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Caroline Melberg – Best Thinker?

Small Business Mavericks

I’m no Einstein. know that. But according to one media website online – Social Media Today – I’m one of the Web’s best thinkers on social media. Yee-haw! Remember the article I wrote on Quora , the one comparing it to Twitter? Yeah, that one. It’s been reprinted by Social Media Today. And it’s getting a lot of traction to boot. Social Media Today is an independent online community for PR and marketing professionals. That’s why I’m honored to be featured on the website there. It’s truly a great honor. hope you find it encouraging.

Twelve Steps to A Strong QR Code Campaign

Spin Sucks

Stephanie True Moss is the founder and chief creative officer of True Moss Communications, Inc. and editor of The mobile revolution is happening! Increasingly, mobile smart phones and tablets are shifting our attention away from our desktop and laptop computers to our mobile devices. Mobile tags and QR codes give mobile devices instant access to mobile communication. Plan for Mobile.

3 Mistakes You’re Making Online

Almost Savvy

Oy, the internet. Must it be so complicated? Can’t we all just have fun online and not worry so much? While some people do take that approach, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend it. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re active online and chances are you’re making one of these mistakes. Multiple Personalities. You’re the professional you on LinkedIn.

What Does B2B Social Media Success Look Like?

Webbiquity SMM

Until recently, most social media case studies have focused on consumer brands. It’s not that B2B companies aren’t finding success in social media marketing, but more (in my experience at least) that they are less willing to publicly reveal their strategies for competitive reasons. Digging into the results publicized in these case studies, what does B2B success look like? Objectives.

B2B 72

Social Media Automation 101

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2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men

Blue Focus Marketing

Today, Tom Pick ( @TomPick ), Online Marketing Executive at KC Associates , who blogs at his award winning B2B Webbiquity , and I ( @ckburgess – Blue Focus Marketing @BlueFocus360 )  present 50 remarkable men on our 2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men list.  These men are indeed using Twitter to rewire and reorient the Web.  But, by no means, is this list complete. Adam L. million tweets per day. 

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Shankman: Death to Social Media Experts. Do You Agree?


Peter Shankman’s recent post I Will Never Hire a “Social Media Expert,” and Neither Should You is a cheap shot that could have been much more useful, but was instead focused on name calling and sensationalism. Shankman opens with “I was going to call this article All ‘Social Media Experts’ need

A New Way to Calculate What Facebook is Worth to Your Business

Convince & Convert

Facebook for business is email newsletters 2.0. You’re trying to accomplish the same things on Facebook that you are in email, aren’t you? You want to keep your business top-of-mind among people that are already aware of you, and encourage those people to buy again and tell their friends. The number of Facebook “likes&# you’ve accumulated is akin to your email list.

Review of Dan Zarrella: The Science of Analytics | PWB Marketing Blog

PWB Marketing Blog

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

The Four Social Strategies Applied to Facebook

Geoff Livingston

The Fifth Estate Applied: Facebook Strategy. There is a running joke about clients demanding a Facebook strategy. But in reality, beyond demanding a strategy for a tool, their demands are not unreasonable. Facebook owns half of U.S. social network traffic , and one half of the U.S. population has an account on the social network. Facebook has everything from video and pics to groups and questions.

The Infovore

Twist Image

Human beings have an unquenchable thirst for information. not just knowledge. Why are we like this? It was my understanding that David Weinberger ( The Cluetrain Manifesto , Small Pieces Loosely Joined and Everything Is Miscellaneous ) was working on this concept for his next business book. When he first introduced the notion to me (during this Podcast episode: SPOS #179 - The Cluetrain Manifesto At 10 Years+ With David Weinberger ), it was a kernel of an idea that never quite left my brain. I'm an Infovore. The truth is, there is no excuse not to self-educate at this point in history. I'm not.

When a Blog Has Its Own Twitter Account

Ari Herzog

The Future Buzz is the name of a media and marketing blog written by Adam Singer. It’s also the name of a Twitter account. Adam doesn’t reply to people from @TheFutureBuzz, nor does he retweet others. The account serves one purpose, evident in the above screenshots. Until last month, Adam asked his blog readers to follow him @AdamSinger. Does your blog have its own Twitter account?

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Content Marketing: Considerations When Defining a Content Plan


Content that is adapted to the preferred channels, digital signals, triggers, stages in the life cycle and needs of people is becoming increasingly important. The focus on relevant content, that also makes your business “found” in an online world is so strong that there is even a new word for it: content marketing. It’s not a real novelty, but it’s more elaborated and integrated than ever before. This also means we’d better not look at it as yet another silo when we want to have a cross-channel, data-driven and customer-centric holistic marketing strategy. Social”, anyone?

A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

Infographic-tastic! Smart business, social business.


Can’t wait for the Smart Business, Social Business book by fellow Que author Michael Brito. Click the image to enlarge. Via:


Your Email Marketing List: Consider the Source

Social Email Marketing

If you listen to the email marketing industry, you’ll hear the constant refrain about how important it is to segment your list and target your content to keep your subscribers happy. It’s solid advice, no doubt about it. But oftentimes, the focus of the segmentation argument centers on the typical. Email marketing Email marketing metrics email marketing email marketing metrics metrics source of entry subscriber

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Why Launch the Inspiring Generosity Blog

Geoff Livingston

Image by Beverly & Pack. Today on Razoo’s site, Zoetica helped launch the Inspiring Generosity blog. As the managing editor of the blog, it is an honor to be involved with this ambitious effort. Further, it is a privilege to work with great bloggers like Alex Bornkessel , John Haydon and Estrella Rosenberg , and videographer Chris Suspect. Please join us on our weekly journey.

Less than 24 Hours To Go to Save 50% off the New ProBlogger eBook


It’s been a little over a week since we launched ProBlogger’s Guide to Your First Week of Blogging and its been fantastic to see so many positive reactions from readers come in. Even in the last day I’ve had two emails from readers: one from a new blogger who has worked through it to launch their 1st blog. Post from: ProBlogger Blog Tips. ProBlogger Site News

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Social Media Marketing GPS

How To Make Customers Your Brand Ambassadors


Tweet Recently, I read about Starbuck’s idea campaign that left me wondering if it’s advisable to make customers your brand ambassadors. So I thought developing this idea. Brands are for customers and customers make a brand. Companies can largely benefit from making their customers talk on their behalf in both tangible as well as intangible terms. Spreads word of mouth.

What to Do When a Commenter Goes Rogue


This guest post is by Gail Brenner, Ph.D. of A Flourishing Life. It started innocently enough. Heartfelt comments, sharing a personal story, and a genuine interest in the topics I write about. But as the postings got longer, rambling, more personal, and more frequent—up to four a day in addition to emails—something had to give. I was dealing with a commenter gone rogue. Anyone who reads my blog, A Flourishing Life , knows that I take great care to respond to comments. love interacting with my readers and cultivating a community in which everyone is welcome. It becomes too much. resolution?

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Why Implementing the Plain Writing Act Will Take Decades

Social Media Strategery

“In just a few more years, the current homogenized voice of business—the sound of mission statements and brochures—will seem as contrived and artificial as the language of the 18th century French court.&# - The Cluetrain Manifesto. “In just a few more years&# – if only that were true. As Joel Siegel at ABC News first reported late last year after the law went into effect, the challenge of changing “government-speak&# to “human-speak&# isn’t a new one, and there’s no guarantee that we won’t be hailing a new, similar law in another ten years.

Spreading the social seed

Jeff Esposito

This is post is part of the Institutionalizing Social Media series. To see previous installments or to learn more about the series, click here. Generating company-wide buy-in for your social media program is an important early step in institutionalizing social media.  It may not be easy or natural for the initial SM team to gain support at the institutional level – you’ll likely face hurdles, setbacks and hard questions while you educate your coworkers and deconstruct the space to a level that someone with no knowledge of Twitter can understand. Share key milestones with them.

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Are you too traditional?

Engaging Brand

Whatever we grow up with - both personally and in our business world - is what we see as new. But as time goes by we must be ready to accept that what WAS new is no longer new. For instance. The web is not new! Social media is not new! Tools have now been around a few years, consumers are now used to.indeed expect a web presence and one which is not an internet billboard. .

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