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Five Social Media Predictions for 2010


Here are my five social media predictions for 2010. 1. Augmented Reality Applications Will Start to Go Mainstream. Augmented Reality (AR) is the ability to place computer-generated information, such as text and labels, on top of live real world data, such as video from a smart phone. Most AR applications in 2009 were quaint curiosities designed to demonstrate the AR concept. Expect to see applications from major corporations, municipalities, and institutions of higher learning. Some of the most interesting applications will be outside of marketing and promotion. space. PowerPoint is ubiquitous.

Facebook Dislike Button is a Bad Idea


Facebook users have launched a handful of petition drives asking the social network to allow users to click a thumbs-down icon to give a news feed item, advertisement, etc. a “Dislike,&# just as they can currently give it a thumbs-up, or “Like.&# There are several Facebook groups with a million or more users advocating this. The group Petition for a Dislike Button has, as of this post, over 2.8 million members. Whether Facebook will respond remains to be seen, although there are precedents for this. Dislike Button is a bad idea. think it’s a bad idea.

Who Are Your Twitter Fab Five?


In response to the madness of Twitter Follow Friday, I’m going to try something new that I call my “Fab Five to Follow Post.” Instead of tweeting dozens of random Twitter IDs with no context or explanation, I’ve decided to pick five of my favorite Twitter people and explain why I follow them, and why you might want to as well. Vruz is my good friend Horacio from Uruguay. As with most of my favorite people on Twitter, our friendship is based on mutual respect. Vruz is one of those people who is super smart on any internet or technology related subject. He’s always supportive, to an extreme.

Stand By for a Foursquare Superuser


“Stand by for a fighter pilot,&# Robert Duvall’s character, Lt. “Bull&# Meechum, declares as he enters the room in the movie The Great Santini. And are those of us risking our lives every day on the social media front lines any less deserving of respect? create new badges.&#. have to admit that I was excited about this. The creators of Foursquare are tapping into basic human behavior. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs describes a theory of human needs which include “Belonginess&# and “Esteem.&# Foursquare plays to both of these, and many others.

A World Gone Social

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FTC to Penalize Questionable Blogging Practices


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has finally stepped up and issued new regulations affecting commercial use of social media. Specifically, the agency now requires bloggers to disclose relationships with sponsors, whether the blogger is paid or merely receives “free” products and services; and for celebrities to disclose their paid relationships with sponsors. ’&#. Thomas Rosch payola

United Breaks Guitars: Case Study in Old Media Failure


A YouTube video by a musician upset at United Airlines for breaking one of its instruments has reached nearly 3 million views in just a few days, and is creating a lot of buzz in social media circles.  Apparently, United had resolved the issue by the time Dave Carroll’s video was posted. *. Shameless capitalism at its finest! Basically, they were doing exactly what they were expected to do.

Microworkers Paid Less Than a Penny for Writing


Technology has made many things possible, and is enabling unethical people to pay as little as one quarter cent per word for their writing. The Internet is the great democratizer. It is also the great enslaver of the disadvantaged and the marginalized. Freelance writers, often students, mothers, and older people, are the victims of a global conspiracy to pit people against each other to auction their skills and time for as little as possible. One of the culprits is Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (MT). Payout will be made everyday through paypal. 0.75$ for every 300 word article.”. Illiteracy.

How the Economy and Social Media Are Ruining PR


Or: The Decline and Fall of Western Civilisation. The combined effects of social media and a down economy are ruining the PR industry. Here’s how. Companies have slashed both staff and budgets across the board, and public relations is no exception. Still, companies will outsource PR as they always have. But if they were once reluctant to pay EVP/SVP hourly rates of $200, $300, or more, then they are today completely unwilling to do so. Instead, they are pushing their agencies to use more junior people at lower hourly rates. This saves money, but has several undesirable side effects.

Drive Toward Social Intelligence Maturity

Propelling your organization to new levels of social intelligence skill and application is essential for maximizing the value of your listening and monitoring efforts.

What Does Your Twitter Avatar Say About You?


Tweets are short at 140 characters, but a Twitter avatar must visually represent a user in just 2304 pixels. Choosing the right avatar can affect the way people see you online. Here are some of the most popular avatar types and what they say about the user: Standard head shot : Head and shoulders, framed squarely, professional in appearance, though perhaps a little formal. You’ve established a good balance between being serious and frivolous. You’re “normal,” whatever that means. You’re in demand as a friend and as an employee and you’ve never been thrown out of anywhere. LOL!”. You go!

Is Blogging Killing Good Writing?


I read a blog post today that recommended people forget what they learned in school about writing, and instead, write like they speak, and from the heart. It went on to suggest throwing out the rules of language, not worrying about grammar and spelling, and more. used to work at an artificial intelligence company that made foreign language translation software. Common Russet Potato. strategy.

Debunking Five Social Media Myths


Everyone knows e-mail is dead. It’s been replaced by Facebook, Twitter and online collaboration. Well, not exactly. And a recent piece in the Wall Street Journal didn’t say so either. In fact, it indicated e-mail use was growing, just not as fast as social network adoption. And MySpace is for “young people&# right? Though the available data conflicts, there is nothing to indicate that MySpace users are predominantly younger than users of other social networks, and if anything, Twitter is now more popular than MySpace with younger age groups. You can see the article here.

The Problem With Being Liked


“Be liked and you will never want.&# “I’m well liked in Hartford.&# - Willy Loman, Death of a Salesman. When Willy Loman talked about the importance of being liked, and whether he was liked or not, he didn’t really know what it was to be liked, or whether it really mattered. It was an awkward way for Willy to express the importance of popularity and acceptance. The same is true of social networkers who are often presented with a thumbs-up icon they can click to “Like&# an item. What the heck does it mean to “Like&# something? What did they like?

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Proposal for Federal Office of Nonstandard Communications


Tips for Using Facebook Fan Pages


Several clients have told me recently they don’t think their Facebook pages have as many fans as their brand seems to warrant. They’ve asked me what they were doing “wrong” and how to improve their pages. One executive compared the “coolness” of his brand to a larger, boring brand that drew many more fans to its Facebook page, adding, “I don’t get it.”. think one of the issues here is the inflation of language so pervasive in social networking. Still, big business is creating fan pages and a study released in January 2009 , commissioned by Princeton, N.J.-based Watch out for overposting.

Santa Cruz Sentinel on FriendFeed - Newspaper of the Future?


This morning, looking at what the Santa Cruz Sentinel is doing on FriendFeed , it occurred to me that I might be looking at the newspaper of the future, here today. FriendFeed gives the Sentinel all of the functionality a Web 2.0 enabled newsroom needs. The paper (how’s that for a term describing an online news outlet?) can quickly post a steady stream of news items and photos. Readers can just as easily comment on an item, share it, or give it a StumbleUpon-style “Like” aka, a thumbs-up. There are icons allowing readers to easily sign up for any of several RSS feeds the paper offers.

Live Tweeting Requires Ethical and Legal Considerations


You’re at a conference, the wifi is good, and you’re excited about live tweeting the next speaker. But have you ever wondered whether it’s “OK” to copy and publish someone else’s words and ideas? If you were at the movie theater, neither the studio nor the theater operator would permit you to videotape portions of the movie to post on your blog. Setting aside issues of whether the practice is actually useful, and whether it is distracting to the speaker and to others in attendance, live tweeting and live blogging of conferences, events and webcasts raises legal and ethical issues. world.

The Smart Marketer's Guide to Social Media Management

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Network World: SocialCorp “Must-Read” Social Media Book


This morning’s Network World offers a list (also published in Computerworld ) of five “must-read&# social media marketing books and suggests it’s “time to get smart with these 5 essential books.&# I’m very pleased my book, SocialCorp: Social Media Goes Corporate , is on the list, and Computerworld writer Todd R. The book is in good company indeed.

Users of iPhones and Toasters are Delusional


A recent “ study ,&# and I use the term loosely, attracted a lot of attention with its finding that iPhone users are delusional. “Released&# by a Danish organization “Strand Consult,&# the study uses, among other things, a list of faults of the iPhone that users have had to force themselves to overlook, (citing the earliest models whenever possible) to make its point.

Dixon Hamby Wins Copy of SocialCorp


Congratulations to Dixon Hamby who was selected at random from those who left a comment on my October 26 post, My Brief List of 54 Twitter Rules (Did I Miss Any?). Dixon will receive a copy of my book SocialCorp: Social Media Goes Corporate , and everyone who commented gets my sincere thanks for contributing to a great discussion.

To Fail Whale or Not to Fail Whale?


Twitter can’t seem to make up its mind whether to serve up the traditional “fail whale&# graphic in the event of a system problem: or this abbreviated, non-fail-whale version: (I received both of these today.) Maybe each indicates a different type of error. Maybe there’s an old cetacean’s home somewhere in Florida.

Master The Next Wave Of Social

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LinkedIn and Twitter Connect: So?


LinkedIn and Twitter announced last night that LinkedIn will now be integrating Twitter updates with LinkedIn user accounts. LinkedIn tweeted early this morning “Learn how you can link your LinkedIn and Twitter accts together! link].&# @LinkedIn even changed its Twitter avatar to mark the occasion. Reactions on Twitter were mixed, and Read Write Web was not impressed.

My Moment of Foursquare Fame


I hit #12 this morning with a pathetic score. That’s because Foursquare resets every Monday. Posted via email from socialized.

Intro to Foursquare, Brightkite & Location-Based Social Media


Location-based services — applications that “know” where you are and can use that information to connect you with people, places and things — are one of the hot new classes of social media applications. Basically, a location-based application allows you to check in almost anywhere on the planet and broadcast that information. How Does It Know Where I Am? So What? Brightkite. Foursquare.

Finally, a Twitter Hashtag I Like, Sort Of


Recently I noticed a Twitter hashtag that was short, made sense, and was even fun to use. I’m talking about #crushit, the hashtag associated with Gary Vaynerchuk’s new book — wait for it — Crush It! This is a rare instance of a hashtag that has a one-to-one correlation with the thing it identifies. If you’re a regular reader of my blog you know I detest most hashtags.

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

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HP’s Printing 2.0 Is Advantage Over Google


Despite the imminent end of the print era, Hewlett Packard has announced a partnership with the University of Michigan which would make over a half million of the books in the university’s library available in print. That’s right, in print. In book form. HP has a huge advantage over Google in an endeavor like this. Web Business Blurb Google Hewlett Packard HP on-demand printing Print 2.0

Twitter Lists Are Life Changing, Threaten Yammer & Others


I am among a number of people who have had list functionality added as part of Twitter’s beta rollout of the new feature. Twitter is promoting the feature at the top of the home page with: Lists are timelines you build yourself, consisting of friends, family, co-workers, sports teams, you name it. You’re part of a small group receiving this feature, so don’t tweet about it yet!

Harmless Twitter Prank or Malicious Act?


I was reviewing my Twitter follower list this morning and came across a potentially disturbing account tweeting what appears to be someone’s private information. reported this account by sending a Direct Message to @spam on Twitter. hope this is someone’s idea of a joke. If it’s for real, I hope Twitter shuts it down soon.

Highlights from Bloggers and Tweeters Are Devouring My Brand


On September 23, I was a panelist at a Silicon Valley Brand Forum event Brand Management in the Social Media Jungle: Bloggers and Tweeters Are Devouring My Brand. Video highlights and a few other goodies, including a Social Media Dashboard presentation by Steve Farnsworth, have been posted on the SVBF’s web site.

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Will Facebook Be the Next AOL?


Remember AOL ? And the plethora of free AOL CDs that filled your mailbox, were inserted into your favorite magazines and maybe even offered at the dry cleaner and the auto parts store? think Facebook is on its way to becoming the next AOL. Just without CDs. Chris Hall published an interesting post titled Is Facebook Today’s Internet ? Walled garden. Partially closed operating system.

A New Spin on Word of Mouth Marketing


Today I went into Border’s and practically talked a guy into buying my book. I was with my wife and daughter, and as we generally do when we visit a book store, we went to the business and marketing section to make sure my book was in stock. My wife found it, took it down from the shelf, and turned it facing out to make it easier to locate for knowledge-hungry book buyers.

Panel: Brand Management in the Social Media Jungle


I’ll be participating Wednesday, September 23, 2009 from 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM (PT) in a panel discussion titled Brand Management in the Social Media Jungle. We’ll talk about the opportunities and risks of managing a brand in the world of social media. Here’s a full description of the panel. Brand Management in the Social Media Jungle. Silicon Valley Brand Forum at Electronic Arts.

How Journalism School Taught Me To Be a Better Blogger


I went to journalism school, which just might make me a “better” blogger. Here’s why I think so. First of all, I learned to write in the “inverted pyramid” style , which says “start with a lead that exposes the most important elements of the story first, and then work down the page to aspects of the story that are of decreasing importance.” It’s a simple way to organize my writing.