[Social Media] How do you Measure Success?
    This makes complete sense and yet runs counter to the quote, but is a perfect segue’ into how we all measure success in digital and social marketing. Two questions that I always ask of every friend or client who either wants to get themselves or their company in to the digital game, whether it’s social media, mobile marketing, web design, search engine optimization or otherwise: What do you want to do and why do you want to do it? 'I save way more than I need to. So, needless to say, there is a bit of an accumulation. It simply said: How do you measure success? My success?
    [Social Media] 11 Elements of a Winning Content Strategy
    'The traditional methods of marketing like radio, TV, billboards and print media require huge monetary investment. Due to this very reason, people are not responsive to advertisements presented in the traditional media. Promoting articles on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Approaching influencers, experts and media. content strategy should also emphasize on connecting with influencers, media professionals and other people who are an authority in their fields. What is content marketing? This is the right approach to adopt.
    [Social Media] Using Visual Content to Increase Blog Engagement
    People absorb information quicker and more intuitively from images than text and visual content attracts more engagement on social media channels. Visual content increases social media engagement for your blog. Blog posts are a powerful content medium on their own, but a large part of their strength is their ability to be shared across social media channels easily. For example, when it comes to social media sharing, the best engagement comes from photos, followed by videos and infographics. Sam Kusinitz / Hubspot. General
    [Social Media] Thinking of Rebranding Your Blog? Read This.
    It also comes with a not-so-small checklist of to-dos to ensure your readers are redirected with a minimum of fuss, your social media accounts are changed, and all the boxes are ticked (you can check out t he one Tsh Oxenreider used when she made a similar change from her hugely successful blog Simple Mom into The Art of Simple). 'Rebranding an established and successful business? Why would you do that? For some, the risk of changing the name of something people have grown to know and love is too big. Would a slight shift in direction upset the established audience? exhaled.”
    [Social Media] Why Every Successful Content Marketing Strategy Needs a Secret
    Business without a secret struggle to get noticed because their blog and social media content aren’t unique. 'We’ve talked about how important a unique approach is to establishing yourself as an expert. But you need one more thing before you can create your unique approach. You need to discover your Niche   Secret. There is always a secret at the core of every business” – Peter Thiel. In Peter Thiel’s book – Zero to One , he describes the power of Secrets. Secrets are valuable. You can’t compete and build a valuable business without a secret. Onnit. Ragnar. Thank God.
    [Social Media] The College Athletics Social Media Machine
    'In February of this year, I wrote a Socialnomics column titled “College Athletics: A Fuel for the Social Media Fire” which outlined a number of issues around college athletics and social media while offering a few potential resolutions.  Most notably a series of behavioral challenges among student athletes that were all easily preventable were shared, followed by discussion of policy responses, social media policing, or outright bans by some coaches and athletic departments.  UofL also offers a new Gameday Experience App via Apple ? and Android.
    [Social Media] Applying Anthropology Concepts to Business Models
    Broadly speaking, anthropology is a study of humans that draws upon knowledge from both the social sciences and the biological sciences. An anthropologist may even need an understanding of social sciences and the humanities in order to posit theories and conduct research. Under this wide umbrella, individual fields of study may include cultural anthropology, social anthropology, physical anthropology, and linguistics. This effect can be seen in marketers who successfully incorporate social media influencers and advocates as part of their overall strategy.
    [Social Media] Going Forward Socially on Title Loans
    'The world of social media has become a treasure trove for both consumers and businesses. For the former, social media is a great means by which to find out more information on a wide variety of products and services. For the latter, social networking allows them to promote their products and services to a whole host of eyes that otherwise might not be familiar with them. With that said, how can consumers take to social media to learn more about products and/or services that are of interest to them? Social Interaction.
    [Social Media] Your Business Story is Marketing
    Media that helps customers after the sale is valuable marketing. Copyblogger Media is a company that methodically aggregates its best blog content to create eBooks and tutorials for helping entrepreneurs. One of the Rainmaker slogans is: “Media not marketing.” That truthful media is what sells today. However, the challenge for building your media website has been the cost, lack of education, and technical skills for getting the job done – but no more! 'Your story is who you are, and the same holds true for your business. Tell a True Story. Own Your Stories.
    [Social Media] Social Review Sites: How to Navigate Them
    'Social review sites and social media sites where people can leave reviews (two different entities, though they certainly do sound similar) are huge players in the marketing and sales arena as of late. There are some pitfalls when it comes to social review sites however, one of the primary issues being fake reviews. If you have a business or are interested in business, here are a few tips about what to look for and what to disregard on social review sites: Vague reviews. Do you use social reviews often? Related posts: Is Social Media Frustrating?
    [Social Media] Can Ello Take On Facebook? Can Anyone?
    It''s not a long segment - about 5 to 10 minutes every week - about everything that is happening in the world of technology and digital media. Ello is a new online social network. Why are online social networks invite-only? digital media. online social network. social media. 'Every Monday morning at 7:10 am, I am a guest contributor on CHOM 97.7 FM radio broadcasting out of Montreal (home base). The good folks at CHOM 97.7 FM are posting these segments weekly to SoundCloud , if you''re interested in hearing more of me blathering away. jumped in.
    [Social Media] The Value of Silence
    Today, my blog is much less popular, in part because I did things like cut frequency and removed social media as a primary topic. 'In an era when everyone can say whatever they want and often do, silence delivers more than you would think. In fact, there is great value in silence. Let me give you an example. had a client that was driving me nuts, and it was all I could do from expressing my frustration. sat down with xx in a meeting, and was catching a fair amount of grief all while listening to the passionate defense of a few questionable decisions. When You Are Quiet. Poise.
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2014
    [Social Media] 5 of Your Marketing Questions Answered
    What exactly is a Social Client Persona? What are some criteria to help determine influence on social media? Feel free to send in your questions on any one of our active social networks and it might be featured in one of our videos! 'These are a few of your marketing questions that we answered in our Q&A with t2 video segments! We regularly review your marketing questions – either sent in over LinkedIn, Twitter, other networks or asked at a conference where we are present – and put together Q&A with t2 segments where we answer them.
    [Social Media] It’s been 2 Years Since I’ve Seen A Blog Training Program This Good
    Numerous times as she spoke I wanted to take notes as she’d been experimenting with techniques I’d not come across before – particularly around Pinterest and social media. Social Media & Viral Growth – Uncover the mysteries of capturing and retaining viral blog traffic through social media and learn to determine which social media platforms are most valuable for your own audience. 'It has been almost two years since I’ve found training for bloggers that I’ve considered good enough to promote as an affiliate.
    [Social Media] Week in Review: Posts and Podcasts September 21 – 27, 2014
    ConverStations blog posts you may have missed this week: Same World Different Lens (Thoughtography) Making Connections Like a Railroad Freelancing to Supplement Your Business Loyalty Programs Build More Than Just Business Cloud Computing: Making the Move Without Fear The Most Useful Promotional Products in a B2B Environment How Social Media Can Drive Traffic and Sales How to Craft the Perfect Social Media Strategy: Day-to-Day SmallBizTracks Daily Podcasts you many have missed this week: SBTD 73:  Always Room for One More Good One SBTD 74:  Should I Launch a Loyalty Program?
    [Social Media] 7 Powerful Tips for a Winning Twitter Sales Strategy
    Before you get started, understand that Twitter, like all other social networks, is primarily designed to encourage social connections, conversations and engagement. Tweet Length – You’re allowed 140 characters per Tweet, but Tweets that attract the highest engagement are between 110 and 115 characters according to social media scientist Dan Zarella. You can also use social selling tools like Selz. 'This is a guest contribution from freelance writer Jawad Khan. You might be one of them. But are you getting any real value from the time you spend on Twitter?
    [Social Media] How to Craft the Perfect Social Media Strategy by Taking Things Day-to-Day
    Social media is undeniably an important part of digital marketing. Individuals are increasingly taking to the web to research industries, brands, and specific products , so it’s crucial that your social media platforms are optimized to communicate with and influence your audience. Due to the high speed of Internet time , it’s important to continually participate in the discourse surrounding your brand (as well as your industry) with timely, continual social media posts. Center your social media strategy on daily scheduling. Social Media
    [Social Media] How Cultural Marketing Is Different from Consumer Insights
    Every society has a way of life: a complex matrix of manners, styles of dress, norms for social behavior, rituals, religions, values and language. These trends do not show up in quantitative market research because individuals may not be conscious of these social and cultural tensions. Listening to conversations in the media and on the Internet helps marketers raise awareness of the values that are motivating cultural change. Related posts: How to Use Social Media for Marketing Research. Fitting The Social Media Cube into a Round Marketing Strategy.
    [Social Media] Was The iPhone 6 Worth The Wait? Is It All About iOS 8?
    It''s not a long segment - about 5 to 10 minutes every week - about everything that is happening in the world of technology and digital media. digital media. social media. 'Every Monday morning at 7:10 am, I am a guest contributor on CHOM 97.7 FM radio broadcasting out of Montreal (home base). The good folks at CHOM 97.7 FM are posting these segments weekly to SoundCloud , if you''re interested in hearing more of me blathering away. morning show. The segment is called, CTRL ALT Delete with Mitch Joel. Apple ''s new iPhone busted all kinds of records. Listen here.
    [Social Media] How Social Media can Drive Traffic and Sales?
    Not too long ago, advertising strategies were focused on mass media that disseminated content as widely as possible to as many people as possible. Social media has effectively flipped that funnel to create a pull strategy that starts with the people you know and eventually progresses to the people you don’t. Essentially, social media is the new word of mouth, which makes it a huge asset to companies that know how to effectively use it. Additionally, nearly everyone is on social media in some form or another. Measurable Social Media Metrics.
    [Social Media] Micro-Business Economy: The Future of Social Media for Employers
    This episode is a powerful glimpse into the future of business and the role social media is going to play in it. When I first learned about Laura’s story I reached out to her because there are not nearly enough case studies that show how social media works to increase sales, especially for traditional “brick and mortar” businesses. What Laura has accomplished in just a few years is not only remarkable, her story provides insights into the sweeping effects social media savvy millenials will be bringing to employers. Download. iTunes. Stitcher.
    [Social Media] “’Native Advertising’ as a Term is Crap”
    The panel went on to say that last year, ‘content marketing’ was the previous year’s ‘social media,'' and that this year, ‘native advertising’ is last year''s ‘content marketing.'' Social media, content marketing and native advertising are all very complementary, and where you find the most success is when they are deployed in a truly strategic, integrated way. Oftentimes we are just polishing a turd," quipped David Spiegel, VP, Brand Strategy and Social Publishing at BuzzFeed. think, perhaps, a few too many people stayed out late ''networking.''
    [Social Media] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #223
    The Ultimate Retaliation: Pranking My Roommate With Targeted Facebook Ads - My Social Sherpa. What''s Up With Ello, the Anti-Facebook Social Network? how many online social networks have failed in the past decade, thinking that they''re going to be the next whatever? media hacks. my social sherpa. social media. 'Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? This page of animated GIFs explain some biology, physics, and math better than I could have imagined." Mashable.
    [Social Media] What Is Your Media Really Trying To Do?
    When people talk about media and advertising, they inevitably trot out the old John Wanamaker saying, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don''t know which half." It''s hard to argue that the media opportunities that brands are confronted with every day are boundless. The idea was to break down the media silos and to not think about channels (TV, print, radio, online advertising, search, email, social media, mobile, etc.) What if all media was proposed this way? media. media performance. analytics.
    [Social Media] Video: How Atomic Reach 2.0 Creates the Perfect Content for Bloggers and Marketers
    What interested me about the company was how they were looking to help content creators produce the kind of content that attracted not only traffic and social shares, but the right audience for the content creator’s goal. Creates the Perfect Content for Bloggers and Marketers originally appeared on Danny Brown - there's more to life than social media - all rights reserved. 'Back in October of last year, I took a look at new Toronto-based startup Atomic Reach, and their approach to content marketing. What a difference a year makes! Cheers.
    [Social Media] 18 Things About Facebook Rankings To Remember
    Social media marketing is a constantly fluctuating adventure, isn’t it? Social Media facebook facebook news feed rank Facebook pages organic reach 'Once upon a time, a business could utilize the organic reach of their Facebook Page posts and show up on the news feeds of interested followers. Now, not so much. Chris Crum has put together Everything Facebook Has Said Over The Past Year About News Feed Ranking  on WebProNews. He has 18 points from their series of “News Feed FYI” announcements since August of 2013. So, there it is.
    [Social Media] Market update: hello to Ello, goodbye to Facebook?
    'Considering the huge variety of social media sites that were sprouting with remarkable regularity a few years ago, it seems like a reasonably long time since there was a new platform generating hype. Which perhaps explains the huge amount of buzz for ‘Ello’, a new alternative to Facebook that has been making waves off of the back of huge engagement over in San Francisco, and spreading around the world on a tide of media coverage. Why all the excitement? In truth there are probably several factors that contribute to Ello’s early success. Shares went up again, this time 8.5%
    [Social Media] ICYMI – G+ sign-up changes, Mashable UK launches
    'Here’s my weekly round-up of things you need to know and might have missed this last week in the world of digital PR and social media. In a sign of Google’s changing social strategy, new Gmail users no longer have to create a G+ account. Hootsuite gets extra funding and acquires Zeetl , which allows social interactions to transfer to voice calls. Everyone is talking about Ello – a new, anti-Facebook social network (sound familiar?). The Paddy Power campaign for the Ryder Cup featuring Nigel Farage has had mixed reviews on social media.
    [Social Media] The Facebook Update Brands Need to Know About (and 3 Ways to Take Advantage of It)
    new announcement from the biggest social networking site in the world details the changes in how videos are ranked. Facebook Featured Social Media Socialnomics Video Facebook advertising Facebook video ads 'Facebook is working to reward brands that produce videos that spark the interest of users and hold their attention. The main component of these changes revolves around whether or not a user has watched a video and for how long the user watched. Up until now Facebook has ranked videos using the same metrics as every other post such as likes, comments, and shares.
    [Social Media] [Cool Infographic Friday] The Ultimate Social Media Images Cheat Sheet
    The post [Cool Infographic Friday] The Ultimate Social Media Images Cheat Sheet appeared first on SocialFish. 'Courtesy of: Prohibition PR. ————– ( photo credit ). More like this. Cool Infographic Friday] The Ultimate Guide to Creative Commons [Cool Infographic Friday] Big Data Big Profits [Cool Infographic Friday] – What can you outsource? Cool Infographic Friday] Game of Tech Thrones [Cool Infographic Friday] A Brief History of Caps Lock [Cool Infographic Friday] 5 Reasons To Teach Your Kid To Code. Cool Infographic Friday
    [Social Media] Facebook is the New Google. That’s the bad news.
    Social Media Today 'I remember waiting for the Google Dance. Old school SEO experts know what I’m referring to. Years ago, Google would update its index once a month. Online marketers would watch their search listings hoping for a jump in rankings. The next day, forums would fill with the lucky and the damned, those who thought Google was awesome and others that swore it was Satan incarnate. Google still dances but it’s index changes are fine tuned and uneventful. Now we watch Facebook like shy geeks at prom. Last week, Facebook changed its Newsfeed algorithm again.
    [Social Media] The Most Useful Promotional Products in a B2B Environment
    Telephone, Email, Social Media, Website, SEO, Marketing Campaigns and Advertising, phew that is a long list. 'Guest Post by Lisa Worland 83 per cent of business people use free branded pens at work. When you think about business communications what do you think about? But if you find yourself looking to create a feel good factor with your business audience, then look no further than promotional merchandise. It probably won’t surprise you to know that desk accessories account for the largest usage of promotional gifts. per cent had calendars and sticky notes whilst 50.6
    [Social Media] Social Media is Not Your Problem
    » Social Pros Podcast brand advocacy brand management content creation content marketing digital marketing social media Social Media Marketing Social Pros 'Tweetable Moments It doesn’t matter what department you’re in. You’re the company. unmarketing Tweet This. Turning Tables. “Unselling is not about not selling.” ” That’s a lot of negatives in one sentence. Scott Stratten ‘s new book, co-written with Alison Kramer , is called UnSelling: The New Customer. Read the whole entry.
    [Social Media] LinkedIn Profile Tips for Those Who Want to be Professionals
    'There are a number of social media mistakes that you can make on the other, more ‘social’ and informal platforms. This is business social, not Facebook social. Begin using your LinkedIn profile in a social manner. Linkedin b2b marketing linkedin marketing social media marketing twitter followers LinkedIn mistakes are a bit more subtle as anyone can tell you that it requires a bit more of a refined approach. First, here are two basics: LinkedIn is not Facebook. My reward has been the sound of crickets chirping. Got the basics of posting?
    [Social Media] Blogs Still Trump Streams for Longform Content With a Long Shelf Life
    For many, the allure of instant feedback on social networks, and simple quantifiable levels of engagement are enough to call in quits on longer form content. In parallel, ten years into +Charlene Li ''s blogging, she writes, " You just can’t beat the engagement that social media platforms provide, something that blogs on their own can’t do." But when Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so many other social streams emerged, people learned to communicate in real time. In effect, social media decimated blogging in the same way that the Internet decimated newspapers.
    [Social Media] Being Social in the Drive for Auto Insurance
    'Social media is just as much informative as it is social, which is exactly why auto insurance companies are steering toward social avenues when it comes to marketing. Whether it’s updating social audiences on car insurance basics or offering up advice on safe driving habits, social media is the place to go for all-things auto insurance. If you’re looking to revamp your car insurance, here are just a few ways socially savvy insurance companies can help: Getting Social with Insurance. Rates on the Go. Car Crash Costs.
    [Social Media] Why Web Push is the Next Big Thing for Bloggers
    Now that you understand how it works, it’s time to learn what sets this traffic-driver apart from social media and email. One of the problems with sharing your message on social media? Rather than hope your reader will be on a specific social network at the exact time you’re posting, you can catch your readers where they’re already hanging out: on the web. 'This is a guest contribution from Tim Varner of GoRoost.com. If you’re not raising your hand, I’m sorry — but we can’t help you. Go watch a cat video or something. Intrigued? We thought so.
    [Social Media] Benefits of Social Media
    'Logically, every entrepreneur or any other business/economics minded person across the globe would develop the urge to know and/or understand the impacts of social media on humans’ daily lives. This would be in regards to the diverse ways in which businesses can tap the power of social media in order to upsurge their sales, directly reach their target audience or consumers, and minimize their marketing costs. Social Media Takes Digital Businesses to another Degree. Social Media vs. Education.
    [Social Media] Be inspired! 12 snappy blog and headline ideas that get readers to CLICK
    Is measuring your social media a big fat time suck? Improve your social media presence in 7 easy steps. Social Media & Online Marketing blogging and content marketing blogging for business online marketing tools small business marketing Social Media and Internet Marketing social media for business 'Ever have trouble coming up with blog post ideas and headlines that actually tempt people to click and read? snappy headline is the very first step to getting visitors to your website to read your carefully crafts words.
    [Social Media] Blogger Burnout
    There''s burnout at every social media turn. very long time ago, I wrote a post about the quality versus quantity of brands and posting to social media (it''s a topic that I have tackled may times over the years, actually). The major issue in social media, publishing and consumer fatigue is the brand''s/publisher''s constant desire to return better-than-yesterday metrics. Instagram isn''t about social media. Being successful in social media, content marketing and/or publishing will be, mostly, predicated on a true desire to create.
    [Social Media] Don’t Commit these Huge Faux Pas on Social Media
    Social media is something like that. Everyone is busy getting “busy” on social media. Over 12 million Americans use social networks several times daily. However, social media isn’t going to get you sales. Social media IS NOT a marketplace. Here are some huge faux pas you are likely to be committing on social media: Big isn’t always better (for you). Consider platitudes like: “Social media is big.”. Social media is where you ought to be.”. Let’s be social!”. You don’t trade that way.
    [Social Media] How Social Media is Affecting the News
    'A new report from Pew shows that while the news industry has lost more than a third of its newsroom jobs in traditional media, there are now more than 5000 jobs in digital news.  The report covers five aspects of the relationship between social and news: Social Media as a Pathway to News. How Social Media Users Participate in News. Half of social network site users have  shared news stories, images or vidoes   46% have discussed a news issue or event online. How Social Media Users Find News. Facebook is the clear winner here.
    [Social Media] Don’t Be Frightened by Social Media
    Nowadays, marketing with social media can play a huge role in gaining sales and giving your business a jump-start on holiday shopping. Using social media to promote Halloween. There are many “spooky” social media campaigns stores can launch to bring in customers. Between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and dozens of other social media platforms, the options are endless…. Take surveys geared around Halloween – Find out what your customers want by conducting surveys across multiple social media platforms.
    [Social Media] Social Media For Manufacturers
    Awhile back, we presented a webinar on social media for industrial manufacturers. Many in our clients’ industries wonder if social media is worth their time, and we typically say yes. Social media is a broad and sometimes intimidating part of marketing. Webinar: Social Media In Manufacturing. Marketing Tips Social Marketing industrial manufacturers Rachel Kerstetter sagerock social media social media in manufacturing sonnhalter webcast webinar youtube 'Rachel Kerstetter, PR Engineer. SlideShare.
    [Social Media] Association Social Media: National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
    'In this series of interviews of Association Social Media Managers, you’ll be able to compare notes on what all of these fab organizations are doing with their social media management – from how they organize the roles and responsibilities, to how they manage content flow through the organization and out to social, to what campaigns they tried, to how they see the future of association social media.  . In today’s interview, we’re talking to Chad Davis, Senior Director, Digital Media, at NAHB. Who do you report to? link].
    [Social Media] 5 Tips to Power Your Real-Time Marketing Efforts
    » Social Media Case Studies 'At this year’s INBOUND and FutureM conference in Boston, Ekaterina Walter of Sprinklr delivered a real-time marketing talk that was one of the more buzzed about presentations. And for good reason – marketers understand the value of real-time marketing , yet many are still trying to set themselves up for success. As marketers look to launch or fine-tune their approach to real-time marketing, here are five tips and takeaways from Ekaterina’s presentation to propel your efforts. 1) Define. Read the whole entry.
    [Social Media] Blogging as a State of Mind: Reflections on 10 Years of Blogging
    Culture Enterprise social Social business Strategy Uncategorized blogging blogs charleneli social media 'Ten years ago today, I wrote my first blog post, entitled “Blogging as a State of Mind” I still vividly remember the moment — my palms were sweating as I pressed the “Publish” button on my Typepad blog for the first time. was excited, but nervous about what was going to happen. What would […]. The post Blogging as a State of Mind: Reflections on 10 Years of Blogging appeared first on Charlene Li.
    [Social Media] 7 Ways for Bloggers to Be More Productive
    Otherwise you may find yourself wanting to scroll through your social media feeds or even doing household tasks. Utilize Social Media. Social media is a great way to connect with your audience and find out what they are looking for. 'This is a guest contribution from Charles Crawford. If your business is blogging, productivity is essential. The only way for you to get the results you want is to put out consistent high quality content. There are some ways that you can improve your productivity to keep your blog current. Work at the Right Times. Have Fun.
    [Social Media] Signposts from big brands: How to rapidly build your company in 2015
    'The web, social media, and smart phones have created a media landscape that is more fractured than ever. Every attendee completes a Social Branding Blueprint at their event as their social marketing roadmap for 2015, so you walk out with real value in your hands. Participant Media – Karina Kogan, EVP of Digital. At the same time, they have facilitated a dialogue between companies and consumers that has led to new demands for authenticity, transparency, and accountability. Futures need rewriting: Sometimes a strategic shift requires blunt action.
    [Social Media] The Problem With Making Grandiose Statements
    These statements, and the blog posts around them, can range from the usual war cries of being more human in business, to posts on transparency and authenticity on the web, to how an “industry” – for want of a better term – like social media needs its proponents to apologize for all their wrong-doing. The Problem With Making Grandiose Statements originally appeared on Danny Brown - there's more to life than social media - all rights reserved. 'There’s a popular method of content creation, centred around making grandiose statements.
    [Social Media] Tying the Knot with Social Media
    This is where social media comes in – helping you both plan the perfect wedding and providing plenty of post-wedding marriage resources, all while saving you money. coupled with the fact that everything has gone digital, it’s no surprise that brides and grooms are turning to social media for everything and anything wedding related. Using social media for weddings. We know social media can help you with your actual wedding, but can it help with your marriage, too? Social Media marriage wedding Want to go modern?
    [Social Media] Why Socialising is NOT Social Marketing
    'Blogging is one of the most underused and undervalued social media tools and I am glad! The emphasis for me is on the ‘ engaged and committed audience ‘ Yes, you can drive traffic from all social media tools. Being social is great, I love it BUT when it comes to business, when it comes to social marketing… being socially engaged with your customers to increase awareness and turn that brand awareness into a business transaction is what really matters … Mmm does that sound too business-like? We say NO. And here is why?
    [Social Media] How Weird Al used Social Media to Skyrocket his New Album to Fame
    And a large part of his success hinged on the viral power of social media and the internet for slingshotting a niche interest (in this case, comedic music) into the public eye. He created a snowball effect of media attention and frenzy by releasing one music video a day for eight days straight. As word caught on that Weird Al was releasing new music videos, more and more media outlets wanted to cover them. As new outlets saw that other outlets were releasing the videos and racking up the social shares, they naturally wanted to do the same thing. Social Media
    [Social Media] Understanding B2B Online Reviews
    Especially for those businesses who engage their audience or consumers through social media, online reviews can be fairly easy to acquire. Online reviews made on social media can reach a very large audience and be spread quickly. Aside from mobile apps, you can provide ways for customers to log into review sites with social media accounts, so they don’t have to sign up to yet another site with another user name and password. Content Strategy B2B reviews online reviews social media How to Get Online Reviews from B2B Customers. Ask for Them.
    [Social Media] Is a cashless society finally on the cards?
    So while on the surface it may look like mobile payments are still waiting to take off, behind the scenes a colossal battle is brewing with traditional banks and credit card providers, mobile phone behemoths, and social media sites – all vying to manage our future financial relationships and mine the valuable data that comes with it. 'Hype around mobile payments has existed for years, and several false starts have led most of us sceptics to believe that this hype is tantamount to nothing more than hot air. UK’s Paym is just one of such companies.
    [Social Media] How to Build a Company Culture That Works
    ———– Social Media Culture Alignment Workshop. Two-hour workshop to get your social media off on the right foot. In this fun, collaborative, and insightful two-hour workshop, we will analyze your organization through a social media readiness assessment, digging into several principles drawn from our research and our book  Humanize. Are you ready to take your social media management infrastructure and processes to the next level? Interested in any of these workshops? Contact us today. Strategic Clarity Workshop.
    [Social Media] Do These Top 15 Super Networkers Suck At Social Media?
    That’s why many popular social media rockstars have a difficult time connecting with people outside of a very small group of followers. Social Media Today 'Shane Snow, author of Shortcuts, is on the book tour circuit and he’s lighting up the blogosphere with fascinating articles that highlight extraordinary people with uncommon skills. His latest FastCompany article, 15 People Who Are Taking Networking To A New Level caught my attention. Snow list highlights people who have the ability to create connections between just about anyone. He has 2,381. Something’s up.
    [Social Media] If your employees suck quit blaming social media
    'Maybe when we’re looking into issues in social media, when we’re doing social listening, maybe we’re missing the most important factors. » Jay Today TV appfolio budget car rental jay today social media listening social media operations Today’s Jay Today video is from Santa Barbara, California, where I was giving a talk for  AppFolio , a terrific property management software and one of the sponsors of my new book, “Youtility for Real Estate,” coming out November 4. Read the whole entry.
    [Social Media] Twitter follows in Facebook’s footsteps with new plans for social e-commerce
    Twitter’s move comes hot on the heels of Facebook’s ecommerce strategy, as the social network began testing its own ‘buy’ button in July. This use of social media is a step up from brands’ Twitter and Instagram campaigns over the summer, giving away free food in pop-up cafés. The advantage of this over mobile and contactless card payments is that the brand also gains a mention on social media, increasing awareness. Social media e-commerce has proved successful in China with WeChat , so the precedent is there for Twitter to make micro-payments work.
    [Social Media] How to Run a Twitter Contest that Succeeds & Finds More Twitter Followers
    Social media is all about value added marketing. Off-Twitter contests are best run alongside other social media platforms and contest advertisement strategies. These types of Twitter contests take place entirely on Twitter, with no referral to any outside website or social media platform. How to promote a Twitter contest: Post to other social networks. Twitter contest that is exclusive to your followers on that social platform can help add value to the retweet button. Choosing the type of Twitter contest you want to run. Let’s get to it!
    [Social Media] Introducing CPR: Cost-Per-Retention
    'Introducing a whole new concept to the world of social business and social care: cost-per-retention. While we often talk about the CPA or Cost Per Acquisition of a new customer, social media in particular gives us the ability to start placing more emphasis on CPR or Cost Per Retention (ironically, CPR is an appropriate term as companies often struggle to keep their customer base alive). Let’s take a look at an example such as social care. If you’re not familiar with the concept of social care,  you can read up on it here. What Is CPA?
    [Social Media] Purposeful Storytelling Now Table Stakes For Brands
    As the drivers of brand reputation expand beyond marketing to include supply chain, employee wellness and engagement, and the impact on both local communities and the planet at large, companies are on the hook to reframe their brand stories in terms of global stewardship for positive social change. 'Originally published in CMO.com. Capitalizing on these cultural behaviors is becoming increasingly difficult as more and more brands come to market with a message of purpose. It’s not enough to simply put a ribbon on a package or talk about sustainability in broad-sweeping terms.
    [Social Media] Why Your Blog Isn’t Growing and How to Make It A Success
    Get on social media. People spend more time on social networking platforms than other sites. If you want to get a reader’s attention, then you need to have a social media presence. The traffic you build through your social sharing can never be taken away from you by Google’s algorithm. He is passionate about helping new and professional bloggers build sustainable online businesses via content and social marketing. 'This is a guest contribution from Gary Dek from  StartABlog123.com. The Cornerstones of Building A Following. Collect emails. Tepid.
    [Social Media] How to Use the New Twitter Analytics Dashboard
    » Social Media Strategy activity analytics dashboard engagements impressions insights social media social media management social media strategy tool twitter 'What if Twitter launched the most awesome analytics dashboard and no one really noticed? Well, that’s pretty much what happened over a month ago. ve been waiting for the posts that detail how much you can get from the tool and the different types of analysis you can perform. But… I’m tired of waiting. The dashboard provides a decent overview of activity over.
    [Social Media] Use These Tools to Automate Your Social Media
    'Social media has done wonders for many businesses. One thing’s for sure, though – it’s time consuming, and even more so if the social media campaign is super successful. That leaves you with three options – hire someone to run your social media platforms, invest countless hours of your own time on your platforms or throw in the towel altogether. According to the article “ 3 Great tools to automate your social media ”, there are tools available to save you time and get your social media platforms running efficiently.
    [Social Media] How to Failure Proof Your Content Marketing Plan
    We walk through this exercise for every social channel and every stitch of content their competitors produced. Social Media Today 'Losers are the new cool kids. Read blog posts about “startups” and you’ll detect the desperate stench of loser-worship. Have you driven a prior business into the ground? Good job. Has your marketing idea failed spectacularly? Awesome you’re leadership material. Have a reputation for screwing up on a regular basis? Start sending your resume to Silicon Valley startups they want you. Sounds absurd but it’s true. I’ve never bought it. Hang on.
    [Social Media] Manufacturers: What Are You Doing to Maximize Your Brand?
    'With all the content marketing and social media options that are out there, where does a manufacturer start to ensure their brand gets noticed? What are you doing to build both your brand and your social media strategy? Use the same logo and description in all media channels. Not all brands are equal -  Depending on who you are and the audience you’re trying to reach, you don’t have to cover all the social media options. You can’t be promoting both the company and a branded product line. Go with promoting the company.
    [Social Media] How to Use Content Curation To Grow Your Online Presence
    While this is a problem for many industries, the savvy marketing professional or social media expert sees it as an advantage. As a marketing or social media guru, you can learn from Google’s success to improve your own bottom line. An online place to display the curated information : You can use your company website, your Facebook page, your Google + page or any other form of social media. On the other hand, Hootsuite helps you curate the rapid-fire information streaming through social media. 'Guest post by Don Sturgill. Go ahead.
    [Social Media] New Ebook on Sale: Why Simple Works
    New Ebook on Sale: Why Simple Works originally appeared on Danny Brown - there's more to life than social media - all rights reserved. 'Marketing and business ideas can be overloaded with so many facts that none of them actually stick. Sometimes the simplest of ideas work. Not always, but more often than you might expect. Letting the point speak for itself can be easier for marketers to create and customers to consume and retain. Which is where my new ebook, Why Simple Works , comes in. Enjoy. You can read a sample chapter here:  Bridge Builders. Insights ebooks simplicity
    [Social Media] Data’s Greatest Value for PR Lies in Planning
    Only 1 in 4 (28%) use data to gauge the success of past social media and PR campaigns. Learning to conduct a social audit and make the most of the data you uncover should be high on the list of PR skills for PR students, new PR pros and PR Boomers who are not digital natives. Measurement audit big data data measurement online PR social media strategy 'A recent study by Hotwire launched during AMEC’s measurement week shows that senior execs now rank planning as the prime use of data and analytics. Measurement has to be at the heart of every campaign.
    [Social Media] ProBlogger Event 2014 – Wrap Up
    Our attendees certainly like to use social media! 2014 Blogger’s Guide to SEO: Rand Fishkin at ProBlogger via Bluewire Media Web Strategy Blog. Five Tips from Pro-Blogger Conference 2014 via Go Future Media. 'It is hard to believe but the 2014 ProBlogger Training event is already last month and if I’m honest with you – I’m still reeling from it a little. Image by WonderWebby. What an amazing two days! Both have exploded – in a good way! This year’s event took a good 11 months to plan for – with the help of an amazing team. Enjoy!
    [Social Media] Use Social Media in Your Retirement Prep
    'Whether you’re gearing up for retirement or you still have a ways to go before you hang up your hat, there’s no better way to prepare for the best years of your life than with social media. That’s right, getting socially savvy about your golden years is a helpful and convenient way to get the retirement ball rolling. With rest and relaxation in mind, here are just a few ways you can use social media when preparing for your retirement: Staying Ahead of the Retirement Curve. Social Media investing money retirement
    [Social Media] Association Social Media: American Society of Civil Engineers
    'In this series of interviews of Association Social Media Managers, you’ll be able to compare notes on what all of these fab organizations are doing with their social media management – from how they organize the roles and responsibilities, to how they manage content flow through the organization and out to social, to what campaigns they tried, to how they see the future of association social media.  . ———————   Welcome to Elizabeth Bookhultz, Social Media Specialist, American Society of Civil Engineers!
    [Social Media] How To Get Noticed As An Expert
    They aren’t social media gurus they are expert problem solvers that are constantly tweaking their approach. . Example: I’ve used  Lady Gaga   Madonna,  Tim McGraw ,    Oprah ,    Beyonce , and    Lex Luther  to illustrate Pushing Social’s approach to blog post writing, social media strategy, and creating content. He currently reaches his audience with books, a podcast, video, along with consistent blogging and social network engagement. Social Media Today 'Do you sell advice? If so, you need to be an expert. Management consultants: 75,707.
    [Social Media] 15 New Facebook Advertising Statistics
    'Our friends at Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud (a sponsor of this blog) recently released their boffo Social Advertising Benchmark Report , where they dug deep into the actual results stemming from more than one trillion (TRILLION!) » Social Media Research exacttarget facebook Facebook advertising facebook in UK Mobile mobile advertising social media advertising social media research advertising impressions on Facebook, purchased through their platform. Read the whole entry.
    [Social Media] 15 Storytelling Techniques
    Tell it everywhere – social media, on guest posts, and as many other relevant place as you can to get the word out on your brand. Use Different Forms of Media. Text can get boring if it’s the only form of media you use in your brand marketing campaign. 'Storytelling is a major part of any content marketing strategy. You see, there’s one big problem with online marketing. It’s online. In other words, since Internet marketing is … well, on the Internet, there’s no way for the visitors who happen to come across your brand to get to know you. Be Authentic.
    [Social Media] 5 Unique Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic
    Share your blogs on social networks. This will expose your blogs to thousands of social media users and eventually lead to increase in blog traffic. 'This is a guest contribution from SEO expert Zach Radford. Today, you don’t gain blog traffic by paying for backlinks or by swapping them like the old days. Instead, you need to focus on creating quality content that is beneficial to your visitors. We know that. But how do you do it? And do it consistently? The content should solve main problems faced by your reader. Create quality content and mention other bloggers.
    [Social Media] Week in Review: Posts and Podcasts September 14 – 20, 2014
    ConverStations blog posts you may have missed this week: Leave Some (S)Talk For Others Simple and Easy Every Small Biz Track is Now Only $79 Re-size Image (APP) Before Posting Do What You Like Least First “Stay Contagious and Courageous” Best Practices – Twitter for Business (Resources) Free Yourself From Facebook – Leveraging 3 Other Social Media Platforms SmallBizTracks Daily Podcasts you many have missed this week: SBTD 68:  Is Your Email Marketing Practice SPAM? by subscribing to  Whistle Stops Weekly  email newsletter. SBTD 69:  Why Use GoDaddy?
    [Social Media] Are You Measuring Your Social Media Efforts?
    'Businesses that have jumped on the social media train will do well to make sure that they monitor their social media efforts. With social media monitoring you can see which of your marketing strategies are the most efficient so that you can refine them and have a more direct approach to social media marketing and advertising rather than potentially waste your time, energy, and money on approaches that aren’t effective. Always be honest with yourself when it comes to determining the cost of social media monitoring.
    [Social Media] Is Your Local Business Doing These Three Things on Twitter?
    You’re ready to take it to the next level and truly grow your presence on Twitter and harness the social aspect of social media for your advantage. Also, you can perform social media monitoring with Unified Social. Social Media local business twitter things to do on twitter twitter for local business 'You tweet regularly and are beginning to build a following for your local business. So how do you do it? Engage with Your Followers. First, you may have a designated individual to check in and respond to comments throughout the day.
    [Social Media] How to make a lasting impact at your next speaking gig
    One of the most popular gifts I offered were the slides from my presentation that included detailed examples of tools and a breakdown of the key messages they should be sharing on social media. Plus, a swipe file of social media conversation starters to steal. Social Media & Online Marketing Email Marketing opt in offers selling from stage small business marketing 'So you’ve been asked to present a talk at an event where there will be many of your ideal clients sitting in the audience. All have been fabulous learning experiences. Plus, they’re fun!
    [Social Media] Veggy Food is Healthy Food
    Please visit this excellent vegetarian recipe Related Posts: Content Marketing In The Social Age 5 Brand-New Ways To Increase LinkedIN Showcase Page Followers How Restaurants & Pubs Should Use Social Media 9 Top ‘Jugaads’ on Pinterest! 'The article is all about the benefits of vegetarian food. Bla bla bla…. How Volvo is leveraging Pinterest for. Digital Insight
    [Social Media] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #222
    media hacks. social media. 'Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? " Neal Stephenson has had more of an effect on me than any other writer except perhaps, James Burke. He''s brilliant, and unwaveringly tough on himself and others. He''s imaginative, but also grounded in reality. And he writes cool books (the term ''avatar'', referring to your online persona, was first coined by him in Snow Crash , which in turn inspired Second Life ). Here''s a Nature interview with him." Amazing."
    [Social Media] New Blog Post
    Social Media 'Lorem Ipsum. Format.
    [Social Media] This Ain't No Ice Bucket Challenge. Please Read.
    don''t take for granted the amazing opportunity that social media has brought, in terms of taking an individual''s thinking and being able to share it with the world in such an instant and real-time fashion. It will be a social meeting, but you can feel free to ask me anything. social media. 'Here''s a simple truth about me: I don''t like asking you for anything. don''t. don''t like asking you to share my content. don''t like asking you to follow me on Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , Instagram or whatever. don''t like asking for help, in general. He always is.
    [Social Media] How to Choose a Social Media Platform for your Business
    'We talk all the time here on the Devumi Blog about how to make certain social channels work for your business, increase your followers, get more views, and better your investment in social media marketing. Something that we don’t touch on enough is how to  choose a social media platform for your marketing style. things to think about as you choose a social media marketing platform. Begin with your strengths when you first choose a social media platform. Each social media platform will require different communication strengths.
    [Social Media] Free Yourself from Facebook by Leveraging 3 Other Platforms
    'Free Yourself from Facebook How to Leverage Communities in 3 Other Social Platforms Written by Brian Burt Let’s face it, Facebook is played out – it’s become the boring old guy of social media. With a recent, dramatic drop in organic search results, savvy brands are flocking to other social media platforms. We’ve found that many business owners who handle their own social media tend to place too much focus on Facebook, causing them to lose out on the potential power of platforms like LinkedIn and Google+. Social Media
    [Social Media] Auto-Pilot is Life’s Blindfold
    Auto-Pilot is Life’s Blindfold originally appeared on Danny Brown - there's more to life than social media - all rights reserved. 'Being on auto-pilot is just the same as switching off your senses and letting the machinery take over. You miss the real things that are happening, the real stories, the real people. Fine if you’re a machine, but as a human being? Auto-pilot is life’s blindfold. Insights decisions life
    [Social Media] ICYMI – Facebook, Twitter changes, Apple to buy Path
    'Here’s my weekly round-up of things you need to know and might have missed this last week in the world of digital PR and social media. Want this in your inbox each week?  Subscribe here. The PRCA Digital Group launched research about the state of Digital PR. Facebook announced it now delivers 1bn video views per day. Twitter rolls out ‘buy now’ for tweets. Twitter launches a developer conference. Facebook is testing a new post format that allows you to delete after a set time period a la Snapchat. Apple is looking  to buy Path. Campaigns. Image credit. icymi
    [Social Media] Best Practices – Twitter for Business [Resources]
    Related Stories 5 Ways to Make Your Startup Attractive for Social Media Engagement 21 Best Business Blogging Tips Slide Decks that LIFT Driving Car Comfy. Social Media 'There are plenty of business owners who open a Twitter account and give it a shot for a few days, sort of. Then, they let the account sit dry and forget it’s even there. Twitter can be a fantastic tool to build business and relationship. Here are some great resources on how to build your business presence on Twitter. Great resource! This resource will help take you to greater heights.
    [Social Media] [Cool Infographic Friday] Is there such a thing as online privacy?
    'Short answer is no, but more interestingly to me is the fact that despite these numbers, everyone uses social media anyway. t Rad Campaign and Craig Newmark. ————-. photo credit ). More like this. Cool Infographic Friday] How Will You Deal With Your Digital Afterlife? The post [Cool Infographic Friday] Is there such a thing as online privacy? appeared first on SocialFish. Potluck
    [Social Media] Is Twitter About to Make a Huge Mistake?
    » Social Pros Podcast content creation content strategy integrated marketing social media Social Media Marketing Social Pros twitter 'Tweetable Moments Marketing is math. markwschaefer Tweet This. An Twitter Algorithm for Twitter. Recently there have been rumors that Twitter is planning to implement an algorithm for the way it presents content: rather than a straight timeline that publishes every single update in reverse chronological order, Twitter would display a sorted newsfeed based on perceived relevance of the content.
    [Social Media] Everybody Writes: How to Tell Your Business Story
    Whether you are writing to express yourself in an email or on social media, or writing sales or marketing copy to grow your business, your happiness and success depends on your ability to write well. In addition to being named by Forbes as the most influential woman in social media, she is also a monthly columnist for Entrepreneur magazine, a member of the LinkedIn Influencer program, and the co-author of Content Rules – the all-time best-selling book on content marketing. 'Listen to the Episode Below (00:32:42). Download. iTunes. Stitcher. SoundCloud. Show Up.
    [Social Media] 16 Tips for Using #hashtags HINT: You’re doing it wrong :P #socialmedia
    'If you create content and don’t use a hashtag you are passing it through OWNED media (your subscribers) but it rarely escapes into EARNED media (other people who would be interested. Without the hashtags, status updates, tweets, social objects sit there waiting for the subscribers to see it. Hashtags are about SEARCH and DISCOVERABILITY of social objects. TIP: Find your communities of interest and use those hashtags to get greater exposure to your social objects. Try adding a hashtag or two that you know people use and monitor and see how it resonates.
    [Social Media] Quick Way to Improve Customer Experience
    There is huge customer loyalty just waiting for brands that put as much effort into de-stressing the purchase process as making the website look ‘pretty’ In this 24 hour world of hustle and bustle, all customers will pay for easy, simple purchases – just look at the streams on social media about call waiting times, customer service issues, long complicated form filling out, people not getting back to them etc etc. One area that always makes me smile is webinar registration by social media experts – often on some element of customer experience !
    [Social Media] Q&A: Your Social Media Strategy
    'There’s not much Darren hasn’t tried in the way of social media, and using it as a complement to his blog. In this webinar (available in full to ProBlogger.com members), he outlines his method for success, as well as answering your questions about how to make the best use of this media. Darren covers: Where social media fits in your blogging journey. What hierarchy of importance social media should go in (because you can’t be across everything!). How often you should update your social media channels. General
    [Social Media] 70% of the Wealth is Controlled by This Demographic
    They do use the internet, though, and most will shop online and use social media. Build a referral program by making it easy to share a product on social media or by email. 'Did you know that 45% of the population controls 70% of the wealth but isn’t really being effectively reached in digital marketing? Those born between 1946 and 1964, the baby boomers, are expected to reach that status by the end of next year. Jennifer Lonoff Schiff shared 9 Digital Marketing Strategies to Woo Baby Boomers  in her article on CIO and she makes some valid observations.
    [Social Media] Small Business Set-Up and Digital Project Management
    —————— With the way the business and media landscape has changed in the last few years, it’s little surprise that this has created and encouraged more entrepreneurial vision and start ups than we’ve ever seen. Now that everything is web based, with such a focus on social media, and with various grants and funds accessible to those with a plan, it means that it’s easier than ever to start your own business. Managing Social Channels. Cool Social Tools: Double The Donation NEW! Association Social Media: ASCD.
    [Social Media] Burt’s Bees Turns To Social Media Community To Host Global Beeday Celebration
    Featuring happy birthday wishes from the Burt’s Bees community read by company founder Burt “live and in the beard,” the Beeday event offers a good example of how to celebrate milestones with your social media community. » Social Media Case Studies bloggers campaign case study celebration community facebook influencers outreach social media twitter 'To celebrate its 30th birthday, Burt’s Bees  took to Facebook and Twitter on September 17th to host a Global Beeday celebration with its community. Read the whole entry.
    [Social Media] How to Market to Your Audience Influencers
    These days you can use social media to do research and engage with buyers and influencers alike. To earn their trust, use your media to learn about the problems audience influencers may have. For example, while I help businesses with their content marketing and social media, I know for a fact that many of them have children that need the same help – building their personal media brand to help them get into college or land a new job. 'Is your sales or marketing failing to generate the results your business expects ? Tweet this. How about you? Me too.
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