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Performance Metrics: Why Your Team Doesn’t Measure Up

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After all, success is a team effort and in order to achieve the aggressive goals we put in place for our clients’ or our own organizations, our team has to be fully engaged. What causes team members to not be fully onboard in achieving the same goals? As your team grows, it becomes more difficult to translate the long-term organization vision to each team member.

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Successful Team Involvement in Content Creation

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You manage team content creation, but struggle to get all the different voices and writing styles focused, engaged, and organized into a solid and effective content creation and marketing program. Unfortunately, even the smartest, most cooperative teams can often struggle to produce quality content. Team Content Creation: Tactics that Work. By Laura Petrolino. Domain Authority.

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How Stories About Your Workplace Shape Team Culture

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The content and tone of your workplace stories are powerful tools that can weaken or strengthen your team culture. So, given that all employees tell stories about work—and realizing that those stories shape your workplace culture—what can team leaders do to influence the stories that will get told, repeated, and reinforced? By Sean Glaze. Don’t despair. Help Cultivate Stories .

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How HR Technology Can Increase Your Company’s Bottom Line

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How HR Technology Can Increase Your Company’s Bottom Line. No company could stay in business long if it doesn’t realize a profit. The higher your company’s profit margin, the larger you can grow and that is of course a given. HR solutions such as those available on can give your company a much needed boost in profitability by reducing costs proportionately.

Can Social Media Management Work with a Remote Team?

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The following post is written by Rachel Go at Hubstaff — a company that really makes social media management work as a remote team. Social media is an online realm in itself, so it makes sense that a completely virtual team can manage a brand’s social media presence. At Hubstaff, we’re a 100% distributed team with a great audience on Twitter and Facebook.

Overcoming Communication Barriers: A Team Effort

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Yet.they placed a big, fat obstacle in front of me which brings the question to: Does the whole team understand what Spartan Culture is supposed to represent? debated with myself: Was it possible the whole team would have the same lax attitude when it came to overcoming communication barriers? customer and call/email your team to see how they handle the situation. Oh yes.

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Talkwalker Team Comes Second In Global AI Challenge

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But the individuals behind the platform are even more impressive: a team formed by some of our amazing developers just took second place in the Allen AI Science Challenge ! The most successful teams created AI systems that were able to answer almost 60% of the test’s questions correctly. Where is the challenge in that? what does it mean for light to “hit” something?)

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Improve Company Culture with Communication

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It remains mostly true, yet, company culture is something broader and more fantastic. Company’s culture consists of many small details. It is the overall attitude of how things are done, but it’s also the principals on which the company has been founded and is being run. First of all, leadership must have a clear vision of the company’s culture.

6 Accidental Ways Companies Kill Innovation

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Companies pursue innovation with the best of intentions. The company wants to evolve; the company needs to evolve. But, well, then the company starts acting like a company again. The company returns to its status quo. I’ve seen this happen over and over, at companies I’ve worked for and companies I’ve worked with. Image via

3 Ways to Engage Your Team and Improve Your Blog

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It’s something that comes up again and again: Your business has a blog, and a team of people responsible for the strategy, content creation, execution, and overall success of that blog. team of people. The team of people is actually one or two people partially allocated to the blog. Is the blog considered something that only the marketing team does? They have to execute.

How to Create Your B2B Dream Team

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If you’re a B2B company, then you know just how important your people are to your company’s success. But in some cases for some B2B companies, especially those in the Services realm, your people are your product. You need to build the best team you can, or risk it all by having mediocre talent reflect poorly on your brand. Showcase Company Culture to Pique Interest.

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Five questions your marketing team should be asking about location-based technology

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Some forms of marketing are fairly black-and-white: Company A emails a coupon to Customers A to Z, who can then use it to take 10 percent off of their next purchase. Now consider the gray area your marketing team will want to explore in the future. In this post are five questions every team should ask as they think about opportunities with location-based marketing.

Change or Die | Fast Company

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Fast Company. Connect with Fast Company. The companys top executives had invited the most farsighted thinkers they knew from around the world to come together in New York and propose solutions to some really big problems. dream team of experts took the stage, and you might have expected them to proclaim that breathtaking advances in science and technology -- mapping the human genome and all that -- held the long-awaited answers. Energy Efficient Servers See how HP Energy Efficient Servers can help your company save energy. Fast Company Features. Search.

How Top Companies Use GIFs on Twitter

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With users and companies alike dropping in to celebrate with their best GIFs, who stood out? Check out these ten clever GIFs from various companies, sports teams, and more for a few helpful tips on how to incorporate GIFs as part of your Twitter engagement strategy. Companies can take a page from their playbook—literally. Ain’t no party like a Twitter GIF Party!

How Executive Teams Can Improve PR

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Company leadership must understand that favorable press coverage, or any press coverage at all, is not guaranteed and that developing media relationships and implementing a strategic PR plan requires time and resources. Digital Marketing company communication executive engagement media relations PR pr strategy public relationsPR doesn’t work that way. highlight to tweet).

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How 16 Companies are Dominating the World’s Google Search Results

Viper Chill

Instead, that seemingly endless variety is actually controlled by just a handful of companies. More specifically I’ll reveal how just 16 core companies are dominating the most popular industries online and how that situation is going to get a whole lot worse. Time after time I was able to trace back the top ranking websites to some of the biggest media companies in the world.

How to Get Your Leadership Team To Blog More Effectively

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In order to get your executive team in line with this method of blogging, here’s what they have to do. Share an editorial calendar with topic ideas that anyone on the executive team can claim. According to a study by HubSpot, “business that blog regularly (more than once a week) added subscribers over twice as fast companies who added content once a month.” And here’s why.

Why Most Companies Can’t Yet Handle Great Marketing Technology

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Before each, his team finds two dozen or so interesting audience members, and gives them a purple index card and a marker. Pam had lunch the following day with several representatives from a large insurance company, and they inadvertently ratified this thesis (which I also witness consistently in our consulting practice here at Convince & Convert). Image via Unsplash. Drive thrus.

The Most Popular MLB Teams on Twitter and Facebook

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Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk The Most Popular MLB Teams on Twitter and Facebook by Adam Sherk on April 5, 2010 A new baseball season is underway and we are in that wonderfully brief period when fans all over the country still believe this could actually be the year for their team. Enjoy it while you can. Pretty embarrassing. know I do.

9 Productivity Tools I Use to Run My Company

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Yet, our entire team is 11 people, with nine of them half-time. And, we’re totally virtual with team members located coast-to-coast. that causes so many companies to waste time and leak effectiveness like a 1973 Gremlin dropping oil in the driveway. Garrett Moon and his team there are also incredibly easy to work with, and are always innovating. love them. Period. 5.

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Foursquare Teams Up with American Express


They want to attract the younger and more tech savvy generation, which shows that the credit card company is eager to follow consumer trends and get on board the social networking train. The partnership shows that large company like AmEx recognises that mobile services will have significant influence in the future. Tweet. Mobile is future. Winners of Mashable Awards.

Robust Collaboration Tools to Empower the Modern Social Media Marketing Team


Your ability to communicate and keep your team working cohesively can be a mountain-scaling, yet necessary task for mastering entrepreneurship and selling online. The team that consistently serves, entertains and solves problems for customers and prospects in real-time will have an edge in the current and future landscape. ClickMeeting. Nimble. Freedcamp. fine addition. Hootsuite.

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Social Media at Scale: Organizing Global Social Media Teams

Dave Fleet

More recently, he released a more focused look at the tensions facing companies who are looking at scaling their social media. Enterprise Deployment vs Organic social growth. I was recently asked about whether I had a preferred model for resourcing social media teams. One core team. This model eschews local market teams in favour of one centrally-led team. Tweet.

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Why Your Content Marketing Team Needs to Act Like a Rock Band

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In  Welcome to the Funnel , and in life, Jason advocates for content marketing teams to be put together like rock bands, specifically KISS … 1. He’s a  part of the band, as an SEO person should be part of the marketing team, not off in a corner somewhere. 4.  Each person in the team has an individual role that comes together to create a beautiful final product.

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How Social Media Strengthens Companies [infographic]


Tweet Socialcast has compiled this nice infographic that explains how social media strengthen the relationships inside the company to engage employees and consumers when creating customer relations. According to the infographic a majority of organizations are using social media tools to strengthen their team. Engage and build trust. Take a look yourself. Click image to view large -.

How can using social media as an employee help my company?

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You’re happy in your company, so why build a personal brand through social media? Here are just a few reasons building your personal brand can support the goals of your company in any industry. What industry is your company in? Make your company look good. Your company has the best and brightest in the industry right? Why hide your lights under a bushel?

How One Company Is Re-Imagining Corporate Website Design

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The company has ditched its corporate website in favor of Tumblr, a change that’s reportedly the first of its kind for a global brand. visit to Nescafé’s new Tumblr highlights why the company made the move. The Tumblr page contains content that you would expect to see on a company’s website, from facts about Nescafé to how the company sources its coffee. The difference?

10 Social Lessons for B2B Companies

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Here are ten social lessons for forward-thinking B2B companies. 1. Every company and audience is unique. Being present on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter may not be the best strategy for every company. You want to make sure you’re using your time to make the greatest impact for your company.  . 5. Get Blogging. Know What Your Competitors Are Doing.

How To Improve Visibility, Communication & Accountability of Social Media Within Your Company

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Do you want to improve visibility, communication and accountability of social media within your company? It’s as simple as sending a project dashboard on a regular basis to a broader team. By more frequently communicating what you’re working on, you will increase the visibility of yourself (or your team) and the projects you’re working on. Really.

Adidas Teams With Champs Sports To Create Instagram Mini Series

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Following their impressive World Cup ad campaign, Adidas has teamed up with Champs Sports to create four different online shows that will air only on Champs Sport’s Instagram page. You’ll see episodes ranging from classroom lessons taught by Lil Jon, Von Miller showing us the best touchdown dance in the industry, and DeMarco Murray and RG3 pulling off a great Stan Smith impersonation.” ( Fast Company ). adicolorTV  first debuted last Friday and at least 25 episodes will run on Instagram over a six week period. The campaign led to over 30 creative videos ( Econsultancy).

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Empowering Your Team - From Employees to Stakeholders

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There are so many ideas in the book but here is a '' Bob-o-graphic '' of what I learned about how you can lead a team from feeling employed to powerful stakeholders in the company. Last week I interviewed the wonderful Chuck Blakeman about Why Employees are a Bad Idea. Leadership

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The Most Popular NBA Teams on Twitter and Facebook

Adam Sherk

Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk The Most Popular NBA Teams on Twitter and Facebook by Adam Sherk on January 12, 2010 NBA players, like many professional athletes, have taken social media by storm, but what about their teams? Fans love hearing directly from players, but they also identify strongly with the teams themselves.

Social Media Lessons from America’s Biggest Company

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” So how do Chad and his team stay on top of all the levels of Walmart ‘s communications? Such a large company presents many opportunities for engagement – at the global, national, regional, and local levels – but those layers come along with many complications. Tweetable Moments No one will give a standing ovation for all the things that you do right.

How to Build a Company Culture That Works


You and your team will walk away with the skills to foster a more collaborative culture, which is essential to today’s fast evolving business environment. Then we will take a core group of your staff through the results of the assessment and help them start to identify ways to align your company culture with the internal capacities you need to make social media management work for you.

Facebook And Walmart Team Up for Black Friday Mobile-Ad Blitz

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Facebook and Walmart started working closely together on the campaign back in October, and a Facebook team was in place for the weekend after Thanksgiving – answering questions, delivering reports and compiling statistics on the success of the mobile ads. On Black Friday, Facebook and Walmart launched the social network’s largest mobile advertising campaign ever.

Does Your Company Have a Skunkworks Team? | Spin Sucks

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Arment Dietrich Overview Expertise Resources Gini Dietrich News Media Center Careers Contact Follow US Facebook Linkedin RSS Feed Twitter YouTube Share Categories Communication Social Media Advertising Entrepreneur SEO Marketing Marketplace COMMUNICATION / SOCIAL MEDIA / ADVERTISING / ENTREPRENEUR / SEO / MARKETING Sep 14 2010 Does Your Company Have a Skunkworks Team? Leave a comment!

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10 Habits of Great Companies and Leaders

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People love to talk about ''great'' companies, ''great'' They don''t settle, they don''t compromise to please the team ONLY to please the customer. They don''t motivate through money, they motivate their team through engagement. what is greatness and can us mere mortals actually achieve it? It means just "doing that little bit more" than is expected.