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    [Social Media] Why Do Organizations Still Fear Social Media?
    Before organizations can begin to think about having or being a social brand or a social business, they have to back up and temper their opinions or notions of what they think they know. Invariably what I see when I walk into the largest of the large or the smallest of small companies, are companies struggling with 2 schools of thought: (1) That they must corral the social employee and (2) How do they control the social customer. Let’s take social out of the equation and think about fear for a second and how it motivates companies. Stronger. Faster. Longer.
    [Social Media] Social Media for Business
    Tweet Need some insights on what social media is about and what you can achieve by using it as a business? It goes through some of the brands that have done a successful job when using social media, like Dell, Starbucks and Coca-Cola. If you are a business considering to use social media, this presentation also provides you with a general overview of how to approach social media. Check out the full presentation here: Social Media for Business. Similar Posts: Social Media Marketing Goals & Tools.
    [Social Media] How to Create Perfect Headlines for Social Media Posts
    Although headlines sometimes take a back seat when it comes to writing social media posts, they really should be top-of-mind in your content creation process. ” If your headline doesn’t sell your story, it’s likely that your social media posts will go unread. How to Create Perfect Headlines for Social Media Posts is a post by Pam Dyer on Pamorama | Social Media Marketing Blog. Forbes Top-25 Forbes Social Media Power Influencer, Pam is strategic marketing leader in Seattle and a major Seahawks fan. Voila!
    [Social Media] The Language of Social Media
    Unsurprisingly, social media has definitely played a large role in this trend. As a social media professional with a background in literature, I’ve seen enough “LOL”s and “OMG”s to make Chaucer and Whitman roll in their graves. But surprisingly, the lack of engaging language in social media doesn’t bother me– after all, it’s about context. The language of social media is here to stay. “Ten-dollar words are rendered worthless if they’re not understood,” she says. Or neither?
    [Social Media] All About Social Media Monitoring Tools [infographic]
    Tweet Within the world of social media, we talk a lot about which tools that might be good to use when monitoring an online presence, since it can be tough to keep up with the stream of new tools. However, I think this infographic does a good job in providing an overview of different social media monitoring tools and the questions related that can be relevant for your business. What are the questions I should ask before purchasing a social media monitoring service? What are the best social media monitoring tools out there?
    [Social Media] Spring Cleaning Our Social Media
    At home, in the office, on websites, and around social media. Along with some exciting changes and modifications with operations, streamlining of social networks and platforms will help in many ways, and hopefully many people. IMPROVE: How To Write Perfect Headlines for Your Social Media Posts [link] by @MariSmith. Other Social Media. Spring Cleaning Our Social Media is a post from: ConverStations. You just finished reading Spring Cleaning Our Social Media ! Social Media Spring cleaning is in full swing.
    [Social Media] Beating social media trolls
    Well, at the moment, as a user of social networks and blogs, if I take offence at something someone says to me, I can contact the platform in question and demand that I want the content removed. Alex Truby Social media Social media management Social networks Al Jazeera facebook louise mensch nicola brookes Troll trollingnumber of high-profile cases of online trolling and cyberbullying have become big news of late including those of Nicola Brookes and Louise Mensch MP. We think that the change is a sensible one. So why do I think that? Privacy settings.
    [Social Media] RockMelt Review: Social Media Web Browser
    For those unfamiliar, RockMelt takes an interesting approach to web browsing by integrating social media directly into the browser making it much easier to communicate with your Facebook and Twitter networks, and to also share web content more quickly and efficiently. love how they have the left and right rails to integrate social media as this makes the best use of screen real estate. If you are a heavy social media user, you’ll probably find the experience useful and enjoyable. Related posts: Social Media Friendly Blogging. Social Medi
    [Social Media] Social Media is for EVERYONE! : Old Spice Proved It
    In short, we have a well rounded brand rocking social media. A lot of people would say that a B2B has no business spending this much time on social media. Ergo Office Seating was selected to be one of the recipients based on their social media presence, voice and activity. The point is: EVERYONE should be on social media. This kind of exposure would normally cost you a big chunk of your marketing budget but on social media it happens for free AND they got delicious cookie cakes out of the deal! Keep that in mind.
    [Social Media] Association Social Media Marketing
    Social Media Marketing for the National Bicycle Tour Directors Association (NBTDA). Tags: Implementation Presentations associations social media 101 social media marketing Found a really nice 101 slide deck created for the National Bicycle Tour Directors Association. Take a look and see what you think.  We expect you to be ticking off at least some of the boxes on this one (it’s ok if you’re not quite doing some of the end stuff yet). Otherwise, go get on it. Seriously now! Time is marching on! Contact us if you need help.
    [Social Media] Developing a social media strategy
    Last year I wrote a series of blog posts taking readers through each stage of developing a social media strategy. Social Media Social Media Strategy Series social media ebook social media strategyThey were the most popular posts I’ve written and are still shared regularly. So, as they’re still relevant, I thought I’d publish them again for those that missed the series the first time round. They’re … Read more.
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    [Social Media] LinkedIn: Don’t Overlook The Social Media Underdog
    Despite having preceded Twitter and Facebook in the social media space, LinkedIn, which was launched in 2003, has so far been unable to capture a larger share of social media users. Many call LinkedIn the “black sheep” or the underdog of social media. Social media demographic statistics  show us Linkedin only has 150 million registered users, way below the nearly one billion Facebook users or Twitter with more than 400 million users. LinkedIn Social Media neal schaffer professional development social media underdog
  • SOCMED SEAN  |  SUNDAY, JULY 29, 2012
    [Social Media] Can Publicly-Traded Social Media Companies Survive?
    Social media companies, like Facebook, who choose to trade on the exchanges are going to have to walk a fine line between serving their members and their shareholders.  Heck, Bono was a huge pre-IPO investor in Facebook but still isn’t an active participant in the social space. As a social network, LinkedIn focuses on the business of business. Featured Humor Social Media advertising facebook linkedin social media social networking Twitter yelpWorking for any publicly-traded is a unique experience. One simple word. Alignment.
    [Social Media] Is Social Media Marketing Starting to Annoy You?
    More and more businesses are using social media as another mouthpiece for their promotions. Social media is their direct link to us. Unfortunately, some brands insist on just using social media poorly to just promote and broadcast. Using social media for business isn’t rocket science, it’s human relations 101. Do you believe those brands that aren’t actively engaging with their customers on social media are going to suffer in the long-term and that it’s just a matter of time? They have to earn it. Hertz.
  • DAVE FLEET  |  MONDAY, JULY 26, 2010
    [Social Media] 57 Social Media Policy Examples and Resources
    Over time I’ve found myself doing more and more foundational work for organizations looking to dip their toes into social media. One of the key elements of this work, in my opinion, is creating a social media policy that fits well with the organization’s goals, culture and risk tolerance. As it happens, lots of organizations publish their social media guidelines online, ready for you to review and use yourself. Here are 57 61 great social media policy templates and resources to use when building your own. Social Media Guidelines.
    [Social Media] 7 Tips For Getting Legal Approval on Social Media Programs
    Last night I spoke on a panel for the American Marketing Association on the topic of “ How to launch and implement a social media initiative.” ” One of the questions revolved around whether panelists had encountered problems with legal departments when introducing social media initiatives. Educate your legal team: Don’t just throw something new and uncertain like social media at them “cold”; walk them through what you’re doing it, why you’re doing it, and show them best practices that have been established.
    [Social Media] Sorry, Social Media, But Marketing Is Still Cool
    As social media continues its assault onto the mainstream audience, one of the side-effects has been the emergence of the view that marketing isn’t allowed in the space. Simply put, old school is dead; long live the King (of new media school). But let’s not get too carried away by our new best friend social media, either. The view that social media has allowed us to force marketers to think differently isn’t completely true either. Marketing social mediaBut at the same time, is this really new?
    [Social Media] How to Build the Commodities of Identity and Trust in Social Media
    Depending who you listen to or read in the social media space, the best reason to use social media for your brand varies. It While these are all solid enough reasons to be on social media from a brand’s point-of-view, they mean nothing unless you have an audience. So how do you build that most valued of commodities in social media (and business in general) – identity and trust? The big mistakes that brands make when jumping into social media is they see their competitors doing it, so think they need to as well. Wrong
    [Social Media] 17 Critical Elements of a Solid Social Media Strategy
    Categories: Blog , Social Media Marketing Tags: content plan , Facebook strategy , set up social media , social media goals , Social Media Marketing , social media monitoring , social media optimization , social media plan , social media strategy 92% of companies are currently using social media*. Tweet This) To effectively do this, we recommend creating and implementing a social media strategy.
    [Social Media] How to Monitor Your Brand in Social Media
    Social media marketing is a great way to brand yourself, engage and built customers, and market your business. One of them is the availability of social media accounts, which includes spreading the information and keeping track of the brand reputation. Another is monitoring your brand in social media. social media monitoring isn’t just Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social Mention – searches user generated content. It is generated across the webs’s social media landscape. By Rob Greenberg.
    [Social Media] Using Hashtags in Social Media Marketing
    Hashtags are increasingly important in social media marketing campaigns. They enable content marketers get in front of their target audience and identify social media conversations that are relevant to their business. They are a way to track topics on Twitter and other social media platforms. The use of hashtags enables people to wade through the fire hose of social media posts and interact only with the content they find relevant. Using Hashtags in Social Media Marketing is a post by Pam Dyer on Pamorama | Social Media Marketing Blog.
    [Social Media] Dear Business: Get Over the Social Media Hump
    Over the last several months – actually, couple of years – I have seen and experienced exactly what small business owners, business people, and basically any “regular” person feels when they are told they need to get with social media. That’s It’s tiring and a bit of a heavy realization for someone who has been so enamored of social for so long. Can’t you just hear it: “I’m sorry, social, it’s not you, it’s me… but really, it’s you.” None of these are problems related to social media.
    [Social Media] How to Hire Your Social Media Marketing Partner
    After taking the social media plunge, companies quickly discover that it is vastly more complicated and time-consuming than they thought. But companies must avoid a panicky response, because hiring a social media marketing (SMM) partner requires careful study. Social Media Marketing Activities and Skills. There are any number of ways to slice and dice social media activities. Content syndication involves the actual publishing and sharing of content on social media platforms. Marketing Social Media hiring social media
    [Social Media] Communicate the Value of Social Media to the C-Suite
    It is a precarious journey when it comes to communicating the value proposition of social media to the C-suite. Often, this is because there is a gap between social media’s perceived benefits and  traditional business measurement. First, allow me to preface this post by stating that quantifying social media’s ROI is a necessary endeavour. However, social media’s buy-in value does not fit that rigid space—not at the outset of a strategy anyway. Communicate the Qualitative Value Proposition of Social Media.
    [Social Media] The Social Media Audit [Infographic]
    My post last week,  Brand Discovery: The First Step In A Social Strategy , discussed the importance of brand discovery whether it be with an agency or internally. social audit is one of the most important parts of discovery work because it will help paint a picture of what is going on with competitors and the brand itself. Have you done a social audit for your business? Blog Infographics Social Media Social Media MarketingThis week, I stumbled across the   infographic below by Awareness, Inc. that explains the objectives and goals of the audit.
    [Social Media] Are You a Social Media Zombie?
    And we have social media to blame. The scary thing is you will probably identify with several of them and the reason is simple:  People are obsessed with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Are you a social media zombie and don’t even realize it? Happy Halloween from One Social Media! Infographics Social Media column five infographic joe soto One social media social media social media infographic zombies
    [Social Media] 3 Ways To Satisfy Your Customers On Social Media
    When your customers connect with you, whether it’s via e-mail or social media, they are opening up a channel of communication. Information, Entertainment or Conversation: Generally speaking, when someone is browsing through their social media sites they are looking for one or all of these three things. There are two big ways to do this on social media. The good news is that social media is essentially free to use. Approach social media contests like you would running an ad. What do your customers want from you?
    [Social Media] How Social Media Can Lead To Sales
    Tweet If there’s one common question that every business, brand, or organization new to social media has, it’s probably “how will using social media lead to sales?&# It’s a fair question to ask. What businesses new to social media should be asking is not “how will using social media lead to sales?&# , but instead, “how can using social media lead to sales?&#. There are a number of factors that play a part in whether or not your efforts on social media will actually lead to sales.
    [Social Media] On Social Media Bullies
    Have you come across a social media bully lately? And I’ve thought a lot about this before deciding that, in essence, people who behave like this are social media bullies. You might quite reasonably ask, “What’s the difference between a social media bully and the right to one’s own, albeit differing, opinion?&#. Community conversations led to one of my favorite posts yet (and, I think, yours) on social media barfshiners. Shonali Burke Social Media bullying in social media disagreement social media bullies
    [Social Media] The Final Destination for Social Media
    But let’s take a mental leap through time; what will social media look like in x years, when it’s mature and just another tool we reflexively reach for when needed, like picking up the phone today? Social media marketing Social media monitoring Social media optimization social media social media marketing social media optimization social media tools
    [Social Media] Social Media – the Next Frontier!
    It’s good to be able to see those conversations and have some indication whether they are positive, negative or neutral so you have your finger on the “pulse” of what is being said socially about your brand. But after 2 years of reading, trafficking and routing both positive and negative mentions in my organization I realized there had to be more out in the social sphere than just monitoring social media. If you think about it there is at least 2 solid years of user generated content out in the social sphere.
  • JUGNOO  |  THURSDAY, JULY 3, 2014
    [Social Media] Social Media Drives Sales
    Jugnoo Blog: Where social listening meets social engagement - trends that matter in social media marketing management. Social media drives sales, and the best way to see the value of social media in the sales process is to measure how much consumers use it to discover, research, compare, and share their purchases. Some interesting findings: 4 in 10 social media users have bought something either online or in-store after sharing on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. However: “Our research suggests that the threat is overrated.
    [Social Media] Which Social Media Channels Should I Use For My Business?
    In order to help you decide, I have compiled a list of the most popular and effective social media channels at your disposal today.  I will be following up with an in-depth detailed blog about each social media channel in the coming weeks. Sorry it’s a little long, but I hope this will help you… A few tips: Tip #1: Look into each social media channel and determine which will work best for your business. Social media may be free, but think about the value of your time! Many people lose their business focus while becoming social.
    [Social Media] Free social media strategy ebook
    As regular readers know, at the end of last year I ran a series on this blog on how to develop and deliver a social media strategy. Blogging Facebook Foursquare Linked In Social Media Social Media Strategy Series Twitter free ebook social media strategyThis has now been gathered together into an easy to read ebook which covers each stage of the process, from getting buy-in at the start to ongoing management, [.].
    [Social Media] Social Media’s Impact and Effect
    There’s no doubt any longer about social media permeating every aspect of our daily live’s. Here’s a great infographic on the true ubiquity of social. Thanks to the folks from Socially Aware Blog. social media Social Networking
    [Social Media] Six Simple Ways to Measure Owned, Earned and Paid Social Media ROI
    There’s a popular misconception that it’s difficult to use targeted metrics to measure your social media ROI. Nor is social media only good for measuring an increase in brand awareness, although that’s definitely a measurement gauge. The fact is, social media can offer some of the best metrics for measuring your ROI. Here are six simple metrics for the main networks  to measure your social media ROI – financial and brand – across earned, owned and paid media. How many social shares did the post get?
    [Social Media] Pitching Social Media: Key Takeaways I’ve Learned In 6 Months
    Social media (as it exists today) is still in its honeymoon phase.  What I mean by that is that for all the millions of users that use SM on a regular basis, most if not all of the clients that I have pitched come in to meetings having no clue how to use social media for their business or organization.  What to charge for social media is all over the place.  Many agencies are still trying to figure out the right pricing models for social media work.  Related posts: The New Gig: VP of Marketing & Social Media @ Strategies 360.
    [Social Media] Beware Social Media Faux Pas During The Holidays
    By Peter LaMotte No business sets out to commit a social media faux pas—especially during the holiday season. But as the following examples illustrate, even big brands fall prey to social media missteps that cost them some holiday goodwill, and even worse, paying customers. Hallmark and Holiday Cheer Hallmark also ran into social media trouble in 2013. The audience in social media can be too broad for a discount tactic to be effective.” The post Beware Social Media Faux Pas During The Holidays appeared first on Spin Sucks.
    [Social Media] The New Gig: VP of Marketing & Social Media @ Strategies 360
    Needless to say. I’m thrilled to be joining Strategies 360 as their new VP of Social. Media. building the social media offering and team at Strategies 360 and. Great Social Media, Digital Marketing & Productivity Tools. The Office For Mac Social Media Extravaganza! Social MediaTweet It would take a pretty sweet opportunity for me to leave. what was a pretty good situation at Microsoft. Despite the. fact that I was unhappy with my role, with. href="[link]. size-full wp-image-358" title="Strategies360Logo". company.
    [Social Media] A Day in Life of a Social Media Manager [infographic]
    Tweet Searching the web, I found this infographic illustrating a day in life of a Social Media Manager. More often, we are starting to see job postings regarding a position as a Social Media Manager, and it is definitely one of our time’s fastest growing job positions globally. But what is a Social Media Manager actually doing? How much does a Social Media Manager earn? Who is a Social Media Manager – and how much experience does one have? Social Media Definition by Peeing [infographic].
    [Social Media] Social Media vs Online Media
    If you’re not actively participating it’s not social media, it’s just online media. Social Media
    [Social Media] Social Media Automation, Philosophy, Ethics and Stupidity
    Social Media Automation. Social Media Philosophy. Social Media Ethics. Social media is just the marriage of Internet technology with the human desire to be sociable. When we start to outsource social graces to other people, our relationships become strained. Social Media Stupidity. Social Media Expert productivity rant relationship social media social media marketing twitter automation Ethics feeds HootSuite Marketing philosophy RSS scheduling social media ethics tracking
    [Social Media] Social Media Data: Time to Embrace it
    There is not a day that goes by in the life of a marketer that doesn’t have a headline that reads, “marketers struggle to find the ROI of social.” It is as if marketers are chasing down a unicorn that exists only in their imaginations. 2011 MarketingSherpa study confirmed this with 62% of CMO’s believing that social media will pay off for them … eventually. You shouldn’t be “coping” with social media you should be diving into all of the vast consumer data in social media for discoveries about who your customers are today and not relying on survey data from six months ago.
    [Social Media] A Conversation About SEO, Social Media and Content Convergence
    A few months ago, I sat down with Steven Sefton , Digital and Social Media Director for Zap Designs , to discuss a variety of topics including the changing face of marketing; where different verticals fit; how the UK and North American markets are different; where influence marketing is heading; and much, much more. Below, you can find part one of that chat (which originally appeared on The Social Penguin), centred around the shifting face of marketing, and how demographic buyer differences between the UK and North America impact tactics. And on, and on, and on….
    [Social Media] Fourteen Social Media Policy Must Haves
    But I am a communications professional who spends a lot of time online and I can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, you need a social media policy. There aren’t clear cut laws (yet) on what can and can’t be said by employees – or how employers react – on the social networks. ” The Social Media Policy. Your social media policy doesn’t need to be drawn out and overly legal. If you use social media on behalf of clients,  please double check you’re updating from the correct account.
    [Social Media] Why We Still Need Real Social Media Strategists
    Even though business strategies come from the top down in organizations we still need strategists, or at least strategic thinkers, in every area of business, but especially social media. Not only because so few businesses have direct experience with social media used to deliver on business goals, but because it requires a fundamental shift that the same old evolutionary approaches fail to address. Whether anyone likes it or not, the deliverables in a social business are almost always a matter of fulfillment, not department. Bottom line: fasten your seat belts.
    [Social Media] 5 Sure Fire Social Media Tactics To Jump Start Your Job Search
    How To Blog More Effectively Part 1: Keywords Social Media-ize Your Blog 5 Steps To A Professional Grade Blog On A Budget. It’s this keyword list that you should use regularly to describe yourself in your social media profiles and the blog posts that you write. Related posts: 5 Great Social Media & Community Job Resources. 3 Up & Coming Social Media Tactics Every Small Business or Startup Should Consider. Social Media Friendly Blogging. Social MediaGood luck!
    [Social Media] Is Social Media a Waste of Time?
    For example: If you don’t like doing legwork and want quick solutions regardless of quality, social media is a waste of time. If you don’t like knowing what your customers are saying about you, social media is a waste of time. If you think LinkedIn is a non-productive business platform for intelligent conversation and leads, social media is a waste of time. If you like spending thousands on marketing and advertising, and don’t care about results through measurement, social media is a waste of time. It can be.
  • PAMORAMA  |  SUNDAY, JUNE 30, 2013
    [Social Media] The Top Benefits of Social Media Marketing [Infographic]
    89% of marketers say that social media generates more business exposure. There are a million articles and blog posts out there that sing the praises of social media marketing — how social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest have had a major impact on lead generation and sales. Social Media Examiner recently released its 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, which set out to uncover the “who, what, where, when, and why” of social media marketing.
    [Social Media] Social media case study: Tesco’s social media vacuum
    On 18th March Philip Clarke tweeted:  “in a social media and social commerce meeting”. Good to hear that social media is on the radar of Britain’s top grocery boss. Using social media, consumers found they could exploit a huge loophole in the campaign by buying certain products at Tesco that were priced cheaper elsewhere and could actually make a cash profit. Pre-social media times, the effort to price check thousands of product lines simply wouldn’t have been worth the effort and this campaign would probably have been fine.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2011
    [Social Media] Social Media Stress Disorder
    Has this happened to you?  Do you suffer from SMSD, or Social Media Stress Disorder? Facebook is a gateway social media tool.  When Facebook no longer feeds their social media buzz, they turn to Twitter (the crack of social media).  At first, it is confusing, but soon they have 40 or 50 followers and are getting to know their new friends.  When the economy went south, he turned to social media and does this to feed and clothe himself.  In his free time, he does… well… social media… and publishes the Extremely Average.
    [Social Media] How Social Media is Teaching Us to Give Again
    So, getting back to my opening statement, why does it all remind me of social media? Simple – because social media has the opportunity to show how to really build a business model that we can all benefit from. Instead of being out to get everything we can, social media is helping and encouraging growth with other like-minded people. Users of social media sites are using their blogs to offer free advice and tips to help other users succeed. Simply put, they’re being social. Social Media Business collaboration social media
    [Social Media] The Year of Social Media 2010 [infographic]
    At Mindjumpers, we thought it could be interesting to make our own infographic about the year of social media 2010, and here we would like to share the result of our work with you. Similar Posts: 5 Great Social Media Initiatives in 2010. Popular Posts About Social Media. Technorati Tags: 2010 , , campaign , Facebook , , Foursquare , Infographic , Linkedin , Mindjumpers , Social Media , Social Network , Twitter. Mindjumpers Social Media 2010 Tweet. Would you have added other things?
    [Social Media] 4 Tools to Streamline Your Social Media Outreach
    Whether you’re promoting a product, a service, or just trying to expand the audience for a post on your blog, social media has grown into a digitized word-of-mouth marketing platform that, when used correctly, can outcompete a billboard or an ad on television. Many companies, especially small businesses, might rely on Facebook while letting other social media outlets slide. Fortunately, tools exist that can streamline outreach across an array of social media platforms. What social aggregators have you used? Here are four worth considering.
    [Social Media] Baby Boomers Get Connected with Social Media
    As social media networks have been assimilated by younger generations, it was only a matter of time until the older generations would catch up. From the table above, it can be clearly seen that there is little room for growth for social media in the Millenial and Generation X age groups. What causes the adoption of social media networks by older generations? Joe, a 59-year-old San Diego homebound resident with colon cancer, found himself a victim of social isolation brought on by his chemotherapy therapy. Here are 2 potential causes. 1. Takeaway.
    [Social Media] The social media strategy series: Ongoing management and beyond
    This is the final post in our social media strategy series. So far we’ve covered: Is social media is right for your business How to get buy in Identifying goals and objectives Finding your audiences Developing social media tactics Measure your social media activities Creating a content plan Defining your resources Guidelines and training Once [.]. Tags: Social Media Strategy Series social media management social media strategy
    [Social Media] Is social media marketing too labor intensive?
    In some cases, I made mistakes, which made me better the next time I did it, but it also gave some individuals within these companies the notion that social media does not work. “Doing&# Social media can sometimes give you the impression or sense that you have done or accomplished a lot, but the reality is that as a channel, as a stand alone entity, it needs the support of a lot of other “things&# in order to truly “work&# and be most effective. Instruct and show companies and clients how to use social networks to sell directly to consumers.
  • KYLE LACY  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 2011
    [Social Media] 5 Surprising Statistics from Social Media
    stumbled across this infographic on Mashable from Ignite , a social media consulting firm. The youngest demographic social networks (Ages 0-17) are and 2. Surprisingly, was also one of the top social networks with the highest percentages of women. 3. The oldest demographic social network (65+) is and 4. The top fastest growing social networks are Tumblr, Weibo and LinkedIn. 5. The top three richest social networks (income) are LinkedIn, Plaxo, and Yelp. blogging social media
    [Social Media] 3 Laws of Social Media
    Tweet The more we use and participate in social media, the greater the effects social media will have on each and every one of us. The fact of the matter is social media has not only changed life, it has forever recalculated it to the vastness of all probability. Our continuing refinements to social profile perfection, our hardly random status updates , our strolls through the proverbial news feed landscape all account for an extreme level of behavioural adjustment. Here are 3 laws the govern social media. 1. Laws of Social Media.
    [Social Media] Does Negative Social Media and PR Really Hurt Brands?
    And the social media world erupts again… this time over a failed attempt at humor by the marketing department at Kenneth Cole. The communications/marketing/social media department at Kenneth Cole decided to play off the trending hashtag of #Cairo in order to get some publicity for the brand. Yes it was negative… and yes… it did hurt the overall brand in the eyes of social media user. Needless to say… in terms of revenue and volume growth as company… Nestle was not hurt by the outcry on the social web. Bad idea.
  • DAVE FLEET  |  MONDAY, JUNE 6, 2011
    [Social Media] Infographic: The Cost and Benefit of Social Media
    Check out this infographic – the first thing I’ve seen really trying to put a number on the true cost and return of social media activities. social mediaIs it perfect? Is it an interesting kick-off point for a discussion? Certainly. What do you think of it? Source: Focus. Good to see Danny Brown referenced in here, too).
    [Social Media] Hungry for Social Media Measurement Standards?
    Don’t know about you, but I’ve been starved for standardization in social media measurement and analysis for ages. Thanks to a cross-industry collaboration of PR trade bodies; social media analytics, advertising and word-of-mouth associations, and a handful of blue-chip client companies, progress is definitely being made.  An update was given at the 4 th Annual AMEC European Measurement Summit last week in Dublin by Tim Marklein of W2O Group and Katie Paine of KDPaine & Partners, who are leading the charge (see ). Well, good news. ClickZ).
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  THURSDAY, JULY 19, 2012
    [Social Media] Gaining a Formal Social Media Education in a DIY World
    Social media education started off DIY. In social media, anyone can try the platforms, learn enough to be dangerous and, with a few clicks, become a video producer, community manager, content curator, published writer, or any combination of the above. Which brings us back to the DIY nature of social media; requiring reading, clicking, testing, participating, measuring, repeating…. Spin Sucks reader Dana Wilson , asked about social media education and if there’s anywhere she could go for a degree.  Social media has reinforced that.
    [Social Media] Social Media is Complicated [Infographic]
    As introduced to us by Business Insider , Buddy Media’s Social Enterprise Software is a suite of products is “designed to help brands build and maintain relationships with consumers to accelerate their business.” To demonstrate that complexity Buddy Media created this image that shows all of the brands/companies involved including: analytics, social scoring, ad networks, facebook apps, content curation, twitter apps, photo sharing, social TV, and URL shorteners… to name a few. ” Why do brands need help with this?
    [Social Media] Social Media In The Workplace: 5 Labor Day Must-Reads
    Here are 5 must-reads on social media in the workplace. National Labor Relations Board Takes Sledgehammer to Social Media Policies. By Allen Smith In a report whose guidance is likely to be challenged in the courts, the National Labor Relations Board cautioned that it believes that numerous common clauses in social media policies violate the National Labor Relations Act. Social media in the workplace: Seven mistakes companies make. Social-media tools can boost productivity. Blog Social Media Social Media Marketing labor day
    [Social Media] 14 Guiding Principles of Social Media
    Oddly, I try to tell them what social media can do for them and what it did for me. Social media altered the course of my career. It was somewhere between 2005 and 2006 but that’s when I really started to “understand&# the power of the possibility with social. know things are much different now and the space may appear to be crowded and overrun but the principles still exist.  It is by no means a silver bullet but social can help someone create that picture of who and what they are. SEO/SEM social media principlesAll Gone.
    [Social Media] Social Media Q&A
    The Q&A. Q: There are many different agencies a business can hire, and they all seem to be converging on this concept of digital marketing and social media. When should a business hire a PR agency to handle digital marketing or social media rather than a more specialized digital agency that specializes in the digital space ? A: If you’re looking to hire an agency that focuses solely on social media, you won’t have an agency to work with in two years. Social Media Q&A originally appeared on Spin Sucks on April 20, 2011.
    [Social Media] How Social Media Strengthens Companies [infographic]
    Tweet Socialcast has compiled this nice infographic that explains how social media strengthen the relationships inside the company to engage employees and consumers when creating customer relations. As we see it, social media are technologies that change the way people can interact with each other. Also social media make the distances between people shorter and allow for people to connect with each other across borders. According to the infographic a majority of organizations are using social media tools to strengthen their team.
    [Social Media] Are You Measuring Your Social Media Efforts?
    Businesses that have jumped on the social media train will do well to make sure that they monitor their social media efforts. With social media monitoring you can see which of your marketing strategies are the most efficient so that you can refine them and have a more direct approach to social media marketing and advertising rather than potentially waste your time, energy, and money on approaches that aren’t effective. Always be honest with yourself when it comes to determining the cost of social media monitoring.
    [Social Media] Inhabit One Social Media Channel
    Unless your company is a big brand, it’s unlikely your customers are scattered across multiple social media channels. As social media continues to evolve, it is increasingly important to evaluate the respective channels and the allocation of your resources to them. Obviously, your commitment to a social media channel will determine your success with it. Copyblogger Media recently declared they were killing their Facebook business page, despite the fact that it had earned nearly 40,000 likes. Apply this same idea to your social media.
    [Social Media] NFL Crowdsources Videos; Increases Social Media Presence
    In fact, according to the social media NFL predictions I did for Jeff Esposito this past week, I am in the lead for the best record (not that I’m competitive or anything). Of course, this is being done not only to market in new and different ways on the web, but to increase the social media presence of the NFL. Football, CeeLo Green, national television, social media, crowdsourcing, and you. Crowdsourcing Social Media ceelo green crowdsourcing fan videos nfl Thursday Night FootballI love football. love everything about it. Titans.
    [Social Media] Social Media Gone Mobile
    Tweet As yesterday’s tip on our Facebook page advised, the SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) revolution of how we interact on social media platforms refers to the need of an intensified focus on use of mobile devices in daily life of social media. Well, obviously it’s going to make life a little easier for the social media people wanting to analyse the Big Data produced in the Big Data Application that is Facebook. More importantly, the upgrade is a clear indication that mobile is to be takien seriously in social media.
    [Social Media] How to Craft the Perfect Social Media Strategy by Taking Things Day-to-Day
    Social media is undeniably an important part of digital marketing. Individuals are increasingly taking to the web to research industries, brands, and specific products , so it’s crucial that your social media platforms are optimized to communicate with and influence your audience. Due to the high speed of Internet time , it’s important to continually participate in the discourse surrounding your brand (as well as your industry) with timely, continual social media posts. Center your social media strategy on daily scheduling. Social Media
    [Social Media] Your Social Media Marketing Seed Needs Time to Grow
    Cultivating your Social Media Marketing Garden. received a question similar to this earlier today and I thought I’d share my response with everyone because I know this question is quite common surrounding the topic of social media marketing. Social media marketing is about forming, developing, and maintaining relationships. Another purpose for having a presence on the various social sites is so that when people go looking for your business, it is there to be found. Social media has changed the game altogether.
    [Social Media] How Bold Can You Be On Social Media?
    Tweet Everyone and their mother is jumping on the social media bandwagon. Companies know they need to have a social media presence but aren’t sure where to go with it. How do we stick out as a company that “gets it” on social media and grow our audience base? You don’t want to get lost in the inter-webs as just another tweet, Facebook post or boring blog, and you don’t want to be labeled as the dinosaur company who isn’t on social media. What seems to be the biggest question they ask themselves? Be Bold.
    [Social Media] Is Social Media Becoming Boring?
    Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Marketing , Opinion , Social Media > Is Social Media Becoming Boring? Is Social Media Becoming Boring? by Tamar Weinberg on April 14, 2010 Share For most, social media is new and fun. Social media experts are no longer social media experts. Social Media is a Trend Wait, what ? Social media is here to stay. However, to some, social media is a fleeting trend.
    [Social Media] Studies prove Social Media Marketing lasts longer
    The Social Media marketing return on investment is a major factor why businesses choose to step into social media marketing and the two communications here. Social media has proved in the past years that it can bring positive ROI when done right. As businesses understand that social media is no short term sprint than more something like a marathon they engage with more diligence to plan their steps to reach a long term ROI. Social media also points this out and separates the good from the bad once. And that’s good!
    [Social Media] A Look At the Growth of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]
    Tweet In general, (some) people are coming to the realization that social media is not a fad, but it’s here to stay. What the skeptics and those on the fence also need to understand is that social media is constantly changing. It is growing, diversifying and becoming an integral part of our lives – business, networking, social and personal. Source: The Growth of Social Media: An Infographic. Take a look at this infographic ( pulled from Huffington Post ) and see for yourself!
    [Social Media] 3 Sure Signs That Your Small Business is Ready for Social Media
    More Blog Promotion Tips Not all businesses are ready or even suited for social media strategies. Social Media takes time sometimes lots of time and you should be sure you’ll get a return for your investment. Sometimes social media contributes to that goal. Sometimes social media is a waste of time. Beware of anyone who are enamored with the idea of social more than its effective application. When I’m asked to create a social media strategy, I look for three signs. Southwest Airlines’ social success isn’t a fluke.
    [Social Media] 3 Sure Signs That Your Small Business is Ready for Social Media
    Pushing Social Not all businesses are ready or even suited for social media strategies. Social Media takes time sometimes lots of time and you should be sure you’ll get a return for your investment. Sometimes social media contributes to that goal. Sometimes social media is a waste of time. Beware of anyone who are enamored with the idea of social more than its effective application. When I’m asked to create a social media strategy, I look for three signs. Southwest Airlines’ social success isn’t a fluke.
    [Social Media] 5 Must Have Social Media & Productivity Chrome Extensions
    With my increased usage, I’ve come across a variety of social media themed extensions that I have tried out, and the following 5 are the ones I find the most useful and worthy of my screen real estate. HootSuite Hootlet – Obviously more useful if you are using HootSuite, but useful nonetheless, the Hootlet extension allows you to quickly and easily share web links to your social media channels. Related posts: 9 Great Social Media, Digital Marketing & Productivity Tools. RockMelt Review: Social Media Web Browser. Social Media Softwar
    [Social Media] Infographic: A decade of social media
    Since it was launched 10 years ago, Engadget has been updated daily and continues to covers a lot more than just ‘gadgets’; it gives a broad overview of technology industry news, including social media. Recently, on the occasion of the blog’s 10th Anniversary, Engadget published this excellent infographic to summarize 10 years of social media. Related Posts: Getting everyone social media trained. Infographic: selling in social media. Infographics: Perfect posts on social media. Let’s make LinkedIn endorsements smarter.
    [Social Media] Five Audiences for Social Media Marketing
    The challenge in social media is to be able to consider the needs of multiple audiences at once, because even though you may be aiming a tweet, blog post or Facebook update at a particular group, everyone can see it. Here are five audiences to keep in mind when posting any content or engaging in social media interactions. Interact and engage with them in their preferred social media venue. Even more important in the social media realm, however, they want the opportunity to have input. Prospective Customers: the most obvious audience.
    [Social Media] Social Media for the Boardroom
    At a recent BlogWell event I got a chance to hear Robert Raines from Chevron present his Social Media program and how he reports their activity into the Boardroom. It all starts with the Pulse Report that Chevron had produced by Edelman (their PR firm) using their Alterian’s SM2 social media monitoring tool. They identified around 60 Million conversations (per year) across blogs, microblogs such as Twitter, discussion forums and social networks like Facebook and other enabling technologies such as YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr relating to Energy. Tweet This!
    [Social Media] Managing Negative Comments in Social Media
    If you work as a social media manager or online community manager you see these all the time … negative comments. The occasional complaint from a customer is inevitable, especially since social media has removed the filters that traditionally barred people from getting their views heard by the public. Yvette Pistorio is the social media manager for  Cision , and a blogger for  CisionBlog. Managing Negative Comments in Social Media. Guest Posts Social Media community building engagement managing negative comments yvette pistorio
    [Social Media] 20 Ways to Cultivate Brand Unawareness in Social Media
    Many businesses use social media to promote brand awareness, and it can be quite effective. Because social media is largely personality-driven, a savvy entrepreneur can level the playing field against much larger competitors and establish his company as a widely recognized, credible source. Unfortunately, for every social marketer who succeeds in driving brand awareness, there are ten more who drive people away from their brands. Here are 20 social media marketing errors that send people running, that make them tune you and your company out.
    [Social Media] Small Business Usage of Social Media [InfoGraphic]
    Is your business finding customers using Social Media? Small Business Usage of Social Media [InfoGraphic] is a post from: ConverStations. You just finished reading Small Business Usage of Social Media [InfoGraphic] ! Blog Coach Marketing Social Media Customers Small business Social mediaIf not, maybe it’s not the tools but how the tools are being used. Crowdsourced Logo and Graphic Design by crowdSPRING. Consider leaving a comment! Follow me on Twitter or Facebook or on SansoneSpot.
    [Social Media] The Secret Formula To Social Media Success (shhh…don’t tell)
    There is no doubt that 2012 is going to be THE year of social media. Even old-school marketers and brand managers are starting to wake up and figure out that social media isn’t a passing fad, it isn’t just about “cats on skateboards” and “people eating oatmeal” and that ignoring the conversation is only going to leave them further behind their competition. Hand social media activities over to a junior staff member or intern with no communications experience. formula for social media success. Cheers!
    [Social Media] Top ten milestones for social media success
    Too often, social media commentary or discussions focus too much on tools, tactics, and strategies. Instead today, I’d like to focus on the life-cycle of branding that is essential if a company hopes to reap the full benefits of social media engagement and the support their customer community. I’ll break these down into ten steps that highlight the life-cycle that any brand must consider when creating a brand story that effectively leverages social media for amplification.  1. Are there any other key steps that you would add to this list?
    [Social Media] Relevance, Redefined by Social Media
    A recent article in AdAgeDigital stated,  “ As it turns out, many people in social networks don’t want to talk about your product, they just want to talk. ”. That statement can and has been countered by business owners with the question:  What’s the point of being on social media if not to promote my products/services or myself? Try these pointers to help you increase your business social media relevance and engagement: Be strategic without talking about your product all the time. Respond to the people you connect with on social media sites.
  • KYLE LACY  |  MONDAY, MARCH 7, 2011
    [Social Media] Stop Ignoring Your Social Media Policy!
    The activities prohibited included discussing the workplace on social media. asked the manager if there was social networking training or a policy. Not having a written, communicated, and trained social networking policy is like being without HR policies or marketing strategies. Although this employee made a very poor decision, was it fair to take action without social networking policies, training or discussion? Last summer, during a Q&A session at the Blog Indiana Conference (#BIN2010), I listened to a discussion about social networking company policies.
    [Social Media] The social media landscape in 2011 – infographic
    Working for a social media agency means that I’m often inundated with infographics. The infographic to the right, by Fred Cavazza , which highlights the social media landscape in 2011, stood out for two reasons (click on the infographic to enlarge it). Secondly, it’s the first time I’ve seen social gaming highlighted within its own category. Social gaming is becoming an increasingly important area of social engagement, and the current speculations of a Zynga IPO is likely to reinforce this.
    [Social Media] The True Social Media Revolution
    The influence of social media as a news platform until recently has far been underestimated. Businesses and individuals alike have been first on the social media bandwagon to try and monetise its uses. Social media has become an icon of revolution throughout the world. Although social media cannot claim to have started this revolt in Tunisia, it certainly played its part. This is where social media really did come into full force. News Facebook news revolution Social Media Twitter youtubeEgypt was next.
    [Social Media] Social Media And Branding [Infographic]
    Tweet Social media is the now a hot spot for all brands, though it presents an amazing opportunity to create a presence and connect with customers, but on the hind side, it is quite easy to get the whole thing wrong. For this purpose, it is imperative to understand user’s behaviour on social media – in terms of which channels are they most receptive to, how do they interact with brands and which kind of content is most attractive to them. Social Commerce Psychology [Infographic]. Studies Showing Why Your Fans Break Up With You.
    [Social Media] Why There’s Nothing Wrong With Social Media Automation
    A lot of social media purists will tell you that you’re the spawn of the devil if you use automation. To truly use social media properly, you have to “be there&# constantly, otherwise you’re just fooling yourself and your connections. Because I’m not being true to social media and its values? Social media is just another toolset, or platform, or information base, or whatever tag you want to give it, to help you manage your needs better, whether they be personally or professionally. Bullshit. Simple.
    [Social Media] Getting in Shape and Achieving Success in Social Media
    See any correlations to social media? We get caught up in fiddling around with the spacing between our social sharing buttons or the fastest shortcut to more followers or to having the newest gadgets that will make your content amazing. We become disenchanted, blow social media off and claim that it doesn’t work. and long-term success in social media both require the same thing: focusing on what matters. This holds true for social media, as well. Fitness Social Media fitness focuslowered blood pressure).
    [Social Media] Social Media adoption issues
    One of the consistent problems I notice with Facebook and with social media in general is people’s ability to adopt and adapt to using social media regularly. Jay Baer recently proposed that for six months all development of social media technology be put on a moratorium so that people could catch up to the existing technology now. Different social media companies are more concerned with continuing to develop the technology, even if the users aren’t happy with the results. Blog Social Media social media behavior technology
  • JUGNOO  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 14, 2012
    [Social Media] Looking Beyond the Numbers of Social Media Influence
    Over on my own blog, I took a look at why the social influencer – as identified by the likes of Klout, Kred, etc – isn’t as valuable as an Instigator. After all, the social web is built on who’s the most influential, right? proper marketing campaign, on the other hand – media buy, ad buy, email campaign, social media – integrated and targeted will trump the influencer buzz every time (or pretty much every time). Social Media metrics social influenceThe post created a great discussion (which is still ongoing) around both sides of the coin.
    [Social Media] Social Media Expert: How long does it take to become one?
    This got me thinking about how it could apply to Social Media and how long it would take to become a Social Media Expert. But 1 hour a day x 5 days a week means you would be a social media master in about 38 years! In my new role at Avaya I am traveling 3 hours a day (1 ½ hours each way) by car – listening to podcasts like MarketingOverCoffee , HubSpot TV , Duct Tape Marketing – essentially turning my commute into a rolling Social Media university. But wait – I also practice Social Media on the job for a few hours a day.
  • DAVE FLEET  |  MONDAY, APRIL 9, 2012
    [Social Media] Book Review: The Social Media Strategist
    ” Not words you usually expect to associate with a social media book. For anyone who is looking for a solid primer on social media within corporations, though, those two words perfectly describe Christopher Barger’s book The Social Media Strategist: Build a Successful Program from the Inside Out. In case you aren’t familiar with Barger, he’s headed-up social media at two of the world’s largest companies – IBM and GM. Suffice to say, he has the chops to write a book about corporate social media.
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