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7 Awesome eCommerce Platforms For Small Businesses


Like any business model there are challenges to opening an online store, with the prime one being selecting the right eCommerce platform to launch your business. Luckily, there are powerful eCommerce platforms specifically designed to meet your needs – allowing you to increase sales and attract more customers. WooCommerce is built on the back of WordPress blogging platform.

Social Advertising: Focus on Power, Not Parity

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remember the first—the launch of Facebook Platform  May 24, 2007–like it was yesterday. Giving application-programming-interface access to application developers helped accelerate Facebook’s growth from 20 million users to more than 1 billion daily users  less than 10 years later. Most of those companies were acquired in 2012 and 2013 in a spending spree by enterprise software vendors, but after a failure to integrate what were effectively agencies, not software platforms, the Facebook partner market shifted drastically.

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Non-Facebook Users to Start Seeing Audience Network-Powered Ads

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Facebook announced in a Facebook for Business post  that it is extending the reach of its Facebook Audience Network  mobile advertising network to non-Facebook users via data it gathers from third-party sites and applications that use the social network’s technology. Platform Policy (updated). billion people who are connected to Facebook. Cookies Policy (updated).

Work On The Go With Podio’s New iPhone Application


Tweet Earlier, I wrote a blog post about the Danish work platform called Podio , and how in March 2011 they launched a store in San Francisco. Since then a lot of new things have been happening around Podio, such as the company going on a world tour as well as launching a fleet of new initiatives to improve the platform. Be productive on the go. List of what you can do.

Will Facebook Messenger Chat Bots Replace Humans?

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As a natural response to Facebook’s push to get more pages to use Messenger  as a platform, brands are developing chat bots  to handle customer service. Like with applications at the beginning, there were good apps and there were bad apps. How well is this working? At the Socialbakers Engage  conference in Prague earlier this month, experts talked about the future of chat bots.

Social Design for Social Success


This blog post explains what social design means for your brand’s social media presence and why it is essential when you develop applications on Facebook to increase attention and engagement among people. Applications on Facebook aren’t social without other people. The more activity a user sees between the application and their friends, the more likely it is that they will interact. Further,

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Don’t Blame Facebook: 10 Reasons Low Conversion Rates Are YOUR Fault

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Posted in Advertising Applications Branding Content Marketing Customer Experience Facebook Inbound Marketing Listening Personalization Social Media. An even crazier idea—consider developing Facebook-specific campaigns rather than repurposing ones created with a different platform in mind. 9.     Ineffective plugin use. You’re not alone. Sticking to stand-alone metrics.

Facebook Exchange Shutting Down

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Farewell, Facebook Exchange: The social network’s real-time ad-bidding platform is being phased out in favor of Facebook Audience Network  and other products. Our ads application-programming interface  is open to all developers so they can innovate on our platform and build great ad experiences for brands and their customers. Their campaigns could flow seamlessly between inventory and platforms. The Wall Street Journal  said the company began alerting partners about the move earlier this week. They’re already using the mobile products like dynamic ads.

Twitter: Gnip’s Audience API Now Generally Available

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Twitter has been beta-testing Gnip’s Audience API  since last October, and the social network announced Tuesday that the application-programming interface is now available to all advertisers. For the first time, your brand customers can programmatically harness Twitter’s demographic models to explore the characteristics of groups they know off-platform. Return insights in real-time.

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Social Media Monitoring vs. Customer Intelligence Analytics


Let's try to define the differences between Social Media Monitoring and Customer Intelligence analysis based on content available on Social Media platforms. Excellent for PR and Customer Support Crisis Management applications. Excellent for Strategic Marketing, MarCom Effectiveness, Product Management, Customer Support Management, Purchasing Management applications. Blog Guest post Social Media Analytics marketing strategies social media platformsThis is a guest post by Gregory Yankelovich. Social Media Monitoring. Customer Intelligence Analytics.

Deep Text: Facebook’s Effort to Better Understand Textual Content

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The social network said in a blog post  by engineer Ahmad Abdulkader , applied machine learning  platform team technical program manager Aparna Lakshmiratan and research scientist Joy Zhang that the aim of Deep Text is to better understand text across Facebook and to reduce reliance on language-dependent knowledge, adding that the technology is already being tested on Messenger  and offering the example that Deep Text can decide whether a user is looking for a taxi by distinguishing between “I just came out of the taxi” and “I need a ride.”. DeepText. DeepText on Messenger.

Facebook Reveals New Changes On Platform | Mindjumpers


Blog About Clients Cases Tribesourcing Video People & Contact Bloggers « Social Media Marketing Requires Involvement 5 Popular Posts About Social Media » Facebook Reveals New Changes On Platform Posted by Marlene Friis Oct 7th, 2010 Tweet Yesterday, Facebook held a press conference revealing what changes were coming up on the platform.

Facebook Adds Continuous Facebook Live Video API

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Facebook introduced a continuous live video application-programming interface that will allow Facebook Live  videos to run as long as creators want, but there’s a catch: Those videos can’t be archived. The social network also added a “geo-gating” feature to its Live API platform, meaning that publishers can limit videos to specific locations and set expiration times, and Simo told Constine the geo-gating feature gives creators “the same control and customization options we offer for regular videos.”. We expect developers and publishers to get creative with this new capability.

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Life After Websites

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There are many articles online right now about Facebook and their desire to move the messenger component out of its current environment - where it is one functionality of the overall Facebook experience - and into one of its own - an isolated application (see here: Mashable - Facebook Confirms: the Messenger App Split Has Started ). So, they need to either build new things (like Paper ), acquire other companies (like Instagram and Oculus Rift ) or decouple popular components of Facebook and turn them into stand-alone applications (like they''re trying to do with Messenger). gmail.

SortPrice Unveils Store Application 2.0 Built on Facebook Platform

Bill Hartzer

Already an established and trusted leader in helping retailers effectively expand their reach to Facebook Platform, comparison search engine has rolled out an updated version of its Store Application for Facebook that adds even more features to a tool that is already used by more than 1,500 merchants nationwide. SortPrice’s Store Application 2.0 Version 2.0

Two New Social Tools to Check Out

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know it’s a holiday for most of you and you’ll be with family, but there are three new tools/platforms I want you to check out. love competition, but until I figure out if there is a business application, you probably won’t see me talk much about it. Dinner is at 2:00, if you want to come by. take that back. Oh well. Guess you’ll get that one next weekend.

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SortPrice Store Facebook Application Tops 1000 Retailers

Bill Hartzer

Proving yet again a real commitment to opening new avenues of success for online merchants everywhere, comparison shopping engine has now built virtual stores for more than 1,000 retailers through its Merchant Store application on Facebook. To learn more about the Facebook Merchant Store application click here: [link]. Subscribe to the comments for this post? Digg this!

It's A Small (And Strange) World After All, Brands

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We can talk about the merits of social media as an engine of engagement and conversation for brands, but the simple truth is that it is nothing more than a public publishing platform. place where anyone - in text, images, audio and video - can create content, applications and communities about anything and everything. applications. publishing platform. How much control does a company really have over their brand? Never has this question in business been asked more than in the past decade. What is the face of the brand? What does a crossbreed brand look like? apple.

Apple 31 Buys Top Facebook App We're Related

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In the early days of Facebook's developer platform (2007, to be exact), as apps were going from 0 to 2 or more million users in just a matter of days, family history apps were among the first to rise to the top. We're Related quickly went to the top of the Facebook app store as number 1 where it sat as the top-used app by users worldwide on the Facebook Platform. million.

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How Adecco’s Facebook Campaign Changed Its Positioning


Result: The first round generated  2300 pre-qualified applicants followed by screening interviews and personality tests, where they were narrowed down to 10. And selecting Facebook as a platform was an effective way to connect with the audience where they are present. Best Practise Cases Facebook Adecco applicants Be thenext CEO challenge positioning Social Media

More businesses should use LinkedIn for job applications

Josh S Peters

Home About eBooks Social Media and Internet Marketing Speaking Twitter Says You Are Here: Home » Job Hunting » More businesses should use LinkedIn for job applications More businesses should use LinkedIn for job applications Written on October 18, 2010 by Josh Peters in Job Hunting 4 Comments - Leave a comment! Resume, LinkedIn, name, and contact info. That’s it.

Five Forms of Mobile Media

Geoff Livingston

Texting is also the primary form of donations on mobile platforms (thanks to Apple’s Machiavellian attitude about mobile app donations ). Long live the mobile page view. 3) Applications : iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows… You name the OS, it’s hard to imagine that an application hasn’t been developed yet. Image by Paul Swansen.

How is Quora Able to Auto-Like Posts on Facebook?

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I'm assuming Quora is on a special whitelist for Facebook to be able to auto-like posts via Facebook's API, something most developers on Facebook Platform aren't allowed to do. like button api Technology Geeky Facebook Quora Application programming interface like button facebook apiToday I remembered that there is a site that is doing just that: Quora.

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How to Get Your Profile and Data Completely Disconnected from Klout


2011: BE AWARE that scores of so called "disabled" profiles on can still be visible with Klout browser extensions on, and in 3rd party applications such us MarketMeSuite and HootSuite. The Real question now is, how can the scores of disabled accounts be seen in 3rd party applications? LATES UPDATE. October, 31. Klouts disabling is deceptive. FACEBOOK.

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Die, Thoughts Leaders, Die, Die, Die.

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When you speak or write in a forum that has audience and attention, the people who are giving you the platform have to sell you. In that, you have to be able to sell yourself to those people as well (so that they feel like you are worthy of their platform). And, by doing so, are building not only their practices but their personas and platforms. If, as an individual, you are truly helping your business, your clients and the industry think, learn, grow and become more, then the title may just be applicable. platform. Really? Have you ever given a presentation?

Facebook’s Like Button adds Life to your Content

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Could Facebook become a Lead Nurturing platform? When you think of lead nurturing platforms you typically think. Tags: Applications Buzz Marketing Content Marketing Crowdsourcing Facebook Social Media Social Networking Like it or hate it – the Like button is here to stay. Whole activity streams are being created around the use of the Like button. Email this to a friend?

Cool Social Tools: PwrdBy


Startups are welcome to contact me at maddie[at]socialfish[dot]org to submit guest posts about their platforms. ————-. PwrdBy has developed a mobile application platform built specifically for the nonprofit community. Because the cost of the mobile applications can be spread across the multiple affiliates, these apps can cost the organizations as little as $400 to get setup!

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Rough Guide: How to create visual content for social media with ease

Lucy Hall

Here are some of the visual content creation applications I could not live without! They are free or low cost and so very easy to use: – Canva is an online application, you can create social media visual content from templates very easily. This is a web / desktop application. And heaps of free –do whatever you want with – image platforms have popped up. link].

Facebook can’t be stopped and here’s why!

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Ads – Facebook Ads is a business model similar to Google AdWords (which is one of the best ad models out there) but it takes that ad platform to the next level. Applications – Facebook Applications is a business model similar to Apple App Store (which is a pretty darn good business model too!). and I am here to tell you – No one and here why …. Email this to a friend?

Social Branded Applications – build it once and leverage on several social networks

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Social Network have all opened up their platforms which means that brands have cost effective access to more than 500M engaged users (250M of them on just Facebook and MySpace alone!) The new ad model will be about creating social brand loyalty by creating Social Branded Applications that allow users to interact with your brand attributes. It is simple, fast, easy to use etc.

Interview with Social Media Citizen: Mary McKnight | Social Media.

Social Media Citizens

While most people focus on the Foursquare numbers, recognize that Gap leveraged multiple social platforms in this one day campaign. The strategy was just as much about sales as it was about acquiring a means to communicate with their customers on digital platforms. She is also an editor of Sacrilicious Marketing , the blog which has a bit different approach to social media.

Microsoft’s Future in Digital Marketing

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Over the weekend I got to meet with Romi Mahajan the World Wide Director of the Digital Marketing Platform Group at Microsoft. His Applications Content Marketing Inbound Marketing Lead Nurturing Marketing Strategy Digital Marketing FAST search Microsoft Romi Mahajan SharepointThe Microsoft Digital Marketing suite covers many but not all of the aspects of the digital marketing. 

Why You Should Have a Secondary Twitter Account

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

tweet more frequently too, using HootSuite (my favorite Twitter application by far) to schedule tweets down the road. Regarding any issue that you have with the application, you can mail me on alexandra[at]seesmic[dot]com and I’ll be happy to help out. Enter a second Twitter account. promote good content. promote new people. promote friends. Call them cliques if you will. think.

Four tools to revamp your marketing efficiency on Twitter


Twitter is possibly the most powerful marketing platform out there, specifically for brands targeting global audiences. These feeds can be scrolled through and the content you choose can be shared across multiple accounts and platforms with a single click. Available as: web application and Chrome extension. 3. Available as: web application. 4. Be useful. Be honest.

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Interview at Dreamforce with Matt Childs of Vidcaster

Koka Sexton

Vidcaster is a video marketing platform that gives businesses the power to launch branded video channels on their domain without the need for IT and development resources. This year Matt and I talked about my move to LinkedIn and how the Sales Solutions product LinkedIn Sales Navigator is uniquely positioned to be the most impactful application for sales professionals. Every year Dreamforce gets a little bigger and finding time to talk to the people you know best becomes more difficult.

With Facebook's New Page Design, Do We Really Need Twitter?

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Technology Facebook Pages social Facebook Application programming interface whitelist facebook new page design Twitter(Alternate Title: "Twitter: 3 Years Later and Nothing's Changed") Talks of acquisition, deprecation of whitelisting, charging for API access - Twitter's doing all they can to reduce cost and become more profitable. It's actually a typical story for them.

The Social Media Monitoring Lighthouse – A Guide on What and How to Monitor

Razor Social

There’s no perfect solution for tracking all activity for a campaign but you can do it based on a combination of a number of factors, for example: Hashtag – Hashtags will not be used for all mentions and for all platforms but it’s a great way of isolating traffic. Talkwalker  offers an enterprise-monitoring solution but it also has a free alerts application. Mention.

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