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Getty Images vs Creative Commons and Privacy: What Bloggers Need to Know


Even  WordPress also published an announcement post  in which they share the details of Getty’s new offering and how easy it is to embed an image into your blog. Let’s review some of the most important clauses in the terms of the embed feature  and we’ll do this by comparing this with another very popular image source (images under a Creative Commons license) for bloggers.

Every Communicator Needs a Real Camera

Geoff Livingston

would tell you use both a camera and a creative commons licensing site. Originally posted on the Vocus blog. Photography 4/3 Chicago creative commons DSLR media micro photography smartphone Sun-Times Visual A ton of data out shows the incredible impact visual media makes on engagement rates. Perhaps the easiest visual medium to grasp and use is photography.

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Public Relations Lessons From Jesus, The Apostles And The Bible

Waxing UnLyrical

Image: Martin LaBar via Flickr, Creative Commons And even many non-Christians will be relaxing, perhaps joining in the revelry (as many of my friends did when I was growing up in India). What all these stories have in common is that they all have a more-or-less related theme, which is essentially how and why to live a good life. What do they have in common? Jesus.

Your Blog Stinks! You Should Quit!

SocMed Sean

What to do…It’s 2012 and you’ve been blogging for almost a year now with no success. To add insult to injury, your Google analytics show that you get about 25 visitors to your blog every day, and you’re pretty sure that you, your family, and the GoogleBot account for about half of those. Maybe it's time to give up and pull the plug on that blog.

The One Tip That Took My Blog To New Levels. Stop Caring.

SocMed Sean

I’ve been blogging for about 5 years now and as I look back over those years, I’m amazed at how much I have learned. The biggest change that I observed came when the traffic wasn’t coming and my blog wasn’t growing. I was frustrated. I had put a ton of time and energy into my blog, but it wasn’t going anywhere. My blog became about me.

Spring Cleaning For Your Blog – How A Little Work Can Drive Search Engine And Social Media Traffic

SocMed Sean

"Spring" via promanex on Flickr under creative commons license. Just a heads-up…your blog may need some Spring cleaning, too. So in preparation for my blog Spring cleaning, I thought I’d put together a checklist of things that I want to do that would positively impact my SEO and I figured I’d share it in hopes that might help you out. Cheers!

How to Write a Great Business Blog Post


Seems that everyone’s churning out content these days – but that doesn’t mean that everyone knows how to write a really good blog post that grabs interest and keeps it. Here are just a few tips that might just help your blog writing stand out from the crowd. 1. ” Well, not so in blogging. Blogging is ultimately a personal art. Have an opinion.  Don’t.

3 Reasons List Posts Are Guaranteed Blog Traffic Boosters


And what if the headline had been “Boost your Blog Traffic” instead? What if the original title of this post had been “Boost Your Blog Traffic”? And I’ve seen blog posts and magazine articles that are just about that jumbled. And readers know that when they’re being told how to “Boost Your Blog Traffic.” Admit it.

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3 Random WordPress Blogging Tips

Waxing UnLyrical

This is part of the Blogging for Grasshoppers series. If you’ve been doing this blogging thing for a while, you already know this stuff. But here are a few things I’ve been asked about a few times when it comes to blogging – particularly in WordPress – and I’m going to jot ‘em down for you. 1. Image: Virginia Postrel via Flickr, CC 2.0.

8 Steps to Write a Meaningful Blog Post

Ari Herzog

Choose a topic. I get a lot of my ideas from other blogs. He shared how to get blogging ideas from emails. When I find my writing segues away from the title, I copy that chunk of text and create a new blog post from it. I try to stay within the confines of the title because it helps me stay focused. 3. There are many places online for free photos for your blog. 6.

10 Ways to Position Your Blog Above Copycats


So, you’re seeing your post on scraper blogs, and want to know how to avoid them outranking your content in Google? Let’s move beyond the blame game you find that Google isn’t removing these blogs and differentiate you from those copycats. 1. Brand your blog. Stand out from your competition and copycats by branding your blog. Start video blogging more.

How to Write a Blog Post in 30 Minutes

Writtent Blog

What if you could get an entire blog totally ready for publication in this amount of time? Nor do I think that every blog you write should take 30 minutes or less; it’s much better to provide a variety of article lengths and depths to your readers. 0-8 Minutes: Outline your blog. If I’m writing a research blog , I’ll usually create a sentence or two about each paragraph.

20+ Commonly Asked Questions About Blogging & Online Marketing


As each year passes, blog marketing techniques evolve. If you’re a business, you may have the luxury of hiring an awesome Internet Marketing Company to keep up with the trends, but as individuals managing a blog for as a hobby or for profit, it’s up to you to not only maintain that blog but keep up with ways to increase traffic. Blog Platform. Enjoy! Content.

What we can learn from blog firestorms.

Akamai Marketing

Its easy to imagine that the social sphere or your blog are simply just an adult playground of cool people.  What’s interesting is in both cases, first by Gini Deitrich on her blog Spin Sucks and then by Neicole Crepeau on Danny Brown’s blog , both bloggers handled the fury with grace and elegance. So, have you ever had a comment or blog post blow up on you?

6 Must-Have Social Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

Convince & Convert

This popular plugin lets you incorporate all of your social sharing buttons into a customizable bar that sits on the top or side of each blog post for easy sharing. Creating visually appealing content for your blog has become increasingly important, especially now with the advent of Pinterest. You can find her tweeting about social media, martinis, and music as @jessostroff.

10 Tools To Help Protect Your Blog From Content Theft


If you write or publish a blog, you’ll inevitably experience the gut-wrenching feeling of content theft at some point in the life of your blog. It’s Posting a copyright notice on your blog is a deterrent, albeit a small one. Some blogs use scraper software to automatically republish content from around the Web. The same goes for Creative Commons.

How To Start a Blog in 7 Days


just don’t have the commitment to build a better blog in 31 days. In fact, I don’t think anyone needs 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. You have the talent, you have the passion, and, evidently, you have the desire to improve your blog. Let’s build a blog people want to read. Your blog is better already as you read this sentence! Why do you blog?

Four New Ways to Monetize a Blog


So how are people going to make money blogging? Image by Jeff Kubina, licensed under Creative Commons. 1. As a serial entrepreneur, I saw this option coming early in the blogging game. So I named my blog something that was not attached to the domain name. In this scenario, you hold onto your blog and your personal brand and you own stock in the spin-off brand. (And

44 Blogging Questions and Answers


would have to say that it was the fastest and hardest I’ve typed within one hour, but it was a great experience where I got to really learn a lot about what blogging questions people have today. Social Media Examiner’s Live Blogging Q&A. Question: I have a wordpress blog and am considering hosting it myself so that the site name looks more professional. Enjoy!

12 of the Best Guides and Sources for Free Stock Images

Webbiquity SMM

At the core of any successful blog is valuable content—helping readers solve a problem, increase their knowledge, work more effectively. But text alone isn’t enough; to really make a blog stand out, it needs to include compelling images as well. As noted on the CyberChimps blog , “a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s worth gold.”

[COMIC] Parenting In The Age Of Social Media

SocMed Sean

Image courtesy of bbaunach via Creative Commons. Blogs Facebook Featured Humor People Social Media cartoon comic comic strip humor parents social media social networking teensParenting is tough. Instead, we have to figure it all out on our own. Any parent who has ever spent hours walking with their baby wondering “why won’t you stop crying?” Cheers!

5 Ways To Spice Up Your WordPress Blog

Waxing UnLyrical

If you’re just getting started blogging (or maybe even if you’ve been doing it a while), here are some WordPress plugins I really really like. really like its functionality, plus it’s a great way for folks to search on your blog as well as on the Interwebz without actually leaving your blog. Why bother, if you already have a search box on your blog, you ask?

5 Places To Get Free Images For Your Blog

Small Business Mavericks

It is becoming increasingly more important to include images with your blog posts. If you have a desire to add images to your blog posts, here are 5 sources where you can get free images. Creative CommonsCreative Commons is a library of media that includes images, videos, and more. Creative Commons licenses fall into several categories. An easy way to search Flickr for free images is in The Commons area. Zemanta – Zemanta is a WordPress plugin that searches for related images as you write your blog posts.

PB173: How to Use Quotes in Your Blog Content Legally and Ethically


Using Quotes in Your Blog Legally and Ethically. In today’s lesson, I want to talk about using quotes on your blog. I’m regularly asked – particularly by new bloggers – what the etiquette and legalities are around using content that others have written in your own content – or the practice of quoting others. Tips for Using Quotes and Dialogue in Your Blog Posts.

How to Design a Blog to Explode Your Social Reactions: 11 Tested Tools

Writtent Blog

There’s a lot to consider when designing a blog. However, a blog template that’s maximized for social media sharing and integration is equally important. Turns out, achieving this is also one of simplest factors in identify how to design a blog that’s social-optimized. When a reader of your blog clicks to share your latest article, what do their friends see?

Double Your Blog Profits in 2013?!


He told me he wanted to double his blog’s income. Image courtesy 401(K)2013, licensed under Creative Commons When I asked how he was going to do that he stared at me blankly and said, “That’s where I may need a little help. We came up with quite a few ideas, but the main recurring themes seemed to be around three things: Increase traffic to his blog.

Principles of Effective Blog Design


What does that have to do with your blog? People judge your blog based on the design. The content of your blog is always more important than the design, but you need to woo people with your design first. What kind of blog layouts are they used to using? You should never publish a blog post without an image. Image licensed under Creative Commons.

5 things I’ve learned from failed blog posts

Akamai Marketing

So every once in a while…I think I have a fabulous idea for a blog post. And whether your blog is like mine or a corporate blog, you can learn from the experience of a blog post with no excitement. Know your audience: A failed blog post will likely tell you something about what your audience does and doesn’t want from you. mean, it was crickets.

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How Reading Fairy Tales Can Improve Public Relations

Waxing UnLyrical

Also… Image: Thom Watson via Flickr, Creative Commons OK, I’ll stop now, I can see you rolling your eyes, going, “Come on, act your age.&# Even when I am reading blogs or catching up on Reader. Shannon Pauls Very Official Blog Spin Sucks TopRank Online Marketing Blog Writing Boots - David Murray Love WUL? actually have a bunch of them. Any one.

7 Blogging Mistakes That Will Give You Zero Traffic


Everyone wants more traffic to their blog, don’t they? Image courtesy Moyan_Brenn, licensed under Creative Commons. The first thing that should be thought about when blogging is how you will be marketing it. There are so many different ways to promote and market your blog , but without a good strategy or plan, you won’t be successful. Rushing Content.

How Google Instant Might Impact Your Small Non-Profit

Waxing UnLyrical

Image: Greig Christie via Flickr, Creative Commons Since Google Instant’s launch just over a month ago, digital marketers have been scrambling to figure out how search engine marketing strategies might need to change. How Google Instant Might Impact Your Small #Nonprofit [link] by @ericaholt (guest post) [.] My First Guest Blog for @Shonali on Digital Marketing for Nonprofits!

6 Reasons to Link Away from your Blog


The world of SEO and blogging is kind of limited in that most people will tell you the same things: “build high quality content and do personal outreach in order to receive natural authority backlinks”. It focuses entirely on link building tactics, rather than how you can increase the perceived value of your content to users – namely by linking away from your blog.

Just Write

Waxing UnLyrical

Yesterday Mark Schaefer published a terrific post on how to pluck up the courage to blog with confidence. and then some, before I got my started on my blogging journey. And I also recalled how I might never have actually started that journey had it not been for Kami Huyse  asking me to guest blog for her back in 2008. Image: Jeremy Brooks via Flickr, Creative Commons.

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15 Places to Find Free Images for Your Blog

Writtent Blog

Are you wondering where and how to find free images for your blog? These images are for using and sharing on non-commercial websites, like personal blogs. Creative Commons Search. The official Creative Commons website lets users search websites for free-to-use images from a variety of sources, including Google Images, Flickr and the Wikimedia Commons.

The Bamboo Project Blog

Buzz Marketing for Technology

The Bamboo Project Blog. The Power of Blogging ISNT Just in Reading Them. RANT ALERT! ) In a few weeks were going to be looking at blogs in the Work Literacy course. As we think about that module and the fact that for most people, their primary interaction with blogs is to read them, Im growing impatient with this idea from a learning perspective. Week 3-- Blogs.

6 Experts’ Proven Tips for Creating a Successful Blog

Writtent Blog

It’s easy to start a blog, but it’s incredibly difficult to build an audience. But there’s nothing to worry about as our blogging experts are here to share their tips for creating a blog from scratch and maintaining it building a lively and active audience. “When first starting a blog, the most important thing to do is to just start writing and publishing.

Bloggers Block – When The Words Just Won’t Come

SocMed Sean

Frustrated courtesy of M artinaK15 on Flickr via Creative Commons Writer’s block sucks. Blogging often entails a lot more than technical writing. Blogging requires writing, graphic design, search engine optimization, relationship building, social promotion, and a lot more. Did my readers all leave and flock to new blogs? Blogger’s block sucks more.

How to Keep Customers Happy in a Digital Marketplace


Infuse the personality of your brand into your online presence through photos , blog posts and video content. Keep a close eye on your social media accounts, comments on blog posts, customer review sites and your email inbox. Photo via Flickr/Creative Commons. The art of doing business used to mean a lot of interaction, hand-shaking and face time. Responding online.

So you've got a blog, now what? How to promote your bloggo

Gemma Went

Skip to content The Cube Home About us Speaking/Training Contact us Pitch us Subscribe So you’ve got a blog, now what? How to promote your blog 05/07/2010 tags: blog marketing , How to promote a blog by Gemma Went By: flydime / License: Creative Commons License (By 2.0) So you’ve got a blog. It looks great. Readers.

Thumper’s Rule – Knowing When And How To Avoid An Online Argument

SocMed Sean

'Angry bird puts a lid on it' courtesy of etee on Flickr via Creative Commons license If you’re engaged in social media for either personal or professional purposes (and if you’re reading this, I’m betting you are), there’s an important skillset and rule that you might want to think about: The art of not replying. But don’t be a troll. Prove it.