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    [Twitter] Who Really Uses Twitter, and How?
    The Pew Research Center has released the findings (PDF) of their first study focused exclusively on Twitter. According to the report, Twitter is still a niche product used by 8% of U.S. According to the report, some of the demographic groups who demonstrate relatively high levels of Twitter use include: Young adults : Internet users ages 18-29 are significantly more likely to use Twitter than older adults. African-Americans and Latinos : Minority Internet users are more than twice as likely to use Twitter as are white Internet users. Internet users.
    [Twitter] Essential Twitter Tools
    Twitter is an important part of my daily communications and community.  I use it to: Share great resources. But…I have a day job so I can’t spend all day, glued to the Twitter screen, waiting for someone to say something relevant.  So, I rely on a handful of Twitter tools that make it much easier for me to accomplish my goals and cover my day job as well. Let me preface my tool talk with this statement:  Twitter is not about automated conversations between your bot and mine.  It’s about real interactions between real people. Twitter Tool #2: Boxcar.
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    [Twitter] Questioning Why I Still Use Twitter
    Whether we share common backgrounds or if you merely enjoy reading my blog, I want to accept connection invitations from people who satisfy my intellect. I do not know what I want Twitter to represent. I’m experiencing an identity crisis. Twitter used to be very valuable to me. Because I am happily active on Facebook and LinkedIn, I sometimes think about deleting my Twitter account. tried different tactics in recent months to maintain my Twitter attraction but everything failed. They are why my Twitter account did not repeat the past and still exists.
    [Twitter] What Twitter could learn from Facebook Deals
    I know that the comparisons between Facebook and Twitter are not justified. Facebook is really about developing deeper relationships with friends and family whereas Twitter is more about sharing and consuming information with people in a quick and easy fashion. But in 2012 you cannot mention social media without a reference to 1) Facebook and 2) Twitter. But if we’re to compare the adaptive growth of the two over the last few years, Twitter came out of the blocks fast and Facebook has been consistently building major momentum as of late.
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    [Twitter] Sunday Brunch – Twitter As a Marketing Tool
    Today’s question is one that’s been asked a few times, both in the comments of past blog posts as well as online on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. The question is: “How can you use Twitter as a marketing tool?&#. Twitter Chat List. Sunday Brunch – Twitter As a Marketing Tool originally appeared on Danny Brown | Social Media Marketing Blog - The Human Side of Media and the Social Side of Marketing under a Creative Commons license. Sunday Brunch inboxq timely twitter marketingIf you have a question, you can send it in via the form below.
    [Twitter] Facebook vs Twitter
    Tags: Facebook Ads Facebook Advertising Facebook Pages facebook vs twitter facebook versus twitter twitter versus facebook twitter vs facebook
    [Twitter] 4 Ways the Twitter You Know is Changing Forever
    Twitter is on its way to becoming something entirely different. This isn’t a new phenomenon, as Twitter’s first incarnation as short form narcissism gave more than a kernel of truth to the old complaint among non-users that “they didn’t want to know what people had for lunch.” ” Once Oprah gave Twitter her imprimatur, the service crossed the chasm (6 million members before she joined in April, 2009 and 105 million a year later). At that point, Twitter became less about you and more about what’s worthy of attention.
    [Twitter] Twitter and DMCA violations
    A little while ago people were making a fuss about freelance author @RunOlgaRun who noticed a joke she posted on Twitter being shared without credit. She asked Twitter to take it down as a violation of her copyright and they responded by replacing the tweet in violation with the text. BREAKING NEWS: Twitter is hiding tweets reported stolen. It quickly went viral on Twitter and was picked up by a slew of news agencies, including Time magazine and many others as a new revelation of Twitter policy. Social Media in Action TwitterPlagiarism is bad. Be good.
    [Twitter] How to Identify a Twitter Spammer
    View the story "Guess Which Twitter Account is Fake" on Storify ]. Guess Which Twitter Account is Fake. Please continue reading How to Identify a Twitter Spammer and leave a comment if inspired. Related Stories The Purpose of Twitter The Best Blogs to Read in 2013 Facebook LinkedIn Twitter in 2013. Media TwitterScroll through the below tweets. Posted by different accounts, the fact each is the same is proof that each is controlled by the same person. When 34 different people tweet the same message, could all of them be fake? pCherish Huffman. pSau Bass.
    [Twitter] Twitter Engagement and the Empty Promise
    And sometimes, particularly of late, the conversation (engagement) happens on Twitter or Facebook, so its not going to correspond exactly to web traffic.  What if the headline is “8 ways to make 1 million dollars using Twitter&# bet that would get shared. social media Trends Twitter analytics engagement measurementI’m kind’a freaked out. I’m not gonna lie. There’s something stinky go’n on up in here. If you read this blog with any sort of regularity, you know that I like to measure my efforts, especially those of my clients.
    [Twitter] Is Twitter Or Facebook More Influential In The SERPs?
    Todd Mallicoat aka Stuntdubl recently fielded a series of SEO questions on Twitter. Next year, what will effect (sic) SERP’s (sic) more, Twitter or Facebook? Take a look at Twitter, on the other hand. Twitter messages are often returned, both at Google and at Bing, in realtime search. But Twitter doesn’t have anywhere near the influence that Facebook has. Directly, he says, it will be Twitter. With Facebook taking on a direct competitive stance with Google, it will likely never have as much of a direct impact on search results as Twitter.
  • DANNY BROWN  |  MONDAY, MAY 2, 2011
    [Twitter] If Twitter Went Back to the Drawing Board
    On July 15 th 2006 Twitter was officially launched and has since gone on to change the way many of us interact online. As Twitter approaches its 5 th Birthday I thought it would be good to take a look at what it might be like if it was launching in 2011. Read on below to discover my 10 point Twitter wish list. Isn’t it great when you follow someone on Twitter because you want to engage with them and have a conversation, only to find an auto DM coming your way? How about ‘make money online’, ‘get more Twitter followers’ and ‘instant traffic’ for starters?
    [Twitter] Tweetdeck Presence Felt in Twitter Redesign
    As you are likely aware by now, Twitter rolled out a major redesign  and announced brand pages simultaneously. You may remember  Twitter purchased TweetDeck earlier this year, and at the time there was much hand-wringing over what Twitter would do with its new toy. Then, the redesign happened and we have an answer to the question of what Twitter will do with TweetDeck. Harness that team’s ingenuity into making the Twitter site and mobile apps a real choice for power users. Twitter Is Going After 3rd Party Apps.  The answer? What about you? Love it?
    [Twitter] Taking a Peek at Twitter Analytics
    I received an email recently that contained an analysis of a high-profile Silicon Valley executive’s Twitter followers, as performed by PeekAnalytics. Rather than reporting on a third person’s Twitter followers, I thought it might be more interesting (to me, at least) to take a look at a breakdown of my own Twitter followers. It also skews to the age 26-45 bracket, with that demographic accounting for 65% of his Twitter audience. And of course, 100% belong to and use – to at least some degree – Twitter. Twitter analytics They agreed. So what is it?
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    [Twitter] Why Twitter Needs Channels
    Twitter is a wonderful communications tool and while it does many things really well, there are a few things it doesn’t do so well. The Hash Tag evolved as a way for Twitter users to more easily find tweets on a specific topic. Also, while Twitter does nothing to help you filter out unwanted Hash Tags, TweetDeck does have a filter feature, but I’ve never bothered to use it. Finally, while I find setting up searches in Twitter and TweetDeck easy, many people simply do not. How Channels can Benefit Twitter. 2008 TwiTip Twitter Tips. The Problem. Have you?
    [Twitter] 5 Twitter Strategies And Tools To Take Your Branded Account To the Next Level
    If you’ve invested the groundwork necessary to build a Twitter account, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing it actually gain steam. How can you break through a Twitter plateau and take your account to an even greater level of success? Use these these five helpful Twitter tools and strategies to build upon what you have already established. 1) Improve Multimedia With Twitter Cards. highly powerful yet underused optional feature of Twitter is the Twitter card. Hashtags, of course, are essential to getting attention on Twitter.
    [Twitter] How to Nix Twitter Spam
    Back in 2009, I presented and article 4 Steps to Get Rid of Twitter Spam , which had a great response. Here is a follow-up piece that goes into more details about how to nix all possible sources of Twitter spam. Check the Twitter Status Blog. The Twitter Status Blog is the official Twitter source about streaming outages, service issues and spam issues. Any time that you experience a problem with Twitter, it is a good idea to check whether your problem is being experienced by other users and whether Twitter is currently addressing it. Takeaway.
    [Twitter] How to Download and View your Twitter Archive
    On December 19, 2012 Twitter introduced the ability to download your Twitter archive, so you’ll get all your Tweets (including Retweets) going back to the beginning. Once you have your Twitter archive, you can view your Tweets by month, or search your archive to find Tweets with certain words, phrases, hashtags or @usernames. Here is how to download your Twitter archive.  1. Go to Settings and scroll down to the bottom to check for the option to request your Twitter archive. Check for Email from Twitter. Open your Twitter Archive. Go to Settings.
    [Twitter] How Do I Link Facebook and Twitter?
    Home Consulting Products and Workshops Boulder Social Media Training How To Use Twitter To Grow Your Business How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business Sink or Swim Webinar Facebook Tutorial Twitter Tutorial About Grandma Mary Contact me Subscribe How Do I Link Facebook and Twitter? Are you going from Facebook to Twitter or from Twitter to Facebook?  wanted to come out with the definitive guide on what you can do and what you can’t do to link Facebook and Twitter. What you can do is send your Fan Page status updates from Facebook out to Twitter.
  • FIREBELLY  |  MONDAY, JULY 9, 2012
    [Twitter] Twitter’s Simpler Search: 5 Must-Reads
    Here are 5 must-reads on new changes Twitter made to its search functionality we don’t want you to miss. Twitter patches up its search interface. By Rafe Needleman As hinted at in a tweet by Twitter’s Pankaj Gupta last night, Twitter today rolled out an improved search experience. What Twitter’s New Search Features Mean For Google, Third-Party Developers. Things To Note About Twitter’s Upgraded Search. Hands-on with Twitter’s new Simpler Search: Timeline search is a game changer. Simpler search.
    [Twitter] Why Use #Hashtag In Twitter ? - Social Media
    This sign on Twitter is the most known and used: #. Though it may be a little difficult to organize content on Twitter #Hashtag has made it a little simple. Hashtag has made searching on Twitter easy. You will have yourself used the Twitter Hashtag at some point in time while Tweeting. What is your experience with #Hashtag of Twitter? It is called Hashtag. It has made the conversational thread feasible. You can search with # and have other people continue to converse. The Hashtag is put along with a word or phrase.
    [Twitter] 1,200 tweets per second (and other interesting Twitter stats)
    Twitter is growing both in terms of users, messages and the importance that users and others place on the service. In a recent presentation from Raffi Krikorian , Twitter’s lead on Application Services, we got an insight into how Twitter is being used and some current statistics. Twitter generates 10TB a day. Top three twitter-users by number of followers  – @ ladygaga (8.3m) , @ justinbieber (8.1m) , @ barakobama (7.0m). Twitter by the Numbers (Columbia University). Image by ntr23 via Flickr. phenomenal amount of text.
    [Twitter] Social Media Customer Service: Brands Respond More On Twitter
    297% growth in the number of replies brands sent on Facebook and Twitter. 393% growth in the number of replies brands sent on Twitter. 53% of Twitter mentions were responded to…compared with just 16% of Facebook comments and posts. While Facebook still dominates in total volume of comments and posts, Twitter has experienced greater growth as a customer service channel.  In Q4 2011, Conversocial brands made nearly exactly the same number of responses on Facebook as on Twitter — now, brands are responding more on Twitter.
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    [Twitter] Podcast: Social Media, Athletes, Twitter and Google+
    Athletes have taken to social media, specifically Twitter , in droves, using the network as a way to quickly connect with fans and press without traditional media filters. As Twitter became more visible and top celebrities from Hollywood took the network, athletes soon followed - with Shaquille O'Neal being among the first and biggest name to make the service part of his arsenal. Podcast Sports social media Plus TwitterMore: | RSS | E-mail | Cell: 408 646.2759.
    [Twitter] The 2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men Reprise
    Today, Tom Pick ( @TomPick ), Online Marketing Executive at KC Associates , who blogs at his award winning B2B Webbiquity , and I ( @ckburgess – Blue Focus Marketing @BlueFocus360 ) present 50 remarkable men on our 2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men list. These men are indeed using Twitter to rewire and reorient the Web. So, as promised in Tom Pick’s blog, “ 2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Women ”, in honor of mothers, our 2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men now honors fathers. Twitter, not unlike Mother Teresa’s virtues of love, is a delicate ecosystem of real people.
    [Twitter] The Responsibility Of Twitter
    What is Twitter doing to ensure that the information we read and share is accurate? It could well be one of the most important reads about Twitter (and, social media) in a long, long time. The article titled, On Twitter, Sifting Through Falsehoods in Critical Times , looks at many of the false tweets and information that were being floated around on Twitter during Hurricane Sandy. " This is not Twitter. One could argue that Twitter is the publisher and responsible for all content that flows through the channels. Don't blame Twitter. twitter.
    [Twitter] Essential Twitter Cheat Sheet for 2014
    Categories: Blog , How To , Social Media Marketing , Twitter Tags: social media , Twitter , twitter cheat sheet , twitter essentials , twitter lingo Finally! All the Twitter tips, tricks and resources to support your business or brand…all in one place. Check out our essential list of all the Twitter commands, lingo and resources you need to know to make the most of  Twitter in 2014. Blog How To Social Media Marketing Twitter social media twitter cheat sheet twitter essentials twitter lingo
    [Twitter] 10 Practical Twitter Tips for Publishers
    [Twitter] infographic – 2010 Facebook vs Twitter social demographics breakdown
    The Facebook vs twitter 2010 social demographics infographic by Digital Surgeons provides something for all three. Source: digitalsurgeons From a brand perspective it’s interesting to see that on Facebook 40% of their users follow a brand vs Twitter where on 25% of their users does the same. What static from the the Facebook vs twitter 2010 social demographics infographic stands out to you? Facebook Featured Twitter infographics 2010 breakdown digitalsurgeons facebook vs twitter infographic social demographicsWell, at least I do.
    [Twitter] The Secret Behind Twitter And Business Success
    The success a business sees with its Twitter account correlates to how it attracts people to follow and engage with tweets that your company produces. It’s no secret — the more people engage you on Twitter translates into more prospects for your business. Research tells us by simply asking people to follow us on Twitter that increases the likelihood they will do exactly what we want. That means you should use a imperative statement, such as “ Follow me on Twitter.&# An imperative sentence gives advice or instruction that expresses a request or command.
    [Twitter] Who are the most engaging world leaders on Twitter?
    Barack Obama has traditionally been held up as an example of using social media for campaigning and for engaging with people through Twitter, Facebook and other channels. Whilst rankings, numbers and leagues tables only tell part of the story, it is a useful way to begin exploring and understanding how these leaders are using Twitter and which are most engaging. World Leaders on Twitter. This ranking looks at known (and where possible verified) accounts of world leaders on Twitter. But he is not the only world leader to use social media. Tweet This!
    [Twitter] A Walk Through Twitter’s Walled Garden
    Ever since Twitter picked a business model  based on advertising, the company has been emphasizing the importance of creating a “consistent experience” for Twitter users. That’s media company code for “we want to be able to deliver ads to all Twitter users,” no filters or mute buttons allowed , not lose them to a third-party platform. The more Twitter can keep users inside the walled garden of official Twitter apps, the more money it can make. ” First, Twitter needs to build the wall, and that means reining in developers.  .
    [Twitter] Ultimate Guide to Twitter Hashtags
    Home About Us Contact SEJ News PPC SEO Tools Social Links BlueGlass SEO Services Social Media Marketing Pay Per Click Online Reputation Management Content Development Mar 24 2009 Ultimate Guide to Twitter Hashtags What is a Twitter hashtag? Hashtags are getting more and more popular (despite the fact some people are against them wishing their Twitter stream to be metadata-free and “as human a form of communication as possible&# ). Berget I'm using hashtags to promote my ebook on Twitter. hashtag is a way to unite global Tweets around some particular topic.
    [Twitter] On Twitter, Social Listening and Southern Hospitality
    knew a bit about Art, and being a social media geek I looked him up on Twitter as well as the restaurant. Both were on Twitter so I tweeted how excited I was to visit and asked Art what I should try. Here’s Here’s the thread on Twitter through a Storify post. Of course I raved about that on Forkly and Foodspotting and thereby on Facebook and Twitter. If you have a restaurant or any kind of service organization, you need to start listening to Twitter at the very least, right now. Awesome. Here’s a link to the Storify thread. Gosh, really? Oh my. Just wow.
  • PAMORAMA  |  SATURDAY, JUNE 21, 2014
    [Twitter] Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and More
    The team at Vocus has researched the latest and greatest trends in marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Twitter. Implement Twitter cards so that any tweets of your content include applicable visual media. Follow her on Twitter at @pamdyer. Want to get the most out of your social media marketing activities? The world of social media is ever-changing. It’s important to keep current on best practices to ensure that you’re doing all you can to keep your marketing campaigns and initiatives fresh.
  • UNSPOKEN  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 2013
    [Twitter] Building A Real Twitter Community At #SXSW with Nestivity
    We’ve heard it time and time again: Twitter is a great community-building tool. And I agree, in part – there is the potential for Twitter to be a fantastic place for deep, meaningful connections and powerful communities. The Acquity Group studied the behavior of Interbrand’s 2012 Best Retail Brands and found them lacking on Twitter. Nestivity is the first and only community engagement software for Twitter. Beginning immediately, I’m turning my Twitter “newsfeed” into an online community. But it’s not quite there yet.
    [Twitter] Students that Use Twitter Score Higher GPAs
    In a recent study (see infographic from Master Degree Online below)  of 125 students those that used Twitter for educational purposes in the classroom outperformed students using traditional learning methods. Aside from higher GPA’s the Twitter enable students were also 2x more engaged in the classroom. ++ Click to Enlarge Image ++. Featured Statistics Twitter in the Classroom Twitter InfographicVia: Masters Degree Guide.
    [Twitter] 2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Women
    Talking recently with Cheryl Burgess ( @ckburgess ) – partner and CMO at Blue Focus Marketing, a B2B social branding consultancy firm in Bridgewater, New Jersey; 2011 & 2010 winner of the Twitter Shorty Awards in Marketing; and author of the Blue Focus Marketing Blog – we were both struck by how many of the same people we know through social media (and we both learned about some interesting new people to follow as well). One source of inspiration was Twitter’s Top 75 Badass Women by Diana Adams ( @adamsconsulting ) and Amy D. What is it? Amber Buhl.
    [Twitter] Social Networking Stats: Twitter Tops 200 Million Monthly Active Users, #RLTM Scoreboard
    Twitter: over 500 million users. Twitter Tops 200 Million Monthly Active Users. Twitter recently topped 200 million monthly active users, according to a tweet by the company’s @twitter account – and is seeing 400 million tweets per day. There are now more than 200M monthly active @ twitter users. — Twitter (@twitter) December 18, 2012. ” In March, Twitter will celebrate its seventh birthday – will the platform be able to sustain this growth rate? Social Media Statistics social networking statistics Twitter
    [Twitter] 51% of Twitter Users Think Your Customer Service Stinks
    I was reading the Martiz Research report on customer service and Twitter (thanks to Jay Baer for his post about the study) and I realized that despite the fact there were plenty of good statistics… We may have missed a valid point. The study shines a glaring light over companies who are ignoring Twitter as a customer service model. Jay points out that 70% of companies ignore customer service on Twitter. . Yes, 70% of companies ignoring customer complaints on Twitter is disgusting. twitterThis happened to me recently. Three things to remember: 1.
  • MR. RYAN CONNORS  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 2013
    [Twitter] The Quick And Easy Guide To: Twitter For Business
    Twitter can be a brilliant tool when you run a business to get your message heard and your business name ‘out there’. However, for those of you who haven’t quite got up to speed in the Social Media rat race, the ever expanding world of Tweeting can be extremely confusing for those wanting to start pushing out their business onto Twitter. Set Up Your Twitter Account. First of all, the obvious part, Set up your Twitter account for your business. If you haven’t set up a Twitter before, you’ll be shown how to do it all this step by step guide, so don’t panic!
    [Twitter] Breaking All Of Twitter's Rules
    Is there a sure-fire way to be successful using Twitter ? Business books, Blog posts, magazine articles, tumblr feeds, newspaper articles, TV news segments and yes, even tweets, have been written about what it takes for both individuals and brands to be successful on Twitter. Allow me to sum up some of the more commonly-held recommendations for Twitter success: Get in early. Evan Williams (co-founder of Twitter) joined in March of 2006. can't imagine what it would be like to join Twitter today in an attempt to grow an audience. twitter. twitter famous.
    [Twitter] How Twitter Celebrities Monetize Their Accounts
    While some members of the old media might brush off the idea that companies would be willing to pay a price for a short 140-character message sent via Twitter, the reality is that not only celebrities but also influential Tweeps are able to cash in big bucks for promoting products they use, cars they drive and place they go. Snoop Dogg promoting Mafia Wars on Twitter. Here’s an example of how Twitter celebrities monetize their accounts. One of the ways that influencers can promote products and services is through Twitter. How much do you think a tweet is worth?
    [Twitter] 6 Ways to Get Noticed By People on Twitter
    It’s been a year and a few days since I first joined Twitter. knew Twitter was up and coming and rapidly gaining in popularity. For that reason I chose to write my diploma thesis about Twitter as a tool for Relationship Marketing. Being new to Twitter sucks because you need to build an audience that helps you spread the word. It’s a lot to take in and a lot to handle for a Twitter newbie. message them on Twitter. In that respect, Twitter is no different to real life. Twitter allows you to approach them. thought it was useless. Be yourself.
    [Twitter] Twitter for companies
    This is a cool info graphic with some interesting statistics about Twitter and how French businesses use it. Twitter for companies infographic. Twitter Engagement Cheat Sheet [Infographic]. How to change your Twitter Name [video]. Headline Social Media Twitter infographic Related posts: Pinterest for business. The social customer. Wikipedia rules the waves. Click here to start to receive my newsletter. PLEASE LIKE  MY FACEBOOK PAGE. Related articles. The One Infographic About the Digital Revolution You Need to Understand.
    [Twitter] Five Tips for Holding a Twitter Chat that Doesn’t Suck
    Twitter is an excellent venue for sharing news with fans and followers, promoting products and businesses, and supporting worthy causes. To that end, Twitter chats are becoming increasingly popular as a way to build brand awareness and extend networks. Twitter chat is brought together by a common hashtag, open to anyone who wants to participate, and is typically scheduled at a specific time. Five Tips for Holding a Twitter Chat that Doesn’t Suck. Follow in others’ footsteps (or tweets).   We often learn best by example, and Twitter is no exception.
    [Twitter] What the role of Twitter is, and isn’t, during #londonriots
    Certain sections of the UK media have been ascribing some blame for the riots in London to Twitter. Aside from denying that riots such as this happened long before the invention of such social media tools, such statements also show a lack of real understanding of how social media tools like Twitter are used by people, and when they are less useful. There are many things that Twitter can and is doing during the riots, but there are also many things that it can’t and isn’t. Twitter IS NOT a good place to get a clear view of what is really happening.
  • MR. RYAN CONNORS  |  FRIDAY, JULY 26, 2013
    [Twitter] 7 Things Never (Ever) To Do On Twitter
    If you’re using Twitter as a business , it’s easy to forget your responsibility to remain professional. Twitter, by design, removes all the pretense and formality from client-to-business interaction which can be a great thing for your company… but it can also have its consequences. Branding yourself or your company using Twitter isn’t difficult, but there are a few landmines you need to be aware of before you ever begin. Think of Twitter like a bar. Never use Twitter only as a sales tool. What’s the most annoying thing people do on Twitter?
    [Twitter] Kenneth Cole Demonstrates How Not to Use Twitter
    We interrupt your regularly scheduled #FollowFriday to bring you the Kenneth Cole Twitter fiasco. No matter how many people are talking about you. I’m not going to give Kenneth Cole a lesson in crisis driven by something stupid said on Twitter. Social Media Twitter cairo Crisis habitat kenneth cole social media crisisTypically I would wait until Monday to write about it, but it’s unfolding as I write this and it’s too important to wait. Plus…it’s a PR nightmare and you all know how much I love a good crisis! But, first. Turns out there was.
    [Twitter] Twitter’s Biz Stone speaks at CIRA’s AGM
    domain, held its annual general meeting and symposium in Ottawa, and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone was the closing keynote speaker. He told the crowd made up of Internet geeks, social media enthusiasts and business professionals about how Twitter was born in 2006.  At the time his business associates weren’t convinced of the usefulness of a tool that would let friends communicate through only short text messages. But Twitter was launched anyway, and before long there was a steady stream of users signing up. Twitter’s co-founder Biz Stone to pen book.
    [Twitter] 4 Reasons Why You Must Stop Using Auto DMs On Twitter
    Because YOU look like Bender when you use auto DMs after a follow on Twitter. asked on Twitter what people thought about auto DMs after a follow and there is a strong consensus that people need to stop doing them. Here are the 4 reasons why you must stop using auto DMs on Twitter. 1. Somebody took the effort to read your tweet, take a look at your Twitter bio, and make the decision of following you. Tags: 4 Reasons Why You Must Stop Using Auto DMs On Twitter Twitter twitter marketing what Twitter users want bender Auto DMs are artificial.
    [Twitter] Flutter: The New Twitter
    Today’s YouTube Tuesday video is the Flutter: The New Twitter mockumentary. Sometimes 140 characters is just too long; nano-blogging is the next big thing. Video URL: [link] ]. What can you say with only 26 characters?
    [Twitter] Funny Google Search: ‘I Don’t Get Twitter’
    Do you get Twitter? Apparently, “I don’t get Twitter&# is a popular search query. guess that means that a lot of people have heard of Twitter and tried it, but then went away scratching their heads. Are there really that many people who do get Twitter? Are you one of those people who just don’t get Twitter? It’s not a crime not to get Twitter. Social Media google search TwitterEvidently, a lot of people don’t. know this because a screenshot on this WebProNews article told me so. Yep, Google Search tried to help me.
    [Twitter] 5 Attention Grabbing Twitter Marketing Tactics for Non-profits
    Twitter is perhaps one of the fastest-moving social platforms. With hundreds of thousands of tweets being shared every day, maintaining visibility and driving engagement become key challenges for most Twitter marketers. The quality of content you share and the frequency of your posting activities are two important factors that determine the amount of engagement you’re able to drive on Twitter, or any other social channel for that matter. Get your team involved in your Twitter campaigns. So, there’s no doubting the power of Twitter!
    [Twitter] How To Write The Perfect Twitter Bio
    Writing your Twitter bio may be the most complicated thing about Twitter. However, just mindlessly writing your Twitter bio may do you more harm than good in terms of followers, and people who actually can find your Twitter account. Your Twitter bio is not a grocery list. For example, my Twitter bio used to say: Butler University. Not really.  If you are not sure whether you fall into this trap, then why not check out the Twitter Bio Generator. Use keywords and consider adding hashtags to your Twitter bio. Blog Twitter SPELL CHECK!
    [Twitter] How Twitter Amplifies a Customer Attack
    Were he speaking it today, he might refer instead to Twitter. Twitter is the enigma of social networks. The hash tag (#), which was created by the Twitter community to help bring order to the service’s inherent chaos, has become one of the Internet’s most powerful organizing and amplification tools. It’s helped Twitter become a core utility for arranging everything from book signings to mass protests.  It’s also established the popular microblog service as a prime channel for customer complaints and a favored tool of the critics we call “Casual Complainers.”
    [Twitter] Is the Twitter RT irrelevant?
    Do we still need to extend the quaint courtesy of letting people know where we found a link from another Twitter user? There are now over 200 million Twitter accounts (not all active), with think the retweet, aka RT (in both its informal and official forms), has run its course.
    [Twitter] How to Leverage the New Twitter Partnership with Google
    Image via On February 4, Bloomberg broke the news about a deal between Google and Twitter , allowing tweets to appear in Google’s search results as soon as they are posted. In today’s post, I am going to delve more deeply into this topic, as it’s big news for people who are active in Twitter, or who are actively implementing SEO. Currently, Google must crawl Twitter to obtain the content within tweets. If Google were to try to crawl Twitter frequently enough to discover breaking news or to index tweets when they are really fresh (i.e.,
  • FIREBELLY  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 2012
    [Twitter] If Twitter Would Have Been Invented In The 80s
    This week, however… …we’re exploring what Twitter would have looked like if it had been invented in the 80s. Last week we imagined if Facebook were invented in the 90s. Video URL: [link] ].
  • MINDJUMPERS  |  FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2011
    [Twitter] Twitter Has Acquired Tweetdeck
    Tweet Tuesday this week, the deal between Twitter and Tweetdeck was sealed. There have been rumours of the acquisition for several months now, but finally it was made official: Tweetdeck will be joining Twitter. Tweetdeck has so far existed as one of the leading third-party Twitter desktop applications. It provides a dashboard for monitoring and organizing your Twitter profile and feeds. Last year, Twitter also acquired Atebits , who were behind the application called Tweetie, for both iPhone, iPad and Mac. Similar Posts: MingleBird – The Next Big Thing?
    [Twitter] 80% of Twitter’s Ad Revenue Comes From Mobile
    Twitter just announced its first quarter earnings report for 2014, with impressive gains in advertising: total revenue grew 119% year-over-year, with 90% of those earnings coming from advertising. Not too surprising, since  78% of Twitter’s total monthly active users are now on mobile ( VentureBeat ). Twitter added 14 million monthly active users, and only 3 million of those in the U.S.  To compare total numbers, Facebook has 202 million monthly users in the U.S. vs. Twitter’s 57 million. However, user growth was disappointing for the platform.
    [Twitter] Hey, Twitter: I Want My Realtime Search. (And I Want It Now.)
    Twitter’s been making all kinds of announcements about enhancements to Twitter mobile. ” “Now with Twitter Cards , so you can see the story from an official news organization right in your Twitter stream!” ” But none of these announcements bring back the one feature that I really miss, and which should be a core part of the Twitter experience: realtime search. When I first learned about Twitter, I was smitten.  I started tweeting like a madwoman. I have spent countless hours using Twitter’s realtime search.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 22, 2011
    [Twitter] Fifteen Ways to Use Twitter to Build an Army of Adoring Journalists
    spent 10 years as a reporter in the BT (Before Twitter) era. Now as a social media strategist and public relations professional, I’ve found Twitter to be my primary and most successful method of building and maintaining relationships with reporters. One public relations agency I work with even grew out of a connection made on Twitter. consider Twitter the tool that delivers tangible value in great gulps, so long as you commit to it for a year. How to Find Journalists on Twitter. Find the reporters by searching through Muckrack or Media on Twitter.
    [Twitter] Is Twitter For Bullies?
    It’s not because it disagrees with my sensibilities (though it does), nor because I have a particular affection for Twitter (though I do). The author has a Twitter account , I’ll grant him that, but by the looks of it, doesn’t actually engage with anyone. However, the article that is the centrepiece of my annoyance on this rather chilly Melbourne morning pans those who tweeted during the show, describing it as bullying, and decrying Twitter as the playground of Internet trolls and anonymous haters. Image: Shareski via Flickr, CC 2.0. Alas, I’m getting ahead of myself.
    [Twitter] Can Google+ rival Facebook and Twitter? Some initial thoughts
    Early feedback suggests that from a user perspective, Google+ is getting some things right, but is not yet a solid package or a true rival to Facebook or Twitter. Why not allow me to connect using Twitter and Facebook to pull in feeds from both? Hamid Sirhan Social media news Bing Circles facebook FreshNetworks Google Google Plus Hangouts Microsoft MSN Skype social media Spark TwitterGoogle+'s features - Home, Circles, Sparks, Hangouts, Photos and Huddle. It’s too early to tell whether or not Google+ , the company’s challenger to Facebook, will find success.
    [Twitter] March 2012: Ottawa’s Twitter top 20
    The tables below are meant to  illustrate how being popular (Grader) on Twitter doesn’t necessarily mean you have influence (TweetLevel).   Here’s how the Twitter top 20 is compiled: Only real humans are included (no brands, no publishers etc). Twitter Popularity ( Grader ). Twitter Influence ( TweetLevel ). 1. Related posts: February 2012: Ottawa’s Twitter top 20. November 2011: Ottawa’s Twitter top 20. October 2011: Ottawa’s Twitter top 20. September 2011: Ottawa’s Twitter top 20. phdinparenting. 1.
    [Twitter] 6 Twitter Do’s for Business
    Today we’re keeping it simple with some tactical suggestions on using Twitter for business. Tactics Twitter social media advice small business suggestionsIt isn’t that this list is complete or even that it ever will be. I’ve just.
    [Twitter] Why people don’t want to follow you on Twitter or Like you on Facebook
    When brands struggle on Facebook or Twitter it is usually because they haven’t thought through what is in it for the people they are engaging. Customer engagement Matt Rhodes Social media Social networks facebook FreshNetworks social media TwitterThis morning I presented on the importance of remembering the people involved in social media – who you are engaging and what they want from you. It is easy as a brand to decide how you want to use social media, and what you want people to do. If you don’t they probably won’t want to follow or Like you. Tweet This!
    [Twitter] How to deal with Twitter overwhelm
    By the way, (d) is not a valid reason to following someone on Twitter, especially if you have no interest in them and they tweet nonsense. Activate the Twitter filter feature! The best way to filter your Twitter stream is with Twitter lists. Remember, if you want to be keep your eye on the Twitter gold and build a great community you’ll want to get your stream organised. Are you drowning in tweets? In the beginning, when you’re following 50+ people (which isn’t a lot), it’s tempting to read every single tweet that comes in to your stream. Handy.
    [Twitter] 19 Twitter Best Practices That Show the Real You
    You may not know I curate a Twitter list that includes over 300 social media managers and marketing professionals at some of the world’s most well-known organizations. joined Twitter 6 years (and 32,951 tweets) ago today. Thanks to Twitter & my Twitter friends for six always interesting years. Related Stories 13 Words of the Day By My Bouncy Twitter Followers My Social Networking Primer in 2014 Analyzing AriHerzogDotCom: Day 2. Media Strategy Twitter frequently peruse the list to get inspiration. The below tweets are pure and unfiltered.
  • ABSOLUTE PA  |  FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2012
    [Twitter] Free Webinar: Unlock Your Twitter Brilliance
    There are some people who are officially ‘in the know’ They include: people who have joined my Twitter Brilliance priority list. When I speak to clients and other small business owners about Twitter, I hear the same issues crop up! And, the thing is Twitter isn’t hard! Which is why I want to share my secrets to help you unlock your Twitter brilliance. Stick this date in your diary if you want to join me and learn: the 3 stumbling blocks most entrepreneurs face when using Twitter that prevent them from achieving results. Free Webinar! See it?
    [Twitter] Find How Many Fake Twitter Followers You Have
    Home > Twitter Status People is a Twitter tool which will help you find fake Twitter followers for any Twitter profile in minutes! Status People allows you to enter a twitter account name and will find the number of fake followers, inactive twitter followers and good active followers. Fake Twitter followers. We logged in via Twitter and tested our @qot followers and found we have 5% fake followers, 18% inactive followers and 77% active followers. These numbers seems reasonable enough for most genuine Twitter profiles. Twitter
    [Twitter] Facts About Consumer Behaviour on Twitter [Study]
    Tweet In a recent study made by Constant Contact and research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey , some useful findings have been made about Twitter users. What is especially interesting to emphasize from this study, is that people who follow brands on Twitter are more likely to both buy and recommend the products of these brands. Earlier, we have mentioned that the revenue generated by a Twitter follower is higher than cost per follower , and also referred to an infographic about what’s trending at Twitter. Twitter users = frequent online users. infographic].
    [Twitter] 5 Reasons Getting News Via Twitter Is All You Need
    Instead I am consuming all the news I am interested in from my Twitter stream day in day out. The World is a good place – Twitter tells me that. One major reason I think Twitter is all you need, is because I got sick of the negativity in the news. It is that Twitter offers me a chance to learn about the great things others are up to. Robert Scoble once said he likes to watch his Twitter stream, because it tells him what will come up on the news a few hours later on TechCrunch and other pundit sites. You are part of the news on Twitter. The best part?
  • MR. RYAN CONNORS  |  MONDAY, MAY 20, 2013
    [Twitter] 5 Social Media Tools to Manage Your Twitter Account
    Twitter is considered perfect social media platform to generate possible leads between businesses and target market. There are many twitter tools, which can help you to manage your account effectively. Here are five important social media tools , which can help you manage your twitter  account. Twitscoop’s user interface is similar to twitter, however you don’t need reload any page each time when you click something. HootSuite allows users to manage multiple social accounts such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. By Alisia, Marketing Expert. Twitscoop.
    [Twitter] The Twitter Test
    I've been thinking a lot about Twitter lately. Beyond Twitter's dramatic growth and the buzz that still surrounds it, it's becoming an increasingly important place to be because as people used to " Google " one another to find out what they're about, you may note that a Twitter profile ranks fairly close to the top of the organic search results. Twitter is like a real-time resume. It's harder to to do that in real-time and when you consider how Twitter is best played in terms of engagement. The Twitter Test. Do The Twitter Test often.
    [Twitter] Teens on Social Networks: Facebook Wins, But Twitter Is Narrowing the Gap
    A recent Piper Jaffray survey of American teens revealed that Facebook is still the most popular social network among this age group – but Twitter is following close behind. Teens were asked to rank social networks in order of preference (from 1 to 3) from a list including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn. Twitter was first choice for 2,118. The results for second-choice votes were more surprising: Twitter (1,874) and Instagram (1,680) both outranked Facebook (1,580) when it came to second-choice votes ( Mashable ).
    [Twitter] How to Use the New Twitter Analytics Dashboard
    What if Twitter launched the most awesome analytics dashboard and no one really noticed? So here are some insights into Twitter’s new analytics platform: Twitter Analytics Dashboard. Read the whole entry. » Social Media Strategy activity analytics dashboard engagements impressions insights social media social media management social media strategy tool twitter Well, that’s pretty much what happened over a month ago. I’ve been waiting for the posts that detail how much you can get from the tool and the different types of analysis you can perform.
    [Twitter] You know what Twitter needs to Fix?
    Twitter needs to empower it’s users and allow them to take advantage of a new bio design and not one that was cool when Twitter first launched 5 years ago. TwitterI know, it’s a loaded question but it’s simple really. It’s the one area that needs attention and really hasn’t received much of it. See if you can figure out. apologize for using my page as the example. The Bio section. Right? Since we have the ability to publish content across multiple social platforms at once, perhaps we should see what networks one is a part of. What do you think?
  • HARP SOCIAL  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 2014
    [Twitter] 5 Big Twitter Changes, New Facebook Right-Hand Rail Ads & “Pin It” Explores New Platforms | Social Media Snapshot
    Categories: Blog , Facebook , Instagram , Pinterest , Social Media Marketing , Twitter Tags: Facebook , Instagram , instant twitter notifications , Pinterest , right hand column ads , right hand rail ads , social media , Social Media Snapshot , Twitter , Twitter profile changes Catch up on the need-to-know changes and updates in social media that affect your business and brand…all in one place.
  • LOUIS GRAY  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 12, 2011
    [Twitter] Popular Links from Your Twitter Friends
    Many services have emerged to help find you the most interesting shared content from products like Twitter , based on your own interests, those of the community or the world at large. An interesting one is called Strawberry Jam , a project backed by Hettema & Bergsten , which scans links from those you follow on Twitter and finds the content most frequently shared from your own social circle. If done well, you can essentially slice and dice the Twitter stream to make sure your friends are providing you the best from the real time Web. Twitter Relevance
    [Twitter] 7 Ways to Network On Twitter
    Twitter has grown by leaps and bounds. Whether you want to grow your business or connect with people to land a job, Twitter is a great social networking site that every professional should be using. Taking the time to enhance the Twitter experience of other users can actually make you a more popular Twitter user. The following are seven ways to network on Twitter. Use Twitter to connect with others without Tweeting about difficult topics, such as politics. What you say on Twitter should be something you’re not afraid to say anywhere else.
    [Twitter] 22 Twitter revenue streams – monetizing tweets
    Two, how can Twitter make money? Question two comes from Question one (in part) - if Twitter doesn’t find a way for us to show we value it, it will fold/go under/dead pool, and that would be a shame. . Anyway, I thought I would play around with Twitter business models, given the current interest in premium sponsored tweets in Search (and later timeline) on Twitter (see Fastcompany for more) . Customer Pays Twitter . Would it work for Twitter? Twitter cards (like iTunes) anyone? Would that work on Twitter? mets Twitter.
    [Twitter] Tweet All The Twitters [pic]
    Some days you just need to tweet all the Twitters. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Tweet All The Twitters [pic]. Social Media humor TwitterRight? Off with you. Have a great weekend! Author information Shonali Burke President & Grand Poobah at Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc. Founder and publisher of Waxing UnLyrical, Shonali Burke is President & CEO of Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc. Based in the Washington, D.C., area, she loves helping for- and non-profit clients, both small and large, turn corporate codswallop into community cool™.
    [Twitter] Social Media Shitdiots and Hijacking the Toronto Police #RIDE Hashtag on Twitter
    Over on Twitter, Toronto police are using the #RIDE hashtag to counter drunk driving this holiday period. You’d think it’s a great use of Twitter, and an important topic to be aware of, especially at this time of year. And the ironic part is that usually the drunk driver walks away without any injury… The reason used by some of the Twitter users, like Trevor Algar  and Justin Tutay , is they want police to “stop abusing their powers.” Here’s Insights Social Media hashtag abuse twitter #RIDEOr racial profiling.
    [Twitter] Help Me Choose a New Twitter Name!
    As part of that process, I also need to pick a new Twitter name, since @LevelTen_Colin just won’t cut it anymore. Featured General Social Media account name personal branding twitterTweet For those who don’t know, I’m starting a new gig soon. Lessons Learned. Skip to the bottom if you just want to vote! Over two years ago, when I first created the account the idea was to help create an official presence for LevelTen on social media channels, where there wasn’t one previously. calsheimer was thrown by the wayside in favor of the company branded account.
    [Twitter] 7 Twitter Mistakes You Need to Avoid
    Twitter has become one of the most popular social media platforms used by celebrities, friends, musicians, politicians, entrepreneur, big brands, and small businesses. However, whether you’re a novice on Twitter or recently signed up for an account, there are mistakes you should avoid making on the platform. If you’re looking to build a brand for yourself or your business, it’s important to use Twitter appropriately. Are you making any of the following Twitter mistakes? Consistency is extremely important when it comes to Twitter. Twitter
    [Twitter] How to get Twitter Followers – Part 1
    Like so many businesses out there, perhaps you've opened a Twitter account for your brand or business and have gained a handful of followers but aren't really sure how to grow your following or what to do next. With a little effort, you can take your Twitter account from stark anonymity to massive popularity. Follow these tips and take your Twitter account to the next level of marketing. Blog How To Twitter best twitter tools social media twitter management tools twitter toolkit Twitter toolsThis is part 1 in a 3-part series.
    [Twitter] Best Practices – Twitter for Business [Resources]
    There are plenty of business owners who open a Twitter account and give it a shot for a few days, sort of. Twitter can be a fantastic tool to build business and relationship. Here are some great resources on how to build your business presence on Twitter. The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Marketing This is an in-depth resource of articles from some engaging experts, organized by Twitter topic. Simple and Powerful Ways to Get More ReTweets (RTs) on Twitter Jeff Bullas might get more RTs than anyone in the Twitterverse. Great resource! Social Media
    [Twitter] Using Your Twitter Profile for Link Building
    Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms on the web today and a great portal for catching up on the latest in any industry news, for sharing information and promoting your personal or business profile. To start with, you need to follow a couple of really simple steps in order to maximize on your Twitter link building efforts. Once your Twitter profile is optimized for building links, you’re well on your way to making this idea come to life. Sites for Twitter Link Building. Twitter Grader. Setting up the Framework. Now for the fun stuff!
    [Twitter] Social Networking Stats: Active Usage Drops For Facebook and Twitter, #RLTM Scoreboard
    Twitter: 255 million monthly active users. Active Usage Drops For Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn and Twitter’s active usage dropped 3%. Social Media Statistics Facebook GlobalWebIndex Google Pinterest social networking statistics social networking stats Tumblr Twitter Youtube The #RLTM Scoreboard: Social Networking Stats for the Week. Facebook: 1.23 billion monthly active users. via  Facebook. YouTube. over 1 billion monthly unique users. via  YouTube. via  VentureBeat. Qzone: 599 million monthly active users. via  TechCrunch. via  The Next Web. via  VK.
    [Twitter] Crowd source your next cup of coffee with Twitter
    What’s been even more interesting than that it works though is that Johnathan and his friends built some graphing apps to upload the progress of the card to a special Twitter stream just for the card at @Johnathanscard (over 3600 followers to date) with up to the minute balances and it’s pretty cool seeing how it flows. He even shares the code for doing it with the Twitter API calls on his site in case you want to do something similar. The graph below was pulled from the last two hours of his Twitter stream and shows an update every minute.
    [Twitter] 7 Steps To Hosting Successful Twitter Chats
     . Tweet Chat is understood to be a virtual meeting where people gather on twitter to discuss a certain topic. There are two options of running a twitter chat; one can opt to host a onetime Tweet Chat or once a week. Steps To Hosting Successful Twitter Chats is a post from Mr Ryan Connors Blog. Business Marketing Strategies and Tactics Social Media Technology tweet chat Twitter Chats It can be used by companies to engage with clients, workers or their audience at a personal level. Step 1: Monitoring other chats and filling the void. Don’t forget the #hashtag!
  • LOUIS GRAY  |  FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2011
    [Twitter] Topify to Go Dark as Twitter Claims Another Dev Victim
    Back in 2009, Topify emerged with detailed Twitter follower notifications , which made the service useful at a time when Twitter's own notifications were text only and didn't provide any information about the user. Created by Ouriel Ohayon and Arik Fraimovich, the app made it easy to send direct messages through email replies and bumped up its feature set later in the year to include follower details in the subject of the messages after Twitter similarly went to detailed HTML in their own updates. Topify API TwitterAn unhappy notice from an unhappy developer.
    [Twitter] 9 Social Media Marketing Twitter Chats You Shouldn’t Miss
    Twitter chats can be a great way to solicit (and share) social media marketing advice. The fast-paced nature of Twitter chats can make it difficult to keep up. The post 9 Social Media Marketing Twitter Chats You Shouldn’t Miss appeared first on Firebelly | Social Media Marketing & Management Company. Social Media Marketing TwitterHere is a list of my nine favorites that I think you’ll enjoy too! BLOGCHAT. What: Different blogging topics are discussed each week. Learn more ]. CONTENTCHAT. Learn more ]. SOCIALCHAT. Learn more ]. INFLUENCERCHAT.
    [Twitter] Buffer Review – My Favorite Time Saving Twitter Tool
    As I recently mentioned in my BlogWorld recap , I met Leo Widrich , one of the guys behind the Buffer App for Twitter sharing. Now as many of you might know, I’m a huge fan of HootSuite for my Twitter management needs. If the bookmarklet isn’t enough, you can also use Buffer directly in Twitter using the Chrome extension. This will put a Buffer call right in your Twitter stream when you’re looking at your home feed, someone’s profile, Twitter lists, or any other tweets. My Twitter Strategy. Social Media Buffer HootSuite twitter
  • LOUIS GRAY  |  SUNDAY, JUNE 5, 2011
    [Twitter] New Chrome Extension Lets You +1 Tweets on Twitter
    As Twitter's Web site becomes more versatile, has become a target for innovative development for developers looking to bring more functionality to users, including my6sense's relevance tab which we introduced in February , and t he word filter posted by Mike Grace , tapping the Kynetx platform. Seth goes into detail on his post explaining how the +1 extension works, and how he needs to wait for the entire Twitter page to load before displaying the +1 buttons, while also explaining some shortcomings that apply to polling for new tweets in the timeline. Go get it.
    [Twitter] Top Creatives To Follow On Twitter
    We’re assembling a list of the top creatives and creativity experts to follow on Twitter. Top Creatives On Twitter. Top Creatives On Twitter. Harry Hoover (MyCreativeTeam) on Twitter. Michael J Gelb (MichaelJGelb) on Twitter. Sean Kelly (SeanKellyStudio) on Twitter. Nick Kellet (NickKellet) on Twitter. Roger von Oech (RogervonOech) on Twitter. Michael Michalko (MichaelMichalko) on Twitter. Mike Brown (Brainzooming) on Twitter. Idea Sandbox (IdeaSandbox) on Twitter. PSFK (PSFK) on Twitter. Please do. alpha.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 2012
    [Twitter] Twitter Is Not Easier Than Blogging
    " People think that Blogging takes a lot of time and just blasting out a tweet on Twitter or updating a Facebook page is much easier. Here's a truism: It's not about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or your blog. As someone who follows a lot of brands in the many channels that they can now play, it's safe for me to say that brands that sucked at blogging are sucking at Twitter and Facebook too. Yes, it's obvious, Facebook and Twitter lets a brand be more agile, but if you have nothing to be agile about, it's all for nothing. Is Twitter really easier than Blogging?
  • TWITIP  |  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30, 2011
    [Twitter] Why Twitter Lists are Less Effective
    Twitter introduced the concept of lists about 16 months ago to enable the manual grouping of people into categories. Searching for the keyword apples, for instance, you can read Twitter biographies of the 491 people who someone added to a list about honeycrisp apples. Any Twitter user can create his or her own list, or follow an existing list — such as the above one about apples. Do I look at twitter all day long? 2008 TwiTip Twitter Tips. Why Twitter Lists are Less Effective. People Twitter Tips Tools Twitter Twitter Lists unfollow unfollowing
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