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The Instagram That You Hardly Know

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When you add in photos and as a simple and easy way to share on the mobile/smartphone platform, it creates a combustion of usage (especially when mixed with some luck, good timing and proper relationships in Silicon Valley). The "winners" are the ones who are image-based, mobile and social. Brands should never find themselves in a place where a channel or platform loses audience credibility and suddenly, all of that goodwill, data and connection is suddenly lost (think about MySpace. mobile. myspace. There are a lot of people sharing pictures on Instagram.

What Facebook Knows About Innovation (That Every Brand Should Pay Attention To)

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It''s easy to argue that they simply had a strong product, but it met with a certain zeitgeist and luck that others (Friendster, MySpace , etc.) They are building a deep chasm between themselves and any would-be competitors, and they''ve made an interesting investment (a billion dollars worth) in Instagram to own the ability to leverage social photographs in the mobile state. Speaking of mobile. Their mobile app wasn''t even really a native app, it was more of a mobile website. Just look at the mobile usage, growth and time spent on their recent earnings call.

Book Excerpt: The Death of Facebook

Geoff Livingston

Friendster, MySpace and AOL exist in some form to this day, but none of them enjoys the leadership positions and mindshare of their heyday. Fifth Estate AOL facebook Friendster google interface LinkedIn McDonald's mobile MySpace social network tactile YouTubeThe following is an excerpt from Welcome to the Fifth Estate , Chapter 7: Sustaining Your Community Over Time. Ice cream?

To Thine Own Self Be True

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With each and every passing day, I'm seeing more and more brands forgo their own web and mobile experiences to use social media environments as their primary place to connect. It became a more prescient concept when MySpace collapsed as Facebook began to gain its momentum. Back then, it was much easier to build and update a MySpace page than it was to build and nurture a unique website. The problem is that when everyone started bailing on MySpace, the bands were left with little community. MySpace did. We're seeing our world become more and more mobile.

Free Summer School For Marketers

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Yep, one for that too. I''m a major fan of their Online Media Daily and Mobile Marketing Daily newsletters. Jason Hirschhorn is the former co-president of MySpace. mobile marketing daily. myspace. Spoiler alert: I dropped out of university. It''s true. entered university with the best of intentions. At the same time, I was already publishing a couple of music magazines that were becoming successful. As I ventured down the road of burnout by trying to be both a publisher and a full time college student, I had a heart-to-heart conversation with my parents. and cheaper.

A More Elegant Question About Facebook

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It was (if we're going to be honest) just another online social network in a world where MySpace was dominating. Mobile VR. myspace. Facebook wants to connect everybody. . That was the plan when Mark Zuckerberg moved the online social network out of his college dorm room, and into a business/something more substantive. Whether he knew what Facebook would become is questionable, at best (who could know that Facebook would have the profound effect that it has had on our society?). At the time, Facebook was not a better mousetrap or something original. History tells the story.

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Five Things Facebook Must Do Now that They’re Public

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Just a few days after GM announced they’ve dropped their Facebook advertising (and Super Bowl advertising too, it seems), the social network must pull itself together and begin offering even more to users and advertisers (which means more changes…don’t freak out) or it will end up going the way of AOL, Netscape, and MySpace. Mobile. Sponsored Stories. agree.

T-Commerce And The Rise Of Tablet Shopping

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Think about this question another way: does the rise of the tablet make for a different shopping experience when compared to the desktop or mobile Web? The key to tablet's success and growth is intrinsically tied to the mobile connectivity. Simple Web pages with a picture or two that can be enlarged by clicking on a magnifying glass icon are going to go the way of having a corporate MySpace page. mobile device. myspace. Does it matter which device a consumer uses to connect with a brand? Touch, screen size, portability does add a different layer. million U.S.

Our Shifting Notion of Search, Social and Mobile.

Direct Marketing Observations

10 years ago seems so 10 years ago in the world of search, social and mobile. Looking back at MySpace, it almost looks like pre-Y2k web Dev. If you think about what made MySpace popular, it wasn’t as much about the conversations as it was about creating your own content, your own page-it struck a nerve. Now the mobile device is an extension of our desktop. search?

The History of Marketing [Infographic]

Puzzle Marketer

New technologies give rise to new means of communications with the personal computers and mobile phones but older mediums such as newspaper advertising still dominates. SMS messaging on mobile phones gets introduced in 1992 and twenty years later is still at it’s infancy. Social media spreads in 2003 and 2004 with Myspace, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Mobile, tablets, and hand-held devices are skyrocketing as computer towers and laptops sales drop. In 1922 radio advertising kicks in, followed a few decades later by television commercials in 1941. Anyone? from 2011.

Facebook is Trampling Other Social Networks


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Facebook is Trampling Other Social Networks by Pam Dyer on April 21, 2010 Share Back in March 2008, Facebook was poised to overtake MySpace, but it wasn’t yet the most popular social network in the world. Now it’s obliterating everybody. Average Age of a Facebook User?

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #122

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Amazon in talks to buy TI mobile chip arm: paper - Reuters. "Rumour has it that Amazon wants to buy the mobile chip maker Texas Instruments ; the chips already power the Kindle Fire tablet, and speculation is that Amazon wants to move into the mobile phone space, to compete not just against the iPad but also the iPhone. myspace. " (Alistair for Hugh). amazon.

A Social Media Status Quo Pt.1-Japan


The population is extremely mobile-centric, which has lead brands to focus their energy on engaging consumers through social media on mobile devices. However the network’s slow reaction to become smartphone compatible was rather late and eventually resulted in a loss of users similar to Myspace. Local community manager Kiran Larange shares his knowledge. Trends.

5 Reasons I Think Facebook Is On The Decline

Jason Yormark

Ask Yahoo, MySpace or … , all major networks that ruled heavily at one time and all which fell from grace to other up and comers. I’ve felt a growing sense that Facebook might have already peaked and is currently beginning to slide. How a network as large as Facebook can take such a lacksidaisical approach to their mobile app development is mind boggling to me. While I have not experienced their mobile apps outside of Apple devices, their iPhone and iPad apps are horrendous. But ignoring a mobile audience for so long is a death sentence. Crazy right?

4 Little Known Facts About Startups in the USA


Startups are Driving the Mobile Payment Arena. Who really wants to compare deals on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, and the next hot spot for social marketing while they’re standing in an aisle? Startups that can combine this information with a platform-independent mobile app can write their own ticket in the online world. If you are, you’re definitely not alone!

Jake's Take: A Slew of Social Network Ideas


MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter together dominate theweb. Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « YouTube Tuesday: What The HELL Is Social Media? Main | Are We Addicted To Social Media? » June 24, 2010 Jakes Take: A Slew of Social Network Ideas Almost everyone is aware of the major social networkingwebsites in existence. Or people who sky dive? Would it work for yours?

Why Alps Bethneck is 5 Years Old

Ari Herzog

Another friend, Dinnertube , started posting videos on Youtube in 2006. I may have opened a MySpace account when it was still the talk of the digital town. go the way of MySpace, their successors/the successful disruptor will be better organized and hopefully look more attractive. This is a guest blog post by Stephen Black. This is his story. 2005: Flickr. Ask Chiaki Williams. Maybe.

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Strategy: Deciphering the Void

Geoff Livingston

Further, knowing the way of people and online technology-based communities, experienced strategists know the law of migration to newer and different forms of media is normal (AOL to Friendster to MySpace to Facebook). Many strategists are focused on mobility. Mobile Strategy Musashi twitter VoidThis chapter is all of one page and spiritual in nature. The Book of the Void.

4 Tools to Streamline Your Social Media Outreach


Of course, it includes Android and Apple apps so that you can post and control everything from your mobile device. Finally, it creates a unified homepage for Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn. When you really want to get the word out, spreading that news across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ are the go-to mediums. Here are four worth considering. HootSuite. Digsby.

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Australia: Senior Citizens on Facebook over 55’s

Laurel Papworth

This number of Australians creating content will eventually reach the same sort of penetration that email and mobile phones have today. Technorati Tags: Ash Nallawalla , Australia , checkfacebook , demographics , Facebook , laurel papworth , mobile , net magellan , over 55's , senior citizens , seniors , social media , social networks. Australian Seniors on Facebook February 2010.

How Social Media Has Become a Tool For Clinical Research

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

National Cancer Institute (NCI) – The institute has produced its own mobile application that let’s users scan the NCI database for new clinical trials. significant number of their patient referrals are being generated through platforms like Facebook and MySpace. The exceptional growth and adaptation of social media networks represents an ideal opportunity to overcome one of the most challenging aspects of the clinical research industry. This rapidly evolving medium can be a powerful recruitment tool that can be used to: Target specific patient demographics. Google Analytics.

Create a World-Class Online Community for Your Business

Business Resources from Mashable: – HOW TO: Create a World-Class Online Community for Your Business – How Social Data & Mobile Tech Can Improve the Retail Experience – 5 Creative [.] HOW TO: Create a World-Class Online Community for Your Business – How Social Data Mobile Tech Can Improve the Retail Experience – 5 Creative [.] Mobile 2.0

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How Facebook is Slowly Strangling Twitter

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But here’s why even a Jack Attack might not save the company from eventual MySpace-ization : Facebook is slowly strangling Twitter at every turn. The rise of the iPhone and iPad while Microsoft essentially ignored mobile computing, is just one example. Image via For years, Twitter has rolled out new features to make its service more like Facebook. Video.

A New Look at the Marketing Mix: Paid, Owned, Granted, Leased, Earned

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Leased media activities include social marketing, social customer service, apps built in social media platforms, and mobile apps. Also, social networks can disappear, taking all of a brand’s content and audience with it, as we’ve seen with Friendster, MySpace, and others. Brands can’t change their mobile apps like they can their website content. Image via

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Is Being Too Social Ruining Social Media?

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There will come a time where we just won’t want to share, chat, upload, download, friend, follow, or like from a social standpoint, a mobile standpoint, and a mobile social standpoint. The Big boys i.e. the Facebooks, the Youtubes, The Twitters and even the Myspace’s of the world enjoyed the rush. Which gave me pause to think.  actually think so. Your goal?

Why Instagram Stories is Actually Good News for Snapchat

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” The same thing happened with MySpace. Mark Zuckerberg has been succinct and clear about this, including these remarks at the Mobile World Congress in February 2016: Most of the content 10 years ago was text, and then photos, and now it’s quickly becoming videos. Here’s but one doomsday account. Use your favorite search engine to turn up dozens more. Defection Ahead.

5 Tips for Great Content Curation

Today in Mobile. Mobile Lists. MySpace Lists. MySpace. Mobile. Mobile. myspace. Mobile Version. Mobile. Top Stories Photo & Video Galleries Top Lists Trending Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video More Topics. People Recommended Mashable Staff More people. Jobs Events Try Our New Social News App Welcome to Mashable! Share.

Coleman Campsite: The Original Social Networking Site


» July 13, 2010 Coleman Campsite: The Original Social Networking Site "We're not saying that  Facebook and Myspace got their idea from us, but we're not saying they didn't either." Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « 5 Fun Twitter Quizzes | Main | What the F**k is Social Media NOW? They may be right. What do you think? Please try again.

What the Future Holds for B2B Social Media Marketing

Top Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video Google Buzz Business Small business Social media Advertise Network Blippr iPhone App Mashable France MashDeck Twitter App Mobile Site Social Media Events Twitter Guide Book Facebook Guide Book Partners App Development WordPress Experts MaxCDN Content Delivery Dynect Managed DNS Rackspace Hosting Intridea About Us Submit a Tip! Really though, it boils down to one thing Truong said during our interview: “How can we mobilize a captivated audience to do something on our behalf?&# Mobile 2.0 Learn more.

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Justin Timberlake Loves Social Media and You Should Too

Freelance Social Media

They understood the importance of being on Myspace and connecting on the same platform as their fans. ustin Timberlake and his people are mastering the concept of engaging with fans on their own mediums.  He’s on the more traditional social media platforms such as Myspace, Facebook, and  Just look at what the internet did for the Arctic Monkeys back in 2005. Media.

How Women Use Social Media [Infographic] | pamorama


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact How Women Use Social Media [Infographic] by Pam Dyer on July 12, 2010 Share Social media sites are having a powerful effect on our lives. Women are online and interacting on social sites just as much — if not, more — than their male counterparts. Takeaways: 53% of adult females use social media at least on a weekly basis.

5 Supah-Cool Free Online Tools For Nonprofits


They also have a mobile application as well. You can manage Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Buzz, Myspace (do people actually use Myspace?) They also have a mobile app so for fundraising galas you can keep up with what is happening at a separate event across town. This is a guest post by Joe Yeoman, who is obsessively addicted to new web technologies and discussing them. He is the Media Coordinator at , and he rides his bike to work almost every day. Non-profits are the kids at the lunch table that pay for every item with exact change.

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Snapchat and the $3 Billion Question

The Realtime Report

As such users are also fickle and tend to jump from app to app and social network to social network (remember MySpace’s fall from grace?), it seems as if it would have made sense for Snapchat to strike while the iron’s hot. This is a guest post by Megan Totka, Chief Editor for Image via Shutterstock. What is the size and reach of Snapchat’s userbase? That’s it.

Content vs. Community: How Online Publishers Can Nurture Both

Sign in All Social Media Tech & Gadgets Business & Marketing Video Mobile Dev & Design Media Social Good Startups Classifieds Trending Stories Sorry, This is Not the End of the PC Era [OPINION] 11 How Are People Using Twitter? Join the conversation by adding Mashables Pete Cashmore to your Circles on Google+ Close Welcome to Mashable! Have an account? Have you heard of Google+?

20 Top Twitter Monitoring and Analytics Tools


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact 20 Top Twitter Monitoring and Analytics Tools by Pam Dyer on April 26, 2010 Share Image via Wikipedia Social media is much more than a way to stay connected and to have fun: it’s a way to market yourself, your business, and your products and services. How is your brand perceived? Wide reach. Direct feedback. Share URLs?

9 Surprising New Facts About Social Media in America

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52% of Americans have a profile on Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace or elsewhere. have read that African-Americans use the mobile Web at a much higher rate than the population at-large, and given the propensity of Twitter users to participate via mobile device, I wonder if that’s part of the correlation? (Happy Holidays! This is #2. Emjoy! – Jay). But we don’t.

Fans, Followers, or Subscribers: Which Are Better For Brands.


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Fans, Followers, or Subscribers: Which Are Better For Brands? by Pam Dyer on September 21, 2010 Share Which one is it? Twitter or Facebook? Facebook or Twitter? These aren’t the only choices in social media platforms, but many brand marketers seem to vacillate between the two. Host videos on your Facebook page.