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The Customer Is (Not) Always Right

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If you're in line at your favorite retailer and you're wondering why they don't open up a second cash register, you're just a tweet away from holding that company responsible for their store policies. Recently, Reichheld (along with co-author, Rob Markey ) published a newly updated version of his 2006 seminal book, The Ultimate Question (now titled, The Ultimate Question 2.0 ). retail. There's an ongoing business axiom that defines customer service: "the customer is always right." " Publicly, this may be the proper posture. Answer: nothing). brand. business.

Why Alps Bethneck is 5 Years Old

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One night in 2006, over Tiger beer and carrot cake at a hawker center , my designer friend Little Ong told me about Multiply. Another friend, Dinnertube , started posting videos on Youtube in 2006. I may have opened a MySpace account when it was still the talk of the digital town. This is a guest blog post by Stephen Black. This is his story. 2005: Flickr. Ask Chiaki Williams. Maybe.

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It’s Time to Take Facebook Seriously for Location Marketing

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Facebook’s local marketing tools aren’t just for retailers or restaurants. Jay joined SIM Partners  in 2006 as an equity partner and currently oversees mobile, social media and emerging technology as senior vice president of client success. What’s your location marketing strategy for Facebook? How often do you update your pages? For many businesses, the answers are, “I don’t have one,” and, “Whenever we can.”. Even better, Facebook is giving you tools to succeed on the world’s largest social network. You have to start using them. Get your Facebook pages in order.

The PR Nightmare for Walmart

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And the giant retailer will be left with a PR crisis that will hurt its reputation for years to come, not to mention the distraction the company is facing for most of the rest of this year. The attorney dispatched a committee to Mexico City and found, yes indeed, there was suspicion both Mexican and U.S. laws had been broken. Instead, Walmart shut it down. From there it went nowhere.

Finding Keywords: The First Step to Blogging Success

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Having built my first web site ( DVD Verdict ) in April 1999 and managed one of the larger SEO teams in the country from 2006 to 2009, it’s safe to say I’ve seen many changes in web marketing over time. Whether those are sales people, account managers, customer service, or retail workers, they are the people who are continually interacting with your customers. Let’s dig right in.

87 More Vital Social Media Marketing Facts and Stats for 2012

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60% of people who use three or more digital means of research for product purchases learned about a specific brand or retailer from a social networking site. 48% of these consumers responded to a retailer’s offer posted on Facebook or Twitter. By 2006, there were more than 50 million blogs in existence. Should you include Pinterest in your mix? Increase use of video marketing?

Nielsen Report: Blogs Still on the Rise | ClickZ

Consumer-generated blogs have continued a strong upward trend since the company began tracking them in 2006, according to the U.S. By the end of 2011, the Nielsen/McKinsey company had tracked over 181 million blogs around the world, up from 36 million in 2006. Twitter-Amex Coupons Already Soaring for Retailers. ); //. Marketing News & Expert Advice. ClickZ Academy. Search Engine Watch. SES Events. Home Topics Stats & Tools Training & Education Jobs White Papers Subscribe. Newsletters. Mobile. iPhone. Whats Hot: SXSW. American Express. Nielsen.

Listen & Learn

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Naked Conversations   by Robert Scoble and Shel Isreal (2006) changed perceptions about how we would come to define this thing we called  marketing.  I was honored that my views were highlighted in two chapters. Organizations from retail to healthcare to  food to nonprofits tweet, post, video, snap photos & snap chat in social networks. As we close out 2015 and begin the circle dance anew, there will be lots of predictions of what 2016 will hold in terms of marketing trends and must dos. This is not one of those posts. Time brings perspective. Social Listening . Really!

Is SearchDex A Scapegoat? | Small Business Mavericks

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The New York Times published a story on Saturday about huge retailer J.C. – The New York Times published a story on Saturday about huge retailer J.C. About Us What’s a Maverick? Facebook Changes Page Layout Features » Is SearchDex A Scapegoat? Penney getting caught buying links. The interesting part of this story from a small business standpoint is what happened to J.C.

Case Study Crunch: FMCG Social Media Case Studies « The Cube

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Skip to content The Cube Home About us Speaking/Training Contact us Pitch us Subscribe Case Study Crunch: FMCG Social Media Case Studies 23/06/2010 tags: Case Studies , Marketing , Social Media by Annalisa Morgan Over the past year or so, FMCG’s have had their fair share of social media successes and failures. Nestle anyone?) Did you enjoy this post? really enjoyed putting it together!

Use Humor and Ridiculousness to Reach Your Audience

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And from Expion , a free report on the top 50 retail brands’ social media use in 2013. When he was with IBM, Tim was instrumental in putting together their first YouTube video in 2006. Tim Washer, Cisco @timwasher. Read on for some of the highlights and tweetable moments, or listen to the full podcast. Please Support Our Sponsors. Listen Now. The RSS feed is: [link].

Brand Monitoring, Social Analytics, Social Insights

Commodity technology.   I started a list in 2006 , yet now there are over 145 indexed by E&Y employees. Data in multiple companies from manufactured, supplier, retailer, to consumer. Social data is overwhelming. More customers, buyers, and consumers are creating content everywhere they go. Social Analytics and Social Insights are Components of the Social CRM Suite. Not here, yet.

2012 #Nifty50 Top Men in Technology on Twitter

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in August 2006. Supply chain expert and social networking pro Jeff Ashcroft is a key thought leader in many fields including retail, supply chain and third party logistics. former eCommerce retail, media and agency CIO/CMO, Lee is a recognized strategist in the social media, analytics and eCommerce worlds. Chris Adams – @chrishadams. Vala Afshar – @ValaAfshar. Founder of St.

Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010

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The title is a tad misleading; while younger Internet users (aged 18-33) are blogging somewhat less than in 2006 and gravitating to Facebook, there has been an uptick in blogging among those 33 and older, and blog readership is up among all age groups. How are consumers and b2b decision makers using social media in their buying processes? Social Media Facts and Stats. And much more. Adam T.

On Weirdoes, The Long Tail, Seth Godin And You

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The premise of We Are All Weird dovetails beautifully with what Chris Anderson ( Wired Magazine 's editor-in-chief) dubbed, The Long Tail , in his seminal book of the same name in 2006. The idea here is that the many choices we now have in market, and the ability for an online retailer to offer a unlimited array of choices (because they're no longer limited by the shelf-space in a physical store), we're able to uncover that one hundred smaller products may cumulatively sell more than a top ten product on its own. Here Comes The Weirdoes. In one generation. More choice, less mass.

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2010

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

The Ultimate Resource for Successful Small Business Websites (Samir Balwani): This isn’t completely social media marketing focused, but it definitely covers a great deal of detail on how smaller businesses (consulting firms, law firms, realtors, restaurants, retailers, etc.) Of course, then, today is my birthday, but it’s a big one. Today, I turn 30. Enjoy! Social Media: General.

How To Record Video with Multiple Inputs | Bare Feet Blog

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They have two pricing levels: retails for $499 though if you are willing to add a 5-second bumper on your videos you can buy it for $199. Since we are trying to use all available free time to get launched (please join our email list in the sidebar!) I thought I would answer him here on the blog and share it with all of you too! Prices range from Free to $10,000 and up. Hawai?i

The Perfect Website For Off-Line Marketing

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This makes sense since you own a retail shoe shop. Contact Us | Home Site Map | Legal Notices Small Business Mavericks is a part of Melberg Marketing, Inc © 2006 – 2010 Melberg Marketing, Inc., d/b/a/ Small Business Mavericks, Minneapolis, Minnesota Website Design, Development & Promotion Services About Us What’s a Maverick? Yahoo! It’s called Meetup. Really simple, right?

Why I Did Not Freak Out Over My Stolen iPhone | Bare Feet Blog

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It took 45 minutes and only cost $168 – about half the retail price courtesy of my Progressive policy. We decided to pull over and walk down to the beach to look for Mars, which is very “close&# to earth this month and shining bright in the sky. We were gone no more than 20 minutes, yet in that time the front window of my car was smashed and my purse was stolen. were restored!


Content Is No Longer King: Curation Is King

In 2006, IBM predicted that the worlds volume of information would double every 11 hours by 2010. Reply 0 0 Flag as Offensive Joe Retailer on Jul 24, 4:52 PM said: Whenever we swing the pendulum too far in one direction, there is always something that comes along to bring back the balance. more topics Enter you email address and zip code to set up customized email alerts. Im ready.

Interview with Community Manager: Ben Martin

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In 2006, Live Nation ( ), the festival’s organisers, spotted it and decided that since I was doing a good job of keeping it up-to-date and engaging, I might as well do it officially on their behalf. Ben Martin is Global Community Manager at AVG. Previously, Ben was a Communities Executive for an Online PR and Social agency called Content & Motion. - Getting Started with Social Media - A Guide and Resource List

If you blog for a Fortune 500 company things might be a bit different: [link] than if you blog for your pleasure, small consulting firm or online retailer. HOME ABOUT SPEAKING Getting Started with Social Media - A Guide and Resource List If you’re new to social media or haven’t approached it “strategically” thus far, then this guide is for you. Step 1. 10-15 sites is a good start. Step 2.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #224

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Mitch drove me back from Kingston to Montreal, after we had both attended the Podcasts Across Borders conference (back in 2006? Disruption of retail. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Reddit. "The book The Hot Zone is a chilling story of America''s last Ebola outbreak. That one didn''t get any people, just monkeys. But it''s still a great cautionary tale, and required reading for medical students. " (Alistair for Hugh). Exodus - Aeon. "My wife sent me this. 2007?). How he thinks.

Help! My Baby is Sick and Someone is Stealing My Money!


The latest report from Monetate for example, shows that mobile share of web traffic has doubled in the last year alone from 10 to 20% (in line with my stats) and businesses with retail sites now get a better conversion from their tablet users than they do from desktops. Note: Dot mobi is a top level domain (TLD), just like dot com or dot org, which was introduced in 2006. Wheee!

The Best Job in Social Media

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This week: From ExactTarget , a case study about how women’s fashion retailer Caché used cross-channel marketing to generate enormous sales. He started with an internship at TaylorMade in 2006 and again in 2008. Charlie Kautz, TaylorMade Golf @charlietour. Read on for some of the highlights and tweetable moments, or listen to the full podcast. Please Support Our Sponsors.

People, Brands, and Social Media at the Orsm09

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However the Wyoming based company they bought back in 2006 ( Brunton ) has been very active. He found and met with people via the ORSM09 twitter stream and met with fellow retailers and fans alike. When it comes to social media the outdoor retail sector seems to be growing and the ORSM09 was many brands first attempt. My only advice to that is keep at it.

eCommerce Chargebacks and Remedies

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According to a recent report (Oct, 2008) by CyberSource (a leading payment & risk management services company), a record USD4B were lost due to online scams by online retailers in 2008. The silver lining in the above is that retailers have managed to restrict the percentage fraud under 1.5% since 2006. But with rising unemployment and recession, we might see a rise in ecommerce fraud in 2009. The impact of fraud is not just restricted to the USD4b, but it goes beyond that figure. What is Chargeback? Processing Errors. 2. Customer Dispute. 3. Potential Fraud. 5.

Social Media Research: Interview with Joel Rubinson of ARF - Part I

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Part 2 Interview with Joel Rubinson Sidebar : It's interesting to see how Joel's views and the perception of social media research differ in 2009 from the 2006 interview I had with Bill Neal , former chairman of the board of AMA. The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) is taking a leadership role helping the profession determine best practices.   80% of new products fail.

40 Social Media Blogs You Should Be Reading


She founded Blonde 2.0 in 2006, back when almost no one knew what social media even meant. Inside Facebook was started by Justin Smith in April 2006. RotorBlog : was founded in May 2006 by Maris Dagis in order to provide latest Web 2.0 pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact 40 Social Media Blogs You Should Be Reading by Pam Dyer on December 16, 2009 Share If you’re reading this blog ( thank you! ), you probably agree that social media is valuable. Blonde 2.0′s He is co-author of the excellent book Trust Agents.

IBM SJ 45-4 | Ethnographic study of collaborative knowledge work

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Business Collaboration Volume 45, Number 4, 2006. They are domain experts in the following areas: biotechnology, high technology, medicine, health care, professional services, retail, manufacturing, and law. Accepted for publication June 16, 2006; Published online October 16, 2006. Country/region [ change ] Terms of use. Home Products Services & solutions Support & downloads My account. IBM Research. Journals Home. Systems Journal. Current Issue. Recent Issues. Papers in Progress. Search Journal Archives. Subscribe/Order. Description. Authors Guide. Staff.


Six ways to make Web 2.0 work - The McKinsey Quarterly - Six ways Web 2.0 work - Business Technology - Application Management

Manyika, “ Competitive advantage from better interactions ,&#, May 2006. The McKinsey Quarterly Home McKinsey & Company McKinsey Global Institute Help [+] Log In Register close Register Member Center The McKinsey Quarterly is the business journal of McKinsey & Company. Register now for immediate access to hundreds of articles. First time here? Read our Quarterly Basics. Forgot Password? work Web 2.0 tools present a vast array of opportunities—for companies that know how to use them. Your e-mail address* Send me a copy.

Blogs are Becoming the New Front Door for Prospects: Is Yours Open?

Personal Branding: The five elements of being seen as a thought leader through crowdsourcing Marketing Research: Cold, hard cash versus focus groups Social Marketing: Twitter contest boosts followers 43% Online Marketing: Cyber Monday reactions from 17 of your consumer marketing peers Archives January 2011 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 Sherpa Bloggers Adam T.