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The Life Cycle of a Social Network

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

This is a guest post by Babu M. Varghese. The launch of Geocities by Yahoo marked for some the beginning of a new revolution in the online media called social networking. From an evolutionary standpoint and through historical data, there have been several milestones that have been reached that can help us formulate a true life cycle phenomenon in the social networking space. Growth Stage. Maturity.

Sabotaging An Entire Culture

Spin Sucks

“A good 65 percent of today’s grade-school kids may end up doing work that hasn’t been invented yet.&# – Cathy Davidson, co-director of the annual MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Competitions. I saw a stat the other day that said most grade school kids aren’t learning cursive handwriting anymore. It’s pretty clear paper will eventually be extinct.

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Thesis vs Genesis – Comparing Premium WordPress Themes


Over the Labor Day weekend, I had the pleasure of working on my first website using the Genesis Framework from StudioPress. I say pleasure because it happened to be my husband’s new photography site, and it was the first theme he’s chosen that didn’t lead me to using a string of obscenities that might actually shock people who regularly watch HBO. Thesis vs Genesis. Enjoy! 59.95.

Interview with Community Manager: Emma Gannon

Social Media Citizens

Emma Gannon is currently a global  community manager of Dove Facebook. Emma has experience of community managing blogs, Twitter and Facebook pages for international brands. Emma has a strong interest in writing, whether it be for her  personal blog , reviews for online magazines, or contributing articles about social media to the  Edelman digital blog.  It should always be organic).

Social Media Automation 101

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People-Centric Marketing: Four Fundamental Human Needs


Yesterday, I wrote a Dutch post to share a few of the lessons, Trey Pennington taught marketers and businesses, with “my” local readers. What better can be done than spreading the message, he liked to spread himself to remember him and at the same time coping with some difficult feelings? Today, I thought a lot [.]. Connected marketing Customer engagement Customer experience Customer relationships Management Marketing theory Opinion Social CRM Social media marketing emancipation Giedrius Ivanauskas human needs Jim Ducharme listening Marketing 3.0


Geoff Livingston

Ronin – A lordless samurai, especially one whose feudal lord had been deprived of his territory. There are many of us today, many more than 25 years ago, even 10 years ago. The economy combined with the empowering freedom of social tools has created an abundance of free agent communicators. Like the ronin in Japan’s feudal times, we know no master, some by choice, many by circumstance.

The New Gatekeepers

Twist Image

Blogging did many cool things to our world, but the coolest thing it did was remove the Gatekeepers. The first time I heard the word "gatekeeper" it came out of Seth Godin 's mouth. The idea that we (us, the audience, the public, etc.) no longer needed editorial gatekeepers to tell us what news is relevant (and in what order) was (and continues to be) a huge deal. We're no longer beholden to an editor at a known mass media entity to decide for us which news truly is fit to print and what makes it to the front-page of our newspapers. Who are the new Gatekeepers? It evolved quickly.

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How to Improve Your News Feed Ranking on Facebook


Tweet. According to a research done by comScore called “The Power of Like: How Brands Reach and Influence Fans Through Social Media Marketing&# , users on Facebook spend the majority of their time, more specifically 27% of their time, looking at news feeds and homepages. This is great news for companies, as it goes to show that their efforts on Facebook are not wasted! What is “ EdgeRank”?

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The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

The Evolution Of Apps

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Is everything moving full circle back to the Web? It's hard to get excited about something called, HTML5 , but if you're in the business of media, marketing and/or advertising, you should be excited. Very excited. The past few years have seen some very interesting shifts from the importance of websites to the importance of apps (need I remind you of the August 2010 Wired cover story, The Web Is Dead. Long Live The Internet ?) to the pending dominance of smartphones and iPad -like devices. HTML5 is changing our media. How can any major media brand not have an app in the Apple app store? amazon.

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Donna Karan - 'to be continued' tip

Engaging Brand

Donna Karan says in Success magazine that she ends each press release with the words "to be continued" because she still has so much to achieve. love that. love that. Think back to the Poilane Bakery and the continuity created by putting dough from the last batch into the latest one! We so often aim for a launch day. We so often aim for a deadline. Each product, each launch is part of the story.in

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Twitter for Good


Claire Diaz-Ortiz runs social innovation, philanthropy, and causes at Twitter. One of Twitter’s operating principles is “Be A Force For Good&#. Claire is super nice and you can talk to her on Twitter anytime about your nonprofit. Claire wrote a book – out today – on how nonprofits can use Twitter.

Building Links With Twitter

Small Business Mavericks

Rand Fishkin, in his Whiteboard Friday post last Friday, shared eight ways you can build links with Twitter. Only, none of these methods actually provide you with a link from Twitter. They are really ways that you can use Twitter to acquire links from other sources, which isn’t the same as saying that you are link building through Twitter. Nevertheless, these are all powerful ways to use Twitter to build some inbound links to your website. We’ve written about that before on this blog. For now, let’s review Rand’s suggestions. Serendipitous connection. The top X list.

A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

Online Success Need Not Be Measured in Enemies


This guest post is by Margie Clayman of margieclayman.com. One of my favorite Elvis Costello choruses goes like this: “What’s so funny ‘bout peace, love, and understanding?”. have always liked that song, but I never really thought I would live in a time where that question would resonate. always thought, “Well, that was written when peace and love seemed hokey, perhaps, or maybe impossible. It was more than a rhetorical question when Elvis first sang it.”. And yet, as I sit here in the year 2011, I have to ask the same question. What is so funny ‘bout peace, love, and understanding? So what?

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Are you a smart, social business?

Jeff Esposito

I did a lot of head shaking while reading Michael Brito ‘s new book Smart Business, Social Business, a Playbook for Social Media in Your Organization. Now this shouldn’t be read as a nod of disapproval, but rather a mixed bag of agreeing and wondering why more businesses aren’t looking at social outside of its own little silo.

What’s Your Blog Worth? How to Value Web Properties


This guest post is by Sunil of Extra Money Blog. have sold an ecommerce website for $250,000 and several other niche websites for a five-figure price tag. want to share with you one valuation method you can use to put a price on your web property today. At least they will have wondered how much their web property is worth—especially when it begins to generate a decent amount of money.

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Social Media Marketing GPS

Boost Your Blog #9: Create a Resources Page


Continuing our discussion of things you should be doing right now to improve your blog , today’s tip is: 9. Create a Resources page. One page on ProBlogger that has worked well for me is a Blogging Resources page (it is actually a page I need to update further). The page serves as a starting point for bloggers when creating blogs, and includes a mix of free and paid resources (some of which are affiliate links to paid options). Hat tip to Dr Mani for the suggestion. Do you have a Resources page on your blog? Can you build one today? Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. Writing Conten

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