June, 2009

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Master List ?(A Wiki of Social Media Marketing Examples)?


For an additional 500, be sure to visit Master List 2.  And the third 500 has started on Master List 3. To learn how to contribute/edit, visit the Administration page. Wikis  Automotive  United States  David Bausola   Ford   Hurra Torpedo campaign   Presentation sharing  Automotive  United States  Philippe Deltenre   Ford   Where are the Joneses? adenin Facebook Page   Social networks  High Tech  United States  Meryl K. Evans   adenin TECHNOLOGIES Inc. Adenin Twitter   Microblogging / Microsharing  High Tech  United States  Meryl K. Whittemore   ePi Tech Inc.

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Entrepreneur vs. Employee, Which one are you?

Taylor Marek

There is a fine line between having an Entrepreneur mindset and an Employee mindset, lets see if you notice the difference: Entrepreneurs are willing to

5 Tips for Optimizing your Facebook Marketing

Buzz Marketing for Technology

One of the great things about the Facebook platform is that it provides you access to a large audience of over 200 Million people worldwide at a low cost. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a strategy in place for what you are trying to achieve. So let’s go through some of your options when it comes to the tactics of social networking marketing. Be sure to get your employees involved.

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Enterprise 2.0 Reflects the Culture | Social Media Strategery

Social Media Strategery

Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0 Events Calendar Subscribe: Posts | Comments | Email Social Media Strategery Best Of Best Practices Enterprise 2.0 Government 2.0 Miscellaneous Personal Prof. Development Social Media Enterprise 2.0 That wiki is going to reflect the culture of your organization, not change it. Enterprise 2.0 holds a lot of promise: Increase collaboration!  Thoughts?

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A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

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A Brief History Of Social Media


Home Consulting About Contact Subscribe Social Media Rockstar Social Media Blog – ::Social Media Rockstar:: A Brief History Of Social Media by Brett Borders on June 2, 2009 S ocial media isn’t really “new.&# Phone phreaking , or the rogue exploration of the telephone network, started to gain momentum in the 1950’s. Phone phreaks weren’t motivated by fraud, but rather, they were technophiles and information addicts trapped in a telecom monopoly long before Skype or “ free nights and weekends &# existed. “Handles&# or online pseudonyms were the norm.

#93: 13 Successful Blogging Tips, Business Podcasting, and the.

Taylor Marek

I think this is the longest episode I've released yet! Lots of updates and changes to the site, and plenty stuffed into this episode. First off, my start into the video realm came on May 19 with the launch of the taylormarek20 Vlog

7 Ways Facebook will Change your Life!

Buzz Marketing for Technology

So I have just finished co-authoring a book called Facebook Marketing for Dummies (Wiley) due out this summer. It was a very eye opening experience to say the least. But the one thing it taught me was a profound respect for the Facebook platform. What you are about to see is a number of ideas I have about the future of Facebook. These are not pie in the sky ideas or something I dreamed up - I feel these are very doable. In fact I wondered if I could get this eBook out fast enough to share these ideas with you before they actually happened!

User Centric Releases Results of Eye Tracking Study: Google Versus Bing

Bill Hartzer

User Centric has released the results of an eye tracking study that compares data between Google and the new Microsoft search engine Bing. What is interesting to note is that sponsored links are attracting more attention than they are on Google. Google users appear to be more aware of the sponsored links. Book a last minute vacation. They were both about the same amount of time spent. Digg this!

Drive Toward Social Intelligence Maturity

Propelling your organization to new levels of social intelligence skill and application is essential for maximizing the value of your listening and monitoring efforts.

Is Generation Y Killing Radio? | Almost Savvy

Almost Savvy

gather-round-the-radio. The story is as old as time itself: Technology which played an important role in the formative years of one generation has been adopted, dare I say, commandeered, by a younger generation

Today is the Day – Facebook Usernames

Social Media Citizens

Just a quick post dedicated for Facebook usernames. Today is the day when you can start picking up your username for your “Profile” and “Pages”. There was quite a wide discussion on the blogosphere whether it is a needed update or it

Social Media Success Stories From Surprising Industries


About Us Contact Us Support Home Blog Portfolio Services Value Inbound Marketing Journal Social Media Success Stories From Surprising Industries Kuno Creative - Tuesday, May 12, 2009 Still not convinced that Inbound Marketing and its emphasis on social media fits your industry or marketing plan? Maybe you think it has no place in "hands-on" industries like construction and manufacturing. Here are several success stories that you may not have heard about. Indium Corporation is a 75-year-old global manufacturer of electronic assembly parts. Read more. Read more. Less well-known in the U.S.,

When did I first find value in Twitter?

Taylor Marek

I first found value in Twitter when I was at New Media Expo 2008. Take a listen to find out more

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

Social Search could it be a Google Killer?

Buzz Marketing for Technology

This morning I typed into Google the search term: VoIP (which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol) and I got 64 Million responses. 64 Million!! How archaic is that? Does Google have any idea how long would it take me to go through 64 Million responses? know, I know the point is Google is trying to bring me the best responses to the term in the first few pages (if not the first page).

Atlanta Women In Social Media Marketing_3

Diva Marketing Blog

When you first step into social media it's often like being the new kid on the block. Sometimes you might feel shy or uncertain about how to or who to play with in your new neighborhood. What do you do when you're the new kid on the block? You reach out to people with the hope that a couple might turn into "friends."  My thoughts are that this is a work in process. WILLPOWER. What's not to like? 

The Re-Branding of Me: Website Under Construction | Almost Savvy

Almost Savvy

Show Up Like You Mean It”. This is one of my favorite lines to use when I speak about everything from managing one's own online presence to how to prepare for a job interview. If we are not going to put our best selves out there

Mad Avenue Blues – The day “Old Media&# died

Social Media Citizens

No serious posts on Fridays !!! Just found this super funny video about changing media on one of the friends wall’s and couldn’t not to share it with you. What do think ?  I bet by next friday it will have over 1 00 000 clicks, wanna bet?

The Smart Marketer's Guide to Social Media Management

Engaging in social media isn't an option anymore. So if you're going to do it, you want to do it well.

42+ Social Media Marketing Tools


Had a great time yesterday at the MagsU workshop on "Opening the Emedia Toolbox" In the session, we reviewed numerous online tools on how to develop social media strategies for personal branding, new revenue streams, search engine optimization, new content initiatives and more for content providers/publishers.    Here's a taste.    If you have some social media tools you'd like to add, post them in the comments. Special thanks to those who made recommendations. The Basics. Twitter - A staple for all of us. Here's a must read basics of Twitter article.

Under 30 and Kicking Butt List

Taylor Marek

Derek Johnson over at his blog, [link] has come out with a list of those who are under 30 and running their own successful companies. Derek is a 23 year old CEO of internet startup, Tatango.com and quite successful

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Social Network based Caller Routing

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Ok, let’s say you are searching the web for a new fishing rod. You find the right website but you are having trouble locating the right rod and reel combination. Frustrated you consider giving up but give it one last shot and decide to call the 800 number on the site. And instead of getting the usual IVR tree – you are prompted for your Facebook id. What’s going on here you think?

Atlanta Women In Social Media Marketing_2

Diva Marketing Blog

Part 2 of Where Are the Atlanta Women in Social Media Marketing? Part 1 For me, the secret sauce of social media marketing is in how the tech tools with odd sounding names like blogs and wikis and Twitter can build and nurture old fashion corner grocer store relationships. To borrow a phrase from my friends at BlogHer I wondered, " Where are the Atlanta women working in social media marketing?"

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Master The Next Wave Of Social

As social media adoption becomes more and more mainstream, marketing leaders race to keep up - creating blogs, communities, and Facebook pages, all too often without a clear road map in mind.

Long Tail SEO - 60+ Articles


One of the value propositions for Browse My Stuff is that it organizes content in a way that should be good to help long tail SEO ( search engine optimization ).  When we were in the process of designing Browse My Stuff, I had a hard time finding good resources on how to go about long tail SEO.  I’m still constantly looking.  If I’m missing something good, please drop a comment.

Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile makes appearance in Hawaii | Akamai.

Akamai Marketing

Oh, I wish I was an Oscar Meier Weiner….” I guess even knowing that song dates me, but I can live with that. As a child, I never got sick of that song…and even today, I remember it when strolling down the aisles of the grocery

Designing Choreographies for the New Economy of Attention


Interacting with personal screens during a lecture or other live event has become commonplace and, as a result, the economy of attention that defines these situations has changed. Is it possible to pay attention when sending a text message or surfing the web? For that matter, does distraction always detract from the learning that takes place in these environments? In 2007, two thirds of U.S. link].

Who are my Mentors?

Taylor Marek

This is something I've been thinking about for a while. Everyone has a hero they look up to, someone they admire. The realm I most associate myself with is the new media crowd (blogging, podcasting, internet video

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

No patience for the ROI of Social Media discussion

Buzz Marketing for Technology

In a blog post last week, Dell revealed that it has generated more than $2 million in revenue from @DellOutlet, one of its many Twitter sites. Late last year, there were some headlines about Dell crossing the $1 million mark via Twitter and it’s only gotten bigger since then. How did they do it? With a coupon code! Wow, now that’s inventive.

Is Twitter Tweeting Enough?

Atom Thought

It's 3 years now for TWITTER, and what great 3 years indeed! If we go by Nielson's late report on Twitter's growth- it's a mind boggling 1382% growth year on year, receiving over 7 million unique in a single month

Social Filtering


Great post on social filtering Eric Sauve - Why Social Filters are a Must for Communities : Social filtering is essential in a community system as when you have more than 30 pieces of content or 30 people it becomes impossible to identify the most relevant content and people. great point about the need for social filtering from: Introducing the Filters -. You might call it social curation instead.