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  • SOCMED SEAN  |  TUESDAY, JULY 24, 2012
    [Social Media] Is Your Social Media Strategy Truly Agile?
    Social media isn’t without these nebulous phrases or buzzwords either. My latest favorite buzzword that is invading both the business and social vocabulary is “Agile” As an ex-software developer, it makes me giggle a little when people use it incorrectly. ” I do believe, however, that the 12 core principles of Agile software development methodology can be easily applied to social media activities. Welcome changing requirements, even late in development – Issues arise in the social space frequently. Revisit them frequently.
    [Social Media] Social Media Content Calendar is Key for Consistent Posting
    This is a guest post by Samia Zaky, who is in the social media daily trenches as a corporate Social Media Marketing Manager. She has developed robust and sustainable social media profiles and programs for different companies, knows the ropes, and gives us practical, valuable advice which I think you will find useful. We always.
    [Social Media] 50 (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Insights of 2011 (So Far)
    Social media marketing has gone well beyond the hype stage and is now mainstream business practice. Still, questions remain: how do I use social media most effectively across the enterprise? Which social media monitoring tools should I use? What social media developments and trends should I be watching? And of course, there’s the ongoing social media ROI debate : how do I measure this? Can social media ROI really be measured? Social Media Strategy and Best Practices. Social Media Tools.
    [Social Media] 5 Social Media Turn-Offs to Avoid
    How that is accomplished via the social networks requires a number of skills, including an appropriate application of effort.  . Falling short in any one of the following categories is enough to terminate an opportunity that may have otherwise proved to be mutually beneficial. #1 - Anonymity - In many ways social media is a game, and you have to be actively participating in it if you expect to be noticed. Even the least skilled player will get some playing time by just showing up at the playground.  It works the same with social networking. Until tomorrow,  Jeff  .
  • JUGNOO  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 20, 2012
    [Social Media] Fear and The Terrifying Social Media
    Social media is terrifying. Anyone who tells you anything different doesn’t have a firm understanding (As firm of an understanding that the average user can have) about what social media is. This is the fear that those who are new to the social media game feel, even if they don’t know it. When I’m scared of something like social media (or tweeting at my social media savvy and influential co-workers, or writing blog for my company’s website) I make an ambitious plan of action. Social Media fear social media
    [Social Media] A Day in Life of a Social Media Manager [infographic]
    Tweet Searching the web, I found this infographic illustrating a day in life of a Social Media Manager. More often, we are starting to see job postings regarding a position as a Social Media Manager, and it is definitely one of our time’s fastest growing job positions globally. But what is a Social Media Manager actually doing? How much does a Social Media Manager earn? Who is a Social Media Manager – and how much experience does one have? Social Media Definition by Peeing [infographic].
    [Social Media] Measuring Social Media ROI
    Another year of measuring social media ROI. I’ve kicked off a couple with some easy to use, downloadable templates for strategy and KPI. Because first, we should dispel some myths about measuring social media ROI. Sometimes the truth really is inconvenient. I’m an advocate for social media ROI, but before we can measure social media ROI, we have to kick these myths to the curb. Now hear this: social media is not free. The Truth: Social Media Requires Investment. Culture ROI social media Vent
  • JUGNOO  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 30, 2012
    [Social Media] Build Stronger Relationships: Meet Social Media Contacts Face-to-Face
    For example, social media platforms like Twitter, Google+ hangouts, Facebook conversations, LinkedIn Groups and many more. But if you’re not using social networking tools to meet potential customers in-person, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to build long-lasting relationships. Here are four reasons why you should meet with your social media connections face-to-face: People buy from those they know and trust. Meeting your social media contacts in-person for the first time shouldn’t translate into a hard-core sales pitch. Enjoy this post?
    [Social Media] The Social Media ROI Debate
    Can the financial return on expenditures for social media business activities– in marketing, PR, customer support, HR, product development or other areas — be accurately measured? Can social media costs be justified on the P&L, so that as belts get ever tighter in this stagnant economy, these projects and tasks can be spared the budget axe? Among social media pundits, the debate rages on. The “yes&# crowd argues that of course social media can be measured, and must be in order to demonstrate value to the business.
    [Social Media] How B2B Marketers can Embrace Social Media
    An increasing number of companies like Intuit, Sysco, Cisco, GE Healthcare and AT&T are using social media for effective business lead generation. recent study from Sagefrog Marketing Group shows how companies have learned to leverage social media. Leveraging social media for branding and building awareness helps B2B companies. Ways how companies can leverage social media: • Increase brand awareness. What sites, tactics and strategies are B2B marketers including in their social media outreach? Humanize B2B companies.
    [Social Media] Six Reasons Social Media Doesn’t Work
    Add social media to it and it’s only for the kids. Social media is more often than not, not measurable in the dollars and cents way of the word. Six Reasons Social Media Doesn’t Work originally appeared on Spin Sucks on October 25, 2011. Small Business Social Media social media cons social media control social media fadWhen I speak , I tend to hear the same excuses as to why company leaders aren’t approving the use of the web for business development. But my ultimate favorite?
    [Social Media] Free social media strategy ebook
    As regular readers know, at the end of last year I ran a series on this blog on how to develop and deliver a social media strategy. Blogging Facebook Foursquare Linked In Social Media Social Media Strategy Series Twitter free ebook social media strategyThis has now been gathered together into an easy to read ebook which covers each stage of the process, from getting buy-in at the start to ongoing management, [.].
  • JUGNOO  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 26, 2012
    [Social Media] How to Use JugnooMe for Your Social Media Campaign
    ?. When we envisioned our social media dashboard JugnooMe, our key tenet was to make the social web simple, accessible and monetizable for everyone. By doing this, it means you, the user, can create fully-fledged social media campaigns even while our products are still being fleshed out and added to. To give you an idea of how you could use JugnooMe for your social media needs/campaign, here’s a simple overview of how you could use the tools to start, track and measure your campaign. But goals are one thing; making it happen are another.
    [Social Media] What Business Goals Can Social Media Serve?
    The changes in how people behave and buy as explained in the introduction to social media and social business are essential and show the many potential business goals and benefits of social media. While social media programs are basically designed to improve and strengthen the efficiency of a multitude [.]. Social media marketing Let’s take a more in-depth look.
    [Social Media] 20 Social Media Blogs You Should Read in 2012
    Social media is now an essential component of doing business. It’s important for marketers to keep up with the ever-changing social media landscape so they can align their strategies and achieve the results they’re looking for. Here’s a list (in alphabetical order) of some great social media blogs to read in 2012. They all have unique voices that cover a wide range of social-media-related topics, news, and trends. He writes about communications, PR, marketing, and social media, and the areas where those topics intersect.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  TUESDAY, JULY 21, 2015
    [Social Media] Five Social Media Automation Myths Busted
    In recent years, social media automation has been one of the most widely discussed topics in digital marketing circles and with good reason—a number of tools and apps that enable marketers to derive greater value out of social platforms have sprung up, and many have wondered if the automation will just kill the “social” in social media. Social Media Automation Myths Debunked. Social media is— and will always be—about human interaction, but its utility and sphere of influence extends beyond this. By Sophia Solanki.
    [Social Media] Social Media Marketing Wins…and Fails
    social media social media infographics Social Media marketingHere’s a great infographic surreptitiously  attached to an MBA in marketing lead gen site.  Be that as it may on the interwebz, this inforgraphic nonetheless, is not bad.
    [Social Media] Social Media Adoption by Top 10 Media Agencies
    The world of social media is maturing. People have adopted the new means of communication, companies are experimenting with the new business tools, but how the heart of the media industry is adopting to a new social landscape? will try briefly to overview what I found in my research analysing social media adoption in 10 Top Media Agencies and some of the best practises. Sources: Campaign “Top 50 Media agencies” + Netprospex “Top 50 Brands in Social Media”. The key points from research: Social media presence.
  • PAMORAMA  |  SATURDAY, MAY 16, 2015
    [Social Media] 15 Fantastic Books on Social Media Marketing
    Do you want to learn more about social media marketing? By now it’s clear that whether you’re promoting a business, a product, or yourself, social media is essential in determining your success or failure. There are many books out there that purport to teach you everything you need to know about social media marketing. 15 Must-Read Social Media Marketing Books 1.  Fire up your brand via social media, Kindle ebooks, or podcasts using this guide from Tara Ross. You’re not alone. Ann Handley and C.C.
    [Social Media] Want Success on Social Media? You’ll Need Tradition Too
    Tweet With the emergence of all this “new” media (social media, blogging, mobile websites, mobile apps, digital marketing, digital video sharing, memes, photo sharing… the list goes on), we sometimes get wrapped up in the idea that alone, with simply social media, we can turn a business into a multi-million dollar, industry leading company! If you have a strong brand, strong brand presence and are willing to pour money, time AND talent into your social media, you WILL see success. Here’s Are you promoting your social media offline?
    [Social Media] Social Media -Outsource or Not?
    Social Media Outsource. have been a firm believer of the fact that one needs to segment audience and engage them with customized content thorugh different social media channels platforms and this requires serious efforts. So, while it’s good to say that the corporates should not outsource their social media efforts-the fact of the matter is-corporates should focus on creating policies, processes and KPIs, and leave the actual engagement wherever possible to outside agencies. The Ultimate Online Social Experience! Image Source:  [link].
    [Social Media] The Year of Social Media 2010 [infographic]
    At Mindjumpers, we thought it could be interesting to make our own infographic about the year of social media 2010, and here we would like to share the result of our work with you. Similar Posts: 5 Great Social Media Initiatives in 2010. Popular Posts About Social Media. Technorati Tags: 2010 , , campaign , Facebook , , Foursquare , Infographic , Linkedin , Mindjumpers , Social Media , Social Network , Twitter. Mindjumpers Social Media 2010 Tweet. Would you have added other things?
    [Social Media] Social Media for the Boardroom
    At a recent BlogWell event I got a chance to hear Robert Raines from Chevron present his Social Media program and how he reports their activity into the Boardroom. It all starts with the Pulse Report that Chevron had produced by Edelman (their PR firm) using their Alterian’s SM2 social media monitoring tool. They identified around 60 Million conversations (per year) across blogs, microblogs such as Twitter, discussion forums and social networks like Facebook and other enabling technologies such as YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr relating to Energy. Tweet This!
    [Social Media] The Dirty Dozen Top 12 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid
    There have been numerous posts written about the pitfalls of social media marketing (including helpful pieces from Online Social Networking , Sysomos , and  one I wrote for HubSpot ). But the list below is a summary of the most common mistakes based on both my client experience and research for this recent presentation: How to Achieve B2B Social Media Success. Social media is about having a conversati0n with your prospects, not broadcasting to them. Your social media strategist is your public spokesperson. Failing to LISTEN.
    [Social Media] Social Media ROI: Mythic or Measurable? Six Experts Weigh In
    Though social media marketing has now become almost a universal practice, the question of whether or not its value can be quantified with any precision remains open. Does social media marketing produce measurable ROI—and if so, how does one measure it? Or is social media marketing just a required practice because of its value for content marketing, customer service, market engagement, web presence optimization , and SEO—whether its ROI can be determined with any accuracy or not? CMOs On Social Media – Where’s The ROI?
    [Social Media] Social Media Automation, Philosophy, Ethics and Stupidity
    Social Media Automation. Social Media Philosophy. Social Media Ethics. Social media is just the marriage of Internet technology with the human desire to be sociable. When we start to outsource social graces to other people, our relationships become strained. Social Media Stupidity. Social Media Expert productivity rant relationship social media social media marketing twitter automation Ethics feeds HootSuite Marketing philosophy RSS scheduling social media ethics tracking
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  MONDAY, APRIL 4, 2011
    [Social Media] Seven Ways Social Media is Changing PR
    Social media is a game changer for public relations.  It is bringing new challenges and opportunities to the profession and to savvy pros.  I have outlined seven ways that social media is changing PR. PR pros need to know the latest digital tools, including social media monitoring tools, Twitter, Google Analytics. The social networks provide a wealth of information to PR pros on target markets, customer service, and media they want to pitch. They can now create new opportunities that may not have been available before without social media.
    [Social Media] Emotions - Social Media
    Emotions ​​ I Work As Freelance Social Media Network Professional, Blog Article Writing, OnLine Research And Also Help People With The Knowledge Of Internet To Earn Money Via The Online World
    [Social Media] Social Media Measurement for Pragmatists
    like studying results-based information from social media experts. But I’ve noticed a tendency among some to repeat behavior I saw early in my career in paid media: act as if tracking to the bottom line – especially where social media measurement is concerned – is pointless or impossible. It was social media monetization before it was cool. And At times we’ve been able to make important media decisions when about two-thirds of customers could be accurately tracked back to original sources. Guest Post by  Robert Rosenthal.
    [Social Media] Coca-Cola Is #1 Brand In Social Media Impressions
    billion impressions generated by the top 100 consumer brands, according to a new monthly report tracking social media “conversations’ related to those top 100 brands. Coca-Cola was the #1 brand in social media impressions – with nearly twice as many mentions as #2 brand Apple – in July 2012. is the world’s largest advertising marketplace, according to MediaPost , but it generated only 44% of social media brand impressions in July. Why is Coke so much more successful at creating social media buzz around the globe?
    [Social Media] 52 Cool Facts About Social Media – 2012 Edition
    Back in July 2010, I wrote a post called “52 Cool Facts About Social Media” I wanted to have a look at some of the mind-boggling and truly impressive numbers from this space we play in. also wanted to offer a fun fact for every week of the year, for anyone playing social media trivia games. So, to bring some of these figures up to date, as well as include some of the newer names on the scene, here’s 52 cool facts about social media, the 2012 edition. Statistics from Economist, Social Times, CNN. Social Media Influence Platforms.
    [Social Media] 5 Top Resources to Back Up your Social Media Presence!
    Backing up your social media information is helpful for personal use and a no brainer for any business with an active social presence! The content your business publishes and shares on social media sites lives on the “cloud,&# and if any of those services or sites were to crash, your business could lose everything – content, fans, followers, comments and connections! The good news…backing up your businesses social media accounts can save time, stress and potentially lost business, plus it’s simple and in most cases, costs nothing!
    [Social Media] Maximizing Your Social Media Hub
    Building a social media hub is easy, but making it an effective marketing tool requires forethought and an outlined strategy. never changing social media hub is a waste of resources. Users should expect to learn about your brand from your social media hub instead of anywhere else. Deeper integrations allow for the recommendations of gifts, articles, and products based on their social profile. Show consumers what their friends liked and turn your social media hub into a social proof machine. Integrated Social Profiles.
    [Social Media] Connection: Social Media’s Special Gift
    miss the days when social media was more personalized. A big US brand with over 100,000 Twitter followers has run into the problem that I tweeted about above. To this well-known retailer, social media has become just one channel of many where they need to offer customer service without any care in the world for the people they’re engaging with. Much of their tweets are just them asking people to follow them, coupled with the must-include initials that apparently are required of their social media policy. What’s your social media policy?
    [Social Media] 20 Social Media Marketing Blogs You Should Read in 2013
    Looking for the best social media marketing blogs? Social media is now mandatory for businesses. I’m always trying to keep pace with the evolving social media marketing landscape, and reading many of the fantastic blogs out there helps me stay on top of best practices. Analytics B2B Blogging Brand Branding Facebook Google Google Plus LinkedIn Marketing Personal Branding Small Business Social Media Social Media Marketing Social Network Social Networking Trends Twitter WOM Word of Mouth YouTube Blog Social media marketing
    [Social Media] 6 Ways to Measure Social Media
    Measuring social media effectiveness can seem daunting. But measuring your social media efforts is possible, and it’s crucial to your overall marketing strategy. better understanding of your social media efforts will help you discover which mediums and strategies work best and make adjustments accordingly. Here are 6 social media metrics that will help determine if your social media efforts are successful. It is less clear-cut and more complex than other more traditional marketing channels. Read the full blog here.
  • JUGNOO  |  THURSDAY, JULY 31, 2014
    [Social Media] Using SoMeAnalyzer to for Social Media Management
    Jugnoo Blog: Where social listening meets social engagement - trends that matter in social media marketing management. Social Media Consultant Toni McQuilken has been using SoMeAnalyzer ™  to help her clients manage their social media presence and decode the complex social media conversation. The post Using SoMeAnalyzer to for Social Media Management appeared first on Jugnoo Blog : Social Listening & Engagement. Social Media Social Media Management Social Media Presence social media management
    [Social Media] CEOs-Roll Up Your Social Media Sleeves
    The company earned an incredible amount of media coverage which put the company on the map. The lesson is clear: CEO’s that are active in social media and content marketing efforts ignite conversation. Writing for the MediaBistro’s 10,000 Words, Lauren Hockenson might have summed it up best when she wrote about three takeaways , “Never underestimate the power of social media to become a megaphone for a cause.”. Social CEOs drive results. Frank Strong is a classically trained PR professional with new media savvy.  By Frank Strong. Armed with $9.8
  • JEFF KORHAN  |  SUNDAY, JUNE 5, 2011
    [Social Media] What Is Your Social Media Vision?
    It was no more than a few years ago that we had no idea where social media was going. In a nutshell, that is my vision for social media – using it to make business easier, more productive, and to have more fun doing it. My belief is that that we will see the day when social media will make marketing so easy, efficient, and effective, that it won’t feel like marketing at all.  It will simply be an enjoyable process of engaging, sharing, helping, influencing, trusting, growing, and more. Social media provides that audience.
    [Social Media] Social Media U: Take a Class in Social Media - ReadWriteWeb
    Social Media U: Take a Class in Social Media. Social media. Whether youre socializing on Facebook , updating Twitter , or just adding a new bookmark to Ma.gnolia , social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. Thats why many of todays colleges and universities are now offering "social media" classes as an option for their students. Welcome to Social Media U. Today, you will find Communications and Marketing majors heavily involved in learning to use new media to their advantage.
    [Social Media] The Best Social Media Strategy
    Finding your way with social media is not a linear process. To make matters even more confusing, many social media consultants, who often refer to themselves as strategists, prescribe complicated methods that keep their clients tethered to them for extended periods. During the early days of social media there was a great deal of confusion and apprehension. If you are new to social media you probably still already the basics – namely, that LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are the major channels. Dive Right In.
    [Social Media] How to REALLY Measure the ROI of Social Media
    “How do you measure the ROI of your social media efforts?&#. Social media investment is a legitimate issue that businesses have to face, now more than ever. So, being the problem solver that I am, I decided to figure out how to measure the ROI of social media once and for all. Why you need a strategy before entering the realm of social media. Why you should use social media to begin with. Why you should measure the ROI of your social media campaigns! These are gleaming examples of social media done right.
    [Social Media] 10 Reasons Why Your Competition Is Beating You On Social Media
    Tweet Although you might not want to admit it, I bet you’re paying attention to how your competition is doing on social media. Have you noticed lately that their social media profiles are growing a lot faster than your company’s social media profiles? Your competition has a presence on multiple social media sites. Your competition understands the importance and value of building an online brand presence through the use of multiple social media platforms. Create a presence on all the popular social media sites. 2.
  • UNSPOKEN  |  SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 2012
    [Social Media] Brilliant Minds Behind Intel’s Social Media ~ @Ekaterina
    Lately I’ve focused on individuals who build influence through the effective use of social media. Today I’ll talk about how Intel sets the standard for corporate social media excellence, using all manner of social media to engage its audience, inform, educate and build the brand. If you think Intel is just a nuts and bolts company, you’ll be surprised at how seriously they take the intangible world of social media engagement. Certainly food for thought as you develop your own social media strategy.
    [Social Media] Syphons, Filters and Social Media
    2010 was an interesting time in the evolution of social media. It was the year that location-based social software really started to socially map out the “real world&# and encourage face-to-face connections. Next generation social collaboration tools like Quora made a splash. There There was a ton of positive hype and emotion about social media. 2011 is the year that many of the people who jumped into the social media honeymoon in 2009 are going to get seriously overwhelmed and burned out. Social Media social media
    [Social Media] Have You Considered Segmenting Your Social Media Marketing Channels?
    Mention social media marketing and most people think of Facebook and Twitter. It’s true that Facebook and Twitter receive a lot of visitors each day, but that doesn’t make them the biggest players when it comes to social media marketing. Social media sites are not all the same. Millenials” tend to want to upload photos, banter with their friends, and organize party dates – they really are social. If you deal in any of those niches, then you may well find that Pinterest is the best social media channel in which you should market.”.
    [Social Media] Why your Social Media content stinks
    I just read a great blog: Why your social media initiatives will fail in 2011 by Adam Kmiec. It got me to thinking (very dangerous) about the root of what drives social media – content – and why so much of it stinks. As you develop your social platforms think about what it is you want to say about yourself. Social Media affords you the opportunity to put a real face on your nonprofit or business. In social media it is all about me. Sorry, but someone on your social media team has to be able to write.
    [Social Media] Three Dangerous B2B Social Media Mistakes
    Social media is more effective when you’re not making mistakes. The worst case scenario is you get fired for making a social media mistake. Social media investment is expected to increase among B2B companies (Source: Worldcom Public Relations, 2011). The lack of competency in three areas is preventing companies from truly getting the most from their social media programs. It’s holding back social media success. For B2B companies new to social media, you get credit for being there. Mistakes are costly. Wrong.
  • JUGNOO  |  THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2012
    [Social Media] Lolcats, Maggie Thatcher, and Your Social Media Strategy
    When you’re new to social media, getting people to notice you is near the top of the To Do list. But the real secret to social media success? Once you’ve learned the basics, push those strategic questions aside before you short-circuit your efforts: Social media is a revolving showcase of shiny objects for the easily distracted – from world events to lolcats — and if your content sucks the rest is just unhelpful detail. Social Media social media strategy? “There is no marketing cure for sucking.” Enjoy this post?
    [Social Media] Buy Some Social Media Today!
    About a year ago, I remember reaching a crossroads for myself around what career path I wanted to align myself with. I had built up close to 12+ years of experience around digital marketing, but was really gravitating towards social media marketing. I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time at Microsoft Advertising on the community team. Today I feel great about the choices I have made, and it has become clear that social media as a business strategy isn’t going away anytime soon. Do a search on the term “ social media douchebags ”.
    [Social Media] 5 Ways that Social Media Impacts SEO
    I was invited to contribute a column to an upcoming social media guidebook from Media Industry Newsletter and Folio. How does social media activity impact search engine optimization? That’s a common question these days as publishers try to make the most of search and social for audience development. While the role of social media signals in Google and Bing’s ranking algorithms is still evolving there are already a number of ways that social media is having a clear influence. Hopefully you’ll find it useful.
  • JUGNOO  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 2014
    [Social Media] World Cup Social Media Just Gets Bigger
    Jugnoo Blog: Where social listening meets social engagement - trends that matter in social media marketing management. World Cup social media will get a huge boost this year. Because more people are participating in social media during the games, there’s a big chance they will be discussing a lot of other things as well, and sharing anything that adds to the conversation and the party! Brand marketers are predicting big numbers for all aspects of social media and social media advertising. He has 26.5
    [Social Media] 52 Cool Facts About Social Media - Danny Brown
    Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs 52 Cool Facts About Social Media July 3, 2010 127 voices share yours! Share 345 saves As social media continues to gain acceptance as a bona-fide communications platform, I thought it might be fun to have a cool fact about it for every week of the year. Bloggers use an average of five different social sites to drive traffic to their blog. 90% of Internet users know at least one social network. 52 Facts about Social Media.
    [Social Media] Outsourcing Social Media Management
    whom I have long respected for his sound and pragmatic social media and marketing advice and expertise. Outsourcing Social Media Management: The Flawed Logic of the Badged Employee. sometimes see posts on social media or articles talking about the evils of outsourcing social media management to an outside consultant or company. The assumption is that your company’s social media activities are an extension of your company and that it needs to be “authentic” (i.e. Social media consultants can be 20x more effective.
  • SMTHREE  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 9, 2012
    [Social Media] Social Media For Fun and Profit
    Fully 88% of the participants in the study viewed Social Media platforms as just another – albeit new – form of entertainment. While there are variations in how each segment of that demo views and uses Social Media (after all, a 13-year-old shares few of the same traits of a 49-year-old) – the end result is that social Media is yet another pleasant form of diversion. We see great Social Media involvement when it comes to movies, music, cars, food, shopping, fashion or nerve-touching causes. Second, be wary of humor.
  • DANNY BROWN  |  MONDAY, JULY 11, 2011
    [Social Media] Social Media Gurus, Real Work and Diversity
    Earlier this year, Danny wrote a post about social media diversity , that received a fair bit of conversation both on his blog, and away from it. could be wrong, but from where I stand, there is no diversity problem in social media. I see every religion, nationality, ethnicity, culture and community represented in the social web. What’s the next big topic for the “we’ve run out of things to talk about social media guru&# crowd: Why aren’t there more foreigners involved in social media? No Diversity?
    [Social Media] 7 Truths About Social Media Marketing
    Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Marketing , Social Media > 7 Truths About Social Media Marketing 7 Truths About Social Media Marketing by Tamar Weinberg on April 8, 2010 Share Even though social media isn’t new to many of us, the world is waking up to this new shiny toy. But despite the vastness of opportunities that social media affords, it’s just one channel in a series of many. Social media is a lengthy, tedious process.
    [Social Media] Social Media is Complicated [Infographic]
    As introduced to us by Business Insider , Buddy Media’s Social Enterprise Software is a suite of products is “designed to help brands build and maintain relationships with consumers to accelerate their business.” To demonstrate that complexity Buddy Media created this image that shows all of the brands/companies involved including: analytics, social scoring, ad networks, facebook apps, content curation, twitter apps, photo sharing, social TV, and URL shorteners… to name a few. ” Why do brands need help with this?
    [Social Media] 21 of the Best Social Media Marketing Guides of 2013 (So Far)
    The use of social media and social networks for marketing has rapidly advanced in the past few years from the “should I do it?” ” level to the current “how do I measure and optimize social media marketing efforts?” You’ve seen the statistics on social media marketing : 93% of marketers use social media for business. 500 companies use at least one major social media platform. And 92% of small businesses say that social media is an effective marketing technology tool.
    [Social Media] What Does 2013 Hold for Social Media?
    As of 2012, social is already too big to ignore. It’s an example of a company truly taking part in activities similar to those of a media company by offering a non-branded service to their target group. Add Social TV, “Social Nicheworks”, co-creating prosumers and aggregators, hyper connectivity and social search to the list of trends to be on the lookout for in 2013 as well. US digital media usage: A snapshot of 2013. Not surprisingly, social network usage, e-commerce as well as social gaming is growing. What does this mean?
    [Social Media] Managing Negative Comments in Social Media
    If you work as a social media manager or online community manager you see these all the time … negative comments. The occasional complaint from a customer is inevitable, especially since social media has removed the filters that traditionally barred people from getting their views heard by the public. Yvette Pistorio is the social media manager for  Cision , and a blogger for  CisionBlog. Managing Negative Comments in Social Media. Guest Posts Social Media community building engagement managing negative comments yvette pistorio
    [Social Media] Tips from Canadian Startup Founders on Measuring Social Media Success
    There’s been a lot written about whether or not it’s possible to truly measure the return on investment (ROI) of a business’s social media efforts – especially with a limited marketing budget. Meanwhile, many marketers argue that the impact of social media transcends the hard numbers or conversions that they are currently able to analyze. “We know that there are many qualitative benefits that are difficult to measure effectively,” says Alyssa Richard, founder and CEO of , a Canadian mortgage rate comparison startup.
    [Social Media] Social Media is Better for Experiential Products
    Everyone is endeavoring to decipher the Rosetta Stone that is Social Media. Unfortunately, by definition the medium is multi-dimensional and the real applications of social media range from customer support & communication, content distribution, sales, marketing, PR, business intelligence and well beyond. Experiential products clearly stand to benefit more from social media. Because social media is fundamentally a channel for sharing and it is inherently human nature to share our experiences. That is the role of Social Media.
    [Social Media] Building Your Internal Social Media Expert Team
    An important aspect of setting up a social media strategy is building a team to make the program work, regardless of the scope and goals. Social media is not a free lunch, and you need your internal team of social media experts to make it happen. Blog Connected marketing Management Social media marketing Christopher Barger personal branding social media strategy social media team The Social Media StrategistTips and considerations. Let’s agree on terminology first. [.].
    [Social Media] The Secret To Getting Better Engagement on Social Media
    Tweet There’s a real secret to getting better engagement on social media. Here’s a graphic we created just for you: ::: Click here to download and print out this graphic! ::: Being Interesting Creativity Customer Satisfaction Engagement Marketing Trends Online Reputation des moines social media company social media marketing consulting social media marketing strategies the secret to better engagement on social mediaAre you ready for it? Here it is: Think before you share. That’s it. It’s that simple.
    [Social Media] The Secret To Getting Better Engagement on Social Media
    Tweet There’s a real secret to getting better engagement on social media. Here’s a graphic we created just for you: ::: Click here to download and print out this graphic! ::: Being Interesting Creativity Customer Satisfaction Engagement Marketing Trends Online Reputation des moines social media company social media marketing consulting social media marketing strategies the secret to better engagement on social mediaAre you ready for it? Here it is: Think before you share. That’s it. It’s that simple.
    [Social Media] Millennials On Mobile, Social Media [Report]
    adults to feel that social media sites are very important for finding information about news and current events, according to a new report from Scarborough Research. A few highlights from the report: 60% of respondents had visited a friend’s page or profile during the previous 30 days. The majority – 51% – of millennial cell phone users access social networking sites via their mobile. Social Media Statistics Millennials Scarborough Research social networking statisticsThis age group is 53% more likely than all U.S. 49% had updated a status.
    [Social Media] Social Media New Year’s Resolutions for 2015
    That said, I do have a few ideas for New Year’s resolutions relating to social media. Some are specifically for marketers, some are for any of us who use social media. Does this seem like a trend to anyone else: In order to look authoritative on social media, and in order to do this thing we’ve heard about called “curation,” it seems as though there’s more sharing of articles happening than actual reading of articles. But, thinking visual for your social strategy pays off. Resolve to Keep Social Media Social. Woohoo! Never.
    [Social Media] Social Media Permission Marketing
    Remember the social platforms are just that – social. Social Media Permission Marketing originally appeared on Spin Sucks on March 31, 2011. Social Media bob reed Counselors Academy element r facebook question no silver bullet permission marketing ru relevant social media permissionIt’s Facebook question of the week time, but there will be no video. I am working from home today and, well, don’t feel like showering and getting ready just so I can do a video. If you don’t know whether or not to get permission, get it.
    [Social Media] How PR and Social Media Can Work Together
    Social media and PR would seem to be natural allies. So why do corporate PR and social media efforts so often appear disconnected and out of sync? To be sure, some agencies and companies get it, and do an effective job integrating social media and PR efforts. But integrated properly, social media can help amplify PR efforts, and effective PR can help generate social media coverage. For SEO and traffic purposes, the press release and social media release link back to the company’s website/blog. Since many (most?)
    [Social Media] Storytelling and social media
    Social Media is all about conversations. Storytelling is the most powerful driver of engagement in social media. Just as good stories provide the momentum for great books and great speeches, they’re also the impetus for the best in social media. assume the sudden rise comes from it’s ties to social media and conversational marketing made famous by  The Cluetrain Manifesto. Image via Shutterstock. It’s people connecting, interacting and sharing content. – I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.
    [Social Media] Forrester report: how companies listen and engage with social media
    Forrester Consulting recently surveyed 200 US marketers about their use of social media listening and engagement. Some of the most interesting findings include: Information sourced by social media is now being used by more than 70% of B2B decision-makers. Interestingly, there is a significant uptake of companies adopting social media tactics (97%), but there is a plenty of opportunity for business returns to be improved. However, strategic social media is not being used extensively. Image from Flickr courtesy of sfllaw. Tweet This!
    [Social Media] Hot Off The Press Social Media Tips
    That being said you owe it to yourself to check out Lori Taylor’s latest blog post 15 Social Caffeine “Must Do’s” To Rock Your Facebook Fan Page. Definitely will be paying closer attention to Social Mouths. And lastly through Social Mouths I checked out Francisco’s Facebook fan page and also fell in love with what he’s doing with his fan page. Related posts: The Office For Mac Social Media Extravaganza! Social Media Friendly Blogging. Great Social Media & Community Job Resources. Blogging Social Media
    [Social Media] Social Media Strategy Template
    Download the PDF of the Social Media Strategy Template here. In January 2014 almost three-quarters of all adults were active in social media, according to the Pew Research Center. 92% of marketers claim that social media marketing is important for their business. However, only 38 percent of companies say they have a defined social media strategy. It would appear that two thirds of businesses are still “flying by the seat of their pants” when it comes to social media. Map the brand’s social graph. Meritus Media Inc.
    [Social Media] 7 Tips for Succeeding as a Social Media Strategist
    Put all your skepticism aside and let’s face the facts; Social Media has become a mainstay in the digital world. experts in Social Media operations. Enter the Social Media strategist, easily one of the most important and sought-after professionals in the field of online & digital marketing. His presentation was based on months of research funded by Altimeter, in which 140 enterprise-class social strategists across various industries were interviewed. It’s no longer just a trend. Period. Here are 7 key takeaways from his research.
    [Social Media] B2B Decision Makers are Increasingly Researching in Social Media
    Before social media people went mainly to search engines to research and to find products and services. Today in times of social media the products and services find them through discussions, content sharing and recommendations from friends and followers. B2B is also using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social networks to research for products, services, industry related information and new business partners. Social media is a great way to showcase a business and to offer a more personal insight view. Listen to their discussions.
    [Social Media] How to use Social Media for Customer Acquisition
    Social media has become a significant part of serious marketers lead generation strategy. Companies who engage in social media increase their reach massively. Social media is public communications channel where companies can get great unfiltered feedback. Companies need to understand that social media is not for “pushing your messages out “. To be successful and to reach a positive ROI with social media, companies need to communicate and to listen to their audience. And there is no matter if they are B2C or B2B.
    [Social Media] Developing a social media strategy
    Last year I wrote a series of blog posts taking readers through each stage of developing a social media strategy. Social Media Social Media Strategy Series social media ebook social media strategyThey were the most popular posts I’ve written and are still shared regularly. So, as they’re still relevant, I thought I’d publish them again for those that missed the series the first time round. They’re … Read more.
    [Social Media] ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing The One Social Media VYou Channel
    And here’s how it is explained on the site: “ VYou allows people to broadcast video structured as conversations, offering the most personal form of social interaction on the web. Over the last few months we’ve been working closely with the team at VYou to develop a place where you and others can go to individually interact with our team  in order to learn more about social media marketing, online trends, technology, and everything in between. Our passion and goal as a team is to help people learn how to take advantage of the power of social media.
    [Social Media] Ways to boost SEO using Social Media
    For the most part, these are staple elements of a successful social media marketing campaign, and as with most SEO strategies, it comes down to one basic principle: the better experience you give your users, the higher you’re going to rank in Google. Jayson DeMers a contributor to posted “ 6 Social Media Practices That Boost SEO.” ” He points out how the number of followers your social media profiles have can effect rankings, but also that Google can detect follower spam. Social Media ShareThis.
  • TAYLOR MAREK  |  MONDAY, JUNE 28, 2010
    [Social Media] Social Media Cheat Sheet
    Home About Contact Archives Testimonials Speaking Podcast Chat LIVE Social Media Vault My Inner Circle Plugins eBook Hire Me Social Media Cheat Sheet June 28, 2010 by Taylor Marek Have you ever wanted a cheat sheet when it comes to utilizing Social Media for your business? You can get it for a limited time only when you join my Social Media Inner Circle. Taylor is a 21 year old New Media Visionary on a Journey to change the World. Just a simple, step-by-step action plan on exactly what you need to do? Click here to cancel reply.
    [Social Media] 5 Social Media Lessons From Tim Burton
    And yet, you, embarking on your Social Media journey, can learn so much from this master of the macabre. Here are five Social Media lessons you can learn from Tim Burton. 5. In your Social Media journey, often times you will be the character. Social Media[A Guest Post from @MargieClayman ]. Not many people have neutral feelings when it comes to Tim Burton – people either love him or hate him. He’s such a conundrum. He’s so hard to pin down. Tim Burton couldn’t be further away from your experience if he tried.
  • JUGNOO  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 8, 2014
    [Social Media] Social Listening Leads to Best-In-Class Social Media Campaigns
    Jugnoo Blog: Where social listening meets social engagement - trends that matter in social media marketing management. Many companies continue to conduct ineffective social media campaigns. For some, they may hand social media duties to an intern, or any employee with available bandwidth, regardless of if that person has any marketing skill. These ineffective campaigns produce channels that are infrequently updated, passive, and completely ignore the social aspect of social media.
    [Social Media] How to Use Twitter Cards in Social Media Marketing
    Twitter Cards enable publishers to attach media experiences to tweets — beyond the 140-character limit. Tweets with images and other media attract: 89% more “favorites” 18% more clicks 150% more retweets Get started with Twitter cards in 4 easy steps 1. link] — Jayson Stark (@jaysonst) June 20, 2014   Player card Video, audio, or other media Best for sharing video and song clips within a tweet Sometimes I think my days can’t get any more rediculous until today. Bypassing the character limit also helps increase conversion rates.
    [Social Media] Baseball, Social Media & The Metrics That Matter
    Watching the Giants sweep the Tigers in the World Series on Sunday night, I was struck by the ways in which metrics in baseball and social media are similar. This is comparable to the shift in understanding of useful metrics in the social sphere and surprisingly there are a number of useful parallels between the two industries. In social media metrics, even as we continually grow and learn how to track this uncontrollable beast in better ways, many marketing reports are still plagued by a “tracking runs” mentality. Marketing Social Media metrics social media
  • JUGNOO  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 14, 2012
    [Social Media] Looking Beyond the Numbers of Social Media Influence
    Over on my own blog, I took a look at why the social influencer – as identified by the likes of Klout, Kred, etc – isn’t as valuable as an Instigator. After all, the social web is built on who’s the most influential, right? proper marketing campaign, on the other hand – media buy, ad buy, email campaign, social media – integrated and targeted will trump the influencer buzz every time (or pretty much every time). Social Media metrics social influenceThe post created a great discussion (which is still ongoing) around both sides of the coin.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2011
    [Social Media] Social Media for Executives
    Social media for B2B companies. Until then, Jack and I bring you selections from the discussion on “Social Media for Executives.&#. Social Media for Executives originally appeared on Spin Sucks on May 19, 2011. Social Media Jack Monson PRSA PRSA Chicago prsa keynoteIt’s Facebook question of the week time (clap, clap, clap!)! will have you know that Abbie Fink stole my, “Hello. I’m Johnny Cash&# at Counselors Academy on Sunday. actually yelled at her from the audience. Neither here nor there. The other funny thing?
    [Social Media] How to Monitor Your Brand in Social Media
    Social media marketing is a great way to brand yourself, engage and built customers, and market your business. One of them is the availability of social media accounts, which includes spreading the information and keeping track of the brand reputation. Another is monitoring your brand in social media. social media monitoring isn’t just Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social Mention – searches user generated content. It is generated across the webs’s social media landscape. By Rob Greenberg.
    [Social Media] Social Media Influencers vs Brand Advocates: 5 Must-Reads
    How should you approach influencers and advocates on social media? Social Media Influencers vs Social Media Ambassadors: What is Their True Value? By Raymond Morin At a time when the biggest social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest) are starting to make a move towards e-commerce, the subject of influence marketing is more than ever a major issue for most companies. Blog Social Media Social Media Marketing brand advocates social media influencersFind out in today’s must-reads.
    [Social Media] Are You Measuring Your Social Media Efforts?
    Businesses that have jumped on the social media train will do well to make sure that they monitor their social media efforts. With social media monitoring you can see which of your marketing strategies are the most efficient so that you can refine them and have a more direct approach to social media marketing and advertising rather than potentially waste your time, energy, and money on approaches that aren’t effective. Always be honest with yourself when it comes to determining the cost of social media monitoring.
    [Social Media] 10 Social Media Lessons From Home Improvement
    In a brief moment of downtime, I started thinking about the social media lessons you can learn from the process of renovating a house. Similarly, while it might seem easy to  launch into a social media campaign, if you don’t prepare properly – nail down your social media policies, engagement guidelines and escalation processes, among other things – then when issues emerge you’ll be in trouble. 2. Social media is a long-term effort. The same goes for social media activities. social media
    [Social Media] Social Media Roadmaps
    Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs Social Media Roadmaps August 20, 2010 16 voices share yours! Share 1 save This is a guest post by Kapil Apshankar, an innovative social media strategist. He writes about tips, tricks and techniques that help his readers score higher in social media at Social Media Notebook. Kapil also maintains a personal blog, Spring Rainbow , which captures his life away from social media. What do you think?
    [Social Media] Using Hashtags in Social Media Marketing
    Hashtags are increasingly important in social media marketing campaigns. They enable content marketers get in front of their target audience and identify social media conversations that are relevant to their business. They are a way to track topics on Twitter and other social media platforms. The use of hashtags enables people to wade through the fire hose of social media posts and interact only with the content they find relevant. Using Hashtags in Social Media Marketing is a post by Pam Dyer on Pamorama | Social Media Marketing Blog.
    [Social Media] More On The Social Enterprise: Social Media At Scale
    The discussion about a social enterprise and managing social media at scale has been growing. One recent example is the ebook from Sprinklr that compiles thoughts and recommendations from 30 social media experts. have always been a fan of what Michael Brito , Nilofer Merchant (a fellow Overlapper ), and David Armano have had to say about social enterprises. agree with the prevailing theme that enterprises have no choice but to embrace social media. need to qualify the SPOC in a social media context: I do not mean one social account (e.g.
  • SOCMED SEAN  |  FRIDAY, MAY 25, 2012
    [Social Media] Outsourcing Social Media – Is It Worth It?
    appreciate Matt taking the time to share an interesting experience he had with outsourcing social media management! If you’re thinking about turning over the keys to your social channels to a 3rd party agency, read Matt’s post and think carefully about who you choose. Whether you are looking to outsource your blog writing and social media to an outside agency either because they claim they are experts with a proven track record or because it simply costs less than hiring another employee, you should carefully consider the three main points below.
    [Social Media] Social Media: The Great Equalizer
    The social media explosion has had a similar effect. A few years in, and the social web has taken it a step further by giving those some people an ability to connect with far more people more easily then ever before. Having just returned from SES Chicago (a search and social conference), I had another overall good experience. I had the honor of getting to moderate one panel, speak on another, and participate in a Often times I’m impressed with those I do some research on whether it’s reading their blogs, following their social profiles, etc.,
    [Social Media] The social media landscape in 2012 – infographic
    Tweet Last year I wrote about the social media landscape infographic , highlighting the placement of Facebook and Google as all-encompassing, central networks. The arrival of Google+ since last year’s infographic is the most obvious change – and while it’s still early days for Google’s take on social, the implications for social search mean that we’re likely to see much more of it in 2012. One addition to this year’s “landscape” is the broad range of devices that we can use to access the social web. Tweet This!
    [Social Media] Why do we use Social Media?
    In case you missed it, Pew Research just cam out with a pretty impressive study on our Social Media habits. More specifically, this study is less about how we use social Media and more about why we use it. You can see the complete study here but some of the highlights have a bearing on how you approach your Social Media marketing: Two-thirds of Americans on-line are involved with at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or MySpace. All this does is reaffirm the ubiquity of Social Media. How does this affect your Social Media Marketing?
    [Social Media] Social Media and the New Workplace!
    Some time back I wrote an article in The CTOForum Magazine about how social media is impacting the next generation enterprises. How businesses are lapping up social media? How Social Media is changing brand communication paradigm The Great Indian Digital Elections! India Strategy for Social Networking Sites! Digital Discover Digital Feature 2nd south asia cio summit cio summit ctoforum Social MediaYou can also access this interesting presentation on slideshare-by clicking here. shall be putting up an audio link for the same soon.
    [Social Media] Social media management tips: Effective blogger outreach
    An essential part of social media management is blogger outreach. Here are our social media management team’s top tips to ensure you reach  your target market effectively: 1. Alex Truby Online PR Social media Social media management Social networks blogger outreach social mediaImage courtesy of inblurbs. Be relevant. It might sound obvious but make sure that the bloggers you contact are actually relevant for your message. And where do you find relevant bloggers? Get to know your bloggers and build relationships.
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