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Apple Should Not Buy Twitter

Spin Sucks

I was just reading a GigaOm article titled, “ Should Apple Buy Twitter? But now there is speculation Apple could buy the social networking giant with some of their cash reserves (it’s also said they have so much money, they could buy Facebook and  Research In Motion ). . But Apple is a computer company. Apple does do hardware and software really well.

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Apple vs Microsoft: Tablet Market Clash between iPad and Windows 8


Besides Google Android, the tablet king Apple iPad is about to get a taut rival in Windows 8. A row of Windows 8-based tablets are to enter to the scene later this 2012. Microsoft has already previewed its ARM compatible Windows 8 and a dedicated app store called the Windows Store for it. Maybe, Google’s Android might not have overcome Apple iPad in number of products sold.

Does Google Deserve More Credit?

Geoff Livingston

Sometimes I think Google deserves more credit. This is not a defense of Google+, anti-trust issues facing the company, or the apparent sunsetting of Feedburner. When I learned Google had scrapped its facial recognition technology because the negative uses outweighed the good, I felt they were the better player of the big companies operating in this space. Google+.

The Microsoft Surface's Beauty is Only "Surface Deep"

Stay N' Alive

As a long-time Microsoft fan (my first computers were all PCs), and with all my excitement about Windows 8, I was very excited about the Microsoft Surface. In fact, I was so excited that despite Press not getting complimentary Surface tablets (or even trial ones) at Microsoft's recent Windows Build conference, I went out and bought my own. Microsoft Office tends to lag.

Is Google+ the Next Big Social Media Site for Business?

The Social Media Incubator

Google+ is getting a lot of attention right now due to the “rivalry&# between Google and Facebook, which is heavily partnered with Microsoft.  Social Media Strategist Caroline Melberg feels that the site will be beneficial at some point in the future, but it might take some time. “I think it is a bit too early for most businesses to jump into Google+ as the jury is still out on how participation will ramp up, but if it happens like I think it will, Google+ will become the first real social-business networking site,” said Melberg.

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LinkedIn - A Newer Professional Social Network?

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Within that one hour flight, Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for over $26 billion dollars. If Facebook is our social network, is Microsoft now our professional social network? apple. google. microsoft. Every Monday morning at 7:10 am, I am a guest contributor on CHOM 97.7 FM radio broadcasting out of Montreal (home base). It's not a long segment - about 5 to 10 minutes every week - about everything that is happening in the world of technology and digital media. morning show. The segment is called, CTRL ALT Delete with Mitch Joel. This week we discussed:  . amazon.

Coca-Cola Is #1 Brand In Social Media Impressions

The Realtime Report

Coca-Cola was the #1 brand in social media impressions – with nearly twice as many mentions as #2 brand Apple – in July 2012. Impressions outside the US were crucial for top brands like Coca-Cola (87% of social media impressions came from overseas) and Apple (72% came from overseas). Apple – 761,162,000. Google – 606,805,000. The U.S.

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The End Of The Smartphone

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When Tim Cook (CEO at Apple ) took the stage in the company's first post- Steve Jobs product launch to announce the iPad 2 in 2011, Cook's staggering statistic was that the iPad had already outsold all of the desktop and laptops sold by their competitors in the previous quarter. That piece of data still hold true as Apple currently has the fourth generation iPad in-market. Google co-founder, Sergey Brin , can often be found about town wearing his Google Glasses (aka Project Glass). What will Apple do next? apple. google. google glasses.

How Will Project Glass Impact Marketers?

Geoff Livingston

Co-organizer Patrick Ashmalla and I are presenting together on Google Project Glass and augmented reality. Google Project Glass promises to take ubiquitous mobile Internet access and layer unprecedented information into our day-to-day existence. Scheduled for release in 2014, Project Glass holds so much promise Apple and Microsoft have competing projects.

Exploding Smartphones, Facebook's Workplace And Fake News Sites - The Week's CTRL ALT Delete Segment On CHOM 97.7 FM

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Well, Google is taking a radical step and introducing a Fact Check Tag in the US and UK. apple. google. microsoft. Every Monday morning at 7:10 am, I am a guest contributor on CHOM 97.7 FM radio broadcasting out of Montreal (home base). It's not a long segment - about 5 to 10 minutes every week - about everything that is happening in the world of technology and digital media. The good folks at CHOM 97.7 FM are posting these segments weekly to SoundCloud , if you're interested in hearing more of me blathering away. morning show. This week we discussed:  . brand.

Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook and the Gang of Four

Convince & Convert

Certainly you and I were just talking before about Google+, and some people would say, “Is Google trying to become the next Facebook?” ” I would argue no, but think about it from Google’s perspective. If I had to go off of the Google platform to be social, I may not come back. Video production by my friends at Candidio. Jay: Hey everybody.

The Year Of More

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This year will see the introduction of many new devices (including the hotly anticipated entry of Apple into the television set business). From Amazon , Google / Android , Microsoft , RIM (hopefully) and maybe even Facebook , our lives (and briefcases) will continue to get filled up with new, different and interesting devices. apple. apple television. google. microsoft. It sounds a little incredulous to say this when we're in a world that is struggling for stability. More social. Will this trend stop in the future? More global. More local. brand.

Are Parents Really Naming Their Kids After Pokemon Characters?!

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Alphabet (the new Google master company) also surprised the markets with strong numbers (mostly due to advertising). Apple did pretty great as well, which vaulted the stock to its highest levels since April, with revenue of $42.4 App of the week: Microsoft Pix. . apple. google. microsoft. microsoft pix. Every Monday morning at 7:10 am, I am a guest contributor on CHOM 97.7 FM radio broadcasting out of Montreal (home base). morning show. The segment is called, CTRL ALT Delete with Mitch Joel. This week we discussed:  . No joke. Listen here. mirum.

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The Only Screen That Matters

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and they''re on us ( Google Glass , wearable technology and beyond). Elaborating on IDC''s outlook, Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker research analyst Jitesh Ubrani stated, '' Apple ''s iOS-ification of Mac OS, and Microsoft ''s implementation of Modern UI throughout different form factors are clear indicators that we''re living in a mobile-first world. apple. google glass wearable technology. microsoft. The only screen that matters is the screen that is in front of me. Welcome to the one screen world. and more pervasive). How staggering is that?

The Year Of Mobile? Sounds Like The Month Of The Smartphone

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Apple vs. Android vs. RIM vs. Microsoft vs. everyone else. apple. google. microsoft. android app appanalytics apple chat cisco data dataplan desktopcomputer email facetime familycoststructure flurry google html5 ios laptop marketingindustry mass mediapost microsoft mobile mobileapp mobilecarrier mobiledatausage mobilenetwork mobilephone movies onescreen raykurzweil research rim smartphone tablet textmessaging tvshow yearofmobile youtube zeitgeistamericas2011Are smartphones now mass? rapidly. million to 1.8 " The one screen world.

Apple Gets More Serious About Using Twitter, but Why it Doesn't Matter

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

First, I’m going to say kudos to Apple for trying involve themselves in the world of social media. I’m going to stop there, though. Unfortunately, they still don’t quite “get it.&# Let’s envision this scenario: a user has a support issue about an Apple product. Apple has no such protocol in place, and at this point, there is no engagement.

Is the iPhone 4 Apple’s Vista?


Apple’s iPhone 4 just can’t catch a break. To add insult to injury, Microsoft executive Kevin Turner says Apple’s latest smartphone release could fail, just like his own company’s Windows Vista. Besides the problems with the iPhone’s antenna, Apple has a bigger issue to deal with. Post on Google Buzz. – The Future of the iPhone.

Google Files for Trademark on the Word Glass

Bill Hartzer

Google has filed a trademark application on the word glass. Rob Garner wearing Google Glass. In July 2013, Google “originally submitted the application in July 2013 for the word “Glass” styled in a particular font as branding for its Google Glass smart glasses. ” Apple and Amazon have faced off in court over the use of the term “app store.”

A Confederacy Of Patent Dunces

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There was a lot of online chatter when Google acquired Motorola for $12.5 With Apple and Microsoft developing mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), it made perfect sense for Google to follow suit (and they struggled with their own iterations of Android devices). This way, should Apple (or another brand) ever take a legal swing at them, Google could do the old Muhammad Ali rope-a-dope with those patents. We live in the day and age of patent trolls and lawsuits (just look at the billion-dollar-plus verdict Apple was awarded over Samsung last week).

3 Things About Facebook

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This article article pits Apple , Google , Amazon and Facebook against one another. Beyond a world where Microsoft doesn't even make it to the final four, it may appear (on the surface) that Facebook just snuck into this list against those behemoths. apple. google. microsoft. amazon apple business charlierose content economy facebook fastcompany future google infographic markzuckerberg marketing media microsoft mobilestrategy onlinesocialnetwork purchasingdecision retail sherylsandberg socialcircle strategyThis would be a mistake.

What Is Code?

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Its magic has been stripped away. I can talk to someone who used to work at or Microsoft about his or her work without feeling a burning shame. I'd happily talk to people from Google and Apple , too, but they so rarely reenter the general population. The apple. google. microsoft. It's for you to understand what lies beneath these words, your website, that mobile application, Facebook , YouTube and more. Every Saturday, I share links with good friends , Alistair Croll and Hugh McGuire. I'm just a marketing dude who loves the words. Seriously.

Where The Boys (And Girls) Are

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According to Business Insider and their chart of the day today, Microsoft's Windows Compared To iOS And Android , the number one operating system (by a massive landslide) is still Microsoft Windows. apple. google. microsoft. In schizophrenic times, there's a good chance you'll see some schizophrenic thinking. It takes a couple of years as a Blogger to come to the realization that you will, eventually, write a Blog post that completely contradicts what you may have blogged about earlier on in your process. Does this remove credibility from the Blogger? Hardly.

Laying Off Microsoft

Jason Yormark

There was  no question really when Microsoft offered.  Hell, Microsoft throws away millions of dollars on everything you could imagine.  But I handled it with grace, dignity and patiently waited as I knew in time as I would eventually find my way back in the halls of Microsoft. This isn’t a knock on Microsoft, I just find myself more drawn to competing products. 

Steve Jobs Breaks the No News Cycle

Geoff Livingston

Further, Jobs’ sudden departure from the day to day helm of Apple broke a monotonous summer of no technology/social media news. Really, how many more Google+ blog posts can we read? Given that Jobs has asked for and received the Apple Chairman position and will still counsel on new products, he sure doesn’t seem to be planning an imminent funeral. demands it.

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T-Commerce And The Rise Of Tablet Shopping

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Look no further than Microsoft 's leap back in hardware production with their upcoming tablet, Surface. Google also announced their tablet, Nexus 7 , at this year's Google I/O 2012 developer conference this past week. I'm less confident in Microsoft and Google's attempts at cracking the penetration that Apple 's iPad is having, simply because both the Surface and Nexus 7 are making their debut with wi-fi only. google. google io. microsoft. Tags: apple. Does it matter which device a consumer uses to connect with a brand?

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The New Electricity

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In the past few weeks, we've seen both Microsoft and Google come forward with their own tablets in an attempt to dethrone the iPad. In March 2012, when Apple CEO, Tim Cook , took the stage to announce the iPad 2 the biggest shock was that in the previous year, iPad 2 had outsold every single PC manufactured - beating HP , Dell , Lenovo and Acer. So, how did Google and Microsoft fare with their announcements? Apple was head-down in product innovation while RIM seemed busy trying to figure out what (and how) their competitors were doing what they do.

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This Isn’t the Microsoft it Used to Be – My Full Circle Journey and Why I’m Back Again

Stay N' Alive

You may remember my scathing blog post denouncing my Xbox 360 and swearing I was leaving Microsoft.  I still feel that way about my old Xbox 360.  It was a piece of junk.  I sold it, sold all the games, and sent my Windows 7 machine with Windows Media Center on it to the scrap pile. The fact is Microsoft used to create junky hardware and software, and being big and experiencing growing pains they got lazy and stopped competing in a lot of the consumer market.  My old Xbox 360 died 4 times and they still weren’t willing to give me something better. Enter the new Microsoft.

The Era Of Exponential Marketing

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Let's not forget that Apple began taking pre-orders for the iPad in March 2010 (that wasn't all that long ago). Google is getting aggressive with their Android -based tablets. As is Microsoft , Amazon and a bunch of other hardware manufacturers ( Acer , Samsung , etc.). The rumor mills are spinning with word that Apple is going to launch a 7-inch version of the iPad shortly as well (to compete with the others in terms of form factor and price). apple. google. microsoft. Most everything we look at in the marketing realm is linear. Linear growth.

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Be the Leader In Your Industry: Blaze the Trail

Spin Sucks

Page from the Apple Book. The consumer electronics industry is built around copying the successful products that Apple produces. Apple blazed the trail. Apple blazed the trail. Amazon , Google , and BlackBerry now have app stores. Apple blazed the trail. Microsoft opened 11 retail stores this year. Apple blazed the trail. Blaze the Trail.

Google Apps – no more free sign-ups, no more Freemium

The Way of the Web

Six years ago, Google Apps launched with a great suite of tools which could be used for collaboration and work for free by anyone with less than 10 users. year later, the paid premium versions became available, and now that’s all that will be available, as Google has now stopped new sign-ups to the free option. Damaging to Google’s brand? Buffer.

The Problem With Time Spent

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Long before Google existed, I worked for a search engine selling Internet advertising. In fact, we had such a strong search engine algorithm, that our users were finding the right results faster (remember, this was pre-Google days). Google's search is all about speed and accuracy. Comparing apples to apples. The average person spends 6:35 hours per month on Facebook , but they spend 3:20 hours on Google. Are you the same person on Facebook as you are on Google? On Google, you're doing fast searches and looking for answers. google.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #68

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"Think Apple has changed society? (Or Google / Amazon / Facebook ?). Well vertical didn't (Mark I) work out all that well for the cable companies, but Apple figured out that owning the device ( iPod , then iPhone , then iPad ) and the store ( iTunes ), meant that you could take a slice out of every transaction. apple. google. microsoft. Inimitable."

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Don’t Ignore SEO Strategy in Favor of Content

Spin Sucks

The Google algorithms are driven primarily by keywords. The Keyword Planner at Google is one of the best tools for doing basis research. You can drill down further by installing Google Analytics onto your website and identifying the landing pages that receive the most traffic. You visit Google and search for “large screen TVs.”. By Tara Geissinger. See the difference?

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Can You Pay To Get Your App To The Top? (Yes. Yes, You Can).

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It can store information by individual/child, track the fever over time and, best of all, the developers are looking to integrate it into Apple''s HealthKit platform in the future. . App of the week: The new Microsoft Outlook app. apple. apple healthkit. google. microsoft. microsoft outlook. microsoft outlook app. Every Monday morning at 7:10 am, I am a guest contributor on CHOM 97.7 FM radio broadcasting out of Montreal (home base). morning show. The segment is called, CTRL ALT Delete with Mitch Joel. including Heather B., have too.

The Rise of Trollmarketing and Trashtweeting on Business Social Media

Laurel Papworth

When Apple ripped into IBM with the Superbowl 1984 Ad, it was a shocker to the world. Cup from Microsoft. Microsoft. Brand Sarcasm – IKEA vs Apple. The newest trollmarketing campaign comes from Ikea against, ironically, Apple. Ikea vs Apple – nearly 2 million views. Brand Hate The Other Guy – Microsoft vs Google. And unusual.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #37

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These two images from Google Maps showed Bahrain's ruling class living in opulent estates the size of entire slums, contributing to unrest and uprisings. The Apple strategy tax - ars technica. " Apple 's rise in the last decade has been astounding. They went from being an also-company that made artsy alternatives to Microsoft machines, to. "The conversation around Google , content farms and the success of Demand Media 's IPO is still a hotly contended topic. What's Google to do? apple. google. google maps. microsoft.

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5 Great iPad Social Networking Apps

Jason Yormark

Synchs with Google Reader which is a major plus and easy to share articles to your networks. It’s ironic that some of the best stuff that is coming out of Microsoft these days is their iOS products. Apple Social MediaThere aren’t too many great social networking apps for the iPad, but I have found a select few that I find myself using on a regular basis. Below is the list that I use regularly that cover using Twitter, Facebook, blogging, news consumption and social/web stats. Pulse (free) – I really love the UI for this newsreader. Fantastic UI, and crazy easy to use.

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Selling Developers Was Easy. Windows 8's Big Challenge Will be Selling Press

Stay N' Alive

noticed some very interesting things this time though, at my very first Microsoft conference. The Press just aren't converted yet, and despite Microsoft's new focus on marketing as Steve Ballmer committed to today, they have some work to do. don't see a single Windows Phone. I do see a couple Windows laptops, but they're surrounded by Macs and iPhones and other Apple devices.

iCloud Will Do For the Cloud as iPod Did for MP3s

Stay N' Alive

But when Apple released the iPod that all changed. Apple made it dirt simple for anyone to plug in an MP3 Player, and nobody had to manually copy files to get them to sync. Soon Apple added a music store to make it easy for music labels to get their music onto these devices, and people were sold everywhere on what an amazing device this was. Google just launched Google Music.

The Lost Art Of Getting Shit Done

Jason Yormark

Commitment setting at Microsoft is a ridiculously long and tedious process that involves multiple pages of countless sections and sub-sections of big words talking about what you are going to do in the upcoming year. It was one of the most frustrating things that led me to move on from Microsoft. Related posts: Laying Off Microsoft. Me & Microsoft: Round 2.