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4 Technology Conferences to Create Your Traveling Schedule for 2013


Whether your interest is in the world of gadgets, or strictly corporate technology, the many upcoming tech conferences give each of us the opportunity to be better at everything that we do for both work and play. When and Where: Visit New York City to attend the TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2013 conference, being held from May 18-22, 2013. Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013.

The New Business Traveler

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While it's nice to think that Skype , WebEx or Facetime removes the need for business travel, nothing could be further from the truth. Granted, if all you're having is a status meeting, those can easily be replaced by technology, but whether it's a conference, presentation or pitch, no business professional will argue that there is tremendous value in pressing the flesh. The thing is, that technology can now enhance the business travel experience. One of the easiest ways to enhance your business travel experience is to heed the words of The Boy Scouts : be prepared.

Conference Season: Learning for More than Members


Spring conference season is upon us.  And this running around is a huge missed opportunity. A few years ago, I was asked to represent the PR agency I worked for at a conference reception to recognize the agency and our client partners for our work on a major campaign.  So to maximize time on the ground, here are my tips for a successful “conference fact-finding mission.”.

How a Conference Creates Social Buzz


On Monday I am leaving for London for the conference Future of Web Design and I have already been impressed by the way they make use of digital media. The conference has been able to create plenty of opportunity for people and participants to connect with one another and to get the word out in a social way. Tweet. Written by Christina Bruun who works as social designer at Mindjumpers.

5 Events for Busy Entrepreneurs Who Love Traveling


Luckily, there are conferences, meetups and other events aimed at people in exactly your circumstances in cities all around the world! No matter where your travels take you, you’re in the vicinity of colleagues interested in exchanging ideas, conversation and insight; here are five events for busy entrepreneurs who love traveling : 1. San Francisco World Travelers.

The Airbnb Story

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Prior to this past year's TED conference, I had not heard the Airbnb story, as told by one of its founders. Airbnb is changing the way that the world travels, and the way in which people connect. ted conference. travel. travelling. Most people know Airbnb as the disruptive hospitality business that is valued at $24 billion. Sometimes, the number, size and speed to market of these startups can blind us to the people who are building them. More often than not, this is not the case. Joe Gebbia is the co-founder of Airbnb. To be frank, his story is charming.

The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Karen Wilson

Spin Sucks

By Gini Dietrich Four scores and 20 year ago, I met one Karen Wilson in Ottawa at the Social Capital Conference , where I was a speaker. Today I would consider her a friend and someone I MUST see when I travel beyond our borders (this time with my passport; if you haven’t heard that story, it’s a doozy) and that is why I asked her to sit on the Spin Sucks Inquisition hot seat.

The Productive Online Business Toolbox: My Must-Have Tools

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Free Conference : If you’ve ever needed to get on a call with 30 or so people or needed to call someone overseas and couldn’t make that outgoing call, Free Conference is the tool for you. I get a dial in number and PIN and provide it to those who need to speak to me, and we do all of our phone meetings on this number. Hopefully, they’ll do the same for you. Gmail.

Top Takeaways for Bloggers from the International Food Blogger Conference 2015


Each year, the International Food Blogger Conference brings together USA-based and foreign food bloggers under the same roof. As a participant myself in this year’s conference held in Seattle, I share the highlights: FOOD –the center of all activities. Food was the main event of the conference, so to speak! The This is a guest contribution from Thei Zervaki. Who made it?

Gearing Up For Social Slam 2013

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Like many of my peers, speaking at industry events and conferences is a growing part of my business. That means typically I get paid for my time, so it is rare for me to pay my own expenses to travel out of my local area for a speaking gig. What I want to get out of a conference is to be intellectually challenged, emotionally refreshed, and professionally inspired. about.

Blogging in Brief: Ebooks, Print Books, Conferences and More


Congratulations to Matt Kepnes, who’s released a print book through Penguin: How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. Conference planning 2013. But we’re not the only ones to have released conference details recently. But there are plenty of other great sub-conferences you can attend with these guys in the meantime. Aussie food blogging conference Eat.

How Conference Calling Helps Your Business


Conference calling can be beneficial to your business instead of a face to face meeting for several reasons. Travel costs are incurred, as are the external venue costs including the costs and availability of hotel accommodation, subsistence allowance, refreshments at conference and the conferencing facilities themselves. Photo Credit: Skype. For instance,

Virtual Conferences: Advantages That You Should Know


If you are thinking about going virtual with your next conference, take the time to understand the advantages, and how it can empower your membership engagement strategy. With virtual conferences, you leave the cost of airplanes and hotel rooms out of the equation, and allow many people to join you. Can’t Would you plan your 5 year olds birthday party at a night club? Join us!

Blitz Your Next Blogger’s Conference: The Ultimate Guide to Getting More Bang for Your Buck


Blogger conferences are a great way to find out more about how to become a better blogger. But blogger conference tickets aren’t cheap—these events can be quite costly to attend. The ticket price for good blogger conferences start from around $100 and go up to about $300 of more for the larger events. If you are going to spend that much money to attend a conference, you’d best get your money’s worth. I can help with that. In this post, I will go over eight tips that any blogger can follow to make the most out of paying for and attending a blogger conference.

5 Luxurious Technology Events for this Autumn


Enjoy cocktails, good conversation and plenty of networking opportunities with others in the field at Lean Kanban Conference that will be held in Paris this October. Where and When: Enjoy the conference in the exciting city of Las Vegas from September 30 – October 4, 2013. 3. Captivate Conference. In the past I have been to a lot of technology events. Lean Kanban France.

Remain Teachable

Geoff Livingston

This weekend I attended the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference in New York City. If I attended the conference as a know it all writer who had published four books, then I would have denied myself a great experience. Here is a list of ways to exercise one’s mind: Attend an industry conference. Travel to a different country and study a different culture.

4 Ways To Lead With Authenticity In Uncertain Times

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Professionals will spends thousands of dollars each year to attend conferences where these specific topics are covered. With over 2000 employees in over 20 countries and under the WPP banner, I still get to travel the world and present on stage to businesses (small, medium, large, b2b and b2c). conferences. There is something that all great leaders do. There is something that all great leaders do that we can all learn from. There are countless bestselling business books and TED Talks that tackle these subjects. and which ideas flop. You know them. not feel bad for them.

Listen up! Here's 10 top snippets from Social Slam!

The New Strategist

” - @jeffbullas My take: Jeff’s own presence at Social Slam after over 40hrs of exhaustive delay-ridden travel time reminds us all that there are no borders in social media. social slam soslam social media knoxville mark schaefer digital marketing events conference branding by Jonathan Barrick. Social Slam 2013 has concluded, and that makes me sad. Want comments?

Can Leaderless Organizations Win?

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Is there a travel sponsor with a rebate on nearby hotels for those attending from out of town? Those questions are driven by a traditional conference mindset. conference. arabspring barcamp businessbook clayshirky cognitivesurplus conference faceless government herecomeseverybody internetculture leaderlessorganization leadership lolcats mediahacker occupywallstreet onlinechannel opensource participantdriven patriotism podcampboston selforganized socialmedia softwaredevelopment teapartymovement thehuffingtonpost unconferenceand it's still foreign now. barcamp.

New Media Artist-in-Residence Program for Lanai

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I’ve been meaning to write more about the innovative travel blogger program I am doing with the L?na?i started the conversation here with some advice for travel destinations. I am very grateful to my clients at the Maui and L?na?i Six of the seven are currently in the top 100 Travel Bloggers. Interested travelers can follow and join the online conversations in real time.

Cool Social Tools: BigMarker


Don’t have time to travel to headquarters half way across the country? BigMarker is a Chicago based, online webinar and video conference system. They can also host video conferences for organizations, company meetings and general online conferences. BigMarker Read more about  webinars  and  video conferences  on our blog. Before Your Conference.

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Keeping Social Media Fresh With Jason Keath - This Week's Six Pixels Of Separation Podcast

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This past week was a tough one for me, and owe Jason Keath a huge apology. I was supposed to be one of the main speakers at his incredible Social Fresh conference (which took place over this weekend in Orlando, Florida). I had a sudden and scary medical issue come up that precluded me from travel, and I had to cancel on him (and another event, out in Los Angeles). Jason works hard as the founder and CEO of Social Fresh Conference. social fresh conference. Episode #528 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. audio.

Newsflash: PR is Not Easy, Cheap or Quick

Dave Fleet

For context, the following excerpt reflects a discussion on the media relations surrounding a new environmental conference, four days ahead of the first day of the conference (emphasis in the excerpt is mine): “What’s the time-line of the campaign?&#. Tweet. Within it, one section got my attention, and neatly illustrates why so many people think PR is cheap and easy.

8 Must-Have Apps for Your Mobile/Social Business

Janet Fouts

travel with an iPad and an iPhone as my mobile office, and it’s made it a whole lot easier to stay on top of my business, my teram and my clients. travel a lot. Evernote. I’ve posted my love of Evernote before and I think I show it around the conference table at almost every meeting too. Expensify. Expensify is available for iPhone and Android. Dropbox. Scanner Pro.

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The New Rules of Social Marketing and PR

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He currently travels the world acting as an adviser to emerging transformative companies and speaking at conferences, expos, meetings, and just about anywhere with a podium. It’s All About Now, Now, Now. Who would have thought getting fired from a major real-time information company would lead to a hugely successful career in marketing? In This Episode. Quotes From This Episode.

Social Media Conference: What to Look For In a Social Media Keynote Speaker

Bill Hartzer

Initially, there seemed to be a demarcation between a speaker in a social media conference and other social media meetings. good keynote speaker at any social media conference needs to be familiar with most of the events that are affecting the industry. This will be clearly outlined by the number of conferences attended, the type of forum, and also the role played. Experience.

8 Favorite Memories From My 8 Years At Firebelly


This was my first time traveling to speak at a conference. LinkedIn recently reminded me that it’s my eight year work anniversary with Firebelly. To celebrate, I thought I’d do something a little different with my blog post this week—a retrospective on eight of my favorite memories from the past eight years. How could I not love that? They went with my concept.

Cam Conversation: Business Travel to Hawaii, NextLevelHI, Facebook.

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We’d love to host more conferences here and it’s vital we know what it takes on your side of the pond to get here! What a wonderful conference! You’ll see a small attempt at that at the end. More links and questions… The big question for you: How much lead time does it take for you to be comfortable planning a business trip to Hawaii? Please leave me a comment.

Is Your Online Community Changing with the Times?


The days of traveling along the volunteer “ladder” for a period of 15 years in order to get to the Board are disappearing. The Nonprofit Technology Network ( ) creates a new community for each of its conferences, and ensures all registrants and speakers are opted into it long before the date of the event, so everyone can introduce themselves and start planning meet-ups.

It’s Our Birthday!

Spin Sucks

Last week, we let the ninth birthday of Spin Sucks quietly pass by for three reasons: 1) I was crazy to launch a blog on the day America changed forever; 2) It was a crazy, hectic travel week and I wanted to be here to chat with all of you; and 3) We were one week away from our free webinar with Michael Smart so we followed our normal schedule. And we wrote content from conferences.

How Social PR Disrupts the Status Quo

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By Shonali Burke. I’ve just returned from the PRSA annual conference in Atlanta (it was awesome!). Given that this is one of the industry’s biggest conferences of the year, you’d think people would be more prepared for it, right? Bear in mind that the opening General Assembly was on Sunday, so late last week were travel days for most. Wrong. Did I forget an appointment?

Hot Association Jobs: November 10


Position entails working heavily with volunteers – magazine authors, webinar presenters, and conference presenters. Position is a work-from-home position, however the ability to travel to Alexandria for the first month for training and bi-weekly thereafter for team meetings is required. ——-. Hurry! This promotion is almost over. photo credit ). Jobs Jobs Jobs

On Twitter, Social Listening and Southern Hospitality

Janet Fouts

I just got back from a trip to Atlanta where I did some training on social media with a group of fortune 50 corporate travel partners for a major banking institution. It was a social media speaker’s dream, as the next day I was to talk about how to use social media when you’re traveling. Here’s the thread on Twitter through a Storify post. Awesome. Gosh, really? Oh my.

Top 5 Social Media Apps that All Marketers Need

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When traveling internationally, WhatsApp is a lifesaver for keeping in touch with those back home. It’s also a great way to connect with team members while at conferences. We live in an increasingly-mobile world. Marketers are attached to their mobile devices and finding new ways to access information on-the-go, especially through social media apps. Facebook Messenger. LinkedIn.

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It’s Time to Take Facebook Seriously for Location Marketing

SocialTimes Facebook

When you use Facebook to ask about a place to visit (which can happen often when you’re traveling), you can organize your friends’ recommendations in one place. Facebook really jumped into the on-demand world with its launch of chat bots for Messenger  at the F8 conference this year. What’s your location marketing strategy for Facebook? How often do you update your pages? For many businesses, the answers are, “I don’t have one,” and, “Whenever we can.”. Even better, Facebook is giving you tools to succeed on the world’s largest social network.

Business Lessons Learned From a Speaking Gig Gone Bad

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And as far as I can tell, it disappeared when the organizers were having so much trouble with the many moving parts of the conference, that they decided to remove said moving parts that weren’t important enough. Over visas, over how I should dress while traveling and while there, over how I should plan my work, and so many other things. Walk like an Egyptian… not.

Tech and sanity – You can have both!

Janet Fouts

take conference calls on the treadmill, in a hotel lobby, at a conference or sometimes on my horse. Skype  -Video, conference calls and texting world wide. So if you’re wondering how I can hike and kayak, travel for speaking gigs, ride my horse, attend conferences and still get my job done, it’s the tech and an awesome team that enables me to work smarter!

Would you join a Community Manager Association?


Maggie McGary posits the question on her blog  [my bold]: How many associations pay not only ASAE dues, but also registration and travel for multiple staff to attend one or more ASAE conferences a year–easily more than $1,500 a year per person? A lot. basically any position on an association’s staff has at least one association representing that profession. There’s obviously ASAE.

@DunkinDonuts #SocialMedia Success Story

Koka Sexton

polizeros I look forward to @dunkindonuts everytime I travel to the easy coast. I am a junkie for their coffee. I do not live in an area where a Dunkin Donuts can be found on every block, in fact, there are only 3 within 40 miles of my house. In 2013 when I heard they were opening in California, I was hopeful that there would be one close to me. Can you open one on my route to work?

How I Am Finding Value Using Foursquare

Justin Levy

Then what value does checking into the gym, a conference or a vacation bring? There are check-ins at other gyms, as well, from when I traveled back to Connecticut for Thanksgiving or to places such as Las Vegas or San Diego for conferences. Checking in while traveling to events has proven useful because it helps me to connect with others who are also attending. Events.