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Companies. Comments RSS. Voters and Public Library Funding: An OCLC Market Research Report Cuadra Joins SydneyPLUS Group of Companies Peer-to-Patent Project Extended and Expanded Digital Bookmobile to Launch National Tour Come to the World eBook Fair! Leave a Comment. this theme is released for free under the GNU General Public License (GPL) requiring that the credits will stay intact. Martin De Saulles thoughts on the changing information landscape. About.

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Ultimate guide to blog commenting – part of a series which also includes guest blogging. In praise of spam – how do you feel about spam comments? Write the first line of your email like a tweet to grab interest – sounds like a great idea, until you read the comments. Jump start your company Twitter account – from setup to acquiring followers and building community.

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I also whittered on about everything from the birth of the Free Software Foundation and Open Source to the business models used by the likes of Arduino , and slowly the shape of the Jigoshop business model emerged, which was to release the shop itself under a GPL licence.

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Buzz Marketing for Technology

26 Comments. But since, the company has shifted gears and now offers Blastfeed as an enterprise filtering solution. Comments. Subscribe to comments for this post OR Subscribe to comments for all Read/WriteWeb posts. Like commenter #2, when Feedburner first appeared I was sure it would soon introduce some kind of filtering or feed remix functionality. By the way, Gregarius is a PHP/Mysql RSS/RDF/ATOM feed aggregator licensed under the GPL.

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