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    [Twitter] How many Twitter users actually tweet?
    In a startling admission by Twitter apparently, one in five users never actually tweet. Twitter has almost 284 million users however nearly 24 million of them never issue updates via the social networking platform, according to data filed by Twitter with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). A lot of these non-users are probably bots or apps that connect users automatically to Twitter. Twitter reach is defined as the number of engaged users plus all their followers. Indeed, Twitter needs to clear out the deadwood. Twitter for companies.
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    [Twitter] Twitter’s Simpler Search: 5 Must-Reads
    Here are 5 must-reads on new changes Twitter made to its search functionality we don’t want you to miss. Twitter patches up its search interface. By Rafe Needleman As hinted at in a tweet by Twitter’s Pankaj Gupta last night, Twitter today rolled out an improved search experience. What Twitter’s New Search Features Mean For Google, Third-Party Developers. Things To Note About Twitter’s Upgraded Search. Hands-on with Twitter’s new Simpler Search: Timeline search is a game changer. Simpler search.
    [Twitter] Reply Frequency Among 11 Twitter Users
    February 2011 Twitter statistics for Me. Regardless of how many times you tweet in a given month and despite current events you choose to participate in trending, curious how your Twitter statistics compare? Thanks to a free service at that enables anyone to view these (and other statistics) of anyone, here’s a graphical contrast of 11 Twitter users (in alphabetical order by last name) during the month of February 2011. You can click any graph to view the person on Twitter. February 2011 Twitter statistics for Danny Brown.
    [Twitter] February 2012: Ottawa’s Twitter top 20
    After a brief absence (December and January) the Ottawa Twitter top 20 makes its return. started doing these tables over a year ago to illustrate how being popular (Grader) on Twitter doesn’t necessarily mean you have influence (TweetLevel).   Perhaps people are just getting better at using Twitter to build influence?  More likely, it’s about how the two tools are now evaluating Twitter users. Here’s how the Twitter top 20 is compiled: Only real humans are included (no brands, no publishers etc). Twitter Popularity ( Grader ). snookca.
    [Twitter] Twitter and Television: A Match Made In Heaven
    My experience is that Twitter has become very intertwined with primetime television. So when NBC Universal Research Chief Alan Wurtzel had this to say about Twitter and the Olympics , I was shocked. My point is this: If social media has zero effect on drawing eyeballs to their shows, why are the networks (NBC included) so intent on promoting them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.? Twitter and Television: A Match Made In Heaven is a post from: Waxing UnLyrical. Twitter Google+ Twitter and Television: A Match Made In Heaven. Television. in New York.
    [Twitter] Why Twitter Still Matters
    Recently I read somewhere that the demise of Twitter is imminent and all anyone wants to talk about anymore is Foursquare and Gowalla , 2 shiny new LBS based companies that are reeling in new users by the bushel. Sure I’ll talk about and use Gowalla and Foursquare, but that doesn’t mean that Twitter is no longer relevant though. In fact what this  simply means is that those 2 aforementioned companies have merely carved out a niche for themselves in a space that Twitter doesn’t necessarily play in, though they have added an LBS type feature as of late.
    Is Twitter’s split from LinkedIN good? In her Forbes article, “ The End Of Tweets On LinkedIn Is Not The Apocalypse ,” she mentions three points why Twitter parting with LinkedIn is good for communication: No more unprofessional tweets. Twitter and LinkedIn have two difference audiences. ” Granted, she gives examples of tweets that should not be floating through Twitter either. Why Twitter and LinkedIN made good bedfellows. Marketing channels, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, that were permeable made communication more fluid.
    [Twitter] Twitter Isn’t Really a Network Anymore…
    In the early days or say the first year or so of Twitter’s life it really was a way to get to to know people. Twitter provided a way to get to know people. Because the perception and usage of Twitter changed without anyone really doing anything internally to change it. Call it the great migration of marketing to Twitter. In fact if you ask the developers of Twitter, they themselves will tell you that Twitter is a media consumption platform. Tags: Twitter The motives were pure. You could build a network.  Conversations were abundant.
    [Twitter] Who Really Uses Twitter, and How?
    The Pew Research Center has released the findings (PDF) of their first study focused exclusively on Twitter. According to the report, Twitter is still a niche product used by 8% of U.S. According to the report, some of the demographic groups who demonstrate relatively high levels of Twitter use include: Young adults : Internet users ages 18-29 are significantly more likely to use Twitter than older adults. African-Americans and Latinos : Minority Internet users are more than twice as likely to use Twitter as are white Internet users. Internet users.
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    [Twitter] Essential Twitter Tips For Reaching Local Customers
    He believes keyword stuffing looks ridiculous and that Twitter can be used effectively by local businesses. You can find him at his personal blog Help Me Reinvent or on Twitter @vincerobisch as he feverishly prepares for the launch of his new site. With over 100 million people estimated to be using Twitter , its worldwide reach is without question. But how does a local business use Twitter? The answer is that Twitter can still be an extremely effective social media tool for a locally-based business. Wait Patiently For The Twitter Business Center To Launch.
    [Twitter] What Is Your Twitter Policy?
    It’s too dark to ride and waaaay too warm to be inside) and I listened to Mitch Joel and Mark Schaefer debate the Twitter elite on the Six Pixels of Separation podcast. This is a discussion on Twitter policies. When I started on Twitter, it was after I saw Robert Scoble speak at the PRSA Counselors Academy conference in May of 2007. joined as BearsFan07 to really understand what it was Robert was talking about and to see if it really had any application to business. I was really terrible at Twitter. Thanks to Ken Burnett for the funny Twitter elite image.
    [Twitter] Is the Twitter RT irrelevant?
    Do we still need to extend the quaint courtesy of letting people know where we found a link from another Twitter user? There are now over 200 million Twitter accounts (not all active), with think the retweet, aka RT (in both its informal and official forms), has run its course.
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    [Twitter] 25 Case Studies Using Twitter to Increase Business and Sales
    Instead, the company turns Internet marketing using tools like Twitter. The company started to use Twitter to push information out and soon found out that people were interested in talking. Twitter is good source for not only raising awareness on deals but to interact with customers. The company offers post exclusively on Twitter and makes sure to use twitter only a few times a week to avoid spamming their followers. The company found that the Twitter deals do increase sales. JetBlue was among the first corporate companies to join Twitter in 2007.
    [Twitter] Grow Your Twitter Followers; Buy Them
    TweetIs buying Twitter followers such a bad idea? That’s okay, because I am suggesting you buy Twitter followers if your social media marketing goal calls for it. Strategy how to grow your twitter followersSocial media purist would say throw a hissy fit — in fact, one or two may do that after reading this post. Comedian Dan Nainan told The New [.].
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    [Twitter] How Twitter Gentrified a City Intersection
    Every Twitter user who included that hashtag was automatically added to the mural as a digital signature; and the company promised to donate $1 a tweet to the Canadian Art Foundation. Please continue reading How Twitter Gentrified a City Intersection and leave a comment if inspired. Comments Comments Related Stories Mark Schaefer on The Tao of Twitter Approaching Strangers Through Foursquare The Death of Blogging: Part 271. Media branding TwitterThe above photograph was uploaded to a Google Maps server in June 2009. Everyone won. Connect on LinkedIn today.
    [Twitter] Ottawa’s Twitter top 20 for 2012
    Sherrilynne’s Ottawa Twitter top 20 lists used to feature on this blog monthly. This list was compiled using Twitter Grader. So readers, please feel free to let us know if you agree with Grader’s assessment of  Ottawa’s Twitter Elite and if not vote on who you think should be included.  Ottawa’s Twitter top 20 March 2010. How to Find Your People on Twitter. Featured Ottawa Social Media Twitter Facebook Lists Online Communities Social networkAll the profiles included are actually real people, not brands or companies.
    [Twitter] 5 Reasons Getting News Via Twitter Is All You Need
    Instead I am consuming all the news I am interested in from my Twitter stream day in day out. The World is a good place – Twitter tells me that. One major reason I think Twitter is all you need, is because I got sick of the negativity in the news. It is that Twitter offers me a chance to learn about the great things others are up to. Robert Scoble once said he likes to watch his Twitter stream, because it tells him what will come up on the news a few hours later on TechCrunch and other pundit sites. You are part of the news on Twitter. The best part?
    [Twitter] Overvaluing Twitter
    Given the increased focus on “Twinfluence&# thanks to measures like Klout , there are many organizations eager for success with so-called influencers (at least by Twitter metrics). Though some of these measures integrate more than just Twitter, they tend to be extremely 140 character centric. That may be a huge mistake for companies and nonprofits who overvalue the importance of Twitter in the larger social web context. Let’s start with the fact that Twitter doesn’t even represent a strong minority of the U.S. Is Twitter overvalued as a medium?
    [Twitter] Create “Perfect” Posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ [Infographic]
    Branding Facebook Google Plus Infographics Marketing Pinterest Social Media Social Media Marketing Twitter engagement Google Social media marketing Pamorama has moved! Update your Reader now. This feed has moved to: [link] Please update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get my latest blog posts.
    [Twitter] 3 Twitter Best Practices to Grow Your Business
    TweetHave you read or listened to a “social media guru” gush about the wonders of Twitter? Fortunately, succeeding on Twitter takes a bit of work, and if […]. How-to Strategy twitter best practices How it is the social media tool that will rain manna and money from the sky? I’ve heard less experienced marketers blabber like this, and I gnash my teeth.
    [Twitter] Majority of Britons now use Facebook or Twitter (statistics)
    Matt Rhodes Social media news facebook linkedin Office for National Statistics Social network TwitterImage by dobrych via Flickr. The latest data from the Office of National Statistics n the UK shows that, for the first time ever, over half of adults accessed social networking sites in 2011. The annual British Internet Habits survey showed that in 2011, 57% of over-16s in the UK are using the internet for social networking, as opposed to 43% in 2010. Social networks are all but ubiquitous for the 16-24 year olds , with 91% of this age range using them. Tweet This! Share this on Facebook.
    [Twitter] Check your Twitter Profile
    Can’t hurt to get a good reminder of the basics, per this nice infographic by Vertical Response. Featured Implementation
    [Twitter] Is Twitter really working for you? 10 questions
    How much, was I shaping my Twitter feed, and how much was Twitter shaping me? Consider this: According to Harvard Business Review study from last year  the top 10% of prolific Twitter users accounted for over 90% of tweets which implies that the pattern of contributions on Twitter is more concentrated among the few top users which further implies that Twitter resembles more of a one-way, one-to-many publishing service more than a two-way, peer-to-peer communication network. Do we need to define or redefine what being “effective&# on Twitter really means?
    [Twitter] 10 Legit Ways to Gain a Twitter Fast Friend Following
    There are many ways small town business owners and independent contractors can use Twitter. Heck, there are as many ways to use Twitter as there are flavors of Jelly Belly (50 officially. Of course, in this era of stream n' scream and fast-food friending , most folks want to see instant results.  So with respect to the "law of the harvest" here are some ways the small folks can level the conversation station that Twitter is: 70-20-10 - It's a formula I've coached for years. Our Twitter mantra is 70-20-10. More on How to Use Twitter Lists. Image via Wikipedia.
    [Twitter] Twitter’s Big Announcement
    I just listened to the live Ustream broadcast of Twitter’s big announcement thanks to @Scoble and Ustream. Since 90% of the content on Twitter is public it’s hard to find the specific information you’re interested in. Twitter mobile users are up 250% this year. (the web site) is the way most people experience Twitter (not a client). EV- Twitter is the way people find out what’s happening in the world that interests them. There’s something on Twitter for everyone. The new Twitter was built on their own API.
    [Twitter] 6 Twitter Do’s for Business
    Today we’re keeping it simple with some tactical suggestions on using Twitter for business. Tactics Twitter social media advice small business suggestionsIt isn’t that this list is complete or even that it ever will be. I’ve just.
    [Twitter] Facebook vs Twitter
    Tags: Facebook Ads Facebook Advertising Facebook Pages facebook vs twitter facebook versus twitter twitter versus facebook twitter vs facebook
    [Twitter] The sea change in Twitter sentiment
    I thought it was just me and thus I wrote about the rise of the transactional conversation of Twitter on Monday. And Todd Defren lastly writes about moving the needle on Twitter.  All of these posts and reports and what have you, alluded to something that may be occuring before our very eyes and that’s this: Conversations on Twitter have deteriorated into flat out unadulterated pimping of one’s wares, or the company they work for. Subconsciously, we have become a party to and have embraced traditional marketing on Twitter. The interuptive interaction?
    [Twitter] Is Your Local Business Doing These Three Things on Twitter?
    You’re ready to take it to the next level and truly grow your presence on Twitter and harness the social aspect of social media for your advantage. Although you should always plan ahead and schedule at least some of your Twitter content, it’s important to remain connected to replies, questions, comments, and re-tweets you receive. Taking even a couple hours to respond on Twitter can be akin to taking over a day to respond to a client phone call. As you can’t sit by your computer each day, there are two ways your local business may stay close to the Twitter chatter.
    [Twitter] Twitter Shifts Position: Now Claims PeopleBrowsr Suit Is A Federal Antitrust Case
    Last week, PeopleBrowsr, a social analytics company,  won a temporary restraining order preventing Twitter from terminating its long-standing access to the full firehose.  At the time, Twitter said that it would vigorously defend itself based on “Contract 101″ arguments, claiming that its agreement with PeopleBrowsr gave the platform every right to terminate access. This week, however, Twitter has changed its position. Twitter’s inconsistent representations to the State and Federal Courts reinforce our case.
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    [Twitter] Dear Twitter, I’m Sorry I Hated Your Stinking Guts
    Dear Twitter, Yes, I know I should have written you this note quite a while back but I finally had to come to grips with the gross error of my ways when I misjudged your character many moons ago. Twitter this, Twitter that.” But instead of simply telling me I had been wrong about you T’, Ingrid took kindness to a whole new level and sent me a book in the mail called The Tao of Twitter , written by some really smart dude named Mark Schaefer. Dear Twitter, I’m Sorry I Hated Your Stinking Guts originally appeared on Spin Sucks on April 19, 2011. Part I.
    [Twitter] Why Use #Hashtag In Twitter ? - Social Media
    This sign on Twitter is the most known and used: #. Though it may be a little difficult to organize content on Twitter #Hashtag has made it a little simple. Hashtag has made searching on Twitter easy. You will have yourself used the Twitter Hashtag at some point in time while Tweeting. What is your experience with #Hashtag of Twitter? It is called Hashtag. It has made the conversational thread feasible. You can search with # and have other people continue to converse. The Hashtag is put along with a word or phrase.
    [Twitter] When Twitter Suspends Your Account
    When Twitter suspends your account, you will not be offered gift cards. Twitter phishing continues. If you are inspired to add a comment with your thoughts, please visit When Twitter Suspends Your Account in your browser. Related articles you may enjoy: When a Blog Has Its Own Twitter Account. Why My Twitter Account is Brand New – and What it Means for You. How to Delete and Send Twitter DMs in Bulk. Media TwitterUploaded with Skitch ! You are warned! Thank you for reading! Recent comments That's hilarious. by tammikibler.
    [Twitter] Funny Google Search: ‘I Don’t Get Twitter’
    Do you get Twitter? Apparently, “I don’t get Twitter&# is a popular search query. guess that means that a lot of people have heard of Twitter and tried it, but then went away scratching their heads. Are there really that many people who do get Twitter? Are you one of those people who just don’t get Twitter? It’s not a crime not to get Twitter. Social Media google search TwitterEvidently, a lot of people don’t. know this because a screenshot on this WebProNews article told me so. Yep, Google Search tried to help me.
    [Twitter] Eight Tips to Pitch Media Better on Twitter
    These days, the media are flocking to Twitter in droves, and the platform presents a new opportunity for PR pros to connect with journalists and bloggers. Following are my tips on how to successfully pitch media on Twitter. Twitter is a place to engage and converse. There are a few good resources for finding media, such as MediaOnTwitter , and more publications are listing their staff’s Twitter handles in the publication. Twitter lists are another good resource for finding media. It helps if the client you are pitching is on Twitter, too.
    [Twitter] 100% of U.S. Senators, 90% of Reps Are On Twitter
    On Friday, Twitter announced that 100% of the US Senate and 90% of the House of Representatives are now active on Twitter. When Congress convened back in 2011, only 44% of the Senate and 35% of the House were actively using Twitter. Fully 29 states have their entire delegation tweeting (including senators and representatives), and every single US state has at least 70% of their delegation on Twitter. See Twitter’s blog post to find and follow your Senator’s Twitter account, or find your local Representative on the social platform.
    [Twitter] 80% of Twitter’s Ad Revenue Comes From Mobile
    Twitter just announced its first quarter earnings report for 2014, with impressive gains in advertising: total revenue grew 119% year-over-year, with 90% of those earnings coming from advertising. Not too surprising, since  78% of Twitter’s total monthly active users are now on mobile ( VentureBeat ). Twitter added 14 million monthly active users, and only 3 million of those in the U.S.  To compare total numbers, Facebook has 202 million monthly users in the U.S. vs. Twitter’s 57 million. However, user growth was disappointing for the platform.
    [Twitter] Find How Many Fake Twitter Followers You Have
    Home > Twitter Status People is a Twitter tool which will help you find fake Twitter followers for any Twitter profile in minutes! Status People allows you to enter a twitter account name and will find the number of fake followers, inactive twitter followers and good active followers. Fake Twitter followers. We logged in via Twitter and tested our @qot followers and found we have 5% fake followers, 18% inactive followers and 77% active followers. These numbers seems reasonable enough for most genuine Twitter profiles. Twitter
    [Twitter] 51% of Twitter Users Think Your Customer Service Stinks
    I was reading the Martiz Research report on customer service and Twitter (thanks to Jay Baer for his post about the study) and I realized that despite the fact there were plenty of good statistics… We may have missed a valid point. The study shines a glaring light over companies who are ignoring Twitter as a customer service model. Jay points out that 70% of companies ignore customer service on Twitter. . Yes, 70% of companies ignoring customer complaints on Twitter is disgusting. twitterThis happened to me recently. Three things to remember: 1.
    [Twitter] 24 Free Twitter Header Images
    This holiday season I reedited 24 of my photos , cropping them to fit your Twitter header image. Marketing Photography 24 free holiday images license photography twitterAs an amateur photographer nothing makes me happier than giving my photos away so people can use them. None of the photos have watermarks, none of them require attribution. If you like any of them, click on the link located below these images to download on Flickr. If you are looking for my sweet Patagonia pics, find them towards the end of the post. Thank you for spending time on this blog. Happy holidays!
    [Twitter] Must-See Twitter
    One recent Fast Company articles point out how appointment TV has returned , because of none other than Twitter. Fans who have TiVo'd their programs had better steer clear of Twitter while their favorite programs are on, lest they have a barrage of spoilers come their way. In another article, Fast Company called Twitter TV's killer app. PBS contcted me and asked that I host a live Twitter chat (promoted through my other blog ) during the premiere of a much-hyped new show. One way would be to capture the moment through a chat on Twitter. What's that, you say?
    [Twitter] 7 Things Twitter Is Not (And 1 Thing It Is)
    Digg Digg “Twitter&# as defined by is “a micro-blogging service that allows people to type in short messages or status updates that can be read by people following them.&#. We all know and love the world of Twitter. There is a good possibility that you are reading this right now because of a Tweet you saw promoting this exact post (almost 65% of my traffic comes from Twitter according to my Google Analytics ). Twitter, like water, is a good thing. Here is my list of 7 Things Twitter is Not (and 1 Thing it is): 1. Hell no.
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    [Twitter] 5 Fun Twitter Quizzes
    Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « Fridays Fun Online Finds | Main | Coleman Campsite: The Original Social Networking Site » July 09, 2010 5 Fun Twitter Quizzes Its Friday and todays fun finds are 5 Twitter quizzes that are sure to entertain you, enlighten you, and help you unwind after a busy work week. How addicted to Twitter are you? The Ultimate Twitter Quiz How much is your Twitter account worth? The Twitter Spelling Test Which type of Twitter user are you? Have a great weekend! Your comment could not be posted.
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    [Twitter] Jugnoo’s Inaugural Twitter Chat – #sCRMchat Recap
    If you noticed a lot of SCRM related chatter in your Twitter streams this week, it might just have been because Jugnoo hosted our first Social CRM chat on Tuesday! Jugnoo’s Inaugural Twitter Chat – #sCRMchat Recap originally appeared on Jugnoo Social CRM and Social Marketing Blog - making your business social through crm under a Creative Commons license. We had a ball doing it and had an incredible response. EST. Be sure to follow the hashtag #sCRMchat next week! Social CRM Social Media social business social CRM social marketing
    [Twitter] Kenneth Cole Demonstrates How Not to Use Twitter
    We interrupt your regularly scheduled #FollowFriday to bring you the Kenneth Cole Twitter fiasco. No matter how many people are talking about you. I’m not going to give Kenneth Cole a lesson in crisis driven by something stupid said on Twitter. Social Media Twitter cairo Crisis habitat kenneth cole social media crisisTypically I would wait until Monday to write about it, but it’s unfolding as I write this and it’s too important to wait. Plus…it’s a PR nightmare and you all know how much I love a good crisis! But, first. Turns out there was.
  • PAMORAMA  |  MONDAY, JULY 7, 2014
    [Twitter] Optimize Your Posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and More
    Optimize your Twitter posts. Optimize Your Posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and More is a post by Pam Dyer on Pamorama | Social Media Marketing Blog. Follow her on Twitter at @pamdyer. Related Articles When to Post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest Social Media Image Dimensions: The Ultimate Guide Using Hashtags in Social Media Marketing. Facebook Google Plus Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest Social Media Social Media Marketing Twitter YouTube Google Vine Creating great content isn’t enough. Optimize your LinkedIn posts.
    [Twitter] What’s Trending @Twitter? [infographic]
    The social micro-blogging platform, Twitter, has become very popular. It seems as if Twitter users see the great value that lies in the social forum. What they do on Twitter. But what are users actually doing when spending a lot of time on Twitter? At Lab42 , they have tried to figure this out and put together a nice infographic showing what’s trending on Twitter. They asked 500 Twitter users how they use the social platform, how they determine who to follow etc. 64% of the respondents access Twitter through (the web). Tweet.
    [Twitter] The Right Way to Market Yourself on Twitter
    Trying to market yourself on Twitter can be tricky. As I don’t know this person, I was inclined to look her up on Twitter to see what she was about. So what did she do right that we can learn about as we navigate the roads in Twitter? She obviously had a twitter client, like CoTweet , where she was searching for keywords like “running.” While those lessons can certainly help us avoid some challenges, it doesn’t give us clarity on what we can do. I am thankful for this experience and I will definitely add this to my “rules of engagement” on Twitter. Search.
    [Twitter] 7 Easy Steps on How to use Twitter to Reach Your Revenue Goals
    New reports show that Twitter beats Facebook in US Mobile Ad Revenues This Year. This is a clear sign that Twitter users could be more engaged that Facebook users. New numbers also show that Photo- and Video-Sharing Popular on Twitter. Here are some numbers to try to compare the effectiveness of Twitter and Facebook for marketing: An average Facebook user has an average of 130 friends compared with a Twitter user and his average 300 Followers. Twitter users share 1.5 Twitter is a great tool to do real time communication with your audience.
  • ARI HERZOG  |  SUNDAY, MAY 30, 2010
    [Twitter] How to Delete and Send Twitter DMs in Bulk
    The direct message is a private feature of Twitter that enables users to send messages back and forth. Over the past week, I’ve experimented with two specific Twitter automation applications that enable bulk deleting and bulk sending of direct messages. Bulk Delete Twitter DMs with DM Whacker. Bulk Send Twitter DMs with Twetto. If you want to send more than 100 a week for up to three Twitter accounts, you need to pay $5.99 a month for a 250-message limit for 12 accounts. Related posts: Competing with SocialToo for Paid Twitter Services. Thoughts?
    [Twitter] The Frustrating State Of Obtaining Inactive Twitter Usernames
    You go to Twitter, enter your desired username, and RATS…it’s taken. Twitter won’t do anything about it. Twitter will help you if you own the trademark or copyright, but let’s be honest, most of us aren’t shelling out those kinds of dollars either for a blog or small business. Here’s Twitter’s standard response that many have gotten when inquiring about obtaining an inactive username: If you’re looking to acquire an inactive username for personal use, please check back in a few months. Not the case with Twitter usernames as it goes against their terms of use.
  • ADAM SHERK  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 10, 2012
    [Twitter] MLB Teams on Twitter and Facebook: Two-Year Growth Rates
    With a new baseball season underway I thought I’d check in on the 30 MLB teams on Twitter and Facebook. Since it has been two years since I did The Most Popular MLB Teams on Twitter and Facebook I thought it would be interesting to revisit this and capture the growth rate for all the teams. MLB Teams on Twitter. First the teams’ official Twitter profiles. Here are the 30 baseball clubs ranked by two-year growth rate: Twitter followers. 4/10/12 Twitter followers. Here are the teams ranked by current total followers: Twitter followers.
    [Twitter] Why do you follow brands on Twitter?
    Some brands are very successful on Twitter. For many brands, Twitter is a great way for brands to engage directly with consumers, to learn what they are saying and to react and respond to this where relevant. The question for many brands, though, is why would people want to engage with them on Twitter. For example, when Twitter is being used as a servicing channel it is a way for customers to ask questions, complain or get support. We’d love your thoughts on this in the quick poll below, and your thoughts on why people follow brands on Twitter in the comments.
    [Twitter] 19 Twitter Best Practices That Show the Real You
    You may not know I curate a Twitter list that includes over 300 social media managers and marketing professionals at some of the world’s most well-known organizations. joined Twitter 6 years (and 32,951 tweets) ago today. Thanks to Twitter & my Twitter friends for six always interesting years. Related Stories 13 Words of the Day By My Bouncy Twitter Followers My Social Networking Primer in 2014 Analyzing AriHerzogDotCom: Day 2. Media Strategy Twitter frequently peruse the list to get inspiration. The below tweets are pure and unfiltered.
    [Twitter] Twitter Street Walking – Chicago
    Home Consulting Products and Workshops Boulder Social Media Training How To Use Twitter To Grow Your Business How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business Sink or Swim Webinar Facebook Tutorial Twitter Tutorial About Grandma Mary Contact me Subscribe Twitter Street Walking – Chicago August 3, 2010 I’m in Chicago and the humidity is killing my hair.  For more of my on the street interviews check out my Twitter Street Walking series Share and Enjoy: { 5 comments… read them below or add one } Stacey August 3, 2010 at 10:56 am The video was really fun to watch!
    [Twitter] Twitter Verifies Vice President Paul Ryan
    Verification, according to Twitter’s website , is used “to establish authenticity of identities on Twitter. Those are Twitter’s words. Is he now authentically and legitimately the VP according to Twitter’s own rules? Please continue reading Twitter Verifies Vice President Paul Ryan and leave a comment if inspired. Media identity TwitterThe verified badge helps users discover high-quality sources of information and trust that a legitimate source is authoring the account’s tweets.” Paul Ryan is not the VP today. Need help?
    [Twitter] Help Me Choose a New Twitter Name!
    As part of that process, I also need to pick a new Twitter name, since @LevelTen_Colin just won’t cut it anymore. Ways Twitter Lists Fall Short. Featured General Social Media account name personal branding twitterFor those who don’t know, I’m starting a new gig soon. Lessons Learned. Skip to the bottom if you just want to vote! Over two years ago, when I first created the account the idea was to help create an official presence for LevelTen on social media channels, where there wasn’t one previously. Choose Wisely. Which one is your favorite?
    [Twitter] Five Tips for Holding a Twitter Chat that Doesn’t Suck
    Twitter is an excellent venue for sharing news with fans and followers, promoting products and businesses, and supporting worthy causes. To that end, Twitter chats are becoming increasingly popular as a way to build brand awareness and extend networks. Twitter chat is brought together by a common hashtag, open to anyone who wants to participate, and is typically scheduled at a specific time. Five Tips for Holding a Twitter Chat that Doesn’t Suck. Follow in others’ footsteps (or tweets).   We often learn best by example, and Twitter is no exception.
    [Twitter] March 2012: Ottawa’s Twitter top 20
    The tables below are meant to  illustrate how being popular (Grader) on Twitter doesn’t necessarily mean you have influence (TweetLevel).   Here’s how the Twitter top 20 is compiled: Only real humans are included (no brands, no publishers etc). Twitter Popularity ( Grader ). Twitter Influence ( TweetLevel ). 1. Related posts: February 2012: Ottawa’s Twitter top 20. November 2011: Ottawa’s Twitter top 20. October 2011: Ottawa’s Twitter top 20. September 2011: Ottawa’s Twitter top 20. phdinparenting. 1.
    [Twitter] If Titanic Had Twitter
    But one of the more creative acknowledgments of the anniversary has to be from The History Press , a British publishing company that started the @TitanicRealTime Twitter account to chronicle the progress of the ship as if sent from aboard the ship itself. TwitterToday marks 100 years since the R.M.S. Titanic sank in the North Atlantic, taking the lives of over 1,500 souls with her in those icy waters. And over the last year or so, the commercial side of the enterprise has been heating up at an amazing pace.
    [Twitter] The Social Integration of Twitter
    While technology keeps us moving forward with each new development, the creation of the Tweet-O-Meeter that can measure Twitter activity in major cities cites the Titanic as inspiration for its design. The exhibit shows how social media has integrated itself into society; to measure tweets world wide puts Twitter and its use at the height of importance. The Tweet-O-Meter throws away the mystique of Twitter and puts it on the back burner to the real success story: the connectivity of the world in under 140 characters. Tags: business content twitter until July 16 2011.
    [Twitter] Social Media Ostriches – The Corporate Hypocrisy Of Blocking Employee Access To Facebook and Twitter
    Every time I hear of companies blocking Blogging Sites, Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media sites, it makes me wonder what curmudgeon or poorly informed leader is calling the shots and what experience drove them to make the decision. Obviously, these folks don’t realize that a new generation of workers is entering the workplace and expecting to leverage tools like text messaging, Twitter, blogs, and Facebook. An online shoe retailer that has blown the door off marketing and expanding their sales opportunities  and customer support through the use of Twitter.
    [Twitter] How to deal with Twitter overwhelm
    By the way, (d) is not a valid reason to following someone on Twitter, especially if you have no interest in them and they tweet nonsense. Activate the Twitter filter feature! The best way to filter your Twitter stream is with Twitter lists. Remember, if you want to be keep your eye on the Twitter gold and build a great community you’ll want to get your stream organised. Are you drowning in tweets? In the beginning, when you’re following 50+ people (which isn’t a lot), it’s tempting to read every single tweet that comes in to your stream. Handy.
    [Twitter] 5 Twitter Strategies And Tools To Take Your Branded Account To the Next Level
    If you’ve invested the groundwork necessary to build a Twitter account, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing it actually gain steam. How can you break through a Twitter plateau and take your account to an even greater level of success? Use these these five helpful Twitter tools and strategies to build upon what you have already established. 1) Improve Multimedia With Twitter Cards. highly powerful yet underused optional feature of Twitter is the Twitter card. Hashtags, of course, are essential to getting attention on Twitter.
    [Twitter] Spend 1 Day Without Twitter or Facebook
    Join me, Miranda Kerr, Buzz Aldrin, Deepak Chopra, Steven Segal, and many, many more faces around the world as we turn our lives away from Twitter and Facebook for one day. Watch the video , donate what you can at this site , and opt to brand your Twitter and Facebook accounts with the charity application on one day. Me, I’m taking the day off. -- Thank you for reading Spend 1 Day Without Twitter or Facebook at AriWriter. …and that spend that day on November 1, 2010. Join us as we raise awareness of autism. Join us in the Communication Shutdown.
    [Twitter] The Frustrating State Of Obtaining Inactive Twitter Usernames
    You go to Twitter, enter your desired username, and RATS…it’s taken. Twitter won’t do anything about it. Twitter will help you if you own the trademark or copyright, but let’s be honest, most of us aren’t shelling out those kinds of dollars either for a blog or small business. Here’s Twitter’s standard response that many have gotten when inquiring about obtaining an inactive username: If you’re looking to acquire an inactive username for personal use, please check back in a few months. Not the case with Twitter usernames as it goes against their terms of use.
    [Twitter] Twitter = Fastest Growing Search Engine
    Twitter Founder Biz Stone at Aspen Ideas Festival announced that Twitter now has over 800 million search queries per day. Twitter's monthly searches now surpass Yahoo and Bing combined. This is up 33% from April, where at Twitter’s Chirp conference Stone said Twitter was serving 600 million search queries per day. We have indicated all along that Twitter & Facebook would be bigger search competition for Google than Yahoo and Bing. By Erik Qualman. This roughly equates to 24 billion searches per month which is more than Bing (4.1) and Yahoo (9.4)
    [Twitter] This is your brain. This is your brain on Twitter.
    Greg Verdino Marketing, Media, Technology & Trends Home About Me Book Me to Speak microMARKETING Journal On Twitter On Flickr Personal Blog Verdino Bytes My Company « May I market for you? This is your brain on Twitter. It might be an overstatement to say that Twitter would blow your mind , but I think it might be fair to say that the work of University of Wisconsin-Madison doctoral candidate Adam Wilson will.  You can get all the details about the brain-tweet work coming out of UW here or you can follow Adam (and Adam's brain) on Twitter
    [Twitter] Making The Most Of A Twitter Chat
    Waxing UnLyrical personal, possibly poetic, musings on public relations, media, communication, and everything in between About Shonali Making The Most Of A Twitter Chat September 2nd, 2010 Tweet Huddle, huddle, roil and muddle I remember the first Twitter chat I attended. It was #journchat , one of the first, if not the first, Twitter chats created. As I started participating in more chats such as #pr20chat , #soloPR and then starting my own (#measurePR), I’ve come to learn a few things about how to make the most of a Twitter chat. But a Twitter chat?
    [Twitter] Twitter Followers: Finding Good Relationship Material
    Once you begin embracing Twitter, every day can be a Christmas of sorts, when you open up your e-mail to notifications of several new overnight followers. As followers disappear without reason, that little tingle becomes a little knot in your stomach, and you wonder what you did so wrong on this Twitter thing, anyway. Margot Tohn, CEO of ParkIt Guides ( @ParkingExpert ), was excited to see her Twitter traffic on the rise, then confused when they backed out just as quickly.  “I was seeing an influx of new Twitter followers with high Klout scores. Good riddance.
    [Twitter] Indian Companies on Twitter – A Usage Study
    Home About In the Media Facebook vs Twitter (A Comparison) How People Respond to Your Online Content March 8, 2010.1:39 pm Indian Companies on Twitter – A Usage Study Jump to Comments We recently did a study to understand how the businesses in India are using twitter. In addition, Sriram Vadlamani has talked about it on the Asian Correspondent site Quotes from the Asian Correspondent Story Many companies are using Twitter actively and many users are on Twitter but not much activity. If you would like to reach out to us on twitter, our handle is iffort.
    [Twitter] Understanding Twitter: Best Ways to Tweet
    Twitter is a remarkable social media platform for your business. But if you’re new to Twitter it can be more than a little confusing.  An effective Twitter presence starts with understanding how it works. When you send out a tweet with @username included in the MIDDLE of the tweet, “hello @username” (called a mention, explained below) all of your followers will see that tweet in their Twitter Home feed. To see your Twitter Home feed, click on Home: . Replies show up in your Twitter Home feed and the Twitter feed of the person to whom you are responding to.
    [Twitter] Twitter is a favourite tool for bullies, stalkers and trolls
    Yes, Twitter is a favourite tool for bullying, stalking and trolling. That’s why  Twitter has announced that its improving the process to report nasty tweets and tweeters. The changes include interface enhancements that are easier to use and behind-the-scenes improvements which allow Twitter’s team to review reports quicker and more efficiently. This page lists all the accounts a user has blocked and stops those accounts from viewing the user’s profile. A few Twitter users already have access to the new features. Featured Headline Social Media Twitter Social networ
    [Twitter] Flutter: The New Twitter
    Today’s YouTube Tuesday video is the Flutter: The New Twitter mockumentary. Sometimes 140 characters is just too long; nano-blogging is the next big thing. Video URL: [link] ]. What can you say with only 26 characters?
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 22, 2011
    [Twitter] Fifteen Ways to Use Twitter to Build an Army of Adoring Journalists
    spent 10 years as a reporter in the BT (Before Twitter) era. Now as a social media strategist and public relations professional, I’ve found Twitter to be my primary and most successful method of building and maintaining relationships with reporters. One public relations agency I work with even grew out of a connection made on Twitter. consider Twitter the tool that delivers tangible value in great gulps, so long as you commit to it for a year. How to Find Journalists on Twitter. Find the reporters by searching through Muckrack or Media on Twitter.
    [Twitter] Toon Time: Twitter Introductions
    Toon Time: Twitter Introductions. Erin Feldman Guest Posts Social Media Twitter Waxing Off With Sarah and Sheldon cartoon comic tweetupErin Feldman  is the marketing communications manager at  TouchSystems , a touch screen company based in Hutto, Texas. Her background is in marketing and creative writing, and she riffs about writing right at her blog,  Write Right  (so write right, don’t make her use her red pen). She spends the rest of her time writing poetry, drawing, reading, and running.
  • MINDJUMPERS  |  FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2011
    [Twitter] Twitter Has Acquired Tweetdeck
    Tweet Tuesday this week, the deal between Twitter and Tweetdeck was sealed. There have been rumours of the acquisition for several months now, but finally it was made official: Tweetdeck will be joining Twitter. Tweetdeck has so far existed as one of the leading third-party Twitter desktop applications. It provides a dashboard for monitoring and organizing your Twitter profile and feeds. Last year, Twitter also acquired Atebits , who were behind the application called Tweetie, for both iPhone, iPad and Mac. Similar Posts: MingleBird – The Next Big Thing?
    [Twitter] Survey results: The top Twitter tools and apps « The Cube
    Skip to content The Cube Home About us Speaking/Training Contact us Pitch us Subscribe Survey results: The top Twitter tools and apps 06/10/2010 tags: Twitter tools and apps by Gemma Went This is the second in the series of results that came out of my tools and apps survey a few weeks ago. This second installment looks at the best Twitter tools, something you guys have been asking a lot about recently. So without further ado … Twitter desktop clients Tweetdeck hit the top spot, as expected with 64% of the votes, with Hootsuite following close behind with 44%.
  • PAMORAMA  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 8, 2010
    [Twitter] Top 10 Twitter Tutorials on YouTube
    pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Top 10 Twitter Tutorials on YouTube by Pam Dyer on June 8, 2010 Share We all know that YouTube is a treasure trove of entertainment, with endless hours of Justin Bieber crooning to tweens and cats playing the piano. Users have posted thousands of tutorials ranging from animal care to everyone’s favorite microblogging tool, Twitter. Twitter in Plain English This quick, no-nonsense introduction is a great starting point. 2. link] Erroin Martin Great round up on the top 10 videos on Twitter.
    [Twitter] Top Twitter trends for 2011
    This infographic describes the top trends on Twitter last year. Featured Social Media Twitter Betty White Facebook Online Communities Social network Viral video YouTubeIt’s a snapshot of popular and youth culture. It’s probably an accurate reflection of users’interests; interesting that there are no major brands mentioned (other than sport). Related posts: Women in social media. Betty White flogs insurance via YouTube. Social media boosts campaigns. Click here to start to receive my newsletter. VISIT MY FACEBOOK PAGE. Related articles.
    [Twitter] 10 Community Manager Responsibilities that Don't Involve Twitter.
    Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Marketing , Social Media > 10 Community Manager Responsibilities that Don’t Involve Twitter and Facebook 10 Community Manager Responsibilities that Don’t Involve Twitter and Facebook by Tamar Weinberg on March 17, 2010 Share This is a guest post by Itamar Kestenbaum. Follow him on Twitter. So I challenged myself to create a list of 10 responsibilities of the Community Manager that extend beyond the realm of Facebook and Twitter (and yes, even blogging). Check it out!
  • ABSOLUTE PA  |  FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2012
    [Twitter] Free Webinar: Unlock Your Twitter Brilliance
    There are some people who are officially ‘in the know’ They include: people who have joined my Twitter Brilliance priority list. When I speak to clients and other small business owners about Twitter, I hear the same issues crop up! And, the thing is Twitter isn’t hard! Which is why I want to share my secrets to help you unlock your Twitter brilliance. Stick this date in your diary if you want to join me and learn: the 3 stumbling blocks most entrepreneurs face when using Twitter that prevent them from achieving results. Free Webinar! See it?
    [Twitter] Why Businesses are Leaving Twitter
    The wonderful promise that once was Twitter has faded in recent months for many businesses. For starters, Twitter has been overrun by spam. Despite their best efforts, there is a good chance that a link posted on Twitter is spam. Those days are well behind us and even prominent Twitter accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers are lucky to break 1000 views to a link (other than breaking news, of course). There are Twitter accounts that post dozens, even hundreds of times a day filling people’s feeds. There’s a bottom line about Twitter.
    [Twitter] 28 (of the) Best Twitter Tips, Tools and Tactics of 2012 (So Far)
    Twitter isn’t just for the birds anymore. According to recent social media research , Twitter now has more than 165 million users, and is attracting nearly a million new users each day. Twitterers collectively post a billion tweets every three days. 62% of the Fortune 500 companies have at least one Twitter account, and the average Fortune 100 firm maintains 10 separate Twitter handles to support different product lines, divisions, functional areas and geographic regions. Twitter Tips for Newbies. How to Grow Your Twitter Following.
    [Twitter] Should Businesses Use Twitter As a Marketing Channel? [Infographic]
    One of such platforms whose value for business and utility is being questioned is Twitter. Launched in 2006, Twitter is popularly called the “SMS of internet&#. With the addition of image gallery to Twitter, the platform looks bright and updated. found an infographic by Problogger , which questions the existence of Twitter as a communication channel, shows how people use it and what we should keep in mind while using Twitter. Take a look at the infographic here: Similar Posts: What’s Trending @Twitter? infographic].
    [Twitter] Meercat jumps on Twitter Video
    People are jumping on Meerkat , a relatively new app that allows us to live stream video directly to Twitter through the app. Here’s how it works: Download the iOS app to see who is streaming or click this link to see who’s streaming #meerkat on TwitterUse mentions on Twitter to comment or comment through the app and join the conversation there. If you’re streaming a Meerkat video it’s pushed to your followers on Meerkat in real time and viewable on Twitter in real time. That immediacy for which Twitter has always been famous. But why?
    [Twitter] PeopleBrowsr v. Twitter: The Arguments On Each Side — And What’s At Stake
    Yesterday, a San Francisco court gave PeopleBrowsr, an provider of Twitter analytics services, a temporary restraining order against Twitter. The court ruling forces Twitter to maintains PeopleBrowsr’s full access to Twitter’s firehose of data. The uneasy relationship between Twitter and the third-party developer community has been well documented. The PeopleBrowsr case is the first time that a Twitter partner has taken a stand against Twitter. How How is the company making its case — and what is Twitter’s counter-argument?
    [Twitter] Tweetdeck Presence Felt in Twitter Redesign
    As you are likely aware by now, Twitter rolled out a major redesign  and announced brand pages simultaneously. You may remember  Twitter purchased TweetDeck earlier this year, and at the time there was much hand-wringing over what Twitter would do with its new toy. Then, the redesign happened and we have an answer to the question of what Twitter will do with TweetDeck. Harness that team’s ingenuity into making the Twitter site and mobile apps a real choice for power users. Twitter Is Going After 3rd Party Apps.  The answer? What about you? Love it?
    [Twitter] 6 Ways Twitter Lists Fall Short
    Colin Alsheimer Digital & New Media Strategist About Lifestream Contact How to Pitch Me Guest Post Guidelines Disclosures RSS Feed Twitter Facebook 6 Ways Twitter Lists Fall Short By Colin – 11/01/2009 Posted in: Social Media , Tools Share Last week, just about every­one on Twit­ter finally received the much talked about Lists fea­ture.  After the ini­tial rush of new­ness, I found the fea­ture to be lack­ing in sev­eral key areas.  Here are the six ways that Twit­ter Lists just fall a bit short. 1.  But wouldn’t it be great if we could col­lab­o­rate?  Shared.@agardina
    [Twitter] Top Creatives To Follow On Twitter
    We’re assembling a list of the top creatives and creativity experts to follow on Twitter. Top Creatives On Twitter. Top Creatives On Twitter. Harry Hoover (MyCreativeTeam) on Twitter. Michael J Gelb (MichaelJGelb) on Twitter. Sean Kelly (SeanKellyStudio) on Twitter. Nick Kellet (NickKellet) on Twitter. Roger von Oech (RogervonOech) on Twitter. Michael Michalko (MichaelMichalko) on Twitter. Mike Brown (Brainzooming) on Twitter. Idea Sandbox (IdeaSandbox) on Twitter. PSFK (PSFK) on Twitter. Please do. alpha.
    [Twitter] Twitter Tip: What is a hashtag (#) on Twitter?
    Lucy asks me a question on Twitter. My Twitter buddy @LucyBakerMakeup asked me a question about hashtags (see above) so here’s a quick #101. When you add a ‘#’ directly in front of a word (or acronym) on Twitter – a link is automatically created. Their popularity has grown organically to become part of Twitter culture and a valuable tool for users. That may be an organised event, TV programme, noteworthy cause, breaking or running news story, or group conversation taking place on Twitter. Social media for social good using a Twitter hashtag.
    [Twitter] How to Grow Your Twitter Audience with Smarter Questions
    I guess we are all finding out that building your Twitter audience and influence isn’t as simple as writing and retweeting kick-ass blog posts. The good news is that the web is littered with strategies for growing your Twitter audience. Which leads me to wonder… Why aren’t bloggers and Twitter ninjas answering more questions? Here’s how solving problems can kick start your Twitter following. For example, gardening enthusiasts can search Twitter for “How to grow (fill in the blank).&#. Click here to view the infographic.
    [Twitter] Paid Media. Meet Social Media: The New Twitter Model
    For three years, many of us skeptics have wondered aloud about the viability of Twitter. Instead, Twitter is taking a page out of the paid media book of tricks -- but with a social twist. Twitter also has a third product called recommended accounts which they plan to dial up over the coming months (beta tests with select brands ran in September). It's this kind of integration that will prevent Twitter from being disintermediated from itself by the ecosystem of tools and clients that have cropped up over the last three years. Will they sell sponsorships?
    [Twitter] Is Twitter Massively Overrated?
    In this thorough study of the media habits of Americans ages 12 and up (conducted annually since 1998), the survey authors have put a statistical fine point on something I’ve been pondering for a while : Is Twitter Massively Overrated? Conversely, despite its position as the darling of celebs, media, and marketers like yours truly, everything measured in the study is more popular than Twitter with the exception of iPad ownership, eBook reader ownership, and location-based services usage. 300% more Americans listen to Pandora radio than use Twitter. Double!
    [Twitter] Dilbert on Using Facebook and Twitter as Marketing Tools
    Tags: Twitter facebook vs twitter social media marketing dilbert dilbert on social media managers dilbert on using facebook and twitter as marketing tools dilbert takes on social media managers twitter vs facebook
    [Twitter] IBM Uses Twitter to Mine “Emotional Big Data”
    IBM is doing research that takes advantage of the emotional content of Twitter posts to create a psychological profile of users. As an example, extroverts usually want rewards and recognition from who they are dealing with, where another personality type might be happy with “just the facts” Not only will Twitter data be used. IBM Uses Twitter to Mine “Emotional Big Data” originally appeared on Jugnoo Blog - Social Media is a Business: Social Media Presence Management under a Creative Commons license.
    [Twitter] Twitter Marketing Gets Easier: Geo-Targeted Tweets
    Brands that have numerous Twitter accounts to handle the different regions they operate in will have another problem on their hands – consolidating all those identities into one profile/account handle for all of their Twitter marketing activity. That’s because a new Twitter tool offered through its API allows brands to target their Tweets to specific geographic locations. Approximately 77% of Twitter users are outside of the U.S., so brands with a focus on global growth will be more inclined to use the ad platform in campaigns that are targeted to specific countries.
    [Twitter] Twitter Advertising Review: Not Ready For Primetime
    And Twitter needs A LOT more time. We’ve recently started to experiment with Twitter Advertising having finally been invited to the platform to see if it could be a viable offering for some of our clients. Twitter’s explanations of who your ads and promoted tweets show up to are very vague as well. Without any real control over what is happening, you’re basically just throwing money at Twitter in hopes that you produce some affordable results. It’s not an easy task to build a platform to accomodate that much data and users. It takes time.
    [Twitter] 10 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers
    In order to get your message out there, you are going to want to find ways to increase your Twitter followers. So what can you do to increase your Twitter followers without having to use any black hat techniques? Following these ten simple action items is a great way to help you start boosting your Twitter activity and increasing your brand’s Social Equity. 1. When Twitter revamped their layout, they added header images. A lot of users leave this area blank, but a creative one can be a big reason why someone decides to follow your profile. Fill out your bio.
    [Twitter] Driving Social Engagement (Part 4) - Using Twitter effectively in your social media marketing
    Our final post in the Driving Social Engagement series will focus on Twitter, and how you can incorporate the appropriate social buttons or social links for your business. Twitter is a social network that allows you to scale followers, amplify conversations, and accelerate engagement with 140 simple characters. If your audience lives on Twitter, growing your follower-base will produce broader distribution of brand and communications, richer conversations, and incremental earned media. Is Twitter right. Tale of the Tape: Twitter. Official Twitter Follow Button.
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