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Publisher Survey: Reddit Traffic Way Up, Digg Way Down

Adam Sherk

” I wanted to get a better idea of just how much of a shift has occurred with some of the publishers that we work with at Define Media Group. To anonymize the data I combined each site’s figures into a total number for the group. 12 sites is a very limited sampling so this survey is certainly not meant to be conclusive. billion pageviews in December), an impressive feat.

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Summarized: The 2013 In-House Counsel New Media Engagement Survey

Myrland Marketing

Those of us who care about all forms of marketing, networking and communication for lawyers anticipate surveys that study the use of Social Media, as well as all marketing tools, when it comes to lawyers’ clients. Today, the 2013 In-House Counsel new Media Engagement Survey conducted by Greentarget , Inside Counsel and Zeughauser Group was released. The 1st was in 2010.

Survey: 60% of Physicians Believe Social Media “Improves the Care They Deliver”

The Realtime Report

recent study by the Journal of Medical Research discovered that a whopping 85% of oncologists and primary care physicians use social media (at least once a week or once a day) to read or explore health information, and the majority of those surveyed (60%) said that social media “improves the care they deliver.” 14% contribute information to social media daily. Dr. Robert S.

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HELP NEEDED: community managers for CiviliNation Survey


CiviliNation needs your responses to a survey they have developed on the topic : According to Founder Andrea Weckerle, Online community managers are at the frontlines of action and carry enormous responsibility for the success of their communities, yet often aren’t sufficiently recognized for the challenges that are inherently a part of their work. Take the survey here.

MUST READ new Pew survey about groups on the internet


There is a brand new Pew Internet Research survey out called The Social Side of the Internet which is all about the impact of the internet on GROUP-FORMING. There’s lots of data in here about internet users joining groups, including associations. It is hard to underestimate the impact of social media and internet use on group engagement.  As noted [.],

Survey of 100 Inbound Marketers: 73% Say Their #1 Blog Metric Is…

Writtent Blog

According to the survey results, most inbound marketers not only create content, but they do so every week. For example, according to the results of a 2015 survey by Gleanster Research, collaborating with Kapost, only 3% responded that content marketing was a future priority and 8% responded that it was a low priority. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this survey. Thank you!

19 Easy Ways to Survey Your Audience and Crush it with Content

Socially Sorted

Is it time to Survey your audience? In this post, I share 19 Ways to Survey Your Audience … so you can Crush it with Content that catches attention and converts! You forgot to survey your audience. So here are 21 Ways to Survey Your Audience. Survey Your Audience with a List.     If you have a list of subscribers, then you are off and racing. They are: .

An Overview of Bulletin Board Focus Groups


Bulletin boards focus groups (also known as BBFGs) are extended online discussions that take over 3 to 5 days, or more. BBFGs may have between 18 to 25 participants per group and develop in an asynchronous, threaded, self-paced fashion. . Here is an overview of bulletin board focus groups and their advantages and disadvantages. Methodology of Bulletin Board Focus Groups.

The Benefits, Challenges, and Solutions of a Virtual Office

Spin Sucks

Business Growth entrepreneur american community survey BYOD corina manea dropbox facebook groups Google Drive pete salmon prsay slack telecommuting zoomA virtual office certainly has lots of benefits, but it also is presented with many challenges. Gini Dietrich describes a few and presents some solutions.

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Show 487 - Using Mobile Surveys for Customer Insights

Engaging Brand

Anna Farmery  talks to Mark Penson, CMO of Survey Anyplace , an expert in using mobile surveys to get real-time customer feedback. Are mobile surveys right for you? You can read more about Mark''s ideas on Using Mobile Surveys to Gain Customer Insights in this Engaging Brand post. Is mobile market research more independent than customer focus groups? The importance of providing a customer incentive to fill out a customer survey. Are mobile surveys only valuable in real time? Are mobile surveys right for you? What do they offer your brand?

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In-House Counsel Use of Social Media Survey: An Interview With Greentarget’s John Corey

Myrland Marketing

The long-anticipated 2013 In-House Counsel Use of Social Media Survey conducted by Inside Counsel , Greentarget and Zeughauser Group was released today. In another blog post today, titled  Summarized: The 2013 New Media Engagement Survey , I provided a quick overview of the survey. Lee Pacchia : “This is the 3rd year for this survey. ” WIKIPEDIA.

How LinkedIn Groups can Explode your Blog Traffic


The answer is LinkedIn Groups. Now I’m not guaranteeing that you will receive 10,000 ‘connections’ or that LinkedIn Groups is the only answer for bloggers with no marketing budget; nevertheless if you are considering social media as part of your online promotion strategy, LinkedIn Groups is a must. What is a LinkedIn Group? The benefits of LinkedIn Groups: It’s free.

10 Cheap Survey Tools for Bloggers Who Want Answers


And the best to do that is with a survey. How can surveys help you? This will help you create surveys, but it won’t help you get to those breakthrough insights that will turn your posts into reader magnets. To do that you need to know information like this: Demographics: A survey will tell you who’s reading your blog. Content: A survey will tell you what kinds of content your readers like. Products: A survey will also tell you what kinds of products your readers may be interested in. Top survey tools. WP Survey and Quiz Tool.

Survey: Twitter Less than 1% of Traffic to Newspapers and.

Adam Sherk

Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk Survey: Twitter Less than 1% of Traffic to Newspapers and Magazines; Facebook 1% by Adam Sherk on March 2, 2010 For my presentation on Twitter Marketing Tactics at SMX West this week I wanted to get a sense of just how much traffic Twitter is driving to major news sites. The highs for Facebook and Digg were 2% and 7.2%

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Content Marketing: Use the Five Principles of C.H.A.O.S.

Spin Sucks

You can use tools, such as Survey Monkey , to create polls and surveys and then post them to your social media accounts. Is there a target customer group that your competition is ignoring that you can woo? Communication Content content marketing strategy survey monkeyBy Andy Preisler. C.H.A.O.S is a strategy you can use to overcome almost any business problem. ttract.

Business Development for Communications Firms

Spin Sucks

Your own research, which could be gigantic like Edelman does with their Trust Barometer  or like what Andy Crestodina did this summer with his blogger survey. Also think about: Participating in LinkedIn groups, Google+ communities, and Twitter chats. Volunteering with groups that need communications help. By Gini Dietrich. You heard me right. People refer business to you.

The 32 Best Twitter Marketing Tools

Webbiquity SMM

Get color indication of hashtag strength as you type, on Twitter or Facebook; notifications when new hashtags pop up for your topic; and ability to group and compare hashtags. ” — Marketing Insider Group (Arsenal). Showcase reviews:  Express Writers, Marketing Insider Group (Arsenal), Marketing Insider Group (Startup). Marketing Insider Group (Arsenal).

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How to Buy Social Media Services: A Survey

Bare Feet Studios

As an initiative for the Social Media Club Hawaii Chapter in 2011 , I set up a survey of social media practitioners, looking at compensation and services. You can Download a PDF of the Social Media Pay Survey here. This was an anecdotal poll of social media pros, conducted via an online survey that was shared through the SMCHI email newsletter and to our colleagues on Twitter.

Mad Men, Pancake Syrup, and Analytics

Spin Sucks

The brand had a pancake mix widely available, and its brand recognition led many people to claim during the focus group that they’d recently purchased Aunt Jemima syrup. Surveys and focus groups are still an important part of creative research. Granted all of these things and more can be done—and are still done—in the traditional focus group. Understand your audience.

The Emotion found in Social Data

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Some might, but the vast majority of people who share content, post comments, or offer sentiments and opinions online do so because they are in what Andrew Jeavons of Survey Analytics calls “the point of emotion.”  In other words, they are emotionally invested in the product, service or experience about which they are opining. Let’s be clear.  In some contexts emotions are considered bad. 

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Make Your CFO a Social Media Fan

Buzz Marketing for Technology

If you’re concerned about social media cost justification, you’re not along.  A recent Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) survey found that only 20% of CMO’s felt social media produced measurable ROI and 62% hoped it may someday.  If the CMO’s lacked ROI confidence, then just imagine what a CFO or CEO survey might have told us! Never is that more true than at budget time. Users. Employees.

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Best LinkedIn Guides, Tips and Tactics of 2011

Webbiquity SMM

What’s the best way to start and grow a LinkedIn group? Larry Brauner shares 10 tips for maximizing LinkedIn social networking success, among them: put significant time and thought into your profile, utilize keywords, “join every relevant LinkedIn group,” comment when you have something valuable to add, and most importantly (for any social network)–keep at it.

Anticipation Builds for 2016 Summer Olympic Games (Infographic)

SocialTimes Facebook

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games  start up in Rio de Janiero Friday, Aug. 5, and according to a recent survey  by Facebook IQ , fans are excited. By age group, the figures are 74 percent for 18 through 25, 75 percent for 26 through 35 and 69 percent for 36 through 55. By gender, 70 percent of men and 68 percent of women are excited about the Summer Olympics. Facebook users are 1.4

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Best Social Media and Digitial Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 1

Webbiquity SMM

What’s more, nearly one-third (30 percent) of those in the survey reported a ROI of at least 150 percent!” ” Sharing habits differ based on the group being shared with, however, as “Social networks are the top method for sharing content with friends (92%)…In sharing online content with the general public, consumers prefer to use message boards (51%) or blogs (41%).”

The 21 Best Content Curation Tools

Webbiquity SMM

Showcase reviews: Marketing Insider Group (Curation), Maximize Social Business (Drive), Online Marketing Institute, Perception System, SnapApp. 2) Pocket. Showcase reviews: ArCompany, Catherine Pham/SlideShare, Express Writers, Gizmodo, Marketing Insider Group (Starup), Maximize Social Business (Grow), Re/code, Rebekah Radice, Social Media Today, StoreYa Blog. 3) Instapaper. 14) Quuu.


Social Results Will Stay Small

Geoff Livingston

Chart Source: CMO Survey. Yet according to the CMO Survey , the integration gap in companies is not closing, in spite of years of research showing that cross-tactic coordination produces more sales. Workplace, forums and Google+ group complaints, brand tarnished. Marketing Social Media Strategy advertising CMO Survey content email integrate marketing pr product social

How to Create an Online Course Your Audience Will Fall in Love With

Socially Sorted

This means simple surveys and asking questions like this, “Which of the following topics are you interested in learning more about.” Do Regular Surveys. I’ve been down the road before where I created a course that I thought the audience wanted but didn’t.  Social Media Strategy Facebook Facebook Groups Online CourseWhere do you start? Get on the Phone!

Not Tracking Social Media ROI is Your Fault

Convince & Convert

Last week, Susan Etlinger from Altimeter Group published the Social Media ROI Cookbook. There’s no question that the social media ROI question continues to befuddle business – 41% of respondents to an eConsultancy survey of 1,000 companies and agencies in late 2011 had absolutely no idea of social media’s financial impact. It’s the fault of businesspeople.

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Teens Prefer Tumblr Over Facebook

The Realtime Report

Tumblr is more popular than Facebook among young social media users, according to a recent survey by Posterous co-founder Garry Tan. Out of an impressive field of social sites – including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat – Tumblr was the favorite social network for the two age groups surveyed, ages 13-18 (teens) and 19-25 (young adults).

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Weibo – a Chinese Social Media platform


Moreover, after Alibaba Group (the largest e-commerce group in China) acquired an 18% stake in weibo, cross-linking between e-commerce, the social network and simplified pay systems it generated new ways of B2C and C2C business. Social Commerce Social Media Social Media Strategy Social Network Alibaba Group China Playing cute Tsukkomi Weibo Sina Weibo. Tone of voice.

Survey: Blogging within the architecture, design and construction.

Gemma Went

Skip to content The Cube Home About us Speaking/Training Contact us Pitch us Subscribe Survey: Blogging within the architecture, design and construction industries 21/04/2010 tags: blogging by Annalisa Morgan In January of this year, we conducted a survey on the use of blogging amongst professionals in the architecture, construction and design industries. Why did you launch the blog?

How to Use Social Strategies to Drive Business Goals

Convince & Convert

Brian Solis, Altimeter Group @briansolis. Brian Solis , principal analyst at Altimeter Group , joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss the biggest challenge most businesses face when integrating social media and social business, plus his views on narcissism and how it affects businesses’ abilities to reach people. Please Support Our Sponsors. Listen Now . Holy Social!

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Show 487 - Using Mobile Surveys for Customer Insights

Engaging Brand

Anna Farmery  talks to Mark Penson, CMO of Survey Anyplace , an expert in using mobile surveys to get real-time customer feedback. Are mobile surveys right for you? You can read more about Mark''s ideas on Using Mobile Surveys to Gain Customer Insights in this Engaging Brand post. Is mobile market research more independent than customer focus groups? The importance of providing a customer incentive to fill out a customer survey. Are mobile surveys only valuable in real time? Are mobile surveys right for you? What do they offer your brand?

Survey says. Marketers are tired of Web 2.0!!

Buzz Marketing for Technology

In a recent survey conducted online among the members of MENG (Marketing Executive Networking Group). All 1,800+ active members of MENG were emailed on November 15, 2008 and asked to complete an online survey. The Survey was closed on December 2, 2008 with a total of 643 responses (representing a 36% response rate). was cited most frequently. Web 2.0

New Report on Social Media Management From Altimeter– Reading it Will Save Your Company’s Money!


The report is named ‘A Strategy for Managing Social Media Proliferation’ and conducted by Jeremiah Owyang from Altimeter Group. Research/Study Social Media Altimeter Group Jeremiah Owyang Jonas Klit Nielsen social media for brands social media report Strategy for brands” The above lines are from the executive summary in a new report published last night/CET (5/1-2012).

StumbleUpon Traffic to Magazine and Content Sites Down 27%

Adam Sherk

To get a better sense of the situation I pulled StumbleUpon referral figures from 2010-2012 for a group of 47 news and content sites that we work with at Define Media Group , primarily magazine brands. Participation, budgets and timing varies greatly for the sites in this group and I am not able to segment that in the reported data. What Next for StumbleUpon? Social Media

Teens on Social Networks: Facebook Wins, But Twitter Is Narrowing the Gap

The Realtime Report

A recent Piper Jaffray survey of American teens revealed that Facebook is still the most popular social network among this age group – but Twitter is following close behind. Out of the 7,700 teens surveyed: Facebook was first choice for 3,280. Twitter was first choice for 2,118. Instagram came in 1st for 928 teens. Google+ was 1st for 430 teens. What do you think?

The Marketing of Marketing is not Telling Us The Whole Story About Member Research


And we focus far more on data and surveys than we do on qualitative market research. Perhaps you have the tools to segment your audience to figure out who the organization’s biggest champion is, or the biggest user, or most profitable member group. Surveys can help us collect even more data. Big brands counter this bias by fielding many, many groups.

Humanize Public Workshop, DC Tuesday 10/16


They will also be discussing (for the first time) the results of their recent  Social Leadership Survey. The findings will provide valuable insight into the expectations and behaviors around social media and leadership that exist across the hundreds of companies that participated in the survey. The event will take place at the offices of our venue sponsor,  Beekeeper Group.

16 Tips on LinkedIn From Hubspot Seminar

Engaging Brand

Don't forget to use surveys within LinkedIn groups to improve experience - . Keep LinkedIn Group strong - Kill spam posts daily, moderate daily, avoid irrelevant topics esp politics and religion! Engage in other groups by providing great content.don't just ask people you don't know to join LinkedIn group . Invite people to join your group when they have a change in their profile, job etc. Remember to invite the most influential people to join your linkedin group to drive uptake (Use the thought leader section to foster friendships).

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