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Is Klout On The Way Out?


This morning, Klout launched a new algorithm, which has affected the scoring of Social Media users “Online Success Scores.” ” This change has caused a dramatic decrease in the Klout scores of most users and all platforms on Social Media are ablaze with discordance, confusion and anger in regard to Klout. None at all.

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Have you been put in Klout timeout?


I asked Klout why my Network Influence Score was dropping down every Wednesday for 3 – 4 points. The answer I received from Klout is shocking. If you are still under the spell of Klout, be sure that you don't spend much time engaging and supporting your friends who are new to Social Media. Klout is an example of a brand gone bad. Digg Digg.

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Is Klout Really Accessing Your Protected Tweets?


Last week I wrote, “Klout Story Part 1 – Are you reading between the lines? ” , which concentrated on some of Klout’s privacy issues. Klout’s Marketing Manager, Ms. In her reply she said that Klout gathers public information to create a Klout profile and that they don't breach any privacy issue by doing so. AA_DF – Klout.

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Once Upon a Time With Klout….The Final Chapters


Beware of the Pied Piper on Social Media. That we rocked the world of social media. The Pied Piper of Social Media had revealed himself. just loved Dabney Porte’s story of the Pied Piper and felt is so appropriate to share here as it is very relevant to how many of us feel we have been manipulated by Klout. KLOUT AND SPAM ACCOUNTS.

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How to Get Your Profile and Data Completely Disconnected from Klout


November, 1 2011: As of today you can request complete opt-out of your Klout account! Login your Klout account —> profile settings —> if you would like to delete your account press here! Your account will be removed, note that will take up to 7 days to get removed from Klout API. It is recommended that you still revoke all access of Klout as well.

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Peer Index vs. Klout

Spin Sucks

blogs, social, etc.). Now, let’s say, I want to do the same thing on Klout. But if I look for tree_frog_treks , I get their Klout score, which really doesn’t tell me much, other than they have no real influence on Twitter. And Klout gives me the sad puppy again. Klout scores only Twitter and Facebook. So far, so good. Well, crap. The problem?

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The Ultimate Truth About Klout and Influence


An analysis of Klout, the use of it and the concept of influence from the Klout and social network perspective. Opinion Social media marketing Eloqua influence Joe Fernandez K+ Klout Klout score PeerIndexLet me start by disappointing you. I do not know the ultimate truth. just wanted to grab your attention. That’s what you do with a post title now and then. However, now that you’re [.].

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Coping with the Klout Reality

Geoff Livingston

Marketers and individuals will have to deal with social scoring in the form of Klout and its sister technologies. haven’t written about Klout outside of general discussions on social scoring for a good long while. But I had a second reason: As a professional communicator, it’s become increasingly clear that we won’t escape Klout, Kred and PeerIndex.

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Klout: A Call To Inaction

Spin Sucks

In fact, most people thought the Klout menace was nothing but a distraction, and yet they still looked upon it with fascination. On this day, the Klout was in a foul mood and deemed its followers unworthy. It is not known why the Klout monster became unhappy, though there are many rumors. It is the people who put themselves out there and share their lives that have Klout.

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Bing and Instagram – How will they affect Klout scores?

Janet Fouts

Klout recently announced the addition of Instagram interaction and Bing searches to their algorithm. It’s about Klout’s new additions. In the meantime I did a short video on Klout’s analytics. Think your stats on Klout are incorrect? Social Media Networks VideoEven though Bing now offers Bing rewards , I still prefer Google.

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Why Klout Doesn’t Measure True Influence

Waxing UnLyrical

I’ll admit that it’s fun to bash Klout. Posts have been written ad nauseam (including on this blog, though they’re not the nauseating kind) on  the plusses and minuses of Klout’s service , but I think I’ve finally nailed down what bothers me about the service (which I’m still a member of and will continue to use). What’s your proof, LaCasse?

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What You Can Learn about Gaming from Klout +K

Spin Sucks

I’m not a fan of Klout. Determining But my point is that Klout has figured out how to use all four of the dynamics he discusses with +K: Appointment, influence and status, progression, and community. Klout does this by giving you five +K points to award to friends each day. Klout Perks, I guess. Or a high Klout score, perhaps. But I have to hand it to them.

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Why Klout Should Not Be A Synonym For Influence

Waxing UnLyrical

The tool that’s making the most rounds these days, it seems to me, is Klout. There have been blog posts ad nauseam by online influencers (and I don’t mean to use that term in a belittling way, so please don’t anyone take it that way) on online tools such as Klout. Now, I have no axe to grind with Klout. I’m sure Very Nice People work there. YAY TEAM!!!!!

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Why You Should Care About Klout

Ari Herzog

The recent addition of LinkedIn to the mix of social media considered when calculating a Klout score has left many wondering about Klout, how to raise your score, and whether it matters after all. Have you heard of Klout ? What is Klout? Klout’s algorithm strives to measure a user’s online influence. Why should you care about Klout?

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Klout Adds WordPress But Not For Self Hosted Blogs?

Jason Yormark

A few weeks ago I noticed that Klout had added the WordPress button to the available channels to connect to which was encouraging. Quite frankly I think those that write successful blogs carry more influence then just about anyone in the social media sphere, so a welcome addition. But to not include and factor self hosted blogs is a serious miss on Klout’s part.

Klout’s Effect On The Classroom, Your Career & More


A Klout score, while controversial to many, is becoming more mainstream and carrying more weight in the real world. Get the latest scoop in today’s must-reads: Klout in the Classroom: Grading Students on Social Media Use. Klout Would Like Potential Employers To Consider Your Score Before Hiring You. Do Klout Perks carry any real-world weight?

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Klout – What’s it all About?

Akamai Marketing

Over the last year most of the social mediari have been obsessed with finding influencers for their clients (you). Influencers Social Media Club small business social media advice Hawaii influencers Klout TrendsSeveral services have popped up to help companies cut through the.

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Do You Pout About Klout? What’s The Point?

SocMed Sean

Do you know he has a Klout influence score of 86? He has a Klout influence score of 88. According to their Klout scores, Robert Scoble would be considered more influential than President Obama because Scoble has a higher Klout score than President Obama. So how does Klout explain the disparities of influence? So…do you still care about Klout?

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Wasting Time on Klout and Influence Metrics

Geoff Livingston

Klout only gives President Barack Obama an Influence Score of 48. It’s been an interesting week with all the news and ensuing hub bub about Klout’s new formula. See, people that waste their time on Klout, determining influence on it, debating its merits , etc., Frankly, the most influential people in any given sector aren’t on social media.

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The Klout Drama Kontinues

Waxing UnLyrical

I cannot believe how much drama there is around Klout’s most recent changes. Last week, I clicked through to an email Klout sent me telling me I had new notifications (yes, now I’ve realized that they’re doing that every day, and I’m not going to fall for it any more; suffice it to say I wasn’t having a particularly smart day) on my profile. “Bacon.”

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When #measurePR met Klout

Waxing UnLyrical

Last week, the special guest on #measurePR was Megan Berry of Klout. Given Given how vocal I’ve been about how problematic I find many elements of Klout , it was pretty decent of her to be willing to participate. Why should we take Klout seriously? Sandee Jackson pointed out, “Because it’s the most recognized measure of social influence. from Harrison Kratz ).

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How 1 Blog Post Increased My Klout Score

Jason Yormark

So I went on a blog hiatus for a few weeks, and it certainly made a significant impact on my Klout score. I was hovering around 70 for awhile, and after about 4 weeks of not blogging, I dropped down to 67. I’m not entirely sure what I think about that. certainly don’t lose any sleep over my Klout score. Related posts: Social Influence. Blogging Social Media

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48 Ways to Measure Social Media Success

Webbiquity SMM

Ultimately, as Olivier Blanchard has pointed out repeatedly , social media marketing has to demonstrate an ROI (though he acknowledges the questions have to be made more specific). But it’s crucial to the social media ROI debate to recognize that “R” is an end-of-the-process measure. Similarly, in social media marketing, there are numerous intermediate “process” measures that don’t fit into an ROI equation, but which are vital in optimizing social media efforts in order to minimize “I” and maximize “R.” Klout and Kred scores).

Klout Needs to Target and Segment for It to Work

Spin Sucks

I didn’t really want to add to the conversation about Klout.  received an email from Klout asking if I am interested in learning more about some new movie or something (I didn’t really pay attention) Kobe Bryant is doing. It turns out, according to Klout , I am more influential than Jay Leno. Thanks to Social Fresh for the great image! But then. Riiiiiight.

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Ford Launches Fiesta With Young, Social Media-Savvy Influencers

The Realtime Report

Social media was an essential tool for this campaign, allowing potential consumers to “opt in” if they were interested in learning about the newer model. Ford used to social to gain essential product feedback – before it was even on the market – and to dramatically increase awareness about the Fiesta, by using influencers to spread the word.

38+ Cool Social Media and Web Tools and Reviews

Webbiquity SMM

Manage all of your social media accounts from a single login on your iPhone? Make more productive use of your time on social networking sites? Find tools to do all of the above and much more in this collection of helpful business, online and social media tools, apps and reviews. Cool Social Media Tools. Storefront Social. Inefegy Social Radar.

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Why Critics of Klout Are Missing the Big Picture

Convince & Convert

Other than signing book deals, the favorite sport of the social media punditry these days seems to be bashing Klout. The most recent example was from B2B social media thinker Paul Gillin who wrote a post unveiling the flaws in Klout’s ranking scheme. But most social media types aren’t Paul Gillin. they shout. An impossibility!

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35 Great Social Media Infographics


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact 35 Great Social Media Infographics by Pam Dyer on March 3, 2010 Share Here’s a collection of terrific social media infographics that might come in handy. The Social Engagement Spectrum 2. The Social Media Effect 4. Social Marketing Compass 5. Anyone?

Social Media Clout: Klout them up – don’t you know who I am?

Laurel Papworth

To “To Klout Them Up” As in “ to hit them up” or ask for something. Klout is the social media ranking tool – tells companies how influential a twitterer or blogger or Pinterester is in influencing others to find, filter and forward their stuff. click to see more on Klout [link]. Klout ). Called the Press or Media list.

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Faking it on Social Media: What are the Costs?

Spin Sucks

Be wary professionals…fake social media accounts are increasing and if you’re not careful, they can diminish your credibility and destroy your social media high. Building Your Social Networks. Maybe it’s not that extreme, but it’s certainly tarnishing your brand and dwindling the platform that we are banking so much on (social media strategy and budget, anyone?).

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Social Influence and the Impact of Klout API

Laurel Papworth

Klout is the social media measurement tool that measures influence – how many followers, how much interaction and the style of interaction that a person has in their personal or business social network. As Klout takes over the world, it’s interesting to see their API (the button that updates all over the internet) showing up. Thanks Klout!

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Does Size Really Matter When it Comes to Klout?

Shift Digital

I remember the moment I learned about Klout. To be honest, I didn’t even know what the coveted word “klout” meant. Rainbows appeared and I asked myself what it all meant.  I kept track of my Klout score for awhile and noticed what affected my score.  It was a pretty logical process. What is klout? How can you improve your Klout score?

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9 of the Best Free Social Media Analytics Tools


Want to know what’s working on social media? ocial media analytics tools can help you make sense of how well your social media marketing efforts are paying off and identify areas that need improvement. These 9 free social media analytics tools are some of the best out there. Word-of-mouth advertising is very powerful.

50 Top Tools for Social Media Monitoring, Analytics, and Management 2013


Use these platforms to manage, measure, and analyze your social media marketing initiatives. Over the last decade, social media monitoring has become a primary form of business intelligence, used to identify, predict, and respond to consumer behavior. Offers audits and reports plus daily social media alerts. Social Response ($) | Formerly Cotweet.

25 Social Media Pet Peeves – How Many Are You Doing?

SocMed Sean

A while back, I asked a fairly straight-forward question on my Facebook page : What is your social media pet peeve? The value, here, is to help each of us understand what irritates other people in the realm of social media. 25 social media pet peeves.  Spam and/or Phishing – via Twitter, LinkedIn email or any social media channel.

What’s Your Score? How Klout and PeerIndex Affect Social Engagement


Social media is the driving force behind much of the World Wide Web. recent Pew Internet report found that two-thirds of adult Internet users are using a social networking site; other studies have noted the growing use of social media for marketing purposes. Klout. For many people, an influence score is a form of social currency. PeerIndex.

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Klout for Enterprise 2.0 Networks is a Bad Idea

Social Media Strategery

then read " Enterprise Social Networks, Performance Reviews, and Company Culture ," on the Social Media Club DC blog that rightfully (and thankfully!) Enterprise social networks don’t work like that. Bringing Klout to the Enterprise? E20 enterprise firewall gamification influence internal klout rewards social mediaEnterprise 2.0

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Three Examples of Social Media Gone Bad

Spin Sucks

I feel like a broken record, but clearly people are not getting this whole social media thing. You see, it’s called SOCIAL because it’s just that…it’s not marketing, it’s not sales, it’s not advertising. It’s SOCIAL. Three Examples of Social Media Gone Bad originally appeared on Spin Sucks on October 24, 2011.

Klout and the Reality of Return on Influence

Convince & Convert

There was a reason why nobody in social media has written a book about the nature of influence. noticed that anytime someone wrote a blog post about Klout there would be this foaming at the mouth. Of course, now everybody knows about Klout and talks about Klout, but a year and a half ago it was unknown. Jay: Is she coming to Social Slam, too? Schaefer.

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2011 NBA Playoffs: Head-to-Head Twitter Matchups by Klout Score

Adam Sherk

Since I like looking at the social media presence of NBA teams I thought I’d run the 2011 playoff teams through the beta version of the new Klout to see how the fare against each other. Atlanta had the worst Klout score in the conference so that doesn’t sync with their surprising performance thus far in the playoffs. Social Media

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