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Adventures in Social Networking with Mom and Dad | Almost Savvy

Almost Savvy

As the number of multi-generational families using online social networks increases daily, so does the number of “Oh no, she didn’t!&# Let’s take a peek at three humorous looks at how social media is, or might be, used to connect with our beloved family members. Ready for Yet Another Social Platform?

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7 Tips for Staying on Top of the Social Wave

Direct Marketing Observations

Think of Wal Mart or Astroturfing. Create your social media worst case scenario plan, don’t wait. 7) Search will still rule, but social search will drive future customer engagement. Things change so quickly in the digital social media world that nothing is finite and everything is fair game.


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The Results of Buffer’s Build Week: Introducing our Open Beta Program and new Transparent Roadmap (+16 More Projects)

Buffer Social

We tried to broadly categorize all the projects we worked on into three buckets New Buffer features Community improvements Culture projects New Buffer features Schedule Facebook Reels With 36 percent of the global population using Facebook each month, it’s still far and away the biggest social network out there. Available here.

Project 74
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Five Social Media Predictions for 2010


Location-Based Applications Will Dissolve Into General Social Networks. Location-based applications like Foursquare and Brightkite will not be the darlings of social media as some predict, but will instead turn into features and dissolve into general social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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Ethics in Social Media: A Glossary | Bare Feet Blog

Bare Feet Studios

When you are conversing on social networks, how, what, and when do you disclose your business relationship? This can apply to Twitter and accounts on other social networks as well as on blogs.) See “Astroturfing&# above for more. How far will you go and what damage does your brand risk?