[Social Media] Which Universities Do People Like, Dislike Most on Twitter?
    Among the discussion topics is which colleges and universities provide the best experience and education, and this social media sentiment is not available on college websites. College Stats , a website that helps students find the best institutes of higher learning, analyzed more than 103,000 tweets mentioning the handles of various universities to find out how positive or negative the social sentiment was. Perhaps even more important is how universities respond to social media complaints and use social sentiment to create better experiences.
    [Social Media] How to Bring Podcast Listeners From Their Phones to Your Website
    Shareable images to boost social media interaction. Social media links for every guest. Your social media, subscription, and comment links to make it easy for fans to interact. Connecting new visitors to older notes will make it easy for them to read about and download missed episodes, interact with the other media on your site, etc. Cross Promote Your Show Notes on Social Media. Now that you have a nice chunk of information to pull from, grab the best talking points and quotes from your show notes to share on social media.
  • AGORA PULSE  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 2016
    [Social Media] Instagram Business Pages are Here. So What?
    Instagram social media management Social Media MarketingIt’s an exciting time in the world of Instagram as the photo-sharing giant recently debuted Business Profiles. With this evolution comes new tools, new page layouts, and new analytics. What do these updates look like and we do we get the most from them, you ask? Here’s the scoop: What’s Different with Instagram Business Pages? Business profiles are now a free feature for accounts wanting to be recognized as a business on Instagram. Ease of Access. How do the Insights Work? So What? So What?
    [Social Media] 3 Best Practices for Advertising Your Brand’s Weekly Circular on Social
    It’s no secret that most people follow brands on social media to get deals & discounts. Follow these 3 best practices to help get the most out of your sales-driving social posts. 1) Decide if your weekly ad belongs on social. Social media marketing should not be viewed as another advertising platform. As Gallup stated, “Social media sites are highly personal and conversational … consumers who use these sites do not want to hear sales pitches.” You have to keep in this mind when creating sales posts for social.
    [Social Media] 55% of Visitors Read Your Articles For 15 Seconds or Less: Why We Should Focus on Attention Not Clicks
    With the rise of social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, readers have a multitude of ways to engage with your content: They can share a link to your post on Twitter, Facebook (or any network of their choice). If someone takes the time to spark a discussion on reply to us through a comment then we feel the post must have been useful to them in some way or sparked some curiosity.  A great example is our recent social media study post. Millions of blog posts are published every day. small percentage gain traction and attract readers. It’s because they work.
    [Social Media] Facebook Live Will Dominate Video Streaming
    Social Media Facebook Live Will Dominate Video Streaming. There's also the fact that Facebook Like gets to leverage the largest social platform in the world. Up until now, Facebook Live has been limited to a single broadcaster, unless you use desktop software like OBS Studio or Wirecast to pipe in a Blab or multiple Skype video feeds into a single Facebook Live broadcast (which is what Social Media Examiner does so well). Check out our show calendar/archive here: [link] Posted by Social Media Examiner on Friday, June 24, 2016. That's it, man.
    [Social Media] Copywriting: The Ultimate Guide
    Write Now: Beginner Copywriting Tips For Effective Online Marketing | Social Media Today. Direct Response Copywriting: 13 Formats Proven To Create Winning Campaigns | Kathryn Aragon Media. If Don Draper Tweeted: The 27 Copywriting Formulas That Will Drive Clicks and Engagement on Social Media | Buffer. Covering everything from the top tips and common myths to the best resources and formulas, this ultimate guide to copywriting will make it easy for you to find the answers to your copywriting questions— all in just one place ! Chapter 6: Copywriting Tools.
  • PAM MOORE  |  MONDAY, JUNE 27, 2016
    [Social Media] Facebook Advertising: 5 Foundational Things You Must Know Before Spending a Dime!
    There are far too many “experts” preaching their “get rich quick schemes” or touting that “Facebook marketing is free,” that it unfortunately gives even smart marketers new to earned, owned and paid media such as Facebook advertising a false sense of understanding what is truly required to achieve measurable success and results. Our agency, Marketing Nutz works with brands big and small to help them drive a positive ROI with every dollar spent on digital, social media and marketing overall. You Are the Media! iTunes. Stitcher.
  • LUCY HALL  |  MONDAY, JUNE 27, 2016
    [Social Media] Snapchat 101 – How to use Snapchat (easy get started guide)
    The post Snapchat 101 – How to use Snapchat (easy get started guide) appeared first on Lucy Hall - Social Media. 101 Getting Started Online Snapchat social mediaHere’s your quickfire guide on how to get and use Snapchat.No frills I am afraid, just this is how you do it! – Perfect for those of you just jumping on the wagon! Snapchat is so simple to use, literally anyone can get the app and get going. You need no tech know how just […].
  • LUCY HALL  |  MONDAY, JUNE 27, 2016
    [Social Media] How to create better livestream video content for business
    The post How to create better livestream video content for business appeared first on Lucy Hall - Social Media. Facebook Facebook live Livestream Periscope social mediaMost of us just won’t have a great deal of experience with livestream. just yet! It’s been just over a year after all since the live-streaming sites became popular. We are all still learning what works and what doesn’t – BUT. If only someone could give you a lift and a few ideas as to […].
  • LUCY HALL  |  MONDAY, JUNE 27, 2016
    [Social Media] 5 tips for a successful long term social media strategy (short Read!)
    Social media is mainstream and needn’t be made more complicated than it has to be by the scores of experts! He’s 5 tips for a successful long term social media strategy that really works! Let’s take a look at my 5 core social media tips and the strategy you really need to get going: 1. Choosing the right social networks to invest your time in. Content makes social media sing! Social Media isn’t going anywhere so plan for the long haul. 5. appeared first on Lucy Hall - Social Media.
    [Social Media] 5 Ways to Become a Better Social Marketer Today
    You have long-term goals and strategies to make yourself and your brand better on social, but if you’re looking for ways to become a better social marketer  right now , check out these five resources for social marketing self-improvement. 1 – Run a Quickie Audit. First, run a quick audit of your social properties. Gain insight into the real ROI of social campaigns. Here’s the five-step process to run a social audit right now: Pick 1-3 social networks that matter to your brand most. DO IT NOW. GET TO THE CHOPPER.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  MONDAY, JUNE 27, 2016
    [Social Media] How Political Posts Will Quietly Kill Your Network
    David (DFish) Fisher makes the case on why you shouldn't share political posts on social media for the mere fact that you will always anger someone. Comments Comments Related Stories How NOT to Build a Following on Social Media How to Identify Popular Hashtags on Twitter Google+: The Social Platform We All Love to Hate. The post How Political Posts Will Quietly Kill Your Network appeared first on Spin Sucks.
    [Social Media] Ignite Social Media Named Social Agency of the Year | Social You Should Know
    If you follow us via social, it’s no surprise that we took home the gold at this year’s 2016 Corporate Social Media Awards, being recognized as the Social Agency of the Year. That and more in this week’s Social You Should Know. Ignite Social Media Awarded Social Agency of the Year. Early last week, our team attended Incite Group’s Corporate Social Media Awards and did not come home empty handed. I’m delighted and extremely proud to announce that our agency took home the award for Social Agency of the Year.
    [Social Media] How to Recover From Social Media Fails
    Every company’s worst nightmare is experiencing a social media fail. This article isn’t about the biggest social media fails of 2016. Instead, we’re going to focus on the steps your brand can take to avoid ending up on those lists and what to do after you have an embarrassing social media blunder. How to Avoid Social Media Fails. Social media fails can happen in an instant if no one is paying attention. Companies don’t wake up anticipating being caught up in a social media thunderstorm.
    [Social Media] Monday Roundup: Knocking Down Silos
    How Bloomberg Media Is Rethinking Its Entire Sales Strategy and Seeing Results. Why: “We’ve done something very unique in how we’ve tied together all of our platforms into a very distinct multiplatform advertising proposition with custom content at the core,” says Bloomberg Media CEO Justin Smith to Mark Joyella of Adweek. 3.  PR Crossroads: Four Ways to Navigate Measurement in the Future. No One Puts Social (PR) In a Corner. Social Strategy Can Help Break Your Company’s Silos. Tips for Building Better Teams by Breaking Down Silos. ” 4. 
    [Social Media] Five Top-Rated Social Media Management Tools for 2016 [Infographic]
    What is the “best” social media management tool out right now? Every social media manager has a preferred one that they always use, and it’s usually one of a handful of the top social media management tools on the market. Social media management tools are essential weapons in any marketer’s arsenal – they help keep track of all social media accounts and updates, help save valuable time and help increase engagement across multiple accounts and social networks. Guest post by Lilach Bullock.
    [Social Media] Get Your Social Media Inbox To Zero
    Social Media Get Your Social Media Inbox To Zero. Take Control Over Your Social Media Mentions And Messages. " If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else. " – Yogi Berra. Clearly Yogi wasn't talking about social media or social media tools, but I think it's the right sentiment nonetheless. Because while most of us never would have intended to waste precious time each and every day sifting through loads of social media notifications and messages, that's exactly where we find ourselves.
    [Social Media] What Is Image Recognition? The 9 Best Resources From Around The Web
    How Can Image Recognition Help Your Company’s Social Marketing Efforts? Introducing Image Recognition: The Future of Social Listening. SOCIAL MEDIA NEWSWe’ve said  before  that images are everywhere online. With now more than  1.8 billion photos  being uploaded daily on the internet, the web has become thoroughly visual. As specialists in the field of extracting insights from vast amounts of data, we at Talkwalker believe that brands can’t ignore the effect these images have on customer perception. But how can companies leverage the the power of images?
  • SOCIALFISH  |  MONDAY, JUNE 27, 2016
    [Social Media] 3 Tools and 5 Tips To Help Your Employees Master Social Employee Advocacy
    Is your marketing team stressing out to get recognized on social media and engage with your audience? The concept is simple, your employees will share content on their social media and as a result, increase both their own and the company’s reach. Employee advocacy can increase your brand’s reach by 10x on social media. This means that if you have 30 employees and they have 50 followers on 4 social media platforms your content will be viewed by 6000 more people. Her interests include social media and content marketing.
    [Social Media] 6 ways social media can improve customer service
    Your business probably already has a social media presence. Surely you’re using social media for marketing and branding purposes. Did you know that you can leverage social media to improve customer satisfaction and increase repeat business? Make sure your social media channels are doing just that. For most businesses, it’s true that your customers spend significant time on social media interacting with brands. Be sure to follow basic social media etiquette to help you avoid any embarrassing blunders.
    [Social Media] 6 Ingredients to a Strong Visual Brand on Social Media
    Do you inspire and captivate your social media community? …if you want to stand out on social media , you must earn the attention of your audience. So how can you create a strong visual brand on social media ? Today I’m giving you 6 visual ingredients your social presence can’t live without. Ingredients to a Strong Visual Brand on Social Media.   1. Unique, What does a strong visual brand on social media look like? What type of visual content works best across social media? Social Medi
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  SUNDAY, JUNE 26, 2016
    [Social Media] Illuminate Your Brand Story With Nancy Duarte And Patti Sanchez - This Week's Six Pixels Podcast
    social media. Episode #520 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. One of the world's foremost thinkers on the subject of better communications and presentations is Nancy Duarte. She has been on the show countless times. If you ever need to really study and deep dive into what makes a truly persuasive presentation, you won't find better business books than Slide:ology , Resonate , HBR Guide To Persuasive Presentations , Slidedocs , and her latest, Illuminate. This is a dialogue about making your communications truly connect.
  • KATIE LANCE  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2016
    [Social Media] Academy Week June 27 – June 30
    Join us for a week of free social media training as we continue to celebrate the launch of our #GetSocialSmart Academy ! Did you know that Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms? CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE INSTAGRAM WEBINAR NOW >> How to Create a Social Media Strategy from Soup to Nuts: Wednesday 6/29 12pm PDT / 3pm EDT. Do you feel overwhelmed with social media? Takeaways from this webinar include: * The must-haves for any successful social media strategy. * Do’s and don’ts.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2016
    [Social Media] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #314
    social media. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another:  . Using Metadata To Find Paul Revere - Kieran Healey. "I came across this post while looking into other data science stuff. It's interesting, because it shows how simple facts (like membership in known groups) can tell us a lot about people -- in this case, that Paul Revere was plotting against the British. But it's brilliant, because the writer stays in character. Hugh for Alistair).
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2016
    [Social Media] Gin and Topics: Hide Your Wife. Hide Your Kids. Hide Everyone.
    Social Media Top 5 anna kendrick donald trump finding dory hide your husbands hide your kids hide your wives hillary clinton impressionist james corden jimmy fallon jimmy kimmel little donald love story potus president obama thank you notesOn this week's Gin and Topics, we have a really mad brother, a love story, Finding Dory, and more. Come hang out and watch with us! The post Gin and Topics: Hide Your Wife. Hide Your Kids. Hide Everyone. appeared first on Spin Sucks.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2016
    [Social Media] Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?
    Social Media Lessons We Can Learn From the Pros (With Templates!) | Canva Design School. On a Social Network that is Increasingly Anti-Social, Facebook Groups May Be our Only Hope | The Daily Dot. How to Promote Your Blog and Make it Vira l | Social Media Today. I don’t know about you but I’ve got my game face on. Plenty here to see you through this next week – I particularly enjoyed the Moz Whiteboard Friday about blog post SEO and the post on Facebook reach. Enjoy! Stress-Free Tips for Pricing Your Services | Copyblogger. Templates!
  • AUDIENSE  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2016
    [Social Media] Air Canada Urges Americans To #TestDriveCanada and #FindingDory Makes Waves!
    It’s been busy in the world of social media. Cannes Lions may be in full swing, but we’re making sure our eyes are peeled for the best campaigns currently underway on social and beyond. All this, plus other Social Trends that Team Audiense have been reading about. Music festivals and social networks surely go well hand-in-hand! ¿Tu amigo siempre tiene su #MomentoDory ? Pepsi has done a great job of inserting their legacy into today’s social media generation with #PepsiMoji. Social Strategy Social Trends Twitter Case Studies Twitter Trends
    [Social Media] How to Create Maximum Content with Minimal Hassles
    And then there’s the consulting team, who focuses on a lot of the projects that we do on a strategic planning and consulting front and then there’s the media side, which is really where Convince & Convert started. Now I am the Managing Editor at Convince & Convert Media, which includes all of our blogs, which we publish between eight and ten blog posts per week, plus all of our podcast production. oversee everything that goes out on Convince & Convert Media. Social Media StrategySo Jess, I am super-excited about this topic. Kate : Yes.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2016
    [Social Media] The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Gerry Corbett
    FollowFriday follow Social Media PR job coach PRSA CEO PRSA Chair Red Phlag Group rocket scientistOn this week's Spin Sucks Inquisition, we have former PRSA Chair and CEO, Gerry Corbett. He and Gini Dietrich talk all things PR, both future and past. The post The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Gerry Corbett appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Nicole Rodrigues The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Tony Gnau The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Deirdre Breakenridge.
    [Social Media] Huge News For Live Streaming Video
    Social Media Huge News For Live Streaming Video. No, don't start sharing more of your old home movies to social media. Thanks to VidCon, this week has been the focus of video developments from a bunch of platforms, so we're just going to get into it. Facebook Live Video. Facebook officially announced that Facebook Live video streaming will soon support multiple broadcasters. Specifically, it was reported that you will be able to "invite a friend to 'drop in' to a broadcast.". Get the full scoop from TechCrunch here. YouTube Live Video. Tumblr Live Video.
    [Social Media] From Brexit to Nexit – Who’s Next After UK Votes to Leave EU
    But the UK certainly isn’t alone in it’s euroscepticism and using social listening , we’ve taken a look at the other nations that may now be looking to leave the EU by tracking the various #?exit The chart below shows the numbers and terms that were analyzed: For more Brexit related insights, visit our live EU referendum dashboard which highlights all the post-referendum discussions online and across social networks. exit hashtags for a selection of European countries.
  • GEMMA WENT  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2016
    [Social Media] How to nail social media in 30 minutes a day
    If you’re serious about succeeding on social in 30 minutes a day (or less), you can. Pick your platform(s) Nailing your social media marketing does not mean you have to conquer every channel out there. The post How to nail social media in 30 minutes a day appeared first on Gemma Went. Handy tips Social Media simply smart social mediaYou simply have to put in the effort to set up your system. Who is your target audience? Where do […].
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2016
    [Social Media] Get SoundCloud Plays Quickly, Cheaply, and Often
    Beginners SoundCloud music marketing music promotion online marketing online music marketing social media marketing soundcloud soundcloud marketing soundcloud plays soundcloud promotion twitter marketingIt can be tough to get SoundCloud plays out there, especially for new artists. That’s the way it has always been in the music industry, it seems like no one wants to listen to you …until everyone wants to listen to you! With SoundCloud you have the opportunity to push more people to listen to […].
    [Social Media] Social Media IRL: Facebook Starts Attributing Unattributable Revenue
    The Social Marketer’s Guide to Social Media ROI Download Today! As a social analytics company, we’re focused on helping Simply Measured customers connect the dots and correctly attribute web traffic, conversions, and sales that social influenced…but this isn’t a story about what we’re doing today. When you think about this ability to track in-store visits, paired with insight into private sharing and holistic, cross-channel social identities, marketers are poised to leverage social in ways they never thought possible.
    [Social Media] The Power of Personality on Twitter (And What Your Brand Can Steal)
    2016 Social Marketing Planning Guide Download. Brands struggle all the time with trying to give their brands a human face on social media, the marketing channel where a casual, available touch is the best way to build a community. Popular personalities on social give you the feeling that they are talking directly to you, no matter how many millions follow them. This is a great example of how social media can be a valuable channel for generating brand authority in a saturated industry. Education & Analysis Social MediaWatch to find out!
    [Social Media] An Insider Look at Reach and Frequency Ad Buying on Facebook
    This tool is based on the tried and true method of buying traditional media which allows the advertiser to control the reach and frequency of their messaging to their audience. If your goal is to showcase a new product or get your name out there in the social space, this buying method gives you the advantage of predictable delivery to a predetermined audience. The post An Insider Look at Reach and Frequency Ad Buying on Facebook appeared first on Ignite Social Media - The original social media agency. Me, too. It’s time to pay to play.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2016
    [Social Media] The Power of Online Referral Marketing
    Marketing Referral Marketing BuzzFeed driving traffic to your website through referrals Get high profile referrals Nielsen study reach out to an influencer referrals social media advertising Start a Referral Program Study Your Analytics the ROI for your advertising budget word of mouth YelpReferral marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business, online and off. Susanne Loxton has some tips, tools, books, and apps for you to use. The post The Power of Online Referral Marketing appeared first on Spin Sucks.
    [Social Media] Meet Team Sprout: Jordan, Product Education Specialist
    While she didn’t start out in this role, Jordan’s interest in education and training grew during her time at Sprout Social. ’ Jordan Balkin Product Education Specialist @ Sprout Social @jordanbalkin. Do you have a personal favorite social media platform? This post Meet Team Sprout: Jordan, Product Education Specialist originally appeared on Sprout Social. At Sprout, we want to ensure that both our customers and employees are confident in using our products as well as understanding its business and industry impact. Name: Jordan Balkin. Team Sprout
  • AUDIENSE  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2016
    [Social Media] The Art & Science of Forecasting Agency Pitch Opportunities
    Almost eight months later, Hyundai partnered with Vice Media to launch new hybrid electric car Ioniq this September. Social Strategy Social Media StrategyThis post has been written by Natalie Hogg, Editor & Lead New Business Analyst, DailyVista UK. For agency new business executives, there’s nothing worse than hearing about a missed opportunity to pitch a qualified account. It’s like being caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella, only worse. How competitive is the market? How well is the current head of marketing delivering on objectives?
    [Social Media] ProBlogger Event Speakers Share Their Experience
    It is easy to justify the time we spend on social media, reading blogs etc as “work” To keep focused I set boundaries and set myself up for success by removing as many distractions as possible so I stay focused on the task at hand. By Grove Galligan. At this year’s 7th Annual ProBlogger Event, hundreds of bloggers will come together to network with each other and learn from over 30 speakers and subject matter experts. What separates those attending from those presenting is…. not much. Bloggers are speaking, and most of the speakers blog. Time Management. Lisa Corduff.
    [Social Media] 3 Social Media Promotions to End Your Fiscal Year
    Social promotions are an easy way to show success as you wrap up this year, and here are 3 different social media promotions that you can execute on a fairly quick turnaround. Beyond social paid media, one of the best ways to generate awareness and impressions is with an influencer program. There are many different social promotions you can execute in order to generate additional engagements. All you need is an engaging image, an exciting call-to-action, official rules, and hopefully some paid media to boost the post.
    [Social Media] How to Love Facebook Live
    Facebook is not only the world’s largest social network, it’s also a media monster. It is a rapidly changing media for sharing short-form video–and I mean rapidly changing. Be social. One of the trickier aspects of Facebook Live is that you not only need to address viewers via the live stream, but you also need to be mindful of social comments being made on your wall in real-time. Especially as Facebook becomes a media giant, you owe it to yourself to consider its value and relevance to your brand. Have a purpose. Both approaches work.
  • KIKOLANI  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2016
    [Social Media] 5 Video Marketing Tips
    So you’ve done your content, social media and email marketing campaign. Coupled with this, hundreds of such videos are shared on social media sites. Global media analytics and measurement company, ComScore , states that 45.4% of internet users viewed a minimum of one video on the internet in the course of a month in 2015. research conducted by Horizon Media in May, 2015 stated that 21% of internet users in the US would be more inclined towards Meerkat or Preiscope. Facebook video ads give brands with a limited budget to market on the social site.
    [Social Media] PB126: How to Create a Blogging Will (and Why You Should)
    For example, they’d need my PayPal account login details, affiliate program logins and ad network access details, domain name registration access, servers, bank accounts, email accounts, social media access and of course passwords to the blogs themselves. Creating a Blogging Will. Today, I want to talk about something that may come across as a little morbid or depressing, but something that I think is important – particularly for those of us who do generate a living from our blogs (or at least a decent part time income). . It’s all about how to prepare a ‘blogging will’.
    [Social Media] 4 Social Media Management Strategies for Mobile Consumers
    How many social media management strategies REALLY incorporate mobile users? Marketing Land reported that nearly 80 percent of social media time is now spent on mobile devices. Therefore, when they check their social media accounts, it includes short time intervals. If not, your business will get lost among all the other social noise. Check out these four social media management strategies to interact with mobile consumers. 1. Begin monitoring your social media channels to learn more. Go Social With Mobile.
    [Social Media] [Webinar Replay] Facebook Marketing for Real Estate
    In this exclusive webinar hosted by Contactually and social media strategist Katie Lance agents will learn how to leverage their personal Facebook profiles, build relationships with past clients, utilize the latest in business page strategies for engagement and run cost-effective Facebook ads. If you’re tired of the social media time suck and ready to get smarter about how you use social media check out our #GetSocialSmart Academy here ! Blog contactually facebook facebook marketing real estate social media webinar
    [Social Media] 3 Tactics to Improve Your Social Media Process
    Here at Ignite Social Media we embrace the core values of #AlwaysLearning, #Collaboration and #ClientSuccess. By expanding your own knowledge in the social media arena and working together with your co-workers, you can ensure that your brand’s social media processes will improve. So, here are three things that you can start implementing right away to enhance your social media process. With every social channel serving a different purpose, chances are high that your fans are following your brand on more than one social channel.
    [Social Media] 8 Agorapulse Features That Will Make Your Life Easier (and you won’t find anywhere else!)
    There are tons of social media management tools out there. We start by offering the must-haves that social media managers need. But we also offer exclusive features that have come out of our THOUSANDS of hours talking to social media managers and agencies about what they wish to see in a social media management tool. I’d love to share eight of these features with you right now. 1- Inbox Zero Communication. We built a tool that will make you feel the same way with managing social media. Agorapulse News social media managemen
    [Social Media] How to Successfully Mine Your Social Media Data
    That same sentiment still rings true for social media marketers and advertisers. Now we’re counted on to show our work when we prove social media has a strong return on investment (ROI). It’s sort of crazy to think some businesses still don’t trust social media as an ROI source. But when we gather social media data, it’s hard to argue against the numbers. But the truth is, you can gather, measure and analyze social media data with the right tools and mindset. What Is Social Media Data? Likes. Mentions. Comments.
    [Social Media] The State of Link Building 2016: What I Learned Manually Analysing 1,000 Search Results
    The types of links here include things like irrelevant blog comments, forum profile pages, social bookmarking links and very often from non-English Blogspot blogs. Social Shares. The average number of social shares for all results was 3,823. You can’t show whether social shares helped a website to rank or whether they’re simply a byproduct of writing great content which would have attracted links anyway. Big media publishers are not the only ones who get away with putting footer links wherever they can. Social MediaThe Results.
    [Social Media] Will Business Accounts Change Instagram?
    Instagram instagram instagram accounts instagram for business instagram marketing instagram strategy social media social media marketingThere has been a lot of excitement recently about the announcement that Instagram will introduce business profiles to the platform. Inevitably, there are some mixed feelings on this – there always are when we change a platform we know and love. You may have seen that I was quoted in a Yahoo finance article on this… The post Will Business Accounts Change Instagram? appeared first on Jenn's Trends.
    [Social Media] Ignite Social Media Named Social Agency of the Year
    In case you’ve been wondering why we’re drinking Mimosa’s at 9am on a Tuesday (or why our COO is dancing on Snapchat), it’s because we’ve recently been awarded Social Agency of the Year by Incite Group’s  Corporate Social Media Awards. This reward is to shine the light on the sometimes unsung heroes – the agencies that are helping improve and evolve corporate social media. The post Ignite Social Media Named Social Agency of the Year appeared first on Ignite Social Media - The original social media agency.
    [Social Media] Twitter & Industry Experts Share Advice on Social Customer Care
    Customer care is an integral component of any  social media marketing strategy  but many brands don’t know where to start when it comes to developing a well-rounded approach. To help tackle the growing trend, we gathered a group of seasoned experts during our recent  Sprout Social Hour  in New York City. Joined by  Erica Moss , Community Manager at Bitly, and  Emily Chapman , Technical Account Manager at Trello, and Sprout’s product marketing manager,  Patrick Cuttica , I moderated a lively discussion on some  social customer care best practices.
    [Social Media] 40 Core Philosophies From the Most Famous Marketers in History
    What:  Media pundits thought Kim Kardashian would break the internet when she bared all for Paper magazine , but the Kardashians’ real power move is to make sure they’re offering a multi-platform experience—much more than you see on social media , including custom emoji and a branded content portal.  “I see what we do on social media as the appetizer,” Khloe Kardashian told the New York Times. We like a challenge, and tend to share it with others when it creates social currency for us. What:  In 2001, social media barely existed.
    [Social Media] How Distributed Content Can Help Control Social Messaging
    Yet with social media platforms, oftentimes messaging is controlled by the user. Distributed content is an effective way to have more control over your social messaging. It’s kind of like the social media version of the “telephone” game: the recipient gets a clearer message fewer iterations from the sender. In this post I’m going to focus on four social platforms where any publisher can leverage distributed content to better control their social messaging: Facebook, Apple News, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Begin publishing.
    [Social Media] How to Change a Featured Image of Your Post Shared on Facebook
    Click social icon. 3. Tired of the social media time suck? Ready to get smarter about how you use social media? Have you ever shared a page or post on Facebook from your site or blog and the image Facebook pulls is not the one you wanted or expected? Or what if you changed the main image of that page and Facebook is still showing the old one. This is frustrating indeed – but there is a little hidden tool that Facebook provides that can help you solve this problem. Setting up the image you want in a WordPress website. 1. Next is where the real trick comes in.
    [Social Media] Tumblr Now Has Live Video: Why and What Your Brand Can Do About It
    Tumblr is throwing its hat in the ring with all the other social networks who offer live video to brands and audiences —  Facebook,  YouTube,   Twitter,  and Snapchat.  Can a social network turn into a TV network? I don’t know, but I think Tumblr is going to try. Tumblr has two major advantages for brands: a devoted, active community base of young people, and a manipulable platform for brands and media publishers who want to reach this devoted community base. The 2016 State of Social Marketing Download. Tumblr is the social network to get creative.
    [Social Media] What Motivates People to Share on Facebook? (Infographics)
    use social media, and 84 percent of internet users worldwide between the ages of 16 and 64 use Facebook specifically. More than one-half of all adults in the U.S. While there are some generational differences between what people share, most Facebook users seem to favor sharing funny or inspiring content. But what is the real motivation behind what people share on Facebook? Content marketing agency Fractl surveyed more than 2,000 Facebook users to uncover the motivation behind their sharing habits. The percentage of people who share more than once a day is pretty small.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2016
    [Social Media] How to Identify Popular Hashtags on Twitter
    Hashtags are an integral part of the marketing strategy for the majority of successful social media marketers. by Paula Kiger Related Stories Six Powerful Tips to Increase Online Engagement Top Seven Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers 10 Ways to Be Compelling on Instagram. Social Media Twitter hashtag Hashtagify.me If you are yet to explore this avenue, Jack Danielson shares four proven ways to find trending topics on Twitter that people in your niche are actually discussing about. Comments Thanks! by Jack Danielson Genius!!
    [Social Media] Introducing Sprout’s Built-In Image Editor Powered by Adobe Creative SDK
    When it comes to creating engaging social posts, compelling visuals are more important than ever. The sheer volume of images being shared across social networks each day suggests that, in order to stand out, creating unique visuals that are optimized for their intended networks and audiences is paramount to social publishing success. For example, you can: Use drafts and message approval workflow to streamline the creative process between design and content teams when adding and editing on-brand visuals in your social posts. Product Updates
    [Social Media] Fair Use in the Digital Millennium Copyright Era
    The DMCA places limitations on Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and creates certain responsibilities with regard to digital media and information. Social media users, in particular, worry about how their information and content are shared with other users or third parties. For social media platforms, there are plenty of precautions and steps that can be taken to empower users and customers to share while still ensuring that everything remains legal. Fair Use in the Digital Millennium Copyright Era By Jenny Q. ” Click To Tweet. Jenny Q.
    [Social Media] How to Plan for Success with Your July 4th Social Media Content
    The post How to Plan for Success with Your July 4th Social Media Content appeared first on Ignite Social Media - The original social media agency. July 4 th is right around the corner, and I can almost smell the grilled foods, see the fireworks, and unroll paper towels to clean up after cutting a watermelon. For those of us in the content marketing scene, July 4 th is a great time to celebrate America and all the traditions that go along with the holiday. With that aside, let’s take a look at 3 ways brands have succeeded on July 4 th. Go Full America.
  • KIKOLANI  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2016
    [Social Media] 5 Content Marketing Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic
    Sharing on more than one Social Media channel.  . I’ll just have to come out and say it straight: if really doesn’t matter how entertaining, valuable or actionable your articles are. Now when you write an article, you share it on all of your social media channels of course. When choosing your influencers, reach out to those that have a big number of social media followers. You want them to share the post they write for you, or that you include them in, on their social media profiles. Content Marketing Traffic Boosting Tactics . Blogging
    [Social Media] How Much Do You Know About Your Consumers’ Cultural Communities?
    Social media engagement and community building is such an important piece of growing consumer advocacy. We’ve reached a point where people are pleading with social media users to reduce their hashtag use. As you can see by looking at the top interests (or contextually relevant accounts) of this community, many of them are related to Donald Trump, Christian Conservative leaders, political commentators, and media sources. Social Media Strategy audience engagement cultural analysis hashtags online communities social media strategy twitter strategy
    [Social Media] How to Get More Instagram Likes Through Customer Engagement
    One of the easiest forms of social media engagement is the “like.” There are numerous studies that look at the best posting times for social networks. But if you do, make sure you’re doing so with purpose and not just uploading media for the sake of publishing content. Instagram is all about media, so it’s easy to overlook the description accompanying your photo or video. Hashtags are an excellent way to give your content a visibility boost across social platforms, and especially on Instagram. Wondering how to get more Instagram likes? 8-9 a.m.
  • AGORA PULSE  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2016
    [Social Media] How Your Clients Are Strangling Your Agency – And What You Must Do to Stop It
    So where are the leaks with clients and how can you plug them? I’ve looked at this closely over many years working in social media. I’ve also picked the brains of two Agency experts, Luke Brynley-Jones, Managing Director at OST , and Cemanthe McKenzie, Founder of New Media Angels , who are working day in and day out with clients.  We can all learn from their insight and advice about putting a stop to profits being squeezed by clients. 1. Lack of understanding about social media and expectations mismatch. Going beyond scope. Where you are leaking profit.
    [Social Media] Why Every Markerter in 2016 Needs to Be a (Part-Time) Designer: 53 Design Terms and Tips to Level-Up
    Now, in 2016, visual content is more than 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content and it’s become obvious and even necessary for all of us marketers to have some at least basic design knowledge. Thankfully, we live in a wonderful world where anyone can make the jump from novice to intermediate and  create well-designed images for social media.  Turns out, to take your social media images from good to great, is a reasonable leap. There are tools like Pablo and Canva that make this design work achievable (and beautiful).
    [Social Media] Euro 2016 on Twitter: 10 Great Accounts Every Fan Should Follow
    Euro 2016 is now well underway with every goal, incident and meme sending social media into a frenzy. We’re tracking all the big Euro 2016 social discussions on our Euro 2016 live dashboard but with so much social media activity every day, the question is who should we all be following to make sure we don’t miss the best bits? We used our social listening platform to create a list of   players, pundits and accounts that have had the biggest impact on the Twittersphere so far. Gareth Bale ( @GarethBale11 ). Total Followers : 8.45 million.
    [Social Media] 12 Most Creative Strategies to Craft an Effective Blog Post
    Other things that can be shared or pinned independently on social networks (such as an infographic which can be shared as is, while allowing your post to be featured in a more visual way) are truly helpful to make your readers want to scroll for more, and even keep them coming back to your blog. Distribute your post across various channels such as email, social networks and forums. Here are some pointers to cross-promote effectively: Use the top social media networks. You must optimize your post for each social network. Guest post from Pauline of Twelve Skip.
    [Social Media] The Six Best Google+ Marketing Tools
    Despite its detractors , Google+ remains one of the “big four” social networks and has its share of prominent fans in the business world. For most websites, Google+ doesn’t drive the volume of social traffic that Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter do. Google+-oriented social media management tool, Friends+Me lets you schedule posts on Google+, cross-promote those posts to your accounts on other popular social networks, and coordinate posting activities with team members. Here are half a dozen of the most popular, as ranked by reviewers.
    [Social Media] Introducing the 2016 State of Social Marketing Report
    I’m excited to share with you our 2016 State of Social Marketing Report. This report incorporates a survey of social marketers, industry reports, and original research about the top brands in the world and how they’re using each social network. The survey uncovered trends about a wide range of topics, but perhaps the most interesting was the disconnect between what social marketers are measuring, and what their bosses are asking for. Here’s a major finding that you might be interested in: The Social Data Disconnect. In addition, 33.6%
    [Social Media] Why Data Should Be at the Core of Your PR Efforts
    As a PR professional and social media marketer at PR tech company AirPR , I’m here to explain why data should inform your PR efforts. Why is this relevant to social media marketers? Because social media is the ultimate communication channel between brands and the public, and thus, IMO, should be connected to public relations efforts. social media) or in a process of evolution and reinvention (i.e. The Social Media Metrics Map Download. Education & Analysis Social MediaThis cannot be stressed enough.
    [Social Media] How Book of the Month Club Is Building a Vibrant Community on Instagram
    An extension of this online forum is the social magazine that is Instagram. Here Book of the Month Club has cultivated its own social influencer program, choosing renowned authors who also are active on social media to judge and choose books for them. Remember those Book of the Month Club advertisements you used to see as you flipped through your magazine? Well, Book of the Month Club has gone digital for the Instagram age, transforming into a subscription-based e-commerce book club offering a limited number of new books each month to members. Multiple Posts per Day.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2016
    [Social Media] When Snapchat Is Not As Temporary As Some Might Think
    Social media is more permanent than many of our youngsters may think. Paula Kiger shares a beautiful story and some life lessons learned from an adventure on social media. Snapchat Social Media Autism Cooks lesson of forgiveness lessons from social media lovely local eatery nativity-on-the-move Snap a friend Social media adventure the road of forgiveness and dignityThe post When Snapchat Is Not As Temporary As Some Might Think appeared first on Spin Sucks.
    [Social Media] What the Elimination of Facebook’s 20% Text Rule Really Means
    Community Managers and Social Media Buyers around the world rejoiced! The post What the Elimination of Facebook’s 20% Text Rule Really Means appeared first on Ignite Social Media - The original social media agency. Facebook Marketing Social Advertising Advertising on Facebook facebook Facebook 20 percent rule Facebook 20% Text Rule Facebook Advertising Facebook Text Rule Facebook Text rule on images facebook updates ignite social media social media Social Media Agency Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing Agency
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2016
    [Social Media] LinkedIn - A Newer Professional Social Network?
    It's not a long segment - about 5 to 10 minutes every week - about everything that is happening in the world of technology and digital media. If Facebook is our social network, is Microsoft now our professional social network? We write a ton on Facebook, but shortly the world's largest online social network is predicting that it will be entirely mobile and - probably - all video. digital media. social media. Every Monday morning at 7:10 am, I am a guest contributor on CHOM 97.7 FM radio broadcasting out of Montreal (home base). morning show.
    [Social Media] 10 Personal Branding Secrets to Use for Social Media
    Do your social media profiles scream promotion, promotion, promotion? If so, you could be missing out on the true personal branding power that social media holds. At its best, social media will allow you and your business to be seen and heard as an expert in your field. Promotion is only a small aspect of a social media strategy. And more importantly, how do you use social media to build your own brand? Importance Of Social Media & Personal Branding. And how do you meet your broader social media goals ?
    [Social Media] Is LinkedIn a Sign of What’s to Come for Social Media Networks? | Social You Should Know
    Microsoft and LinkedIn made big headlines this week, while social networks continue to expand their advertising features. That and more in this week’s Social You Should Know. Meanwhile, this article predicts that the sale is a sign of things to come for other social media networks. I don’t doubt that we’ll see this kind of purchase happen again – we’ve always warned that the hot social media network of today will be gone tomorrow. The post Is LinkedIn a Sign of What’s to Come for Social Media Networks?
    [Social Media] Monday Roundup: Smart Integrated Communications
    Why: “One truth about online fundraisers: It is very, very hard to succeed with social media and blog content alone,” writes Geoff Livingston as he explains why “frankly, you need multiple tactics.” Promote Social Media to the Integrated Communications Bullpen. This lacks strategy, misses overlap opportunities and may not tie back to the overarching goals of your company,” writes Greg Rokisky  (one of my Social PR Virtuosos !). 5.  How to Solve Your Social ROI Puzzle. yellow brick road. 1. ” 2.  ” 4. 
  • SOCIALFISH  |  MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2016
    [Social Media] How to Leverage Social Media to Maximize Your CSR Efforts
    Social media has become the primary hub for marketing among brands of every size. Open platforms for engagement are an enticing and powerful tool, and the focus has really shifted from traditional media to digital advertising campaigns. Whole companies grow from bootstrap startups to multi-million dollars companies using an almost entire social media strategy. Even the most questionable companies are launching socially responsible programs to help communities across the globe. And you can use social media to boost your efforts.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2016
    [Social Media] PB125: How to Handle Critical and Attacking Comments from Blog Readers
    Sometimes looking at the links to their blog/social, previous comments or things said in the comment can give you an understanding of the agenda of the person. A lot of this is about trying to get to the heart of what’s going on with the comment. Ignore it – If the feedback comes on social media and its troll like I usually ignore it. If their blog/social/comment shows that they’re going through something. Handling Critical Comments and Attacks from Blog Readers. So how should a blogger deal with criticism of their blogging? Is there some truth in it?
  • PROBLOGGER  |  MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2016
    [Social Media] PB125: Tips on How to Handle Critical and Attacking Comments from Blog Readers
    Sometimes looking at the links to their blog/social, previous comments or things said in the comment can give you an understanding of the agenda of the person. A lot of this is about trying to get to the heart of what’s going on with the comment. Ignore it – If the feedback comes on social media and its troll like I usually ignore it. If their blog/social/comment shows that they’re going through something. Handling Critical Comments and Attacks from Blog Readers. So how should a blogger deal with criticism of their blogging? Is there some truth in it?
    [Social Media] SEO Mega-Checklist: 75 steps to increased visibility for your site (infographic)
    Use Social Sharing Buttons. Effective use of social sharing buttons is important for on-page optimization. Moreover, it also helps you to get more outbound links and they do well on social media, thereby improving your search traffic. Optimize Social Share Image Settings With Yoast SEO. Improve your site’s organic search ranking by optimizing your social share images with Yoast SEO. Here is a detailed guide on how to set-up Yoast SEO Plugin to optimize social sharing images. Social Signals Impact Search Engine Rankings. Post by Nirav Dave.
    [Social Media] What Kind Of Content Do Buyers Love [Infographic]
    Content is shared 3 times faster than text, so imagine what social sharing can do for your sales. Memes with GIF content usually go viral on social media quickly, so don’t be afraid to use humor to your advantage. Popularity of Visual Media on Social Platforms. Social Image Resizer Tool helps you resize images easily for your social media profiles. Always use eye-catching visual content to link to your blog from your social networks. Do optimize your designs for all social networks. Social Selling Best PracticesMemes.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  SUNDAY, JUNE 19, 2016
    [Social Media] Why Boosting Facebook Posts Is Not So Bad After All
    Social media and website content is 24/7. By ProBlogger SME Samantha Jockel. When I think back over the past six years I have been using Facebook as a business tool, there have been moments of exhilaration and despair. In the early days, we experienced incredible growth on some of our Facebook pages – growing thousands of people overnight without a dollar spent. And then there was this word algorithm that started to pop up, which is when dread began to set in. Then Facebook ads came along and at that point I thought it was the beginning of the end. Audiences. Popularity.
    [Social Media] Will Social Media Influence The Travel Channel Launch's of "Deep Fried America?" An interview with host Jay Ducote
    What makes Jay especially relevant to the Diva Marketing community is his use of social media, aka Social TV, to promote his on-air opportunity on the Food Network and to leverage the social buzz to encourage Scripps Networks Interactive to pick up the Deep Fried America pilot. In our Diva Marketing interview Jay generous shares his insights on Social TV, how to social media tips, some of his Food Network Star backstory and what it was like to be a dude blogger back in 2009! Secondly, social engagement absolutely helps. Enjoy Jay's Story.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  SUNDAY, JUNE 19, 2016
    [Social Media] Invisible Influence With Jonah Berger - This Week's Six Pixels Podcast
    social media. Episode #519 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Nothing makes me happier than when people that I deeply admire and respect come out with a new book. don't know about you, but I love everything about the deep dive that a rich and enjoyable business book has to offer. One of the thinkers that never lets me down is Jonah Berger. Berger In his new book, Berger looks at the subtle and secret influences that impact our choices. Enjoy the conversation. advertising podcast. audio. blogging. brand. business blog. mirum.
  • KIKOLANI  |  SATURDAY, JUNE 18, 2016
    [Social Media] Become a Digital Marketing Certified Associate (DMCA) with Simplilearn
    Next, you have Jennifer Evans Cario , President of SugarSpun Marketing and Adjunct Professor for Rutgers University’s online Social Media Mini MBA program. If you’re curious about social proof (i.e., As you may have noticed, there are lots of certification opportunities popping up in the online marketing landscape. The questions that you may have when looking over them are as follows. Which ones are legit? Which ones will you actually gain valuable knowledge? Would they be legit? Would digital marketers be able to learn something from them? Absolutely! Busines
    [Social Media] #Sproutchat Recap: Demand & Lead Generation Strategies
    This week at #SproutChat  we discussed social strategies and best practices for demand and lead generation. Creating a social content strategy powered by SEO and a combination of paid and organic distribution can help catch the attention of prospective customers. Build Brand Awareness with Social Media. Social should be apart of your demand and lead generation initiatives. Use social to target a specific audience demographic , facilitate two-way conversations and gain feedback. They are also crucial components of a marketer’s responsibility. sproutchat.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2016
    [Social Media] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #313
    social media. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another:  . Is Your Startup Idea Already Taken? BuzzFeed.  Plenty of advisors tell founders to pitch their companies as 'A for B' (echoing the famous, possibly apocryphal, 'Aliens is Jaws in space' pitch story). The reasoning is, that if you pick two concepts people understand, they can put them together in their brains and make a delicious mental blend. It's pretty remarkable." Good luck."
    [Social Media] 3 Creative Ways to Use Twitter Polls
    When there’s conversation swirling on social that you want your brand to contribute to, you can only do a handful of things. This gave us a good idea of the feeling this announcement inspired within our audience of social marketers. We tried to put this into practice for our social profiles. As you can see below, I was curious what people wanted to learn more about via Simply Measured on social. Education & Analysis Social MediaAll marketers know that Twitter is a great platform for audience engagement. Coming soon! We hear you.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2016
    [Social Media] Gin and Topics: Father’s Day Edition
    Social Media Top 5 #dadquotes chasing kayla dumb things guys say espn heckler jimmy fallon kate nolan locknet opening number outtakes serena williams tony awards whitney fayThis week's Gin and Topics is a Father's Day edition, with #DadQuotes, the dumb things guys say, and a sports story that will make you cry. Gini Dietrich has that and more for your entertainment pleasure. The post Gin and Topics: Father’s Day Edition appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories Gin and Topics: The Tony Awards Prep Gin and Topics: Toddlers or Terrorists?
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2016
    [Social Media] Don't Confuse An Influencer With Influencer Marketing
    In case you didn't know, it's not all that difficult to pay someone that has a large social media presence to talk up your products and services. These individuals (some of them are traditional celebrities, but most of them are just individuals who have built their own social media followings) can be bought and will shill for your brand. That's how all successful publishers across all of the media channels have won to date. Trust media. media channel. social media. Influencer marketing is all the rage right now. It isn't. audience.
  • AGORA PULSE  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2016
    [Social Media] How to Improve Your Facebook Barometer Score
    You might “do social” from 9-5 in your time zone, but that might not necessarily be when the majority of your fan page is on Facebook. Might they turn to social media late at night? If you use a social media management tool , try to use its “schedule post” feature more often based on your audience’s behavior and geography. The Agorapulse Barometer gives Facebook page admins a look at how they’re doing against pages with similar fan counts. Let me give you some pointers that have worked for many other businesses on Facebook.
  • AUDIENSE  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2016
    [Social Media] The 5 Pillars Of Your Social Data Framework For An Olympic Strategy
    Twitter’s active user based has doubled since then and approximately 800 million extra people are now on social networks, so we can expect even more social media data to analyse and act upon this year. Official affiliation with the Olympic Games costs hundreds of millions, but the data provided by social media around the event still presents ample opportunities for brands to build significant market share in a sporting conversation before, during, and after the games. Social Strategy Social Media Data Twitter DataWho Do You Want To Reach?
  • PROBLOGGER  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2016
    [Social Media] Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?
    10 Social Media Blunders that Cost a Millennial Their Job – Or Worse | Money. Social Media ‘Outstrips TV’ as News Source for Young People | BBC. I don’t know if you’d call me a young person, but we watch about zero TV these days (except for Masterchef) and we definitely don’t get our news from there any more. I’m not surprised at this research, but what does that mean for people with online businesses? I have to say, my favourite link this week has got to be the first one – the interview with Rand Fishkin. hope so!
    [Social Media] Social Solute: 4 Brands on Social Media to Admire This Year
    While we know there is much more to come in the next half of 2016, we want to take a moment to salute brands who are doing a killer job so far on social media. Not only is the company’s entire feed aesthetically pleasing and wanderlust-inducing, but it follows many channel-specific social best practices. The animation film studio is renowned for its beloved children’s movies—but as social media marketers, we’re mainly interested in how the studio utilizes platforms like Snapchat. Was it an effective use of social? Airbnb. Disney Pixar. Absolutely.
    [Social Media] How This Digital Agency Drives Revenue from Social Media (and How You Can Too)
    Gather Social , a digital agency based in Nottingham, UK, takes this focused approach with every new client they bring on. The single thing that Gather Social wants to achieve for you on social media is an impact to your bottom line revenue. Gather Social was profitable within its first year of existence, and they retain 90 percent of the clients they work with. Kevan, Buffer: How might you approach a social media strategy for a client? How does social media fit within what you offer at Gather Social? When can you deliver?'”
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2016
    [Social Media] The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Nicole Rodrigues
    FollowFriday follow Social Media nfl cheerleader nrpr group prfect pitch raidersOn the Spin Sucks Inquisition this week sits Nicole Rodrigues, PR agency owner, PRfect Pitch host, former NFL cheerleader, and all-around smart human. Gini Dietrich hosts her as they discuss business ownership, employee morale, and great clients. The post The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Nicole Rodrigues appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Tony Gnau The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Deirdre Breakenridge The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Robert Moore.
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