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Yesterday Mark Schaefer published a terrific post on how to pluck up the courage to blog with confidence. Image: Jeremy Brooks via Flickr, Creative Commons. And I continue to guest blog whenever I can, because it’s just such a terrific thing to do, to stretch one’s writing and creative muscles. As I commented on the post, I recalled how I felt every one of the emotions he described (I’m too scared!, how much time will it take?, who will read it?,

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Tips For Dealing With Information Overload

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My strategy is to make sure I see at least the title of everything, and then pluck the important stuff out of the stream, either replying to it immediately or marking it in some way so I can ’get back to it’ In reality “get back to it&# usually means “recognize that it was important when it comes around again a second time&#. Xkcd cartoon Creative Commons-licensed by Randall Munroe.

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Shadows (owned by Pluck) 3.075 (B). Creative Commons Blog. Books. Periodicals. Conferences. Blogs. Buyers Guides. E-Newsletters. News/Events. Info Services. Advertising. March 15, 2007. Social Bookmarking For Enterprise Knowledge Management. Filed under: blinklist , bluedot , cogenz , connectbeam , delicious , diigo , furl , knowledge_management , magnolia , shadows , simpy , social_bookmarking — Robert Berkman @ 3:05 pm. This is an unconventional post: 1. It is longâ??and