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#SproutChat Recap: Social Media & Marketing Resources Roundup

Sprout Social

This week at #SproutChat , the community shared their favorite social media marketing resources. A1: @mashable and @techcrunch for tech and marketing news. Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategy Resources. A2: @GoogleAnalytics , @GoogleTrends @SproutSocial analytics are great at this. dd3oTCek9u for really great strategy around building community. Social Media & Marketing News Social Profiles.

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The Content Creation Formula for Successful Online Marketing


Online marketing can be an impossible task without quality content. The process of building a marketing strategy can be complex, and involving various analytics. According to a NewsCred study , 62% of Millennials stated their brand loyalty is directly related to a brand’s online content. This is incredible news for marketers – your viewers are willing to build loyalty and trust. The Content Creation Formula for Successful Online Marketing.