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Two Examples of What NOT to Do When Asking Influential Bloggers For a Link


Editorial in-content links, the most valuable kind of links today, are impossible to get without contacting people; even if you have a few friends among influential bloggers in your niche that you can ask for a favor to guest post on their blog or just to insert an anchor text link to the existing post, eventually you will run out of them, and new backlinks will be waiting to be made.

17 Examples of Blog Archives

Ari Herzog

Some bloggers choose simplicity and others opt for snazz. php } remove_action('thesis_hook_archives_template', 'thesis_archives_template'); add_action('thesis_hook_archives_template', 'my_archive'); Styles are enhanced with custom CSS code: custom.archive h3 {margin-top: 0;}.custom.archive Thanks. -- Thanks for reading 17 Examples of Blog Archives by Ari Herzog.

57 Social Media Policy Examples and Resources

Dave Fleet

Here are 57 61 great social media policy templates and resources to use when building your own. Blogger Policy. Pledge for Bloggers. Social Media Guidelines Template. Over time I’ve found myself doing more and more foundational work for organizations looking to dip their toes into social media. One of the key elements of this work, in my opinion, is creating a social media policy that fits well with the organization’s goals, culture and risk tolerance. But where to start? thanks for the suggestions in the comments!). Social Media Policies and Guidelines. Source.

100 Examples of Corporate Social Media Policies

Koka Sexton

Template: Blogging and Social Media Policy. Template: Internet and Email Policy. Blogger Policy. Template: Social Media and Social Networking Policies and Procedures. Template: Social Media Policy for Associations (Real Estate). Compilation of Legal Actions Against Bloggers. Template Twitter Strategy for Government Departments. Organization. Cicso.

How to Create Your Guest Blogging Strategy [with a 5 step template]


When I blogged for fellow Aussie blogger Jeff Bullas. This post helped us hit a record month in website traffic. > Landing page visits skyrocketed. I had a call to action in the article and linked to our Negative Comments Response Template (for Social Media) landing page. An easy way is to simply google blogs in your niche; for example “social media blogs” or “gardening blogs”.

15 Quick and Easy Productivity Super-Hacks for Busy Bloggers


As a blogger, you have a knack to find just one more task that needs to be done. 15 Quick and Easy Productivity Super-Hacks for Busy Bloggers. 1. Use email templates. As a blogger, I receive a ton of email each day. Depending on the type of email you receive, you can create templates so replying doesn’t take too much of your time. Let’s face it. And the best part?

PB170: 9 Ways to Stay Inspired and Avoid Bloggers Burn Out


How to Stay Inspired and Avoid Bloggers Burn Out. In today’s lesson I want to talk about blogger burnout and how to avoid it. Most bloggers start out blogging with an incredible burst of passion, excitement and energy with their blogging, but usually at some point within the first year or two, many bloggers come up against their first bout of blogger burnout.

Why Bloggers Should Self-Publish


Why bloggers should self-publish. That’s laughable. I’ll give you a very specific example. Ultimately, authors (unless you are, for example, Stephen King) have to do their own marketing for books. Why should bloggers self-publish? The team at Creatspace let you pick the size of your book and then have Microsoft Word templates that you download to format your book within. Why Bloggers Should Self-Publish. In this post I give the specific details of all of my sales numbers and advances with the traditional publishers. Why self-publish?

Bloggers: This Is How Long Your Posts Should Be

Viper Chill

You are here: ViperChill » Social Media » Bloggers: This Is How Long Your Posts Should Be Bloggers: This Is How Long Your Posts Should Be Written by Glen, this post has 63 Comments When I analysed the most tweeted blog posts ever, I found that Twitter users like posts that are around 1,100 words long. Bloggers: This Is How Long Your Posts Should Be [.] Period.

7 Tips for Busy Bloggers on Finding Time to Blog


Last week I tweeted a question asking my Problogger followers to share the biggest challenge that they face as a blogger. Around 50 replies came back and a couple of themes emerged – the biggest one centred around ‘Time’ Finding time to blog is something that all bloggers struggle with. recently came across this great video from Aussie blogger Kemi Nekvapil.

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PB136: The Best Investment of Time You’ll Ever Make as a Blogger


Why Evergreen Content is the Best Investment of Time for a Blogger. In Today’s Episode Examples of Evergreen Content. Long Exposure Photography: 15 Stunning Examples – 15 inspirational images. Examples of Evergreen Content Submitted by Facebook Followers. All of the Examples Submitted on Facebook. What New (and Old) Bloggers Need to Know about SEO.

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How to Reach Out to Bloggers

Home About Speaking Newsletters Contact Best Of Work With Me How to Reach Out to Bloggers January 7, 2010 View Comments New here? Are you hoping to connect with bloggers and get the word out about your product or service? Do Your Homework All bloggers aren’t the same. Bloggers can be fickle and often work to the beat of their own drum. I get dozens of pitches a day.

The 3 Emails You Must Send During a Launch … and a Fresh Alternative for Bloggers


You’ll get to see this topic through the lens of known bloggers and marketers, but I’ll also reveal my own use of each one of these strategies and concepts. Blogger to launcher basics. Many bloggers who have never created and sold their own products wonder how to make the leap and start offering something for sale. Check out this example to see her B-School bumper. 3.

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An Introduction to Landing Pages for Bloggers – An Interview with Tim Paige from LeadPages


Getting better conversions on our websites is something I think bloggers really need to know, and Tim certainly doesn’t hold back! Landing Pages for Bloggers. Things like: What landing pages are and why they’re useful for bloggers. Examples of successful landing pages. Common Mistakes Bloggers Make with Landing Pages. Webinars. Content upgrade ideas.

WordPress Themes 101


Although WordPress began as a tool for bloggers, it has now expanded to include a sophisticated content management system. Examples of widgets include the little boxes that display the last five blog topics or the most recent blog comments. Blog Social Media CNN Odesk Template tools WordPress WordPress Plugin Directory The statistics show it, too.

7 Places Bloggers Can Get Design Work Done (Without Breaking The Bank)


Whether it’s a beautifully put together custom job, a WordPress theme, a template or something frankensteined together with a vague knowledge of HTML and CSS. Because finding someone like this seems tough, many bloggers will overlook necessary design updates, or try to do it themselves. Places Bloggers Can Get Design Work Done (Without Breaking The Bank). Elance. How it works.

Watching Me Blog

Twist Image

For example, with this blog post I might tweet: "What's your blogging philosophy? Schaefer , Avinash Kaushik , Jason Falls , Gini Dietrich , Tom Peters , Jay Baer , Darren Rowse and David Meerman Scott follow this template and write a post about how they Blog. blogger. Blogs are one of the most valuable marketing tools ever created. believe that. don't just say it. mean it by walking the talk. started blogging in September 2003, and since then I have written almost three thousand posts. To my surprise, Chris blogged about me blogging (how meta!) Only me. everything.

Link-building Tips and Tools for Bloggers in a Post-Panda and Penguin World


So you might be asking what more can be written about link building for bloggers? Bloggers have an advantage that static and retail websites don’t. Link-building strategies for bloggers. Guest blogging is really the best way bloggers can build links to their website that will not only count for search rankings (99% of the time) but will also lead to increased traffic generation. If you know a blogger who writes a lot of guest posts, search for their name and Google+ on Google. See the first paragraph of this post as an example. For example….

The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing – 31 Steps to a Profitable Blog


Today we’re launching a brand new ProBlogger Resource – something we’ve been working on for many months now – The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing – 31 Steps to a Profitable Blog. The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing—31 Steps to Profitable Blogging has two parts: 1. Customer life-cycle analysis example. Joint venture email template.

PB117: Case Study – How One Blogger Used a Blog Post, SlideShare Deck, Lead Magnet, Email Sequence and a Webinar to Earn Over $28,000


Blogger Shares How She Made $28,000 Using The 4 Stages of Warming Her Readers Up. Creating great lead magnets through creating content specific upgrades (gave you some examples of this). Make a template use Canva or Photoshop if you know it, or have a designer create a template with your logo and branding. With great examples. Other Examples of Content Upgrades.

50 Shortcuts to Create Visual Content for Social Media

Socially Sorted

At Socially Sorted, my content manager and I have an “ideas dump” document where we basically throw any and all ideas that we have… thoughts, ideas, screenshots, examples (we don’t copy of course, but instead use them for “inspiration”). All the templates your heart desires! RELAY is packed with an ever-growing list of templates. When Ready? Let’s

45 Marketing Tools to Consider for 2017

Razor Social

An example of zap can be – When I receive a new email (the trigger) in Gmail, send me an SMS message (the action). For example, automatically send a tweet based on a trigger, and then automatically store that tweet in a Word document. You can create email templates for outreach and track all communications through BuzzStream. Marketing Automation. billion one. Ontraport.

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The Benefits of Being a Transparent Blogger [Case Study]


One of the most successful bloggers online right now is also one of the most transparent. Pat’s not the only one—there are plenty of other bloggers who do the same thing. Transparent bloggers are open about who they are, what they do, and even how much they make. There are very few successful bloggers that have managed to remain anonymous online. For example, you disclose that you have affiliate links and sponsors and you even discuss your own personal experiences using them. plan of action for shy bloggers. You probably know him as Pat.

50% Discount Ends in 36 Hours on the Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing Kit


A few weeks ago here on ProBlogger we launched a product I’m really proud of—the Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing Kit written by the Web Marketing Ninja (the guy who has helped me shape my own blogging business model over the last few years). library of 21 templates, documents and examples to help you develop your own blogging business model. The kit is really about helping bloggers who want to get serious about turning their blog into a business to do just that. 50% Discount Ends in 36 Hours on the Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing Kit.

Analysis of Five Top Blogs and What You Can Learn from Them

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

There is a trend among many new (and even old) bloggers. Yet many bloggers who have not even spent up to a year on their blogs keep complaining about not achieving any results. Further, if we also take a close look at some of the domains, you will notice they try to establish a type of authority for the blogger. Let’s take Techipedia for example. Clearly! Passion.

4 Prerequisites to Writing an Excellent Roundup Post


After creating a template that explains the purpose of your roundup post and lists the questions, send your message to each of the contributors and allow them two weeks to respond. For example, if you want to feature five influencers, contact seven or eight experts to ensure a better shot at receiving a response from at least five of them. mail Contributors Who Interest You.

The Highest Converting Facebook Page I’ve Ever Seen

Viper Chill

Like the time I decided to email every single Technorati Top 100 blogger asking for their ’secrets to success’ It took me longer than I would like to admit, and of the few replies (12 to be exact) I did receive, pretty much all said the same thing. My experiments with taking Facebook Fan pages to the next level is one example where my intuition has been spot on.

Streak: Possibly the Best CRM System for Small Business

Waxing UnLyrical

While it’s now a huge industry, good CRM ( customer relationship management ) is a practice that many of those who are forward-looking-and-thinking PR pros (such as WUL’s own Kirk Hazlett , to name just one example) are meticulous about. Streak has several templates you can use when you’re starting out, and you can modify them as you need to. Writer or blogger?

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Repurpose Content with These Six Tools

Spin Sucks

For example, if you’re a blogger, reaching and attracting new audiences is probably on your goals list. To create your visual: Pull out those highlights (usually the subhead or bolded part of the list); Paste them into a pre-designed or custom template (based on where you plan to share it); Add some graphics to illustrate the story; and. By Stephanie Vermillion. Say what?

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Customize Your Blog's Error Page in 5 Easy Steps

Waxing UnLyrical

Waxing UnLyrical personal, possibly poetic, musings on public relations, media, communication, and everything in between About Shonali Customize Your Blog’s Error Page in 5 Easy Steps November 4th, 2010 Tweet This is part of the Blogging for Grasshoppers series Here’s how to customize your 404 error page in 5 easy steps which is a wise thing to do for bloggers, grasshoppers or not.

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5 Great Hashtag Campaigns From The Hospitality Industry

Talkwalker SM

Here are 5 great examples of hashtag campaigns from the hospitality industry that will inspire your social media strategy. This success can be partly explained by the continued involvement in the campaign of travel blogger Jessica Stein (2.3 Left: Screenshot from the Instagram account of travel blogger Andrea Cristina. Why should you bother creating your own hashtag campaign ?

Time to Rethink Your Blog Strategy? Writing Epic, Incredible Blog Posts

Pam Moore

They instructed bloggers to daily “borrow” ideas and themes from other leading bloggers and influencers in their industry. Backing up what you write about with facts, case studies and examples. Supporting Resources: Content Editorial Calendar Template (use this template to create your annual content calendar). Content marketing is no different. iTunes.

SEO PowerSuite – Everything You Need for Your Website’s SEO


For example, you can highlight one of your keywords, click on the Keyword Difficulty button below your list of keywords, and then click on Update to get detailed metrics about your competitors in search to determine difficulty. For this review, I set up the Mac-version of SEO PowerSuite in ten minutes. Four tools, ten minutes. The SEO PowerSuite Toolset. Rank Tracker. Website Auditor.

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Craft a Writing Style Guide for Your Website


For example which will you use: The United States of America, the United States, the US, USA, U.S.A.? You may want to consider including some examples of Do’s and Don’ts and pieces that reflect the style you want. For example, you wouldn’t expect a fashion blog to include footnotes. Have you ever heard someone refer to content as “noise”? Want onboard?

How To Create More Content, Faster, Without Sacrificing on Quality


Every time I come across a blogger who is able to write every day, or who produces a new ebook once or twice a month, I feel an overwhelming jealousy. Content Re-packaging: Examples, Tools and More Tool! These are only a few examples, but you get the general idea. If you are looking for help on becoming one of them, this post is – sadly – not going to help you.

How to Grow Your Audience by Getting PR For Your Blog


asked her what her non-negotiables are when it comes to seeking publicity as a solo blogger or entrepreneur. What do you think bloggers should know about getting PR for their site? As far as getting PR for your blog, bloggers should keep in mind that often times if they want publicity they have to go out and seek it. How do you think they could go about it? Yes, definitely!

Email Overload: The Secret to Getting Inbox Zero Every Time

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

For example, let’s say someone emails me about a possible project. search like “label:bloggers techipedia” will find mentions of “techipedia” in all emails that I have assigned the Bloggers label to. I hit inbox zero for the sixth or seventh time this week in not one but two email accounts which feed in 13 email addresses total. If so, archive it.

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105 Ideas to Add to Your Editorial Calendar

Convince & Convert

Pull together content in the form of a list and name it thusly (take this post as an example). Just take a look at “ 25 Ways to Create Shareable Content ” for an example, which was the inspiration behind the post you’re reading right now. 2. Google’s Matt Cutts  has tons of great examples of Q&A. Templates. Really! Here ya go. Lists. How-To.

How to Choose (and Use) the Best Tools for Your Business


Your requirements are that it integrates well with other tools that you use, it offers a wide variety of templates that are mobile friendly, it allows you to preview emails before you send them, and it helps you create great forms and squeeze pages. For example, in their SEO category, they break down tools with specific functions. I must confess – I am a tool junkie. Business

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7 Creative Ways to Visually Brand Your Business on Social Media

Rebekah Radice

There are many examples of businesses and brands using visual marketing right. For example, Chobani makes a delicious Greek yogurt. Peg Fitzpatrick is an excellent example of streamlining all online properties into one consistent look and feel. Now be that solution through visual marketing just as one of my favorite food bloggers, Pinch of Yum does in all of her designs.