at least given blogging a shot. Blogging is like farming : Sow the seed; Work the land; Reap the harvest. Here are 10 reasons business blogs make good content: Build Your Brand : With every blog post you publish, you have an opportunity to show your expertise and help your audience (readers, prospects, and customers). Conduct Conversations : Blog posts can prompt, and often play host, to engaging conversations.
    [Blog] B2B Blogging Trends 2011: Towards an Integrated Approach
    In many organizations, blogs are still seen as almost separate entities. Several other organizations have no blog at all. The question, whether you need a blog or not depends on how customer-centric you want your business to be, how you want to be found in a very crowded online space and how you can use a blog to offer value to your “target groups” and your whole business ecosystem (employees, partners, etc. Should a company blog? Should employees blog? However, when not blogging you are missing out on important opportunities. included).
  • ARI HERZOG  |  THURSDAY, MAY 12, 2011
    [Blog] The Importance of Guest Blogging
    Why does anyone bother guest blogging? Guest blogging is very important for both the blogger and the blog they are guest blogging on. Many bloggers don’t see the point in guest blogging and it baffles me! There are so many reasons why you should guest post every so often. 1: Guest blogging gives you a new perspective. know some who verify facts 1,000,000 times before their guest posts, but half as much time on their own blog! When writing on another persons blog, many authors change their style – slightly or completely! Guest.
    [Blog] Do You Quarter Blog?
    Quarter blogging is simple. These “quarter blog posts” can  also be used over and over again as parts of a larger post. Do You Quarter Blog? You just finished reading Do You Quarter Blog? ! Blog Coach Blogging Blog Posting Social media WritingShort quick ideas of about 100 words. Be thinking sections of listed posts like 8 best ways to do this or   17 tips to succeed at that. It shouldn’t take long to jot down 100 words. And if you’re dictating into a voice memo – better yet ( Talk Write ).
    [Blog] Best Business Blogging Guides and Tips of 2010
    How can you improve your blog’s position in search engines? Discover the answers to all of these questions and more here in the final selection of the best guides and tips for business blogging from the past year. Blogging Guides, Tips and Techniques. The Step-by-Step Guide to Guest Blogging by 2 Create a Website. One key way to spread the fame of your own blog is to guest post on others; you reach a new audience, hopefully pick up some new fans, and get valuable backlinks to your blog. Why Host a Blog on Your Corporate Website? Blog SEO.
    [Blog] How to Find and Unleash Your Blog’s Voice
    If your blog is a microphone and your posts are the lyrics then what is your voice? I’ve been thinking about this question for three years. Two blogs start at the same time. Both blogs target the same audience. If you were to question readers of the successful blog, they would swear that the blogger is speaking directly to them. The successful blog had a distinct voice that gave it almost magical rapport-building power. Voice, it seems, is the magic, the force, behind extraordinary blogs. Blogs are getting more boring by the minute. Will you?
    [Blog] Do you syndicate your blog?
    You see, lots of bloggers have their blog posts syndicated on other sites that aggregate content, and sometimes we write posts specific to a site just to get our names in front of more readers who frequent that particular web site. It’s like guest blogging, but more focused. Social Media Tips and Tricks Blog blogging Social Media syndicationRecently the topic of syndicating content came up in conversation. Over time you can build a following on some of these sites, and while at first look that seems really great (look ma I’m FAMOUS!!) Share the love.
  • GET SOCIAL PR  |  MONDAY, JUNE 24, 2013
    [Blog] Should You Delete Abusive Comments from Your Organization’s Blog
    TweetI’ve been thinking about abusive comments we see from time to time on blogs, both in the world of business and among other organizations, causes and personal blogs. Commentary Blog Blog Comments Blogging Campaign Blog Check Lists Comment Corporate Blog Corporate Blogs There are a lot of angry people. Some have legitimate reason, say when a company screws up and doesn’t make amends. Or, say, folks get upset at [.].
    [Blog] How to Successfully Launch Your Small Business Blog
    Pushing Social Launching a new blog is an amazing, scary, and exciting time. I’ve helped quite a few businesses launch their blog and the mixture of emotion is always the same. Here we go… Your Small Business Blog Checklist: 1. An empty blog is as unattractive as an empty restaurant on Friday night. Seeding your blog with ten posts will give it a lived in feeling that will reassure new readers. 2. Your business will need to establish a solid blogging habit. Consistency is critical to the success of your new blog. Schedule Time to Blog.
    [Blog] 7 Blog Promotion Tests You Should Try Now
    More Blog Promotion Tips Just so you know, I promised a traffic building post every week for everyone working on the 1,000 New Blog Reader Challenge.  I missed one last week, so I’m making it up to you today. Add Blog Teasers to Your Facebook Page. Do you have a strong Facebook audience that doesn’t visit your blog? Add a link to your blog post. The categories could become the title for a blog series. Adding an Email Blog Update Opt-In. Take a play from their book and give your Blog Update sign-up form the attention it deserves.
    [Blog] 21 Sources For Blog Ideas
    Where do you get your blog ideas ? There are plenty of places to go online to get ideas for your blog posts. No matter what industry or niche you serve, these 21 sources for blog post ideas are golden opportunities. Your RSS aggregator – Do you subscribe to the most popular blogs in your niche? Blog Catalog. simple encounter with the different or extraordinary can often be turned into a blog post. Your own blog’s comments – What questions are people asking? Ideas for blog posts are all around you. Check out their links.
    [Blog] 7 Blog Promotion Tests You Should Try Now
    Pushing Social Just so you know, I promised a traffic building post every week for everyone working on the 1,000 New Blog Reader Challenge.  I missed one last week, so I’m making it up to you today. Add Blog Teasers to Your Facebook Page. Do you have a strong Facebook audience that doesn’t visit your blog? Add a link to your blog post. Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion , recommends listing all your customer  questions and creating online content that answers them.  Of course, blog posts are a great way to answer these questions and encourage engagement.
    [Blog] 12 Ways to End Your Blogging Year With a Bang
    So here are 11 blogging to-do items you should complete before the New Year.  If you do, you’ll be in a better position to achieve your business, content marketing, and blogging goals next year. Did you get serious about building your blog email list? rarely read other social media blogs.  I’ve found that they dull my ability to find innovative ways to connect the dots.  You have shiny tool syndrome if you believe that Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, or eBooks will save your business or blog. Blog ProfitsNew Year’s Resolutions are awesome. Chip V.
    [Blog] Do You Really Want Comments on Your Blog?
    Yet many still gauge their success on how many comments they get on their blog. It seems there are three stages of of thought around comments on a business’ blog: Fear of negative comments. Some never get to the third stage – heck, some never overcome the first stage and therefore don’t blog – but those are trails for another stroll. Would you rather have comments on your blog or have others comment about your blog elsewhere? I’ve long held to the practice and teaching that long comments should become blog posts.
    [Blog] How to Write Your First 10 Small Business Blog Posts
    More Blog Promotion Tips Your first post will be the The hardest one you will ever write. Today, I’ll outline 10 posts that you should write for your small business blog. These posts are important because they set the tone for your blog. Articulate the benefit of spending 10 minutes with your blog. Your first visitors will examine your blog for clues that point to its usefulness. This post makes a clear argument for including your blog on the readers “dance card” of places to visit. Post #2:   Who The Blog Is For. No problem.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2012
    [Blog] This Disease Called Blogging
    Why do you blog? Why should you blog? One of my most favorite people is Gini Dietrich from Arment Dietrich and the always fun to read blog, Spin Sucks. Today, she published a blog titled, Responding (Or Not) to Blog Comments , in which she says: " we ended up having a conversation about blog comments and replying to them. The blogger replies to every comment left on his or her blog post ( Chris and me). don't blog to write. They happen to be on a blog platform. The blog comments are not mine. blog comments. media.
    [Blog] Digging Deeper: 10 Big Blogging Ideas for 2012
    My talk followed the innovative Social Slam format which allowed me only 10 minute to share 10 Big Blogging Ideas for Social Media. But that’s what I have a blog for! 10 Big Blogging Ideas for 2012. The large broad subjects are dominated by mega blogs with armies of writers. In 2012, blogs will succeed by identifying small audiences with specific problems that beg for novel solutions. If you are trying to write a general subject blog, pause, and rethink your focus. Joint Blogging. Offer them a guest post on your blog. Blog Pep Rallies.
    [Blog] 7 Ways to Get Your Blog Noticed in a Crowded Niche
    Are you struggling to get your blog noticed  in a crowded and competitive niche?  Do you have to lock horns with celebrity bloggers who are sucking the oxygen out of your topic area?  You just have to outwit, outplay, and outlast the other blogs in your space. Although I’m believe that the blogging pie for most niches is big enough to support everyone.  Blog readers fall into three categories that sometimes overlap:  1. They tend to avoid blogs that don’t have a thriving commenting community.  3. Your goal is to tailor your blog content to one of these groups. 
    [Blog] Blogging: 5 benefits of commenting on blogs
    Do you comment on blogs? Creates opportunity – by regularly engaging on blogs you’re building your contacts and this can lead to more connections, guest post opportunites and new business. Raises your profile – adding interest to someone’s article gets you noticed by other readers and the blog author. Drives traffic to your own blog – it can drive more visits as other readers, commentators and the blog author will want to learn more about you. They may even leave you a reciprocal comment! Add a genuine comment.
    [Blog] Why You Should Blog About Your Business [Guest Post]
    while back Mike asked the question, should every business blog , and concluded that no, it’s just not for all businesses. Everyone should blog about his or her business. This doesn’t necessarily mean blogging for your business. But anyone, excepting people with strict non-disclosure agreements, can blog about a business. Blogging to learn. Here’s what anyone stands to learn in the first few months of blogging: How to research. Blogging builds them. Blogging to connect. Blogging naturally connects us to others.
    [Blog] Blog Like Tebow
    Blog Strategy Opinion Social MediaNever has the obligatory end-zone prayer been so hip. Never has an iffy NFL 1st year rookie quarterback come so close to being a pop icon. Never has a sports figure forced us to weigh faith and attitude so heavily in our tabulation of greatness. Tim Tebow is preaching even when he’s trying his darndest not too. I’m gonna have some fun today because Tebow has something to teach monitor-tanned bloggers too. Tim Tebow isn’t a writer. Take a knee, it’s Tebow time: Make Progress Every Day. His games were epic. He seemed to toy with his opponents. Faith.
    [Blog] How to Climb Out Of Your Blogging Slump
    Unlike most bad things that happen in life, I saw this one coming.  I had been dutifully blogging here on Pushing Social for a year and a half.  I had settled into a groove and was seeing limited success. As you know, this wasn’t the end.  I found the motivation to move forward again.  In fact, Since November 27th, the day I published my first-slump post, I’ve been blogging every weekday non-stop.  It’s been an amazing time.  Does your spouse support your bloggingBlogging is a social activity that requires real word contact.  Write down your vision for your blog
    [Blog] How to Climb Out Of Your Blogging Slump
    Unlike most bad things that happen in life, I saw this one coming.  I had been dutifully blogging here on Pushing Social for a year and a half.  I had settled into a groove and was seeing limited success. As you know, this wasn’t the end.  I found the motivation to move forward again.  In fact, Since November 27th, the day I published my first-slump post, I’ve been blogging every weekday non-stop.  It’s been an amazing time.  Does your spouse support your bloggingBlogging is a social activity that requires real word contact.  Write down your vision for your blog
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2013
    [Blog] 6 Great Blog Content Sources
    These 6 blog content sources are great when you’re looking for fresh, new content. If you have a blog, then you have, at some point or another, wondered where the inspiration for your next great article was going to come from. Bloggers are always looking for great, new blog content sources. Every section on Mashable’s seemingly endless website has the potential to provide you with the content you need to get started on that next blog post. Pay attention to what your friends and followers find interesting, and you just might get a great idea for a blog.
    [Blog] A WordPress Blog Hacking Nightmare – The Gory Details…
    More Blog Promotion Tips On April 11th, Pushing Social was hacked. But, Pushing Social had become a zombie host for over 20 WordPress blogs pumping this garbage. I was totally unaware that Pushing Social had become a cog in a vast botnet meticulously constructed by criminals and misfits. Pushing Social went down. I use Chartbeat to watch Pushing Social’s traffic and alert me when the blog is offline. I did all of my normal tricks. Ten minutes later, the blog went down again. They tweak settings to turn your blog into a speed demon. Blog Strategy Social Media
    [Blog] 33 Common Business Blog Mistakes
    Home About Pushing Social #FF Gratitude Journal 4 My Tweeps Archives Contact Subscribe Pushing Social 33 Common Business Blog Mistakes by Stanford on June 22, 2010 Spread it! Share Email This Lately, I’ve been reviewing dozens of business blogs for a new project I’m working on.  The good news is that many businesses are catching on to the blogging thing fast…Others are still missing the mark.  The #1 mistake is not launching a blog.  I don’t care if you  don’t know what your doing.  Motivate your entire company to contribute content to your blog
    [Blog] Blogging Is Dead
    Every year, pundits proclaim the death of blogging. In 2008, it was Wired , wondering if the rise of Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and the like would be more en vogue for individuals, who were getting pushed aside as the conglomerate professional blogs were beginning to take prominence. In 2009, Copyblogger declared blogging dead (again) but noted that it would continue to live on. But Malik won't have us count blogging out - there's still plenty of room left for long-form content. Do we need to force-fit blogs to become more snack-sized as we Tumblrize the world?
    [Blog] How To Create Killer Internet Marketing Content for Your Website or Blog
    Users create, curate, and disseminate content on a continuous basis.  If you’re not creating high quality content, your website or blog may just get lost in the noise.  But writing content for your website or blog is not necessarily the easiest skill to master.  If internet marketing were that easy, there wouldn’t be a need for internet marketing businesses and SEO practitioners. News jack your blogs.   If you’re writing a blog to advertise your goods or services, it would behoove your blog to news jack a popular item in order to gain more attention with your internet marketing.
    [Blog] Why Some Blogs Almost Always Outshine The Rest
    Have you ever wondered why some blogs just take off while others stagnate and disappear without a trace? Although each of these points are critical, they don’t seem to pinpoint why some blogs are simple irresistible. But, if you look closely under the surface of top blogs you see something else working behind the scenes.  It’s powerful, and seductive.  I’ll call it Blog Culture. Examples of Blog’s with Unmistakable Culture. Zappos’ soaks their blog with culture.  Ok, let’s reel this in and apply it to your blog.
    [Blog] Nice Blogs Finish Last
    Nice Blog. This post is about how some blogs are nice, but they lack foresight, direction and intent. They’re blogging nice, but not blogging smart. Once the content is posted in the blog, it begins to educate visitors and create more qualified leads. If it’s really important, move it out of the blog and into the product or service pages. Blog with the End in Mind: A Book. Another way to blog more strategically is to plan ahead for future reuse. This helps the efficient repurposing of blogs into books and ebooks. Blog with Intent.
    [Blog] Its Official: Google Will Penalize Spammy Guest Blogging
    Home > Blogging > Google > SEO Matt Cutts has revealed in another video post Google’s official view that it will penalise spammy guest blogging activities. Guest blogging has become the new way to get free links from popular blogs in exchange for free content. We warned you that Google might penalise guest blogging blogs some months ago. If  guest blogging sites link out to low quality websites (engaged in poor guest blogging practices and article spinning), then it could harm your site rankings. 200 Guest Blogging Posts!
    [Blog] Top 10 social media blog posts from 2011
    Tweet From the Top 10 viral advertising campaigns , to the Top 10 marketing moments of 2011 , the “Top 10 season” is definitely in full swing, so we thought we’d jump on the bandwagon and look at the Top 10 social media blog posts from 2011 on our blog. While our top 10 social media blog posts list is based on the most shared blog posts, other favourites from the team include: Why people don’t want to create content for your brand. As well as the free guides we launched on our blog: How to measure Twitter (using the API). Tweet This!
    [Blog] Should You Still Use Google+ to Promote Your Blog Posts?
    Blog Marketing blog blogging Content Marketing Social MediaI want Google+ to succeed.  As a marketer, I want more options for reaching my audience. Google+ was positioned as a Facebook and Twitter alternative and I eagerly set-up my profile page and began piling up the ‘Plus Ones (+1)” I was in good company. Chris Brogan, Guy Kawasaki, Martin Shervington, and Ryan Hanley, all excellent marketers and thought leaders invested time and energy into demystifying Google+ for the rest of us. Listen to our opinions here: Get the show notes here. Have a Question?
    [Blog] Introduction to B2B Blogging.
    A presentation on B2B Blogging given at a recent Social Media Conference. The main take-aways from the presentation: - Why you should blog. What you should think about before you blog (content strategy development with regards to SEO). What you might blog about. High level blog measurement. What to do once you've published content. Content tips if you get stuck
    [Blog] 40 Social Media Blogs You Should Be Reading
    pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact 40 Social Media Blogs You Should Be Reading by Pam Dyer on December 16, 2009 Share If you’re reading this blog ( thank you! ), you probably agree that social media is valuable. Some offer advice about how to leverage social media to your advantage, while others keep you current on the latest trends. I’ve included an excerpt from each blog’s About page to give you some idea about what each one covers. All Facebook : is a blog that was started by Nick O’Neill. Blonde 2.0′s
    [Blog] Why You Might Be Your Blog’s Worst Enemy
    Over the last two years, I’ve discovered that the key to successful blogging isn’t great content, an awesome audience, email newsletters, or guest posting. Instead blog success is built on “mental toughness.” ” I’ve seen super smart people stumble and fall because they couldn’t take the daily pressure of growing a blog.  I’ve watched social media celebrities make dumb decisions because they let their mental demons get the better of them. I don’t fault them. Blogging, hell business in general is emotionally challenging.
    [Blog] 10 Blogging, Content and Social Media Metrics and How to Improve Them
    A white paper from Vocus identified 10 key blogging, content and social media metrics. Content marketing Social media marketing blogging metrics content metrics social media metrics We summarized them and looked at five metrics in-depth. We also added several tips to improve them. Planning your business and marketing strategy requires a full analysis of metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that are relevant to gauge your success [.].
    [Blog] Nobody Reads Your Blog Anyway
    Just starting out, nobody is reading your blog anyway.  So become a better blogger (writer, author, communicator, whatever) by producing content. Half-Blogging. Tags: Blog Coach Writing Yet. . And they won't ever find it unless you put something on it. As a baby blogger, you will be forgiven your baby messes.  We've all been there.  By articulating what you know or think, you'll get better. At the writing. And at the thinking. Just spill. Related Posts: Two Weeks of Trash Talking. Gnashing of Teeth or Punching of Keys. It's Okay to Begin in the Middle.
    [Blog] Why Blog Posts Fail
    As I wrote about in my post “ Are you thinking about your blog all wrong? This is especially true for blogs, where 80-90% of all blog traffic comes from 10-20% of the posts you publish. You have a blog that publishes three posts per week, 50 weeks per year. You have a full-time blog editor/manager that makes $60,000 per year ($90,000 with standard benefits/expenses). Your blog tech, hosting, design, plug-ins cost an average of $1,500 per month. Why Are You Wasting $900 on a Blog Post That Won’t Work? Almost certainly so. You are not.
    [Blog] Meet the Power of Blog Syndication
    And that’s just from my post on my blog. When I published my blog post, their editors observed my submission among a feed of other submissions by other bloggers; and they promoted me from just a person in their incoming syndication feed to a person featured on their website and across their social media channels. With every post of mine that is syndicated and distributed to their own networks of readers and followers, there is a ricochet effect of my own new readers, new sharers, new commentators, new blog subscribers, new social media followers, and new influence markers.
    [Blog] 10 Specific Steps To Build A Blog Community Starting Today
    The good news is, building community with your blog readers doesn’t have to be difficult. The basic building block of every blogging advice article should be this: Create great content. Which tools and tactics are enabling your blog community to grow? 2. Your readers will have a hard time responding to your questions when you don’t allow blog comments. Make yourself easy to reach out to, even beyond the blog’s comment section. Two are greater than one—and that’s as true in blogging as it is anyplace else. Blog regularly. By  Shanna Mallon  . 1.
    [Blog] Pros and Cons of Co-Authoring a Blog
    have a blog Q for you (and anyone else who feels like chiming in) Q: Are there any truly successful blogger ‘partnerships’ out there? mean, two ppl working together on the one blog with the one vision. But I’m I just realized I’m about to start a blog with a colleague/friend and… well… I can’t think of an example of a similar blog or the potential issues they’d face. We have our own blogs, too, and co-authoring this one spawns creativity for our individual efforts. The central blog cog binds us in a way.
  • ABSOLUTE PA  |  FRIDAY, JULY 3, 2015
    [Blog] The Ultimate Business Blogging Guide
    The easiest way for you to get this info to people is through your blog, trust me on this. You see a comment in a FB group, online somewhere, or a client or prospect client asks you something, and you think – YES I totally have a blog that will answer that question! know what you’re thinking, “I should have paid attention to Alicia, she had a really good idea about keeping blogs together.”. YES, I did and so many other resources for keeping your blogs organised, relevant and useful that I thought this week I’d round em all up for you. TWICE. Picture this.
    [Blog] If This Was My Last Blog Post
    Over at For Bloggers By Bloggers, I offered up a new list of free blog topics to help you with ideas for your blog. One of the topics suggested is If This Was My Last Blog Post , and its premise is wondering what you would say, if you knew it would be the last post you ever write (if you were to die). And sometimes, just sometimes, movements are created from the springboard that a single blog post can create. I’m incredibly biased, but I see you as one of the best communities on the web. Thank you for being with me while I was on this little blogging journey.
    [Blog] How Often Should Your Small Business Blog Publish?
    More Blog Promotion Tips It’s easy (and safe) to give you a vague answer to this question. Small businesses across the world would cite my recommendation as the foundation for their blogging strategies. Successful Small Business Blogs Post At Least… Once a week. By now, I’ve reviewed , consulted , and built many successful business blogs and without fail they all publish a blog every single week. Think of your blog as a courtesy phone call to your most profitable customers. Google loves blogs that have fresh content. Listen.
    [Blog] 7 Important Questions to Ask Before Redesigning Your Blog
    Your blog design isn’t cutting it. Your brand is represented by blog’s look, feel, style and voice.  Successful blogs create a cohesive brand and consistently communicate it in new and exciting ways.  Ben Barden at Quick Blog Tips has a snappy and smart brand.  She was getting burned out and was on the edge of abandoning her new blog.  I noticed that she had recorded an excellent podcast that oozed personality and gritty authenticity.  I recommended that she publish audio posts instead of killing herself with a style that she obviously hated.
    [Blog] Extend Your Community with a Quora Blog
    We’ll see in in a few months if my hunch about Quora blogs is well founded. My Quora Blogging Experiment. Marketing legend Seth Godin has been sharing concise nuggets of wisdom at his blog for over a decade. It’s a practice I have long admired – and now I’m giving it a try over at my new small business marketing blog at Quora. My experimental blog at Quora is designed to share concise small business marketing tips and advice that can be readily implemented. This makes Quora ideal for those that have not yet built their blog platform.
    [Blog] Blog Mastery Weekend Assignment #12: Blog FOCUS
    Distractions kill businesses and blogs. Your weekend assignment is to pick one strategy and make a commitment to FOCUS. I’ve tested several excellent strategies on Pushing Social and client blogs , my favorites are: Create helpful content that entices readers to subscribe to your email list. Your content will entice readers to check out your blog and become regular readers. More Blog Promotion Tips. Blog MasteryF.O.C.U.S. Or, F ollow O ne C ourse U ntil S uccessful. Growing your email list is essential to long term success. Get as detailed as you can.
    [Blog] How to Turn Your Blog Into Your Top Salesperson
    During my last review I noticed something… I talk about blogging – a lot. Anything you care to know about blogging is right here. You really don’t care if it is a blog, a Twitter account, or a yellow pages ad that gets you there. Somewhere along the way, I lost sight of the fact that a blog is a means to an end. Next Wednesday, April 23rd at 4PM EST I will be teaching a brand new free workshop called “How to Get More Sales in 30 Days With Your Blog.” Blogging is a great tool – but let’s talk about how to make it pay.
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