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    [Blogger, Examples] Tip: Using Masonry to create a fluid layout for your Blog : Blogger.
    Blogger Xpertise. Blogger sites that go beyond the basic template, showing you how to make your Blogger site just as amazing. Blogger Tips. Join us for our free weekly Hangout On Air event called the Friday Request Line, providing Blogger discussion, assistance, and helpful suggestions. Blogger Template: BoyBurnsBlog (free!). Tip: A better automatic thumbnail and summary script for Blogger. Tip: Removing default spacing between images in Blogger. Opinion: 10 reasons why we recommend Blogger instead of Wordpress for most websites.
    [Blogger, Examples] SoundCloud: for Bloggers, Not Just Musicians
    This podcast really reminded me of what we bloggers know only too well: online services that make technical tasks easy really do reduce barriers to entry. Some bloggers tend to shy away from ideas like podcasting, because they don’t think they want to make it a regular part of their blog offering. And as in the case of the example SoundCloud file I’ve linked to in this post, you could us it to record a quick interview—a great way to add value to an every text-based blog post. SoundCloud: for Bloggers, Not Just Musicians. Why give it a try? Simple.
    [Blogger, Examples] How to Fail Productively as a Blogger
    Tim Harford’s three rules—blogger’s edition. 1. On the other hand, if you’re a big blogger, you’ll take a little bit more care. This is useful for future estimates to clients who ask you how long a project will take, for example, as well as for your own time planning. Examples might include “I’ll publish an infographic instead of a text post” and “I’ll do a shorter post than usual.”. Bea Kylene Jumarang is a blogger and fiction writer, obsessed with connecting writing to everything else. How to Fail Productively as a Blogger. 210 pages).
    [Blogger, Examples] Maternity Leave … for Bloggers?!
    How do full-time bloggers take maternity leave? For example, my first post, every workday, recommends an item of clothing that is available for online purchase. drew up a “dream list” of guest bloggers, and individually emailed each person to say that I admired them and would love for them to guest post, suggesting a few topics for each blogger. like to think my readers got to know a new group of bloggers, and I got to enjoy time with my newborn son without worrying (too much) about my other baby, my blog. Maternity Leave … for Bloggers?!
    [Blogger, Examples] Tip: Using JQuery to process and include Blogger RSS feeds into.
    Blogger Xpertise. Blogger sites that go beyond the basic template, showing you how to make your Blogger site just as amazing. Blogger Tips. Join us for our free weekly Hangout On Air event called the Friday Request Line, providing Blogger discussion, assistance, and helpful suggestions. Blogger Template: BoyBurnsBlog (free!). Tip: A better automatic thumbnail and summary script for Blogger. Tip: Removing default spacing between images in Blogger. Opinion: 10 reasons why we recommend Blogger instead of Wordpress for most websites.
    [Blogger, Examples] An Innovative Approach to Outreach Marketing from a Quirky Brand
    Unclaimed Baggage  found a new way to engage bloggers and grow their brand, while earning their place as our  outreach marketing example of the month. Let’s dive in and see how they worked with bloggers. The Goal Since Unclaimed Baggage has one a retail location—no online store component—their goal was to connect with bloggers who were in a 2-3 hour radius of their location. They didn’t need bloggers to drive traffic to any website unlike most blogger outreach campaigns , rather, they needed bloggers to drive physical traffic through the front doors of their store.
    [Blogger, Examples] Blogger outreach: 5 best practices when writing pitch emails
    Communications Conversations Conversations about digital PR strategy Home About Arik Work With Me Around The Web Speaking Contact Subscribe From The Blog Blogger outreach: 5 best practices when writing pitch emails Posted by arikhanson on 15. Oct, 2010 in Uncategorized Earlier this week, a student sent me a note and posed the following question: What do you consider an effective blogger outreach effort? Earlier this week, a student sent me a note and posed the following question: What do you consider an effective blogger outreach effort? Good question. Perfect. For free.
    [Blogger, Examples] 7 Places Bloggers Can Get Design Work Done (Without Breaking The Bank)
    Because finding someone like this seems tough, many bloggers will overlook necessary design updates, or try to do it themselves. My life as a blogger became much easier when I realised that there are several places where you can get small design changes done at a good price, by good people. I’ll dig into these options below, examining the pros and cons of each. Freelancers create listings for their services, with price, turnaround time, number of revisions, and work examples provided upfront. Places Bloggers Can Get Design Work Done (Without Breaking The Bank).
    [Blogger, Examples] 7 Reasons You Might Never Become an A-list Blogger
    There are different types of bloggers with various levels of success. We have the average blogger and the super-successful blogger (often called the A-list blogger). Many new bloggers think becoming an A-list blogger is all about writing content and promoting your blog. The following are 7 reasons you might never be an A-list blogger. 1. One thing I noticed from observing many successful bloggers is that they effectively use their time. list bloggers don’t spend every minute of their day on Twitter or on doing things that don’t matter.
    [Blogger, Examples] Long-term Goal-setting for Successful Bloggers
    This guest post is by Chris  The Traffic Blogger. Each post feels new and fresh, and every additional reader increases the blogger’s enthusiasm. This is why new bloggers don’t usually make it past the first six months. What the person dieting and the new blogger don’t realize is that they need to change their lives permanently, not just for the next few months. That right there is the perfect example of the problems that arise when short-term goals (in this case, saving enough money for my first house) become your only priority. Choose the perfect you.
    [Blogger, Examples] How to Avoid Legal Trouble, Income Tax Fines, and Penalties as a Blogger
    These are some of the most financially impactful in terms of fines, penalties, liability exposure, and money left on the table, yet they’re ones that are most commonly overlooked by bloggers and internet marketers. For example, when you claim a $600 business deduction, that is $600 less the government can tax you with. For example, if you made $40,000 working in a job and lost $2,000 in your online business due to expenses such as paying someone to design a website, domain, hosting, email newsletters, etc., This guest post is by Sunil of Extra Money Blog. Conclusion.
    [Blogger, Examples] Four Tips for Bloggers Who Want to Work with the Travel Industry
    While it is possible for a successful travel blogger to participate in media trips, the way we interact with the travel industry is key to our long-term success. Before seeking out opportunities though, bloggers should keep in mind the following key points. 1. There is a fairly low barrier to entry to become a blogger. For little or no money, just about anyone can hang out their blog shingle and announce to the world that they are now A Blogger. But she is a travel blogger! Instead they see the title Travel Blogger and get scared. Don’t take advantage.
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    [Blogger, Examples] 10 Common Spelling Mistakes That Haunt Bloggers
    Accept means “to receive willingly.&# For example: We visited every landmark except the Eiffel Tower. The most common use of effect is as a noun meaning “something produced by a cause.&# The most common use of affect is as a transitive verb meaning “to act upon.&# For example: The disease had a lasting effect on the child. For example: Walking the dog is an everyday occurrence. For example: The man lost his hat. For example: The past few days have been hectic. For example: We enjoyed the quiet by the lake. accept / except. then / than.
    [Blogger, Examples] Eating Dog Food
    That is apparent every time I read a social media blogger’s text-heavy post about visual media (see paragraph 2). It’s one thing to engage in criticism, it’s another thing to become a demonstrative example. Pop Philosophy attention business demonstrate example leadership reputation Sometimes you have to do things because they are right, even though you don’t want to. yielded to staff pressure last week, and committed resources to doing more with our Tenacity5 Media social media accounts. We have to eat our own dog food here. Walk the Talk.
    [Blogger, Examples] Link-building Tips and Tools for Bloggers in a Post-Panda and Penguin World
    So you might be asking what more can be written about link building for bloggers? Bloggers have an advantage that static and retail websites don’t. Link-building strategies for bloggers. Guest blogging is really the best way bloggers can build links to their website that will not only count for search rankings (99% of the time) but will also lead to increased traffic generation. If you know a blogger who writes a lot of guest posts, search for their name and Google+ on Google. See the first paragraph of this post as an example. For example….
    [Blogger, Examples] Talking Funny: What Can Bloggers Learn from Comedians?
    picked up some important concepts that are relevant to a comedian’s success as well as a blogger’s success. ProBlogger is full of great examples of relationship building, such as showing your readers you care by responding to their comments. Bloggers have the same reality. In an example Seinfeld uses, Letterman talks about how he would spit toothpaste into the sink, let it dry, and serve it as after dinner mints. The most successful bloggers take something, break it down, break it down again, and then break it down even more. Comedy is a relationship.
    [Blogger, Examples] Why Kissing a Digital Baby is Better than Back-scratching a Super-famous Blogger
    By now, it’s been engraved into every bloggers mind that relationships are the foundation of building a successful blog. Then, there is this “hush hush” unwritten law, “You should build strong relationships with established pro bloggers or blogosphere influences! This post is not a rebel rant against pro bloggers. Yes, it’s true that one tweet or Facebook Like from these super famous bloggers can flood your blog with visitors. However,  there are so many newbie bloggers trying to get the attention of such bloggers. ” you ask.
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    [Blogger, Examples] Getting Mass Traffic from StumbleUpon: A Definitive Guide
    You are here: ViperChill » Social Media » Getting Mass Traffic from StumbleUpon: A Definitive Guide Getting Mass Traffic from StumbleUpon: A Definitive Guide Written by Glen, this post has 83 Comments Many bloggers end up having a love-hate relationship with StumbleUpon. Here are some examples of popular avatars in the social media space: It is up to you whether you want to use an ‘avatar’ style picture like this or a picture of your face. have had a site up for a couple of years which is a blogger blog, and a purchased domain. Home What the F ? pages. Crazy.
    [Blogger, Examples] 5 More Reasons Why All Students Should Be Bloggers
    Guest blogger Michael White has already written an excellent article on  student blogging , looking at the career benefits of blogging for students. There aren’t as many maths blogs as there are language-learning blogs, for example (maths bloggers, please reveal yourselves in the comments!). Are you a student blogger, or do you know one? More Reasons Why All Students Should Be Bloggers. This guest post is by Hugh Grigg of  East Asia Student. It’s a ready-made niche. Your field of study is a ready-made, off-the-shelf niche. It’s your passion.
    [Blogger, Examples] Kodak’s Social Media Success—and What Bloggers Can Learn From It
    Here’s an example of the kind of interaction these representatives encourage on social media: Kodak’s Chief Listener’s Twitter account features her actual photo and a small Kodak logo below that. The driving forces behind this model this have been Tom Hoehn (Interactive Marketing director) and Jenny Cisney (Social Media Manager and Chief Blogger). Ricky is a technophile & a zealous blogger & evangelist for Kodak’s Social Media Success—and What Bloggers Can Learn From It. This guest post is by Ricky of
    [Blogger, Examples] Keep Calm And Carry On - 5 Steps To Getting Rid Of Stress And Anxiety
    It is chock full of great examples of how to better understand what''s happening in your mind and body. Most people know James Altucher as the angel investor, bestselling business book author and blogger (you can hear my conversation with James right here: SPOS #366 - James Altucher Wants You To Choose Yourself ). blogger. Are you feeling a little stressed? Anxious? Having a panic attack here and there? We all deal with stress and anxiety in a multitude of ways. People will often comment on how calm and collected I seem. That''s me. I''m that duck. Quack. Quack. It happens.
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    [Blogger, Examples] The 23 Blogger Breeds—Which Are You?
    This guest post was written by Stephen Guise of Deep Existence. A new blogger is born today! This baby blogger does not know the perils of comment moderation, stalkers, low traffic, and spam that await her. wonder what type of blogger she’ll be. With millions of bloggers out there, there are a certain number of very identifiable qualities that are seen. This blogger aims to cover as many of those qualities, or “breeds,&# as possible. Blogger machines know how to pump out content … like a machine. The Copy Blogger. Enjoy! 1.
    [Blogger, Examples] Murky Mastheads
    If you want an example, look no further than blogs written under the guise of venerable mastheads like Forbes, Fast Company and Harvard Business Review. These venerable mastheads use relatively unknown voices — usually independent bloggers with no real journalistic training — to deliver the typical social media show, a pageantry of murky information and questionable data. Recently I privately observed several masthead bloggers blame others for sourcing bad information. This is true of all bloggers, masthead or not. Image by Marion Doss. Image by RSAMD.
    [Blogger, Examples] Seven Traffic Techniques for Bloggers—and Metrics to Measure Them
    Over the last couple of months here at, we’ve taken a tour of the traffic techniques that are essential to bloggers. While not all bloggers use or focus on all techniques, the ones we’ve covered probably make up the core traffic tools used by bloggers today: Image courtesy stock.xchng user angel_ruiz. As an example, this post attracts a lot of search traffic to ProBlogger, but since he material’s of interest to such a wide range of users, we can immediately guess that only a small portion of those readers are going to stick around.
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    [Blogger, Examples] The Only Blog Post Idea List You’ll Ever Need
    Needless to say, it’s been tricky coming up with this many ideas. I’ve read all kinds of different suggestions on how to overcome blogger’s block, but each person’s experience is different. Here are 20 techniques we’ve used to help counter blogger’s block. For example, we have a Spotlight on Youth series where we focus on a certain young person based on certain public holidays. For example, we wrote about the former child soldier Ishmael Beah on Veteran’s Day. Writing Content blogger productivity Bloggers Block inspiration
    [Blogger, Examples] Why Bloggers Should Pay Attention to the New Affiliate Tax Laws
    This is an issue that bloggers in California, Colorado, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Connecticut are currently facing. Wanting to avoid being subject to costly tax inquiries from the government, they are cutting connections to every state that passes the affiliate tax by terminating agreements with all affiliate marketers, leaving many bloggers with decreased incomes and some with no incomes from their blog. The war is not lost and bloggers can make a difference in fighting back or preventing the affiliate tax law from passing in their state.
    [Blogger, Examples] The Benefits of Being a Transparent Blogger [Case Study]
    One of the most successful bloggers online right now is also one of the most transparent. Pat’s not the only one—there are plenty of other bloggers who do the same thing. Transparent bloggers are open about who they are, what they do, and even how much they make. There are very few successful bloggers that have managed to remain anonymous online. For example, you disclose that you have affiliate links and sponsors and you even discuss your own personal experiences using them. plan of action for shy bloggers. You probably know him as Pat.
    [Blogger, Examples] Watching Me Blog
    For example, with this blog post I might tweet: "What's your blogging philosophy? blogger. Blogs are one of the most valuable marketing tools ever created. believe that. don't just say it. mean it by walking the talk. started blogging in September 2003, and since then I have written almost three thousand posts. I'm proud of this blog mostly because it serves two personal Gods for me: my love of writing and my love of sharing. I had the pleasure of speaking in Oslo, Norway last week at the re:think conference. To my surprise, Chris blogged about me blogging (how meta!) apple.
    [Blogger, Examples] Tip: Make effective use the post title, URL and permalink : Blogger.
    Blogger Xpertise. Blogger sites that go beyond the basic template, showing you how to make your Blogger site just as amazing. Blogger Tips. Join us for our free weekly Hangout On Air event called the Friday Request Line, providing Blogger discussion, assistance, and helpful suggestions. Blogger Template: BoyBurnsBlog (free!). Tip: A better automatic thumbnail and summary script for Blogger. Tip: Removing default spacing between images in Blogger. Opinion: 10 reasons why we recommend Blogger instead of Wordpress for most websites.
    [Blogger, Examples] How to Get Paid to Double Your Blog Traffic: a Technique 99% of Bloggers Won’t Dare Try
    Creating a product is often seen as something that’s difficult to do, so many bloggers shy away from even trying. The best way to grow your blog is by getting support from other bloggers and marketers in your field and the best way to get this support is by creating a product. No blogger will send an email promoting that awesome blog post you wrote to a list of 10,000 subscribers no matter how great your blog post is. Most bloggers won’t dare to do this. perfect example of this approach was implemented by Becker and documented in a recent guest post here.
    [Blogger, Examples] What I Learned From Liars and Journalists, and How it Made Me a Better Blogger
    Trust Me, I’m Lying – Confessions of a Media Manipulator is the title of Ryan Holiday’s new book about the tactics cutting-edge bloggers use to drive hundreds of thousands of viewers to their blogs, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Selling newspapers one copy at a time, in the hustle and bustle of the already-hectic, and often inhospitable island of Manhattan, for example, is the same hustle that bloggers must have to be successful. This example from The New York Journal shows an irresistible headline. This guest post is by Austin Gunter, of WP Engine.
    [Blogger, Examples] The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing – 31 Steps to a Profitable Blog
    Today we’re launching a brand new ProBlogger Resource – something we’ve been working on for many months now – The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing – 31 Steps to a Profitable Blog. The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing—31 Steps to Profitable Blogging has two parts: 1. Customer life-cycle analysis example. For more information on The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing—31 Steps to Profitable Blogging, visit this information page or get your copy by clicking the button below. that’s 50% off! The 31 Chapter eBook. Manage a launch.
    [Blogger, Examples] How Young is Too Young?
    Today, there are young bloggers who have their own websites and blogs. contacted a handful of young bloggers, all under the age of 17, to get an idea of whether they see their age as a hurdle and what advice they would give to new bloggers. resident of Western New York, he’s not just a blogger but a podcaster. Also pictured (center) is mom Ciaran Blumenfeld, who is also a blogger. And he’s been compared to some hugely popular bloggers. keep hearing about 13 year old bloggers, 10 year old entrepreneurs, the younger the more impressive.
    [Blogger, Examples] Tip: Sometimes you need to kill Lightbox in Blogger : Blogger Xpertise
    Blogger Xpertise. Blogger sites that go beyond the basic template, showing you how to make your Blogger site just as amazing. Blogger Tips. Join us for our free weekly Hangout On Air event called the Friday Request Line, providing Blogger discussion, assistance, and helpful suggestions. Blogger Template: BoyBurnsBlog (free!). Tip: A better automatic thumbnail and summary script for Blogger. Tip: Removing default spacing between images in Blogger. Opinion: 10 reasons why we recommend Blogger instead of Wordpress for most websites.
    [Blogger, Examples] 4 Things to Expect When You Become an A-List Blogger
    Some people say things like “you’re just trying to be like X blogger&# , “you’re scamming people&# (even though I have no ads or affiliate links) or they may claim I’m lying when I write about certain figures, even after posting screenshots of everything I do. Look at the launch of the iPhone 4 as an example. This may just be a personal feeling and not something other large bloggers can relate to, but I definitely think people have higher expectations of the information and ideas I share after following my work for a while. Share This.
    [Blogger, Examples] Tip: Cropping (square) and resizing your Picasa/Blogger images.
    Blogger Xpertise. Blogger sites that go beyond the basic template, showing you how to make your Blogger site just as amazing. Blogger Tips. Join us for our free weekly Hangout On Air event called the Friday Request Line, providing Blogger discussion, assistance, and helpful suggestions. Blogger Template: BoyBurnsBlog (free!). Tip: A better automatic thumbnail and summary script for Blogger. Tip: Removing default spacing between images in Blogger. Opinion: 10 reasons why we recommend Blogger instead of Wordpress for most websites.
    [Blogger, Examples] Kickstart Your Stalled Blog Content, Part 1: Six Steps to a Fresh Post
    good way to do this is to start by looking at the leading sites in your niche—not just blogs, but all sites and other media (press, for example) that your target audience might use. Featured Posts Writing Content blogger productivity Bloggers Block inspirationJust starting a blog? Longing to revive an old, forgotten blog? Or just feeling guilty because you’ve let your blog languish without a post for a little too long? Image courtesy stock.xchng user tikideputy If your blog’s fallen behind your ideal post frequency, you’re in luck. Let’s go! 1.
    [Blogger, Examples] Invest in Content: Not just your Own
    For example, partner with other brands/publishers or influencers in the categorical space to create content. Partner with Influencers – From the bloggers like Cupcakes and Cashmere to the YouTube stars like Jacklyn Hill to many more…influencers are all around us. They can be bloggers, video stars, journalists, food Instagrammers, or a reputable advocate who has a large voice on Twitter. Social Media Socialnomics bloggers blogs branded content content sourcing content strategy digital strategy influencers supplemental content third party content vine vlogs
    [Blogger, Examples] Analysis of Five Top Blogs and What You Can Learn from Them
    Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Blogging , Industry News > Analysis of Five Top Blogs and What You Can Learn from Them Analysis of Five Top Blogs and What You Can Learn from Them by Tamar Weinberg on July 1, 2010 Share Inspired by my recent post on How Young is Too Young? , I was contacted by 16-year-old blogger Onibalusi Bamidele who has guest-written this post. There is a trend among many new (and even old) bloggers. Let’s take Techipedia for example. For example, my blog is three months old.
    [Blogger, Examples] Howdy From SXSW in Austin, Texas!
    The topics this year: Companies becoming more philantropic – examples of giveaways in the form of services and other stuff, revitalizing brands such as Old Spice and Pepsi, entrepreneurship, location-based services and how they have only just begun unfolding the potential of using collective data etc.  Social Media 4Chan Austin conference Conference Center Das Stiletto EGOsystem Frog Design GroupMe guest blogger Iben Larsen Mashable Memolane pictures Solis South by Southwest SXSW TexasYou can follow her on Twitter at @ibeniben. Howdy from SXSW in Austin, Texas!
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    [Blogger, Examples] Influence & Industry, the many axes about building a community
    Home What We Do Awe-inspiring Clients About Contact Us Influence & Industry, the many axes about building a community 13 05 2010 Writing this blog on influence and taking the cycling industry as an example has been great. I was really impressed with the level of feedback from everyone which you can read on the blog or on LinkedIn. Bloggers who commented on this blog mostly see their influence directly tied with their readership and less a function of their relationship with other bloggers. Bloggers know, refer to and influence each other. Extanz – PR 2.0
    [Blogger, Examples] How to Start a Blog - Jeff Korhan
    » August 25, 2010 How to Start a Blog Despite the millions of blogs in the blogosphere, it is still a fact that the percentage of small business bloggers in any industry other than technology is less than 10%, and probably much closer to 1%. Common Blogging Challenges While the percentage of bloggers is small, it is not for lack of desire.  For example, instead of writing, just posting an image or a short video with a small caption solves the challenge of time and writing skill.   Strategic is a good example.   Strategic is a good example.
    [Blogger, Examples] 7 Self-doubts New Bloggers Can Beat
    Perhaps you’re a more experienced blogger who still remembers when you questioned what on Earth you were doing and whether you were any good. Self-doubt and the New Blogger. This got me thinking about the specific doubts new bloggers come up against, and the ways in which a lack of self-belief can negatively affect our blogging activities. Feelings of self-doubt have little to do with how good a blogger you really are—they’re about how not-so-good you perceive yourself to be. What could a newbie like you possibly have to offer a big-name blogger?
    [Blogger, Examples] Easy Content Scheduling for Bloggers
    So, for example, Darren wants to include WordPress tips in our content, but the categories we have set up for the blog’s content don’t currently include WordPress. If the content direction isn’t a major one, we could decide to categorize WordPress content on the basis of the outcome of each tip. A tip that explained how to apply a new theme to your blog would appear in the existing Blog Design category, for example. I know what you’re thinking: a content schedule? How hard can it be? Get a calendar, drop a blog post onto each day, and you’re done.
    [Blogger, Examples] What’s the Plus? Giving Google Plus a second fair chance
    For example, try words such as “knitting,” “photography,” “adoption,” “Notre Dame,” “Macintosh,” and “football.” A word like “adoption” is used in many contexts such as babies, pets, and new products, so the more “niche” the term, the better”. B. Predictions Trend Targets & Groups Trends Review bloggers google influencers internet behavior social networkingI’m used to the idea that most of the people I personally know aren’t interacting in new platforms. That has never stopped me from being among the first to try. They are too busy networking in Facebook.
    [Blogger, Examples] Bloggers you should read…too
    As for you, why not take a few minutes to recognize the commenters and bloggers who enrich your life? Note: Not one of these blogs are about social media (Though they are great examples of social media at work). WILL however make it a habit of spreading the love more ‘cuz there are some great bloggers who don’t get nearly the credit they deserve. What bloggers do you read off the beaten path? So, some of these are frequent commenters on my blog, Facebook or Twitter and some are just favorites I go to for inspiration. Give it a spin! Youth Radio.
    [Blogger, Examples] Behind Every Great Blogger is an Even Greater Voice
    Much is said of the great content that is required to become a great blogger. Great bloggers don’t settle for great content. Great bloggers understand that how you deliver your message is just as important as the message itself. And unfortunately, many bloggers have this down to a fine art. Great bloggers lend identity to their work. Some bloggers have the knack of writing about anything and making it exhilarating on our eyeballs. Great bloggers form a pose! Some of the worst offenders are music bloggers. You have to be memorable.
    [Blogger, Examples] How to Hire an Ace Blogger for Your Company: A Blueprint
    Having been a freelance blogger since 2009, I’m used to looking for ways to improve my pitches and blogging job applications. But we wanted to expand the blog from 3-4 posts a week to 7+, as well as start to work on some other cool content projects, and for that, we needed to bring another full-time blogger on staff. It was up to me – and our Marketing Manager – to find this blogger. The first is advice for companies like ours who need to hire a blogger. The first thing you’ll need to do is create a job ad that appeals to bloggers. Ask for samples!
    [Blogger, Examples] Remain Teachable
    For example, I did not know how powerful GoodReads Groups could be (I started on called Living in Words , please join us!), or that most Kickstarter campaigns succeed (80% to be exact) if they reach 20% of their funding. One thing that became clear at the conference (at least in my mind) is the day of a blogger launching a book to their social media community is not a sustainable model. Writing Blogger change conference ego goodreads grow humility learn pundit teachable Writer''s Digest This weekend I attended the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference in New York City.
    [Blogger, Examples] Tip: Setting up a Guest Poster submission form
    We've created a number of functionalities using Blogger and Google Docs Forms as a means of creation submission forms for Blogger sites and customizing how they work. Based on a few requests we've seen we decided to undertake a new variation: creating a Guest Poster Submission functionality for Blogger! The concept in a nutshell: use Blogger's posting using email, or "Mail2Blogger" functionality to have guest posts submit posts IN DRAFT to your Blogger site. Go to the Settings page in your Blogger Dashboard, then go to the Mobile and email page.
    [Blogger, Examples] I Am Not a Blogger, I Am a Human Being!
    think I’m turning into a blogger! rolled back in my chair, lifted my hands to my face and screamed in anguish, “I am not a blogger! I am a human being! Being a blogger can feel inhuman at times—an existence that’s indifferent to even the most basic of bodily functions, like walking, sleeping, eating, and peeing. But the human being has to emerge again. I’m going to be a mother, a wife, a filmmaker, a vegan, a runner, a motivator, an organizer, a camper, a volunteer, a writer and then a blogger. I am all of these things. The best bloggers already have.
    [Blogger, Examples] Why Stands Out As a Best Practice
    Social media is a social tool So what does Zappo’s social media usage make them stand out as a best practice example? I don’t think it’s because they have been technically innovative to use social media or because they used it before others. By the way – this is not a review of the book – you can read my little less than traditional review here. basically stands out because of two main focus areas: customer service and company culture. This sounds almost to simple, but it absolutely isn’t! It takes time and involvement. So build a great culture and you build a great brand.
    [Blogger, Examples] The Question Of Quora
    Here's a great example: Someone asked: What do people at Twitter think of Facebook? Part of Quora's cool factor is that it seems to have captured the hearts and minds of the Silicon Valley luminaries and all of the Bloggers and Tweeters that follow them. Just this week, Jeremiah Owyang (a well-known Blogger and industry analyst) noticed that he was now being quoted in more mainstream media spaces by journalists who were pulling his answers off of questions he responded to on Quora. blogger. When someone asks, "what's the next Twitter ?" It's called Quora.
    [Blogger, Examples] Analysis of The Top 10 Twitter Users and What We Can Learn From Them
    Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Social Media > Analysis of The Top 10 Twitter Users and What We Can Learn From Them Analysis of The Top 10 Twitter Users and What We Can Learn From Them by Tamar Weinberg on September 8, 2010 Share The following is a guest post from one of my favorite young bloggers Onibalusi Bamidele (he’s 16!) That’s the model that works best for bloggers, and it works the same for social media too. It is very clear that you can’t automate social media. It is not about that.
    [Blogger, Examples] Actors and Directors
    If you listen to conversations about online power — at least those supported by bloggers — strength centers on the individual voice. Any blogger just needs to show you their in-box and the heaps of spam pitches they receive as proof points. Just watch bloggers hustling for big deals with companies. For every “star” catered to by the big companies, there were scores of bloggers and online voices seeking to understand interactive and/or to become the next star. Take xPotomac as an example. Individual voices represent actors. We know this.
    [Blogger, Examples] Klout Rebooted in Version 2.0
    An example was the portrait of a dentist above by Otto Dix  – every portrait a Verist did was a caricature – and judging from Klout, what they say my archtype is in V 2.0 is different than it was in Version 1.0 Web Analytics blog influence metrics Blogger Influence Influence KloutI just received an invite to the new Klout, or Klout 2.0 which just launched and I’ll have more to say about Klout tomorrow. The aspects I like are the subjects which an account is influential about which look spot on to me (at least, in my case).  Dr. Hans Koch , 1921. 100.5 x 90 cm).
    [Blogger, Examples] Tool Tuesday: PostRank Analytics
    As a blogger, there are numerous tools at your disposal to track how your content is doing. deceptively simple yet dynamic tool for bloggers which measures what it calls “Engagement Events&# such as a comment, a bookmarked link, or a tweet about a particular post. What I wish they would improve: While this data is great, none of this can be exported, even for paying users (there is a freemium model for bloggers), making long-term trends harder to identify. In particular this page helps bloggers see how well particular posts are doing over time. Enter: PostRank.
    [Blogger, Examples] 7 Powerful Ways to End Your Next Blog Post
    Example: To write 100 books (75,000 words per book) over the next 30 years, you need to be writing 1,000 words per day (writing five days a week, 50 weeks per year). Example: But in the meantime, here’s a tip you can use right away. Example: If you enjoyed this post, I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to a friend, or sharing it on Twitter or Facebook. Example: If you enjoyed this, you might also enjoy these posts inspired by art: Writing as an emerging sculpture: Inspiration from Michelangelo’s slaves. You know your title has to hook readers.
    [Blogger, Examples] Content Aggregation: The Future of (B2B and Consumer) Media?
    Examples range from Google News and Yahoo! to topic-focused niche sites such as (using social media as an example) Social Media Today and Social Media Informer. For example, it took me just minutes to create my own newspaper organizing tweets and links from the smart group of local Minneapolis Twitters I follow. Browse My Stuff is fee-based for sponsors, free for bloggers and offers more professional publishing power. For example, the iPhone got huge social media exposure when first released. Bloggers and content marketers want traffic. Digg this!
    [Blogger, Examples] 50% Discount Ends in 36 Hours on the Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing Kit
    A few weeks ago here on ProBlogger we launched a product I’m really proud of—the Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing Kit written by the Web Marketing Ninja (the guy who has helped me shape my own blogging business model over the last few years). library of 21 templates, documents and examples to help you develop your own blogging business model. The kit is really about helping bloggers who want to get serious about turning their blog into a business to do just that. 50% Discount Ends in 36 Hours on the Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing Kit.
    [Blogger, Examples] Don’t Go It Alone: Relationship-building for Bloggers
    follow as role models/examples. Reach out to growing bloggers and to those bloggers who are in the same stage as you in their blogging journey. Your first friend will be the blogger, of course. Here’s what you can do after that: Communicate personally with the blogger. have also gained new subscribers and friends who are friends of those buddy bloggers. Caution: Don’t be tempted to get dirty and disagree with popular bloggers just to gain attention. Don’t Go It Alone: Relationship-building for Bloggers. share things with.
    [Blogger, Examples] Tip: Group blogging and blogging in the classroom
    Through +Google+ we've interacted with lots of educators that using blogging and +Blogger for their classrooms, both for their individual students but also as a way of tracking a class's progress. One of the problems in Blogger is that there are only 3 levels of permissions (Visitor, Author, and Admin) and no customizable granularity to the permissions of what the Author level is able to do. Guy Shearer reminded us of this challenge in his most recent blog post, " ClassBlogging using Blogger (a fudge )". We're happy to feature your examples! What're your thoughts?
    [Blogger, Examples] Tip: Creating a newspaper layout in Blogger with the first image.
    Blogger Xpertise. Blogger sites that go beyond the basic template, showing you how to make your Blogger site just as amazing. Blogger Tips. Join us for our free weekly Hangout On Air event called the Friday Request Line, providing Blogger discussion, assistance, and helpful suggestions. Blogger Template: BoyBurnsBlog (free!). Tip: A better automatic thumbnail and summary script for Blogger. Tip: Removing default spacing between images in Blogger. Opinion: 10 reasons why we recommend Blogger instead of Wordpress for most websites.
    [Blogger, Examples] Become a Playful Blogger and Inject Some Energy into Your Blogging
    Perhaps it is time to become a bit more playful as a blogger. Watch the full sized version at Become a Playful Blogger. Become a Playful Blogger Transcript. I’ve had this video transcribed below for those who prefer to get it that way. For example, I’ve done a few rants on my blogs. Become a Playful Blogger and Inject Some Energy into Your Blogging. Is your blogging getting a little dry? Experimentation helps you not only learn what works in the blogging medium – but also what works with your audience. Notes. How have you experimented? Share This.
    [Blogger, Examples] How to Blog In the Moment (or What Acting School Taught Me About Being a Better Blogger)
    When someone says “F*ck you” for example, that has an impact, but you’ve trained yourself to not care. Of course, as a blogger, and more specifically a blogger who talks about marketing, it can not be stated enough how relevant the “If we catch you acting, you suck.” Bloggers like Jon Morrow and Derek Halpern understand this so well that it doesn’t matter if the article is 100 or 3,000 words, you’ll miss appointments to see how it ends. For example, rub your thumb repeatedly in circles around the outside of your knuckle on your index finger. Vulnerable.
    [Blogger, Examples] Blog Wise Tip 7: Use the Right Tools
    You might think that, with blogging being a digital pursuit, the bloggers we interviewed for Blog Wise would be right up with the latest and greatest productivity gadgets, philosophies, and software. It seems that for many of us, there’s a sort of psychological benefit in having our to do list, for example, at our elbows, and separate from the computer in front of us. Email, clearly, plays a massive role in productive communications between bloggers and their teams; Skype does too, but to a lesser degree. In particular, bloggers with families relied heavily on their phones.
    [Blogger, Examples] How to Make Getting Sidetracked Work for You as a Blogger
    It can add a bit of interest, serve as an example, and make your post better. How to Make Getting Sidetracked Work for You as a Blogger. If you’re ever stuck for ideas to write about on your blog, here’s a little discipline that I’ve gotten myself into over the years that helps me a lot. It’s all about capturing those moments when you get sidetracked while writing blog posts. Make getting sidetracked work for you. doubt I’m the only one who gets sidetracked while writing. It happens for me with almost every post I write. Writing Content
    [Blogger, Examples] Burt’s Bees Turns To Social Media Community To Host Global Beeday Celebration
    Featuring happy birthday wishes from the Burt’s Bees community read by company founder Burt “live and in the beard,” the Beeday event offers a good example of how to celebrate milestones with your social media community. Read the whole entry. » Social Media Case Studies bloggers campaign case study celebration community facebook influencers outreach social media twitter To celebrate its 30th birthday, Burt’s Bees  took to Facebook and Twitter on September 17th to host a Global Beeday celebration with its community.
    [Blogger, Examples] 10 Productive Tasks You Should Be Doing On Google+ Right Now
    Ask them what they think of a particular high-profile blogger’s position on a certain topic. Chris Voss, for example, created a “Commenter” Circle, which is a list of people who have commented on his posts in Google+ but are not connected with him. Social Media blogger productivity engagement NetworkingThis guest post is by Neil Patel of KISSmetrics. Google+ had a hot start, but has since cooled down. For a lot of people, that means ignoring Google+. want to warn you that is a bad idea. And they are the very people who can have a huge impact on your blog and business.
    [Blogger, Examples] Don’t Ever Write Without this Writer’s Warm-up
    From what I know they start their “training” by eating a modest one kilo of grapes… Why is it, then, that most bloggers start writing their posts without any kind of warm-up ? I see four reasons: Up until today they didn’t know about such a thing. So, every day (or whenever you’re doing your writing), start your writing session by firing up your personal journal ( Penzu , for example is a great online journal tool) and jotting down whatever is in your mind. Writing Content blogger productivity Bloggers Block content inspiration
    [Blogger, Examples] Seth Godin on Blogging and Productivity
    Seth’s among the world’s most prolific bloggers , but he’s also a profuse book author and serial entrepreneur. He’s a blogger, he’s a bestselling author of thirteen books including Poke the Box , he’s the inventor of permission marketing, and founder of That’s interesting because I think many bloggers tend to see writing as a creative pursuit that does require shutting yourself away from the world, and having quiet time, getting in the zone, and noodling, as you say. For example, if you were thinking of writing a new book. Pro Blogger Interviews
    [Blogger, Examples] How to Set Up an Email Account that Uses Your Domain Name
    In our example, John has an email address with gmail— Kashish Jain is professional blogger from Delhi,INDIA who blogs about blogging, computer tricks,tips and upcoming technology tends. Miscellaneous Blog Tips blogger productivity Email technical adviceThis guest post is written by Kashish Jain of digiupdates. Most of the people who are new to web design and blogging don’t understand the capabilities that come free with their domain, so they don’t take advantage of them. Why not use the domain email which is free with your hosting account?
    [Blogger, Examples] A Nine Year Rant
    Blogging became a rat race, a demonstrative example of marketing smarts. When I started blogging, bloggers were considered wild and rebellious by corporate America. Somewhere around this time, corporate America started to see the value of bloggers, at least as potential word of mouth endorsers. Bloggers became “influencers” in the corporate vernacular. Today, word of mouth influencers are still important, but in the larger sense most people just see uber-bloggers/influencers as big over-privileged pains in the ass. sold my first one, the Buzz Bin.
  • KIKOLANI  |  MONDAY, JUNE 7, 2010
    [Blogger, Examples] Simple On-Page Tag Optimization for Bloggers
    This is a guest post by Tola Famakinwa, SEO Blogger. Most content management systems like Wordpress give you free reign over a lot of your tags, but others (like Blogger) do not. So if you have the TweetMeme plugin, for example, when people click retweet, your post’s title tag will go out in the tweet. Blogger is notorious for not letting you do this! If you are using Blogger, this is how you can create dynamic meta tags for your posts. One great example is how commenters can use the KeywordLuv plugin to create great anchor text for their commenting URL.
    [Blogger, Examples] Set Up Social Media to Give You Great Post Ideas
    Finding articles and ideas for blog posts is an important skill for bloggers to master—and one that can now be leveraged through the power of social media. For example, you can create a List, call it whatever you want, and then add to it all the Twitter accounts that tweet about a particular topic. Social Media Bloggers Block inspiration writing blog postsThis guest post is by Douglas Lim of The 10 Habits of Highly Effective Social Media Marketing People. High-quality content is tweeted, liked, bookmarked, and shared around. Twitter. Facebook. Google+. LinkedIn. Pinterest.
  • EXTANZ  |  TUESDAY, JULY 13, 2010
    [Blogger, Examples] Sparkling feedback on #wbc10 blog influence rank- The sequel
    Home What We Do Awe-inspiring Clients About Contact Us Sparkling feedback on #wbc10 blog influence rank- The sequel 13 07 2010 A few weeks ago, we did a study trying to understand and measure the influence of those going to the Wine Blogger Conference. If you are an online journal or aggregator for example, we decided that you were not playing in the same league/space as regular, independent (and sometimes solo) bloggers. So here’s a question for everyone in the industry: Do you think there is a consolidation of bloggers toward journals or magazines?
    [Blogger, Examples] The Blogger’s Ultimate Guide to YouTube Success
    YouTube is an excellent platform for bloggers to build a brand, connect, and provide value to millions of people at once. After knowing all the stats and the potential, why don’t bloggers use YouTube more to build our blogs and to reach out to millions of people, free? It’s because most blogger are afraid to get behind a camera and show their faces, and share their voices with such a big audience. Most bloggers are afraid to create videos because of the fear of rejection—the fear that people will not like your video or think its not good enough. Step 1. Step 2.
    [Blogger, Examples] Can You Build Community Around Life Streams?
    He notes how bloggers like Robert Scoble and others are much more focused on the real-time web, while seemingly putting their blogs on the back burner or shutting them down altogether.  It’s a great read and I encourage you to go over the Jeremiah’s blog and take it all in. Through your book 18 Rules of Community Engagement book, and the way you’re not only teaching others, but you’re you’re also providing an excellent example of the success principles involved in online community building. like the constant stream of fresh new content coming in.
    [Blogger, Examples] 3 Things Your Readers Need to Hear Before They’ll Read Your Blog
    However, the disappointing reality for many bloggers is that they don’t have this kind of impact on their reader’s lives. The best bloggers serve in these roles with their readers too. The blogger shares personal insights that help the reader discover answers to their problems. blogger helps the reader break down and overcome their fear so that they can move forward. Sometimes bloggers forget that readers come to their blogs searching for solutions to problems. For example, I am a serious bass fishing addict. The Blogger’s Goal. Guidance. Tools.
    [Blogger, Examples] How Bloggers Can Make Money from Brands
    Bloggers everywhere need to rethink their approaches: display advertising needs reinvention: who’s it working for? As a blogger, you need to make some serious strategic calls on where to put your focus because content-making is heavy going. Most recently, I’ve been working with Kleenex Mums to help build a blogger-centric online community. bigger punch with an agency or brand. I was on a panel recently at the Aussie Bloggers Conference. started listing all the benefits that I see available from working with bloggers, and they fell politely into these four buckets. 1.
    [Blogger, Examples] How Bloggers Can Profit from the Weight Loss Niche
    Due to the mass of examples and hype surrounding the marketing niche, most new bloggers believe you have to blog about blogging or making money online to succeed as a blogger. But since that niche is popular and competitive in itself, let’s first look at two other examples of niches that you can start a blog in today, and which will probably have more profit potential than a new blog in the blogging or make money online niche. Lead by example. John Smith is an expert weight loss blogger who likes to help others. Wrong! Niche 1. Animal care.
    [Blogger, Examples] Lookin’ Good! A Brief Intro to Inline CSS for Bloggers
    Why can they be the blogger’s best friend? 1. So border:1px solid red;padding:5px; is the style in the example. If you are intrigued about what CSS can do for you, check out the extensive list of examples at w3schools and their entire CSS section. Brief Intro to Inline CSS for Bloggers. This guest post is by Andrew Couch of As a website owner it can be really handy to know a bit of web coding. The HTML editor in most blogging platforms gives you enough power to do a lot of cool things without any risk of screwing up your site.
    [Blogger, Examples] Easy Goal Setting for Your New Blog
    Ask any success guru out there and they will tell you that the most important part of becoming a successful blogger is to set clear goals. It is good advice for bloggers who know how they want to create content, generate traffic and monetize their blog. Goal setting for new bloggers. On my consumer psychology blog, for example, I don’t know how I want to monetize it. Goal setting for new or confused bloggers. Miscellaneous Blog Tips blog strategy blogger productivityThis guest post is by Aman Basanti of How do we set clear goals?
    [Blogger, Examples] 14 Proven Ways to Simplify Your Blogging and Get More Done
    One of the things I hear a lot of bloggers ranting about is the lack of quality and depth of guest posts, and therefore they won’t consider “opening their blog to submissions.” For example, “What The Swamp Monster Can Teach You About Blogging” or “Why Juicyfruit Gum Is Like Car Maintenance.” I just made those up, and already I’m fighting my creative brain’s desire to come up with reasons why a random monster would be a great blogger. Nick Thacker is a writer, author, and blogger who helps people build profitable blogs and write better. Or something like that.
    [Blogger, Examples] The Crafty Way to Use Social Media
    For example, Country Baskets , a leader in floristry supplies and craft materials believe that Pinterest is perfect for their customers. Social Media #SM bloggers craft Facebook Twitter There was a time when a new social media platform would simply replace its predecessor, but at present there are numerous sites all sharing the same user base. This would lead many businesses to believe that they need to be visible on all of them in order to maximise the impressions they leave on their target market. Social Media Sites. Exploiting your Niche. Thumbnail: [link].
    [Blogger, Examples] 4 Key Criteria to Build Your Dream Blog
    the time you need to take reaching out to fellow bloggers and networking with people so they even know you exist. For example, for me, the key tasks that I need to do are: Keyword Research (Google Analytics, Twitter research). For example, I: check email twice a day; once in the morning, once in the evening. Miscellaneous Blog Tips blog strategy blogger productivityThis guest post is by Matthew Setter of The Dreamers Manifesto. Have you wanted to start a blog, a website or an online business, but you’re not sure where to begin? checking email). Have a dream.
    [Blogger, Examples] A Quick and Dirty Guide to Your First Guest Post
    Or are you looking for somebody to tell you how to actually go about creating a guest post content strategy, finding the right blogs to guest post for, approaching that blogger and actually writing that post? If you choose to go the slow and methodical way, then when it comes to guest posting, it’s helpful if you build your reputation with the blogger you hope to write for before you ask to guest post. Here are some other things you must do: Comments: Start to leave thoughtful comments where you are asking questions and engaging with the blogger on his site. Use them!
    [Blogger, Examples] Overwhelmed? Put Some Boundaries on Your Blogging
    This week we’ve been looking at some of the numerous issues that bloggers have to deal with on a daily basis —particularly those who are just starting out. It’s little wonder that so many bloggers wind up their blogs so quickly after they start. Even experienced bloggers tend to focus upon certain aspects of blogging, to the detriment of others—I know I do. Over the years, we’ve dealt with issues like blogger burnout , or “ blogger’s malaise ” several times, and looked at burnout in terms of specific issues, like social media.
  • DANNY BROWN  |  SUNDAY, JULY 25, 2010
    [Blogger, Examples] Why Arkayne is Good for Your Blog and Business - Danny Brown
    Share 1 save For any blogger (especially if you’re using your blog for your business), Arkayne is a pretty solid platform that you might want to check out. I’ve been using Arkayne on my blog for the last month or so, and I gotta say, I’m enjoying the experience so far. I’ve not used all the features to their full advantage yet, but that’s more to do with me than the tool itself. Two of the most asked questions by bloggers is how to get more traffic and how to monetize it. So what is Arkayne and why should you be bothered? Simple. Not quite. Aaron New!
    [Blogger, Examples] This Post Will Change the Way You Read Blogs. Guaranteed.
    Read the post and take some notes: Jot down interesting ideas that you get from the post (for example, topics for your own blog posts). For instance, if a blogger is saying that using a particular method you can achieve certain results, actually prove it by creating a case study. Even better, you can offer this case study as a guest post for the blogger on his or her blog. For example, you could decide that for 70% of the posts you read on a weekly basis, you will take action on what’s being taught. Miscellaneous Blog Tips blogger productivity inspiration
    [Blogger, Examples] Revealed: The Super Powers James Clear Used to Become a Full Time Blogger in 6-Months
    Because of this strength, he’s able to, for example, interview 70+ people for a single post. Revealed: The Super Powers James Clear Used to Become a Full Time Blogger in 6-Months. This guest post is by TT Fong of James Clear runs the blog , which generates a full-time income. It took him only six-months to reach that point. After studying his site, listening to several interviews he’s done, and talking with him live , I uncovered one of the secrets to his success. This secret? James certainly uses those that worked well for him.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2012
    [Blogger, Examples] Blog Better by Slowing Down
    Nor have I had time to study, do more research, or truly connect with other bloggers. There are many big bloggers who don’t follow a daily blog post pattern, and they’re still doing well! One scary word keeps most of the bloggers working the same way they always have: fear. They are also afraid of missing something crucial if they don’t follow to the letter what the gurus are teaching (advice that so many other bloggers are following). Connect with other bloggers and ask them to write guest posts for your blog. Create more. Engage more.
    [Blogger, Examples] Turning Free Content Into Revenue
    For a real-world example, using a “place of business&# , look at Starbucks. Now, this example is not representative of what you can do with Social Media, or is it? In his Little Red Book of Selling (which every blogger and business person should read by the way) Gitomer says, “ If they like you, and they believe you, and they trust you, and they have confidence in you…then they may buy from you.&# That is a very good question, and one that every business (or would-be business) should be asking. Their thinking is ‘how do we make money from this?’,
    [Blogger, Examples] Kickstart Your Stalled Blog Content, Part 2: Make Writing Work For You
    If you can write texts or emails on your phone, you can get down the bare bones of a paragraph or two (in Evernote , for example) while you’re on the commuter train in the morning. Writing Content blogger productivity blogger's blog inspirationOn the weekend we looked at a little exercise for kickstarting stalled content on your blog. This approach can be useful for reviving a long-neglected blog or just for reinvigorating your blogging when you’re struggling to keep up a regular posting routine. But life can get in the way of blogging—believe me, I know!
    [Blogger, Examples] How You Can Use Native Advertising to Complement Content Marketing
    Instead, social ads and content marketing have started to drive bigger engagement, with  consumers increasingly acting upon ads within the likes of Twitter and Facebook , as well as sponsored blog posts from bloggers promoting a certain brand or product. Yet even these methods of advertising are beginning to be less effective, with reports showing consumers tiring of constant blatant promotion by bloggers, and  confusion around disclosure of a paid/sponsored promotion  via these channels. For example, let’s say you’re a fan of Ford vehicles.
    [Blogger, Examples] Top 20 UK marketing blogs (numbers 11-20)
    PR Blogger - Written by Stephen Davies MD of 3W PR, an online PR agency. Whilst many bloggers just report on things they have seen, Mark always tries to go deeper on understanding why things are happening. They cover blogger tools and general internet news and analysis. For example check out 10 How to Wow Tips. We’re celebrating over here at FreshNetworks because, according to AdvertisingAge, we’ve just made it into the top 20 UK blogs for media and marketing. Woo Hoo. A big thank you and well done to Matt Rhodes who writes the majority of our posts.
    [Blogger, Examples] Blog Smarter: 9 Ways to Make Money from WordPress … Without Having a Blog
    Sure, WordPress comes with a couple of stock themes, but they are so basic, few bloggers choose to use them, and the number of serious bloggers or entrepreneurs who will use them is approximately zero. Even in a time when everyone is counting pennies, most serious bloggers don’t question the value of a quality theme. ThemeForest and MojoThemes are just two examples. 2. WPEngine , ZippyKid and are all examples of startups that have been extremely successful in this market. Blogging for Dollars blogger productivity make money blogging wordpress
    [Blogger, Examples] Customize Your Blog's Error Page in 5 Easy Steps
    Waxing UnLyrical personal, possibly poetic, musings on public relations, media, communication, and everything in between About Shonali Customize Your Blog’s Error Page in 5 Easy Steps November 4th, 2010 Tweet This is part of the Blogging for Grasshoppers series Here’s how to customize your 404 error page in 5 easy steps which is a wise thing to do for bloggers, grasshoppers or not. Five easy steps to customizing your 404 page, assuming you’re using WordPress (you in Blogger, or something, I ain’t got nothing for you). 1. Fourth?! So they’d leave.
    [Blogger, Examples] Walking the Social Talk
    This is because the contributing bloggers are all remarkable women, and I am truly lucky to be able to see life through their eyes. For example, are you responding to other people’s tweets with your own thoughts on a particular issue? find that even though I am busy, I meet really great people who get it on blogs that have active bloggers who are passionate about life and whatever content they are expert in. And my guest bloggers, both frequent and infrequent. Even with the extremely high quality of posts I’m lucky to edit, one really stood out to me last week.
    [Blogger, Examples] 25 Ways to Use the Web to Find Content for Your Blog
    This post originally appeared over at our blog resource centre, For Bloggers By Bloggers. Feel free to pop on over and check the rest of For Bloggers By Bloggers out! As a blogger, you know that sometimes the hardest thing to do is come up with content for your blog. We use CommentLuv on For Bloggers By Bloggers. 2. As #1 points out, CommentLuv is great for sharing the most recent post of a blogger, but not every blog uses it. While some have called blogrolls out of date, many bloggers still use them to share what they’re reading.
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