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    [Blog] Taking Control of Your Facebook News Feed
    Read the full blog here. Have you wondered why you are not seeing as many of your friends and business Pages in your News Feed? That’s because Facebook determines what appears in your News Feed, and how high, with an algorithm called EdgeRank. It’s important for you, as a business owner, to control and monitor this in order to get content you actually want to see, for example updated news from competitors, partners, vendors and industry leaders. Learn how to take control of your News Feed on your personal page with Facebook’s new Interest List tool. Yasmin.
    [Blog] Favorite Social Media Management Tools for Small Business
    Pros : Supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Typepad, Squarespace, Drupal), Flickr,, YouTube, and reviews sites like Yelp. Allows posting to text, video, and image updates to all platforms, from tweets to full blog posts. Favorite Social Media Management Tools for Small Business is a post from: Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting. If you’re thinking about adopting a social media management tool, there are several questions you should be asking yourself and your team before you dive in.
    [Blog] Dallas Local Search Engine Optimization Expert Launches Argent Media
    His work has been featured in several publications, and he regularly contributes articles to Natural Search Blog, Nodal Bits, and Search Engine Land (which is the leading online publication dealing with paid and natural search marketing). Chris Silver Smith, a local search engine optimization expert based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, has launched Argent Media , a search marketing agency. Argent Media will focus on providing both short-term search engine optimization services such as basic website audits as well as ongoing consultation retainers. Local.
    [Blog] Get More Comments: How Q&A Video Can Help
    Create blog content that is relevant to your subscribers. Inspired by my own experiences and conversations with clients, I published four months’ worth of blog posts and videos addressing issues that I thought my readers would care about. Although I was drawing my post topics from real-life examples that were relevant to the theme of my blog, each week’s post was a total experiment. never directly asked my subscribers what they wanted from the blog. Determined to start 2012 with a video blog that pulled in consistent comments, I ditched the guess-work altogether.
    [Blog] Five Lessons Any Blogger Can Learn from Organized Crime
    Well, loads of bad stuff, but also some truly epic lessons in how to create a great blog. Author Scott Sigler calls his long-time readers “Junkies” and the Noir Factory, my blog, refers to its subscribers as “Confidential Informants.”. While no one is suggesting that you set prayer cards on fire, and – depending on your blog – it may be very inappropriate to demand blood-letting, you should instill that same kind of identity in your tribe. Finding these growth opportunities for your blog will allow your voice and your empire to flourish. m just saying.
    [Blog] Groupon Responds to Super Bowl Ad Complaints
     Groupon CEO Andrew Mason responded to the backlash on Twitter and Facebook about Groupon’s  &# Tibet&# Super Bowl ad via the Groupon Blog: We take the causes we highlighted extremely seriously – that’s why we created this campaign in partnership with many hallmark community organizations, for whom we’re raising money at viewer named Vinod posted on the Groupon blog in response to Mason’s explaination: I know what you were trying to convey, but you had 2 problems. The creators of the ads,  Crispin Porter + Bogusk, are known for making waves.
    [Blog] The “Cardboard arcade kid”, vs “Push button to add drama” – value in viral video?
    Two weeks ago I posted a quick blog post about a video featuring 9-year-old Caine Monroy , who built a cardboard arcade over a summer vacation, and waited for his first customer to turn up. Well, after two weeks, the result of his first customer happening to make a video about him, and then organising a flashmob via Reddit and Facebook is in. million views on Vimeo , with 10,400 likes. million views on Youtube with 31,000 likes. 105,000 Facebook Likes. 6,400 Followers on Twitter. Over $186,000 raised for Caine’s Arcade Scolarship Fund. So basically: Interesting. Inspiring. Shared.
    [Blog] 7 Effective Tips To Grow Your Social Media Presence The Right Way
    Your audience should be the focal point of your entire blog and everything you do should be based around helping them and solving their problems. Adam Connell is the Founder of Blogging Wizard, a website devoted to helping bloggers grow their traffic, email subscribers and online presence. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'This is a guest contribution from Adam Connell. Have you ever wondered how to gain a significant advantage with social media? Not Not just in terms of growing a following but growing an engaged following? have too, and so have countless others.
    [Blog] The Great Irony of Social Velocity
    Maybe what we’re lacking isn’t so much the tolerance for crunchy conversations – a word that Justin has helped me endorse here – but rather the patience and discipline to have them in forums and situations that are longer than 140 characters, that aren’t defined by a witty repost to a blog comment. I had a brilliant conversation with Justin Kozuch last evening on Twitter. If you don’t know Justin , you should. Smart, introspective, determined to find more in all of this, just like I am. We need willingness to embrace discomfort, yes. stand by that.
    [Blog] On ROI, Social Media, and Relationships
    realize the irony of writing that last sentence on the blog of the maven of SM measurement. He is a husband, Iowa Hawkeyes and Chicago Cubs fan, and also  blogs. [Ed: I'm on vacation. Here's the fifth of a week's worth of guest posts.]. just finished watching a video from LeWeb ’10 in Paris starring Gary Vaynerchuk in which he discusses the ROI of social media. I’d like you to watch the video and then we’ll discuss (warning; there’s some NSFW language in the video): Gary Vaynerchuk on Social Media ROI. Shonali is giving and kind, what can I say?
    [Blog] Mark Steyn on the US Debt, and Other Warnings
    Peter Oborne at the Telegraph: In this grave crisis, the world’s leaders are terrifyingly out of their depth – Telegraph Blogs. Mad Debt – Mark Steyn – National Review Online. The fecklessness of Washington is an existential threat not only to the solvency of the republic but to the entire global order. If Ireland goes under, it’s lights out on Galway Bay. When America goes under, it drags the rest of the developed world down with it. When I go around the country saying stuff like this, a lot of folks agree. Forget about mid-century. military budget.
    [Blog] Thanks To All That Supported the Habitat Tool Drive
    Leave a Reply Cancel reply John Sonnhalter Welcome to my blog, Tradesmen Insights. Blog at to the professional tradesman in the Construction, Industrial and MRO markets Home About Me Contact Market Overviews Newsletter Podcasts Services Thanks To All That Supported the Habitat Tool Drive Sonnhalter  recently completed a local tool drive for Habitat for Humanity for the Cleveland area. Thanks to everyone’s generous support, we received more than $16,000 in tools and building supplies. “The Sonnhalter Tool Drive was a huge success!
    [Blog] 16 SXSW 2011 Panels to Vote For! The NC + friends edition
    The Cost, Commitment, & Satisfaction of Starting a Blog. Many people believe the cost associated with blogging will keep them from creating something that people will be interested in reading. While cost is a factor depending on what type of blogging your going to create, you have a choice to create a totally free blog, or one that comes with immediate cost that you have to pay up front. We all have a voice and blogging is one way of expressing that on a global scale immediately. Uploaded with plasq ‘s Skitch ! 27 (Fun!) Your vote. Yes No. Organizer.
    [Blog] Five Ways to Engage Potential Customers Through Facebook
    This SEO blog can give you tips on what to write about, and how to keep your customers interested. 'Customer interaction has been completely revolutionized with the rise of social media. Where customer relationships used to be based on simply transactional relations, these days the relationship is much more about engagement and trust. Facebook is one of the best tools for engaging with your potential customers and creating a stronger brand image for your business. Below are five simple ways you can engage potential customers through Facebook and build better customer relationships.
    [Blog] Google+, Google Apps and Your Social Graph
    G+ is still in the crawl before you walk stage, but there is a apparently a hive of activity in the background as Google throws resources at G+ to incorporate apps like Blogger and Picasa, which are being renamed Google Blogs and Google Photos. One of the strongest reasons emerging for businesses to take a closer look at using Google+ is the integration with their other apps.  HealthWorks has figured out a few ideas for healthcare organizations, and these uses could as well apply to most other businesses too. Ways to Use  Google Apps. It’s a natural for any type of travel site. 
    [Blog] Career Development Tips with Social Media
    Keep interacting with your audience: write blogs, respond to their queries, and comment on related posts by your customers, and so on. Social media is a double edged sword: while you can leverage it to enhance your credibility and build your brand, you need to remember to create and maintain a professional image at all times. It is very easy to stray off the path. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure you stay right on track: What the public sees should not be too different from the real you. Authenticity is always appreciated by consumers. But here you need to be very careful.
    [Blog] Day 25: People of color impacting the social web – Kalimah Priforce #28DaysofDiversity
    For day 25 , I would like to introduce to some and present to others: Kalimah Priforce Twitter: @kapriforce Website/Blog: Bio Kalimah Priforce discovered his calling to “transform children’s lives&# after his 18 year old younger brother was shot and killed right behind their old elementary school in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, New York. As we all know, February is Black History Month. Even though it’s black history month, the goal for 28 Days of Diversity is to feature not just African-Americans but other minorities in the web/tech space.
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    [Blog] Chrysler Social Media: Who They Should Hire Next
    Where is the ability to drive hundreds of thousands of visitors to individual blog posts or videos? The unfortunate mistake made Thursday that cost New Media Strategies their contract with Chrysler should be viewed as an opportunity to make a tremendous step forward in their social media marketing. It isn’t that NMS did a bad job – from what I can tell they run a pretty tight ship and have made solid contributions to promoting the Chrysler brand. However, now is the time for Chrysler to get exciting. What about Tumblr? Buzzfeed? Anything. This is a huge mistake.
    [Blog] Developing Routines and Finding Time
    When I look at my blogs and see that I haven’t written in several months I let out a deep sigh. I’m not making a lofty goal of writing a new post every day for multiple blogs. Making anything a routine is hard. This becomes harder as the demands on our time increase. And with increased demands on our time come increased stress to accomplish it all and it becomes easy for things to fall off of our plates, even when we have the best intentions. It can feel like you’re in a never-ending struggle of trying to always make something in your life a routine.
    [Blog] Introducing Stephen Tiano: Monday Muse #2
    Stephen Tiano, a freelance book designer, page compositor, and layout artist, wrote a guest blog post here in February 2009 about his blogging and tweeting and how both contributed to his economic success. blog to present my “take” on book design , what I do and how I approach such work, and hopefully to give those interested in publishing books reason to consider my services. I’ve gotten more paying project interest and actual paying projects — after my own website and blog — from my Twitter presence. How do you decide blog content to write?
    [Blog] Eating Their Lunch: Using Technology to Monitor and Respond to Competitors
    You never see people talk about competitors on social networks, and on marketing blogs. Eating Their Lunch: Using Technology to Monitor and Respond to Competitors is a post from: Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting. It’s the ultimate taboo topic. Get behind closed doors and that changes quickly.  Marketers obsess about their competitors, messaging, and corresponding market share. That’s why we talk about competitors a great deal in Marketing in the Round. Here are some tips to help you. Monitor the Competition. Why does or doesn’t it work?
    [Blog] Are You Afraid of Your Own Media?
    Your newspaper is your personal blog or your Twitter feed. Access to the media has always been exciting, at least for those of us over the age of 30. Now everyone has access to media. You have your own TV station - it's called YouTube. Facebook is your version of People Magazine, and iTunes and  Cinch  are your radio stations. Your Small Business is a Media Company. You no longer have to grovel to media companies to have your message heard - now your small businesses is a media company. Now you have the power. Now you can give your side of the story?  . Are You Afraid of the Spotlight?
    [Blog] Day 11: People of color impacting the social web – Anthony Frasier – #29DaysofDiversity
    Website/Blog: As we all know, February is Black History Month. It’s a month where we honor those who have made an impact on American culture for equal rights, those who have invented, those who have a helped others and those who have inspired everyone to be the best they can be, not only as a person of color but as a human. For the past two years for Black History Month, I started an online series called 28 Days Diversity where I would feature someone new everyday during the month of February for just being awesome in their own right. Twitter: @AnthonyFrasier.
    [Blog] This Week in Social Media – 4/3/2013
    Storify is a platform that allows you to curate content from other social networks - videos, tweets, blog posts, etc. A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry. Each week at Ford, I compose a newsletter that includes a series of links about current events and trends in the worlds of technology, social media, mobile, communications and marketing in order to keep the wider team up to date on changes, newsworthy items and content that might be useful in their jobs. These are those links. Still, Facebook dominates in this space. We're not alone out there. Big Data is not a cure-all.
    [Blog] Remaining Professional with Social Media
    Especially since social media and blogging are instantly available and free; this presents an ideal option for companies to facilitate people, who could become future customers in a mere effortless fashion. At some point, I believe we will all be expected to be fluent in social media. From my perspective, this means that we will basically be unable to stay truly connected without it. This naturally leads one to question—if social media is beneficial to those involved with it, or if it will create more of a divide amongst individuals who don’t have access to the Internet on a daily basis.
    [Blog] Creating Your Own Facebook Community
    17, 2010 #FollowFriday: The Bike Whisperer A Rose By Any Other Name…Might Not Be As Marketable Blog: Share Your Link Love Spinonomics Attire Not Appropriate for Public Speaking Arment Dietrich Is No Longer a PR Firm? The Ghost Blogging Debate The Age-Old Question: Can I Pick Your Brain? Blog Roll Book Rec. didn’t want to share it on my personal Facebook page, as most of my friends and family couldn’t care less.  I thought about Twitter, but I only check that once a day so the conversation would mostly stop after one or two tweets.  So I went searching.  Up for review? 
    [Blog] Smart reads that will make you DO
    Note:  If you read their blog Signal vs. Noise -- much of this will sound familiar.  I've read some really fantastic books lately and I want to share three of them with you.    Each one is very different but has one thing in common -- they will make you want to try something new or do something different. That's actually about as high a compliment as I can give a business book.    It inspires me to DO something in a better, smarter, more creative, more profitable, more giving way.    They get us to DO.   Do that well….and
    [Blog] How to Triple Your Audience and Lead Generation With Content Syndication
    While blogs and social media may be replacing print media as primary information highways, the basic concept of syndication is definitely alive and well on the web. Not only can you syndicate your blog with the help of an RSS feed, there’s a number of websites which may republish your content. Additionally, if the website you’re syndicating allows you to include call-to-action buttons with your republished blog posts , you could notice your average lead quality plummet. Image Credit: suphakit73/ What is Syndication? How to Syndicate Content. AllTop.
    [Blog] The best social games on any platform…
    TheWayoftheWeb The digital convergence of media, entertainment, marketing and PR front page archives about RSS Click below for the WayoftheWeb bookstore The Blogroll A Shel of Myself Chris Brogan Currybetdotnet Eaon Pritchard Faster Future Gaping Void Howard Owens Jaffe Juice Jonathan MacDonald KDPaine’s PR Measurement Blog Michael Leis – Digital Strategy Nick Burcher Occam’s Razor Web Analytics blog Only Dead Fish Seth Godin Simon Collister – Networked Society Teaching Online Journalism The Herd The Obvious? blog comments powered by Disqus Blog Partners
    [Blog] Are Businesses Starting to Overpost on Facebook?
    We won’t get into a lengthy discussion on the intricacies of the Facebook news feed algorithm – I’m not sure that a single blog post dedicated to the subject would be enough to do it justice and it’s changing so rapidly that it would be outdated in weeks at best. There was a time not too long ago when it was hard to get businesses to post enough. More on that in a moment. Before we get into the numbers surrounding posting, let’s look at this from a human perspective. These people are important, but again, more on them in a moment. They wanted little Timmy.
    [Blog] The One Thing GoDaddy can do to Avoid the Coming Mass-Exodus
    So many people (this blog included) have registered through GoDaddy over the years and when the prominent website owners like the Cheeseburger Network and Wikipedia started pulling their support, others followed in the same manner. Early signs of the mass exodus from GoDaddy are already starting to show up and the unofficial Leave GoDaddy Day is still later this week. First, they supported SOPA, the evil bill that would weaken the internet as we know it today. Everything’s better now, right? It may be too late already. Why GoDaddy? Who’s next? Do the right thing, GoDaddy.
    [Blog] Is Unstructured Collaboration the Key to Business Agility?
    Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER Is Unstructured Collaboration the Key to Business Agility? blog comments powered by Disqus Connect with me Subscribe to Social Media RSS RSS About Jacob Email Me Jacob Morgan is the Principal of Chess Media Group , a social business consultancy that works with medium and enterprise companies on developing Enterprise 2.0, If you enjoy traveling be sure to check out Jacobs travel blog. Towards the end of last year Drew Gude, Director, U.S. Back to unstructured collaboration. No way.
    [Blog] Out with the Old (Marketing) And In With the New
    Increase website and blog traffic. HubSpot offers advice on how to leverage different inbound channels to generate “awesome leads” from business blogs, email marketing and landing pages to social media. Companies soon came to realize that although there are no paid media costs, resources are needed to build and maintain initiatives on Facebook, Twitter, blogs or Google+. For example, instead of saying “let’s start blogging or let’s create a Facebook page”, begin with a good understanding of your goals and objectives. Charles Darwin. More Media Options Today. No Pain.
    [Blog] Take the Network for Good Cause Marketing Survey
    With the advent of conversational media, cause marketing best practices are now in the midst of dynamic change, something we Zoeticans have been discussing quite a bit on our blogs. As CMO of Zoetica , I am proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Network for Good to create a best practice eGuide for corporate social good campaigns. We are launching this initiative at NTEN’s 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference (#10ntc on Twitter). Please take our two minute survey and inform companies on cause marketing best practice. If you feel the same way, please take the survey.
    [Blog] The Power of Influence
    She connected to people through tweets, blogs and an online petition and within two weeks she had 300,000 names backing her plea for the bank to stop. Mark Schaefer is a consultant, college educator, and author who blogs at {grow}. The Power of Influence is a post from: Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting. Last year, a young lady named Molly Katchpole graduated from college and, like so many young Americans, could not find a job. Desperate to make her student loan payments, she took a job as a part-time nanny. Molly had enough.
    [Blog] 10 Best Entrepreneurs of 2011 Infographic
    million blogs for iPad. Will you be one of the top entrepreneurs in 2012? Learn from the below and you can become a Digital Leader ! From: Also from Do a quick search for important entrepreneurs. Do you see any wrinkles on those faces? You sure don’t—some of them might even still have baby fat. does a yearly list of the top 30 entrepreneurs under 30.  Business MBA  decided to find out how ten of these young adults are making huge impressions on business and on the world. Matt Mickiewicz, 99designs Co-Founder—27 Years Old. Founded 2007. Founded 2007.
    [Blog] @SocialEmployee Featured in New eBook: Future of Marketing @BrennerMichael
    After setting out to interview over 20 leading marketers, Brenner crafted a “ Future of Marketing ” series on his blog that has since sparked a tremendous amount of conversation. 'Michael Brenner’s eBook – Future of Marketing -  Brings Tomorrow a Little Closer to Today. What is the future of marketing? Based on the sheer number of people asking this question over the past year, from Wharton to McKinsey , Harvard Business Review to Business Insider , clearly this question has occupied the minds of many of today’s prominent marketers.
    [Blog] Healthy Eating, How to Read a Room & ‘that’ Vogue Cover
    big big thank you to all the people that filled in my questionnaire to help me with my study into beauty blogs and their effect in purchase intent. ‘That’ Vogue Magazine Cover - Susie Bubble writes a great blog post about Kim Kardashian on the cover of US Vogue. It’s been a hectic month. I’ve just finished my Masters Degree dissertation and it took a lot out of me. As usual, it was a full-on sprint to the end, but I got it done. I’m a busy gal and convenience sometimes gets the better of me with food. Image credit: Abigail Aherne. Get over it. Enjoy!
    [Blog] Here’s how you make marketing people love
    Holli writes a comprehensive and useful blog about all things apartments. If someone complained, ‘My roommate sucks’ or ‘I can’t find a good roommate,’ I would tweet them and point them to a blog post we had already written about that,” says Holli. 'Youtility is marketing so useful, people would pay for it if you asked them to do so. This form of helpfulness is transforming the businesses of companies large and small all over the world. Youtility is perhaps most effective, however, when applied to industries where there is not a lot of natural differentiation between competitors.
    [Blog] Hacking Isn’t All Negative – Think Like MacGyver
    Related Stories Week in Review July 12 – 19, 2014: Posts and Podcasts TV Shows to Watch for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners (Clips) Creative Spark, Thinking Backwards, Capturing Ideas (Video Clips) 13 ½ Business Blogging Tips to Effortlessly Impress Your Readers and Skyrocket Your Sales. 'As we were visiting with family in South Dakota recently, a couple of flies got into the kitchen while we were cooking. Not knowing where the fly swatter ended up, I grabbed a towel, my wife grabbed a newspaper. “Remember, their first action is to launch backwards, then fly forwards.
    [Blog] my6sense for Android Adds Instapaper, Replies, DMs, More
    To find out more, check out the company blog post: Stream on, until your stream comes true: Android App Version 1.3 I would be remiss to not highlight the continued updates the my6sense team has made to the company's Android application, aimed to surface the best content for you from your news and social streams, based on your own interests. After joining the company as their VP of Marketing in late August , I've seen the application launch on Android, and worked with the engineers to get their priorities focused on those areas that will bring the highest functionality for users.
    [Blog] Need some one-on-one direction?
    Note: In almost five years of blogging, I’ve never done anything like this before. So in broad terms, I try to answer some of them on the blog – thinking others may be wondering the same thing.  An Eight Week Jumpstart To Exploding Your Business. And I probably won’t do it again for quite awhile after today. But I keep getting requests and thought this was the best way to serve the need. …… Is this your opportunity? Every single week I get dozens of emails from people asking questions about marketing, building their brand and motivating their employees.
    [Blog] How Bing Is Improving Search
    For the full list, see Bing’s blog. 'We haven’t heard from Bing in a while, every now and then we’ll get a glimpse into how they are improving search. With Google becoming more restrictive with link building practices and tightening the reigns on content quality, Bing has a golden opportunity to step forward and gain some share of the search market. don’t know if any of these innovations will do that for them, but they have potential. Here are seven new innovations Bing has introduced that could make a difference in search in the coming years.
    [Blog] Stop Building Low Quality Links – Already
    You thought blog comment spam would help you. 'Every day now I see articles popping up telling webmasters how to win Google’s heart again after being penalized for low-quality or spammy links. The latest was at Search Engine Journal. All of this is well and good, but if you’re going to listen to bad SEO advice, then you’ll have to suffer the consequences of said advice. You probably trusted the wrong agency with your link building. Now you’re trying to figure out why your website lost rankings and traffic. Here’s why: You paid for links.
    [Blog] What Is True Link Building?
    That could include press releases, social media, some types of guest blogging, certain link requests, and even some traditional types of link building exercises. 'Some people would say Google Panda and Google Penguin effectively killed link building. But did they? Or is it that they simply killed an inefficient and spammy type of link building? You can’t really exist on the Web without inbound links. How will the search engines ever find your website? How will you get indexed if you don’t have at least one inbound link? There’s no guarantee that a No.
    [Blog] Why Content Marketing Isn’t About Links
    It can be on your blog or website or it can be a guest post somewhere. 'Content marketing is the new buzzword. Everyone is talking about it. But do you know what it means? For some people, content marketing is about creating online content, slapping it on a website somewhere, building links to it, and sharing it on social media. happen to think it’s a little more involved than that. This approach is sort of like looking for a spouse by going on as many dates as you can with as many people as you can and hoping that one of them proposes. You put it on the Web and push it out.
    [Blog] How SEO Has Changed In 20 Years
    Then, along came blogging and social media, videos, mobile marketing, etc. In the early days of Web marketing, webmasters spent their SEO capital writing impressive meta descriptions and stuffing their web pages with keywords. Particularly important was the meta keyword tag. It was not unusual to visit a website, view source, and see hundreds of keywords stuffed into the meta tags that didn’t even appear on the page. Google showed up on the scene in 1998 and suddenly back links became the most important thing. Webmasters scrambled to get the best links from the best websites.
    [Blog] How And Why Great Content Works
    In other words, if you write a blog post and find out three days later that it has attracted thousands of unsolicited links, there’s your great content. Great content is everyone’s goal. That is, everyone who attempts to market their business, product, or service online. But why is great content so important? Can’t you do the same thing with mediocre content? That seems like a silly question, but there is a lot of mediocre content on the Internet. And a lot of bad content. After all, not all content can be great. It’s content that gets attention without effort.
    [Blog] Should You Give Up Writing Meta Descriptions?
    Let’s use a search query that Michael references in his blog post as an example. Should you stop writing meta descriptions? Michael Martinez says you should. Here’s his reasoning for abandoning your meta descriptions: Trust me — there is nothing compelling about a meta description that a search engine chooses to ignore because it has moved the pointer a few degress further into the page. I’ll have to respectfully disagree with him even though I respect his knowledge, reputation, and his spirit. He’s wrong about meta descriptions. On Bing, the No.
    [Blog] Is It Good Business To Be Paranoid?
    She’s been online longer than most and shares a lot of insight into the subject of Internet marketing at her blog SEO Smarty. Ann Smarty is somewhat of an Internet marketing pioneer. She recently featured a guest post that suggests online marketers might want to change their profile pics soon due to the advent of facial recognition technology. Your world just got less private, the story goes. Should you be concerned? Yes and no. certainly agree that privacy is a legitimate concern. If you’re really concerned about it, however, maybe you should just leave the Internet alone.
    [Blog] Can You Build A Brand On Facebook?
    You can brand yourself with articles and through your blog. As marketers, we like to talk about how you can brand yourself wherever you go. You can brand yourself on Google and Bing. You can brand yourself on billboards. You can brand yourself at the local Chamber of Commerce. You can brand yourself on Twitter. But can you brand yourself through Facebook? Can you brand your company through Facebook? Keep in mind that you and your company – even if it is a sole proprietorship – are two different things. Your company might have a page, but does it have a profile on Facebook?
    [Blog] The Future Of Facebook
    In 2001, no one knew that blogging would be as popular as it has become. If there is anything the Web has taught us it’s that you can’t really predict what trends will be the leading trends in five or ten years. In 1995, for instance, no one knew that search would become the most important method for finding information online. Google didn’t come along until 1998. No one knew that a service like YouTube would grow to become the second largest search engine. And no one knew that social media marketing would become as important as search. Who knew? No one knows.
    [Blog] Are Web-Based Free Hosts Good For Business?
    Some of these web-based hosts provide services like analytics, a blog platform, forum add-ons, and their sites even show up in the search engine rankings so the SEO is good. I won’t name names. There are plenty of them out there. You might have used one in the past. I’m talking about the free web-based website hosts. If you remember a website by the name of Geocities where you could sign in and build a website, then you might remember that it was just a couple of years ago that Yahoo! decided to shut the site down – for good. So sad. Not all of them. Is it more work?
    [Blog] Social Media Lessons from America’s Biggest Company
    via Walmart on Facebook Chad’s three-person team manages the Walmart blog , its Google+ presence , its Pinterest page , and 7 Twitter handles. ” Chad gets to the office early every day so he can spend time reading blogs and newsletters, catching up on email, and checking out the latest and greatest content on the internet. 'Tweetable Moments No one will give a standing ovation for all the things that you do right. cmmitchell4 Tweet This Opportunities to Engage Like many of today’s social pros, Chad came to social media from a background in journalism.
    [Blog] 10 SEO Tactics That No Longer Work (If They Ever Did) | Small.
    Publishing Only Other People’s Stuff – I see blogs with auto-generated content and think, “Do you really think that’s going to work?&# About Us What’s a Maverick? » 10 SEO Tactics That No Longer Work (If They Ever Did) Confused about SEO? Did you just buy a nifty SEO book, or download one for free, that promises to tell you everything there is to know about SEO? Be careful. Some of those books are optimizing like it’s 1999. Even then, they only had about 1-point-something percent of the search market share. Adding meta keywords is a waste of time.
    [Blog] How Often Do You Speak to Your 6 Inner Strangers?
    asked me to write a guest blog post for him and I wanted to share it here. You can follow Alan''s ideas over at his blog. 'A few weeks ago I interveiwed Alan Gregerman on The Engaging Brand podcast and we explored his idea that we need strangers in our life for all kinds of reasons. During the interview he made me realise that we often lose touch with ourselves, we often get derailed from our dreams and our passions.he Discovering Our Inner Strangers. Let me explain…. When was the last time you spoke to your inner child and let it play? Don’t you deserve that too….
    [Blog] Great Advertising (From An Unexpected Brand)
    If I''m going to be honest, even blogging about this ad kills my point, because I''m giving this too much attention and time. 'Have you seen this ad? When was the last time you paid attention to a commercial about toiler paper? Or even cared to? Kimberly-Clark ''s Cottonelle brand (not a client) has come out with dispenser packaging for its Fresh Care Flushable Dry Wipes product. Yes, a moist and flushable toilet paper. Innovative product? Maybe. Stunning Cannes-worthy advertising? But it''s short. It''s to the point. It catches your attention. It makes you smile. The butt of the joke.
    [Blog] Traffic Dashboards for Behavioral Categories – Fashion Enthusiast
    What about blogging services? Did you know that ‘s Traffic Dashboard works not just on individual websites- but also on industrial and behavioral categories that Compete has predefined?   I didn’t know that – and it makes Compete a much closer competitor to Comscore Media Metrix than I initially thought (because industry categorization and rankings are aspects that Comscore offers that often sets it apart). Figured I’d work with the Fashion Enthusiast behavioral category as some of my readers have asked about online metrics for the fashion industry.
    [Blog] 37 Speakers To See at State of Search 2014
    Now, 10 years later, I’m writing a post on my blog about the State of Search, an awesome conference where DFWSEM is pulling in nationally-known speakers for a two day conference about search. 'After all these years, I still cannot believe that it’s come this far. Back in 2004, I hand-picked about 16 of the best Search Marketers in Dallas to join me at a hotel conference room to talk about search. It cost me $87 to rent that conference room for a few hours that evening, and DFWSEM was born. Awesomesauce. Be sure to see my session if you have anything to do with organic search.
    [Blog] Five Easy Ways Marketers can take Advantage of Pinterest
    For example if your brand produces blog posts, such as tech, then make sure the pictures which will direct back to those posts are eye-catching. Ensure the pins are items people will want to re-pin: When you are pinning your items to the different boards, ensure the link goes to something on your website, blog or other social network. So in case you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, just have, or are wondering what all the hype is about, Pinterest is still sizzling. Now here’s what’s really important…how to truly capitalize on Pinterest and all it’s glory: 1. Wish List.
    [Blog] This Week in Social Media – 5/22/2013
    big Monday in fact, when the portal announced that it was acquiring social network/blogging hub Tumblr for $1.1 'A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry. Each week, I compose a newsletter that includes a series of links about current events and trends in the worlds of technology, social media, mobile, communications and marketing in order to keep our wider team up to date on changes, newsworthy items and content that might be useful in their jobs. These are those links. And if you’re on Flipboard, you can get these links in the This Week in Social Media Magazine. Great!"
    [Blog] Heavyweight Help: The Complete Guide to Getting Started on Pinterest
    Do you lie in bed at night dreaming of getting a link from some high-profile blog like ProBlogger that would send you thousands of visitors and give your blog the exposure you need to take it to the next level? believe that blogs in any niche, not just DIY crafty blogs, are missing out on huge amounts of traffic and exposure if they are ignoring Pinterest. If you want to see your blog grow in leaps and bounds in 2013, you’ve got to pay attention to Pinterest. Get more traffic to your blog using Pinterest. Then promote this board on your blog.
    [Blog] Using Interactive Infographics to Boost Social Sharing
    With the recent shift in the power of guest blogging, many SEO’s have turned to making genuinely compelling content in the form of data visualisations. 'Infographics are one of the most effective ways to engage an audience and generate valuable social shares and links. As the trend for infographics grows, so do the options available when it comes to creating them. Interactive elements, or even entirely interactive data visualisations, have proven to be both popular and effective at building natural links online. Interactive content is a step in the right direction to keep up with this.
    [Blog] 3 Ways People-Powered Marketing Can Make Your Brand Stronger
    You can secure contributed articles for him on other websites, ask him to contribute to the blog on your own website, or offer him as a resource to journalists and bloggers that cover topics about which he is knowledgeable. 'When people talk about thought leadership in business, it’s usually with some sort of public relations slant. The term itself has become a catchall that people often use to label a variety of promotional efforts—including strategic PR. And while thought leadership certainly has its place in that side of the house, it also can work really well as a marketing tool.
    [Blog] 9 Social Media Topics that Need To Die | Brass Tack Thinking
    It’s not enough to write something, or populate a blog, or create a video. Read the countless blog posts out there – like this awesome one by Jason Falls -  about how to find a professional that knows what they’re doing. Then close your Twitter account, get off Facebook, stop blogging, and go do something else. Beth´s last blog. Beth´s last blog. Then close your Twitter account, get off Facebook, stop blogging, and go do something else. Scott Stratten´s last blog. Scott Stratten´s last blog. With whom?
  • SOSHABLE  |  MONDAY, MARCH 25, 2013
    [Blog] Google, God of Thunder
    Original post on Google’s Bans can be found on Wikimotive’s blog titled, “ Google the Thunder God ” by Daniel Hinds. Thor is a god, specifically, he’s the thunder god, super specifically, he’s the Norse god of thunder, storms, and beating the pulp out of things with his magic hammer, Mjolnir (just imagine I did the umlaut on the o). Thor is an unruly god, short on temper and long on power. The latest victim on Google’s mighty hammer are websites that have manipulative link profiles. Bought links from a link farm? Spamming forums? What can you do?
    [Blog] Twitter, Facebook, Denial of Service Attacks
    Home About What We Do PayPal Speaker Contact Subscribe Press / PR Bare Feet Network Internet Literacy for Business: Blogging, Podcasting, Online Video & Social Media Howto, Consulting, Training & Public Speaking Home > Branding , Tech Tools > Twitter, Facebook, Denial of Service Attacks Twitter, Facebook, Denial of Service Attacks by Roxanne Darling on August 6, 2009 Twitter and Facebook were down some today due to “ Denial of Service &# (DoS) attacks. Here’s some information on what they are, how they occur, and what you can do as a netizen to help prevent them !
    [Blog] Online Video For Business: Strut Your Stuff
    Home About What We Do PayPal Speaker Contact Subscribe Press / PR Bare Feet Network Internet Literacy for Business: Blogging, Podcasting, Online Video & Social Media Howto, Consulting, Training & Public Speaking Home > HowTo , Social Media , Speaking > Online Video For Business: Strut Your Stuff Online Video For Business: Strut Your Stuff by Roxanne Darling on April 30, 2010 Let’s discuss the data, technology, and humanity trends that make online video so powerful for business. View the entire presentation here. Companies who use social media are making more money. Hawai?i
    [Blog] Essay: How to Captivate and Hold Attention in the Age of the.
    which is why many of us were shocked by your decision not to blog anymore - youve written such great stuff! So its difficult to determine if "lifestreaming" is going to catch on - or if it will just tire the mainstream out and have them scurry back to slower mediums - like say blogging. 2) Subscribe to blogs and follow people ONLY that (a.) Some negative comments on blogs these days are funny, or good observations, to be sure, even when theyre argumentative. blog commenting is so much more than just knee-jerk feedback off the top of your head. Shouldnt you?
    [Blog] Austria and Social Media – A Digital Native's Perspective - Danny.
    Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs Austria and Social Media – A Digital Native’s Perspective August 9, 2010 38 voices share yours! For more information check out her blog Social Glitz or follow her on Twitter @antwizzel. removeClass(livefyre-hidden)" class="livefyre-show-comment livefyre-button"> View comment pts Antonia moderator Pending approval Rate Down Rate Up px; width: px;"> Danny,Its been so much fun writing this post for your blog. How about you?
    [Blog] Semantics: Social Media Policy, or Guidelines?
    As an aside, Olivier Blanchard of The Brand Builder Blog has written several very tongue-in-cheek posts about the inappropriate use and overuse of the words “strategy” and “strategists.” As associations continue to embrace social media, there have been extensive conversations about the need for an organizational social media policy. We SocialFish wrote a white paper about it, there’s the Social Media Governance web site with a data base of 154 policies and a Google search of “social media policy” has 440 million results. Policy. But I digress; back to policies. Guidelines. Social Media.
    [Blog] 2010 Review: SocialFish clients and work
    In 2010, we met regularly by phone and in person to work on optimizing their blog, Facebook page, LinkedIn group, and Twitter profile. And our blog is pretty good , maybe you’ve seen it? We’ve also been featured in Association BISNOW , and quoted on a little blog called Mashable. We do so much writing and teaching and learning, that we sometimes forget to share what we actually do on a day-to-day basis. Maddie and I field questions all the time about what we do, who we’re working with, and how we work. Here are some of the highlights from 2010. STRATEGY WORK. EVENTS.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  TUESDAY, MAY 20, 2014
    [Blog] Top Three Takeaways from Finding Readers Week: What Can You Do Today to Create Community?
    We had discussions about introducing forums, how to get people to read your personal blog, how to drive traffic to a startup blog, and how to create a beautiful blog that people can’t help but share with their friends. She likes to interact with her readers both on the blog and on her Facebook page. Corinne took interacting with her readers to a whole new level when she shared her number-one tip for finding readers – to comment on other people’s blogs. Make blogging and writing a priority. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger.
    [Blog] Shanan & Kate’s Excellent QR Code Adventure
    Shanan Sorochynski  manages the University of Regina’s first official blog:  YOURblog. Okay, our adventure wasn’t as thrilling as traveling the Circuits of Time in a phone booth with George Carlin, but it was educational none-the-less. This Fall the University at which I work hosted a career fair, cramming booth-after-booth of employers looking for new recruits into the main gymnasium. It was a great opportunity for students to explore their options and a fun way for Kate (my colleague) and I to see how some organizations are using QR Codes. Image:  Optiscanapp via Flickr,  CC 2.0.
    [Blog] Google Introducing ‘Mobile Friendly’ Tags in Search Results and Signal It Will Start Impacting Search Rankings
    'Over the last couple of years any blogger who has paid attention to their analytics will know that how people are reading blogs is changing. No longer are people simply arriving on your blog on their desktop computer or laptop but on tablets, mobile phones and more. Today I took a look at the change in how people arrive on my blog ( Digital Photography School ) over last 3 years. Google also made available an easy to use ‘test’ that enables us to add our URL and test if our blog fits the criteria. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger.
  • ENGAGE  |  THURSDAY, JULY 17, 2014
    [Blog] Wanted: More Journalists for Branded Content
    She has decided to “never again pen a ‘thought leadership’ piece or a corporate blog post. 'Roaring through the content marketing blogosphere is journalist Amy Westervelt’s public vow to stop writing “content” for companies. If you haven’t seen it, here’s the skinny on Westervelt’s rant—and then, my reaction. refuse to have even one more conversation in which I explain to a publicist or CEO why I will not connect them with editors I know, or why it would be impossible for their ‘contributed content’ to appear in The New Yorker. can’t take it anymore.”. Well, that would be great.
    [Blog] Eight Steps for Getting Buy-In and Managing Change
    Now, sometimes my team hates it when I blog about them. It’s an interesting time at Arment Dietrich right now. We have the AD team and we have the Project Jack Bauer team and some of us are straddling both. To say I’m doing a great job at leading both teams is being overly nice. And because I’m not doing a great job, it’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about and talking about with individuals on both teams. There are plenty of books and articles written about how to present your idea to either your boss or the executive team to get buy-in.
    [Blog] Three thoughts on social media for 2010
    Blogging has been around for longer than social network sites, but many people don’t know much about blogging. I’m referring to the basics here – like not knowing how to track comment threads to a posting, or subscribing to a feed reader service to keep track of blogs of interest. Home Work How acidlabs works Meet Workshops Speaking Past speaking For conference and meeting planners Press Clients Tumble Subscribe acidlabs Conversation. Collaboration. Community. But to my mind, we’re still somewhat missing the point. And they may not want to.
    [Blog] Happy 4th blogiversary to me!
    it was 4 years ago last week that I hit publish on my first blog post (Thanks to the nagging of my blog coach ). And.writing 1105 blog posts which generated over 10,000 comments. Yikes.  I had no idea that it would propel me on an adventure that would have me: co-editing 3 books with my now good friend Gavin Heaton. co-creating an event called Blogger's Social that would bring marketing professionals from around the globe together. co-serving on many social media advisories , crews and teams.  (Do the math -- we're a chatty bunch!).
  • TWITIP  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 22, 2010
    [Blog] Why Quitting Twitter is Healthy For You
    Reflecting on my Twitter sabbatical one week in, I wrote about finding value in other ways: engaging with friends and colleagues on Facebook and LinkedIn , enhancing my knowledge on assorted Ning-powered online communities, and actively commenting on other people’s blogs. wchingya Social/Blogging Tracker January 22, 2010 Sean Platt @seanplatt Right on, Ari! currently post my favorite blog news posts through feedburner and if i happen to pass by anything interesting, i will go post it to twitter and maybe a couple of other services. He missed quitting. should know.
    [Blog] The 3 Keys to Social Influence
    started my Convince & Convert blog to create a place that straddles the line between social media theory and social media execution, while always trying to show how social is an ingredient, not the whole entree. With my blog, my Twitter feed, my twice-weekly email newsletter, and other vehicles, I try to curate what matters and add a heavy dose of my own interpretation and advice. This is an interview I did with Klout for their Klout Stars series , where they ask “influencers&# about their background in social media. How did you get started in social media?
    [Blog] How Twitter and Facebook Saw 2009 in 1 Word or Less
    Read more on this social media blog. Blast. On December 31, 2009, Andy Carvin from NPR asked people on Twitter and Facebook to sum up the year in one word. He then ran the results through Wordle to generate a word cloud. As you can see, some found hope in 2009 while others found it to be exhausting. Many considered 2009 to be bittersweet , challenging , or tumultuous. If you look a little closer at some of the less-popular words, you’ll find interesting descriptions such as suckage , bizarro , craptacular , and autotuned. Click the image to enlarge. * * *. Share it.
    [Blog] Social media news: Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and Twitter
    “In the coming weeks, we are launching the App Center to users in Brazil, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, and Turkey,” says Drew Hoskins on the Facebook Developers Blog. Social media news: Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and Twitter was written by Cendrine Marrouat and originally published on her social media blog, Creative Ramblings. Here is a quick roundup of the latest happenings in the social media world. Facebook Facebook is one step closer to making its  App Center  available to worldwide audiences. ” Read more at
    [Blog] Is Your Website Mobile Ready for the Professional Tradesmen?
    You’ll want prospects to have an easy experience learning about your agency or accessing your agency’s blog content via their mobile device. Manufacturers are trying different ways to get and stay in front of the professional tradesman, and your website is probably one of the first places they will look for info. Is it mobile friendly? recently read a post by one of my mentors, Michael Gass, on ways to test your site that I thought I’d share with you. Good info. In preparation for new business opportunities, it is important that your company’s website be mobile ready.
    [Blog] launches new visual dashboard
    launches new visual dashboard was written by Cendrine Marrouat and originally published on her social media blog, Creative Ramblings. Content curation platform introduced introduced the updated version of its dashboard on Saturday. Now more visually focused, the dashboard is centered on a user’s personalized Interest Graph. The home page gives curators instant access to the most recent posts on the topics they follow. The content is displayed in a magazine-like format for easy discovery, sharing and interaction with other curators. Read more at
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  FRIDAY, JULY 1, 2011
    [Blog] Gin and Topics: One Billion Opportunities
    This was my favorite blog post of the week and guess what? this blog post gives you the good, the bad, they ugly, and how to apply. I’m not a fan of his blog, but I am a big fan of his ideals, philosophies, and experiments. Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends! Boy do I wish I were in Ottawa today. LOVE Kate Middleton ! We were recording Inside PR yesterday and Joe Thornley said the streets leading to his office (it’s near the Parliament) are all blocked. said, “Get out there and get a picture with Kate for me!&#. don’t think he did it. friends.
    [Blog] Where to Get Big Data Revealed!
    Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr, Blogs, Google+, Pinterest, Vimeo, and WordPress. originally appeared on Jugnoo Blog - Social Media is a Business: Social Media Presence Management under a Creative Commons license. appeared first on Jugnoo Blog. 'Kapow Software has created a great chart that shows where to find and access Big Data. It nicely categorizes the sources of big data and also shows how it can be accessed with an API or other means. Big Data Categories. Archives. Documents. These would be CSV files, HTML, text, XML, PPT, PDF, and Word. Media. Data Storage.
    [Blog] Happy Social Media Day
    To all of you who have commented on this blog, subscribed, followed me on Twitter, met me at an event, attended Blogger Social or been an author in one or more of our Age of Conversation books — thank you. Today (June 30th) is Social Media Day — started by Mashable to celebrate “the one thing that unites us and keeps us in constant contact: social media. Whether Whether you’re an obsessed Instagram photographer, an endless Pinterest pinner or a ten-times-an-hour tweeter, Social Media Day is a time to recognize the digital revolution that has changed how we live.”
    [Blog] CTR: An Up-And-Comer in the Ranking Factors?
    His page had much more domain authority than my blog for obvious reasons. It prompted more traffic in one day to my blog than I had seen in months. Since the post, the amount of search traffic for “Tommy Swanson” to my blog has dwindled, suggesting that the Baylor basketball player has started to capture the traffic for that query again. Share. Tommy Swanson is a social media specialist  for KMA , A Pursuant Company. Swanson is in charge of SEO and social media for numerous nationally recognized non-profit organizations. Role in PPC. It’s logical.
    [Blog] Social network commerce and referrals: Rubbish in, rubbish out?
    Stumbleupon, Reddit, and several others), and some have never appeared to my knowledge (I’ve yet to see someone appear on this blog via Foursquare for obvious reasons). Two recent studies into social networking referrals and Facebook ecommerce left me slightly perplexed until the obvious answer smacked me in the face. The first was a study by ForeSee Results , which showed that 1% of website referrals came direct from a social networking url, and that’s after a survey of 188 websites and over 295,000 responses from individual consumers. Rubbish in, rubbish out?
    [Blog] Inside the Life of the Other Kind of ProBlogger
    This guest post is by Paul Cunningham, blogger, internet marketer, and author of How to Become a Successful Freelance Blogger, I bet that you could easily name at least a dozen blogs that dispense blogging tips to other bloggers. The so-called “blogging blogs&# vary in many different ways, but they all tend to give out the same basic advice: start a blog, build your audience, monetize, and maybe one day you’ll reach that six-figure income that defines you as a “problogger&#. Freelancer blogging is a business, and has to be treated as one.
    [Blog] Day 19: People of color impacting the social web – Donald Harris #28DaysofDiversity
    For day 19 , I would like to introduce to some and present to others: Donald Harris Twitter: @Tallgamer Website/Blog: [link] Bio I am a son of God and a follower of His Son. As we all know, February is Black History Month. It’s a month where we honor those who have made an impact on American culture for equal rights, those who have invented, those who have a helped others and those who have inspired everyone to be the best they can be, not only as a person of color but as a human. Each post will include a picture, bio, two links from the selected person and this paragraph.
    [Blog] 10 Reasons You Need to Create a Cool Infographic
    'Content marketing isn’t just about blogging. Research has discovered that high-quality infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than text-based blogs and articles. Blog posts which include visual content, like cool infographics, receive 567% more inbound links than articles which consist only of text. But some will, and you could find your blog marketing metrics continue to skyrocket after the first time you create an infographic. In fact, there’s a lot of compelling evidence that your inbound marketing strategy should include plenty of visual content.
    [Blog] 11 Reasons Why Prospects Don’t Convert Into Customers
    He dove deep into blogging and propelled River Pools and Spas to a dominant leadership position in his home state of Virginia. So, if you’re running specific campaigns, via search, PPC, social media, guest blogging, or what have you, the headline the visitor discovers upon arrival should map to the phrase they just clicked. Executing the strategy requires offering a blog, where the prospect easily gathers good advice about the business issues he wrestles with daily. If you would like a piece of his mind, visit  Feldman Creative  and his blog,  The Point. No help.
  • JUSTIN LEVY  |  SUNDAY, JULY 11, 2010
    [Blog] Reviews for Facebook Marketing
    Levy (Book Review of the Week-ish) Valley PR Blog – Book Review: Facebook Marketing Deidre Breakenridge – Book Review: Facebook Marketing iMedia Connection – 6 Beach Books for Marketers Get Social PR – Facebook Marketing 9-Part Series If you’ve written up a review of Facebook Marketing , please let me know in the comments.  You can view it my blog, or Three, At your suggestion, enjoy the David McChandless’s TED Presentation. Thanks for taking time out of your day to come hang out here! Thumbs up.
    [Blog] Managing Information: Email Vs a Collaboration Platform
    Collaboration platforms empower employees to be more self-sufficient without having to rely on email for everything but that’s probably a topic for another blog post. At a recent client workshop the topic of information flow came up. Basically the discussion was around how information is handled via email versus how it is handled via a collaboration platform. The issue was that if a collaboration platform sends notifications for every action, every activity, and every comment that someone creates then doesn’t that actually make the email problem worse?
    [Blog] The Fifth Model “Crowdsourcing” Hits Madison Avenue + Crowdsourcing Infographic
    In a recent blog, “Innovation Gone Wild on Madison Avenue” , Blue Focus Marketing co-founder Cheryl Burgess ( @ckburgess ) said: “the creative brief is the engine that drives development of the creative product. This is a re-post from The Social CMO Blog ( @TheSocialCMO ). The Rise of Crowdsourcing 2.0: Benefits for brands and ad agencies. In the era of seismic change now occurring on Madison Avenue, ad agencies are starting to strap on an extra seat belt.  This leads us to the need for a compensation model that reflects activity-based pricing delivered more efficiently.  
    [Blog] Speakin' Like Them
    With a more natural connection than most, the Disney Parks Blog had a field day with its entries today. "If you wish to persuade me, you my think my thoughts, feel my feelings and speak my words." - Cicero I've previously cited this quote by Cicero as one that demonstrates the timelessness and universality of human nature. First uttered some 2,000 years ago, it is a quote that today is even more important for marketers and communicators to keep in mind as we think about what we're trying to accomplish. And today there are a number of individuals and sites who like to play along.
    [Blog] Headway 1.7 Premium WordPress Theme – Quick Start Wizard - Danny Brown
    Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs Headway 1.7 I’ve been using the Headway theme on my blog for a year now so I’m biased, but this is a huge step up for premium WordPress themes and sees Headway as a true next-generation web design platform. This is a great new addition, and helps new users set up a blog, layout, design and font all from scratch in a matter of minutes. does with your logo/header, to give you the perfect colour scheme for your blog.
    [Blog] Great journalism – impartial but not neutral?
    But all three articles, and hopefully my own, do provide impartiality – Christian is not writing his posts for a news organisation, but for his personal blog, and doesn’t have the editorial restrictions he might have done for a media organisation, but as an experienced and talented media creator, he’s done a great job of sharing his reaction, the background of the people involved, and also leaves us feeling sad about the loss of the two men involved, but inspired by what they had achieved. Journalism: Impartial not Neutral.
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