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    [Comments] Blogger Burnout
    Why I don''t burnout (much). I don''t chase analytics. I don''t get lured into too many blog comment wars. I don''t worry about the reach of each and every piece of content. blog comment. It''s not just blogs. There''s burnout at every social media turn. Maybe not on the consumption side, but on the creation/publishing side. very long time ago, I wrote a post about the quality versus quantity of brands and posting to social media (it''s a topic that I have tackled may times over the years, actually). Fatigue always sets in. It can happen for the reader. It can be very disturbing.
    [Comments] The Size Of The Boat. The Motion Of The Ocean.
    Now, before you go jumping all over the comments and telling me that your small boutique firm works with some of the largest brands in the world, let me be clear that I am talking about full-service (or fairly close to it). Does size matter? Get your mind out of the gutter. As one of my main roles at Twist Image , I act as the frontline (along with a great team of people) of assessing new business opportunities. While some agencies may have their opportunity filter down to a science, I'd happily contend that our process has little bit more art sprinkled into it. Is it a perfect world?
    [Comments] What Process Do You Want to Lead Repeat Readers Through?
    Comment: The next action we’re looking for in this sequence is to try to get people to interact with us by commenting on a post. To do this, the next email in the autoresponder sequence might simply be an email that lists ten of the hottest posts on your blog—posts that you’ve chosen particularly because they have a proven track record of getting comments. You’d also include a strong call to action for subscribers to comment, perhaps even pointing them to a post where you ask readers to introduce themselves. What do you want repeat readers to do?
    [Comments] CNN Story on Online Dating and Online Matrimony in India
    Earlier, I had made similar comments in a NYT story on online dating in India. I was recently quoted in a CNN story on online dating and online matrimony in India. said that I don’t see a dating site working in India, as Indian women are unlikely to post their profiles to it, given India’s rather conservative social context. Here is the full text of the CNN story: Can India be persuaded to date online? By Catriona Davies for CNN. Looking for love is a big business in India, where the art of matchmaking is being transformed with a click of a mouse. Sachs isn’t deterred.
    [Comments] Secrets to Social Branding Success for Small Businesses
    Please share your comments below! Welcome to the social media conversation of 2013, where business and marketing communities have accepted the why of social media, and now they have begun asking the how. Everywhere we look, small businesses are ready to go social, but many of them are wondering where to begin. With so many social media options staring them in the face, choosing the right path can be daunting. Start with what you know best: yourself. In social media , brands truly get to choose their own adventure. good brand story extends far beyond a business’s products or services.
    [Comments] Increase Your SEO By Appearing on Google News
    The goal is to become a trusted and respected commentator in your niche, but this can often take a huge investment in both time and resources. Being featured on Google News will not only boost the domain authority of your page but, as other businesses and professionals begin to rely on your site for news that’s relevant to them, your actual authority as a commentator in your niche will also increase. Keep checking influential commentators and trade bodies regularly for press releases. This is a guest contribution from business/tech writer Nick Chowdrey. Quality of content.
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    [Comments] How Taming ???Monkey Mind??? Leads to Better Content
    Just a few of the comments Ive heard: Write me something that bloggers will talk about so I dont have to pay for so many ads, We need 27 tweets a day, Lets start a blog tomorrow, Make me a viral video.. Dan Harris, the weekend anchor of ABCs Good Morning America, recently wrote a book called  10% Happier , which is about how he found that meditation could, well, make him 10% happier. Whether you work in an in-house agency or are a third-party partner, you know what Im talking about. Its a waste of time, money and resources. have no doubt.
    [Comments] 7 Tips for Bloggers with Learning Disabilities
    Continue to read challenging blogs and try to participate in the discussion, knowing that your comments will likely be full of skipped words, switched letters and other indicators of how your brain works. Rejection is a standard part of blogging for everyone: guest posts get turned down, comments in the forums get misinterpreted or misunderstood. Feel free to comment. I’d love to hear what you have to say, no matter how you say it.?. This guest post is by Leigh Stevens of whereapy. Epictetus. Image is author's own. “Are you stupid? You sure look stupid. Thanks!&#.
    [Comments] Web Journal – August 22nd – 29th, 2012
    billion content items shared per day (status updates + wall posts + photos + videos + comments).     2.7 Been a long week but wanted to bring up, or note some thoughts. Notable Links. Virool helps advertising videos go viral – I noted this story and added it to my course shell at Rutgers for Viral Video – though I have no idea, yet, how well it work.  My take is you have to have some $$$ to throw at Virool, before your going to see much of a result (but maybe, I’m wrong here). And yet, this is similar to the “UV Data”issue I wrote about 2 years ago. 
    [Comments] Social Media Case Study: Turner Broadcasting System
    Tagged as: BlogWell , Branding , Case study , gaspedal , Marketing , Seth Miller , Social Media , Turner Broadcasting System , WOM , Word of Mouth [link] uberVU – social comments Social comments and analytics for this post… This post was mentioned on Twitter by kelvin8048: Social Media Case Study: Turner Broadcasting System [link]. In “A Thriving Media Company in the Social Media Era”, Miller describes how Turner, a traditional media company for the most part, is leveraging social media channels to engage with their audience. Average Age of a Facebook User?
    [Comments] New Theme – MassivePress - Koka Sexton dot Com
    Author: Koka Sexton Comments: 1 comment Date: 3 Oct 2008 Categories: Social Media , Technology Tags: concord , elements , magazine_style , massivepress , mimbo , truth There are 1 comment. Leave a comment! love wordpress Getting pumpkins with the boy. (@ Clayton Valley Pumpkin Farm) [link] Recent comments Koka Sexton dot Com: [.] or Geotracking services are picking up steam and in my post about Foursquare, Gowalla and Yelp I was still sifting Koka Sexton dot Com: [.] dealt with it for a while and tested some others on the site. Koka Sexton dot Com: [.]
    [Comments] The New Rules Of Email
    Michael Hyatt over at Thomas Nelson Publishing has an excellent "how-to" post on how to automate more of your standard email work (and be sure to read the additional recommendations in the comment section of his Blog post) here: Using Email Templates To Say "No" With Grace. It's rare that you come across an individual who feels like they simply don't get enough email. In fact, the reaction most people give you when you even discuss the topic of email evokes words and emotions like, "overwhelmed" and "out of control" to "I wish it would stop" and "please give me my life back."
    [Comments] 7 Good Things that Blogging Brings
    researched the comments and archives to see how people responded to each post. Through blog comments I’m seeing how my ideas and notions vibe with others. And through my replies to those comments I’m seeing my own standing on an issue more clearly. This guest post is by Arsene Hodali of The Good Life? dancePROOF. Why should you blog? I can’t tell you. I don’t like telling people what to do, or why they should do something. You become a better researcher. Trust me, I’m the last person I’d expect to find doing proper research. Nothing.
    [Comments] Accelerate the Convergence of Social, Search, and Content
    If you can tackle ten product pages a month and really improve them by maybe adding user generated content in the form of reviews, or comments, or feedback, video if you could, a how-to video, how to install this or how to size this, or whatever. This is my video interview with Arnie Kuenn about his excellent new book Accelerate. It’s a playbook for integrating your social media, search, and content marketing. wrote the forward for the book. Video production, editing, titling by my friends at Candidio. Video transcription from Speechpad. Fast, easy, inexpensive. How are you?
    [Comments] Spacebook and Danceroulette Music Video | Mindjumpers
    Blog About Clients Cases Tribesourcing Video People & Contact Bloggers « Using Social Media Monitoring to Improve Your Search Engine Marketing Relevance Facebook Places Explained » Spacebook and Danceroulette Music Video Posted by Anne Herngaard Aug 27th, 2010 Tweet If you are a tech, social media, augmented reality freak, you may fancy the video for the single N’importe Comment by French electronic duo The Toxic Avenger. Or maybe this world seems a bit more appealing for those of us who live out our “real lives&# on Facebook.
    [Comments] Cranberry Launches Search Engine Optimization for People Service
    Subscribe to the comments for this post? Cranberry , a company led by led by Internet visionary David McInnis (formerly of PRWeb ), has launched PeoplePond , an Internet service that provides search engine optimized (SEO) profiles and online identity verification services for individuals. It was officially launched to the general public during the annual South by Southwest conference and festival in Austin, Texas. PeoplePond allows you to create an online profile complete with an “About Me&# biography–it will then link to your social media content. Tasha Bourgeois. Digg this!
    [Comments] Why I Do Not Use Yahoo Search
    Subscribe to the comments for this post? First off, let me explain that I have always been a fan of Yahoo! mean, ever since I first heard the Yahoo! Yodel, I was hooked. know that Yahoo! Search has always had their quirks and they recently have stated that they’ve not really been a “search destination&# , Yahoo! is a portal. Sure, yes, I get that. But this sealed it for me today. mean, this is why I no longer am going to use Yahoo! Search. I am talking about Yahoo! Organic Search, the free search results, not Yahoo! Search Marketing, their Paid Search (their Pay Per Click).
    [Comments] My Favorite 2010 Search & Social Awards Nominees
    How to Get More Comments on Your Blog. So please add your comments below in praise of other nominees, who you would have liked to see on the list, and any other thoughts! This past Monday morning, when I started my day with the usual routine checking of my TweetCaster mention alerts, I was greeted with the following tweet from @LorenBaker : Talk about a great start to the day. In just a few hours, I had the Search and Social Awards banner in my sidebar and had sent out a tweet asking readers for support. Nominees for Best SEO Blog of 2010. Daily SEO Tip. SEM Group Blog. Kikolani.
    [Comments] Huge list: You know you are addicted to Twitter if
    You no longer leave blog comments longer than 140 characters! Given the current State of the Twitosphere (down, and out, under maintenance – check here for Status ) I thought a You know you are addicted to Twitter if post was in order. Perused and collated from around the web: You went to a Tweet Up but had nothing to say to the people you met. And then immediately tweeted them about it. You miss ‘Fail Whale’ days. In an emergency, you tweet to @911. Hash Browns’ is your favourite new in joke. You were served court papers on Twitter because you no longer user Face Book. Twitip ).
    [Comments] Forrester to Analysts that Have Their Own Blogs: Umm, No
    Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER Forrester to Analysts That Have Their Own Blogs: Umm, No View Comments February 6th, 2010 According to Sage Circle, Forrester is telling all of their analysts that have their own personally branded research blogs that they must either take them down or re-direct them to the Forrester site. Likely not much unless there is a big stink in the blogosphere…” Seriously, do you think that’s the only downside? How incredibly short-sighted. This is the corporate research equivalent of suicide.
    [Comments] Implementing Enterprise 2.0 at Intuit, Part Four: Technology.
    Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER Implementing Enterprise 2.0 at Intuit, Part Four: Technology Adoption and Encouraging Use View Comments July 22nd, 2010 This is part four in a multi-part series on how Intuit is implementing Enterprise 2.0 blog comments powered by Disqus Connect with me Subscribe to Social Media RSS RSS About Jacob Email Me Jacob Morgan is the Principal of Chess Media Group , a social business consultancy that works with medium and enterprise companies on developing Enterprise 2.0, platforms and tools.
    [Comments] 10 Great Ideas Coming Right Up
    Keys to Turning Negative Commenters Into Brand Advocates – Chris Book from ChatterPlug. Please support these great guests with your tweets, shares, comments and the like. It’s time for my annual summer vacation. This year, as a token of my appreciation + relationship reconnection after writing a book, moving to Indiana, and then embarking on a six month book tour, I am taking my wife to Vahine Island , a 23-acre motu in Tahaa, French Polynesia. There are only 9 rooms on the entire island, and essentially nothing to do other than be mesmerized by your surroundings.
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #83
    Yep, quoted without comment in this article." Why, the 270+ comments, of course. Now it's your turn: in the comment section below pick one thing that you saw this week that inspired you and share it. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "A sobering explanation of how likely we are to die, and how death stems from the accumulation of problems over time. With graphs, even. If life's too short to read it, here's the TL;RD: you're twice as likely to die 8 years from now as you are today.
    [Comments] The Top 15 Stories on in 2010
    Bizarrely the post hit Techmeme and for much of Sunday, was the 2nd biggest story on the Tech Web. I was inundated with comments from Apple fans telling me I was a fool. That kept traffic flowing, and I honestly couldn't read every comment as it hit my e-mail. after I attended a presentation from The Facebook Effect's author, David Kirkpatrick, I highlighted his comments, which said Mark Zuckerberg had "total control" over the site. Having made the choice to go Android, turning in my iPhone earlier in the week, I felt it made sense to explain my choice. Algorithm fail.
    [Comments] Open Community: Talkers Toolkit
    Post questions or comments here! Spread the Word about Open Community. Do you believe in the concepts in our book,  Open Community , as passionately as we do? Do you have an example of Open Community in action? Are you curious to see where the conversations around building community online go next? Help us spread the word about  Open Community (the book) and Open Community (the concept). Talking Open Community on Twitter? Use the  #opencommunity hashtag. Talking Open Community on Facebook? Want to blog about Open Community? Or you can make your own! Get this badge. on Prezi. Thank you!
    [Comments] Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.
    Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search The 3 Amigos: Email, Blogging, Social Sharing August 19th, 2010 |Written By: Jay Baer | View Comments Tweet For a while now, there’s been too much talk about social media vs. email vs. search. Sound off in the comments, and maybe we’ll put together another post with great examples.
    [Comments] Stop the Posturing About Government 2.0 and Do It Already
    Events Calendar Subscribe: Posts | Comments | Email Social Media Strategery Best Of Best Practices Enterprise 2.0 Amy also was kind enough to share some of her thoughts from the book on, so I added some comments and ratings there too. Amy also was kind enough to share some of her thoughts from the book on, so I added some comments and ratings there too. Thanks for writing about this and for your terrific work. A lot of the people making the comments are the reason that there has already been good progress. Government 2.0 Just DO something! 
    [Comments] RIP 3 Ways Facebook is Killing Your Website
    Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search R.I.P. 3 Ways Facebook is Killing Your Website August 3rd, 2010 |Written By: Jay Baer | View Comments Tweet The game used to be relatively simple. Build a website. Make it useful and at least moderately pleasing to the eye. Keep it updated. Make your content at least semi-friendly for search engines.
    [Comments] Using Social Media Monitoring to Improve Your Search Engine.
    blog comments powered by Disqus Posts Comments FOLLOW MINDJUMPERS Top Posts What You Can Learn From H&M’s Use Of Social Media What To Include In a Social Media Policy How Users Engage With Advertising on Facebook Storytelling – A Powerful Tool When Branding Your Organization In Social Media How To Post Effectively on Facebook Why You Need a Blog: Blogs Are The Websites of The Social Media World 4 Ways Social Media Has Changed The Fashion Industry Diesel Kicks Ass With New Campaign! Like Mindjumpers, he is associated with Social Marketing Forum.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  MONDAY, MAY 16, 2011
    [Comments] 5 Tornado Ingredients that’ll Ensure Your Next Post Turns Viral
    It forces you to leave a red-hot comment. It hogs traffic and steals comments. Read their comments and blog posts. This guest post is by Martyn Chamberlin of You know what it’s like to blunder into an article that seizes your attention? I do mean seize. Not something that charms your gaze for thirty seconds, then falls apart. mean something you are absolutely compelled to read. Don’t misunderstand me to mean flicking through the bullets and skimming some juice. I’m talking about the business of being perfectly glued to every word.
    [Comments] Implementing Enterprise 2.0 at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Pt 2: Culture and Organizational Structure Shifts
    For example, so far US-based staff are more likely to comment on an executive’s blog than someone in a country office. The first part of this case study on the Glaser Foundation discussing business can be found here. The Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing pediatric HIV infection and eliminating pediatric AIDS through research, advocacy, and prevention, care, and treatment programs. This was due in part to increased funding from new global health initiatives, such as the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). Corporate Culture Shifts.
    [Comments] Buying and Selling Blogs with Strong Personal Brands
    In response to Mark’s comment, the Blog Tyrant pointed out, “Mark you read ProBlogger and hardly any of the posts are by Darren nowadays.&#. Another response to Mark’s comment on the article came from Alex, who wrote, “buying a blog which already has a small reader base and some articles can save you quite a bit of time, otherwise you’d need to “get the ball rolling” yourself, which is the hardest part of blogging, IMO.&#. Take Mark’s comment, for example. This guest post is by Andrew Knibbe of Flippa. It’s my writing style and knowledge.
    [Comments] How to Design Social Games That Are Easy to Learn (Accessible) But.
    Do share your insights in the comments below. View Comments Gaurav Mishra helps global brands benefit from social squared, or the intersection of social as in connecting people and social as in benefiting the society.Follow the Gauravonomics Blog for Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists on RSS , Twitter or Facebook and youll never miss a post again. Powered by WordPress and K2 Entries Feed and Comments Feed 43 queries. Welcome to the Gauravonomics Blog for Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists ! Overwhelming options involving too many choices with too many unknowns. 3.
    [Comments] Top 10 Posts of 2010
    The 82 comments are still fun to read as people debate the topic. 5. As the year winds down we’ve been reflecting on how successful Spin Sucks has been and how excited we are for Project Jack Bauer. It’s because of you…the community here… that this blog is at a level we never imagined. Because of that, we took a look at your favorite blog posts. So today I present the top 10 Spin Sucks blog posts of 2010 ! One of my posts, I Love Booblies , made the top 10 list!  (Go ahead, read it again.  It’s a good one.). 8. KFC Puts the Spin on the Double Down Sandwich. Our
    [Comments] 9 Ways to Improve the Impact of Your Email – The Works
    Your mileage may vary, plus I’d love to hear YOUR tips in the comments below. It’s more likely people will feel connected with you if you’re commenting on their photos, or their tweets, or whatever. Answer below in the comments section? Want to know how to get your email answered? Need more impact in what you do? Want more time? I’ve got ideas. What Email Has Become. Depending on your work situation, email has become much more than its original intent. Email has become: Your not-in-person meeting tool. Your ass-covering tool. Your chat window. Deals.
    [Comments] Offerpal Launches Offerpal Tasks to Earn Virtual Currency
    Subscribe to the comments for this post? Offerpal Media has launched “Offerpal Tasks,&# a new way you can earn virtual currency to use in online games and social networks. You can earn virtual currency through Offerpal Tasks by completing easy online tasks through Amazon Mechanical Turk. took a look at some of the tasks and they included tasks like rating search results, categorizing web sites, categorizing articles, or even answering questions. Offerpal Tasks are available right now throughout Offerpal’s network of more than 2,000 web sites and applications. Shaw Ventures.
  • KIKOLANI  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 5, 2010
    [Comments] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & a Viral Video
    Articles featured in the resources come primarily from people I interact with in the comments, and on the social networks. So comment away ( DoFollow, CommentLuv, and KeywordLuv enabled), and join me on the networks below, and if your article/photo/video catches my eye, it may appear in following Fetching Friday posts. This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the resources mashup, an effective viral video, and what’s coming up on The Resources Mashup. Here are some of the best articles I have stumbledupon this week. Blogging / Writing.
    [Comments] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Blog World Meetups Tweetups and Parties
    Interesting information, especially in the comments. Articles featured in the resources come primarily from people I interact with in the comments, and on the social networks. So comment away ( DoFollow, CommentLuv, and KeywordLuv enabled), and join me on the networks below, and if your article/photo/video catches my eye, it may appear in following Fetching Friday posts. This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the resources mashup, Blog World events listing (meetups, tweetups, and parties), and 5 ways to use video for branding on
  • FEVER BEE  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 23, 2014
    [Comments] 250 Community Professionals Are Going To SPRINT In San Francisco, Will You Join Them?
      Justin Isaf : How to reduce your moderation costs from $1.00 per comment to $0.05 per comment. FeverBee's Community SPRINT October 29th - 30th 250 Community Professionals. Yes everyone, this is it. On the 29 th to 30 th October, we’re going to run the event we’ve been planning for the best part of the year. If you sign up this week , you get both days for $315 (or much less). link].   Are you going to SPRINT? Day 1 will be an intensive workshop. We’re going to train a small group of you in advanced community skills.     The problem with most events.
    [Comments] Marketing by the Numbers, Top 150 Social Media Blogs (eCairn) and Web Journal, early July 2011
    One question Gary answered which I also deal with is… Q: Comment: There is often no feedback given to the agency about the analytics. Well, it’s official. There’s also more detail on the webinar in Gary Angel’s latest post on  Creating an Analytics Agency of Record – the Analytics Watchdog Webinar Follow-up   and a new analytics offering (similar to my ultraviolet data audit, but more agency and channel focused). Final reports on campaigns lie around for months before anyone decides to look. Isn’t that all too often the case! Web Analytics Semphonic
    [Comments] Bring Back The Blog
    She addresses issues that I haven't seen in many conversations including her idea that we engage with both people and content and as much as we might say comments are in real time there is a time lag. As social networks like Twitter, Facebook and the like grab center stage of the social media world blogging seems almost retro. Now don't get me wrong I love the tweet bird and have am amusingly frustrated when the Fail Whale pops into view. As for Facebook I am tickled that my 70+ year old Auntie Barbara has a page.  For your reading pleasure. No easy feat as you well know. More later.
    [Comments] Economics Times Story on How Facebook Messages Will Change Email
    It allows users to play social games with friends, just like FarmVille on Facebook, comment on ‘Friends’ updates on Facebook, Yahoo! I was quoted today in an Economics Times story on how Facebook Messages will impact GMail and other email services. said that Facebook has been very carefully positioning Messages as “ not email “ There are no subject lines, no CC, no BCC, and you can send a message by hitting the enter key, like chat. Facebook Messages has a three-part value proposition – 1. 18 Nov, 2010. AOL , and Hotmail. But Facebook users in India — and all 26.2
    [Comments] Don't burn bridges
    Seventy-two percent of Twitter users blog compared to 14 percent of the rest of consumers and 61 percent of these users comment on blogs forty points higher than the rest of consumers. Share your thoughts in the comments below or with your own networks. Comments - Leave a comment! blog comments powered by Disqus Stay connected Recent Posts Can influence be bought? The piece was entitled Are you creating social media scorched earth? It focused on companies that burn bridges with customers with one-off social media accounts. How do we fix this? Enjoy this post?
    [Comments] The Phases of Enterprise Social Business Adoption
    Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER The Phases of Enterprise Social Business Adoption View Comments November 30th, 2009 Companies that are looking to get involved in social business don’t just jump right in with both feet.  It’s a gradual process that takes a lot of time and effort before change can start to happen.  Over at Chess Media Group we created (and by “we&# I mean my business partner Connie ) a simple visual that we feel depicts the process for most companies that get involved in social business.
    [Comments] The New Social Media Democracy
    Reading some of the comments on Digg one can derive some sympathy for that position! This guest post comes from Mark Seall – Mark is the founding writer at TalkClimateChange and is also a regular contributor at ProBlogger. You can find Mark’s full Bio on his personal blog at Until recently, I have to admit to being very skeptical of the long term value of social media. My own experience has been relatively poor in that social media has provided me with few long term readers, which has lead me to discount its value, and largely ignore its potential. Digg this!
    [Comments] This weeks #Social Media Topic: Connecting With Consumers Through Social Media
    With trust comes responsibility though.  If you allow members to digitally attack each other via comment threads, etc then you will end up with the same 4 people running your site like street dogs marking their territory on trees.  Posted: May 3rd, 2010    By: Jason Breed. The title of this post pretty much sums it up.  So often we get caught up in frameworks and checklists and strategies and everyone is running around looking busy.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch where the real work happens, consumers are still being marketed online.  How could this be? Jake McKee
    [Comments] 7 Blogging Goals to Skyrocket Your Sales
    Comment on Other Blogs. Become an active member of other bloggers’ communities, and establish a goal of commenting on at least two other blogs each day. Every content creator has one thing in common: they need goals to succeed. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in fashion or inbound marketing, you’ll struggle to reach your company’s sales goals if you haven’t taken the time to set smart targets. HubSpot’s Ginny Soskey states that “blogging willy-nilly is like going on a roadtrip without a destination or map to help you get there.”. Increase Blog Subscribers. Earn More Backlinks.
    [Comments] Market update: hello to Ello, goodbye to Facebook?
    IG accepts no responsibility for any use that may be made of these comments and for any consequences that result. Considering the huge variety of social media sites that were sprouting with remarkable regularity a few years ago, it seems like a reasonably long time since there was a new platform generating hype. Which perhaps explains the huge amount of buzz for ‘Ello’, a new alternative to Facebook that has been making waves off of the back of huge engagement over in San Francisco, and spreading around the world on a tide of media coverage. Why all the excitement? Socialnomics
    [Comments] How to Source and Host a Guest Post Series
    And recently you’ll have noticed our multi-author series on generating blog comments. Here’s what it said: “A few people in the ProBlogger census commented that they’d like to get ideas for selling products during hard economic times. With the comments series we ran, we decided to publish the posts on consecutive days, but with this single-autho series, we opted for weekly publication of each article—and to publish the pieces on the same day each week (Friday) for five weeks. Let us know in the comments. Commissioning a series.
    [Comments] The Achilles' Heel of the Modern Economic Regime
    Home It’s Josip Archives Let’s Talk The Word on the Web The Achilles’ Heel of the Modern Economic Regime Written on April 20, 2010 by Josip Petrusa 0 Comments Tweet Share Save I don’t think anyone would have foreseen the consequences of a seemingly harmless volcanic eruption occurring in Iceland, until a huge plum of ash was released about a week ago from the little island and still continues. It has literally created an ash cloud covering a significant area in and around the European continent. With that being said, all flights have been suspended and massively delayed.
    [Comments] 2 Incredibly Innovative Ways to Draft a Spectacular Blog Post
    Let’s discuss them in the comments. This is a guest contribution from Lorraine Reguly. It’s not perfect, but it’ll have to do.”. “S**t. wanted it to be better than that.”. Have you ever felt that way before hitting the “schedule” or “publish” button? I bet you have, during at least one point in your blogging career. Writing is difficult for many people, and bloggers are no exception. Creating a stellar blog post is the goal, but drafting a blog post often takes a lot of time and frustration. Perfectionists, especially, suffer from this. The second is by blindfolding myself.
  • WRITTENT BLOG  |  MONDAY, MAY 27, 2013
    [Comments] 20 Devastating Content Marketing Mistakes [Cartoons]
    It’s easy to focus on your number of words written per day, or blog comments per post, and lose track of the metrics that matter in the process. The science of content marketing is much bigger than publishing an occasional blog. Custom content has grown into a 43.9 billion dollar industry, and even skeptics have to admit that it’s serious business. The best content marketers are wizards who are able to blend writing, multi-media content, PR, social media, and networking into a comprehensive online presence. Not Prioritizing Time Management. Abusing SEO. Obsessive Self-Editing.
    [Comments] Today’s Leader at Facebook “Like” Speed
    The first few times I shared this theory, I got comments like:  “Ryan, I have enough to do. Inside every leader who deals with Millennials is a power waiting to emerge. This power has the ability unleash team productivity like it’s never before been seen. The power of which I’m speaking is the power to save time. You were expecting something a more elusive, right? It’s not scarce and it’s not a secret; however, one has to be bold enough to seize it. In today’s culture, most things can be done in an instant. Millennials post videos and know that they’ll start getting feedback immediately.
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #131
    Now it's your turn: in the comment section below pick one thing that you saw this week that inspired you and share it. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "It took me a while to get around to watching this. At The Next Web , Microsoft demonstrated the results of research to stitch together several pieces of technology that are all now reaching maturity. BabelFish analogies aside, this is remarkable stuff that might actually bring the world closer together. " (Alistair for Hugh). Dharma Bytes.
    [Comments] Blog Smarter: 5 WordPress Plugins to Help You Make Money From Your Blog
    Please note that I haven’t used every one myself yet, so I’d welcome your feedback in the comments if they’ve worked (or not) for you! Please let me know your opinions in the comments! This guest post is by Louise of Why do we blog? Perhaps you feel you have things to say which the world would be interested in, or maybe you’re very passionate about a topic and your friends are sick of hearing you talk about it! But the main reason for blogging, I think, is to make some money out of it. Ad Rotator. Kontera. MediaPass. Skimlinks.
    [Comments] 2011 Q3 Review: SocialFish Clients and Work
    American Society of Interior Designers –We’ve provided comments and general consulting as they draft a social media policy and handbook for their chapters. It’s time for our quarterly recap of what we’ve been working on. Here’s a review of what we’ve been up to in the third quarter of 2011. This year’s flying by. STRATEGY WORK –We have clients who come to us at a stage where they understand the tools, they see the benefits, and they need help defining a social media strategy for their organization. Strategy clients. SPEAKING AND TRAINING.
    [Comments] Social Media’s Redheaded Stepchild
    Whether you are commenting on an interesting status post, answering a question of the day, or interacting with others in one of the many available professional or social groups housed within the platform. This is a guest post from  Larry Jones. Yeah I’ve got a LinkedIn account, but I hardly go on it. I’m not looking for a job.”. It’s a response that all of us who engage in the social media space have probably heard at one time or another when we ask someone if they are on LinkedIn. Image: Wikipedia. They found a way for LinkedIn to make their jobs easier (think Pinterest and women).
    [Comments] WordPress Feature Review: New Features You Missed in 2012, Part 1
    New feature: Comment via the post editor. Comments can now be added via the Post and Page editor pages. For years the Post editing page has shown all the comments that were left on a post or page. In addition to viewing comments, there is now an option to leave a comment directly on a post from the post editor area. This saves you from having to load up the article in order to leave a comment. The Recent Comments widget had some small improvements. This guest post is by Michael Scott of The three major releases in 2011 were 3.1
    [Comments] 10 Little-known Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog
    post of mine that went viral through a secret blogging club was my guest post on getting more blog comments —it presently has 97 comments and 87 retweets on a site that averages 15 retweets and 40 comments per post. 2. Share your thoughts in the comments section. This guest post is by Onibalusi Bamidele of Getting traffic to a blog is the major challenge a blogger faces. Many have read about various traffic generation strategies, but they find it difficult to get traffic to their blogs because these tips are no longer as effective as they once were.
    [Comments] Get Your Work Flowy
    Come on over to my Facebook Page and tell me or leave a comment below. ———————————. You know how the simplest ideas are always the best? I’ve been using the most amazing online organisational tool that is SO simple it gives me goosebumps. It’s not often I get a physical reaction to an organisational tool but when I do, I have to tell everyone. ’ “Yeah, yeah, heard that one before.” ” The problem with these tools is that they have so many features you’re stumped before you even start. And so you go back to your good ol’ reliable list. No BS.
    [Comments] Digital business needs to be effective more than efficient
    Last night a cloud saved my life… → Digital business needs to be effective more than efficient January 19th, 2010 · View Comments One response to a changing economy, whether global or digital, is to pursue efficiency. Tags: business blog comments powered by Disqus Blog Partners Web Strategy Wikinomics Rankings ← Will customer service come to social media? And I’ve got a theory that even if it worked in the past, it’s not going to work for companies in the global digital world. It’s efficient to deal with everyone in 20 seconds and move on.
    [Comments] How much to launch a new media brand or project?
    July 1st, 2010 · View Comments I launched a new personal project today – it’s a new website/brand idea which I’d been talking about doing for a little while and I think could be a fun and potentially viable idea for my family. Tags: Digital Publishing · Magazine Publishing · journalism blog comments powered by Disqus Blog Partners Web Strategy Wikinomics Rankings ← Google Me – quick thoughts for and against… So have you launched a new project yet? → How much to launch a new media brand or project?
    [Comments] Easy Goal Setting for Your New Blog
    will comment on blogs posts a week equaling comments a year. This guest post is by Aman Basanti of Ask any success guru out there and they will tell you that the most important part of becoming a successful blogger is to set clear goals. And that is good advice for people who know how they want to tackle problogging. It is good advice for bloggers who know how they want to create content, generate traffic and monetize their blog. How do we set clear goals? Goal setting for new bloggers. Am I going to make money from ads? Submit one guest post every week.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2013
    [Comments] Supporting Those You Like - CTRL ALT Delete Comes Out Next Week
    She was commenting on how little people know when it comes to supporting an author. know that I don''t spend much time in the comments or in the back-and-forth on channels like Twitter or Facebook, but I am reading and constantly appreciative of how these stories and ideas spread. My new book, CTRL ALT Delete , comes out next week. It took well-over six months of concentrated effort to write my second book, CTRL ALT Delete , which comes out on May 21st, 2013. The thing is this: you would have never known it or felt it. But, here''s the thing: it was pleasurable. and she is right.
    [Comments] Looking to Guest Post on Authority Sites? Here’s How to Find the Best Blogs
    Is there any indication that the blog is popular, such as several people commenting on each blog? Be sure that if there are blog comments, they’re relevant and not spammy. What I’m proposing is to offer you an original, exclusive and high-quality article for your readers on the topic of [topic]. I’ve seen your readers [explain what you’ve seen them do – ask for this topic, show interest in the topic via the comments, etc], which is why I think they’ll be really pleased to see an in-depth treatment of the subject. This is a guest contribution from. Let’s get to it…. Genera
    [Comments] 20+ More Bloggers to Watch: The Readers’ Choice
    We had a fantastic response, including some compelling recommendations via the comments section and around the web. Let me know in the comments. It’s been nearly a month since Bloggers to Watch in 2013 was published. Image courtesy stock.xchng user saavem This post presents all the bloggers that people have highlighted over the past few weeks. Mark Richards. If you want to read a genuinely very funny Dad blogger then you can’t beat Mark Richards.  The blog has only been live for about three months but it is fast getting a strong following in the UK. via Charlie Plunkett.
    [Comments] 15 Social Media Mistakes that are Strangling Your Success
    Then, let me know in the comments if you’re making any of these errors. 1. Share your thoughts—and tips for social media success—with us in the comments. While it’s not new, I’m often surprised by the way bloggers use—and mis-use—social media. Each of us has our own blogging journey, and we use different tools in our own unique ways. Yet there are still quite a few very common errors that I continue to see bloggers making as they work with social media. Think about it: social media is a very public space, perhaps even more public than your blog. Who knows?
    [Comments] Your Social Media and SEO Game Plan for 2012
    These visitors will then have the option of liking your page on Facebook, tweeting your post, giving your page a +1 on Google, subscribing to your YouTube channel, and commenting on your blog post. Please note there are many more backlinking sources you can use to build backlinks—consider directory links, blog contextual links, blog comments, and video directory links, for example. This guest post is by Herman Dias of It was more like a Google sniper attack on all the spam and rubbish sites. choosing the right keywords. building quality backlinks.
    [Comments] Do Search Engines Love Opinion Posts As Much As We Do?
    Try these tests: Write a rant: After sleeping on it and making sure it isn’t unnecessarily offensive or regretful, consider posting it to see how your readers react in comments, shares, and subscription levels. Write an opinion piece that you know everyone will agree with , then ask for comments and feedback. Compare the quality and emotion level generated by the generic opinion post versus an original thought-provoking opinion post or even comments against the rant piece mentioned in the first point above. This guest post is by Helen Hoefele of
    [Comments] Maximize Facebook: Building Your Brand Online
    Respond to comments, and follow those that follow you. Building your brand online is hard. Everyone it seems like the newest, greatest social media site has launched, and yesterday’s hot thing goes the way of Friendster or MySpace. But even with whatever Tumblr or Pinterest site comes next, there are a few big boys that are probably here to say.  The biggest, of course, are Twitter and Facebook. Both offer incredible possibilities for those looking to grow their brand on line, and the best part about it is they are also both free to use. Personalize your page as much as you can.
    [Comments] #DearKen: How The HECK Do I Measure My Social Media ROI?
    Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. How DO you measure your social media ROI?  And here you thought pondering the answer to life, the universe, and everything was a tall order. My boss asks me this question.  He should.  It’s what he pays me for.  My friends ask me this question.  What can I say? have some pretty geeky friends. Even complete strangers in line at my local Smog ‘N Go ask me this question.  Yeah, it’s that kind of neighborhood. Here’s my answer. Because every brand is unique, your mileage will vary. WHAT should I measure? New customers.  Sales. 
    [Comments] #Dear Ken: HELP! How can I drink from the #socialmedia fire hose without drowning?
    Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. Think “social media marketing” is just about posting on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn?  Ha!  Think again! Monitoring, analyzing, and participating in the discussions your target audience, existing customers, brand fans, and worthy competitors are having everywhere on the Interwebs can be daunting. But, it has become a critical requirement for all marketers.  Complicating matters further, research from social marketing software company Awareness Inc. predicts the continued rise of once “niche” social networks.  Focus! 
    [Comments] How to Protect Your Facebook Fan Page
    Subscribe to the comments for this post? I recently wrote about an interesting article that is being featured in the March 2010 edition of Harvard Business Review that studied Facebook Fan pages. Research for the article, “How Effective is Facebook Marketing?”, was conducted by Utpal Dholakia, associate professor of management at Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business, and Emily Durham, a Jones School alumna and founder of Restaurant Connections, a Houston-based restaurant consultancy. Take a look at the search results on Facebook for “Matt Cutts&# (Mr. Digg this!
    [Comments] Google Removes Date from Google Webmaster Tools Link Data
    Subscribe to the comments for this post? Google has quietly made a change recently in Google Webmaster Tools. They have removed the date that is reported when they report the links to your website. If you are familiar with search engine optimization , then you already know that one of the big essential parts of the whole entire search engine optimization process is linking. Just so you know, when I say “linking&# , I am referring to getting links from other web sites to your web site. Let me show you what I mean, in particular. However, Google no longer gives us the date.
    [Comments] I know what you’re doing, and it’s bad for you….
    Tell me in the comments below some of your favourite brands. Everyone does it. Sneak a peek at what competitors are doing…… (what did you think I was talking about?). So you end up… Trying to guess how they pulled off their latest promotion or launch. Using their pricing and services as a benchmark for yours. Which creates an unbreakable glass ceiling in your industry). Wondering how they run their business because on the outside it looks a whole lot smoother than yours & Ruminating on unanswerable questions like: what’s their secret? Nu-uh. Vanilla.
    [Comments] This tool will fix your diary management
    So what systems do you use that have been game changers? I’d love to know, just reply in the comments below and share your secrets! As you know I’m a big fan of anything which streamlines processes and saves my precious time ( read more here about how I work a 30 hour week). Plus, when I find something worth shouting about, I do it! Helping other small business owners utilise the amazing www so that they can grow their business and spend more time doing what they love is what gets me going. So, let’s talk scheduling appointments…. Agreed? Please stop right now! Set your boundaries early!
    [Comments] What Content Works Where? Smarter Traffic (and Revenue) Building Through Social Media
    Every time we publish a post on social media here at ProBlogger, readers comment that social media takes so much time —how can they get smarter about it? Let us know in the comments. Image courtesy pictureYouth, licensed under Creative Commons Today I wanted to give you a quick way to get a better handle on your social media activities, in about five minutes, using nothing more than your site stats (I’m using Google Analytics). You don’t need to get any software or be using a certain tool to share your content. Is your social media “working”? An analysis.
    [Comments] I Get to Speak Today
    Feel free to share this with your friends by clicking on the Facebook Like button, leave a comment, or considering subscribing to the feed. . How you view your work - every aspect of it, will determine the energy you bring to it.  As a professional speaker , I enjoy everything about the speaking - writing the speech, practicing it, and obviously, delivering it to a live audience. . There is a Reason They Call it Work. It's not that it all takes great deal of time.  . The truth is, it It feels like. Why Are You Doing This? The next day he rejoined his minor league team. Saying. I get to.
    [Comments] Lessons from Facebook’s Hate Speech Controversy
    Let us know your take in the comments. A great summary of the recent Facebook controversy, this post by Ernie Smith originally appeared on Associations Now and is reposted here with permission. ————————————– After a boycott by women’s groups over offensive content, Facebook responded with a full action plan to address their concerns. Both the campaign’s structure and the company’s response are instructive. But in the end, the advocacy campaign had the intended effect. Times. If so, what did you learn?
  • SOSHABLE  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 19, 2011
    [Comments] How To Improve Your Facebook Popularity With EdgeRank
    For instance, if you have a contact that ‘liked’ something you wrote but another contact actually commented on your post then your Weight score would be higher with the latter contact rather than the first. Social media is where it’s at. If you want to know how to market to people, you have to be familiar with all the social media apparatuses. They are a great way to increase your exposure online. With Edgerank Checker, you will be able to reach more people in less time through Facebook. Why Is The Facebook Ranking Important With Edgerank? How Does The Ranking System Work? Featured
    [Comments] Revamps, Workshops and Telling Your Story
    Leave your ideal topics in the comments below, and we’ll look at tailoring webinars around your suggestions. Though I try not to use this blog too much for self-promotional needs, I just wanted to give you a heads-up on some of the stuff that’s been happening behind the scenes. Some you might be interested in, some not – and feel free to skip today’s post and come back tomorrow when normal scheduling has been resumed if you wish. So, on with the heads-up. Revamp of the Bonsai Interactive Website. So we got rid of the old and brought in with the new. Cheers!
    [Comments] Ending 2010
    There are about three ways you can go with a post like this: Talk about your accomplishments, and wait for “good job&# comments. Talk about trends and wait for “here’s where you’re wrong&# comments. Talk about gratitude and wait for “you, too&# comments. I’ll do all three, only I don’t want comments. I’ve shut them off. Instead, I want you to end 2010 in your own way, and I will read yours when I see them. (I watch trackbacks very closely.). Accomplishments. I met more of you. Thousands more. And that matters most.
    [Comments] Satisfying Saturday: 6 Social Media Blog Posts I Liked That You May Like Too
    When she’s done reading a friend’s comment on her page, she’ll delete it. Please visit their blog posts — and add a comment over there if inspired. -- Thank you for reading Satisfying Saturday: 6 Social Media Blog Posts I Liked That You May Like Too at AriWriter. Here are 6 articles I recently read and liked, and think you may like, too. 1. Sasha Taylor reflects on a conference session he attended pitting bloggers against press officers. …it was suggested that bloggers are negative about organisations and therefore this is the reason that they are not being engaged.
    [Comments] Social Frosting, Google Plus, and SEO – a Conversation
    Comments, likes and shares aren’t inbound links, but they have become important measures of influence.  It’s possible that if Google can’t figure out a way to integrate these signals into search, some day its ability to effectively rank online content could become obsolete. Have we gone too far in the other direction by exchanging the more measured, foundation principle of Page Rank for the impulsivity of likes and comments? His new book “Social Marketing to the Business Customer&# with Paul Gillin about B2B social media marketing is available now. . Think about it. 
  • ENGAGE  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012
    [Comments] SEO, Mr. Rogers, and MTV’s Made: Week in Content for June 22, 2012
    Let me know what you’re reading, and share your thoughts in the comments. Summer is officially here! Here’s a digest of cool news stories to kick off this hot weekend. Search Engines Get Social. What helps to determine your Google search ranking? New research shows that social media shares are playing a key role, with Facebook having the largest effect on search engine optimization (SEO) and Twitter coming in as the sixth strongest factor. Thanks to TMG Digital Strategy Director Andrew Hanelly for the link !). How Tablets Lead to Shopping Sprees. Read more. Want My #MTV.
    [Comments] Tools to Streamline Your Video Marketing
    If you have any more quick tips on tools to help you market your video content then please let us know in the comments? Guest Post by Neil Davidson. We hear a lot nowadays about how video marketing is becoming more and more important, both for traffic generation & SEO as well as for site performance. This is true, but getting value through your video marketing in the early stages can be challenging and causes many to give up entirely. As with most things getting started is the hardest thing; how do you produce and market your videos in a short space of time and on a tight budget?
    [Comments] 2013 in review: 10 most popular posts on Creative Ramblings and more
    When everyone is done, I will review the comments and make the necessary edits. The holiday season is upon us. Time for my annual celebratory mashup. As always, thank you, readers, for helping me take my little blog to the next level. would not be here without you! Traffic stats Number of visits: 54,670 Average visits per day: 155 Busiest day of the year: November 29 (293 visits) Top referrers: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter,, Pinterest, Facebook, Bizsugar, and Google+. Traffic to Creative Ramblings has decreased compared to last year. You may recognize some names from last year.
    [Comments] Do You Know These Time Saving Blogging Tips?
    Interacting on social media is good and answering emails can be a great way to build relationships, but I’m okay with not always being able to respond to every comment or email if it means that I’m able to devote more time to getting quality posts up on a regular basis. Have a set times for how long you’ll spend on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, answering comments, answering emails, etc. Over the last few days we’ve been tackling the problem of ‘not enough time to blog’ that many bloggers struggle with. Chris Garrett. Set a timer. Write. Thanks!
    [Comments] 6 Great Conferences to Attend Before the End of 2012
    Leave a comment below! Amy Schmittauer is the Founder & Face of Savvy Sexy Social. She is a “social media frenzy” working in social relations consulting, blogging, and, of course, vlogging about life on her YouTube channel. Connect with her on Twitter. If there’s anything I’ve learned throughout this crazy ride of working in digital marketing, it’s that reading all the blog posts ever written, staying up-to-date on all the latest news, and watching all the how-to YouTube videos you can find is still not enough. But do you really “get it”?
    [Comments] Spin Sucks Guest Post
    Digg Digg There won’t be a new post on today because the wonderfully amazing people at Spin Sucks have asked me to guest post and it will be up today.  My post is about taking advantage of the Future of Social Media today, so please go read it and post comments.  We want them to think having me guest post was a good idea. And don’t forget to comment on my post. The tag on their Blog states that are there to  lead “The Fight Against Destructive Spin&# and that’s exactly what they do.
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 5, 2015
    [Comments] How to Make Money on YouTube – With 10 Examples!
    Here’s Michelle Phan doing one of her highly successful makeup tutorials: 7: Use YouTube as a market research opportunity The famous YouTube comment section is where people really do not hold back. Be sure to bring your grain of salt for the worst comments, but you can get some useful insight into products you want to sell before going to market. 8: Get your metadata right If you’re having a hard time bringing in traffic, you can try using our YouTube views service to boost your social proof. How do you get to make some of that money on YouTube? appeared first on Devumi Blog.
    [Comments] How to Get More Vimeo Views the Easy Way!
    To get their attention, you’ll want to get your video views, comments, and shares way up before you submit to them. And you’ll need to actively engage and work to get people commenting. Vimeo may be a newer video sharing platform, but it is far and away the…second most popular platform to share video on. With the big competition over at the Google owned giant, the challenge to get more Vimeo views is always present. We know that Vimeo is more popular amongst filmmakers and serious cinema lovers alike. So read on for my tips to get more views on Vimeo! Why would I watch it?
    [Comments] Proven Writing Tips to Infuse Your Blog With Stickiness
    It isn’t enough time to publish a Tweet or respond to a Facebook comment, but it’s one of the most important metrics online. Including a call-to-action at the bottom of each of your blog articles can increase your chances of gaining comments, shares, or contact information from your first-time website visitors. This could include subscribing to your blog, Tweeting your post, leaving a comment, or downloading your latest eBook on writing tips. This could include a request to leave a comment, an invitation to your upcoming TweetChat, or other no-obligation resources. 2.
    [Comments] Guest Post – 5 Reasons Your Company Needs Live Chat
    From smartphones and tablets to social media and comment forums, people have learned to chat in every way possible. About Guest Author: Amanda DiSilvestro is a writer on topics such as  voip phone systems  and  telemarketing  to small businesses and entrepreneurs for Resource Nation. People love to stay connected and stay busy, so chatting during downtime seems to be the perfect solution. For this reason, chatting is becoming more and more high tech. So what does this mean for your business? This means that your business should be utilizing live chat on its website.
  • ENGAGE  |  MONDAY, JULY 28, 2014
    [Comments] This Week in Content: These Three Things are Not Alike…or Are They?
    Scroll to the video of Spacey speaking at the Edinburgh Television Festival for some insightful comments that’ll convince you the actor has serious marketing chops. 3. What do pancakes, House of Cards and fish have in common? Not much at all—except that this week you’ll learn how Denny’s has positioned itself as a content marketing powerhouse, how Kevin Spacey understands content marketing like Frank Underwood understands the inner workings of Congress, and how to swim with the big fish in a growing industry. . 1. FastCompany. Who Knew Kevin Spacey Was a Content Genius? Forbes.
    [Comments] Michael Arrington May not be Right, But He’s Definitely Not Wrong
    If they weren’t people would call them out in the comments and on social media (and eventually at other publications, including this one). Journalists will hate hearing this. Bloggers will hate it even more. I’m to the point where I’m starting to hate myself for thinking it. Michael Arrington has some good points about TechCrunch, CrunchFund, his role in blogging/journalism, and the conflicts of interest (or lack thereof) in having his cake and eating it, too. There, I said it. Let the thrashing begin. He IS A Journalist. That argument is done. It’s not true.
    [Comments] Domain Names for Sale: Why You Should Buy a Keyword Rich Domain Name
    Subscribe to the comments for this post? One of the best kept secrets of the search engine optimization and search engine marketing industry is the expired domain name auctions that exist out there. If someone does not renew their domain name, it is frequently put up for auction on by the registrar itself, like Godaddy. If you do not renew your domain name at, then there is a good chance that the domain name will appear on their expired domain name auctions. Sure, you may have an existing website. Or just resell the domain to one of those companies. Share this on
    [Comments] When Not Completing Things Might Be Good For Your Blog
    So now when I complete a blog post: I’m asking myself whether the topic could be explored further. I’m watching to see whether someone asks a question that could provide a new adjoining topic to explore. I’m watching to see what traffic levels, comments, sharing on social media is like to learn whether that style of post could work again. We monitored stats to see what impact the design had on things like page views, comments, sharing. Let me explain. When I first started blogging I set myself very specific, actionable tasks. What impact did it have? General
    [Comments] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup and Two Corgis
    How to get rid of HTML in comments – if you want to limit links to just the URL field, this code will remove any HTML in the comment text itself. Articles featured in the resources come primarily from people I interact with in the comments, and on the social networks. So comment away ( DoFollow, CommentLuv, and KeywordLuv enabled), and join me on the networks below, and if your article/photo/video catches my eye, it may appear in following Fetching Friday posts. The Resources Mashup. Blogging / Writing. Is guest posting traffic valuable for your blog? Facebook.
    [Comments] The Day Gmail Went Down
    Let us know in the comments! One of the more memorable events in recent web history has got to be October 31, 2012 -  The Day Gmail Went Down (…for 5 Minutes). noticed the massive social media buzz about this catastrophe shortly after everything was resolved – about 10 minutes later. The tweets streaming by in my Twitter feed got me wondering: where and when did the buzz happen? For how long were people talking about the incident after it happened? What were they saying? My research confirmed that Gmail being unavailable was, in fact, the end of the world. Big Gmail fan?
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