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Industry Buzz: 4 reasons why is the up and coming community platform

SocialFish’s content source tool leverages the power of the entire internet to bring content that is relevant to your members straight to them in one integrated feed. You can choose the 10-15 most useful RSS feeds for your members and have them automatically bring articles and information into your community at a rate of your choosing. Users can grow alongside their customized feed.

Seven Podcasts to Add to Your iTunes Feed

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Therefore, I bring you the seven podcasts you must add to your iTunes feed to laugh, learn, and live. With guests such as Kevin Anselmo , Mark Story , Doug Haslam , and other leaders in the communications industry, Chip tackles the tough topics with a wicked twinkle in his eye (which you can’t see because it’s radio, but you’ll see what I mean). By Gini Dietrich.

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Trust Me I’m Lying: How One Person is Hurting an Entire Industry

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Feeding the media is like training a dog,” he once said, “You can’t throw an entire steak at a dog to train it to sit. ” Our industry is not regulated by a governing body so it’s up to us to self-police. Communication Ethics HARO peter shankman pr industry PR Professionals ryan holiday Spin Sucks trust me i'm lying vocusLast week, some news came to a head. ”?

Why “The PR Industry is Dead to Me” is Overreaching

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We had a bit of a debate about it because it’s true you can’t be a thought leader without actually doing the thinking, but at the same time, most executives should not spend their time producing content, even if they have a unique position on something in the industry. The PR Industry is Dead to Me. By Gini Dietrich. But not in creating, publishing, and distributing it.

Why Blogging is Like the Oil Industry

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If we equate social marketing to the oil industry then we demonstrate how blogging can help you reach people BUT it doesn''t guarantee striking oil. Think about the oil industry and relate it to social marketing. Blogging can be the collection of content from which you ''feed'' the newer, different tools. What do I mean? Blogging is a wonderful platform. However. Social Media

Creating a Custom RSS Feed for Guest Posts


Figuring out how to do this with particular systems might pose a specific challenge, especially if those networks only allow you to import one RSS feed. There may also be times where you want to only share writing by you, and if you have a lot of guest bloggers on your site as well as guest posts on other sites, having a full RSS feed for your blog won’t do. xml version="1.0"

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Taking Control of Your Facebook News Feed


Have you wondered why you are not seeing as many of your friends and business Pages in your News Feed? That’s because Facebook determines what appears in your News Feed, and how high, with an algorithm called EdgeRank. Learn how to take control of your News Feed on your personal page with Facebook’s new Interest List tool. Read the full blog here. Yasmin.

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6 Ways to Filter Your RSS Feeds - ReadWriteWeb

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Ways to Filter Your RSS Feeds. Information overload is a real problem for many web users, and one way to cope with it is to filter your RSS feeds so you only see what you want to see. There are many ways to filter news feeds from your favorite sources, including passively by relying on meme trackers like Techmeme or social news services such as Google Readers shared items. Feed Rinse is a best of class RSS filtering application. Feed Sifter is an almost painfully simple RSS filter that filters in by keyword. Products , RSS & Feed Management. Last100.

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Online Tools that Help with PR

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Feedly. Feedly is a user-friendly place to store your blog and news subscriptions. When they publish something new, you’ll see it in your Feedly page and can read and share from there. Have a group of industry trade reporters you want to follow? By Gini Dietrich Running a small business isn’t easy. This is both good news and bad news. Canva to the rescue!

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Social Media in the Industry: Customization is the Key to Success

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Here are some simple tips that should be kept in mind regardless of your business or industry. In my professional opinion, most companies, industries and organizations can benefit from a Facebook page. Example Social Media / Online Marketing Strategies Based on Industry. The Travel and Hospitality Industry usually does pretty well with attracting Facebook fans. Web 2.0

PR Pros Must Embrace the PESO Model

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That’s why the PR industry, in particular, has stayed somewhat stagnant. There are industry voices who will say any PR professional who says they can tie their efforts back to your business results is a snake-oil salesman. It’s what the PR industry is typically known for, because it’s one of the few tangible things done. This is good, but it also means change.

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Four Ways to Fight Content Thieves

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Tools such as Yoast (a WordPress plugin), FeedBlitz (an RSS feed and email subscription service), and Genesis (a WordPress theme) automatically create that sentence for you so it appears any time someone scrapes your content. That said, if your site isn’t yet considered an authority in your industry by Google, it’s worth taking some action against the content thieves. Every day.

22 Expert Guides and Reviews of 200+ Social Media Tools

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In the posts highlighted below, 20 (or so) social media marketing pros review more than 200 tools, ranging from popular, widely used tools like Buffer, Hootsuite and Feedly to intriguing but lesser-known apps. Tools to Discover Influencers in Your Industry by TopRank Online Marketing Blog. Image credit: Buddy Media. No one has time to put every one of those tools through its paces.

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33 Phenomenal Content Marketing and Copywriting Guides and Tips

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Feeding The Content Marketing Beast – 7 Places to Find Cheap Content by Heidi Cohen. ” If you’ve got older content that is still relevant to buyers, refresh it to keep it current with the state of your industry. Buyers “who are working in IT were more likely to have downloaded whitepapers (36%) or read blogs (28%)” than those in other industries.

8 Tips for Social Video Storytelling


First, you need to grab your audience in the first few seconds with what we call a “hook.” If you’re planning to use Facebook’s new video tool, you’ll want a silent hook—meaning, a striking image, sequence of images or words that really grab people, since videos play in the Facebook feed without sound until someone clicks. Featured Implementation Industry InsiderThat’s huge.

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6 Social Tools to Use Immediately After You Hit “Publish”


After all, Twitter is a live updating feed that is shifting too frequently for everyone to see it. know you can automate this part to send an email blast every time there is a new entry in your blog RSS feed. Cool Social Tools Featured Implementation Industry InsiderYou have invested in that content. Your awesome team was involved. You all have edited, polished, and (finally!)

How to Use Snapchat for Lobbying and Public Affairs


The story feed is a great place to post a series of snaps related to a particular event as they only visible for 24 hours. Content Strategy Cool Social Tools Featured Implementation Industry InsiderSeriously. They are awesome. ————– If you don’t understand the mass appeal of  Snapchat , you are not alone. ————-. photo credit ).

Humanizing a Critically Important Industry, From the Ground Up

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Farmers are literally feeding us every day, but are routinely pilloried in social media and elsewhere by a very vocal minority. For them to work so closely together on this humanization effort to support the overall industry is a triumph of cooperation and big picture thinking,&# said Josh Lysne , Director of Digital Marketing at AdFarm. Telling Stories, Building Kinship.

5 Strategies for Boosting Engagement on Instagram

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A recent update to Instagram’s feed sorting got marketers worried. It would be easy for any retailer to grab an image of their products, slap a huge sale sign on it, and upload the resulting graphic to their feed. However, If a multimillionaire and one of the most recognized faces in the industry can get personal and create a sense of spontaneity  in his updates, so can you. 5.

What [insert current event] can teach you about [insert industry]

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These posts are often list posts that come in counts of three, five or 10 and are things that the authors say should be avoided in a particular industry — often social media or PR. Most of which is irrelevant to the reader and just pops up in feeds because the bloggers are trying to draw more eyeballs by having a post tied to current events or snafu – often called newsjacking. Whenever a celebrity makes a mistake, a company misspeaks, a natural disaster or political snafu occurs, bloggers take it upon themselves to pen a post of what we can learn from X.

Is Crowdsourcing Really the Industry’s Dark Side?

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There are two reasons why crowdsourcing is actually a good thing for the design industry: 1. The music industry cried bloody murder saying it was the end of the music business, but organizations started to adapt. He is the founder of , an exciting non-profit startup with a very unique approach to feeding the homeless. To Here is his guest post.]. “Oh, crap.&#.

How Purpose Will Power Future Online Communities


Your feed is overflowing with tricks, hacks and best practices to “drive engagement”. Debunking the Hype Featured Industry Insider Open CommunityThis post by the super smart Bill Johnston originally appeared on his structure3c blog   and is reposted here with permission. ———— Purpose. Steger & Dik, 2010). a.k.a. Your reason for getting up in the morning.”.

A Complete Guide to Facebook’s Q2 2016 Earnings Call

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The best marketers understand that people watch video differently in mobile feeds. The campaign helped the Sour Patch Kids portfolio beat sales benchmarks for the entire candy industry. We introduced lead ads  in Q1 to make it easy for people to fill out forms on mobile devices right from News Feed. News Feed. Statistics and milestones. Facebook reported an average of 1.13

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How To Create More Content, Faster, Without Sacrificing on Quality


Tweetdeck is my own not-so-secret productivity tool that tracks important events happening in my industry. Cyfe helps me monitor and archive more context from industry. It can aggregate content from Twitter, Google Plus, Google Trends, any RSS feeds and many other. Content Strategy Industry InsiderBecause I learned how to do so myself, and these tips can get you far.

The Rise and Rise of Emojis – Is The Way We Communicate on Social Changing?


Similarly, with the recent implementation of Periscope into Twitter’s live feed , the potential for live emojis is enormous. For example, Facebook Mentions has live feeds for public figures and is gearing up to create these for everyone soon. No matter how difficult it might seem, we all need to address the continuous rise of emojis as an industry. No Time to Comment.

Perfecting Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: 10 Social Media Best Practices


Social media is huge, and one of the most common methods of accessing Facebook and Twitter is pulling that handy smart phone out of your pocket and checking your feed on-the-go. Implementation Industry Insider Nimble NonprofitPeer-to-peer fundraising relies on your supporters as they connect with their networks organically. Brand your campaign. Create a call to action. Show results.

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The Marketing of Marketing is not Telling Us The Whole Story About Member Research


Qualitative research can give us insights to feed the future. Content Strategy Featured Industry InsiderThe marketing of marketing is big business. Billions of dollars of marketing products are sold each year: CMS’s, marketing automation, advertising, customer data analysis and more. We marketers are very good at marketing especially the most profitable marketing products.

Four Seasons #IgniteTheSpark Campaign Brings Romance To Social Media

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The microsite also features a live Instagram feed with “user generated imagery around romance.” Social Media Campaigns Four Seasons hotel industry luxury brands social media campaign The Spark travel industryWhy create a campaign focused on the theme of romance? ” ( L2 Think Tank ). ”  . How does it all tie into

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2011

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10 Unorthodox Ideas for Local Citations & Links : If you have a local business and want high rankings, these are some creative ways to move forward to get some nice links: hosting parties at the event, selling products for sale online and offering feeds for the products, integrating badges or writing a guide of local places in Foursquare, and more. And I did. Do an audit to find out.

Promoted Tweets: the Marketing Industry Insights

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Next Entry: World’s Greatest Salesperson contest by Ogilvy Posted in Social Media News Tags: new ad platform promoted tweets Social Media Twitter You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. Next Entry World’s Greatest Salesperson contest by Ogilvy SMC QUOTE “.As Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional | Valid CSS 3

Social Media Monitoring Bookmarks and RSS

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When monitoring social media, don’t forget to monitor social media platforms (changes at Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn etc)  as well as stuff specific to YOUR industry. It also allows you to build a dashboard in Netvibes, Bufferapp, Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Feedly and other social media dashboards both in a browser and a news reader on your iPhone/Android smart device.

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5 Social Media Tips for Social Good Companies That Will Get Your Message Heard (In Less Than 10 Minutes Per Day)


With these platforms, you can search and set up profiles for different news categories, so that only tops stories relevant to your unique interests will show up in the tool’s feed/homepage. respond to your community members, and to engage with other organizations and industry influencers. Implementation Industry Insider Guest post by Meg Rulli, Co-founder,  ModMark Group.

Conquering Big Industries: My Bulletproof SEO Strategy

Viper Chill

You are here: ViperChill » SEO » Conquering Big Industries: My Bulletproof SEO Strategy Conquering Big Industries: My Bulletproof SEO Strategy Written by Glen, this post has 126 Comments Generally speaking, the more traffic you can get to a website the more money you can make. Health, gambling, forex and gaming industries for example, are very competitive online.

#LetsAskNancy 005: Lawyers, Should You Start A Practice Area Twitter Account?

Myrland Marketing

Here is my advice: I think practice or industry group Twitter accounts can be very effective. There are so many developments in, for example, Life Sciences that attorneys are aware of, and that your clients are a part of, or that industry publications publish, that you should have more than enough knowle dge to share, or people with whom to communicate, that care about this topic.

Did You Miss? 22 MUST READS of 2013


Here are some of my absolute favorite posts of the year. I am a curating machine and have a funnel system for all of the things I read, where I skim most in Feedly, share some, bookmark the ones I want to write about, occasionally save articles I want to read more carefully in Pocket, and then star (in Pocket) the very few articles I want to save for longer. Here are the best of those.

A New Take on the ‘Registry’ – Crowdfunding Helps Millennials Buy a New Dodge Dart

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Users can click on “Activity Feed” or “Browse Registries” to see how others are faring on the site. Social Media Campaigns auto industry automotive Chrysler crowd-funding Dodge Dodge Dart Millennial registry RocketHub wedding registryChrysler’s new campaign for the Dodge Dart is taking the ‘registry’ concept way beyond the wedding.

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Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2010

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also gathering intelligence via their rankings on top social sites and by stumbling upon new items in my feed reader. This list is incredibly long, but I hope it’s not any less valuable. I’m sure you’ll have a year (or more) of reading to do, but I know it’s worth it to empower you with all this great content that has been written by our industry peers. Enjoy!