Sat.Sep 30, 2023

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Be Willing to Suck

Jon Loomer

“This is gonna suck, and that’s okay.” It was one year ago today that I said this in a video on TikTok. It was my breakthrough moment. That video did suck. But that was the whole point. I wasn’t trying to create something that sucked. I just knew that, no matter how much I tried, it was going to suck. Embracing and accepting this was pivotal to moving forward in my commitment to short-form video.

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Viral Video Of New York Flooding In Grocery Store Actually From New Zealand

Forbes Social Media

Have you seen a video purporting to show New Yorkers at a grocery store that was flooded on Friday? The video is actually from New Zealand.

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7 Canva Creators to Follow (Amazing Canva Templates)

Socially Sorted

Who are Canva Creators? Well, chances are you're already using their templates to create awesome visuals using their Canva templates in Canva. In this post, you'll meet a few of my Canva Creator friends and learn how to find awesome Creator content. PUBLISHED 30 SEPTEMBER, 2023 | BY DONNA MORITZ What is Canva Creators? If […] The post 7 Canva Creators to Follow (Amazing Canva Templates) appeared first on Socially Sorted.

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How These New Facebook Smart Glasses Could Change Social Media

Forbes Social Media

Recently, Meta announced an improved version of the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses.

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Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

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How To Fix “The Installer Has Insufficient Privileges” Error On Windows 11/10?


There have been several complaints about an error message that reads, “The installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory.” On some Windows 11/10 PCs, the error notice appears when users attempt to install desktop applications using setup files. When it occurs, users are unable to install the necessary software packages. This error prevents users from installing the software they want and may also pose security or compatibility risks.

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