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3 Ways Mobile Apps Can Reward Customer Loyalty

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Loyalty apps reward your customers for returning to, and spreading the word about, your online business. Though Though the phrase is a product of the ever-growing web lexicon, most people are actually pretty familiar with “loyalty apps.”. These are examples of loyalty apps. Loyalty apps don’t just stop with members-only discounts, however. Go (Loyalty) Cardless.

5 Reasons Your Mobile Strategy Isn’t Working

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Whether you completely neglected to build a website for your mobile platform or there’s a lacking call to action, there are common mobile faux pas than can result in lost loyalty, brand following and even support.

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Earning Loyalty Points

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When most people think of earning loyalty points, they think of their loyalty cards. The brands behind these loyalty programs are capturing tons of valuable data in what is perceived as a fair trade. What if we looked earning loyalty points differently? What if loyalty was less about how much a consumer buys, but the bigger win is that the brand earns loyalty points for doing the right thing for the consumer? Rogers asked the audience why mobile companies don't call their customers up to help them change their plan, so that they can save more money?

How to Leverage Mobile Payments to Garner Customer Loyalty


Mobile payments will reach $90 billion by 2017, according to Forrester. The ability to attract mobile customers isn’t just a matter of selling more products, however. It also can help form long-lasting loyalty between your organization and consumers (members and non-member customers). Open up Your Mobile Wallet. Gamify Your Loyalty Program. Mobile

The New Kind of Customer Loyalty Your Company Needs

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The reality is that customer centricity has been on the radar of brands for some time now thanks to connectivity; social media platforms and a mobile-first culture have changed the ways consumers engage with brands and their expectations of those brands. Customer Experience brand loyalty customer engagement customer experience customer loyalty marketing strategy personalization

Top Ways to Utilize Mobile Marketing and Payment Options Today


Organizations can now make it easy for consumers to purchase at any location by using the best mobile credit card processing , as well as send customers specifically targeted information, rewards, tips and more. If you want to get in on the mobile payments action, now is definitely the time. Take Payments Anywhere, Anytime. Provide Better Customer Service and Fulfillment.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Strategy for Your Business

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These days, mobile strategy is an imperative for marketing departments across every industry. While today’s CMO is looking at mobile advertising and optimizing websites for tablets, the first word on everyone’s mind is “app.” Developing an app isn’t the right solution for everyone, so how do you determine what mobile strategy makes sense for your business? Punch-Card Loyalty.

Four Mobile Marketing Growth Areas

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This first ran on MyMobiManager , a company that creates content management systems for the mobile web. So when we talk about something as simple as moving their websites to a mobile browser friendly format, you can imagine the blank stares we get. But these statistics show mobile isn’t going to go away. Mobile Browser Ready. Mobile Blogging. And apps?

3 Ways Mobile Insights Are Informing Online and Offline Marketing

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Posted in Customer Experience Mobile. It’s predicted that shoppers around the world will have purchased about $119 billion worth of goods and services through their mobile phones by 2015. Either way, mobile will be instrumental in expanding brands’ reach and connecting them to new and existing audiences in a different way. That’s right, real time.

Tech Buyers: 43% Research Products After Seeing Mobile Ads

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”  The study – based on the responses of 3,100 visitors to technology news sites – looked at the effects of both social media and mobile on consumers’ likelihood to research and buy a product ( ClickZ ). 40% of respondents said they have a sense of “technology brand loyalty” to the brands they’ve positively dealt with through social media.

QR Codes, Email, and Mobile Marketing: Tools for Small Businesses to Compete Digitally

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That’s why at Signal , we’ve dedicated a piece of our business to providing an affordable and simple product to help small businesses leverage mobile marketing, social media and email to grow and nurture their customer base. The cards included QR codes to take viewers to  a mobile web page with videos of chefs preparing the recipes.  Good Things Come on Packages. Like this post?

10 Ecommerce Predictions for 2013

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Posted in Behavioral Targeting Customer Experience eCommerce Mobile Social Media. Mobile and tablet revenues will continue to increase. Retailers Start to Love Loyalty Programs -  It’s not just for frequent fliers anymore. are launching loyalty programs—and integrating data into comprehensive customer profiles—to offer the next level of personalization and service.

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Show 384 - Inside Mobile Marketing

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Alex Meisl , Chairman of Sponge which he has developed into Europe's market leader on Mobile Marketing with operations in 20 countries,  joins  Anna Farmery  to discuss . What is mobile marketing? What actually is mobile advertising? The concept of mobile shopping. How 80% of advertisers do not have a mobile site - staggering google mobile website data? How to make a mobile website. How a mobile website is about access, mobile apps are for loyalty and engagement, then how mobile CRM is about creating the marketing conversation.

9 Things to Note Before Launching a Facebook Coupon Offers Campaign

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Below is a quick list of some possible coupon campaigns: Customer loyalty. Advertising/Marketing Facebook A/B testing analytics Applications apps Bookmarks brand awareness ChameleonJohn Coupons Customer Loyalty Digital Strategy Consulting e-Commerce Email Engagement Holiday Shopping Season influencer marketing Influencers Insights Kohl's Landing Pages Laurynas Skupas Likes Load Times Loyalty measurement Metrics mobile Offers Post Scheduling retailers Scheduled Posts Shares smartphones Technomic User-Generated ContentExclusive social fans. Holiday /seasonal.

Social media loyalty: me like you long time (but me hard to get)


This post is not about movies but about “the loyalty&# of fans, followers and all those other labels we give to people on social media. If the company’s figures are more or less correct one can see the great challenges that a brand faces on, amongst others, social media: how do you earn and maintain the loyalty of people in the enormously competitive world of “new” media?

Top Mobile Tech Trends For 2017

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Top Mobile Tech Trends For 2017 By Andrew Gazdecki. The year 2017 will be a one of massive growth for the mobile market. Just about every business now has the capability to develop mobile apps to serve their needs. In 2015, mobile users surpassed PC users worldwide – how long can you go without spotting a smart phone? ” Click To Tweet. Final Thoughts.

Why Mobile Moments Are Mandatory for Every Business

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Tweetable Moments Start thinking about your customer’s mobile moment. jbernoff Tweet This Defining Mobile Moments Josh started as a researcher at Forrester 19 years ago. Recently, his research has focused increasingly on mobile use. Forrester has introduced the hashtag #MyMobileMoment for people to share the little victories they have using mobile technology every day.

Mobile Shopping App Shopkick Adds CVS/pharmacy To Its Lineup Of Retail Partners

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Mobile shopping app   Shopkick , which rewards shoppers for walking into stores and interacting with products, has added CVS/pharmacy as the first pharmacy to join its lineup of retail brands that already includes major names like  Macy’s, Target, American Eagle, Mobil, Best Buy and ToysRus. Mashable ).

Mobile Loyalty Apps: A Golden Opportunity For SBMs

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Chances are, you have a few loyalty cards hanging off your keychain or floating around in your purse or wallet. And what if you are that merchant and you could help your customers save money with their purchases using their mobile devices? Here are a few statistics gathered from Constant Contact and included on a recent infographic about mobile loyalty. You bet it would.

3 Secrets To Having A Two-Way Conversation With Your Brand’s Customers Online

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Posted in Branding Communities eCommerce Interactive Marketing Mobile Optimization. However, brand loyalty online can be much more fleeting than it is offline. Stop and think about some of the online brands that have your devoted loyalty (no matter what sins they may occasionally commit). That is what we saw in the  “Mobilizing the Retail Shopping Experience” research study.

Dunkin’ Donuts Promotes New Mobile Payment App With Halloween Contest on Twitter, Instagram

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Dunkin’ Donuts new mobile campaign engages consumers with a Halloween-themed contest and mobile gift cards, making use of mobile and social platforms Instagram and Twitter. The effort is designed to get consumers excited about Halloween themed menu items and to educate them about the brand’s new mobile payment options.

Will The Marketing Agency Of The Future Look Nothing Like The Agency Of Today?

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First, when it comes to the online channels, consumers see loyalty in a whole new light (check out my article from yesterday:  Consumer Trust Is Not What You Think It Is These Days ). Agencies will need to bulk up on content marketing, web/mobile development and advertising technology not as stand-alone centers of excellence, but how these services integrate and deliver against real metrics and goals. brand loyalty. loyalty. mobile development. Nearly twenty years ago, the agency of the future seemed very obvious. They did not understand the Internet. adobe.

87 More Vital Social Media Marketing Facts and Stats for 2012

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Marketers have questions, this post has answers: 87 vital social media and online marketing statistics covering everything from how executives and large companies are using social media for marketing, customer service and recruiting to fresh stats on the leading social media platforms to search, email, content and mobile marketing trends. Mobile Marketing Statistics. MindJumpers ). 3.

7 Roadblocks to Digital Marketing Transformation

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Customers are tuning out traditional marketing methods, while consuming information and making buying decisions on mobile phones, tablets, computers, smart televisions, and wearable devices. Image via The marketing industry is advancing at an unprecedented rate, creating seemingly insurmountable gaps in marketing talent, technology, and strategy.

Business Led by Technology: How Mobile Commerce is Dominating Total eCommerce Activity in 2014


In addition, there will be wearable smart devices, so there will be multiple ways that a person can participate in mobile commerce. Mobile Tech: Pros and Cons. The number of features built into a tiny device like a smartphone are nearly endless, and with those features come plenty of opportunities, particularly for those in the mobile commerce industry. Director, Anybody?

How Oscar Meyer is Cooking Up Customer Connections

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Clearly, bacon lovers need to prove their loyalty and knowledge of the proper type of bacon to eat. From personalized content  to epic surprise and delight campaigns , it’s clear that these bespoke experiences drive customer loyalty and will continue to add value.  Ask any company, and chances are they’ll tell you how much they love their customers. What could go wrong?

What Kind Of Marketer Are You?

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How do we build loyalty? How different is the Web from mobile and tablets? loyalty. mobile. advertising advertisingcampaign advertisingprofessional brand brandchampion brandnarrative digitalmarketing digitalmedia displayadvertising loyalty marketer marketingplatform marketingprofessional marketingreformer marketingtheorist mobile onlineadvertising partnershipmarketing roi searchenginemarketing socialmedia tablet televisionadvertising webAre you a marketing professional or an advertising professional? The majority of them are advertising professionals.

5 Bad Marketing Habits Made Worse by the Internet

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Loyalty” Programs. And through OnlyDesign they help companies build better web & mobile presence. Content Marketing customer experience customer service humblebrag loyalty marketing pratik dholakiya scarcity social media It’s about convincing them to want your messages, to habitually train them to trust what you have to say. And by “us,” I mean marketers. All of them.

5 Tips to Engage Your Audience With Push Messages

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How would you rate your level of engagement with the brands you see on the homescreen? I’m assuming those brands have your loyalty. So when it comes to your most loyal audience, does your communication strategy include push messaging via mobile? Mobile brand engagement mobile marketing mobile strategy push messaging Social Media Marketing social media strategy

4 Lessons from Responsive Design for CMOs

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Since the mobile marketplace is extremely dynamic and the mobile consumer is ever changing, don’t become complacent just because you launched a responsive-design site.  At the beginning of 2013, tablet users were already showing a higher conversion rate than desktop shoppers. Moreover, 20 percent of mobile users use it as their primary device. Rule #1: Don’t Become Complacent.

How to Showcase Your Brand’s Unexpected Side

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While it’s not clear what future marketing plans are for the new rewards app, this initiative seems perfect for a social media contest doling out fabulous freebies to fans who download and enroll in the company’s loyalty program. Social Media Case Studies loyalty program Luxury Brands marketing campaign mobile app social media campaign social media case study social media strategy

Social Media Marketers: Time to Get Personal


Personality creates loyalty. Ted Rubin’s point is that even though your target group is not always willing to listen to your message, they will grow a sense of belonging and loyalty towards your brand over time, if your community management plays by the rules of engagement. The service industry is a good example of both good community management (= brand loyalty) and the opposite.

101 Vital Social Media and Digital Marketing Statistics for (the Rest of) 2013

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Facebook = mobile. Half of all mobile web traffic in the U.K. Non-mobile users spend an average of just three minutes per month on the site, and 30% of users who make a public post never make another one. Mobile Marketing Statistics and Facts. 25% of all internet searches last year were made on mobile devices. internet users are mobile only (includes tablets). (

Is SMS Marketing Still a Viable Strategy?

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As most brands and organizations now have a mobile optimized version of their website, the focus is now on encouraging users to travel to your site and interact with the brand itself in order to push increased revenue. Here a few examples: 77% of the population of the world own a mobile phone. Business Marketing cell phones mobile sms sms marketingSMS, really? Why it Works.

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7 Tactful Ways of Facing The Horrors of Digital Marketing

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Horror #6: The Mobile Fiasco. You’ve proposed a mobile app to your higher-ups. You argued that having a mobile app is necessary for a cohesive digital marketing campaign. Is it to foster loyalty? Guest post by Philip Masterson. Digital marketing is growing rapidly. Compared to traditional marketing mediums, digital marketing is definitely cheaper, too. So far, so good.

Come for the content, stay for the community


Came across two slides decks on the same day that I thought were unexpectedly about the same thing – loyalty and community. The Power of Loyalty in Social Media from Dave Fleet. See what you think. Secrets of Great Communities And Community Managers from Leader Networks. ——— This post contains not one, but two awesome slide decks! Click through to see them!

Everything You Need to Know to Run a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

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One of the great things about SMS is that nearly 100% of all devices on the market are SMS enabled , making it the mobile channel that offers the widest reach possible. In fact, it’s been reported that Coca-Cola historically has invested 70% of their mobile budget on SMS marketing. Your SMS mobile campaign will impact many departments of your company. Yes, that immediate.

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The Value Of Utilitarianism Marketing

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They are both mobile apps. Charmin launched Sit Or Squat - an application that leverages the location-based services of your mobile device to tell you where the nearest (and cleanest) bathroom is. The Nationwide Mobile App is for people who were just in a car accident. loyalty. mobile. mobile app. nationwide mobile app. It's a cluttered world. It's an even more cluttered Marketing world. Brands still think it's all about the pomp and circumstance. It is. and it isn't. Making noise can create noise in the marketplace. It just has to be useful.

Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords: Which Is Better for Your Business?

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If people are looking for somewhere to have dinner or searching for the nearest gas station, chances are they are already in the car on a mobile phone. In 2015, mobile search surpassed desktop searches. There’s not much dissent that brand engagement drives sales and encourages customer loyalty. Facebook Google Ad Targeting Adobe Stock advertising Algorithms clickbait contently Engagement Google AdWords Joe Lazauskus Lars Backstrom Marketing mobile News Feed Newsroom Pages Paid Google Search PPC reach Referrals Search Sherry Gray Targeted AdsPossibly.

Can CMOs Master The Customer Experience For Hispanic Shoppers?

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Posted in Advertising Behavioral Targeting Communities Mobile Personalization Testing Web Design. So then I ask myself a simple but very important question: Are CMOS acting like mobile and social “agents” for Hispanic shoppers and giving them exactly what they want (i.e., Does the mobile site look like a duplicate, yet shrunken, version of a brand’s online site? by 2050.