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Are We At The Beginning Or The End Of Publishing?

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Trying to create some energy and excitement in the room (err. Traditional publishing still matters. This isn''t about big book and magazine publishers killing trees and maintaining the transport industry while feeding a distribution channel to retail. It means that these big publishing houses still have professionals who love and care about content in a way that allows customers to get true value from the products that they are buying. Still, traditional publishing matters. Self-publishing matters more than it ever did. book publisher. Possibly.

Working on a Cool Documentary Project for Audi

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Last week, I published several photos and social updates indicating that I had visited a landfill in the Salt Lake City metro area to help document Audi’s carbon offset program for the new A3 e-tron launch this fall. They move the gas to a facility maintained by Granger Energy on site where massive turbines turn the gas into electricity for 4500 homes in nearby Murray, UT.

The Next New Thing: Tapping into Quantum Energy to Support Your Business Goals

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Before I launch into a discussion of just what the heck is “The Next New Thing: Tapping into Quantum Energy to Support Your Business Goals” I want to set the framework for my life’s experience. Nonetheless I promptly re-wrote my book in one of the first desktop publishing programs, Ready, Set, Go. Now we have the term: early adopter! Twiggy was my role model.

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20 Ways to Generate ROI from a Corporate Blog

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Through a blog, marketers become publishers, providing their audience with relevant and valuable content. Publishing has historically relied on advertising, or sponsorships, to pay for content production. blog post isn’t the place to publish a press release, but when apropos, it is a perfectly reasonable place to link to one. All of the old measurements are moot.&#.

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15 Common Social Media Questions & Answers

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If they’re not on Pinterest, there’s no need to spend a bunch of time and energy there. It’s better to put nothing out there than to publish content that’s subpar. If you’re struggling to publish on a consistent basis, you can always repurpose content. Take that data into consideration when publishing on each platform. 5. Answer: No. Answer: Yes.

(Almost) No One Is Seeing Your Content

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We can wax poetic about this forever, but the facts remain the facts: brands are spending a ton of money, time and energy with social media and someone else is deciding what stuff gets seen by those who have already agreed to be connected. publishing. advertising advertisingagency brand brandnarrative communications connectivity content contentdistribution contentdistributionstrategy contentmarketing customerservice facebook marketingautomation media mediachannel mediacompany publishing socialmedia socialmediachannel storytelling twitter share? So yes, they are important.

Lessons In Starting Over

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just write, and I love the fact that I have this tiny little publish button that enables me to distribute whatever is happening in between my earholes to the world (or, the small amount of people who care to read and engage with it). would probably build my content into existing platforms (larger publishing channels and on places like Medium or LinkedIn. a "fish where the fish are" kind of content distribution model). Still, trying to make something new happen in this evolving digital publishing environment is alluring. publishing. Would you do it? don't really blog.

Welcome To "Less Is More" Marketing

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Maybe you should not be thinking of ways to create and publish more content. Most brands are cramming more and more pieces of content (which is mostly thinly veiled marketing pap) into more and more channels, but they're spending less and less energy making their own websites and platforms easier and faster for consumers to navigate. Imagine a world where brands published less but optimized for speed and efficiency more? publishing. While you may think that those two areas are not mutually exclusive, they are actually, intrinsically connected. Every second count.

What Type Of Content Should My Company Produce?

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Marketing and Publishing. The best content is created by Publishers. Study publishing. Create a publishing culture within your organization. Know the direction of your business and build your strategy around it (hint: that's where the real ROI of Social Media, publishing and Digital Marketing lies). There's no point is doing anything in Marketing or Publishing if it doesn't add to the overall economic value of the company. " Publishing content for the sake of publishing content adds little to no value. publisher. publishing.

Buying Friends, Followers And Likes

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We help brands strategize as to what they should be doing in social media (and where to place their energy), we help them build a presence, work with them on content, voice, tone and manner and, in some instances, we do social media advertising to drive attention to these spaces. publishing. advertising bbc blog brandpopularity brandstrategy content facebook inboundlink onlinesocialnetwork publishing socialmedia socialmediaadvertising socialmediafraud twitter webtrafficI got the call yesterday. " I guess when it comes right down to it, we do. now what? It's not. Don't.

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What You Don't Know About David Carr

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My professional career started as a journalist, I went on to become a magazine publisher. Anybody who dares to write (and allow it to be published) should be that good. We should all hope to bring such an energy and uniqueness to the work that we do. magazine publisher. publisher. David Carr was one of my secret weapons. The title stuck. In the best way possible.

The Resurrection Of Podcasting

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This past week, I published episode #321 of my weekly audio podcast ( Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast ). The social media by-product is that I freely publish the conversation (unedited) for all to hear, share, comment and connect with. These deep and rich treasure troves of content are also gaining mainstream attention, and it all seems to be drawing more and more energy towards podcasting: a medium that many have already written off. publishing. Does anyone listen to podcasts anymore? Does anyone even care? consider the podcast my guilty pleasure.

Some Of The Best (Non-Marketing) E-Newsletters To Make You A Better Business Leader

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If I am ever struggling to come up with a topic, or to find the energy to write or to record, then Brain Pickings always provides me with the inspiration. If I were able to be the publisher to the world, would probably be the prime place that I would use to source the best headlines, that everybody should know and understand. This is the newest publishing platform that was created by some of the former founders of Twitter. publisher. Where do you find the things that inspire you? It''s not hard to find a ton of resources for marketing. Always. Quartz.

Moving People Creates Movements

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Who knows, a book publisher or literary agent might be so moved that they put a book offer in front you. Whatever you create is published instantly for the world to see, and what the world sees and how they are moved is there too for all to see. To think not just about whether or not someone bought our stuff and told others to do so, but to spend time, energy and focus on actually trying to move people. book publisher. publishing. What is art? Music is art and so to is the work that many of us do. If a work of art is bad it still moves you towards a feeling.

While We’re Going After Fake News, How About Ad Scams, Too?

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For instance, an ad recently ran in Facebook’s News Feed that purported to be a BBC News story on energy switching. Actually, it was nothing of the sort, and it pointed to a landing page for Flipper, an energy-switching company. With no sheriff on the horizon, the responsibility will fall to publishers to improve the ad and media experience. Clickbait syndication presents problems for publishers. While Facebook has admirably cracked down on clickbait , limiting such trashy content from News Feed, many publishers have gladly picked up the slack.

Human Business In The Social Media Age

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This concept of the humanization of business in a technology-driven world is core to Sanders' latest (and fourth) business book, Today We Are Rich ( Tyndale House Publishers - March 2011). Because of the Internet, we have many more inputs, thoughts, pieces of content and the ability to publish ideas everywhere for free. Many thinkers who never had the business acumen to connect with a literary agent or print publisher are now sharing their thoughts - in text, images, audio and video - with the world because of technology. Vancouver Sun - Not yet published. publisher.

PLEASE Don’t Visit My Google+ Page! Here’s Why.

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So Google can publish stats all they want, but until I see an active feed like Facebook and Twitter… I just don’t believe it. Social media requires a lot of energy, creating and finding content and building relationships. In fact, I really don’t want you to visit my Google+ page and I have a good reason for it. When I go to Google+, I don’t see active users.

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Fast Change

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and that's why their competitors are trying to tap into that kind of energy and flare. publishing. Reading Fast Company magazine when it debuted in 1995 changed me forever. don't think I've ever missed reading an issue from cover to cover. The speed, pace and writing of the articles was (and still is) unlike any other business magazine writing that came before it. No slides. content.

#SocialPR Spotlight: Laura Kaslow

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Laura amazes me with her constant energy and inspires me with her boundless enthusiasm for not just what she does, but for how she constantly gives back to the communities she’s involved in (including being a Skimm’bassador, just like me!). Happy Halloween! There are no tricks here, only treats as we get to know Laura Kaslow in this week’s Social PR Spotlight. Potatoes.

#SocialPR Spotlight: Corina Manea

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Rather she devotes her energy in winning that challenge. Founder and publisher of Waxing UnLyrical, Shonali Burke helps smart businesses make bank by taking their communications from corporate codswallop to community cool™. This week’s #SocialPR Spotlight shines a much-deserved light on Corina Manea  – someone who lives and breathes Social PR. start with the S.L.O.T

Social Media Isn’t About The Numbers! Or Is It?

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In fact, this poor soul is pretty representative of a lot of folks trying to get the hang of social media and he probably also has a blog where he publishes links to his online affiliate programs, reposts articles from other blogs (without permission, of course) and is packed with Ads. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. So, should you ignore the numbers? Maybe. Maybe not.

Search and Social Lessons from the Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference

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Last month’s Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference opened with a blast of presentational energy from Neal Rodriguez. While there’s no video of his keynote available, his YouTube channel will give you some sense of how Neal can wake up an early-morning crowd in a packed ballroom. The conference, hosted by Marty Weintraub ‘s agency, aimClear, was an impressive affair.

10 Facebook Posting Tips to Improve Your Brand Awareness

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But creating a winning strategy on the platform takes more than tossing random piece of content onto your Page and hitting publish. The content you publish sets the tone for your strategy, and without quality posts, you won’t be able to achieve your business objectives. The Facebook posts you publish should add value in some way. Don’t just publish content and walk away.

Is it Shortsighted Not to Host Your Own Blog?

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Some of these come with built-in networks; that’s one of the reason LinkedIn Publishing has taken off the way it has. Second, if you want to maintain ownership of your content, then the safest thing to do is to publish that content on a platform you own. Else it’s a colossal waste of time, energy and resources. Usually, two reasons: 1. Must and must not. are not.

How to Choose a Format When Writing Your Next Blog Post


If your listicle from six months ago got more views than any other posts, think about publishing another one. If you’re a content creator, you know that your duties go well beyond just writing text. When writing a blog, multimedia is going to keep your readers engaged. If you’re posting text without images, you’re losing Pinterest and Instagram traffic. Do You Have an Outreach Routine?

7 Tips to Rock Your Social Media Strategy in 2017

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In addition to self-auditing yourself, ask yourself, “How much time, energy and strategy did I really invest to make this platform worth it for me?” Re-publish your blog post on Medium or LinkedIn with a link back to your original post. Can you believe that 2017 is right around the corner? Tip 1: Evaluate what worked and what didn’t work. Enjoy being on the platform?

Catching Up

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All this is to say, there has been so much for me to adjust to, I didn’t have the energy to blog. He could see how stressed I was getting, and suggested dropping one publishing day, specifically, Mondays. So how would it be if we just didn’t publish on Mondays? You know what’s funny about today’s post? It almost didn’t get written. ” No!

Ten Ways to Treat Media Relations Like Dating

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It takes a lot of time and energy to do media relations really well. The joke among authors is, when you publish a book, all you really have is an expensive business card. By Gini Dietrich. Yesterday, we talked about the six things every business leader should consider before they hire a PR firm. You have to think about it as you would business development or supplier relationships.

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Is Crossposting on Social Media a Bad Practice?

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Crossposting is when one message gets published across multiple social media channels at one time. Crossposting on social media can be a great time and energy saver, but if done incorrectly could cause more trouble for your social channels. So is crossposting a good idea? Let’s find out together. Why Crossposting on Social Media Can Give You a Bad Rep. Let me explain.

How to Brainstorm and Create Your 12-Month Content Plan

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As we know, time is all we have – so we set some ground rules for how many webinars I would do each month, how many podcast interviews I would agree to, and what type of content we would publish and where. Think of your big rocks as the things you are going to invest the most amount of time, money and energy creating, and then much of your other content will come as a result of this.

Five Best Practices for Start-Up Content Marketing

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The Content Must Be Focused on the Customer With a new start-up, it’s totally understandable that all the energy is focused on the product, its characteristics, its advantages against the competition, and more that eventually helps an organization bring in the very valuable cash. With time and constant experiments, there are several lessons to share. This has two advantages.

Writing tricks for content marketers

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There are SEO tools, such as Yoast, which can keep writers on track with keyword use, without having to divert too much energy away from creativity. version of this article was originally published on Time was you only had to worry about writing for the human eye and sometimes for the ear. Good headline writing has long been an art form. Photo credit: Wikipedia).

10 Personal Branding Secrets to Use for Social Media

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Whether you switch jobs, start a second business or self-publish a book, each of these milestones fall under a personal brand and get you recognized as a public figure instead of being tied to a specific business name. Using social media management tools to monitor, publish and engage with your audience will help you get to that “brand expert” status even faster.

6 cool curation sites you may not have heard of


We publish bracingly creative and intelligent journalism with a broad worldview, built primarily for the devices closest at hand: tablets and mobile phones. Energy” is a beat, but “the global surge of energy abundance” is a phenomenon. So my new thing is curated news sites.  Or curated stories, as they are not all “news” per se. Anyway. It was a breaking point.

How to Build Better [Business] Habits

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

While taking a swig of an energy drink might help for a few hours, it’s really only a temporary patch. According to a recent study published by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign , a brief break every 20 minutes or so throughout your work day will help you focus more on the task at hand. This is a guest post from Christopher Wallace. It’s 2 p.m. Take Breaks!

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Privacy and Autonomy for Introverts at Work

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Late last year, Lisa Petrilli published The Introvert’s Guide to Success. It means you get your energy from being alone while extroverts get their energy from being around people. It popped into my brain when I saw, “ The Rise of the New Groupthink ” in the New York Times last week. ” You see, I’m an introvert. know, I know. Lots of people.

BrainDump: 101+ Things You MUST Know About Social Media For Business

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If they are similar to a thought you have published previously…I’m glad we think alike, but these aren’t quotes stolen from anywhere else. Social media takes time and energy. FourSquare 70) Please don’t publish every check-in to Twitter and Facebook. So, here they are. learn from your experience too. 11) Learn  Thumper’s Rule and abide by it.

Should We Expect Health Care Professionals To Post And Tweet?

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While patients have the time and energy to share treatment recommendations and experiences freely, guidance from a doctor or nurse is usually nowhere to be found…and patients are noticing. There’s no doubt about the fact that patients are becoming more vocal in the social media space. What do all these conversations have in common? Is it lack of time? So…I’m curious.

Last Call: Social PR Virtuoso Registration Closes 11/30 11:59 pm ET

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These kids have more energy in their little fingers than most of us have in our entire bodies. Sure, Think they’re sitting around wondering how to get ahead without being willing to invest the time, energy, AND precious resources they have into their careers? Founder and publisher of Waxing UnLyrical, Shonali Burke is President & CEO of Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc.

How to Choose the Best Social Media Marketing Tool for Your Business

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on 4 of my personal favorite social media tools. I may be a bit biased here, but in case it might be useful, here are my 4 favorite tools: Buffer  – Great for scheduling, publishing and analyzing your content with ease. And if you find you or your team are getting lost or struggling without training you could lose a lot of time, energy, and momentum. What was that?

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