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    [Blogger, Examples] 2 Simple But Brilliant Content Marketing Examples from the Great White North
    blogger + iPhone + 15-second video = content marketing success. Simple But Brilliant Content Marketing Examples from the Great White North is a post from: Convince and Convert: Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing Strategy. Last week was big for me, as I finally met Taxi Mike in person. first found Taxi Mike and his content marketing prowess 3+ years ago, and he was the original inspiration for my best-selling book, Youtility. What makes Taxi Mike a special content marketer? Taxi Mike is a Youtility. Banff is a big ski town. They have them behind the bar, guaranteed.
    [Blogger, Examples] 2 Numbers Every Blogger Should Track for Fame and Profit
    For example, financial services bloggers often see strong growth from January  – April – tax season for most.  If you’ve run your blog for a few years, check to see if there is a predictable seasonal variation. For example, I lose 10% of my conversions for every 100 pixels down the page I move my offers.  As year end creeps up on us, we are obliged to look back on our blog’s performance. But you, yes you, need to get comfortable with your numbers. After all, if you refuse to honestly evaluate your performance, you will repeat it next year.  conversions).
    [Blogger, Examples] 3 Proven Blog Post Marketing Strategies That Most Bloggers Overlook
    This process is ok if you are a hobby blogger. See this post for an example. Here’s an example from an excellent Social Media Examiner article: Tweet without Twitter Rich Snippets. Most bloggers are satisfied with a “publish and run” strategy. Do you publish and run? It looks like this. You spend a good couple of hours on handcrafting a wonderful post. You wrestle it into WordPress, proofread it, and hit Publish. Then, like a criminal fleeing the crime scene you close your blog tab and move on. Sound familiar? Create a slide for each point. Best Tool: Google Docs.
    [Blogger, Examples] Alexandra Kirsch and the Perfect Blogger Pitch
    One of them was by Gini Dietrich and looked at how the PR industry is letting itself down when it comes to blogger outreach programs. Today, I want to share an example of a great blogger outreach program – perhaps one of the best I’ve seen. Knowing the Blogger. Alexandra was reaching out to bloggers about the upcoming Greg Verdino book, microMARKETING: Get Big Results by Acting and Thinking Small. couple of examples from Alexandra’s email: Hi Danny, I’m working with Aaron Strout and Greg Verdino from Powered, Inc. Why is it so good?
    [Blogger, Examples] 9 Social Media Tools Every Blogger Needs To Know About
    As a blogger, you have to wear several different hats, from creating good quality blog post to trying to spread the word for your blog and connecting with others. From my own personal experience, here are the top 9 social media tools every blogger needs to know about. Often the most popular bloggers are also the most influential on social media sites. It is important as a blogger to use the same photo across different websites and social networks to help users identify your personal brand. Top 10 Social Media Time Saving Tips for the Busy Blogger. Dropbox.
    [Blogger, Examples] What Bloggers Can Learn From Amazon’s Delivery Drone Announcement
    believe Amazon will make the drones happen but that isn’t what fascinates me. I’m wondering if bloggers can learn something from Amazon’s savvy attention-grabbing strategy. Let’s use Amazon as an example: Do The Unusual Amazon realizes that simply offering 30-minute delivery won’t capture our imagination and get attention. It will be an incredible sight. Five years from now (optimistically), an armada of Amazon branded drones will be flying above the treetops then swooping down to deliver yellow packages on doorsteps. Anyone can start a blog. They did it anyway. Most of us are.
    [Blogger, Examples] How to Leverage the Potential of Blogger Outreach
    Blogger outreach is reaching out to the blogger community to create a relationship that involves you having regular, constructive and mutually beneficial contact with them. What this means is that you keep communicating with bloggers regularly and don’t just get in touch with them, when you want a guest blog to be posted. think of blogger outreach not from the perspective of an online marketer, but somebody who actually wants to strike up a conversation with the best in the field. What is Blogger Outreach? Searching For Bloggers. Blog Directories.
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    [Blogger, Examples] Top blogger-tastic takeaways from #BWENY
    From BlogWorld Expo: Make blogger PR outreach painless – another SBOSM post on Jason Falls’ session about bad pitches. Here are two examples. If you scroll through, you can see that someone was responsible for blogging the event in the comments, meaning that those of us watching virtually could read what was going on as it happened (without the noise of Twitter, since individual sessions were not hashtagged).  We could also, in the second example below, respond to particular things in a threaded way (note that this clearly depends on your commenting plugin).
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    [Blogger, Examples] 3 Email Marketing Examples Not to Copy
    2010 – Hundreds of top journalists, analysts, bloggers and industry innovators will be able to preview new technology products for work, home and play for the next three years at ShowStoppers®, the official press event of IFA 2010, 2011 and 2012. How come it isn’t? -- Thank you for reading 3 Email Marketing Examples Not to Copy at AriWriter. I receive a lot of press releases by email — and unlike past actions of deleting them, I have lately replied to my senders and asked simple questions to enlightening responses. Please rewrite? Thanks, Ari. AUSTIN, TX.,
    [Blogger, Examples] 5 Tips To Great Blogging
    Blog About Clients Cases Tribesourcing Video People & Contact Bloggers « Danish CSR Initiative on Social Media Meets Criticism Mapping the Social Internet – what part of the world is the most developed? » 5 Tips To Great Blogging Posted by Tehneyat Waseem Aug 6th, 2010 Tweet Are you a blogger or getting started to blog? Make it an enjoyable read and use examples Crack a joke or two; use your natural sense of humour or natural sense of sarcasm. There is nothing better than good storytelling, so use real life examples to illustrate your point. 
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    [Blogger, Examples] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Baby Blogger on Board
    10 Free Tools Every Business Blogger Should Bookmark – Explore the free tools out there that will help you be better at business blogging and content creation. Are You Just Another Dumb Blogger? Why News-Style WordPress Themes Are a Bad Idea for Some Bloggers – As bloggers, the theme we use plays a huge role in our brand. The 13 Business Bloggers All Freelance Writers Should Read to Earn More – Here is a list of the inspiring, useful business bloggers whose advice helps me make my business better. The Resources Mashup. Freelancing.
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    [Blogger, Examples] Video: Getting the Attention of Influencers and Bloggers
    Having been somebody on both sides of the startup and blogger equation, I know how hard it is for new companies, products and ideas to get visbility and break through the noise, grabbing the attention and sustained interest of early adopters, influencers and users. In the discussion, about 20 minutes, I talk about working with +Edwin Khodabakchian of +feedly , +Iain Dodsworth of TweetDeck and more, as some examples of sharp people who engaged with me in the many thousands of posts that have found home on More: | RSS | E-mail | Cell: 408 646.2759.
    [Blogger, Examples] 5 Types of Video Posts for Bloggers
    Video Ideas for Bloggers. Here are some of the ideas I came up with for videos that I plan to do for my new YouTube Channel , and I thought I’d share them for other bloggers looking to also build up their video repertoire. If you have used any free programs, suggestions are welcome, especially with example videos. Have you recently written a top list of favorite bloggers, websites, tools, etc.? What other ideas do you have for videos for bloggers, and what tools / software do you use to produce your videos? Qualities of Successful Bloggers.
    [Blogger, Examples] Successful Blogger Outreach – What to Do and What to Avoid
    This week at Affiliate Summit West, I definitely learned some great things from the sessions, and I thought I would share one that is pertinent to my audience: blogger outreach. Blogger outreach – a powerful way to connect! Blogger outreach, when done correctly, can be a powerful way to get your name or product out into the blogosphere and in front of your target audience. Done incorrectly, however, and it can really annoy the heck out of other bloggers and put you on their crap list. Ways NOT to Do Blogger Outreach. How to Do Blogger Outreach.
    [Blogger, Examples] 15 Wasteful Habits of Unproductive (and Unsuccessful) Part-Time Bloggers
    But when you’re a part time blogger working around a full time job, taking care of the kids and/or your elderly parents, success can seem like it’s a mile away. While it’s not impossible to transform yourself from a part time blogger to a highly successful full time blogging machine (think Kristi Hines , creator of this blog and others), those blogging part time face unique challenges. The fact is, if you want to succeed as a part time blogger, you’d better bring your “A game” at all times. This one is true for all bloggers, but especially so for part timers.
    [Blogger, Examples] 7 SEO Principles Bloggers Must Remember
    Most bloggers want their articles to rank on Google, as well as their home page (especially when searching for their name), but probably don’t need “About Me” or “Contact Me” to rank. There are several ways to noindex a page:  modify your robots.txt file by adding Disallow: /example-directory/example-page.html, add  <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex”> to the page header, or use a WordPress plugin. Writing solid content is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to marketing a successful blog. Check it out. 2. Flatten your blog.
    [Blogger, Examples] 3 Goals That Every A-List Blogger Swears By
    For example, my first blogging goal was simply: “Publish a great blog.”. Successful bloggers are a methodical bunch. Performance Goals: Great bloggers hold themselves accountable for results.  Optimization Goals: Smart bloggers look for opportunities to invest in their own skill-sets.  These bloggers seldom quibble over spending a few bucks to learn a new tool or receive guidance from an expert community.    Optimization goals are the blogger’s way to get feedback on their performance goals and make tweaks to their overall plan.  But there’s a catch -.
    [Blogger, Examples] 5 Common Misconceptions Newbie Bloggers Have about Blogging
    The popularity of blogging has recently erupted in the last few years and many new bloggers are coming on the scene. So let me share with you the five most common misconceptions newbie bloggers have about blogging. This generally happens when people come across income reports of successful bloggers and get lured into thinking that they can emulate the same without any apparent difficulties. This is another popular misconception that plagues the mind of aspiring bloggers. Let me give you an example of one of my friends since it seems apt to be discussed here.
    [Blogger, Examples] Is Blogger Copyright Dead?
    There seems to be a growing sense of despondency among bloggers either overwhelmed by the amount of content ripping, or so used to seeing it that they begin to question their understanding of the concept. Then I’ll outline what bloggers should do if they find their rights have been infringed. Given the fact that many people online actually think this practice is legal, I encourage you to take an active role in protecting your rights, rather than (as one blogger recently said to me) “shutting up and taking it.&#. You’re a blogger. They are illegal.
    [Blogger, Examples] Blubbering Blogger
    Most importantly, does the web really need another blogger? remember around 10 years ago when the only bloggers were tweens with an open heart diary. Now again, Wikipedia (in a sense) could be seen as another blogger so maybe this statement has no warrant to some of you but where does it stop? I’m proud to be an American and believe in free speech to its’ fullest but can blogging dumb people down? Learn Social Media by Example: The Zack16 Campaign ( Today’s guest post is by Melissa Mattingly. The problem I ran into is that I didn’t know why.
    [Blogger, Examples] 40 Bloggers to Watch in 2011
    Welcome to the 2011 list of bloggers to watch. A few caveats before we launch into the list: This is my own list of the people I’m watching. I was approached to do this list because of my work as a professional connector. It was where thousands of the world’s best bloggers met to network and learn. recommend that bloggers of any niche attend conferences such as this to check out the rising stars. Jaime is a fiercely talented blogger, but what I liked was how she approached the topic of personal finance. Jordan Cooper is a blogger that I highly respect.
    [Blogger, Examples] 7 Reasons You Might Never Become an A-list Blogger
    There are different types of bloggers with various levels of success. We have the average blogger and the super-successful blogger (often called the A-list blogger). Many new bloggers think becoming an A-list blogger is all about writing content and promoting your blog. The following are 7 reasons you might never be an A-list blogger. 1. One thing I noticed from observing many successful bloggers is that they effectively use their time. list bloggers don’t spend every minute of their day on Twitter or on doing things that don’t matter.
    [Blogger, Examples] Get to Know Your Readers: An Example of When It Counts
    Further reading on getting to know your readers: Cheap Survey Tools for Bloggers who Want Answers. Get to Know Your Readers: An Example of When It Counts. Over on dPS today we launched a brand new photography eBook about buying the right camera gear. As I was writing a blog post to announce the new eBook I was looking for an opening to the blog post that might capture our readers attention. Then it struck me – we had recently done a survey of our readers that contained the golden information. Run a Reader Survey on Your Blog. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger.
    [Blogger, Examples] Overcoming Blogger Fright
    These statements—and others like them—are pretty typical sentiments that I hear from many new bloggers whose main barrier to blogging comes down to self-doubt, shyness or … Blogger Fright. Having said that, I do come across some bloggers (and by no means is it the majority) who become a little paralyzed by their own shyness and self doubt. Perhaps there’s a middle ground that we should be aiming for as bloggers. How to become more comfortable as a shy blogger. 1. Most bloggers become more comfortable with the public nature of blogging over time.
    [Blogger, Examples] 15 Bloggers to Watch in 2013
    Welcome to the 2013 edition of Bloggers To Watch. My work has changed a lot over the past year – I’ve been focused a lot on the Australian blogger community, and on curators – so this post is very centered on those communities. believe her archives have a lot to offer beginner bloggers. Us bloggers have a lot more power then we give ourselves credit for. She makes a complicated topic incredibly easy to understand and, frankly, is one of the nicest bloggers I´ve had the pleasure of talking to. 15 Bloggers to Watch in 2013. Jenny Lawson.
    [Blogger, Examples] Bloggers: This Is How Long Your Posts Should Be
    You are here: ViperChill » Social Media » Bloggers: This Is How Long Your Posts Should Be Bloggers: This Is How Long Your Posts Should Be Written by Glen, this post has 63 Comments When I analysed the most tweeted blog posts ever, I found that Twitter users like posts that are around 1,100 words long. If your niche isn’t here then look at successful sites to see the types of posts that other bloggers are writing and how long their articles are on average. In any event these are important statistics for blogger’s to consider. Home What the F ?
    [Blogger, Examples] Google Hangouts: Turning Bloggers into Broadcasters
    Google+ has allowed bloggers to become broadcasters , adding a visual component to each blog post, and all you need to become a “Blogcaster” is a webcam, an internet connection, and Google+. This free broadcast tower is deepening relationships between bloggers, businesses and personal users through face-to-face interaction, setting the social network apart from all others and creating a fresh way to experience the web. Search that hashtag for examples of how we promoted that event. Google Hangouts: Turning Bloggers into Broadcasters. Hangout Preparation.
    [Blogger, Examples] 3 Ways Scheduling Will Make You a Better Blogger
    If it’s one thing I hear the most, it’s that bloggers don’t have enough time in the day to do all the things they want to (or think they should) to build their blog and make it the best it can be. To be honest, I don’t know of any blogger who can sit on the internet all day and respond in real time, whether that’s publishing at the most appropriate hour, or answering every email, tweet, and Facebook message received. Three Ways Scheduling will Make You a Better Blogger. Ways Scheduling Will Make You a Better Blogger. Tweet that! ).
    [Blogger, Examples] My Top 5 Mistakes as a Blogger
    My Top 5 Mistakes as a Blogger. I’ve been blogging 11 and a half years now, and while I pinch myself everyday at where blogging has taken me, that time has been littered with mistakes and failures along the way. After I saw that my second blog started to make money I began to dream about ‘going pro’ as a blogger. For example in category one was a blog which I started with a friend on the Athens Olympic Games. number of years ago I started blogging network by the name of b5media with three other bloggers. My Top 5 Mistakes as a Blogger. Business Regrets.
    [Blogger, Examples] Simplicity is the Best Policy: 6 Essentials for the Successful Blogger
    It may seem counterintuitive, but reaching out to other bloggers with the promise of supporting each other is a guaranteed way of gaining readers. For example, it’s well-known that the majority of clothing brands work closely with other fashion bloggers to showcase their apparel. ASOS even created a microsite, called  Fashion Finder ,  which invites fashion bloggers to share their profiles and content among subscribers. Call and response relationships between bloggers and readers are the most healthy and ensure consistent readership. 3. Connect with Others.
    [Blogger, Examples] Blogger outreach: 5 best practices when writing pitch emails
    Communications Conversations Conversations about digital PR strategy Home About Arik Work With Me Around The Web Speaking Contact Subscribe From The Blog Blogger outreach: 5 best practices when writing pitch emails Posted by arikhanson on 15. Oct, 2010 in Uncategorized Earlier this week, a student sent me a note and posed the following question: What do you consider an effective blogger outreach effort? Earlier this week, a student sent me a note and posed the following question: What do you consider an effective blogger outreach effort? Good question. Perfect. For free.
    [Blogger, Examples] 6 Ways Personal Development Can Make You a Better Blogger
    Having a strong self-confidence is essential for any successful blogger. For example, if you want to start guest posting, but are afraid to give it a shot, start by submitting your posts to smaller blogs first. If there are two characteristic that every blogger needs, they are persistence and consistency. If your goal is to be a successful blogger and an authority on what you do, it is going to take you more than just a sprint – it is going to be a marathon. Do you know what separates unsuccessful bloggers from successful ones? Build Confidence. Photo Credit.
    [Blogger, Examples] Why Successful Bloggers Care About Sugar and Spice Content
    For example, runners will always be interested in new training regimens, high-carb pre-race nutrition tips, the quick ways to alleviate common runner injuries.  My wife, a future Boston Marathon runner, often digs up Sugar Content from 4 years ago that is still holding court at the top of the search listings. Spice Bloggers use the news as inspiration for their posts.  This is a high bar to clear for many bloggers.  “What type of posts should I write?” ” The answer to this question is the difference between a forgotten blog or quick and sustained success. 
    [Blogger, Examples] The Complete Bloggers Guide to Facebook Marketing
    40+ Great Examples of Facebook Fan Pages – Kevin Muldoon shows you some creative Facebook Pages that will inspire you and give you some ideas for your own Page. Facebook for Websites: Social Plugins for Your Blog and Business – Kissmetrics provides a great review of Facebook’s social plugins to give bloggers options for integrating Facebook onto their websites. The Complete Bloggers Guide to Facebook Marketing. This guide to Facebook Marketing is written by guest writer Amy Porterfield. Register to get access to this Webinar here now. One Billion.
    [Blogger, Examples] Why Bloggers Should Self-Publish
    Why bloggers should self-publish. That’s laughable. I’ll give you a very specific example. Ultimately, authors (unless you are, for example, Stephen King) have to do their own marketing for books. Why should bloggers self-publish? Why Bloggers Should Self-Publish. By James Altucher of I’ve published seven books in the past seven years, five with traditional publishers (Wiley, Penguin, HarperCollins), and the last two I’ve self-published. How to go about self-publishing. Why self-publish? Publication date: 2014.
    [Blogger, Examples] Why Hopeful Bloggers Are Bad Bloggers
    Depending on your situation as a blogger, hope could be your ticket to success, or cause you to quit blogging within the month. Think about how this could be a great or terrible thing for you as a blogger. There are two very different types of hope for online marketers—and all bloggers need to start thinking of themselves as marketers if they want to be successful. typical example would be AdWords and affiliate marketing. great example of this is in my posting style. Are you a hopeful blogger? Why Hopeful Bloggers Are Bad Bloggers.
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    [Blogger, Examples] The Post Your Fellow Bloggers Don’t Want You to Read
    Your fellow blogger does not want you to see this because these simple tactics are guaranteed to help you make more money from blogging, and (possibly) reduce the potential income they can make themselves. And then bloggers look at how they can make money with products as well. Their strategies work well for how they build traffic, but who’s to say they’re really the best example to follow for your blog? For example, my plan is to clean up a free blogging eBook I have, and give it away on an independent website. It works, so we continue to use their tips.
  • KIKOLANI  |  THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2012
    [Blogger, Examples] Top 10 Social Media Time Saving Tips for the Busy Blogger
    For example, you could: Borrow some of your website traffic Run a promotion with larger, established partners Send an update to your large email list Cross-promote from another social network. For example, BlogcastFM runs a focus group on their Google+ page , while SEOmoz creates unique video content that you can’t find anywhere else. These could be special groups of bloggers that you want to include in a future social media promotion, or a list of companies that you want to reach out to. Reach out to other bloggers and try to run a promotion for their audience.
    [Blogger, Examples] Tip: Sometimes you need to kill Lightbox in Blogger : Blogger Xpertise
    Blogger Xpertise. Blogger sites that go beyond the basic template, showing you how to make your Blogger site just as amazing. Blogger Tips. Join us for our free weekly Hangout On Air event called the Friday Request Line, providing Blogger discussion, assistance, and helpful suggestions. Blogger Template: BoyBurnsBlog (free!). Tip: A better automatic thumbnail and summary script for Blogger. Tip: Removing default spacing between images in Blogger. Opinion: 10 reasons why we recommend Blogger instead of Wordpress for most websites.
    [Blogger, Examples] Can You Build Community Around Life Streams?
    He notes how bloggers like Robert Scoble and others are much more focused on the real-time web, while seemingly putting their blogs on the back burner or shutting them down altogether.  It’s a great read and I encourage you to go over the Jeremiah’s blog and take it all in. Through your book 18 Rules of Community Engagement book, and the way you’re not only teaching others, but you’re you’re also providing an excellent example of the success principles involved in online community building. like the constant stream of fresh new content coming in.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  TUESDAY, MAY 10, 2011
    [Blogger, Examples] 7 Habits of Professional Bloggers
    These are seven habits which top bloggers share. As I’ve met more and more great bloggers, I’ve been struck how much they invest in learning. Professional bloggers post consistently—whether that means once a week or three times a day. That’s why self-discipline is so important for professional bloggers. This might seem like an odd habit to include on the list, but I think integrity is extremely important for professional bloggers. Finally, professional bloggers don’t stay in the middle of their cozy comfort zone. Habits of Professional Bloggers.
    [Blogger, Examples] Blogger Correspondant Great Barrier Reef Itinerary: #QldBlog
    Ten of the world’s most imaginative bloggers arrive in Cairns, the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and our northern-most frontier city. This morning we are getting one step closer to the reef by sailing to a nearby tropical island for a little Crusoe Time—with full Internet access and a private blogging workshop with me. I’ll do a little teaching (based a survey of the winning bloggers’ needs) and we’ll also spend some time workshopping the winners’ blogs together. We are looking for bloggers in all kinds of niches. The response has been amazing.
    [Blogger, Examples] 15 Blogger Resources Not Previously Featured on ProBlogger
    This is a guest post by the creators of the new site Bloggers’ Domain: 369 (and counting) blog tips, tools and resources. One of the most exciting things about being a blogger is finding new ways to improve your blogging experience. And getting to know your readers and fellow bloggers IRL (in real life) is a highly rewarding experience. tool designed for blogger outreach. For publicists, it claims to provide the tools required to reach bloggers who’ll care about their story. Bonus info: More than 25,000 bloggers are currently listed. 5. Hello Bar.
    [Blogger, Examples] How to Become a Stellar Guest Blogger
    This post is meant to outline the “ quality &# approach to guest blogging where: Linking (and keywords in the links) is not the most important thing What matters is networking with niche bloggers and influencers as well as building a positive brand image So read on if you are serious about guest blogging… 1. It saves your time writing unsolicited email pitches because there you can connect to bloggers who are willing to publish your article. It is going to grab the blogger’s attention, interest and prompt him/her to get back to you to discuss the post.
    [Blogger, Examples] 5 Goals Every Blogger Should Set Up in Google Analytics
    You can use this option if, for example, you have a landing page for your newsletter. For example, you can learn: what kind of traffic you receive from a guest post. Goals Every Blogger Should Set Up in Google Analytics. This guest post is by Eugen Oprea of Do you want to build a successful business online? I bet you do. Now that I have your attention, what is the first and most important step that will help you achieve that? It’s important to know your audience and to build an awesome website that is fast and secure. Set up goals for your blog.
    [Blogger, Examples] Why Web Push is the Next Big Thing for Bloggers
    Raise your hand if you’re a blogger who’d like to turn your one-time visitors into repeat visitors — and eventually, engaged community members. Because coming soon to a browser near you is a new technology called web push.And it’s quickly becoming every blogger’s go-to traffic driver. Read on to learn what exactly web push is, and why it’s the next big thing for bloggers. One-time visitors will then turn into loyal, repeat readers, which is exactly what you want as a blogger, right? Why Web Push is the Next Big Thing for Bloggers. Intrigued?
  • VIPER CHILL  |  MONDAY, JULY 11, 2011
    [Blogger, Examples] 5,867 Words on Becoming a Conversion Machine: A Guide for Bloggers
    Blogs take a long time to build, since they’re very much relationship focused, and just relying on RSS – like most bloggers do – sets you on a horrible path when it comes to converting readers into buyers. They’re the guys behind Basecamp and some other popular online tools. I’m going to use their book cover as an example of how powerful one testimonial from an outside source can be. For example, they have the ability to easily show an RSS box or a category specific opt-in form which can convert readers much better. The aim of my New? eBooks.
    [Blogger, Examples] 7 Tips for Busy Bloggers on Finding Time to Blog
    Last week I tweeted a question asking my Problogger followers to share the biggest challenge that they face as a blogger. Around 50 replies came back and a couple of themes emerged – the biggest one centred around ‘Time’ Finding time to blog is something that all bloggers struggle with. This issue is so prevalent, we actually published an eBook on the topic last year – BlogWise: How to Do More with Less (featuring 9 busy but productive bloggers such as Leo Babauta, Gretchen Rubin, Brian Clark, Heather Armstrong and more). Finding Readers. Monetizing.
    [Blogger, Examples] SEO for Bloggers With Soul
    understand that you’re a truly passionate blogger who wants to distance yourself from the kind of malignant marketing that clogs your spam folder. Keyword usage is possibly the number one strategy for bloggers, likely because it’s one of the simplest. For example, your niche and therefore your keywords might be rooftop gardening, comic book collections, or backswing. Otherwise, they’ll think you’re some sort of generalist blogger who once wrote about rooftop gardening on a whim. SEO for Bloggers With Soul. This guest post is by Sarah L. Webb of S. L. Writes.
    [Blogger, Examples] 7 Ways to Stay Inspired and Avoid Bloggers Burn Out
    What do you do to avoid blogger burnout? For example, my wife – V – recently  started blogging (please be gentle – she’s in her first month). While she’d love to dedicate more time to it one day, right now she’s juggling work, kids and a crazy blogger husband (and a lot more) and the time she has available to blog is limited. know she has ideas to generate 1-2 posts a day – I think starting out slower is going to help her to sustain it longer over the long haul and will hopefully keep blogger burn out at bay. Taking Breaks.
    [Blogger, Examples] Fiverr Outsourcing Tips for Bloggers
    For bloggers, particularly those starting out, outsourcing some of your blog to a third party may seem to be a luxury you can ill afford. good idea is to use examples of previous work that’s similar to what you want to achieve. Rhys Wynne is a 7 year blogger and an SEO with over 4 years commercial experience, and you can follow him on Twitter at @ bloggingdojo. Fiverr Outsourcing Tips for Bloggers. This blog post is by Rhys Wynne of The Blogging Dojo. Fiverr is a website where, for $5, you can get a variety of tasks completed. Use it to test software. Why 25?
    [Blogger, Examples] 3 Steps to a Productive Life on Twitter as a Blogger Using Buffer
    Here are some of my recent results with Buffer: How Buffer Will Help You as a Blogger. Make it Super Simple to Relate to Your Favorite Bloggers. Or maybe you want to have a slightly tighter frequency at peak twitter times in the evening for example? For example I receive lots of clicks on my tweets around 7 and 8 pm so I have increased my tweeting times a bit around that time. This is a guest post by Leo Widrich. One of the most important things I discovered is to manage my time efficiently on Twitter. Now, let’s take a look at how Buffer works. Your Thoughts.
    [Blogger, Examples] Why Bloggers Should Consider Engaging on Google+
    Rather, I’d like to share a few first impression thoughts on how I see it as being useful for bloggers. For example, last night (1.07am … yep, it was a rough night) I asked those following me on Google+ for their thoughts about ebooks. As a blogger who blogs in multiple niches, I’ve always had to have multiple social media accounts to interact in a relevant way with different groups. What other bloggers are saying about Google+. As a blogger, it’s been great to help me hash out ideas and get inspired. Community plus. Research plus.
    [Blogger, Examples] Long-Tail Blogger Outreach Campaign Nuts & Bolts
    Chris Abraham Social Media PR & Blogging Expert home About Me My Blog Resume Abraham Harrison LLC Blogroll Chris Abraham Bio Contact Info Freemasonry German Language Email Form Ideas Login RSS Home Long-Tail Blogger Outreach Campaign Nuts & Bolts Submitted by admin on Tue, 06/29/2010 - 22:26. We identify bloggers who may have a smaller audience but are authenticand have readers who value their opinions. But oftentimes we start with our long-tailblogger outreach , reaching out to upwards of 2,000 bloggers at a time. Originally posted on ,part 2 of 3.
    [Blogger, Examples] Ignore the A-list Bloggers
    But I believe I need to get the message out to all newbie bloggers. You can’t even give your ad space away for a dollar while A-list bloggers easily command 500 times that amount. Of course you shouldn’t ignore A-list bloggers! He presents a fascinating look at the Long Tail theory, how it pertains to your blog, backs it up with clear examples and graphs. Don’t forget to thank me when you join the ranks of the A-list bloggers! Ignore the A-list Bloggers. struggled mightily myself when I first started. almost quit blogging altogether. Income. Metrics.
    [Blogger, Examples] Top 20 iPhone Apps for Bloggers
    Just recently, the app was updated to version 8, bringing one essential feature suited for mobile bloggers: the ability to post photos that you’ve taken using your iPhone’s camera. Literature on being a successful blogger will always tell you to be organized with your thoughts and to keep notes for your ideas. PayPal is a must-have for bloggers and online entrepreneurs. mean, being a blogger, I’m sure you do a lot of web surfing using your iPhone. If PayPal is the official financial service of bloggers, Twitter is the official microblogging service.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  SUNDAY, MAY 29, 2011
    [Blogger, Examples] 5 Product Creation Mistakes Most Bloggers Make
    Most bloggers know exactly what these mistakes are but don’t incorporate that knowledge into what they are doing. One of the biggest mistakes I see new bloggers make when they are creating the first product is not asking their audience what they want. For example, you may discover that people want to learn how to blog, but as you drill down, you discover that what they really want is to learn how to create their own products. What kinds of mistakes have you seen beginning bloggers make when they create their first products? Copyright photocreo -
    [Blogger, Examples] Essential HTML for Bloggers Part 1
    So in this two-part series, using the WordPress visual editor, I’m going to take you through a HTML for Bloggers Introductory Course. Change over to it, and in some text, or select some existing text, select it, then surround it with the tags <strong></strong> and , such as in the example below: augue luctus scelerisque ut a ante. <b>Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in</b> faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Duis malesuada. Essential HTML for Bloggers Part 1. This guest post is by Matt Setter of Formatting.
    [Blogger, Examples] 15 Quick and Easy Productivity Super-Hacks for Busy Bloggers
    As a blogger, you have a knack to find just one more task that needs to be done. 15 Quick and Easy Productivity Super-Hacks for Busy Bloggers. 1. As a blogger, I receive a ton of email each day. For example, if I receive a “thank you” email, I acknowledge their reply with a simple two-sentence email. That’s what blogger Sarah Wilson does – at any point, she has about 20 draft posts ready to be used. Examples of an evergreen post: Long list posts. Bloggers, clearly it’s time to go mobile-responsive with your content. Let’s face it. Sound good?
    [Blogger, Examples] Don’t Be the Blogger That Makes These Critical Content Mistakes
    The best bloggers on the web do 6 things very well. This is what will set you apart from all the other, let’s say, ordinary bloggers. For example, who are your visitors? Who are you as a blogger? Use this basic SEO checklist when writing your blog posts: One you know what your post focus keywords are, use this checklist to make sure your keywords are included in the appropriate areas of your web page: As part of the URL, for example How Any Blogger Can Become an Authoritative Blogger. Mistake #1.
    [Blogger, Examples] Essential HTML for Bloggers Part 2
    Here is an example of the HTML: <h1>Australian States</h1> <a href="#australian-states">to australian states</a> <p>Die Hypovereinsbank wirbt Kunden für das Sparkonto HVB PlusSparen Top-Sparzins. Essential HTML for bloggers. We’ve now gone through a fairly gentle, yet firm, introduction to HTML so that, as bloggers, we are able to be more hands on when crafting our posts, with the WordPress editor. hope that you enjoyed this basic HTML for Bloggers and are able to feel more empowered than you did before. Formatting. Alignment.
    [Blogger, Examples] Easy Ways for Bloggers to Use Keywords to Drive Traffic
    An example might be a blog about maternity fashion that provides some affiliate referral links to clothing stores where readers can buy the recommended clothes. Easy Ways for Bloggers to Use Keywords to Drive Traffic. This is a guest contribution from Nick Rojas. The world of web promotion and search engine optimization has never been a consistent one. Constantly changing Google results algorithms compete with tricky marketers in what is essentially an arms race, with each side trying to gain a lasting advantage against the other. We’re talking about keyword research. Read on!
    [Blogger, Examples] 5 Psychological Blocks that Stop Bloggers Going from Good to Great
    When you don’t see yourself as a successful, professional blogger you’re less likely to act that way. For example, you may find you’re not regularly stepping up to larger and larger opportunities as your blogging career progresses. For example, you avoid writing a pitch to speak at an important industry conference, even though you see it as your best, current opportunity to make a big break through. An example of all or nothing thinking might be that you think you need to create witty, Pinterest quote-pics for every single one of your 500 past blog posts. General
    [Blogger, Examples] Why Bloggers Need to Audit their Links
    Link audits are essential for bloggers who wish to optimize their sites for search engines. Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO are two well-known examples. They are now just as important as developing the right content and getting people to link to your site. Ever since Google rolled out the first version of Penguin , negative SEO has become a serious concern. Penguin’s algorithm penalizes websites that used manipulative methods of link building to attain high rankings, such as spamming the comment sections of other websites. Quality Matters. Are sitewide links. blogging
    [Blogger, Examples] B2B Marketing via Long Tail SEO and Blogger Outreach
    One of the primary uses of Browse My Stuff is as a B2B Marketing tool that provides an effective way to build traffic, establish your brand, optimize your Long Tail SEO , and conduct blogger outreach. As an example, Develop Mentor has used Browse My Stuff: Bring together scattered content either from their own sites or from related third party sites. The other big benefit for B2B marketing is the opportunity to build relationships with influential bloggers in the space.  There are two ways that companies typical use Browse My Stuff.
    [Blogger, Examples] SoundCloud: for Bloggers, Not Just Musicians
    This podcast really reminded me of what we bloggers know only too well: online services that make technical tasks easy really do reduce barriers to entry. Some bloggers tend to shy away from ideas like podcasting, because they don’t think they want to make it a regular part of their blog offering. And as in the case of the example SoundCloud file I’ve linked to in this post, you could us it to record a quick interview—a great way to add value to an every text-based blog post. SoundCloud: for Bloggers, Not Just Musicians. Why give it a try? Simple.
    [Blogger, Examples] 20+ More Bloggers to Watch: The Readers’ Choice
    It’s been nearly a month since Bloggers to Watch in 2013 was published. Image courtesy stock.xchng user saavem This post presents all the bloggers that people have highlighted over the past few weeks. If you want to read a genuinely very funny Dad blogger then you can’t beat Mark Richards.  One blogger I really enjoy is Katie from Wellness Mama. She’s a health and nutrition blogger, but does a great job of getting readers involved with her posts. “An older blogger who is an accomplished and wise writer. bloggers aged over 60.
    [Blogger, Examples] Analytics for Content Marketers and Bloggers: What Do You Need to Track?
    For example, imagine writing content on “link building” and mentioning a few products which streamlines your entire process. It’s no longer as simple as putting together 1500+ words hoping to generate sales because many bloggers are failing to analyze the long-term benefits. For example, you need to ensure that you get a clear cut reading into what content, landing page, queries have been producing significant results. For example, you have: social shares, blog commenting, click through, bounce rate and even opt-ins. Desired Results. Production. User Engagement.
    [Blogger, Examples] How to Become a Local Business Marketing Expert as a Blogger
    For example, everybody knows how to build biceps and most of us love to have those as well. For example, if you are a football lover then it would be fun if you could pursue a football career because: You can play longer hours. So the question is, as a blogger, what is easy and fun for you? Most of the top bloggers are able to pursue blogging as a career because they have multiple streams of income. I am sure you can relate to it. Blog / article writing: As a blogger you should be master of doing this! You will not get sick of travelling and training.
    [Blogger, Examples] The Red Ocean Strategy of Miming Top Bloggers
    We see many, many novices and intermediates emulating, learning from, and trying to be a top ranked blogger. It is usually followed by a long tail of similar voices that compete on many common aspects — types of content (text), topic (for example, social media marketing), customer (marketing managers), format (blog), and delivery (reader or social networks). For example, there are many bloggers who comment on marketing, business and social media. Image by hueystar. When you fight for market share with established leaders, it is very, very difficult to succeed.
    [Blogger, Examples] Five Lessons Any Blogger Can Learn from Organized Crime
    What can a blogger learn from the worst criminals in America? For many entrepreneurs and bloggers, making acquaintances and building friendships lead to interview opportunities, traffic building exercises, and even the odd friendship or two. 4) Always Look to Expand Your Empire. While Siegel’s vision led him to a less-than-happy ending, as a blogger, when you are looking to expand your presence, you can learn from Siegel’s example. Five Lessons Any Blogger Can Learn from Organized Crime. This is a guest contribution from Steven Gomez. General
    [Blogger, Examples] Tip: A grid of post thumbnails for index/listing pages : Blogger Xpertise
    Blogger Xpertise. Blogger sites that go beyond the basic template, showing you how to make your Blogger site just as amazing. Blogger Tips. Join us for our free weekly Hangout On Air event called the Friday Request Line, providing Blogger discussion, assistance, and helpful suggestions. Blogger Template: BoyBurnsBlog (free!). Tip: A better automatic thumbnail and summary script for Blogger. Tip: Removing default spacing between images in Blogger. Opinion: 10 reasons why we recommend Blogger instead of Wordpress for most websites.
    [Blogger, Examples] How to Get Top Bloggers to Share Your Content and Boost Your Traffic.
    But reaching out to big bloggers can be pretty scary when you start out. You can make a roundup of the best bloggers, the best articles, or even the best quotes. Here’s a good example:  In his post , Robbie Richards made a list of 80 online marketing experts you should keep an eye on in 2015. All these things make it easier for readers to get to know these bloggers. “Hi (blogger). Here are some examples from Problogger: Ultimate guide to making money with Amazon’s affiliate program. Let me give you a real example. Did you?
  • PROBLOGGER  |  FRIDAY, JULY 23, 2010
    [Blogger, Examples] 10 Common Spelling Mistakes That Haunt Bloggers
    Accept means “to receive willingly.&# For example: We visited every landmark except the Eiffel Tower. The most common use of effect is as a noun meaning “something produced by a cause.&# The most common use of affect is as a transitive verb meaning “to act upon.&# For example: The disease had a lasting effect on the child. For example: Walking the dog is an everyday occurrence. For example: The man lost his hat. For example: The past few days have been hectic. For example: We enjoyed the quiet by the lake. accept / except. then / than.
    [Blogger, Examples] How Bloggers Can Make The Best Use Of Their 24 Hours
    Whether your parents believe you or not, there are ways to make a living off of being a blogger. However, being a blogger isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Another obstacle that bloggers must overcome is being able to manage their time appropriately. Here is a look at how bloggers can make the best use of their 24 hours each day. The first thing that any blogger will want to do as they look to organize their day is make a planned schedule. If you quit your job and became a blogger with the hopes of ditching a scheduled lifestyle, you may want to rethink things.
    [Blogger, Examples] Easy Content Scheduling for Bloggers
    So, for example, Darren wants to include WordPress tips in our content, but the categories we have set up for the blog’s content don’t currently include WordPress. If the content direction isn’t a major one, we could decide to categorize WordPress content on the basis of the outcome of each tip. A tip that explained how to apply a new theme to your blog would appear in the existing Blog Design category, for example. I know what you’re thinking: a content schedule? How hard can it be? Get a calendar, drop a blog post onto each day, and you’re done.
    [Blogger, Examples] On Being A "Pro Blogger" -- Interview With Jane Genova
    That's what was returned on a Google search for "pro blogger jobs.". Soon blog ad networks became the rage offering bloggers and advertising more control and greater targeting. Enter stage right  B5Media created by three successful bloggers Jeremy Wright, Darren Rowse and Duncan Riley. also have been an unpaid guest blogger for and a site for Harvard Law School.  In addition, I've worked as a paid blogger in diverse settings ranging from ghostwriting content on attorney blogs to producing bylined content for brandname players in social media. .
    [Blogger, Examples] 9 Crucial Tips for Self-Editing Your Blog Posts (That Every Blogger Can Use)
    Whether you’re a highly experienced writer or a new blogger who’s very unconfident about their writing, spending some time editing (and doing it right) will result in dramatically better posts. Missing calls to action are one of the biggest mistakes I see when I’m editing guest posts or training bloggers. If you’re not sure what to write or want to see how other bloggers do it, check out 6 Action-Inspiring Ways to End Your Blog Post (and 12 Examples). #7: Don’t Let Spellcheck Do Your Proofreading. This is a guest contribution from Ali Luke of Zen Optimise.
    [Blogger, Examples] Top Journalism Techniques for Smart Bloggers
    It’s time for small business bloggers to reconsider how they package their blog posts. Journalists can teach bloggers something when it comes to enticing a reader. My initial example could easily be summed up in a short sentence on a list blog: “To defeat writer’s block: Get up and move around. Say, for example, you own a health club. Bloggers could benefit a great deal from a dose of personal storytelling. What are some of the better examples that have worked for you in the past? Top Journalism Techniques for Smart Bloggers. Zoom in, zoom out.
    [Blogger, Examples] 10 Words Every Successful Blogger Needs to Know
    Here are ten essential words you should consider constantly as a blogger, as they reflect the values you need in order to succeed. 1. Just to put yourself out there in the first place takes courage and self-belief, and even the most experienced blogger may sometimes feel self doubt as their finger hovers over the Publish button. Every blogger starts from the same place, and the key to building that confidence is, in the first place, to take that initial step to get started, and then to learn and develop from there. This is one of the most important words for a blogger.
    [Blogger, Examples] Tip: Make effective use the post title, URL and permalink : Blogger.
    Blogger Xpertise. Blogger sites that go beyond the basic template, showing you how to make your Blogger site just as amazing. Blogger Tips. Join us for our free weekly Hangout On Air event called the Friday Request Line, providing Blogger discussion, assistance, and helpful suggestions. Blogger Template: BoyBurnsBlog (free!). Tip: A better automatic thumbnail and summary script for Blogger. Tip: Removing default spacing between images in Blogger. Opinion: 10 reasons why we recommend Blogger instead of Wordpress for most websites.
    [Blogger, Examples] 7 Self-doubts New Bloggers Can Beat
    Perhaps you’re a more experienced blogger who still remembers when you questioned what on Earth you were doing and whether you were any good. Self-doubt and the New Blogger. This got me thinking about the specific doubts new bloggers come up against, and the ways in which a lack of self-belief can negatively affect our blogging activities. Feelings of self-doubt have little to do with how good a blogger you really are—they’re about how not-so-good you perceive yourself to be. What could a newbie like you possibly have to offer a big-name blogger?
    [Blogger, Examples] Advertising Your Blog: Go Viral on a Blogger’s Budget
    Why you should start spending money on blog advertising. I’m not sure how it started (it is probably Old Man Rowse’s fault) but bloggers seem to be afraid of spending money on advertising. Some great tips from All Facebook about how to improve your campaigns, an interesting step by step guide from the world’s most evil blogger, a good first time try and more goodness from Zac. 3. Football shirts, for example, can be targeted by city. Advertising Your Blog: Go Viral on a Blogger’s Budget. This guest post is by The Blog Tyrant. Where do you start?
    [Blogger, Examples] Time Management for Travel Bloggers … and Others
    some point you’re going to need to find a way to balance work and travel if you want to be a successful travel blogger. For example, Monday is my writing day, Tuesday is photo day, Wednesday is a random task day. This guest post is written by Matthew Kepnes of Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site. While I hate the name, I am, to some degree, a digital nomad. spend my time traveling the world and working as I go. By that very definition, I’m a digital nomad. In fact, my life would be a lot easier if I stayed in one place. That’s why the issue of time management is so important to me.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2012
    [Blogger, Examples] 10 Cheap Survey Tools for Bloggers Who Want Answers
    For example, because people are free to say anything they want in the comments, it may be hard to get the exact information you want. Google Docs offers a tool that will help you create surveys that you can link readers to (for example, in an email), or actually embed into your blog. If you want an even higher turnout, or if you have a small audience and want to maximize the number of answers you receive, you may want to offer some kind of incentive (for example, everyone who responds will be entered in a drawing for a $50 Apple iTunes gift card). How can surveys help you?
    [Blogger, Examples] The 3 Emails You Must Send During a Launch … and a Fresh Alternative for Bloggers
    You’ll get to see this topic through the lens of known bloggers and marketers, but I’ll also reveal my own use of each one of these strategies and concepts. Blogger to launcher basics. Many bloggers who have never created and sold their own products wonder how to make the leap and start offering something for sale. Here’s how to make the switch from blogger to blogger with a business: Give plenty of lead time. For example, in this post he talks about lessons he learned during the launch of Fizzle , an online training membership site.
    [Blogger, Examples] Getty Images vs Creative Commons and Privacy: What Bloggers Need to Know
    Getty Images recently announced a  new image embed feature  that allows bloggers (and others) to access and use their vast library of images for non-commercial purposes. Let’s review some of the most important clauses in the terms of the embed feature  and we’ll do this by comparing this with another very popular image source (images under a Creative Commons license) for bloggers. At least European bloggers should consider including statements about Getty’s iframe and the Twitter/Tumblr sharing buttons included in the iframe. vincentsl  /  CC BY 2.0.
    [Blogger, Examples] Beginner Week: We Asked Veteran Bloggers to Reflect on Mistakes Made in Their Early Days
    During Beginner Week, we checked back in with some bloggers who blundered with the best of us, only to come out the other side stronger and smarter than ever. We begin with some of Australia’s best bloggers: Caitlin – Mother Down Under // Nikki – Styling You // Christina – Hair Romance // Sarah – A Beach Cottage // Matt – Dad Down Under. There seemed to be a few recurring themes in the answers of the bloggers we asked – topics like being authentic, writing in your own voice, focusing on your readers, and being useful. General
    [Blogger, Examples] Usable Content: a Blogger’s Introduction
    These days, usability is crucial to the success not just of blogs, but of online businesses—much of the information we read about reducing friction and improving sales pages , for example, is based on usability principles. Content usability isn’t often talked about, but as content creators, bloggers should get their heads around this idea. Copyright Yuri Arcurs - An example: if your blog targets people with dyslexia or other reading and comprehension difficulties, you’ll tailor your content to their needs. You’ve probably heard of usability.
    [Blogger, Examples] Seven Traffic Techniques for Bloggers—and Metrics to Measure Them
    Over the last couple of months here at, we’ve taken a tour of the traffic techniques that are essential to bloggers. While not all bloggers use or focus on all techniques, the ones we’ve covered probably make up the core traffic tools used by bloggers today: Image courtesy stock.xchng user angel_ruiz. As an example, this post attracts a lot of search traffic to ProBlogger, but since he material’s of interest to such a wide range of users, we can immediately guess that only a small portion of those readers are going to stick around.
    [Blogger, Examples] The Slippery Slope of Association Blogger Outreach
    skip to main | skip to sidebar mizz information Tuesday, October 5, 2010 The Slippery Slope of Association Blogger Outreach Its not often that two of my favorite things to blog about happen to intersect but today youre in luck. Mom blogger drama has made its way to the association world. But actually this is a post Ive been meaning to write for a while about a topic that I am sort of torn about: associations doing blogger outreach campaigns. Plus theres the "feel good" factor of bloggers being compensated to get out the message of a nonprofit.its dicey at best.
    [Blogger, Examples] The Blogger’s Guide to Google Authorship
    So, for this guest post example the link would be [link]. The Blogger’s Guide to Google Authorship. This guest post is by Tom of At the 2011 SMX Advanced event , Matt Cutts announced the Google initiative to support authorship markup, or more simply, to give you ownership of your content in the search results. Let’s start with a definition. Authorship , in this context, refers to Google’s parameters for making a verified connection between a person’s original web content and their Google Plus profile. What is rel = “author”?
    [Blogger, Examples] Mainstream editors will get articles from bloggers with audience
    Why traditional media editors will turn to bloggers for articles in the future. bigger example than what I was thinking of, but it works just the same.  If you are a freelance journalist investigating social media , particularly one with a specialist ken, get blogging. Mainstream editors will get articles from bloggers with audience is a post from: Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy. Social media = content PLUS audience. isn’t some marketing fad, but rather a fundamental change to the way we consume and interact with content. Pronto. Hmm what’s that? Oh ok.
    [Blogger, Examples] I Am Not a Blogger, I Am a Human Being!
    think I’m turning into a blogger! rolled back in my chair, lifted my hands to my face and screamed in anguish, “I am not a blogger! I am a human being! Being a blogger can feel inhuman at times—an existence that’s indifferent to even the most basic of bodily functions, like walking, sleeping, eating, and peeing. But the human being has to emerge again. I’m going to be a mother, a wife, a filmmaker, a vegan, a runner, a motivator, an organizer, a camper, a volunteer, a writer and then a blogger. I am all of these things. The best bloggers already have.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2011
    [Blogger, Examples] The 23 Blogger Breeds—Which Are You?
    This guest post was written by Stephen Guise of Deep Existence. A new blogger is born today! This baby blogger does not know the perils of comment moderation, stalkers, low traffic, and spam that await her. wonder what type of blogger she’ll be. With millions of bloggers out there, there are a certain number of very identifiable qualities that are seen. This blogger aims to cover as many of those qualities, or “breeds,&# as possible. Blogger machines know how to pump out content … like a machine. The Copy Blogger. Enjoy! 1.
    [Blogger, Examples] The Systematic Blogger’s Manifesto
    Most bloggers work hard the entire time they have the blog. And any successful blogger will tell you that for the vast majority of blogging experiences, the work never really stops—it just changes form. Those who understand that blogging is about finding repeatable systems are the most succesful bloggers on the Internet today. systematic blogger knows how to leverage usability, other people’s content, and good ideas in such a way that every bit of their work gets as much done as possible. The Systematic Blogger’s Manifesto. this a bad thing?
    [Blogger, Examples] Are You a Full Time Blogger with Small to Medium Traffic? Let’s Chat
    One of the biggest misconceptions that many bloggers have is that you need MASSIVE traffic to become a full time blogger. We often hear how many hundreds of thousands or even millions of visitors this or that blog has but the reality is that I’ve met many bloggers over the years who don’t have massive traffic – yet who are still making a healthy income from their blogging. The problem is that these bloggers don’t always have the platform to tell their stories and so the myth that you need massive traffic goes on without being busted. General
    [Blogger, Examples] 5 More Reasons Why All Students Should Be Bloggers
    Guest blogger Michael White has already written an excellent article on  student blogging , looking at the career benefits of blogging for students. There aren’t as many maths blogs as there are language-learning blogs, for example (maths bloggers, please reveal yourselves in the comments!). Are you a student blogger, or do you know one? More Reasons Why All Students Should Be Bloggers. This guest post is by Hugh Grigg of  East Asia Student. It’s a ready-made niche. Your field of study is a ready-made, off-the-shelf niche. It’s your passion.
    [Blogger, Examples] You MUST Post Every Day on Your Blog [Misconceptions New Bloggers Have #2]
    This post continues our Misconceptions New Bloggers Have series and looks at one of the most common questions I’m asked about when speaking about blogging—posting frequency. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard prebloggers dismiss the idea of blogging because they don’t have the time or discipline to produce daily blog posts. There are plenty of examples of highly successful blogs that operate at both ends of the frequency spectrum (I’ll highlight some less frequent posters below). Examples of blogs that post less often than daily.
  • KIKOLANI  |  MONDAY, JUNE 7, 2010
    [Blogger, Examples] Simple On-Page Tag Optimization for Bloggers
    This is a guest post by Tola Famakinwa, SEO Blogger. Most content management systems like Wordpress give you free reign over a lot of your tags, but others (like Blogger) do not. So if you have the TweetMeme plugin, for example, when people click retweet, your post’s title tag will go out in the tweet. Blogger is notorious for not letting you do this! If you are using Blogger, this is how you can create dynamic meta tags for your posts. One great example is how commenters can use the KeywordLuv plugin to create great anchor text for their commenting URL.
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