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    [Social Media] Social Media is Key to B2B Content Marketing [Report]
    91% of B2B marketers now use social media as a content marketing tool. B2B marketers are distributing their content on social networks more than ever before. If you have a website, a blog, or maintain a presence on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks, you are a publisher. This is the first in a series of posts about how to use content to market online and via social media. LinkedIn is the top social network when it comes to B2B content marketing. But many are uncertain about how to successfully employ the many tactics available to them.
    [Social Media] CEOs-Roll Up Your Social Media Sleeves
    The company earned an incredible amount of media coverage which put the company on the map. The lesson is clear: CEO’s that are active in social media and content marketing efforts ignite conversation. Writing for the MediaBistro’s 10,000 Words, Lauren Hockenson might have summed it up best when she wrote about three takeaways , “Never underestimate the power of social media to become a megaphone for a cause.”. Social CEOs drive results. Frank Strong is a classically trained PR professional with new media savvy.  By Frank Strong. Armed with $9.8
    [Social Media] The 15 Types of Social Media Know-It-All
    It’s one thing to educate yourself, including on social media. But how can you make sure you’re not constantly running into a social media know-it-all… or, worse, becoming one yourself? There’s a social media “guru” wherever you turn, and it seems as if everyone and their brother is telling you how to do something on social, or not. Sometimes The worst kind of social media know-it-all. So I asked folks what they thought the worst kind of social media know-it-all was. ” 2.
    [Social Media] Social Media Image Dimensions: The Ultimate Guide
    Brands experience almost 50% more audience engagement when sharing an image or video on their social media platforms, which is why social networks are increasingly featuring and promoting visual content. It can be difficult to keep up with all the social media image dimensions for  Facebook , Twitter , Google+ , LinkedIn , Pinterest , Instagram , and YouTube. Enter Tent Social , a digital marketing agency that specializes in social media solutions and and content creation. Social media image sizes: A quick reference.
    [Social Media] 84% Say Company Leaders on Social Media Provide A Competitive Edge
    Does having a company leader on social media give that organization a competitive edge? recent survey by Humanize looks at social media and leadership in organizations – in particular, how company leaders are leveraging social media for organizational results. Out of the 505 respondents (who skewed toward “more advanced” social media users), nearly two-thirds of the respondents (64%) reported that their leaders were involved in social media. social media involvement should be limited to crisis situations.
    [Social Media] 33 Thought-Provoking B2B Social Media and Marketing Stats
    B2B marketing budgets are shifting to digital and social. But spending on digital marketing programs is projected to rise three times as fast, and over the next five years, the share of budget dollars dedicated to social media marketing will more than double. Social media benefits are unclear. Despite the brand lift from buyer engagement and the plans to increase spending on social media marketing noted above, only about 10% of B2B marketers say they are able to quantitatively show the impact of social media on the business.
    [Social Media] Social Media Tips for Local Retailers
    Several retailers have told me their customers do not use social media.  I don’t doubt that for a minute. Based upon my work with mainstream small businesses, I would estimate only about 20% of them are using social media themselves. Managing traditional and social media communications. Swing by next week and I’ll try to share more social media and Internet marketing tips for local businesses. What is the primary goal of a local retailer? Getting people into the store. Human beings always appreciate a personal touch.
    [Social Media] 48 Ways to Measure Social Media Success
    Ultimately, as Olivier Blanchard has pointed out repeatedly , social media marketing has to demonstrate an ROI (though he acknowledges the questions have to be made more specific). But it’s crucial to the social media ROI debate to recognize that “R” is an end-of-the-process measure. Similarly, in social media marketing, there are numerous intermediate “process” measures that don’t fit into an ROI equation, but which are vital in optimizing social media efforts in order to minimize “I” and maximize “R.” Nine Blog Metrics. Overall traffic.
    [Social Media] 36 Sensational Social Media Stats and Facts
    Though social media marketing has become ubiquitous, most companies and brands still struggle to achieve their desired results. Those are among the conclusions it’s fair to draw from the collection of social media marketing facts and statistics below. Eights years after social media marketing became a trending topic , marketers still struggle with tactics and metrics. As consumer and business buyer use of social media has matured and become more sophisticated, their expectations of brands in social media have evolved as well.
    [Social Media] The Most Famous Celebrity and Big Brand Social Media Blunders
    Tweet We can learn a lot from how celebrities and big brands use social media. Well known celebrities, athletes, and brands are now using social media more and more to connect with and interact online with their followers. What’s great about this social media Infographic from creative agency  MDG Advertising , is it takes a look at some of the most notable social media blunders of the past few years and what the results were. We can also learn what “not-to-do” from them as well.
    [Social Media] Is Social Media Marketing Starting to Annoy You?
    More and more businesses are using social media as another mouthpiece for their promotions. Social media is their direct link to us. Unfortunately, some brands insist on just using social media poorly to just promote and broadcast. Using social media for business isn’t rocket science, it’s human relations 101. Do you believe those brands that aren’t actively engaging with their customers on social media are going to suffer in the long-term and that it’s just a matter of time? They have to earn it. Hertz.
    [Social Media] Is Social Media Marketing Starting to Annoy You?
    More and more businesses are using social media as another mouthpiece for their promotions. Social media is their direct link to us. Unfortunately, some brands insist on just using social media poorly to just promote and broadcast. Using social media for business isn’t rocket science, it’s human relations 101. Do you believe those brands that aren’t actively engaging with their customers on social media are going to suffer in the long-term and that it’s just a matter of time? They have to earn it. Hertz.
    [Social Media] 10 Top Marketing Thought Leaders in Social Media
    If you were asked to name the top thought leaders in marketing today–the 10 marketers you’d definitely advise others to follow on social media–how would you proceed? You’d probably start by looking at those you’re connected with on the major social networks, then do some additional research. Below is my list in response to the question: “Tell me the top ten marketing people you would follow on social media, those people that you think are the top ‘thought leaders’ in the marketing space today?” Meghan M.
    [Social Media] The FTC and Social Media: You Have to Disclose
    Your company participates in social media and you often share the work your organization does on your personal social networks. Many obliged the request on their personal social networks, but didn’t disclose PlayStation was a client. But the FTC guidelines are very clear: In any advertising medium (and they consider social media advertising), you must disclose your relationship with (c), #client, #sponsored, or similar identifier. It’s a scary place—the social networks. Following are the things you can do: Social media policy.
    [Social Media] Why Your CEO Should Be Active On Social Media [Study]
    One of the basic steps for brands to take on social media is to enhance brand awareness by focusing on spokesperson visibility. The need for the top officials to communicate on behalf of the company becomes more apparent through the study done by social media branding firm BRANDfog. The study reveals that consumers and employees regard company leaders who engage on social media positively. . In terms of importance, 86% of respondents rated CEO social media engagement as somewhat important, very important or mission-critical. Tweet.
    [Social Media] 9 Actionable Ways To Prove & Track Your Social Media
    For the last few years, social media has taken the marketing world by storm, if you aren’t engaging with your visitors then you’re probably putting yourself at a massive disadvantage against your competitors who do. However I’ve spotted a disturbing trend amongst many marketers who utilize social media; they don’t know how to track it properly! So in this post, I’ll show you how I track my social media campaigns and more importantly, how to prove to clients that it’s worth pursuing. Generating x% increase of website visits through social media channels.
    [Social Media] The Extinction of Social Media Agencies
    Ken owns Inkling Media in Lancaster, Pa., explain my reasoning to why I said agencies that specialize in social media will be out of business in two years (if you can’t see the video, please click here ). Do you think Ken is a social media specialist or a communication professional? The Extinction of Social Media Agencies originally appeared on Spin Sucks on April 28, 2011. Social Media extinction of social media facebook question inkling media ken mueller social media agencies social media agency
    [Social Media] [NEW!] Social Media Readiness Workshop
    The social media revolution is here–are you ready? You may be dabbling in – or even expertly managing – social media tools, but have you thought about whether you have the right culture for social? . Are your existing management practices and company culture giving you the right foundation for social,  or are they actually getting in the way of your success? Related Posts How to Lead Your Way to a Social Organization Five Web Design Trends to Watch Best Linkedin Company Pages Humanizing your organization creates amazing results.
    [Social Media] How To Develop a Social Media Strategy: A Roadmap for Integration
    This could be the reason we see so many social media programs that operate in a sort of silo apart from other outreach. The following list of questions and resources should provide a comprehensive roadmap for developing a strong social media strategy with clear organizational alignment. Is Your Social Media Presence an Experiment? If you’re not the kind of business that is open to experimenting with social media, skip to question #2. How Will Social Media Boost the Effectiveness of the Parent Strategy? Reactive? Trolls?
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    [Social Media] Five Social Media Automation Myths Busted
    In recent years, social media automation has been one of the most widely discussed topics in digital marketing circles and with good reason—a number of tools and apps that enable marketers to derive greater value out of social platforms have sprung up, and many have wondered if the automation will just kill the “social” in social media. Social Media Automation Myths Debunked. Social media is— and will always be—about human interaction, but its utility and sphere of influence extends beyond this. By Sophia Solanki.
    [Social Media] Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010
    For anyone in marketing or PR being asked to make “data-driven&# decisions “based on the numbers&# (and doesn’t that include pretty much everyone in marketing and PR these days?), the sources below provide a vast wealth of data, statistics and research results, as well as a bit of interesting social media trivia. How are consumers and b2b decision makers using social media in their buying processes? Which social media platforms are most effective at influencing buyer behavior? How do the audiences differ across various social networks?
    [Social Media] Why We Still Need Real Social Media Strategists
    Even though business strategies come from the top down in organizations we still need strategists, or at least strategic thinkers, in every area of business, but especially social media. Not only because so few businesses have direct experience with social media used to deliver on business goals, but because it requires a fundamental shift that the same old evolutionary approaches fail to address. Whether anyone likes it or not, the deliverables in a social business are almost always a matter of fulfillment, not department. Bottom line: fasten your seat belts.
    [Social Media] Tips from Canadian Startup Founders on Measuring Social Media Success
    There’s been a lot written about whether or not it’s possible to truly measure the return on investment (ROI) of a business’s social media efforts – especially with a limited marketing budget. Meanwhile, many marketers argue that the impact of social media transcends the hard numbers or conversions that they are currently able to analyze. “We know that there are many qualitative benefits that are difficult to measure effectively,” says Alyssa Richard, founder and CEO of , a Canadian mortgage rate comparison startup.
    [Social Media] Mom & Pop Need Your Social Media Help
    Being in the business that I am, I’m always thinking about social media and on the lookout for local businesses that are doing it right (and in most cases, not doing it all!).  The biggest takeaway I had was that there are far more local businesses that are not doing anything from a social media perspective that are.  It’s actually quite amazing to me that in this day and age when it’s so incredibly easy to simply have a Facebook page or Twitter account, how few businesses that actually do. Social MediaMaybe that’s you?
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    [Social Media] Unique Social Media Tools for Business
    Here are some powerful social media tools for business, that can boost productivity and give brands an edge in both measurement and engagement. Add custom signatures and social media buttons. Social tracking and tracking statistics are included in a package that includes e-newsletters and custom forms.  For brands with large email databases, Qwerly will reach in and make a social profile of each subscriber. The brand marketer can then adjust social media campaigns accordingly to match the mix. How far did your Tweet travel? Tweetreach.
    [Social Media] Can Social Media Make You Truly Happy?
    You are what you tweet.” – Alex Tew. I’ve found myself wondering whether social media is all it’s cracked up to be. Social Media And Value. It’s common these days to see the youth of today heavily engaged in social media, chatting to their friends about any topic under the sun. But despite all of this usage that social media gets, is there a lot of value going on around here? Better yet, how many conversations in social media do you get where at least one person feels genuinely better having had that conversation? Be Aware.
    [Social Media] Social Media Isn’t About The Numbers! Or Is It?
    Too many folks get caught up in the numbers game when it comes to social media. They use numbers like “friends”, “followers” and…ewww…”Klout” to determine whether they are doing social right. Heaven knows that it doesn’t tell you whether you’re engaging in social media properly. Just like any feedback from your audience, your numbers are an important part of evaluating social media success, but they aren’t your the only factors. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again.
    [Social Media] The Social Media Pedestal
    This post is a reflection of the admirations and criticisms that occur in the social media world. The Social Media Pedestal originally appeared on Danny Brown | Social Media Marketing Blog - The Human Side of Media and the Social Side of Marketing under a Creative Commons license. Guest Posts bill dorman guest posts social media pedestalThis is a guest post by Bill Dorman. Now we wouldn’t want that as a persona, would we? Do you want to be there? Is it deserved? What responsibilities come with that? think they like me.
    [Social Media] Social Media ROI: Mythic or Measurable? Six Experts Weigh In
    Though social media marketing has now become almost a universal practice, the question of whether or not its value can be quantified with any precision remains open. Does social media marketing produce measurable ROI—and if so, how does one measure it? Or is social media marketing just a required practice because of its value for content marketing, customer service, market engagement, web presence optimization , and SEO—whether its ROI can be determined with any accuracy or not? CMOs On Social Media – Where’s The ROI?
    [Social Media] Social Media Strategies: Is Social Media Adoption The New Quality Standard Of Successful Company?
    Social media is maturing. As many companies have successfully integrated social media in their communication/business strategies and as many more are planning to do so in very near future, it is no longer perceived as the risky investment but more as a necessity in order to keep a competitive edge in the market and maintain the dialogue with consumers. It actually seems that social media adoption is becoming a quality standard of a transparent, customer centric and accessible company. Social media is changing this situation.
    [Social Media] Top ten social media survival tips
    Social media needn’t be one of them. So here are a few tips on how to survive the demands of social media. 1. DON’T CHECK IN to all your social media platforms till 11am in the morning. Social media demands a lot of us on top of our already demanding lives. Social mediaImage: Bloomberg. In this economic climate it’s not surprising that many people are feeling pressured on several fronts. Nothing that happened at 9am (your time) that can’t wait to 11am. 2. long creative haul can get anyone down. 3.
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    [Social Media] Social Media Analytics Tool for Instagram & Tumblr
    Piqora , (in a previous life, known as Pinfluencer) has social media analytics for Instagram and Tumblr. Social Media Analytics Tool for Instagram & Tumblr originally appeared on Jugnoo Blog - Social Media is a Business: Social Media Presence Management under a Creative Commons license. The post Social Media Analytics Tool for Instagram & Tumblr appeared first on Jugnoo Blog. Social Media Social Media Management instagram analytics social media analytics tumblr analytics
    [Social Media] Planning Social Media
    Planning Social Media
  • SOCMED SEAN  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 2012
    [Social Media] Comic: Social Media Strategy From A Book
    Developing a social media strategy isn’t easy, especially with so many channels out there…it sometimes feels like social media overload ! But ignoring social media outright definitely isn’t a good strategy. Just like building a “quick business plan” isn’t a good idea, building a quick social strategy likely won’t succeed either. Need some help determining some business objectives that you might be able to leverage social media to accomplish? Cheers! –Sean.
    [Social Media] Social Media Beyond the Grave
    Social media has had an impact on virtually every other part of our lives. Death is part of life, and social media was bound to come in contact with it at some point. These examples may seem strange to you, but they are merely another way that social media truly is integrating into every facet of our lives. What do you think about social media beyond the grave? Tweet It was only a matter of time. Eventually, we had to get here. We have two examples for you today of how the two have collided. What does this mean?
    [Social Media] What Does 2013 Hold for Social Media?
    As of 2012, social is already too big to ignore. It’s an example of a company truly taking part in activities similar to those of a media company by offering a non-branded service to their target group. Add Social TV, “Social Nicheworks”, co-creating prosumers and aggregators, hyper connectivity and social search to the list of trends to be on the lookout for in 2013 as well. US digital media usage: A snapshot of 2013. Not surprisingly, social network usage, e-commerce as well as social gaming is growing. What does this mean?
    [Social Media] Social Media for the Busy Sales Person
    I’ve gotten quite a bit of great feedback on my last post, the 5 traits of the social sales person. The post really seems to have struck a nerve with a lot of people, even though it barely touches the surface of how sales people can use social media to get more business. Social Media in Action social salesOf course that’s a lot of the feedback I got. It’s not deep enough. So I decided  I’d take it a little further and offer a short class on the subject. Here’s a link to  register now.
    [Social Media] Social Media Analytics – How to Engage With The Data Of Social Media
    Tweet A couple of days ago, I gave a guest lecture at the Danish IT-University on the subject of Social Media Analytics. Social Media Analytics has an increasing audience with a lot of people discussing the subject around the world. From the very beginning of using Social Media Analytics strategically, the focus has been on analyzing things like buzz tracking, performance measurement  as well as discussing ROI. Slide 7: The simple definition of Social Media or let’s just call it “Online Social Technologies That Facilitate Interaction Between People”.
  • JEFF KORHAN  |  MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2016
    [Social Media] Content Strategy: Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2016
    This week he graciously interviews me to discover and share the top takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2016 hosted in San Diego, CA last week. In her own profile, she uses phrases like Texas gal and yogi to show some personality that makes her stand out on what many consider the least interesting social media channel. If you are curious, the hot social channels nowadays are SnapChat, LinkedIn, Facebook, email, podcasting, and live video such as Blab and Facebook Live. Frank Kenny has twice been a guest on the show. Take The 3% Challenge. Here it is.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 23, 2012
    [Social Media] Social Media to Replace Traditional Media Says CEO Study
    Social Media to Replace Traditional Communication. They surveyed 1,709 CEOS from 64 countries and 18 industries, and learned social media will leap to the number two spot while traditional media plunges to the bottom in the next three to five years. The study also found more business leaders are moving toward a more social workplace, as the best ones already have. IBM broke out the surveyed companies to see which ones were in the top 20 percent, in terms of revenue and growth, and found those were the companies already becoming more social.
    [Social Media] Social Media Tools Map
    Our good friends at Overdrive Interactive released their most recent social media tools map (below). include some of the Chinese social sites like Renren & Kaixin, consider removing Bebo, include Sysomos and Awareness in tracking tools, Spotify or ping  for music, etc.). Overall this Map rocks as a nice pocket-guide for what’s happening on the social Web. And, you can’t include everything otherwise it wouldn’t fit into your pocket.  I’ve include an image from Mashable below on the Chinese social networks.
    [Social Media] More On The Social Enterprise: Social Media At Scale
    The discussion about a social enterprise and managing social media at scale has been growing. One recent example is the ebook from Sprinklr that compiles thoughts and recommendations from 30 social media experts. have always been a fan of what Michael Brito , Nilofer Merchant (a fellow Overlapper ), and David Armano have had to say about social enterprises. agree with the prevailing theme that enterprises have no choice but to embrace social media. need to qualify the SPOC in a social media context: I do not mean one social account (e.g.
    [Social Media] Future of Social Media?
    We have seen many signs that digital solutions improves our ability to interact online in real time, and technology that lets us walk around and catch the moments as they happen without hunting for our smart phone in our bag or pocket, may just be the next step in social media. Importance of Storytelling in Social Media. Google+ News Social Media Future if social media Google Project Glass technologyTweet The thought may have crossed your mind before – having a pair of glasses that connects your real life with your digital life.
    [Social Media] Developing a great social media channel strategy
    Tweet When working with a brand to help define its social media strategy , a crucial area to get right is how it should engage with its online audience. I’d define a social media channel strategy as a process that outlines what social media channels the business should use, and the purpose for each channel based on predefined business objectives. What should your social channel strategy include? Getting the social media channel strategy right for a brand is crucial as it will help them support their key marketing objectives.
  • SMTHREE  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, 2011
    [Social Media] Social media and your customers
    While it is true that the Social Media community can often self-police, there are times when a brand has to insert itself in the conversation. It seems that if Starbucks can be so out front of social issues that they have a global responsibility section on their website, they could take a few moments to craft a post in response to this thread. Social Media is still an evolving communications and marketing platform. Putting your non-profit or small business in the cross hairs of Social Media means that – eventually – you will piss someone off.
    [Social Media] Six important shifts for social media in 2012
    So, as usual, I got to thinking about the shifts I think companies need to make in their social media activities in the next year. Here are six shifts I hope to see in social media use by business in 2012. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a slow maturation in the way companies develop their objectives for social media. As companies get better at setting objectives for social media, they’re going to need to get better at measuring against those new objectives. measurement social media strategy
    [Social Media] 8 Social Media Questions Publishers Should Be Asking Themselves
    For most publishers social media has earned itself a prominent seat at the audience development table. However many still face issues with strategy, execution and incorporating social into a cohesive program. This week I took part in an OPA Social Media Day panel on social media for audience development with Lisa Brewer from Time Inc. To provide a strategic overview and set a framework for the discussion I came up with a list of questions that summarizes the types of issues we frequently encounter in helping publishers with social media.
    [Social Media] 33 (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Resoures of 2012 So Far
    Given the widespread adoption of social media marketing practices, the “if” and “when” questions seemed to have now been resolved by most midsized and larger companies (and a lot of small companies as well). However, as the posts and articles highlighted below show, plenty of questions remain, such as how much should we budget for social media? What’s the best process for developing a social media marketing plan? How do we demonstrate the ROI of social efforts? Social Media Marketing Tips, Tactics & Techniques.
    [Social Media] 23 (More) of the Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Resources of 2012
    As noted in 33 (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Resources of 2012 So Far , posted here a few months ago, social media marketing adoption is now so widespread there’s little further question of “if” or “when” in the minds of most marketers–but many “how” and “what” questions still remain. How can marketers make more productive use of their time on social networking sites? How can you make sure your company’s social media policy doesn’t run afoul of employment law?
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    [Social Media] Useful Tumblr Analytics for Social Media Management
    Understanding how Tumblr performs is part of a brand’s social media management program. Useful Tumblr Analytics for Social Media Management originally appeared on Jugnoo Blog - Social Media is a Business: Social Media Presence Management under a Creative Commons license. The post Useful Tumblr Analytics for Social Media Management appeared first on Jugnoo Blog. Social Media Social Media Management social media management tumblr analytics Lincoln Motor Company on Tumblr.
    [Social Media] Teens Social Media: What They Use With Who
    The  Global Social Media Impact Study  at the University College of London has found that Facebook has faded in importance for most teens, because Facebook is where their parents and teachers are. So for teens social media, there is a specific order to which apps are used to manage their social networks. So how are 16 – 18 year-olds using social media? Here’s an overview: Source:  UCL SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES & SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH PROJECT. Social Media Management Social Media Presence teens social media
    [Social Media] How Old is the Perfect Social Media Expert?
    His talk was hitting all the right notes, exceeding my expectations, when he began to discuss the need for transparency for corporate executives and the critical opportunity, and must-have piece of their communication strategy, social media now represents for everyone in the C-suite. “If you don’t understand social media, find a social media expert. They’re all social media experts today.&#. Frequent and persistent clicking does not make anyone a social media expert. So, there I was. And then he said it.
    [Social Media] Millennials On Mobile, Social Media [Report]
    adults to feel that social media sites are very important for finding information about news and current events, according to a new report from Scarborough Research. A few highlights from the report: 60% of respondents had visited a friend’s page or profile during the previous 30 days. The majority – 51% – of millennial cell phone users access social networking sites via their mobile. Social Media Statistics Millennials Scarborough Research social networking statisticsThis age group is 53% more likely than all U.S. 49% had updated a status.
    [Social Media] The science of social media ROI
    Tweet Last week I presented at a webinar as part of a series looking at the science of social , focusing on social media ROI and demystifying the confusion that surround it. The problem with social media ROI is that it is so easy to measure so many things that we become overwhelmed by measures. Followers and Likes do not make ROI; moreover they stop us from thinking about the bigger business benefit of social. There are three broad areas of measurement that we should be looking at in social: What’s the business benefit? It isn’t.
    [Social Media] Social Media Videos 2011
    Hundreds of thousands of you LOVED the new music ( “Baba Yetu&# ) I used for Social Media Revolution 3; thanks! Well, because of social media we can have our cake and eat it to! Thanks for all the feedback and support, please find a long and short version of Social Media Revolution 3 below with Fatboy Slim as the music. Social Media Revolution 3 Video [Fatboy Slim Long Version]. Social Media Revolution 3 Video [Fatboy Slim Short Version]. Featured Video Social Media Did You Know Video Social Media Stats Video
    [Social Media] How to use Social Media for Employer Branding and Recruitment
    Social media is ultimately about establishing relationships. Using social media for employer branding and recruitment provides the following benefits: An opportunity to enter into dialogue and engage/attract potential candidates. Your employees drive your business, and allowing employees to become ambassadors on behalf of the company in social media will have a positive effect on your employer brand. Therefore, it is important to have a social media policy in place, where you communicate your expectations to your employees. Tweet. Results.
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    [Social Media] Social Media Campaigns Don’t Match When Consumers Are Online
    What about how many times you should be posting to the social networks? I was just asked this question during a speaking engagement yesterday, “How many times should I be posting to Facebook every day?” And now there’s a new study out from YesMai l, which looked at the social networks of 20 popular clothing retailers in order to discover how email boosts social engagement, what times of day and week are most effective, and how to standardize some of your engagement in order to succeed. . Ever wonder how much content you should be producing? and 12 a.m.
    [Social Media] Short Form Content: The Latest Social Media Trend
    It’s no coincidence that the fastest growing social media channels are those that deliver the bite-sized content that active people crave. It all depends upon the nature of your business, social marketing strategy, and the behaviors of your communities. If you want to learn more about Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine, go to Social Media Examiner and search for the respective channels. Here are some ideas that I pulled right out of Built-In Social: Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business. Benefits of Short Form Content.
  • SOCIALFISH  |  MONDAY, JULY 21, 2014
    [Social Media] The Importance of Testimonials and Social Media
    Additionally, social media is a huge component of increasing leads for new customers. In fact, lead generation is the top objective for B2B marketing programs according to a recent survey , and 54% of these B2B respondents said that they have generated leads through social media. With that being said, it seems like it is more important than ever for B2B marketers to not only focus on quality testimonials from other business, but also on sharing these testimonials via social media. That is where social media comes into play. Social Sharing.
  • UNSPOKEN  |  MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2012
    [Social Media] The Most Remarkable People on Social Media Today
    Since I couldn’t find any lists that suited my taste, I decided to start my own… “The Most Remarkable People on Social Media Today” My own social media hall of fame, so to speak. I did not take into account the number of followers or the number of retweets but selected my list purely based on how much these people changed my beliefs or motivated my actions. believe we should highlight people who are doing remarkable work in the social universe and not only those who are just social celebrities. She brings Social to Big brands.
    [Social Media] 11 Myths of Social Media Marketing
    Though social media marketing is rapidly advancing in terms of adoption and sophistication, many marketers and business executives still struggle with it. They wonder if their organizations are doing enough, if they are doing things right, even if they should be involved in social media at all. This confusion is partly due to some still-common misconceptions about social media marketing. As the goal of Social Media is Simpler Than You Think was to demystify social media marketing, this post will attempt to de-myth-ify it. 1.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  MONDAY, APRIL 4, 2011
    [Social Media] Seven Ways Social Media is Changing PR
    Social media is a game changer for public relations.  It is bringing new challenges and opportunities to the profession and to savvy pros.  I have outlined seven ways that social media is changing PR. PR pros need to know the latest digital tools, including social media monitoring tools, Twitter, Google Analytics. The social networks provide a wealth of information to PR pros on target markets, customer service, and media they want to pitch. They can now create new opportunities that may not have been available before without social media.
    [Social Media] Social Media Video 2013
    Social Media Video 2013: The future is all about digital media. You, as supporters and fans of Socialnomics understand this and is why you demanded a revised version of my book Socialnomics and its Social Media Revolution video – the are both finally here! Social Media Video 2013 | New Music. Social Media Video 2013 | Fatboy Slim Music. Social Media Statistics 2013 from Video. 69 percent of parents said they are currently “friends” with their children on a social media site. social gamers bought $2.2
  • SMTHREE  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 11, 2011
    [Social Media] Social media selling
    The gist is that the Tupperware party is moving to Social Media. These were social gatherings designed to co-opt our personal relationships for financial gain. This video does a pretty good job of showing the difference in sharing pre- and post-Facebook: As you migrate your messaging and marketing efforts towards Social Media don’t lose sight of the benefits of old school relationship building. Steve Allan, Social Media Specialist. Did you see this article i n the New York Times last week? The bastion of MLM sales. Your thoughts? SMThree.
    [Social Media] New stats: The impact of social media on holiday choices
    Tweet Hotels, tour operators and travel providers looking to cash in on winter sun and summer breaks for 2012 would do well to pay attention to the effectiveness of their  social media strategy and how social media is having an impact on how their customers choose holidays. recent report from the World Travel Market , which surveyed more than 1,000 UK 2011 holidaymakers, found that: One third of holiday makers changed their hotel choice after consulting social media. 40% of UK holidaymakers use social media to help them when researching holidays.
    [Social Media] Why We Still Fight Over Social Media and Content Marketing
    A few years ago I wrote a piece on the commoditization of content (marketing) in a social jungle. And the same goes for social media (marketing). If you follow a bit what’s going on, you’ll even find genuine fights over who’s right and who’s wrong about this or that in content marketing or social media marketing. The role of content and social media: everyone is right It’s hard to believe that there are still so many views on the role of content and social media for marketing and business purposes. Social media teams.
    [Social Media] Avoiding the Social Media Job Shop Scenario
    If you’re one of the unfortunate people out there feeling disenchanted and completely disappointed with the day-to-day activities of your social media job, you’re not alone. But, even though I’m not on the wrong end of the order-filling process in the social media job shop, I had a few near misses earlier in my career. I’ve also heard dozens of stories (at least) from others who feel downright miserable and powerless to set their company’s or client’s approach to social media on the right path. social media
    [Social Media] The Best Social Media Analytics Tools for Publishers
    What are the best tools for publishers looking to track social media activity at the content level? There are a lot of options for social monitoring, tracking and analytics, with prices ranging from free to very expensive. The primary focus here is on social media analytics and share count tracking, along with identifying content and topics with the potential to go viral. The functionality is broader than just social media but you can drill down on social referrers and activity. It has a greater degree of social-specific reporting.
    [Social Media] 101 Vital Social Media and Digital Marketing Statistics for (the Rest of) 2013
    Okay, that statistic was made up (though probably not far off the mark),  but the social media and digital marketing facts and statistics below are real (or at least from generally reliable sources). For example, 93% of marketers use social media for business. But how do marketers and consumers view social media differently? How do top executives use social media? Find the answers to these questions and many,  many more here in 101 vital social and digital marketing stats for (the rest of) 2013. Social Media Facts and Statistics.
    [Social Media] How NOT to Run Your Social Media
    Social media is a great tool for engaging with consumers. There are some fantastic examples of effective social campaigns and professionally-maintained accounts out there. Social media is very susceptible to human error, things are said in the heat of the moment without enough forward planning, and a large follower base can mean something goes viral in minutes. With that in mind, here are my top five tips to help you avoid some common social media errors. 1. How NOT to Run Your Social Media is a post from: Waxing UnLyrical.
    [Social Media] 87 More Vital Social Media Marketing Facts and Stats for 2012
    Though social media marketing is now used in about 90% of companies, techniques, platforms and best practices continue to evolve.  What will likely be the hot trends in social media over the next couple of years? Marketers have questions, this post has answers: 87 vital social media and online marketing statistics covering everything from how executives and large companies are using social media for marketing, customer service and recruiting to fresh stats on the leading social media platforms to search, email, content and mobile marketing trends.
    [Social Media] Selective Hearing And Social Media
    Selective Hearing Applies To Social Media! For the most part this isn’t literal in social media which is why I want to make a slight amendment to the term and call it “Selective Processing” Your fans and customers are selectively choosing which messages they will process and they’re basing their decisions off more than just the content you’re providing. Some people are scared about being confronted on social media but I recommend embracing a little confrontation from time to time. Here are a few ways to do that. 1.
    [Social Media] The Power of Partnerships in Your Social Media Content Strategy
    The PR people have always recognized value of partnerships between companies in press releases and stories pitched to the media, but brands rarely think to champion strategic partners via social media the way they might champion consumers. Many folks in the B2B space often blame the lack of social media content opportunities on the fact that what they do doesn’t directly impact consumers, but I don’t buy it. These partnerships are chock full of opportunities for social media content. Get social with your favorite cause  .
    [Social Media] Social Media is for EVERYONE! : Old Spice Proved It
    In short, we have a well rounded brand rocking social media. A lot of people would say that a B2B has no business spending this much time on social media. Ergo Office Seating was selected to be one of the recipients based on their social media presence, voice and activity. The point is: EVERYONE should be on social media. This kind of exposure would normally cost you a big chunk of your marketing budget but on social media it happens for free AND they got delicious cookie cakes out of the deal! Keep that in mind.
    [Social Media] Social Media Measurement for Pragmatists
    like studying results-based information from social media experts. But I’ve noticed a tendency among some to repeat behavior I saw early in my career in paid media: act as if tracking to the bottom line – especially where social media measurement is concerned – is pointless or impossible. It was social media monetization before it was cool. And At times we’ve been able to make important media decisions when about two-thirds of customers could be accurately tracked back to original sources. Guest Post by  Robert Rosenthal.
    [Social Media] 3 Ways To Satisfy Your Customers On Social Media
    When your customers connect with you, whether it’s via e-mail or social media, they are opening up a channel of communication. Information, Entertainment or Conversation: Generally speaking, when someone is browsing through their social media sites they are looking for one or all of these three things. There are two big ways to do this on social media. The good news is that social media is essentially free to use. Approach social media contests like you would running an ad. What do your customers want from you?
    [Social Media] Best Tips for Successful Social Media and Digital Marketing in 2014
    Social media and digital marketing are going to grow even stronger in 2014. With my first hand experience working with so many businesses, I am giving you my  most important social media and digital marketing tips that will help you increase your online footprint, exposure and bottom line in 2014 for your business. know first hand that so many businesses (1) struggle with human and financial resources for social media and digital marketing and (2) find it  confusing to choose the most important and effective tactics with limited resources. Litmus ).
    [Social Media] Social Media Use: Three Big Mistakes Made by Small Businesses
    In seeking to connect with and grow an audience online , small businesses frequently turn to social media sites. Still, though social media is a popular marketing tool for small businesses, it can also be a minefield of potentially costly and critical mistakes. There are several key ways in which small businesses are continuing to miss opportunities to maximize their social media marketing potential. Here are a few of the biggest: Believing social media is free. The use of social media is not about controlling your message.
    [Social Media] 103 Compelling Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2013 (and 2014)
    As the use of social media in marketing has become ubiquitous, marketers have turned their attention to making the use of business social media more sophisticated and strategic. They are refining tactics, integrating social with other marketing channels, taking a hard look at new networks, and continuing to refine their measurements of success. How can marketers help their organizations move from “social media marketing” to “social business”? What role does social play in a brand’s overall online visibility? 
    [Social Media] A Guide to Social Media Etiquette for Business
    If your business is interested in expanding its reach to a wider audience, social media provides great opportunities for both marketing and CRM, but professional social media etiquette and usage comes with a different set of rules than personal usage. It’s important, before embarking on your social media campaign, that you understand what is and isn’t allowed, as well as what strategies and methods have been proven most effective for boosting conversions and ROI. An abandoned or incomplete social profile offers no benefit to you or your customers.
    [Social Media] Social Media Doesn’t Make Sales – People Do
    There’s a deep, dark secret that the social media marketers don’t want you to know. It doesn’t matter what your social media strategy is unless it includes what you expect the prospect to do after they find you through social media. know, social media is what I do, and I love it, but in the end it’s a tool. Use social media to create an approachable persona that encourages people to contact you and then follow through when they do reach out. They’re your social media evangelists.
    [Social Media] Using Social Media To Promote Your Products & Services
    Firebelly CEO Duncan Alney recently appeared on an episode of Living By Design to discuss how businesses can use social media to promote products and services with host Cathy Holloway Hill. Need help promoting your brand’s products and services on social media? The post Using Social Media To Promote Your Products & Services appeared first on Firebelly | Social Media Marketing & Management Company. Firebelly News Social Media Social Media MarketingYou can watch his interview in its entirety below.
    [Social Media] Social Media ROI: Check Before You Start
    An army of social media thinkers has deemed it useful to redefine ROI. Blog Management Social media marketing Jim Lenskold marketing ROI return on influence return on investment social media ROIIn 2010, Brian Solis introduced it in his book Engage! as Return on Influence (and also as Return on Investment, Return on Involvement, Return on Innovation and Relevance of Interaction). The term Return on Influence (now Realization of Influence as well) [.].
    [Social Media] The Zen of Social Media
    Social media is a great way to tell the world what you’re thinking before you’ve had a chance to think about it.&# – Chris Pirillo. It implies to social media a lot. The choice is mind-boggling. A lot of the ways we can communicate is by social media. It means that Facebook has recently gotten out of hand for me, and I’ve now taken steps to reduce my Facebook activity, and focus more on Twitter as my main social media outlet. But what it also means is that I needed to minimise my social media exposure.
    [Social Media] How to Learn Social Media Marketing: 15 Blogs for Beginners
    Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest can take your marketing to the next level. However, many businesses aren’t using social media at all — they aren’t aware of what’s being said about them online and they don’t know how to start conversations with their target audience. Of the brands that *are* using social media marketing, many of them don’t do much planning regarding their social media activities. This post is Part 1 of a series I’m writing for social media beginners.
    [Social Media] Association Social Media: ASAE
    In this series of interviews of Association Social Media Managers, you’ll be able to compare notes on what all of these fab organizations are doing with their social media management – from how they organize the roles and responsibilities, to how they manage content flow through the organization and out to social, to what campaigns they tried, to how they see the future of association social media.  . ASAE is active on a variety of social media platforms both public and private.  Who do you report to? CareerHQ Twitter account.
  • UNSPOKEN  |  SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 2012
    [Social Media] Brilliant Minds Behind Intel’s Social Media ~ @Ekaterina
    Lately I’ve focused on individuals who build influence through the effective use of social media. Today I’ll talk about how Intel sets the standard for corporate social media excellence, using all manner of social media to engage its audience, inform, educate and build the brand. If you think Intel is just a nuts and bolts company, you’ll be surprised at how seriously they take the intangible world of social media engagement. Certainly food for thought as you develop your own social media strategy.
    [Social Media] Is it Time to Re-Think Your Social Media?
    It’s time to check in: How is your social media marketing doing across the channels that your business is active in? Their social media results are not what they expected. Every day you hear more business success stories on social media, about hot leads found on LinkedIn or people directly calling a company after checking out their Facebook Page. But why doesn’t social media seem to work for you? The answer lies in re-thinking your approach to social media. Defining Social Media. media noun. 1.
    [Social Media] 6 Reasons Social Media Sucks, But You Need to Use It Anyway
    Amid all of the hype, conferences, and rapid adoption of social media marketing by organizations from sole proprietors to the Fortune 100, there remains an undercurrent of skepticism. This surfaces in posts like Social Media Skepticism , 5 reasons why social media skeptics maybe right and Business social networking: where’s the ROI? It’s why a search for “social media sucks&# on Google yields almost 12 million results (so much for my SEO on this post, oh well). Reasons Social Media Sucks. 1. No question.
    [Social Media] Social Media: The Key to Transforming Doctor-Patient Communication
    You put on your Dr. Mom hat, jump online and feverishly Google their symptoms, you check social media to see if any of your friend’s children are sick. Overwhelmed But what if you could connect with your doctor using social media ; asking for advice via a quick Twitter or Facebook message? If social media and blogs in the U.S Attending the session  “A Dr, Patient & Insurer Walk into a Social Network“  at SxSW last year really opened my eyes to the social media obstacles healthcare professionals face. Education. Benefits v.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 10, 2012
    [Social Media] By the Numbers…Where Social Media is Today
    As well, Social Media Examiner released their Social Media Marketing Industry Report and there are some interesting findings in it. They looked at: Value of social media. One of the things I find most interesting is, of the top 10 questions marketers ask about social media, measurement is number one. Other things of interest include 83% said social media is important to their businesses, but that’s down from 90% last year. I’m on a plane again, which means I have takeoff and landing time to catch up on reading.
    [Social Media] Social media is not a weapon
    This one is about people using social media as a weapon to bully brands and service providers into getting what they want. She never even had time to offer to resolve it before he brought out the heavy social media artillery. We’re becoming a culture of instant gratified “or else&# and even litigation over interactions on social networks is common. Just because you have access to social media doesn’t give you license to swing your social network around like a mace. Not entirely anyway. happen to know her quite well.
  • JUGNOO  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 30, 2012
    [Social Media] Reinventing Customer Service: Social Media Meets CRM
    ? I was asked to present a workshop on Social CRM for a Federated Press conference called “Reinventing Customer Service” The premise: Where do social media and CRM intersect to create an enduring and profitable customer relationship? Businesses realize that social media is not a fad–it’s even bigger than we think. Those who fail to understand this reality will not be part of tomorrow’s conversation: social media is “changing” the face of CRM. Enjoy! Enjoy this post? Tweet Buffer.
  • JUGNOO  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 14, 2012
    [Social Media] Looking Beyond the Numbers of Social Media Influence
    Over on my own blog, I took a look at why the social influencer – as identified by the likes of Klout, Kred, etc – isn’t as valuable as an Instigator. After all, the social web is built on who’s the most influential, right? proper marketing campaign, on the other hand – media buy, ad buy, email campaign, social media – integrated and targeted will trump the influencer buzz every time (or pretty much every time). Social Media metrics social influenceThe post created a great discussion (which is still ongoing) around both sides of the coin.
    [Social Media] Why Your Social Media Strategy Sucks
    Social media is crap. Social media is a waste of money and time. Social media can’t be measured so we’re just wasting energy. Social media doesn’t offer lead generation. Blah blah blah. I’ve seen a ton of criticism about social media and what it can and can’t do. Most times the biggest complaint is that “social media isn’t working for us&# , and because of that, social media is automatically a crap shoot. Can the same be said of social media?
  • DANNY BROWN  |  MONDAY, JULY 11, 2011
    [Social Media] Social Media Gurus, Real Work and Diversity
    Earlier this year, Danny wrote a post about social media diversity , that received a fair bit of conversation both on his blog, and away from it. could be wrong, but from where I stand, there is no diversity problem in social media. I see every religion, nationality, ethnicity, culture and community represented in the social web. What’s the next big topic for the “we’ve run out of things to talk about social media guru&# crowd: Why aren’t there more foreigners involved in social media? No Diversity?
    [Social Media] How to Make Social Media Less of a Time Suck
    Because of the fast pace of social media, we are constantly bombarded with distractions from one social network or another. You have to participate and engage consistently, Facebook seems to change something on a weekly basis, Google has all of these animal-named announcements, new social networks pop up all the time…it’s exhausting to keep up with everything! recently asked on our Facebook page, “If you had only 20 minutes a day to spend on social media, what would you focus on?” know: The dreaded social media automation.
    [Social Media] Social Media Purism Stupidity is what Gets You Fired
    Ten years ago, social media marketing did not exist. In the beginning, a core group of social media marketers were making waves on sites that have since shut down, creating the foundation for social media marketing as we see it today. This very small group of social media marketers, of which I’d like to say I’m part, established conventions required of true social media marketing. It’s been a constant theme of mine since I stumbled upon social media in 1993. Today, it’s social media.
    [Social Media] Social Media Comic: The Technophobe
    Featured Humor Mobile People Social Media Tech cartoon comic comic strip facebook humor mobile social media social networking Twitter wordpress YouTube Anyone else run into technophobes in their digital lives? You know…the one who never wanted to be on “the Interweb” or thinks that “the YouTube” is just about cats on skateboards? Funny how those same people who dismissed email and mobile phones are now seen carrying smartphones, tablets and sending pics of their vacation via GMail. Enjoy the comic!
    [Social Media] Obsessed with Social Media Much?!
    So—when someone tells you they are obsessed with social media, don’t take them seriously until they show you their tattoo of Facebook profile pictures and Twitter avatars! Blog Social Media Facebook Tattoo Obsessed with Social Media Social Media ObsessedI couldn’t believe that I came across this video on All Facebook earlier today.  A woman got her arm tattooed with profile pictures of her 152 Facebook friends.  The entire process took 2 weeks… but what is she going to do when she adds more friends?! ApOWWb7Mqdo.
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