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Is Sentiment Making Brands Stupid?

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So I have been thinking about a parallel article that would apply in the social media space as people try to effectively read what is being said on mediums like Twitter and Facebook about their brand. Most often they end up with a tool that monitors for them brand mentions and breaks them into bite sized chunks of data and ranking them by sentiment.

Is It Time To Reconsider Sentiment Scoring?

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To some’s credit, they do state that sentiment alone is not enough information to derive any conclusions. With sentiment there is no such thing as accuracy, there is only agreement.  The And, “sentiment&# does not mean the same thing to all people in all situations.  You completely believe that having inaccurate sentiment is worse than having nothing.  Here

Sentimental Insights For CXO

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Businesses must give their customers instant access to a personalized and integrated shopping experience in order to generate brand loyal advocates. The post Sentimental Insights For CXO appeared first on. Details on how the rapidly evolving technology landscape has shaped millennial purchase behavior.

How to Know If Your Brand Should Hop on a New Social Media Trend

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The client is emailing you, asking if their brand should jump on the new social media trend that everyone seems to be talking about. After all, if everyone seems to be having a conversation about the same topic, shouldn’t their brand be a part of it? However, before your brand hops on the next new social media trend, there are a few important questions you should ask yourself.

Trending Hashtags: How to Reverse Negative Sentiment for Your Brand or Influencer


On social networks such as Twitter and Instagram, the use of hashtags has increased explosively since… Read More.

Social Networking Stats: Complaints Total One-Fifth of Brand Interactions on Facebook, Twitter

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Complaints Total One-Fifth of Facebook, Twitter Brand Interactions. In Converseon’s recent analysis of direct user interactions with leading brands on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, “exactly one-fifth of user interaction on both Facebook and Twitter was negative.” Here’s the good news: around 50% of user interactions with brands on each site was positive.

Your Brand Screwed-Up On Social Media, Now What?

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Bad things can happen to any business or brand. It’s often what happens next that can make, break or save a brand’s reputation. One well-known, household brand had a bad thing happen last night. Many people were especially surprised and offended to see that the tweet had come from a well known brand, KitchenAid. Business Twitter Advertising Branding trust

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How Social Sentiment Has Transformed for Soylent

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Quick Reports for Measuring Brand Awareness Download. The brand gets its name from the 1966 science fiction novel Make Room! While the majority of sentiment was positive for Soylent before the news about their bars making people sick broke, mentions about some of their products being moldy at times and Soylent not being real food contributed to negative chatter. Make Room!

The Importance of Off Channel Social Listening

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It’s quite easy for brands to know what their customers want by seeing what they are saying on their social channels. People voice their love and disappointment for products or companies openly and for the most part they desire for the brands to notice them. Tweet how horribly upset you are with a meme and tag the brand? So why not, as a brand, see what they have to say?

Your Brand Screwed-Up On Social Media, Now What?

Almost Savvy

Bad things can happen to any business or brand. It’s often what happens next that can make, break or save a brand’s reputation. One well-known, household brand had a bad thing happen. Many people were especially surprised and offended to see that the tweet had come from a well known brand, KitchenAid. Business Twitter Advertising Branding trust

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7 Brands Winning Social Media During the Olympics

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Despite the restrictions, many brands are still diving in on social and the best ones are focusing on what the Olympics are truly about: stories of sacrifice, unity, empowerment, hope, training, support, competition, determination, and success. Create engaging graphics and videos that tell your brand story and can be shared across all channels: variations on the same theme. 2. Google.

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6 Potentially Wildly Inaccurate Observations about Tostitos and Social Sentiment

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Sentiment Graph for a Talking Bag. Sentiment may even out in short order. The belief that sentiment and social mentions lead directly to commerce is a dangerous assumption, and requires your own verification and testing. Sentiment scoring remains an inexact science. It’s entirely possible you love this commercial. I don’t. Dusty (@DustyHunt) January 3, 2012.

Top 3 Mistakes Brands Make with Influencer Marketing

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More buzz-worthy than a hive of bees, this valuable strategy is quickly becoming (and, in some cases, already is) the focus of many brands looking to optimize the social space. Here are a few of the most common mistakes brands are making when it comes to influencer marketing. Does the influencer have a history of bashing brands online? Engaging with the Wrong Influencers.

5 Branded Content Campaigns You Need to Know

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However, this time I’d like to introduce a new theme: branded content, or content that subtly blends into editorial publications and other media communications. Today, such advertisements, which include videos, interactive infographics, and articles, are quickly gaining traction among both brands and publishers. without consciously recognizing branded content. The Lego Movie.

The Permanent Brand

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Have you ever read a book about branding? When you study the art of branding, any good book on the subject will - at some point early on - turn to the neologism of the word "branding" in terms of marketing and communications. Inevitably, there is some quaint reference to cows being branding with a hot iron stick as an identifier. Because branding is all about leaving a mark (emotional, physical, you name it). sentiment. The age of the permanent brand. " Marketing towards the permanent brand. brand. brand loyalty.

How a High-End Brand Uses Cinemagraphs and Storytelling

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This sentiment rings true in luxury fashion brand Stuart Weitzman’s latest campaign, which pairs cinemagraphs and sequential storytelling with new advertising solutions on Facebook and Instagram. The end result offers an interesting look at how a major brand is using social media to target their customers. Instead of being fashionably late, why not lead the pack?

Jim Sterne on social media metrics: reach, influence, sentiment.

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Then, there’s the question of sentiment – something we may never be able to monitor technically – to help us get a handle on and track brand attitude. Sentiment is indeed hard to measure. And what’s the impact when you see that one ad you so despise on your attitude and sentiment towards that brand? What can be measured and what can’t?

Social Media Report - Tyre Brands in India


You would think that tyre brands would have a tough time getting an audience. Have you wondered how tyre brands do on social media? Can they match the kind of buzz that auto brands generate? To find out, I took a look at the performance of the top tyre brands in India on Facebook during the month of July 2016. Take a look at the Engagement Score for each brand.

How fans are using Facebook Reactions and what it means for your brand


It’s great for individual content, but what does this mean for brands? What this means for your brand: You can get a better idea of how people interact with your posts. For brands in the service industry, the ‘Anger Reaction’ is crucial. Based on your brand guidelines, detect posts that get the most desirable reactions and promote those. took a look.

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Romi Mahajan leaves Microsoft to Join Metavana as CMO

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My new role as CMO of Metavana, a soon to be launched social-sentiment engine, has all the elements of my dream job – People, Impact, Autonomy and direct correlation to both the Consumer and Enterprise spaces. but I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of anyone applying Chaos Theory to social sentiment analysis! Is It Time To Reconsider Sentiment Scoring?

The Ambiguous Brand

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Branding is no longer a zero-sum game. " Brands try to please everyone. This is not a political rant, but brands serve the community with platitudes and apologies more than anyone else. Sure, there are a few indie and fringe brands that don't cater the masses, and yes there are brands that know who their ideal consumer is (and they're not trying to placate to the rest of the population), but - in general terms - brands like to have one, clean uniformed message. Is the brand - as we have known it - all but gone in this day and age? brand.

Four Ways to Combat Audience Negativity on Social Media

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From a community management perspective, I can’t emphasize this enough: always respond to questions or comments , even if they’re negative towards the brand or a particular piece of content. Read complaints fully and be sure to address every issue the user has brought up—this way, you can provide a personalized response that may just change someone’s mind about your brand.

5 Ways Socially Mature Brands Deliver Great Customer Experience

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With everything moving faster, you have to be on the ball with regards to your communication strategy, branding, and customer interactions. In addition, you are no longer competing exclusively with brands in your industry. As a result, brands have had to take their social media interactions to the next level. Image via Unsplash. Timing Is Everything. highlight to tweet).

Poor Social Responsiveness Risks Tarnishing a Brand’s Image

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Now, small and medium businesses can compete with the big guys when it comes to getting their brand out there and establishing awareness where it matters. However, recent data implies that such companies are failing to make use of the opportunity to build a brand and reputation because of a lack of a coherent social media strategy. This is a guest post by Corey Northcutt. Curate.

BP Facebook Sentiment


Main | Jakes Take: Comcast Cares & You Can Too » May 27, 2010 BP Facebook Sentiment I spent some time evaluating sentiment towards BP on Facebook based on the number of 'pro' and 'con' pages. Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « YouTube Tuesday: Im A Social Media Guru! These numbers are constantly changing. Your comment has not yet been posted.

Mobile Breaks Search. And Your Brand

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It was an original sentiment, when I started writing about it, well over fifteen years ago. With the user at the center, there is still one big, honking and unsolved challenge that faces brands in this amazing world that we live in. How will anybody truly find your brand? Many will be dazzled and amazed by the many charts, graphs and flows that Ben Evans uses in Mobile Is Eating The World to build a dramatic case for why brands need to innovate. Focus on this brands. This is - and will continue to be - a huge issue for brands. is your brand primed?

Will Your Brand Survive In The Live Brand World?

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How good can your brand be at "live"? If social media accomplished anything, it brought brands out into the open. It forced brands to respond - in public - to their consumers. This "publicness" of brands created a sense of egalitarianism. Consumers sentiment mixed with traditional brand messaging creates an arena where everyone can better understand if a brand truly does deliver on its vision, mission and brand promise. What is the evolution of brands in our digital age? YouTube enabled brands and consumers to publish video online.

It's A Small (And Strange) World After All, Brands

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How much control does a company really have over their brand? Technology, the Internet and social media have been a virtual can of worms for brands that has extended well beyond the marketing department, and has poured over into everything from customer care, business innovation, the reputation of individual leaders within the organization, how a company hires employees and more. We need everyone (from employees to consumers) to understand what the brand is and how the stories are told, because every single one of us has become a media entity unto ourselves. brand.

Be More Human Without Being Too Personal To Build Your Brand

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In a world of uncertainty, fear and a platform that lets hate be distributed at scale, many people (myself included) are feeling a very different sentiment. As brands (and their messages) are being throttled and only pushed when paid for, it seems like the real humans are still able to make some real connections online. And, yes, "real people" does include brands (and the people that work for them). I'm guilty of tossing this line around: " Facebook is the brand of 'me' that I want people to think about when they think of me." This goes for brands too. brand.

What The Brand Is. And What It Has Become

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For brands, there exists a massive chasm between the development of native apps and the usage of the mobile version of their respective websites. That, coupled with mobile advertising, and there is a sentiment of "what really works?" For years, I have been writing, talking and more about the "mobile-first posture." In short: your brand experience needs to match the current customer expectation. Your mobile brand experience can no longer afford to simply be a watered-down version of your desktop website. brand. brand experience. What choice do you have?

Brands: It’s not enough to be liked

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Yet some brands are terribly underutilizing these pages, making them basically brochureware repositories — essentially inviting customers in but not engaging them or giving them an incentive to return. Audience discovery is the use of social data to segment those who talk about your brand into their affinities. Brands need to mine competitors’ fan pages for insights.

Be Kind To Brands

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My holiday wish: be kind to brands. Should we not be saying that a better holiday wish might be: brands should be kinder to their customers? would argue (happily) that brands should always be thinking about new and better ways for them to be kinder to their consumers. This is the true brand imperative. Today, on this holiday, as we (especially, in Canada) get primed for Boxing Day , we need to be thinking about how we - as consumers - interact with brands. Be kind to brands, because we all are a part of what makes the brand work. brand.

The Power of Personality on Twitter (And What Your Brand Can Steal)

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Brands struggle all the time with trying to give their brands a human face on social media, the marketing channel where a casual, available touch is the best way to build a community. So, what are the six traits which these “cool kids” share, what are some examples, and which brands are doing a good job at exemplifying these qualities? How Brands Mimic It. Your brand can foster an engagement-rich environment on Twitter with this tactic, too, by showing the humanity behind the gloss, product, and/or experience you’re selling.

100 Personal Branding Tactics Using Social Media |

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100 Personal Branding Tactics Using Social Media. Branding one’s self in an online environment built on entropy and go-baby-go is difficult at best, and impossible if you forget to take your happy pills. Track things like audience/community sentiment (positive/negative) if you want to map effort to results. But most people who want to develop a personal brand do. It’s a good idea to build an account on some of these sites to further extend your personal branding. It’s not do these 100 things if you wanna build your personal brand.

Branding: When Political Campaigns Turn to Social Media


Like always, it has been a long, exhausting struggle between Democrats and Republicans who made use of every possible voter encouraging sentiment to win over voters. Not just in the election as such, but also in the general lives of the American population: Pushing that “like” button on any brand’s or candidate’s page is part of the creation of your social identity. Ever.      .

Content Tagging For Better Social Media Analytics

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As you probably know too well as a digital marketer, brands can receive thousands of mentions  every day and you need to reply as fast as possible to those that have the biggest impact. Rules Refine Sentiment Analysis With Rule Based Tagging. Social sentiment analysis is a bit of a controversial topic when it comes to social data intelligence. What is rule based tagging ?

Expert Tips to Measure the ROI of Your Influencer Marketing

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To help luxury brands cut through this noise – Dior was mentioned over 1.1 million times on social media in the month of January alone – we used Talkwalker’s advanced social media analytics to give these brands some tips on using social listening to measure the ROI of their influencer marketing. Tip #2: Change In Sentiment: Maximize ROI By Identifying Key Marketing Efforts.

5 Brands Who Rocked the Social Media Red Carpet During the Oscars

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From powerful messages to clever interruptions and even praise from Oprah herself, here are five brands who rocked the social media red carpet during the Oscars. The key takeaway here is how Dove took an event where we “oooh” and “ahh” over the beautiful celebrities and turned that sentiment into empowering ourselves to be proud of our beauty. The key takeaway?

What You Need To Know About Facebook, Content And Brands

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For the longest time, there was a commonly held sentiment that the brands who create the best (and most relevant and most contextual) content will win. It's especially not easy for brands that have been, primarily, marketing-driven organizations. The kind of brands that have seasonal campaigns that are driven by creating as many exposures to the brand as possible. We know that brands who have a fundamental grasp of creating content are brands that have embraced a publisher's mindset. It's true that Facebook is awesome for keeping a brand fresh.

#SproutChat Recap: Best Practices for Distributing Content From Brand Advocates

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Anecdotally monitor the sentiments and responses around your content to learn more about how the piece is resonating with your audience. Regardless of where your brand is sharing its content, make sure that you’re diligently tracking your results. Don’t be afraid to authentically tap into your existing employee base and excite them to share social content on behalf of your brand. Your internal team members can be your brand's best advocates. Encourage these individuals to consistently advocate on your brand’s behalf. SproutChat