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10 clever ways to improve your Glassdoor presence using Sprout Social

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Glassdoor houses over 70 million reviews and insights on over one million companies, helping people make one of the most important decisions we can make for ourselves: where to work. Regularly monitor Glassdoor company reviews. Embrace constructive feedback.

eLearning & Deliberative Moments: The present and future of Personal Learning Environments (PLE)

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But whether constructively and defensively, interest in PLE appears to be growing. PLEs are meant to simplify managing these artefacts, creating meaning through aggregation, linking and metadata tagging (eg comments, keywords). Hence, they prefer the more limited view of PLEs as a configurable extension to a VLE, especially when they continue to see themselves as the monopoly technology service providers for their learning community (eg online enrolment, email addresses).

Toward An Integrated Model of Information Seeking and Searching

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Why do physicians not use the medical literature, rather than relying on the drug company salesman for information about a new drug? What happens when this propensity encounters the complex structures of libraries, classifications, metadata, and so on? The scientific, the cognitive, and the socially constructed metatheories need not struggle for dominance. TOWARD AN INTEGRATED MODEL OF. INFORMATION SEEKING AND SEARCHING. by Marcia J. Bates. of Information Studies.

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