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Link Building Tactics for Publishers

Adam Sherk

When it comes to link building publishers have a significant advantage because editorial content, be it hard news or evergreen content, lends itself naturally to linking and sharing. It is one of the many reasons that content marketing has become so popular, as brands in other industries put an emphasis on content development and promotion and essentially become publishers themselves.

Take Advantage of Additional Google News Opportunities for Publishers

Adam Sherk

Google News continues to be an important source of traffic for publishers, in particular from the news OneBoxes that are frequently included in regular Web search results. In addition to creating Google News sitemaps (including the image-specific tags), it supports the news_keywords tag and standout tag and it can create an Editors’ Picks RSS feed.

6 Social Tools to Use Immediately After You Hit “Publish”


published it. In fact, publishing your article is just the first step. have shared some of the most essential steps to take right after you publish an article which include: Email those who helped you write it (If you were using any expert quotes). But it’s not required to do that for each article you publish: Maybe once in a while run the tool and keep it mind.

Google Reader Alternatives: 3 Web Based RSS Readers to Manage Your Subscriptions


follow a lot of blogs and various RSS feeds. Plus, when I’m ready to periodically purge my RSS feeds, I can look at the Twitter handles and figure out quickly whether I have engaged with them or not. How to Export Your Google Reader RSS Feeds & Subscriptions. The first thing you will want to do is export your RSS subscriptions in Google Reader. Feedly. Search.

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12 Social Media Tools for Scheduling and Publishing Updates Compared


In this post, I wanted to share my findings for others who are also in the process of choosing a social media publishing tool for their business. The following are the social media tools for scheduling and publishing updates that I chose to research. They do have features that allow you to automate publishing updates to specified social media networks. AgoraPulse. Buffer.

Official Publisher Profiles on Digg One Year Later: Followers up 720%

Adam Sherk

When I did my original post Digg v4 was just about to come out of alpha so there has been a significant increase in exposure for the profiles and many more publishers have created them. Most of the publishers continue to follow very few others: Profile Following 8/10/11 Following 8/4/10. 8/10/11 Diggs by Publisher. 8/4/10 Increase Comments by Publisher.

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Turning off the ViperChill RSS Feed: What You HAVE to Tell Your Blog Readers

Viper Chill

Though niches that have more web savvy audiences like marketing or technology are more likely to be affected, this is going to impact anyone who has built up their RSS readership. Also, doing it now means you can alert them again in the future with enough of a gap to remind them without annoying people who don’t subscribe via RSS. recommend Feedly as your new RSS home.

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How to Create a Latest Posts Portfolio Page with WP RSS Aggregator


The plugin you will need is WP RSS Aggregator. This plugin allows you to combine multiple RSS feeds and publish them on one single page using a piece of shortcode. To set up your latest posts portfolio page, you will use Add New Feed Source to add each of your author-specific RSS feeds from each site you contribute to. How to Get Your Author RSS Links. The Plugin.

Creating a Custom RSS Feed for Guest Posts


Figuring out how to do this with particular systems might pose a specific challenge, especially if those networks only allow you to import one RSS feed. There may also be times where you want to only share writing by you, and if you have a lot of guest bloggers on your site as well as guest posts on other sites, having a full RSS feed for your blog won’t do. xml version="1.0"

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Content vs. Community: How Online Publishers Can Nurture Both

As a result, publishers and bloggers of all sizes are constantly bleeding site content to social channels in order to encourage crucial engagement and interaction outside of their homepages. As publishers continue to rely on the outside social web to foster their communities, they often witness dire consequences. Publisher Platform (P3). Have an account? Used it? Not yet.

Feature Friday: How iGoogle is My RSS Feed HQ

Ari Herzog

You can add RSS feeds, YouTube subscriptions, personalize it with custom themes, and even view your Gmail inbox, all in one place. As you can see, I use iGoogle for all of my RSS feeds. When a blog that I subscribe to publishes a new post, it shows up right there on my iGoogle homepage. How to add RSS feeds to iGoogle. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.

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Engaging Brand 427 - Guy Kawasaki talks Author, Publisher and Entrepreneur

Engaging Brand

Today I talk to Guy Kawasaki about how to self publish a book by being an  Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur and discuss  . Will self publishing merge with publishing eventually? The publisher/ author relationship. Is the speed in publishing driven by the business model? What Google+ offers author, publishers and entrepreneurs? Related articles.

The Changing State Of Blogs

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meme that seems to be back in the public zeitgeist (the show will be published in the coming weeks). In the early days of blogging (I started Six Pixels of Separation in 2003), I defined blogs as a personal publishing platform that enabled anyone to write something, hit the publish button, and instantly have it distributed to the world for free (and fast). They enabled people to comment and share, had links within the text, and were also available via RSS feeds. Remember RSS feeds ? publisher. publishing. publishing platform. rss feed.

The End Of Blogging?

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To know me, is to know that I am still deeply passionate about my blog, writing and the digital publishing experience. I was there when it first started (remember Blogger ), embraced the power of RSS feeds (remember those?), lamented the death of Google Reader , and still - to this day - love to hit the publish button. Magazine and others started accepting and publishing bloggers alongside their most respected journalists. And, in many cases, bloggers were instantly granted journalist-like credentials, because of the platforms they were being published on.

Four Ways to Fight Content Thieves

Spin Sucks

Unless it looks like you’ve personally endorsed the site that has published your content, it doesn’t hurt to just let it be. Tools such as Yoast (a WordPress plugin), FeedBlitz (an RSS feed and email subscription service), and Genesis (a WordPress theme) automatically create that sentence for you so it appears any time someone scrapes your content. RSS footer. Every day. Sorry.”

5 Steps to Submitting a Guest Post & Getting It Published


After some emails back and forth with a potential guest blogger on my site, he suggested I write a little guide on how to submit a guest post in a way that will increase the likelihood of getting it published. So here are a few simple steps that anyone can follow in order to ensure that their guest post has a higher chance of getting published on their target blog. 1. Related Posts.

6 Ways to Filter Your RSS Feeds - ReadWriteWeb

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Ways to Filter Your RSS Feeds. RSS is easily one of the best things to happen to web publishing in the past 10 years. Information overload is a real problem for many web users, and one way to cope with it is to filter your RSS feeds so you only see what you want to see. Weve also taken a look in the past at automatic filters such as Feedhub ( our coverage ) which learns from your behavior to suggest posts, or AideRSS ( our coverage and here ), which uses outside metrics to determine which items in an RSS feed are the "best." not via an RSS reader).

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How publishers curate the world of content

Blog Publishers integrate new Foursquare features Article SB Nation: Turning fan bases into media brands eMedia Vitals Life Beyond Print.™ Curation platforms, which have moved beyond the RSS feed , provide varying levels of automation, functions and technology to suit a media companys needs. While publishers choose to utilize aggregation and curation platforms in a variety of ways, the main point is clear: Many media companies see benefits in collecting content from around the Web. The amount of curation versus staff content varies by publishers.

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100 Cool Things You Can Do With RSS " Accredited Degrees

Buzz Marketing for Technology

100 Cool Things You Can Do With RSS. 100 Cool Things You Can Do With RSS. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) allows you to get information sent directly to you, eliminating the need for you to that information individually. Using a reader will allow all the RSS feeds to come to one spot for you to read at your leisure. While reading news and blogs has been a traditional use for RSS feeds, there are also tons of fun ways to use these feeds. They will send sections to you each day via RSS feed. Find speed dating events all over the world with this RSS feed.

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100 Cool Things You Can Do With RSS

Buzz Marketing for Technology

100 Cool Things You Can Do With RSS. 100 Cool Things You Can Do With RSS. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) allows you to get information sent directly to you, eliminating the need for you to that information individually. Using a reader will allow all the RSS feeds to come to one spot for you to read at your leisure. While reading news and blogs has been a traditional use for RSS feeds, there are also tons of fun ways to use these feeds. They will send sections to you each day via RSS feed. Find speed dating events all over the world with this RSS feed.

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Study Shows: Blog Posts Published on Weekends Get More Social Shares


If you run a blog featuring professional content, it seems like a no-brainer to publish your content during business hours, on weekdays. Yet a study done by TrackMaven last year of over 4,500 blogs showed that blogs that chose to publish content on the weekend received the most shares on various social media channels. This is a guest post from Lior Levin. Weekend is The King.

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End Of Blogs

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love Twitter , Facebook , Google+ and other places to publish, share and connect too, but I have a soft spot for blogs. It was great for me, maybe great for you and a bunch of journalists and media folks , but the general public never latched on the the magic that is RSS. Once Mark Zuckerberg and the crew at Facebook, turned all of our individual profile pages into a newsfeed and put RSS behind the curtain, RSS disappeared out of our zeitgeist and into a line of code that social platforms use to pull information from one page of content to another. publishing.

Get More Shares on Your Content with these Five Tips

Spin Sucks

Shareaholic’s data , based on 200,000 websites reaching 300 million people each month, shows that last month 32 percent of the traffic sent to our publisher websites was through referral traffic. It’s now less about email and RSS subscriptions and more about people finding your content through social media. Today’s guest post is by Ginny Soskey. Develop Your Own Distinct Voice.

What's The Point In Commenting On Blogs?

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If you go back in time (a little over a decade ago), the mainstreaming of blogging as a publishing platform brought with it a couple of unique features. Initially, these instant publishing platforms were seen as simple online journals for those who wanted to keep them. Eventually, additional features like the ability for a reader to comment on a post and the introduction of RSS (a syndication feature that would notify readers by email or web-based readers when the blogger updated or published to the blog) helped to propel the platform to the mainstream. publishing.

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Self-Promotion And Self-Loathing In The Digital Age

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The problem comes when I follow others (and look at my own self-promotion) and it becomes abundantly obvious that - for the most part - all of the stuff we post on Facebook and Twitter can be summed up in two ways: We publish things in the hopes that people will think our lives are more interesting than theirs. We publish things in the hopes that people will think that our lives are actually more interesting than they really are. My typical routine is that I publish a blog post and then self-promote it on Twitter, on Facebook and on LinkedIn. And - by the way - did RSS die?

The Blog Turns 20 This Year

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With over 3600 posts and over 40,000 comments, it is much more than a publishing platform. You can head over to your local bookstore (if you still have one) and look at the most recent business books being published, and there will - without question - be several titles about how to get started with blogs and how important they can be to a businesses success. publishing. media.

PB130: What Time of Day is Best to Publish to Your Blog


When Should You Publish Your Blog Posts. Today I am talking about when you should publish your blog post. In the past when RSS feeds were popular, timing did seem to matter more. It matters when you publish social media, but I’m not sure if it matters with blog posts that much anymore. In Today’s Episode What Time of Day is Best to Publish to Your Blog.

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Is Feedburner about to be closed by Google?

The Way of the Web

It’s particularly worrying in some areas, where companies of the size and scale of Google have effectively closed out the market, particularly in terms of RSS syndication with Feedburner and RSS reading with Google Reader. Having used Feedburner for years, it appears little positive has happened since acquisition by Google, and largely the service for syndicating and placing advertising in RSS feeds has been left running, but little more. It’s also a paid service, but you only pay for Email subscribers rather than RSS subscribers, so worth investigating.

Are Blog Subscribers the Only Success Metric?

Spin Sucks

Migrating from freebie to Feedblitz (or other RSS publishing options). Here’s why: You need to be consistent in publishing. Blog Social Media Ad Age Power 150 analytics Big data Bloggers Blogging clicky community content content marketers Feedblitz Google IT Link Love plug ins RSS search search marketers SEO server subscribers Success thought leaderDidn’t think so.

The Value Of Blog Comments

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In the beginning God created the Blogs and the RSS. Last week, Mathew Ingram over at GigaOm published a Blog post titled, Yes, blog comments are still worth the effort. We have to remember that Blogging (and the power of RSS ) came along before it was easy (or even possible) to do the amazing things that we're doing with images, audio and video. publishing. And it was good. It seems like there's a movement for more and more Blogs to not bother having the comments enabled. It's nothing new. Blog comments are becoming increasingly valuable. But things have changed.

How to Publish Your Blog on Amazon Kindle


Have you published your blog on Kindle? We’re not talking about publishing ebooks or PDFs, but your dynamic and regularly updated blog. Kindle publishing for blogs has already opened the doors to myriad opportunities for many businesses that have a blog. So, by publishing on Kindle you’ll pull in people who might never hear about your business otherwise. Feedback.

Content Distribution: Eight Ways to Gain New Readers

Spin Sucks

Whatever you call it, get your content out when it is published. If you publish once a week, get it out in email at the same time on the same day every week (you can schedule it, just like you would any other email). RSS Feed. This is why you’ll set up an RSS feed. On the day it is published, we tweet the link four times (three hours apart). told you. Email.

A Dying Breed

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That may sound dire, but think about it in this context: do you still use a RSS reader? It was a tough job (did I mention the rejection?), but these publishers and editors held the key to the audience. Suddenly content creators were not just writers, they owned the publishing platform and the direct relationship with the consumer. In fact, it grew so fast that it paved the way for new publishers to exist (think about Huffington Post , Vice , Buzzfeed and beyond). It 's hard to beat the big publishers at their own game. publishing. publishing platform.

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The Face Of Facebook

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As publishing tools became more readily available and individuals began to harness the power of Web design, we became inundated with new, quirky and interesting types of media. This expanded further when images, audio and video became as easy to publish online as text. Social Media completely changed this direction again, enabling and empowering individuals to not only self-publish but to collaborate and share. publishing. self publish. Is Facebook making us all the same? But, is Facebook really the place that highlights our originality? There's the Internet.

New Ways Of Working

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Back in 1988, I became interested in actually publishing magazines. It's hard to understand how it happened, but I became a magazine publisher in my mid-twenties. Without having a legacy business in publishing, the Internet wasn't threatening at all. Suddenly, I could write and publish to the world for everyone to see? On top of that, those who were interested could subscribe to my writing (via RSS ) and be notified the second I published anything online? Publishing wasn't traditional and new. publishing was just publishing. Crazy!

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Goodbye Feedburner, Hello Feedblitz

Ari Herzog

After nearly four years of powering this blog’s email and RSS delivery options, I’ve parted ways with Google and its free Feedburner service and embraced the paid service of Feedblitz. Moreover, Feedblitz offers more than delivery by mere email and RSS, but also by Twitter update, Facebook wall post, and instant messaging alerts. Blog News RSSYes, I am.

How to Optimize Your Social Media Workflow

Sprout Social

For example, when you publish a blog post, do you share it automatically to Twitter? Automatically Post from RSS. Our Post via RSS feature is handy if you publish blog posts. Take a minute to setup your account to automatically Tweet every time you publish a post. When you publish a blog post, do you find yourself forgetting when to post on which network?

What Is A Blog? The Question That Won't Go Away

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While some may call me a traditionalist, I think there are certain aspects of online publishing that does identify something as a Blog, and they include: RSS feed. Journal like publishing design - meaning the content runs chronologically from newest to oldest. At the end of the day, Blogging is a publishing platform. Instant publishing. He prefers to call himself a publisher over a Blogger. The content that I publish here - by the sheer fact that it's a called a Blog or a Podcast - gives me the right to experiment more text and audio. publishing.

21 Social Media Marketing Tips You Can’t Live Without

Sprout Social

This means you don’t have to publish as often. You should outline: How often you plan to publish on each social media channel. What type of content you plan to publish. Social media outreach publishing schedule (reaching out to influencers via social media). You want to publish content consistently, but it also has to be valuable. Not sure where to start?

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The New Gatekeepers

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Beyond that, because publishing content is (essentially) free, the myriad of choices gives me access to information that I never thought I would have. If that weren't enough, there is also audio and video podcasts on the topic of marketing being produced and published by the new gatekeepers. In text, images, audio and video, many of us have become both content producers and publishing empires (in our own minds, at least). Something I would never get if I was only gazing at my own RSS reader (and yes, this is also one of the best parts of Twitter. publishing.

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