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The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Bill Smith

Spin Sucks

Bill is a marketing communications professional who has an expertise in social media. Astroturfing is a perennial favorite of mine. I would say two books I read in the past six months are Influence Marketing by Danny Brown and Sam Fiorella and, on the personal front, The Big Sleep by Philip Marlowe. He is the IABC/Toronto social media manager. And he is a fine art photographer.

Seven Ways to Change the Perception of PR

Spin Sucks

He wraps up by directing our attention to “scummy spammers,” “scummy web marketers,” and ”scummy black hat SEOs.&#. And obviously, if you are in marketing and/or PR, this kind of perception can hurt your business. Don’t create fake social media grassroots support for your product (a practice called astroturfing ). Today’s guest post is written by Glenn Ferrell.

The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Benson Hendrix

Spin Sucks

Whether it’s astroturfing campaigns, or violating FTC regs when we pay social media “influencers,” there are some questionable practices that are done because “it’s what the client wants,” or “the ends justify the means,” or “because I can and no one will stop me.”. By Gini Dietrich. I just can’t tell you the name (Fight Club) or the reason we were both there (Fight Club). OK, OK.

Social Network Marketing: Empowering Others

Geoff Livingston

Relinquishing control let’s an organization achieve a marketing sweet spot in social network communications. In fact, such an effort will likely create a damaged brand reputation a la Wal-Mart after it participated in several public astroturfing (the practice of undisclosed fake or inauthentic representation in public media) scandals. Comments may be used in the final edition.

7 Tips for Staying on Top of the Social Wave

Direct Marketing Observations

Think of Wal Mart or Astroturfing. Marketers are realizing that Twitter is a consumption vehicle for content and thus they are catching on in continuing to push out content- but they realize they must disguise the content in a way that is appealing and doesn’t seem hook ladened. Often times you have to step in it to realize you are in it. Find the niche, it’s there.