[Social Media] Are You Measuring Your Social Media Efforts?
    'Businesses that have jumped on the social media train will do well to make sure that they monitor their social media efforts. With social media monitoring you can see which of your marketing strategies are the most efficient so that you can refine them and have a more direct approach to social media marketing and advertising rather than potentially waste your time, energy, and money on approaches that aren’t effective. Always be honest with yourself when it comes to determining the cost of social media monitoring.
    [Social Media] Is Your Local Business Doing These Three Things on Twitter?
    You’re ready to take it to the next level and truly grow your presence on Twitter and harness the social aspect of social media for your advantage. Also, you can perform social media monitoring with Unified Social. Social Media local business twitter things to do on twitter twitter for local business 'You tweet regularly and are beginning to build a following for your local business. So how do you do it? Engage with Your Followers. First, you may have a designated individual to check in and respond to comments throughout the day.
    [Social Media] How to make a lasting impact at your next speaking gig
    One of the most popular gifts I offered were the slides from my presentation that included detailed examples of tools and a breakdown of the key messages they should be sharing on social media. Plus, a swipe file of social media conversation starters to steal. Social Media & Online Marketing Email Marketing opt in offers selling from stage small business marketing 'So you’ve been asked to present a talk at an event where there will be many of your ideal clients sitting in the audience. All have been fabulous learning experiences. Plus, they’re fun!
    [Social Media] Veggy Food is Healthy Food
    Please visit this excellent vegetarian recipe Related Posts: Content Marketing In The Social Age 5 Brand-New Ways To Increase LinkedIN Showcase Page Followers How Restaurants & Pubs Should Use Social Media 9 Top ‘Jugaads’ on Pinterest! 'The article is all about the benefits of vegetarian food. Bla bla bla…. How Volvo is leveraging Pinterest for. Digital Insight
    [Social Media] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #222
    media hacks. social media. 'Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? " Neal Stephenson has had more of an effect on me than any other writer except perhaps, James Burke. He''s brilliant, and unwaveringly tough on himself and others. He''s imaginative, but also grounded in reality. And he writes cool books (the term ''avatar'', referring to your online persona, was first coined by him in Snow Crash , which in turn inspired Second Life ). Here''s a Nature interview with him." Amazing."
    [Social Media] New Blog Post
    Social Media 'Lorem Ipsum. Format.
    [Social Media] This Ain't No Ice Bucket Challenge. Please Read.
    don''t take for granted the amazing opportunity that social media has brought, in terms of taking an individual''s thinking and being able to share it with the world in such an instant and real-time fashion. It will be a social meeting, but you can feel free to ask me anything. social media. 'Here''s a simple truth about me: I don''t like asking you for anything. don''t. don''t like asking you to share my content. don''t like asking you to follow me on Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , Instagram or whatever. don''t like asking for help, in general. He always is.
    [Social Media] How to Choose a Social Media Platform for your Business
    'We talk all the time here on the Devumi Blog about how to make certain social channels work for your business, increase your followers, get more views, and better your investment in social media marketing. Something that we don’t touch on enough is how to  choose a social media platform for your marketing style. things to think about as you choose a social media marketing platform. Begin with your strengths when you first choose a social media platform. Each social media platform will require different communication strengths.
    [Social Media] Free Yourself from Facebook by Leveraging 3 Other Platforms
    'Free Yourself from Facebook How to Leverage Communities in 3 Other Social Platforms Written by Brian Burt Let’s face it, Facebook is played out – it’s become the boring old guy of social media. With a recent, dramatic drop in organic search results, savvy brands are flocking to other social media platforms. We’ve found that many business owners who handle their own social media tend to place too much focus on Facebook, causing them to lose out on the potential power of platforms like LinkedIn and Google+. Social Media
    [Social Media] Auto-Pilot is Life’s Blindfold
    Auto-Pilot is Life’s Blindfold originally appeared on Danny Brown - there's more to life than social media - all rights reserved. 'Being on auto-pilot is just the same as switching off your senses and letting the machinery take over. You miss the real things that are happening, the real stories, the real people. Fine if you’re a machine, but as a human being? Auto-pilot is life’s blindfold. Insights decisions life
    [Social Media] ICYMI – Facebook, Twitter changes, Apple to buy Path
    'Here’s my weekly round-up of things you need to know and might have missed this last week in the world of digital PR and social media. Want this in your inbox each week?  Subscribe here. The PRCA Digital Group launched research about the state of Digital PR. Facebook announced it now delivers 1bn video views per day. Twitter rolls out ‘buy now’ for tweets. Twitter launches a developer conference. Facebook is testing a new post format that allows you to delete after a set time period a la Snapchat. Apple is looking  to buy Path. Campaigns. Image credit. icymi
    [Social Media] Best Practices – Twitter for Business [Resources]
    Related Stories 5 Ways to Make Your Startup Attractive for Social Media Engagement 21 Best Business Blogging Tips Slide Decks that LIFT Driving Car Comfy. Social Media 'There are plenty of business owners who open a Twitter account and give it a shot for a few days, sort of. Then, they let the account sit dry and forget it’s even there. Twitter can be a fantastic tool to build business and relationship. Here are some great resources on how to build your business presence on Twitter. Great resource! This resource will help take you to greater heights.
    [Social Media] [Cool Infographic Friday] Is there such a thing as online privacy?
    'Short answer is no, but more interestingly to me is the fact that despite these numbers, everyone uses social media anyway. t Rad Campaign and Craig Newmark. ————-. photo credit ). More like this. Cool Infographic Friday] How Will You Deal With Your Digital Afterlife? The post [Cool Infographic Friday] Is there such a thing as online privacy? appeared first on SocialFish. Potluck
    [Social Media] Is Twitter About to Make a Huge Mistake?
    » Social Pros Podcast content creation content strategy integrated marketing social media Social Media Marketing Social Pros twitter 'Tweetable Moments Marketing is math. markwschaefer Tweet This. An Twitter Algorithm for Twitter. Recently there have been rumors that Twitter is planning to implement an algorithm for the way it presents content: rather than a straight timeline that publishes every single update in reverse chronological order, Twitter would display a sorted newsfeed based on perceived relevance of the content.
    [Social Media] Everybody Writes: How to Tell Your Business Story
    Whether you are writing to express yourself in an email or on social media, or writing sales or marketing copy to grow your business, your happiness and success depends on your ability to write well. In addition to being named by Forbes as the most influential woman in social media, she is also a monthly columnist for Entrepreneur magazine, a member of the LinkedIn Influencer program, and the co-author of Content Rules – the all-time best-selling book on content marketing. 'Listen to the Episode Below (00:32:42). Download. iTunes. Stitcher. SoundCloud. Show Up.
    [Social Media] 16 Tips for Using #hashtags HINT: You’re doing it wrong :P #socialmedia
    'If you create content and don’t use a hashtag you are passing it through OWNED media (your subscribers) but it rarely escapes into EARNED media (other people who would be interested. Without the hashtags, status updates, tweets, social objects sit there waiting for the subscribers to see it. Hashtags are about SEARCH and DISCOVERABILITY of social objects. TIP: Find your communities of interest and use those hashtags to get greater exposure to your social objects. Try adding a hashtag or two that you know people use and monitor and see how it resonates.
    [Social Media] Quick Way to Improve Customer Experience
    There is huge customer loyalty just waiting for brands that put as much effort into de-stressing the purchase process as making the website look ‘pretty’ In this 24 hour world of hustle and bustle, all customers will pay for easy, simple purchases – just look at the streams on social media about call waiting times, customer service issues, long complicated form filling out, people not getting back to them etc etc. One area that always makes me smile is webinar registration by social media experts – often on some element of customer experience !
    [Social Media] Q&A: Your Social Media Strategy
    'There’s not much Darren hasn’t tried in the way of social media, and using it as a complement to his blog. In this webinar (available in full to ProBlogger.com members), he outlines his method for success, as well as answering your questions about how to make the best use of this media. Darren covers: Where social media fits in your blogging journey. What hierarchy of importance social media should go in (because you can’t be across everything!). How often you should update your social media channels. General
    [Social Media] 70% of the Wealth is Controlled by This Demographic
    They do use the internet, though, and most will shop online and use social media. Build a referral program by making it easy to share a product on social media or by email. 'Did you know that 45% of the population controls 70% of the wealth but isn’t really being effectively reached in digital marketing? Those born between 1946 and 1964, the baby boomers, are expected to reach that status by the end of next year. Jennifer Lonoff Schiff shared 9 Digital Marketing Strategies to Woo Baby Boomers  in her article on CIO and she makes some valid observations.
    [Social Media] Small Business Set-Up and Digital Project Management
    —————— With the way the business and media landscape has changed in the last few years, it’s little surprise that this has created and encouraged more entrepreneurial vision and start ups than we’ve ever seen. Now that everything is web based, with such a focus on social media, and with various grants and funds accessible to those with a plan, it means that it’s easier than ever to start your own business. Managing Social Channels. Cool Social Tools: Double The Donation NEW! Association Social Media: ASCD.
    [Social Media] Burt’s Bees Turns To Social Media Community To Host Global Beeday Celebration
    Featuring happy birthday wishes from the Burt’s Bees community read by company founder Burt “live and in the beard,” the Beeday event offers a good example of how to celebrate milestones with your social media community. » Social Media Case Studies bloggers campaign case study celebration community facebook influencers outreach social media twitter 'To celebrate its 30th birthday, Burt’s Bees  took to Facebook and Twitter on September 17th to host a Global Beeday celebration with its community. Read the whole entry.
    [Social Media] How to Market to Your Audience Influencers
    These days you can use social media to do research and engage with buyers and influencers alike. To earn their trust, use your media to learn about the problems audience influencers may have. For example, while I help businesses with their content marketing and social media, I know for a fact that many of them have children that need the same help – building their personal media brand to help them get into college or land a new job. 'Is your sales or marketing failing to generate the results your business expects ? Tweet this. How about you? Me too.
    [Social Media] Blinkist Makes Sure You Always Have Time To Read Non-Fiction
    The passages of the books can be highlighted as well as shared on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. 'Does reading a non-fiction and learning a bunch from it sound good to you? What if you could read a non-fiction, wherever you are, in whatever time you have? And even better – what if you had a chance to cover a book’s key insights in 15 minutes? This doesn’t need to be a ‘what if’ situation for you, because a Berlin-based startup wants you to have all this and more. What is Blinkist? How to Use Blinkist. minutes per chapter. Conclusion. annually.
    [Social Media] Create Shareable Social Media Images with These Three Tools
    Now you can make nifty social media images to share and promote your business. Featured Social Media Socialnomics Tips capture images social media images social media tools 'Did you know that creating your own shareable images can be as easy as a few clicks? It doesn’t take hours spent with advanced software to customize a marketable image. Many screen-capture tools are free, simple to use, and store your images for future uploads. These tools below are just some screenshot software that users have called uncomplicated and speedy. ShareX.
    [Social Media] Cision’s New Digital Reach Measurement Tool
    Cision recently released Digital Reach , a service that aims to calculate the extended social reach of a news site or blog. Social media has extended this concept exponentially. The resulting figure is the new estimated Digital Reach for Unique Visitors per Month in the Cision Media Database. 'PR measurement is changing – there’s no doubt about that. Maybe not as quickly as many of us would like, but PR pros and agencies are more aware of the need to measure reach accurately and determine the impact of news content. Did they stay on the site or leave?
    [Social Media] Which of These Booming Social Media Sites Are You Ignoring?
    'How many times has a social media expert told you that in order to succeed online, you have to be “everywhere?” Then there are other thought leaders in the social sphere that will take a slightly different approach, telling you that being “everywhere” is foolish and that you should instead focus your efforts on the platforms that work best for your business. Which of these social media platforms are you currently ignoring and leaving out of your marketing? My craft is writing and the content on Pushing Social certainly reflects this.
    [Social Media] Association Social Media: Philanthropy Ohio
    'In this series of interviews of Association Social Media Managers, you’ll be able to compare notes on what all of these fab organizations are doing with their social media management – from how they organize the roles and responsibilities, to how they manage content flow through the organization and out to social, to what campaigns they tried, to how they see the future of association social media.  . 2) Describe your social/digital “ecosystem” – what social media sites do you (or the org as a whole) manage?
    [Social Media] Get More YouTube Subscribers with these 5 Tips!
    Direct people to you social media pages where they can like and follow you. while a big following gives you more social proof – social proof that you can build on once you start off with one of our YouTube subscribers packages. 'You have a YouTube Channel and you want to get more YouTube subscribers – let’s skip the lengthy intro and get to those five tips that will help you get more YouTube subscribers quickly! Five tips to get more YouTube subscribers. Use a call to action and simply ask for more subscribers. Some are clickable, some are not. YouTube
    [Social Media] 3 Points To Remember In Social Media
    'You do hope to use Social Media Marketing to the best of your capacity and to its optimum use. Social Media may look easy; which it is! If you have the patience and the perseverance then Social Media will not remain a mystery. Here goes the basics: Remember Social Media is not about Sales Bombardment. Great that you are on Social Media - however it is not a race to get more people joining you - it is not a popularity contest. Social Media is not about overnight success. See more at: [link
    [Social Media] The Beauty of Social Media to Improve Your Health
    'With more than one billion people using social media worldwide and with more than 80 percent of all small and medium sized businesses using social media, it’s become the go-to hot spot for anything and everything. Whether you’re looking to land your dream job, connect with old friends or stay up-to-date with the latest beauty and health products, social media can help. How social media influences shoppers. According to the survey, 85 percent of women have purchased a product after viewing it on social media.
    [Social Media] How social media is like spaghetti sauce
    What’s that got to do with social networks? We often look at social networks with blinders on. In focus groups people say what they think the marketer wants to hear, or will enhance their pubic facing persona, but if we listen to them talking among themselves, as social media enables us, we may find a completely different story. Who knows, with a more mindful social approach maybe you’ll have a chunky sauce epiphany and change your entire industry! social business Social Media in Action mindfulsocial social sales
    [Social Media] The Beautiful Freedom of Not Giving a Crap
    I’d just become bored of only writing about marketing, social media, etc., We’re people, all of us – we’re not tied to talking about just business in life, so why should we be on our blogs (or other social footprints)? In the comments, social media guy Jason Falls left quite the entertaining diatribe   (click image to expand). ” approach to comments, blog posts, social updates, etc. Previous ‘spiral of silence’ findings as to people’s willingness to speak up in various settings also apply to social media users.
    [Social Media] Do You Want To Resonate On Google+?
    This is the secret formula shared by Tina Courtney-Brown on SiteProNews in “ Google+ Social Media Strategies — What You Need To Know.” If you are active on Google+ as a social media marketing tool, brush up on your camera skills. Social Media google social media marketing social media strategies 'Resonate. Reverberate. Those words have an echoing factor, a continuing impact on the hearer. think it’s interesting that longer posts are also more effective on Google+. So what does this mean for us?
    [Social Media] Landing Your Desired Role Via Social Media: Here Is How!
    'OK so you’ve probably heard the news by now, social media networking is all the rage for businesses. If businesses spend time working on social media, then that’s where they are and that means you can use social media platforms to land that job you want. This means you should use social media platforms in conjunction with your current job search methods. Join the big social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but you’ll also want to join community sites like Free Ad Mart for local job searches. Social Media
    [Social Media] Every SmallBiz Track is Only $79
    Related Stories Simple and Easy Saturday Slides Providing a LIFT to Business Owners Best Practices for Your Online Business and E-commerce 5 Ways to Make Your Startup Attractive for Social Media Engagement. 'We’re changing our pricing structure. Instead of “levels” – Every SmallBiz Track is only $79. When SmallBizTracks first launched last fall, our projects were one of three levels of work: Basic, Advanced , and Master. The differences were in levels of complexity or customization for the projects – and cost. And each track is … $79.
    [Social Media] The Perfect Brand Example for Your Social Media
    Social media marketing is about BEING that example. Often people say they are confused about how they should be on social media. Social media should be the shining example of your brand – not a transaction for your brand messaging. Social media acts as proof, acts as an example of your brand values and your brand’s personality. The question is, if your social media is an example of your brand in action – would it be a shining example? Social Media Leadership is about leading by example.
    [Social Media] The Top 10 Questions Every Brand Must Answer to Grow in 2015
    As the media landscape becomes more fractured and the tools more varied, it’s more important than ever to stay focused on the right priorities that will ensure short-term and long-term success. Only then will you unlock the power of social technologies to amplify your message and build your customer community. What strategies must you use to tell your story effectively using social technologies? Too often brands bring a broadcast and self-directed mentality to social tools that turn on dialogue, interaction, and intimacy. What is your brand’s purpose?
    [Social Media] Three Ways Social Media Impacts Small Businesses
    'Most everyone is familiar with social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook even if they don’t use them. These sites have grown so much over the last several years that they have become more than just a place for people to socialize. If you’re still trying to decide if using social media is right for your company, below are three of the major ways it can help your business. Since networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are all about socializing, it creates the perfect environment for small businesses to take advantage of this type of advertising.
    [Social Media] The Digital Student: Take Social Media to a New Degree
    'Small businesses use social media to grow their clientele and expand their networks, individuals use social media to keep in touch with old friends, family members and colleagues, and now, hopeful college students are able to zone in on social media to help get into the school of their dreams. In addition to you using social media to find schools, colleges and universities are searching for you online, too. Social media can also play a role in helping you decide what major you should choose.
    [Social Media] Content Marketing Isn’t Always About Content Creation
    ——————– Given the number of public relations firms with their feet in social media and digital marketing, one would think more organizations could demonstrate content creation restraint. few years ago, we conceived a similar approach to developing content for early cause marketing campaigns, independent film releases, and startup social media programs. 'This post is by Rich Becker and originally appeared on Words. Concepts. Strategies. It is reposted here with permission. They don’t. Maybe so. Sound familiar?
    [Social Media] Is Writing Still the Most Important Social Skill?
    annhandley Tweet This Storytelling in a Visual Age Visual storytelling has been getting a lot of chatter over the past few years: the rise of visual social media outlets like Pinterest and Instagram, the proliferation of tools for creating excellent visual content, etc. » Social Pros Podcast Ann Handley content creation content marketing digital marketing everybody writes Social Media Marketing Social Pros 'Tweetable Moments Done is better than perfect.
    [Social Media] Running a PR Department vs. Running a PR Agency
    After leading a number of PR and social media teams within large organizations as well as working with a number of people who run their own agencies, I’ve realized that while both roles may have the Director title, the two roles are very different in a few fundamental ways. In many organizations, it’s everything – media relations, investor relations, events, social media, web content, etc. In an integrated agency, you have to not only understand PR, but also paid media, SEO and SEM, Digital, Social Media, User Experience, etc.
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2014
    [Social Media] 5 Blogging Worst Practices to Avoid
    Just as there exist best practices when it comes to different activities on social media, there exist worst practices. Blogging best practices blogging blogging for business social media marketing worst practices 'Blogging is a popular activity, but there are some worst practices out there that all bloggers need to avoid. Sometimes, knowing about the worst practices can be just as valuable as knowing what you should be doing. These are five things that bloggers often do, but that should be avoided at all costs. Undated Articles. Misspellings and Grammar. Attribution.
    [Social Media] Power to the People: @TheEconomist Interviews @CKBurgess on the Growing @SocialEmployee Revolution #SocBiz #EmployeeAdvocacy
    'A month or so ago, The Economist Intelligence Unit (@ TheEIU ) released a list of the top 25 Social Business Leaders , a process in which I had the great pleasure of being involved as a member of a special advisory board. Around the same time I was serving on their advisory board , I had the chance to speak to Frieda Klotz (@ FriedaKlotz ), Deputy Editor at The Economist Intelligence Unit, about some of the ideas contained in our best-selling book, The Social Employee (McGraw-Hill, 2013). See what others are saying about The Social Employee and order your copy today!
    [Social Media] 8 Tips for Managing a Social Media Crisis
    Rage spills over to other social networks and influential bloggers are decimating your reputation. The The social media crisis is quickly spreading, but you are silent. Social media can be a useful tool to build your company brand or a nail in its coffin. While it’s possible to counter a social media crisis after the fact, it makes far more sense to be prepared in advance and have a predetermined plan of attack. Warren Buffet 8 things your brand can do to manage a social media crisis 1. Should you call the legal department?
    [Social Media] Week in Review: Posts and Podcasts September 7 – 13, 2014
    Leave Money on the Table Build a Winning Business Plan: 5 Steps for Success 5 Ways to Build Social Media Engagement for Your Startup Best Practices for Your Online Business and E-Commerce The PAIN of Small Business Owners (LIFT Clips) Slide Decks for Providing a LIFT SmallBizTracks Daily Podcasts you many have missed this week: SBTD 63:  Choosing a Domain Name SBTD 64:  How Displaying “Hours” Can Bring Customers In SBTD 65:  Want More Phone Calls? One way to do this is by combining your blog posts or other content into a week in review on SlideShare.
    [Social Media] Saturday Slides Providing a LIFT to Business Owners
    Related Stories 13 ½ Business Blogging Tips to Effortlessly Impress Your Readers and Skyrocket Your Sales The PAIN of Small Business Owners (LIFT Clips) Best Practices for Your Online Business and E-commerce 5 Ways to Make Your Startup Attractive for Social Media Engagement. 'As we approach our customers and the content we publish, we always look for ways to give our people a boost using  the LIFT acronym. Here are a few decks on SlideShare that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. your presence or practice.  Subscribe today.
    [Social Media] How do you know if your launch goals are realistic?
    It means taking a realistic look at how many of your social media fans, email subscribers and direct contacts will actually take notice of your offer with interest. Strategy Stuff Internet Marketing Services launching a new product online online marketing campaigns Social Media and Internet Marketing 'When you promote a new service or launch a new product online, how can you tell that your launch goals – the amount of people you want to buy your ‘product’ and how much money you want to make from it – are realistic ones? Out of thin air. Divide that number by.03.
    [Social Media] Don’t “Blow” It – Plan Ahead on Marketing Campaigns
    While I was checking out, I noticed this flier: Being into social media, I thought it was an interesting idea. 'Last month my shoes finally decided they were not providing enough stability. My knees were returning to having nightly pain. So I grabbed a pair of tennis shoes that I had purchased on clearance. They were a reputable brand but just didn’t seem to be cutting the mustard.And I began to feel like the little pig who build his house of straw. Everything was being blown down. That is why I decided to hop over to Running Fit today at lunch. know I abhor them.
    [Social Media] SendinBlue Review – Small Business Pricing with Enterprise Features
    For instance, the social media buttons can be included in the newsletter to refer subscribers to your social profiles. This is a great option considering that emails including social sharing buttons have a 158 percent higher click through rate. While you have the option to add many different social networks (as shown below), you may just want to choose just the one or two networks that drive the most traffic to your website. Around the same time, I was contacted about a sponsored post from an interesting email marketing platform. SendinBlue. SMS marketing.
    [Social Media] Best Practices for Your Online Business and E-commerce
    The codes can be delivered exclusively to those that subscribe to the business newsletter or generalized to the populace by way of social media status updates. In the event of using social media marketing, a business could provide different coupon codes for each social site and determine which channel provides the most impact on sales. This could provide further information regarding which social marketing campaign is the most effective. Social Interaction The impact social media has among consumers is nothing short of astonishing.
    [Social Media] The Changing Customer Service - Social Media
    'Due to Social Media the way customers are now serviced has taken a change. And it goes without saying, that though we have good possibility via the Social Media there will be some who will perform well and others who may not. Coming to the Social Media scenario it is changing the way people interact. And, shall we say this is shaping up now with Social Media? This change is for the good. Previously like all other things, we have experienced the good and the bad customer service and care that was implemented. They still exists.
    [Social Media] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #221
    media hacks. social media. 'Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "Now we have a computer on our wrist, and sarcasm and vitriol in our feeds. But it wasn''t always this way. Here''s a 1995 promotional video for Neoglyphics - a Web design company. Watching this video a friend pointed me at made me remember just how idyllic things were, or maybe I''m just a grumpy old man. The world has changed so much that this is almost satire at this point. Hey kids! Get off my lawn!" It does.)
    [Social Media] Google+ Communities: Amplify Your Content In Search
    Earlier this year Social Media Examiner released an extensive social media marketing industry report that revealed learning Google+ was a top priority for businesses. The larger picture is the social layer of Google+ that runs through all the Google services , including Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Now, and many, many more. social destination. contextual social layer that integrates with other sites within the Google ecosystem. 'Listen to the Episode Below (0:34:29). Download. iTunes. Stitcher. SoundCloud. It is different!
    [Social Media] Native Advertising Is Everybody's Problem
    It was a very fast-paced panel featuring Doug Kessler ( Velocity Partners ) Brant McLean (Director of Brand Partnerships, Tumblr ), Stacy Martinet (Chief Marketing Officer, Mashable ) and David Spiegel (VP of Brand Strategy & Social Publishing, Buzzfeed ). Like we have moved on from social media to content marketing to native advertising in a snap, and all that we are really doing is polishing the advertising turd. Maybe the opportunity is for brands to not just think about creating and publishing content, but more about how to become their own media network.
    [Social Media] Here Comes the Content Marketing Shakeout
    » Content Marketing angel investing content marketing predictions content marketing software content marketing trends content marketing world investment Social Business social media software social media strategy 'Start the countdown. The tick tock until the big content marketing software shakeup is under way. And in the intervening 12 months, they certainly got their piece. The most striking feature of Content. Read the whole entry.
    [Social Media] 5 Ways to Make Your Startup Attractive for Social Media Engagement
    'Written by Larry Alton As a startup, you probably have ambition to spare, but when it comes to social media engagement you can’t depend on drive alone. Social media (SM) management is both an art and a skill, but you might not be able to squeeze a professional manager into your budget quite yet. Using social media gets the word out there in a cleverly crafted way, but you need to build your startup’s marketing from the ground up. Whoever’s in charge of your social media should share your excitement—otherwise, it’s going to be a tough job.
    [Social Media] Facebook vs. Twitter: Which is Better for your Brand?
    You could look at Twitter as the more social of the social media platforms as it leads to more conversations between brands and followers, while Facebook leads to more comments that go nowhere. And then you’ll realize that the cost of Facebook advertising is escalating, that organic reach is dying, that users numbers are declining, and that Twitter still allows you to speak with your followers organically, has better social interactions, and is innovating with new media presentation options. Facebook vs. Twitter: Which is better for promoting your brand?
    [Social Media] Is Your Social Media Following a Balanced Diet?
    And that is where social media marketing can play a huge role in your marketing mix. Your social media is meant to nourish your customer’s mind. For that reason social media marketing needs to be a balanced diet; a diet that offers reasons, call to actions and personality. Now there are times when you may get bored with social media, times when no ideas flow…don’t worry that happens to everyone. The post Is Your Social Media Following a Balanced Diet? Social Media social media social media marketing
    [Social Media] Be An Advocate For Your Consumer
    I''m often asked why I fell so head over heels in love in social media. While these platforms and channel enable brands to create a myriad of media, content and opportunities to engage, it still feels like we''re doing little more than advertising to the masses. media. social media. advertising apple brand brandnarrative businessbook consumer consumeradvocate content humancondition marketer marketing marketingevent marketingprofessional media mobilewallet publishing service socialmedia technology thirtysecondspot tvcommercial twistimage apple.
    [Social Media] 3 Overlooked Ways to Integrate Social into Your Company’s Product Packaging
    'While it may be true that your company needs a strong social media presence, saying so in a marketing advice column has become tired and cliché — like, eye-rolling levels of tired and cliché. But keep those eyebrows unarched for a moment just yet: while you probably have the online space covered, have you ever thought about bringing your social media presence to the physical world? From iconic soft drinks to morning pick me ups, today’s top brands understand the power of bringing social media to their product packaging. Here’s how. 1) Coke.
    [Social Media] How Content Partners Can Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy
    » Content Marketing boostsuite content marketing partners content marketing strategy content strategy creating youtility email marketing helping beats selling research social media sharing social media strategy 'Image via BigStockPhoto.com In my previous Convince & Convert post, I explained how to research potential partners and expand your target audience by getting your content in front of their readers. They see it as invasive, pushy, or they’re not confident enough in their own content to be willing to share it.” I completely. Read the whole entry.
    [Social Media] 3 Tips for Increasing Network Value and Influence
    Knowing that it all eventually comes back to you should make networking an enjoyable, productive, and profitable practice in this digital, social, and global business environment. About the Author:  Jeff Korhan, MBA, is the  author of  Built-In Social: Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business  and host of  This Old New Business podcast. Awareness Blogging Community content marketing Marketing Selling Small Business Social Business Social Media adding value community Jeff Korhan network networking relationships small business podcasting
    [Social Media] 3 Key Strategies to Grow Your Hotel on Facebook
    Social media is about creating dialogue with potential guests, not being shameless in self-promotion. Images create some of the higher levels of interaction on social media, so you’ll find more comments and shares when you opt to throw in some quality pictures. Many social media followers will browse their news feed throughout the day during their working tasks, including during their commute. User-generated content is the biggest social media trend of 2014 and it should be used to its full potential. Inspire with your content.
    [Social Media] 7 Surefire Social Media Strategies for Your Business
    'Over the past decade social media have irrevocably changed the way we live and perceive life – today an average person will hardly do anything without tweeting about it on Twitter, sharing the experience via Facebook or posting a selfie on Instagram. The most important thing to understand before you start working on your social media marketing is that it is as serious as any other part of your business strategy. 5.     Different Media, Different Approaches. How To Social Media 2.     Walk the Extra Mile. 3.     Follow the Statistics.
    [Social Media] What is Influencer Marketing?
    Well I will keep up the suspense while you watch this space, as I’m going to feature them in a forthcoming Cool Social Tools post. BREAKING: LinkedIn is Shutting off the Jobs Tab for Groups Awesome Nonprofit Social Media Decks from #14NTC. 'Short answer – human to human interaction. Here I am with a short video on influencer marketing, filmed as part of Encore Alert ‘s League of Extraordinary Marketers series (*blush*). Read more from the awesome Encore Alert Blog  and sign up for their upcoming ebook on influencer marketing. More like this.
    [Social Media] 9 Tips to Spot Amazing Blog Writers
    Major brands constantly make the news for social media posts and content marketing gone horribly awry. Social Following. Your blog writers should know how to write blogs, eBooks, and whitepapers that are easy to promote, which is why a strong social following is an excellent sign. 'Image source. Fear of terrible content. bet you’d be lying if you said you weren’t afraid of the repercussions of bad blog content. While  71% of marketers may be increasing their content, the smart ones are being selective about the quality and quantity they publish.
    [Social Media] 6 Steps To Transform your B2B Marketing Program
    » Social Media Strategy b2b ignite transform your b2b marketing program video marketing video strategy vidyard visual storytelling 'For years, B2C brands have used online video as a marketing tool to reach their target audiences and deliver important brand messages, and consumer-facing brands have benefitted from numerous conferences and resources to help them along their video journeys. More recently, B2B marketers have turned to video to complement their traditional channels, but they haven’t had the same resources and opportunities to learn from each other.
    [Social Media] 5 Brand-New Ways To Increase LinkedIN Showcase Page Followers
    Social Media Marketing 'It’s a really difficult thing to increase your followers on LinkedIn company/showcase pages. The reason is simple, LinkedIn does not have the same virility inbuilt as Facebook. Also, LinkedIn genetically is more about your personal thought-leadership than company’s. Hence the focus and ways to increase followers for a company page is a bit challenging. Never.
    [Social Media] Get Social in Promoting Your SEO Talents
    With some companies turning a questionable eye to SEO needs due to budgets and more, SEO providers need to show those exact same folks why search engine optimization and social media can work hand-in-hand together to improve a company’s online profile. Why Do I Need Social Media Partnered with SEO? While many SEO consultants already know the power of being social in today’s world, a fair number of business owners likely don’t, especially when it comes to picking the right provider, be it SEOAgency.com or one of many others out there.
    [Social Media] 3 Vital Ingredients of Effective Content Marketing
    In a sense both social media in general and specifically content marketing, are like bar code scanners. Marketing Social Media content marketing creating content social media 'Have you ever been irritated by those self service checkouts? It doesn’t seem to recognise the bar code and just when you were using it to save time…you actually spend more time waiting for someone to come and help. The problem has always been readability on certain packaging. Readability is core to the effectiveness for both the consumer and the retailer.
    [Social Media] Brands trolling the trolls in #Social Media
    Shitstorm social media brands negative criticism trolls 'In my 8 ways to deal with trolls and negative criticism , (1000+ retweets!) one of the options is to “own” the negative criticism – or troll the trolls. Because it’s not negative if you own it, and get a laugh out of it, is it? If someone calls you (in a derogatory tone) a geek, a poof, a workaholic, a slacker, a pushy woman, a pushover bloke, a… well just buy a badge, a t-shirt or make a poster. By the way, not all negative criticism is trolling though it can feel like it at the time.
    [Social Media] Are You Social Enough For a Successful Career?
    'More and more companies are actively engaging in social media to grow their business, scope out their competitors and hire new people to bring on board. According to popular professional social media platform LinkedIn, 81 percent of small and medium-sized businesses are currently using social media, and this number is only rising. Social media comes in very handy when it comes to searching for a job. Whether you’re in the market for an engineering job, a sales job or a customer-service based job, social media can help.
    [Social Media] Why Sustainable Competitive Advantage is so 1990
    It was a big, involved study, but he was able to use social media mentions from the Edmunds database to identify the General Motors push to rebrand the Cadillac to be more in line with a European luxury car and less like an American family car, which is how many people were beginning to think of it.  He was able to demonstrate that that a particular set of investments actually got traction in the perception of the brand using only social media.  Tell us why sustainable competitive advantage really a failed notion these days? And you should keep doing them.
    [Social Media] What Makes a Great Brand Ambassador?
    » Community Management brand ambassador brand influencers grouphigh how to find brand ambassadors influence marketing social media influencers successful influence marketing programs 'Image via BigStockPhoto Ambassador prowling: Hunting down people who love your brand or locating the people who will love your brand they just don’t know it yet. Sounds a little creepy, maybe, welcome to the world of marketing. Yesterday I wrote a post on how Gini Dietrich promoted her book with the help of brand ambassadors. In the event you missed it, check it out real quick here.
    [Social Media] The Future of Content Part 3: with Richard Becker
    Social media, articles, electronic newsletters, case studies, white papers, videos, webcasts, photos, and other content are all part of the marketing mix. It isn’t a very attractive model, but that is the model that has grown out of what some people branded a social media revolution. As the social media revolution continued, marketers created new barriers in that the only way most organizations think they can be heard is to increase production budgets and increase the volume of content as if spray and pray is a real strategy. They were partly right too.
    [Social Media] Association Social Media: The American Institute of Architects (AIA)
    'In this series of interviews of Association Social Media Managers, you’ll be able to compare notes on what all of these fab organizations are doing with their social media management – from how they organize the roles and responsibilities, to how they manage content flow through the organization and out to social, to what campaigns they tried, to how they see the future of association social media.  . As Director of Social Engagement, my role is part of the Strategic Communications and Marketing team. Who do you report to? .
    [Social Media] Are You Leveraging Social Media Across Your Manufacturing Business?
    Heidi Cohen had an interesting post recently,  360 Degree Social Media Marketing , where she shared 37 different tactics that you can use. Selective use of social media  - Use the appropriate media to get in front of your prospects. Give your customers options on ways to contact you other than on social. Utilize social in your PR efforts  - We all have brand advocates. If you like this subject, you may want to reads: Are You Getting Your Sales Force Involved in Social Media? How Does Social Media Impact a B-to-B Purchase?
    [Social Media] SoundCloud Ads are Here: Prepare your SoundCloud Account
    Monetizing your audience is a hot topic across all of social media, SoundCloud ads are how both you and SoundCloud are going to make that money. SoundCloud social media marketing soundcloud soundcloud marketing soundcloud plays soundcloud promotion 'SoundCloud ads were recently introduced by the world’s second most popular music sharing site (behind the all-powerful YouTube) in an effort to grow the amount of money that uploaders can earn. As of now, the revenue sharing is only available to a select few. ll break it all down in the article below! smartaleckcomment.
    [Social Media] Marketing is the NFL Quarterback of Business
    click to tweet ) Sprout Social Shoutout Today’s Sprout Social shoutout is for Brian Clark who got this conversation started. If you’re not following Brian Clark in social media, you absolutely need to do that, and go ahead and make that happen. This video is from  Jay Today is my near-daily 3-minute video where I talk about social media, content marketing, business and life. The show is sponsored by Sprout Social (which I use for my social media), and Candidio (a great video editing service). It really got me thinking.
    [Social Media] Leaders in Advocate Marketing: Q&A with Hessie Jones
    'Over the past four weeks, we have sought out the best-of-the-best social media marketers for an executive Q&A. Hessie currently helps companies realize the value of social intelligence and its effects on the inevitable next level: the operationalization of social. She is also a cellist, a seasoned digital strategist, a marketer, a writer, a speaker, a podcaster, a social media addict, a wife and a mom. If advocacy means genuinely believing in and supporting a brand (via social sharing, WOM, etc.), Why do you advocate for these brands?
    [Social Media] Back to School 2014: A Social AND Shopping Occasion
    » Social Media Research 'That chill in the air and football everywhere tells us that Fall is finally back, but for those of us who are parents it means something even more important – school is back! I, like many of you, spent much of our prep time hurtling from store to store with our kids buying everything from supplies to shoes in a mad dash, and now it’s done. But that journey made me wonder – How are others describing this process? Is it the same wild rush for other parents as it is for me? What can we. Read the whole entry.
    [Social Media] Tomorrow Apple Sets The Table For Mobile, Wearables And Beyond
    It''s not a long segment - about 5 to 10 minutes every week - about everything that is happening in the world of technology and digital media. Is Vice the future of media? What did they do so right that so many other massive media players missed? digital media. social media. vice media. 'Every Monday morning at 7:10 am, I am a guest contributor on CHOM 97.7 FM radio broadcasting out of Montreal (home base). The good folks at CHOM 97.7 FM are posting these segments weekly to SoundCloud , if you''re interested in hearing more of me blathering away.
    [Social Media] Tweet, Pay, Love: The Modern-Day Social Media Pop-up
    'This is a guest post by Rupa Ganata, co-founder of men’s grooming online retailer Yes Sir ,  and of  Brand us Social  (BUS). From fashion to food, an increasing number of businesses are exchanging goods and services for tweets and Instagram posts in the form of modern day Social Media pop-up shops. Pop-up shops have become a regular and vital part of high streets around the world—but the latest trend is the exchange of free goods and services in return for tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram posts: the “Social Media” pop-up.
    [Social Media] A Word about The Social Media Success Summit 2014
    In October, Social Media Examiner will be holding it’s Sixth Annual Social Media Success Summit. Social Media Examiner knows how to run these conferences and they have the juice to attract the top experts in social media. The Social Media Success Summit is an online conference. Pushing Social is three years old. Andrea Vahl for practical small business social strategies. Conferences like the Social Media Success Summit  give you a chance to sit in the virtual front row and get everything you need to rock online.
    [Social Media] We’ve Always Done it That Way!
    Limited social media  - Most manufacturers don’t need to utilize all the options that are available to you. Marketing Tips Marketing Trends Social Marketing Traditional Marketing non traditional marketing outside the box ways manufacturers can reach their customers utilizing social media to attract contractors what social media do i need to use to attract the professional tradesman 'I cringe when I hear someone say that phrase. Past actions will not ensure future success. You literally need to think outside the box.
    [Social Media] Join Me at the Outreach Marketing Virtual Summit on 9/23
    My session will be a quick run-down of some of the great social media campaigns by associations as shared in my Association Social Media Manager Interview series ; and there’s a ton of great content about social media marketing, blogger outreach, engagement, content strategy, and more. 'I will be speaking along with all these smart folks at GroupHigh’s Outreach Marketing Virtual Summit on September 23rd. The event is FREE and will be livestreamed all day from 9 am to 6 pm EDT. Join me on 9/23!! What is Outreach Marketing? from GroupHigh.
    [Social Media] The Real Roadblock to Social Business Success
    'Stories about how top executives just don’t “get” social media and the concept of social business were common four or five years ago. Despite the fact that 82% of buyers say they trust a company more when its CEO and senior leadership team are active in social media, and 77% are more likely to buy from a company if its CEO uses social media (those stats themselves nearly two years old), “64% of CEOs do not use social media at all, with only 5% of all Fortune 500 company CEOs on Twitter,” according to The Guardian.
    [Social Media] How to Promote Your Book Like Gini Dietrich
    » Social Media Case Studies 'For those of you who don’t know Gini Dietrich , she runs my favorite PR blog -  Spin Sucks  - and is a go-to resource for all things influencer marketing and digital PR. Also, I find her hilarious and her favorite classic arcade game is Tetris. few months ago, Gini published her second book, Spin Sucks , and the method she used to promote her new book should be used as a go-to model for promoting new products. Spark Notes Version: Campaign Background With a goal to make the New York Times. Read the whole entry.
    [Social Media] 21 Best Business Blogging Tips
    Blogging Social Media 'When it comes to building a better business presence on the web, one of the topics that come up most often is blogging tips: How often to post; Length of posts; Headline writing; Curation and Copyright practices. The team at Verve has put together a playbook of sorts with 21 Blog Writing Tips From the Experts. The tips here are simple, actionable, and very high-touch, low-tech. By following these tips, you’ll be in a much better position to succeed. Also, notice the results put forth by Dave Lane at Verve in his curation of the piece.
    [Social Media] 9 Tips to Spot Amazing Article Writers
    One of the measures of the  quality of a blog post is the number of social media shares the post attracts. Search Social Media. Social media can be a gold mine if you know what to look for and how to look for it. 'Article writers – truly amazing ones who create content that will knock your visitors’ socks off – can sometimes be hard to come by, depending on your niche. If you’re currently on the lookout to hire an experienced, top-quality writer but can’t seem to find one by yourself, then you’re reading the right blog posts. Let Your Visitors Know.
    [Social Media] Avoid this Big Sales and Marketing Mistake
    There is such a thin line between sales and marketing with the advent of social media – why complicate the process more than you have to? Marketing sales and marketing social media 'How close should sales and marketing actually work? question put by one of Insider Secrets subscribers… Sales and marketing have the same foundation. They are wanting customers, they are wanting sales. So the aim is the same, they are just at different ends of the conversion process. They are not competitors they are co-workers wanting to win the mind and soul of the market.
    [Social Media] 5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Marketing Efforts are not Working
    'While many small-to-medium size business owners are reaping the benefits of using social media to generate traffic and significantly boost sales , some business owners have found that social media has shown few if any tangible results. One important advantage of social media marketing is that it enables you to target a particular, specific audience. If your campaign is not going as expected, take a close look at the type of traffic your social media efforts is generating. Simply engaging in social media for your business is not enough.
    [Social Media] Are The Signs Pointing to the Demise of Google+ ?
    When that didn’t prove to be the case and its usefulness as a social networking platform never really seemed to take hold, there still were compelling reasons to use Google+, especially for  businesses –the Hangouts feature, SEO and enhanced search listings for pages/people with Google+ profiles being the main ones. Social Media Opportunities Your Nonprofit is Losing How to Lead Your Way to a Social Organization Are You Really Building Trust with Social Media? Debunking the Hype Social, In Theory —————-.
    [Social Media] 2014 Social Media Dictionary [INFOGRAPHIC]
    'There are a few important terms with which every social media marketer should be familiar. Luckily, they can reference the social media dictionary. There are always new buzz terms and hot topics that seem to be making their way through the world of social media marketing. Luckily, Adestra has put together the social media dictionary for this year that captures a lot of those hot button terms and explains exactly what they mean. Tell us what you have learned from this social media dictionary either in the comments below or on Twitter !
    [Social Media] 4 Tools That Simplify Life For E-Commerce Startups
    Surveys can be sent to people you want to quiz in the form of a simple URL that can be embedded in emails, on your website or even on social media. 'Startups are exciting, bewildering and hugely risky things to be a part of. There’s the constant worry of the whole thing imploding under the weight of your multi-pronged business ideas. There’s the fear of being chewed up and spit out by larger competitors with deeper pockets. There’s also the need to attract the fickle online customer and retain their loyalties for as long as you possibly can. Here are my top four picks. Trello.
    [Social Media] Does your commitment pass the social media test?
    'Dreams are wonderful, dreams can be so real then we wake up and realise that there is only one secret to success – work harder than ever before… Social media marketing is as much a sign of your commitment to your ideas, to your market, to creating customer relationships as it is about what your thinking. The post Does your commitment pass the social media test? Entrepreneurship blogging brand personality content marketing social media social media marketing social media test Content marketing is not dreaming.
    [Social Media] 20 LinkedIn Mistakes That Turn Off Potential Customers
    The professional social network is a force to be reckoned with. Social media is unique in its ability to communicate with large audiences. This Infographic via Top Dog Social Media. 20 LinkedIn Mistakes That Turn Off Potential Customers is a post by Pam Dyer on Pamorama | Social Media Marketing Blog. Forbes Top-25 Forbes Social Media Power Influencer, Pam is a Seattle-area marketing professional and Seahawks fan. LinkedIn Social Media Social media marketing 'Are you getting good results on LinkedIn?
    [Social Media] Which Social Network is Your Pro Sports League [infographic]
    » Social Media Strategy facebook linkedin pinterest pro sports social networks twitter 'This is a happy day, as NFL football is BACK. With eyes wide open to its warts and deficiencies, including my personal belief that the league is headed for a major decline in popularity (I rant about that in this Jay Today video), I can’t disguise my delight that I can again waste indefensible portions of my time following my woebegone Cardinals and the players on my sons’ three fantasy teams. Read the whole entry.
    [Social Media] 5 Tips to Manage the Demands of Content Marketing
    Limited time and limited resources translate in to the need to pick the platforms and social networks that work best for your brand and your audience. Evaluate your social networks and content platforms based on the size of your audience (both existing and potential), where you’re achieving (or stand to achieve) the most engagement, and which ones are poised for the most significant growth. marketing content content marketing digital marketing social media blogging 'No time for content marketing? It might not be quite as demanding as you think.
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