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    [Blog] Video Presentation Skills - Jeff Korhan
     That's why you need to serve it up, and avoid cute little intros such as welcoming them to "coffee talk" (or whatever your blog theme may be) by making them endure 20 seconds of you sipping coffee.  They aren't subscribing to blogs; they are subscribing to YouTube channels.  That's why you need to serve it up, and avoid cute little intros such as welcoming them to "coffee talk" (or whatever your blog theme may be) by making them endure 20 seconds of you sipping coffee.   Why are these skills essential?  Why?
    [Blog] Social Media Marketing Plan _1
    From social media networks to blogs, widgets, tweets and hot mobile apps marketers are faced with more choices than we ever could have imagined. A thought inspired by too much Halloween candy.  It seems every day brings a new shiny toy to try. and to confuse. Add a few traditional tactics. PR, email, advertising and search and the job becomes overwhelming. Overlay that with an internal structure  where functions are silo-ed by departments and you have a frightening disjointed marketing program. As we're seeing social media does not live only in PR or Marketing or Customer Service.
    [Blog] Can PR prevent white collar crime?
    Ever since I read about the recent Walmart debacle in Gini Dietrich’s Spin Sucks blog , I couldn’t help but think how the role of crisis communications may need to evolve. But I do think its incumbent upon those of us in our profession to at least try.   As a died-in-wool Toronto Maple Leafs hockey fan, PR veteran Elissa Freeman jumped at the chance to guest blog for a guy with the last name ‘ Esposito ’ from Boston.  A 20+ year PR veteran, she was named one of Twitters’ Top 75 Badass Females and Toronto’s Top 150 Social Media Influencers. This is a guest post from Elissa Freeman.
    [Blog] Aaron Strout's Bio
    In this role, Aaron continues with his speaking, blogging, podcasting and social networking activities with an eye toward creating awareness and lead generation for the company. Blog World Expo: October 16, 2009, Las Vegas, NV The Twitter Game - How to "Play" Social Networking and Why it's a Bad Idea AMA New Jersey - September 17, 2009 Climbing the Social Ladder 140 Character Conference - June 16-17, 2009 Twitter as the GPS for the Greater Social Media Mesh New Marketing Summit, Dallas - May 27-28 2009 I'm Your Customer and I Can't Hear You! Web Guild Web 2.0
    [Blog] The Albert Einstein Guide to Social Media | Brass Tack Thinking
    We all wish that you could just throw up a blog and instantly see a lift in your sales numbers, but it doesn’t work that way. That’s where you find good case studies.-= Joe Boughner´s last blog. That’s where you find good case studies.-= Joe Boughner´s last blog. Tabitha Dunn´s last blog. Tabitha Dunn´s last blog. Jack Hadley´s last blog. Jack Hadley´s last blog. Thank you! -= Melissa´s last blog. Thank you! -= Melissa´s last blog. David Wiggs´s last blog. Trust.
    [Blog] 5 great articles you may have missed (February 18-24, 2013)
    Here is my list for February 18-24, 2013: 26+ Pinterest Tools and Tips to Enhance Your Pinning Experience by Wong Ching Ya (Social @Blogging Tracker) 12 Home Page Optimization Musts by HubSpot (By Reputation) Should you work for free? Every week, I share my favorite social media articles from around the blogosphere on Creative Ramblings. by [.]. Great Resources Social Media best articles of the week
    [Blog] 5 Ways to Fan the Viral Flame
    Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « Social Search Statistics from SES Chicago | Main | Firebellys Top 9 Blog Posts of 2009 » December 17, 2009 5 Ways to Fan the Viral Flame In the Igniting Viral Campaigns session at SES Chicago last week, Tessa Wegert, Interactive Media Strategist at Enlighten; Greg Finn, Director of Internet Marketing at 10e20; Denise Chudy, Display and YouTube Sales Leader at Google; and Jennifer Evans Laycock, Editor-in-Chief at Search Engine Guide shared techniques and technologies that enable companies to stand out and be talked about online.
    [Blog] 5 Simple Ways To Get More Creative, Inspired And Smarter Every Day
    The amazing thing about Altucher is that his email offers up much more content than he publishes on his blog, and every one is worth the read for a myriad of reasons. Godin blogs daily, and having his posts pop up in my inbox every morning, provides a quick jolt of business, leadership, marketing and human motivation. You could spend hours scouring blogs, Twitter and Facebook for amazing links about media, technology and pop culture only to discover that Hirschhorn has already done all of the heavy lifting (and more) for you. Stop complaining about email. He''s honest.
    [Blog] Newsjacking in a social media world
    He blogs at and the Wildfire Blog. Tweet. The PR industry is used to the term of newsjacking – the idea of taking something that is on the national news agenda (e.g. the budget, new legislation or even a event like the World Cup) and using it to get coverage or mentions for a brand. It’s a tried and tested tactic and can get good, short-term, results. Newsjacking is equally effective in a social media world however and with the luxury of not being dependent on third parties (e.g. The strategy is the same. Tweet.
    [Blog] An Easy Way To Move From Busy-ness to Business
    Do you know why you are attending events, connecting with people, blogging, tweeting etc? If I could offer you a quick tip that could significantly help your business - would you be interested? If I said this tip costs nothing but delivers everytime you do it - would you want to know more? Well here it is free of charge and with all my love x. Be intentional about your intent! Just think about your day. Think about the way you build relationships, think about the way you market what you do. Do you know why you do what you do? . Do you clearly connect your product/service. call to action?
    [Blog] Happy Social Media Day
    To all of you who have commented on this blog, subscribed, followed me on Twitter, met me at an event, attended Blogger Social or been an author in one or more of our Age of Conversation books — thank you. Today (June 30th) is Social Media Day — started by Mashable to celebrate “the one thing that unites us and keeps us in constant contact: social media. Whether Whether you’re an obsessed Instagram photographer, an endless Pinterest pinner or a ten-times-an-hour tweeter, Social Media Day is a time to recognize the digital revolution that has changed how we live.”
    [Blog] Social Media Lawsuits Protect Yourself From Them | Guest Posts.
    Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search Protecting Yourself From Social Media Lawsuits July 21st, 2010 |Written By: Indra Gardiner | View Comments Tweet Guest post by Indra Gardiner , founding partner and COO at BG Creative. In other words put a copyright, all rights reserved on your content or the bottom of your blog.
    [Blog] Is Your Executive on Twitter?
    in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 3237 Blog Book Reviews Entrepreneur Featured Geek Break Headline Lead Story Letters from Iraq Military Social Media Technology Notice : get_links is deprecated since version 2.1! Koka Sexton dot Com Home About Koka Contact Twitter FULL RSS Is Your Executive on Twitter? I got a message today about a website that shows the Tweets from some of the executives of the largest companies in America. ExecTweet has tapped the Twitter API to give you a peak into what corporate America is doing. What is ExecTweets?
    [Blog] Koka Sexton dot Com
    in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 3237 Blog Book Reviews Entrepreneur Featured Geek Break Headline Lead Story Letters from Iraq Military Social Media Technology Notice : get_links is deprecated since version 2.1! Koka Sexton dot Com Home About Koka Contact Twitter FULL RSS Is Your Executive on Twitter? I got a message today about a website that shows the Tweets from some of the executives of the largest companies in America. ExecTweet has tapped the Twitter API to give you a peak into what corporate America is doing. What is ExecTweets?
    [Blog] Foursquare and The New York Times Archive Would Be a Great Match
    Shining a Spotlight on Video News Webmaster Tools: Updates to Search queries, Parameter handling and Messages Twitter data lets NPR glimpse a future of app-loving news junkies Shared Items Disclaimer The opinions expressed on this blog are Adam Sherks own and do not necessarily reflect the views of his company or its clients. The recent partnership between Foursquare and Canada’s Metro is a good early example of the potential that exists. Metro will provide Foursquare with location-specific editorial content such as reviews, tips and articles on points of interest. That’s just one idea.
  • ENGAGE  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 4, 2011
    [Blog] The Truth About Branding (And Nothing But The Truth)
    Are they commenting on blogs, are they signing up for newsletters, are they coming to events that I throw, are they talking to me more? A MC’s hit television drama Mad Men is famous for its depiction of the hard-drinking, hard-working Madison Avenue ad man—the Don Drapers and Roger Sterlings of the world who churned out corporate slogans over pre-noon cocktails and pulls on their Lucky Strikes. With her firm preparing to celebrate its 19 th year, Fisher Roffer talked with me about the power of branding and the role of custom media in reaching your target audience. But how do we know?
    [Blog] 4 Social Media Quotes and Responses to Them
    Every article, page, blog or video offers something we have not seen before. (Or, in some cases, something we have seen many, many times before and just need to see again.). Below are some popular social media quotes and my reactions and responses to them. Like any popular social phenomenon, social media has spawned a number of great minds to share their words of wisdom with tweet-appropriate brevity. Below are four social media quotes from industry leaders and observers and my reactions, interpretations or responses to them. ” -Kellie Elmore. Vanity has long been in existence.
    [Blog] Podcast 496 – Defining Your Business Model
    First of all a big thank you to Judi Shell who was chosen from all the people who reviewed the show on iTunes or shared this blog post to their followers – a goodie bag is on it’s way to you. Do you find your business drifting from it’s original purpose? Do you manage risk in a way that grows your business rather than stifles it? Do you really understand your business model? Those are the business questions put to  Karan Girotra ,  Professor of Technology and Operations Management at INSEAD , who joins me to talk about   The Risk-Driven Business Model. Share.
    [Blog] Week in Review July 20 – 26, 2014: Posts and Podcasts
    One way to do this is by combining your blog posts or other content into a week in review on SlideShare. ConverStations blog posts you may have missed this week: Save Your Research Work on the Cloud – With TabCloud. Week in Review July 20 - 26: Posts and Podcasts from ConverStations and SmallBiz Tracks Daily Podcasts. The repurposing of content to reach new audiences and extend the shelf life of your efforts is something we always coach. Pictures and Images and Words: A Thoughtography Assignment. Your Face is a Conversation Station. The Customers Love Cheese. Small Busines
    [Blog] How I’m Building My Press Distribution List
    Her background is in marketing and creative writing, and she riffs about writing right at her blog,  Write Right  (so write right, don’t make her use her red pen). I don’t have a background in public relations, but my current position as the marketing communications manager at TouchSystems requires some PR skills. One of the primary aims of my position is to increase the company’s brand recognition and presence. One of the ways I’m doing that is through press releases about new products, changes to existing products, or developments at the company itself. Is my method the best one?
    [Blog] Receiving is the theme for March
    talk about relationship building on this blog a lot and cultivating trust. Last month’s theme was giving. I was asked by one person why I chose to focus on giving in particular. Wasn’t I already giving and if so why should anyone focus on it more? I do a lot of giving actually, but I think you can always learn something about something you do and choosing to focus on giving as a theme gave me a chance to examine my own approach to giving. Thus focusing on giving helped me focus on how I could give to my networking group and also be more giving in general. What about you?
    [Blog] The Nominees for Bees Awards 2011
    Best Use of a Micro-Blogging Platform. Best Relationship With Blogs. In the category of Best Innovation, we find the campaign of Corona Light called “Most Liked” , which we wrote about on our blog. At Mindjumpers, we will be following the competition and keep you updated on our blog. Tweet Yet again, it’s time for the Bees Awards – The International Social Media Award Show – to start. And yesterday, the nominees were announced. The Bees Awards will be held in San Francisco the 3 rd of May. Best Use of a Social Media Platform. Best Use of Mobile.
    [Blog] Bitcoin Use-cases: Turning Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and the Blockchain into a Fully Functional Peer-to-Peer Internet
    Businesses will need to start preparing for this in order to adapt to this new model - I''m actually seeing some of the smart ones do this now, which I''ll talk about later on this blog. A lot of non-Bitcoin investors and people with little knowledge of Bitcoin are freaking out right now about the fall of Bitcoin''s value in the last 24 hours due to China forbidding deposits into their main Bitcoin exchange. I''m actually kind of excited about it, because I think of Bitcoin as more a protocol than I do a currency. This means it has long-term sustainability. Let me explain.
    [Blog] Would you give up your passwords for a job?
    Maybe it’s a mention of a great weekend away on a blog, photos on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr, a video on youtube of you being silly. A recent AP Newswire story tells the tale of one Justin Bassett who was asked by a hiring manager for his user name on Facebook. When she opened the site and saw that his profile was private, she asked him for his password. Bassett refused and withdrew his application, stating that he didn’t want to work for a company that would ask for such personal information. Apparently this is all too common. Some companies are a bit sneakier than others.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  TUESDAY, JULY 13, 2010
    [Blog] LeBron James: A PR Nightmare | Spin Sucks
    Mr. D is a huge Bill Simmons fan and is always relating his blog posts to me. would have had a ton more respect for him, and looked at it like a smart business decision (as Esther Steinfeld points out in her blog post – LeBron James is a Genius ), if he’d come out and said, “I made a pact with these guys two years ago. No (another blog post for another time). Gini Dietrich Reply: July 14th, 2010 at 9:51 am Well, not true or I would have sent him this blog post. The Ghost Blogging Debate The Age-Old Question: Can I Pick Your Brain? Probably.
    [Blog] Quality Still Counts - Danny Brown
    Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs Quality Still Counts August 17, 2010 16 voices share yours! removeClass(livefyre-hidden)" class="livefyre-show-comment livefyre-button"> View comment pts JayTurn moderator Pending approval Rate Down Rate Up px; width: px;"> I think you have hit on a massive topic, much too large for one blog post Danny.A Back to Business and Thank You Response to Barbara Talismans Misinformed 12for12k Post Is Twitter Killing Blog Comments? Then expand.
    [Blog] 31 Clever Ideas From 9 Communities
      There aren't many new books, blogs, podcasts, or twitter accounts on the topic.  Syndicate the Twitter/blog feeds from your members into a single place within your community. Mumsnet has 5k parents blogging for them through this.  From the outside, you might think the community space is short of ideas.    We know this isn't true. There are lots of great new ideas. Most come from communities too busy doing the work to talk about it. Here  Here are 31 clever ideas from 9 of my favourite communities. 
    [Blog] Radian6 improvements – Here’s What we waited for – Finally Here!
    Keyword Proximity Capability : Instead of getting results for keywords that may be widely separated in a post and thus unrelated, you can configure your Topic Profile to determine how close to each other the words must be in order to qualify as relevant search results. With the proximity search feature, you can go into the Topic Profile Manager, open the Keyword Query Builder, and adjust the proximity slider to refine the search. This is a feature that has been asked for quite a lot and I asked for it over 2 years ago ( Marcel LeBrun’s comment is at the bottom of my post ).   ECommerce.
    [Blog] A Refreshing Checklist for Your Content and Social Media Marketing Strategy!
    Grab some ideas to upgrade your social media and content strategy, learn more about videos from experts, and learn how powerful guest blogging is. You shouldn’t hesitate to start guest blogging as well – it’s the most powerful drive for your authority. Hope you all had a great marketing week, and weekend is time for helpful reading. Stay tuned! Simple Story About the Power of Publishing Content on the Open Web. This personal content creation story stresses out that every simple person can grow into an online authority through writing.
    [Blog] Crisis Management Series Reveals Planning Key to Damage Control
    A few weeks ago, I finished a series on crisis and issue management on My Creative Team’s blog. Key to managing issues is to be plugged into media and the environment in which your company does business. Be aware of what regulators such as government officials are doing, and understand that even though you may manage issues well, a crisis will happen. Here’s the six in a series on crisis and issue management: How To Plan For Issue Management And Successfully Engage The Marketplace. What’s The Difference Between An Issue, A Crisis And An Emergency. What To Expect in A Crisis.
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2014
    [Blog] The Best Brands on Instagram 2014
    The post The Best Brands on Instagram 2014 appeared first on Devumi Blog. 2014 may go down as the Year of Instagram as the photo sharing app surpassed the 300 million user mark. This number surpasses even the mighty Twitter. Brands in 2014 have finally gotten on board with Instagram, and some exciting content has been produced over the year. Here are five of the best brands on Instagram according to which are my favorites. If you’re short on ideas about what you can do, visit one of them and see what they’re up to lately so you know how it’s done. GoPro – GoPro Cameras.
    [Blog] I’m joining Tech Media as Director of Digital and what it means for TriOut
    Sutton is an active content creator and his blog has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Social Media and Technology blogs of 2010 and ranks among the AdAge Power 150.Sutton has been active in the Triangle, NC community as an event organizer of Ignite Raleigh, Triangle Startup Weekend, Triangle Tweetup, the Social Media Business Forum and the past Triangle Social Media club chapter president. Staying current with the ever changing trends in the technology community, Wayne loves blogging, educating and inspiring others. as their new Director of Digital.
    [Blog] Resilient and Engaged, DHS Charts a Path Forward | Social Media.
    link] – Posted using Chat Catcher [link] tjohns06 (Tracy Johnson) Twitter Comment @briangryth @nahumg @qhsrdialogue @govloop @kasey428 @opengovnews @gquaggiotto thanks for the RTs of the DHS blog post. link] blog comments powered by Disqus « Previous Entries Next Entries » Popular Comments Featured Tags Identify the Right People to Manage Your Social Media Initiatives The Evolution of the Social Media Evangelist Twenty Theses for Government 2.0, web20 wiki Have This Blog Sent to Your Email! Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0 Government 2.0
    [Blog] The Fifth Model “Crowdsourcing” Hits Madison Avenue + Crowdsourcing Infographic
    critical tool to help guide the crowd’s creative development is the creative brief.  In a recent blog, “Innovation Gone Wild on Madison Avenue” , Blue Focus Marketing co-founder Cheryl Burgess ( @ckburgess ) said: “the creative brief is the engine that drives development of the creative product. This is a re-post from The Social CMO Blog ( @TheSocialCMO ). The Rise of Crowdsourcing 2.0: Benefits for brands and ad agencies. In the era of seismic change now occurring on Madison Avenue, ad agencies are starting to strap on an extra seat belt.  What is Crowdsourcing 2.0? Peter H.
  • FEVER BEE  |  MONDAY, JULY 22, 2013
    [Blog] Almost Every Branded Community Fails – Some Case Studies
      EasyJet launched a community which was actually a blog. I recently searched for “online community” on a marketing site. It gave me a long list of organizations which have launched a community over the last five years.   Here is a quick summary of the first 12. The link no longer works. Arsenal FC launched a community with 10Duke to 'add value' to existing memberships. The link no longer works. BBC created a community called Soup for aspiring comedians. The website is still there, but the site has been closed to new contributors. The link no longer works.
    [Blog] How to Drill Down to Your True Target Audience
    Start by soliciting input and questions on your blog. Image via If I could give every marketer a pop quiz, it’d only have one question: What’s the most important element in a campaign – cleverness, appearance, or relevance? Please tell me you got the right answer. It’s relevance, of course. Every marketer worth their salt has learned that message by now; all the pretty and witty creative in the world isn’t going to hook your audience unless the message actually matters to them. Yet somehow, teams keep making that classic mistake. Try becoming a buyer detective. Engage.
    [Blog] Illuminate the Unknown with Social Media
    Until tomorrow, Jeff Photo Credit - Photo Gallery   Tweet Subscribe in a reader See how were connected Start Blogging Today! Recent Comments Seo Services on Typepad vs Wordpress Series - Own Your Blog Jeff Korhan on Authenticity Guidelines Supra Skytop II on A Social Networking Theory Walter Adamson on 5 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Outstanding Walter Adamson on Authenticity Guidelines Jeff Korhan on What Does Your Blog Writing Style Say About You? Freshman Student on What Does Your Blog Writing Style Say About You?
  • JEFF KORHAN  |  TUESDAY, JULY 27, 2010
    [Blog] Social Engagement Works - Jeff Korhan
      Tweet Subscribe in a reader See how were connected Start Blogging Today! Recent Comments Seo Services on Typepad vs Wordpress Series - Own Your Blog Jeff Korhan on Authenticity Guidelines Supra Skytop II on A Social Networking Theory Walter Adamson on 5 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Outstanding Walter Adamson on Authenticity Guidelines Jeff Korhan on What Does Your Blog Writing Style Say About You? Freshman Student on What Does Your Blog Writing Style Say About You?   Now consider translating that to your work off of the social networks.
    [Blog] Merging Your Social Media Communities - Jeff Korhan
    Until tomorrow,  Jeff Photo Credit: niallkennedy Tweet Subscribe in a reader See how were connected Start Blogging Today! Recent Comments Seo Services on Typepad vs Wordpress Series - Own Your Blog Jeff Korhan on Authenticity Guidelines Supra Skytop II on A Social Networking Theory Walter Adamson on 5 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Outstanding Walter Adamson on Authenticity Guidelines Jeff Korhan on What Does Your Blog Writing Style Say About You? Freshman Student on What Does Your Blog Writing Style Say About You? Are You Inclusive or Exclusive?
  • PROBLOGGER  |  TUESDAY, MAY 21, 2013
    [Blog] 7 Steps to Proofreading Like a Pro
    This is a guest contribution by Charles Cuninghame, website copywriter and owner of Text-Centric. I’m sure we can all agree that proofreading is the least fun part of blogging. If you don’t have a product, then you could be missing out a blog subscriber or repeat visitor! Once you get the hang of it, you should be able to thoroughly proofread an average length blog post in 5-10 minutes. Time permitting, set your blog post aside for a while before you proofread it. Once you’re been through your blog post once, read it aloud. highlighter pen. Prices.
    [Blog] What ARE Influencers Good For?
    The post-influence bubble decrease in traffic occurred because many found Quora’s product to be less interesting than advertised (and somewhat misrepresented as a blogging service ). There exists a hype bubble about the role of “influencers&# in an online marketing program. Influencer attention can’t sustain a community over the long term, and using them often fails to produce strength of online community and actual business measurements. It’s important to understand what influencers achieve in the larger social context. Far from it. The ship labors off the coast.
    [Blog] 7 Easy Steps to Increase Website Engagement
    Suppose you visited a website named Girl with a Pearl Earring , thinking it was for the book or movie and found a blog about a girl and her jewelry. Ask users what they want through blog posts or Facebook posts. How long would you stay? Your answer would probably be, “Hmmm, not very long.” And because of this, the site would have a high bounce rate and overall low engagement. Well, let’s assume your website’s name does the content justice and that you’ve already created great content. Generating engagement isn’t always easy. What can you do to make this magical process occur?
  • SOSHABLE  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 17, 2009
    [Blog] 46% of the Digg Front Page is Controlled by 50 Websites
    He operates this Social Media Blog and is on Digg and Twitter , Reddit , and StumbleUpon. Blast. Recent changes and restrictions made by to encourage diversity in the range of users whose submissions reach the front page have had 2 profound results. Newer and less active users have seen their stories reach the front page, but the sources that are able to hit the front page have tightened. Despite tens of thousands of submissions every week, the last seven days have shown that 46.6% of the Digg front page comes from 50 websites, according to data accumulated on
    [Blog] 6 SEO Hurdles for Retailers and How to Beat Them
    Other ConverStations Posts by Larry Alton: Shocking: Most Small Businesses Don’t Have Websites Dealing With Isolation as a Small Business Owner 5 Ways to Make Your Startup Attractive With Social Media Engagement Best Practices for Your Online Business and E-commerce Brand Identity: What It Is and How to Maintain It Blogging (Effectively) During the Holiday Season Note:  Occasionally, this site will publish a post by a guest author if the content, links, and purpose is to assist small businesses in building a better presence online or offline. Follow him on  Twitter  and  LinkedIn.
    [Blog] A hand-lettered list of advice on breaking through your creative.
    A hand-lettered list of advice on breaking through your creative block from artist and writer Debbie Millman  (via  explore-blog ). creative block Debbie Millman
    [Blog] Some Social Media Sites That Ultimately Failed the Test
    They already had a misstep in early June: The developers deleted all user information from the classic site without warning (including personal emails and blog entries), creating a major outcry from users who lost several years’ worth of data. 2. Launched as a book and music review site in 1999, Xanga soon morphed into a blogging platform. Users were given a “Xanga site,” which consisted of a blog, photoblog, videoblog, audioblog, a mini-blog called a “Pulse,” and a social networking profile. MySpace. ITunes Ping. Xanga. Friendster.
  • ENGAGE  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 5, 2012
    [Blog] Google Wants to Know Who Wrote Your Post: Here’s Why (and How) You Should Tell Them
    It encourages guest blog posts since an author can gain credibility no matter where they write and good websites can build authority from the ground up and by seeking out credible content creators. “T here are three difficulties in authorship: to write anything worth publishing — to find honest men to publish it — and to get sensible men to read it.” ” – Charles Caleb Cotton A little old school, I know, but you get the idea. If you write content on the web , you want to make sure it gets found. Next came the launch of their own social network, Google+.
  • ARI HERZOG  |  SATURDAY, JULY 17, 2010
    [Blog] Facebook Movie Comes to Theaters in Fall 2010
    Nearly two years after writing a very long blog post title about Aaron Sorkin (who received an Emmy Award for writing “The West Wing&# ) writing a movie screenplay about the beginnings of Facebook, that script is now written and the film is shot. It stars Jesse Eisenberg (who I enjoyed as the lead character in Adventureland) as Mark Zuckerberg. The full cast list and other details are up at the Internet Movie Database. From the official website , here’s the trailer: I think trailers share too many scenes, but this is an account of real life, not a made-up yarn. like it.
    [Blog] How to Make Social Media Infographics That Get Noticed
    We’ll link to some of it here in the blog post that we write around the video. When I started blogging I was writing for about six months, so I started the blog I guess about three and a half years ago. This idea that they’re going to actually read your long blog post is mostly a fallacy, which breaks my heart because I typically write longer posts. If we’re subscribing to hundreds of blogs, it’s physically impossible to read all that stuff. Just like you would do a series of blog posts. Fast, inexpensive, great service. those.”
    [Blog] The best tips for online writing with reference to famous celebrities (Article for training purposes)
    But you can learn how to nail your blog posts, get ranked first on Google and become a social networking expert by learning from generic celebrity X. You can also gain inbound links by posting comments on relevant blogs in the same subject area as your article, as long as you leave genuine and interesting comments and your article is relevant. Writing online, optimising for search engines and marketing your digital content via social media isn’t rocket science. And don’t forget to put your keyword first in your short and relevant headline.
    [Blog] What I Learned at the Dog Park
    often smoke a cigar in a corner and blog, or work on my iPad. Since we brought Michelle home , she has proven to be a high octane dog who needs some running time. Being the first one up at the Livingston household, I am often chaperone her to the local dog park. I see some amazing parallels at the dog park to the good and bad of online social networks. My dog park consists of about 250 people. Everyone says hi to each other, and we learn a little about each other’s lives. This used to be my writing time, and I don’t want to give that up. There are cliques. Others judge you.
    [Blog] 5 Things You Should Know About Headlines
    Whether you’re talking about blog posts, static web pages, social media content, or something else, your headline has the potential to attract loads of traffic or to send it away to another corner of the Web. Headlines and title tags are important web page elements. You hope you’ll attract the traffic, but to do that you need to understand some basic things about writing headlines. Here are 5 things you should know about headlines before you start writing them. The headline’s job is to entice the reader to read your content. Don’t mince words.
    [Blog] Checking Authorship Stats In Google Webmaster Tools
    That’s one more reason to be guest blogging. Webmaster Tools is a lot more useful now since Google quit providing keyword data in Google Analytics. What can you do in Webmaster Tools? One thing you can do is check your authorship status. If you aren’t familiar with Google Authorship, get your primer here. Authorship is important for a number of reasons, but in case you didn’t know, you can follow your Authorship stats in Webmaster Tools. This is important because the fact that you can do so legitimizes Google Authorship beyond anything else. That’s the overview.
    [Blog] Using Twitter As A Research Tool
    You can use it to find information to write about on your blog or to find new markets for your business niche. Did you know you can use Twitter for research? It’s not just a marketing tool. You can use it for keyword research, market research, competitive research, or any kind of research where you need actionable data and information. Here are a few ways to use Twitter for conducting research: Twitter Search - Twitter has a search feature. You can search for any kind of information. Hashtags – Search for your favorite hashtags. You can tailor them by changing your settings.
    [Blog] 3 Predictions About Social Media
    Just as blogs increased in power and importance with the addition of images, so too will social media engagement be enhanced with images. Constant Contact has made some striking and bold predictions about social media in 2013. I’m going to focus on three of those. Social media will become a business-critical activity. Images will be more important for audience engagement. LinkedIn will become more important. All three of these predictions are bold in their own right. First, on social media becoming more business-critical , it’s almost there now. LinkedIn is in a steady climb.
    [Blog] Optimizing Your Facebook Brand Page
    Create social media backlinks – Create backlinks to your branded Facebook page from your blog, your LinkedIn account, and other community profile pages. I’ve discussed Facebook brand pages often enough that I think you know how important it is to have one, but did you know you can optimize it for search? It’s true. And there is no better time than now for learning how to do it. Here are 5 ways you can optimize your Facebook brand page for search. Brand page name and title – What do you call your page? That branded page name will also serve as your keyword title.
    [Blog] 6 Ways To Use Personas In Marketing
    Guest blogs. Online marketing can be made more effective if you use a persona. persona is the voice that is unique to you or a character you create for marketing purposes. One of the most original and most well known personas on the Internet is Jeeves. Remember Ask Jeeves? It was the search engine that later became Ask, but when Jeeves was first introduced to the online world, everyone loved him. Now he’s retired. Your persona can be your natural voice or it can be a character you create, but it must be unique. It should be a voice that people can relate to. Your e-mail newsletter.
    [Blog] Can Your Agency Share Examples Of Great Communities?
    My only rules are: No Facebook pages, Twitter following or blogs. I did a disservice to agencies when I suggested they can't develop online communities. stand by the core of my argument I believe that it's best for the organization to develop their community themselves. However, there are some fantastic agencies out there. So lets find them. In the comments below submit examples of communities your agency has created on behalf of your clients. Getting a big audience isn't a community. The community must have high levels of interaction between members.
    [Blog] Game Changers
    Pushing beyond my own need to rid the world of sayings like that, I am going to use this space to recommend that you stop reading this Blog post, and start watching any of the four free and available episodes of a new documentary series called, Game Changers , from Bloomberg TV. recently Blogged about the Steve Jobs Game Changers documentary, here: Incompatible. I hate the saying, "Game Changer" I really do. You might as well throw jargon like "best of breed" or "end to end solution" on top of it. Some very fine viewing. It is well-worth your time.
  • SOSHABLE  |  SATURDAY, JULY 23, 2011
    [Blog] Tumblr Frustrations: Please Get It Together
    Dear Tumblr: I know you’re growing faster than any blogging platform ever. Mark this down in the “ranting because something just pissed me off&# category. There’s not a whole lot to say and this post will be short. know that you’re working out the problems and that the tremendous service load put onto your free service is on par with the largest sites in the world. know that you handle most situations with class and are apologetic when things go wrong. At some point soon, the patience will run out. When does this end? WordPress doesn’t have these problems.
    [Blog] Feature Friday: 5 Pitfalls Social Media Marketers Must Avoid
    Photo by Sebastien B. -- Thanks for reading Feature Friday: 5 Pitfalls Social Media Marketers Must Avoid , the latest article from my blog on the social web. also write a blog from my city council desk. Have you visited the blog archive ? The following is a feature article by Alex Papa. If you start or run a social media business you want to make it a successful one. You want a business that will continue to grow and thrive. What’s the Plan? You must see this as a business that requires a proper business plan. The first pitfall to avoid is Lack of a Business Plan! 2.
    [Blog] The Biggest, Yet Never Mentioned, Benefit of Content Marketing
    If you would like a piece of his mind, visit  Feldman Creative  and his blog,  The Point. We can pretend we’ve all accepted the commonly understood benefits of content marketing. But we’d be pretenders. Let’s deal with the digits.  Content marketing can help you make money. Planned and executed by marketing professionals, your content marketing efforts will  drive traffic to your site and increase leads.  It’s capable of playing a role in helping you better qualify leads, too. But rather than talking about making money, I want to focus today on making  more  money.
    [Blog] The Libyan Revolution As Seen From Malta
    Unburdened by the machine of a news organization, blogs have managed to be the first to publish information about Maltese in Libya, leading to a few spats about giving credit to who the source of a particular story is. This is all, of course, familiar territory for most people reading this blog. Guest post by Conway Wigg. It’s hard to believe. that just 18 days ago I was flying out of Tripoli and leaving it as a city in what appeared to be total tranquility. Image: People’s Open Graphics via Flickr, CC 2.0. Looking back, perhaps they were just being careful.
    [Blog] Gulf Fact Finding Mission to Help Fishermen
    We hope to provide a citizen journalist accounting of the story using our social media tools, specifically, Twitter, Facebook, FLickr, U-Stream and of course our blogs. We believe that BP and Obama administration have been incapable of providing a satisfactory resolution to the incredible devastation from the Deep Horizon oil spill (White House Image: Obama talks to Gulf region fishermen). In fact, both BP and the federal government mostly seem to act only under the gun of media pressure. The clear losers are the people of the Gulf and the environment.
    [Blog] Kick Your Competitor’s Ass
    Whether its your phone operating system , selling music and tickets, ideas via blog content, a better answer to social crisis, or a marketing firm, competition exists. Yes, you did read the headline correctly. One of the most annoying flavors of kumbaya in social media circles remains the idea that we should all get along. These voices leave no room for public competition. Meanwhile most of the folks singing this tune don’t run businesses, and are bloggers and their fans. They are clueless about winning market share. Ignore them. You probably like some of your competitors.
    [Blog] The Intimidating Secret Every Blogger Shares
    Like you, blogging often scares me and repeatedly takes me to a point of stale conversation and blocked fingertips. Tonight, I want to share my story with you; the story of how I admitted and overcame a fear so strong it stopped me blogging for six months…. I sit here tonight with the ever dimming light of day flowing over my garden behind me, and for company the slight bronze glow of my desk lamp and the 30 minute chime of the cuckoo clock on my office wall. It’s approximately ten years since I started blogging at this very desk. This is what blogging is about.
    [Blog] ViperChill Monthly Report 8
    However, June is a new month and I’m ready to get back into work-mode and see where I can take this blogging case study. The top 10, were: ViperChill: 924 Viral marketing: 584 viper chill: 288 wordpress seo: 258 cloud living: 215 guest blogging: 126 glen allsopp: 122 outsource: 97 hqhow: 75 social media strategy: 60 While search engine traffic is still a tiny portion of the traffic that arrives at ViperChill, it is growing steadily month on month with the number of referring keywords increasing by another 25%. Cant wait to see what you do with this blog.
    [Blog] How Top Brands Are Using Cinemagraphs for Unexpected Social Content
    Originally posted on Coca-Cola’s Tumblr , it’s been re-blogged over 80,000 times. While cinemagraphs aren’t exactly new, more companies are embracing the power of these mesmerizing GIF/video hybrids to generate engagement on Facebook and Instagram. Partly due to their creative nature, but also in response to Facebook’s autoplay video and Instagram’s ability to play videos on a loop, the end result offers a powerful incentive to test this medium in your visual content mix. Image via Ann Street Studio. When done well, cinemagraphs are elegant and eye-catching. Take a look. Chanel. Honda.
  • ARI HERZOG  |  MONDAY, JUNE 23, 2014
    [Blog] It Is Hard Saying No
    Please sign up to receive blog posts by email. Yes, I want to do this. Yes, I want to do that too. Yes, I will volunteer for you. Yes, I have space and will take that off your hands. Yes, I will take that too. Yes, I will read that. Yes, I will watch that. Yes, I will yes I will yes I will yes I will. Yes. I am tired of saying yes. I am wearing too many hats. have too many roles, most of which I chose to do. I own too much stuff. have too much in my head. this, I that. It is a burden. hope it will make a difference. No, I know it will. Thanks for reading. Productivity
    [Blog] How to Add Your YouTube Videos to Pinterest
    So you’ve started using Pinterest to promote your blog. But once I realized I could promote my YouTube videos on Pinterest, everything changed! I’ve spent a lot of time, effort and energy building my YouTube channels and I’ve made sure each video we upload is optimized and takes viewers to a page where they can sign up to be added to my blog’s mailing list. Make sure the copy is inviting, and that it includes a number of keywords related to your blog. 8. Add a link to your blog or squeeze page. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. Congratulations!
    [Blog] MyLikes Passes 100k Influencers, Hires 3 More Ex-Googlers
    Also joining the company, the only non-Xoogler, Grzegorz Miaskiewicz , who recently blogged on updates to the MyLikes home page. MyLikes , the personal endorsement-based advertising platform best known for the ability to create sponsored tweets and YouTube videos, has seen significant growth since the company announced an initial funding round last April, opening up to the public and unveiling its advisory board, of which I am a member. The company's CEO, Bindu Reddy , reports more than 100,000 "influencers" are registered on the platform, reaching more than 160 million people.
    [Blog] Using Social Media as a Support Group
    have shared issues of mine on my blog and the community has lent their support. Image by gem fountain. It seems that now-a-days we can do most things online… clothes shopping, looking for Colleges, buying Holiday gifts, doing our banking… pretty much anything. But there is something else we can do online… something much more personal and sacred. We can even work on mending our inside pain and turmoil. Before I get deeper into this topic I want to show why finding support groups online can make a lot of sense. The Definition of a Support Group. Could that happen?
    [Blog] How to Write Posts People Will Remember
    I am fortunate enough to meet quite a few of my blog’s readers face-to-face at conferences. What people don’t remember about your blog. What people do remember about your blog. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. It’s always a surreal and enlightening experience. One of the most interesting parts of the experience is having readers share with you the posts that you’ve written that they remember most. On some occasions they remember things you’ve written years in the past! loved it!” ” Or. What a great post!”
    [Blog] The harsh reality for black entrepreneurs in the web/tech space. Your chances of raising startup capital are slim to none. Someone prove me wrong please!
    Launch a hip hop or Urban platform or urban blog/website or urban video site. Flickr photo by By rickz. Let’s start with some facts: African Americans make up 1% of Internet company founders nationally. source ). Whites make up 87% startup founders, with Asians make up 12% ( source ). Minority angel investors account for 2% of the angel population. source ). Minority-owned firms represented 6% of the entrepreneurs that presented their business concept to angel investors. source ). 92% of venture backed startups are male ( source ). Black unemployment: Highest in 27 years ( source ).
    [Blog] Net Semi-Neutrality: New Rules from the FCC
    The rules are bogus, according to Gini Dietrich. I’ve been pretty outspoken about the need to maintain net neutrality for several months now. I’ve blogged about it and, when I speak, I advise business leaders to pay careful attention to the rulings. Well, the FCC has made their decision on net neutrality and we are now faced with two versions of the web. One where we are protected on our computers, but not on our phones. Which means we can gain access to anything we want if we’re using our browsers, but the wireless carriers can block apps if they want (i.e.
    [Blog] And the IABC Canada conference workshop winner is…
    Last week this blog ran a competition to give a reader  a chance to win a free ticket to an IABC 2012 Canada Business Summit preconference workshop. And the winner is… Mike Reynolds who left this comment: “Survival. Always something I’m looking for.”  ”  His name was drawn and so he gets to attend his choice of workshop:  Communicating Inside Enterprise 2.0: A Survival Guide to the New Social Workspace. . The summit takes place November 1-3 at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa. Thanks to Mike and the 18 other readers who took the time to enter! Related articles.
    [Blog] Whistle Stops 11/28/10
    25 Ways to Use the Web to Find Content for Your Blog by Danny Brown - Some fantastic tips for curating content so you can add to the conversation on your own space. 50 Brilliant Ideas You Can Execute On Right Now by Gary Whitehill - Really great list of ideas -- and if you start on any of them, you can also start a blog to go with it:-). Whistle Stops are conversations, eye-openers, or tools representing the brain train discovered while traveling along the Conversphere.  Elsewhere: Archiving My Tweets by Tara Seale - Great tips on how to archive your twitter messages.
    [Blog] 7 Social Media Lessons From Phil Collins
    If you are succeeding on Twitter, try to concentrate on getting your blog to the same level. Don’t feel like your blog posts all have to carry the exact same tonality or subject. If your blog is just a series of news releases, people will block you out. Guest post by  Marjorie Clayman , resident blogger at She works at Clayman Advertising, Inc., her family-owned full-service marketing firm. There are seven, in fact, that came to my mind. Here they are. 1. Develop as many different skills as you can. He didn’t stop there, however. That’s a given.
    [Blog] Social Media Contests: Promoting The Promotion
    The ideal place is the home or news page or on the blog. I wanted to get another expert opinion on social media promotions so I asked our own  Chad Richards , who has run more social promotions than he can remember, to offer some advice. “There have been so many occasions when I’ve seen brands build a promotion and complain about the low participation. After all, if you build it – shouldn’t they come? Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works. Building it is only one (important) part and the other part is to promote the promotion. You’ve got to get the word out. Email. Website.
    [Blog] The Hobbit has turned Social Media into the Shire
    It is always amazing to see words light up social networks and blogs regarding a conversational topic and today it just so happens to be The Hobbit, easily turning Social Media into our very own version of The Shire. If you have been waiting for what seems like forever to watch The Hobbit raise your mouse. It has been a long journey that we have traveled since the final LOTR trilogy ended and have been awaiting to revisit the Shire once again and today, today is THAT day, where elves, dwarves and Hobbits gather together once again and are able to venture into the minds of J.R.R. Tolkien.
    [Blog] More Updates Means More Traffic | Small Business Mavericks
    Think about it, simply adding a blog to your small business website can lead to tons more traffic. blog is the best way to update your website every day. Tags: Blogging for Small Business , small business , Social Media , website traffic This entry was posted on Thursday, February 17th, 2011 at 9:36 am and is filed under Small Business Internet Marketing. About Us What’s a Maverick? » More Updates Means More Traffic An interesting study by SiteKreator has confirmed what I’ve been telling you for more than two years now. times per month. Surprised?
    [Blog] Shanan & Kate’s Excellent QR Code Adventure
    Shanan Sorochynski  manages the University of Regina’s first official blog:  YOURblog. Okay, our adventure wasn’t as thrilling as traveling the Circuits of Time in a phone booth with George Carlin, but it was educational none-the-less. This Fall the University at which I work hosted a career fair, cramming booth-after-booth of employers looking for new recruits into the main gymnasium. It was a great opportunity for students to explore their options and a fun way for Kate (my colleague) and I to see how some organizations are using QR Codes. Image:  Optiscanapp via Flickr,  CC 2.0.
  • ENGAGE  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13, 2012
    [Blog] 30 Tweets Worth Reading, Retweeting, and Maybe Even Printing Out From #AMP12
    Be sexy with your blog writing. I can get behind that. The great thing about Twitter is that for live events you can get in on the action without really being there. For example, Association Media and Publishing is having it’s annual meeting, which is kind of a big deal for those in the association media space. And while I wasn’t able to attend myself, I was able to follow the hashtag #AMP12 and feel like I was almost there. debbiemillman : “if you wait until you’re confident to try something new, you’re doomed.” ” Just go for it! amp12. amp12. amp12.
    [Blog] Peer-to-peer payments come to Snapchat but what are the implications for retail banks?
    In a previous blog, FreshMinds explored attempts by Twitter and Facebook to introduce micro-payments features; more recently, a series of leaked screenshots suggest that Facebook may be about to introduce a peer-to-peer payments service to its Messenger app. The trend towards increased peer-to-peer payments has reached a new milestone with news that social network Snapchat is partnering with Square , a payment processing provider, to allow users to send money to friends. There are two interesting insights here for the financial services sector. appeared first on FreshMinds.
    [Blog] Earned Media Tip #7: Use Offline Events for Content
    You can find links to all the posts in the series in the right-hand column of the blog. All of this live interaction will find its way into blog posts and videos that I post online. There is no gatekeeper on reporting anymore.  If you have a Twitter account, a blog, or a corporate online newsroom , you can publish content. This post is part of the series of 10 tips to increase earned media. At the core of earned media is great content.  Media is all about attracting more people to their content. Instead of just being a passive attendee, become an event reporter. Facebook.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  MONDAY, MAY 16, 2011
    [Blog] 5 Tornado Ingredients that’ll Ensure Your Next Post Turns Viral
    In such a construction, the blog post is a dense nugget of gold that cannot be ignored. In the opening three months of my blog, I experienced the sensation of having more than a thousand people read a single article. Regardless of how gravely Blogging Syndrome has stricken you, there are five tornado ingredients that ensure your next post turns viral. 1. If your blog already has subscribers, you can skitter past this step. My brand-new blog had 89 subscribers after I appeared on ProBlogger. Read their comments and blog posts. Don’t blog too much.
    [Blog] Key To Inbound Marketing: Buy an iPhone
    All of our franchisees now realize why blogging, social media, search engine optimization, etc. encourage our franchisees to think of the iPhone as a natural extension of their body, always at hand to shoot a video, snap a photo, dictate a blog headline, or record a stream of consciousness for a social media post. Larry Spada is vice president of branding and marketing for Outdoor Living Brands and author of the blog Web Wise Rants and Raves. The Ghost Blogging Debate The Age-Old Question: Can I Pick Your Brain? Blog Roll Book Rec. Apple changed my life.
  • DIGIGEN  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 16, 2010
    [Blog] Social Business Books: Seth Godin – Linchpin
    Posted in social business books blog comments powered by Disqus « Why “Cultivating Linchpins&# is a Key Social Business Strategy How the New BBC iPlayer sets a benchmark for Social Businesses. Its very motivational but also acts as a great guide for anyone who is in need of a change. Link Here ) I would give this a 5 out of 5 rating as I love Seth’s style of writing, the cracking ideas and also the thought that anyone can become a linchpin.its just whether you want to or not. Dan on A New Focus on Social Business Strategy. Powered by WordPress and Hybrid
    [Blog] How Not to Add a Comment Right Now: Install Disqus, Intense Debate, Echo, or LiveFyre
    Asked to add a comment quickly on a blog such as this with the built-in WordPress commenting system, you can easily step up to the opportunity. Tough luck if you try commenting on blog with a third-party comment system. Requiring someone to be logged into a Twitter account, Facebook account, Google account, or some other account as a prerequisite to leaving a comment on your blog is no different than the New York Times requiring someone to log in with a username and password. How to Enhance Your Blog Comment: Get a Gravatar. You submit your comment and voila!
    [Blog] How to Get More Followers and Give Back at the Same Time
    Twitip Getting more out of twitter Follow 102,289 followers Subscribe 20,083 subscribers starters guide getting followers tools tips business people news add a tip Courtney Mroch @HauntJaunts Courtney Mroch blogs about paranormal tourism on Haunt Jaunts and her adventures with social media on her new blog, The Sociable Scribe. The project turned out to be Haunt Jaunts , my travel blog for restless spirits. This was my way of not only increasing my blog’s visibility and my Twitter followers, but also showing readers they’re valuable to me in more ways than one.
    [Blog] auDA misuse of power?
    It auto updates with tweets from Twitter, blog posts, Facebook, whatevers. Which is how I responded to the PDF above: Hi Vanessa, is a satirical site gently poking fun at Optus by collating ALL tweets, blogs and social media mentions (good and bad) about Optus in one place. I registered about a year ago ,to create an online community of people annoyed with Optus. There is no Optus branding, my site aggregates all discussions re: Optus on social networking sites. Good, bad, indifferent – all can be seen and discussed on OptusPoo. Cheers.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  MONDAY, MARCH 11, 2013
    [Blog] Get My Next Book CTRL ALT Delete Now
    Warning: the following blog post will be self-promotional. If you have been following this blog, listening to my podcast, seen me speak live or engaged with me on many of the various social media platforms, I'm hopeful that you will keep on reading. If you're not interested in it, please feel free to ignore it. My second business book, CTRL ALT Delete , comes out on May 21st, 2013, but you can get a pre-release copy today. There will be many interesting and fun marketing initiatives leading up to the launch of CTRL ALT Delete on May 21st. Galleys are not finalized books. dan pink.
    [Blog] Listen up! Here's 10 top snippets from Social Slam!
    Blog comments come from emotional reactions to your content. “You can’t teach how to blog unless you blog. by Jonathan Barrick. Social Slam 2013 has concluded, and that makes me sad. However, Social Slam 2013 was awesome, and that makes me happy. The content was brilliant, the speakers were tremendous, and the people were the best. Social Slam is without a doubt, a must-attend event for ANYONE working with digital tools, professionally or personally, to connect and communicate. “You’re not just competing with the guy down the street.
    [Blog] 7 Financial Services Startups You Should Know About
    According to the finance blogs , the reason is pretty simple – advance in information technologies, such as cloud services, has provided this line of business with previously unheard-of opportunities. Hundreds of startups appear every year in all spheres of business, but only a handful of them are worth a second glance. However, an unusually high number of promising financial services have sprung up over the past few years. This short list describes which of these services deserve special attention. 1.     Z-CRD. Singapore. What it is – a possible successor of credit card system.
    [Blog] 15 Habits of Legendary Content Creators
    Almost no one can sit down at their laptop and hammer out a brilliant blog article first thing in the morning. When you get to work, grab your tea, sit down and dive into your carefully-curated RSS feeds, favorite blogs, and news websites. For more on the subject, we recommend 13 Time-Saving Blogging Tips from the World’s Busiest Marketers. 3. well-written blog about a tired subject isn’t going to do as well as a mediocre piece of content about a fresh, new, and exciting idea. Really successful content marketing brands aren’t just blogging anymore. Be Curious.
    [Blog] My Wild and Precious Life
    Please sign up to receive blog posts by email. I will always remember Graduation Day of 1986. It was the day Dad picked up on my last day of fifth grade, drove me to the State House, and we had tea and cookies (I drank milk) with the Governor. It was the day Michael Dukakis could have done a million things for Massachusetts but he met with an 11-year-old kid. Dad won the privilege of this conversation in a silent auction. I don’t remember what we talked about. remember posing for a photograph which hangs today on a wall in my old bedroom. smiled. Who made the grasshopper?
    [Blog] 15 Ways to Make Your Social Media Strategy a Complete Fail
    Practical Fix: Utilizing Google docs or project management software, create a culture of total transparency between marketing staff, to better promote blogs, eBooks, sales initiatives, and specials. For more insight, we recommend 14 Tools for Writing a Content Marketing Style Guide for Your Blog. Simply having a presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ doesn’t guarantee your company scores of fresh leads and new customers. In fact, recent studies by Manta have found that 60% of small businesses have yet to see a significant ROI from their social media strategy.
    [Blog] CASE STUDY: How JetBlue Listened on Twitter
    When he's not blogging, Ari helps brands improve their digital media marketing. I recently purchased a ticket to fly from Boston to Denver over Columbus Day weekend. A few weeks passed and, when a local conflict required me to change my dates of travel, I logged onto the JetBlue website and clicked the link to “change entire itinerary.” ” I gladly paid the $100 surcharge to reschedule my flight. Less than 24 hours later, I realized I needed to change it again. Can I do it online? — Ari Herzog (@ariherzog) September 19, 2012. called. But they did. Got a question?
    [Blog] 20 Proven Ways to Increase Engagement With Your Audience
    MacDonald recommends collecting 7 high-value pieces of blog content, and emailing each to your newest subscribers daily to create an attractive training series. 4. Convert Your Blog Posts into Podcasts. While there’s a definitive art and science to podcasting , simply converting your most valuable blog posts into audio format can increase engagement by providing options to busy website visitors. Twitter may be a micro-blogging platform, but that doesn’t mean you need to rely solely on text-based messages and supporting links. Why Engagement Matters. Be Distinct.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  SUNDAY, JUNE 26, 2011
    [Blog] How to Use SEO Wisely for Long-term Profits
    If you have a blog online, the bottom line is you need to reach targeted audience.  The main keyword that I have been trying to rank my blog for receives a nice 9000-10,000 hits a month.  Start with your blog posts. Even though you have a main keyword you want your blog to rank for, you should take a look at your past posts. Do Just because you want your blog to rank for “vegetable gardening” [5400 searches globally] doesn’t mean you can’t have a post that ranks for “grow tomatoes” [1300 searches globally].  Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger.
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