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    [Twitter] Building Links With Twitter
    Rand Fishkin, in his Whiteboard Friday post last Friday, shared eight ways you can build links with Twitter. Only, none of these methods actually provide you with a link from Twitter. They are really ways that you can use Twitter to acquire links from other sources, which isn’t the same as saying that you are link building through Twitter. Nevertheless, these are all powerful ways to use Twitter to build some inbound links to your website. Well, you can get links directly from Twitter, but will they be do-follow or no-follow? The top X list.
    [Twitter] How to Protect Privacy on Twitter
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    [Twitter] 5 Best Practices to Build Your Twitter Following
    So, your company is on Twitter. That’s great, but unfortunately Twitter isn’t The Field of Dreams, and if you build it (or set up an account) followers won’t always come. What does it take to get some love from the Twitter-sphere? On Twitter,  75 million users generate 140 million tweets  per day. 92% of RTs on Twitter  happen with the first hour and 97% of @mentions responding to a Tweet occur within that same time period. What’s a better way to connect with the 170 million users on Twitter than searching for a simple hashtag related to your industry?
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    [Twitter] How to Get Ignored on Twitter
    Twitip Getting more out of twitter Follow 102,289 followers Subscribe 20,083 subscribers starters guide getting followers tools tips business people news add a tip Jared OToole @jaredotoole Founder of How to Get Ignored on Twitter 53 Twitter is a great tool for people and business but many still use it wrong or just have no clue what’s going on. I’m guessing most people don’t want to get ignored on twitter. So here are some things that will get people to ignore you on twitter! If you’ve been on twitter then you have.
    [Twitter] Twittering Media List On
    'Twittering Media Outlets. Buzz Journalism News Newspapers Online Print Media TV Twitter twittering journalists journalism media relations news print media social media twitter View more lists from Harry W. Hoover. Other Posts You Might Like Using As Part Of A Content Marketing Strategy LinkedIn Company Page Update You Are Your Company’s Biggest Internal Communications Problem Zemanta.
    [Twitter] Retuning your Twitter dials
    Skip to content The Cube Home About us Speaking/Training Contact us Pitch us Subscribe Retuning your Twitter dials 22/09/2010 tags: reducing Twitter noise , Twitter by Gemma Went Photo by Mr Thinktank I went through a lengthy process last week. My Twitter streams had become populated by a few over sharers and I was missing out on important updates from people I’m keen to connect with. needed to make the most of one of my favourite Twitter friends. How do you manage your Twitter dials? decided to rethink how I listen to people. The list. Winner.
    [Twitter] Twitter is Dead
    Twitter is dead. could make the same comparisons about Facebook, but for the sake of this post, I’m sticking with Twitter. Tags: Blog General Social Media Technology Facebook Furby media MySpace Old Media spam spammers Twitter Yes, and I have to say it. It has been my experience that as soon as something, anything, hits mainstream and is “talked up&# all the time in the media means it is on the [.].
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    [Twitter] Social Marketing: Is Instagram Bigger Than Twitter?
    Seems like Instagram had grown so much, it is about to surpass Twitter in the number of average unique users , something that the execs at Twitter concern themselves about. Subscriber growth has been flat and even though ad revenues have been robust, Twitter is trying to make the platform more appealing and “user friendly” for social marketing purposes. The reaction by Twitter seems to have been to broaden the appeal of the product to the masses.  ” – -  Twitter is Killing Itself. 'Nielsen:  Tops of 2013. million. That
    [Twitter] How Do I Link Facebook and Twitter?
    Home Consulting Products and Workshops Boulder Social Media Training How To Use Twitter To Grow Your Business How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business Sink or Swim Webinar Facebook Tutorial Twitter Tutorial About Grandma Mary Contact me Subscribe How Do I Link Facebook and Twitter? Are you going from Facebook to Twitter or from Twitter to Facebook?  wanted to come out with the definitive guide on what you can do and what you can’t do to link Facebook and Twitter. What you can do is send your Fan Page status updates from Facebook out to Twitter.
    [Twitter] How to Download and View your Twitter Archive
    On December 19, 2012 Twitter introduced the ability to download your Twitter archive, so you’ll get all your Tweets (including Retweets) going back to the beginning. Once you have your Twitter archive, you can view your Tweets by month, or search your archive to find Tweets with certain words, phrases, hashtags or @usernames. Here is how to download your Twitter archive. Go to Settings and scroll down to the bottom to check for the option to request your Twitter archive. Check for Email from Twitter. Open your Twitter Archive. Go to Settings.
    [Twitter] March 2012: Ottawa’s Twitter top 20
    The tables below are meant to  illustrate how being popular (Grader) on Twitter doesn’t necessarily mean you have influence (TweetLevel).   Here’s how the Twitter top 20 is compiled: Only real humans are included (no brands, no publishers etc). Twitter Popularity ( Grader ). Twitter Influence ( TweetLevel ). Related posts: February 2012: Ottawa’s Twitter top 20. November 2011: Ottawa’s Twitter top 20. October 2011: Ottawa’s Twitter top 20. September 2011: Ottawa’s Twitter top 20. phdinparenting. snookca.
    [Twitter] 10 Surefire Ways To Avoid Looking Like A Twitter NooB
    You’ve realized that Twitter isn’t just people sharing what they ate for breakfast and that there might be some real value to engaging with the 100 million active users that might give you valuable insights about your products, services, and competitors. 1) Don’t Be An Egg – Adjust your Twitter profile photo to something other than the egg. Most users would prefer to interact with a human being, so consider having the person managing your Twitter account upload their photo. Twitter is not about marketing, it’s about building relationships.
    [Twitter] Trending: The Great Twitter Unfollowing [VIDEO]
    There’s a bit of a buzz going around on a few folks “unfollowing&# everyone on Twitter and starting over from scratch. Whether or not you’re thinking of ‘cleaning house’ – I’d highly suggest using Twitter Lists and a third-party tools such as HootSuite or BufferApp (and maybe both apps together ). To Unfollow or Not to Unfollow – My Twitter Strategy ( The Great Twitter Unfollow Experiment of 2011 ( Why unfollowing is a good thing and why you should make lists on Twitter (
    [Twitter] The How and Why of Twitter Lists
    The question which used to be “What is Twitter and why should I use it?” has now morphed into “ What are Twitter lists and why should I use them as a part of my strategic social media plan ?”. Simply put, Twitter Lists are a way to organize the people you’re following on Twitter. The list then groups the members of that list together, giving you a bird’s (Twitter’s) eye view of the posts just from people in that group. Here is a list of suggested Twitter lists that can help you organize your business, making life much easier. Industry Peers. Customers.
    [Twitter] How to Find a Job on Twitter
    It is a two part post - yesterday Lenore talked about how to find a job via Facebook and today Twitter. Similar with Facebook, most companies will set up Twitter accounts and will tweet news regarding their company, including info about their products and services. Careers how to find a job on twitter online colleges twitter hastag employment opportunities career lenore holditchWeekends I like to encourage other peoples views and today's blog post was submitted by  Lenore Holditch , who specializes in writing about  top online colleges. Try typing in #engineerjobs.
    [Twitter] Jugnoo’s Social CRM Twitter Chat – The Social Company
    ” Which segues nicely to this little highlight post on Jugnoo’s Social CRM Twitter chats. Jugnoo’s Social CRM Twitter Chat – The Social Company originally appeared on Jugnoo Social CRM and Social Marketing Blog - making your business social through crm under a Creative Commons license. Another week has passed in a blink of an eye. It’s incredible (and a little bit frightening!) how quickly July flew by. But Gary Vee said something that especially resonated with me. The rewards will come later.” Held every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m.
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    [Twitter] Twitter’s New Look is Sexy & Visual
    'Twitter has released the new interface design for all Twitter users. More information about the new changes on Twitter’s blog. New Twitter Interface. New Twitter Interface Showing Tiled Followers. The post Twitter’s New Look is Sexy & Visual appeared first on Jugnoo Blog. Social Media Social Media Management Social Media Presence Twitter twitter interface twitter new twitter new look twitter''s new look It will be rolled out over the next few months.
    [Twitter] Ultimate Guide to Twitter Hashtags
    Home About Us Contact SEJ News PPC SEO Tools Social Links BlueGlass SEO Services Social Media Marketing Pay Per Click Online Reputation Management Content Development Mar 24 2009 Ultimate Guide to Twitter Hashtags What is a Twitter hashtag? Hashtags are getting more and more popular (despite the fact some people are against them wishing their Twitter stream to be metadata-free and “as human a form of communication as possible&# ). Berget I'm using hashtags to promote my ebook on Twitter. hashtag is a way to unite global Tweets around some particular topic.
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    [Twitter] How to Drive Traffic from Twitter using @Anywhere
    Twitip Getting more out of twitter Follow 102,289 followers Subscribe 20,083 subscribers starters guide getting followers tools tips business people news add a tip Chris Webb @freewebapps Chris Webb runs Really Useful Web Apps, a free software program for Bloggers that helps you to get traffic, use social media and more How to Drive Traffic from Twitter using @Anywhere 21 How to Drive Traffic from Twitter using @Anywhere How to Drive Traffic from Twitter using @Anywhere @Anywhere is a new set of widgets (or plugins) from Twitter that allows you to add Twitter Features to your Blog or Website.
    [Twitter] How to Nix Twitter Spam
    Back in 2009, I presented and article 4 Steps to Get Rid of Twitter Spam , which had a great response. Here is a follow-up piece that goes into more details about how to nix all possible sources of Twitter spam. Check the Twitter Status Blog. The Twitter Status Blog is the official Twitter source about streaming outages, service issues and spam issues. Any time that you experience a problem with Twitter, it is a good idea to check whether your problem is being experienced by other users and whether Twitter is currently addressing it. Takeaway.
    [Twitter] Guidelines For Managers Of Twitter Group Accounts
    Although it’s important to have an overall social media policy, sometimes business also need Twitter policies, for instance if there are smaller groups of people managing a Twitter account for a specific  department, country, blog or any other group of people within the organization that need such an account. Social media marketing TwitterYou might also want to read [.].
    [Twitter] The Right Way to Market Yourself on Twitter
    Trying to market yourself on Twitter can be tricky. As I don’t know this person, I was inclined to look her up on Twitter to see what she was about. So what did she do right that we can learn about as we navigate the roads in Twitter? She obviously had a twitter client, like CoTweet , where she was searching for keywords like “running.” am thankful for this experience and I will definitely add this to my “rules of engagement” on Twitter. Follow him at B__Richardson (that is two underscores) and check out his Twitter bio for hobbies and interests.
    [Twitter] Why Twitter Does Not Promote Friendship
    In their help center article about Twitter following best practices , the following sentence is explicit: “Twitter facilitates social networking, but it’s not a social networking website.” ” Unlike Facebook which requires you to be friends with me for me to be friends with you, Twitter enables you to follow my tweets without my obligation to follow you. Because there is no mutuality requirement on Twitter, their failed logic is the site does not promote friendship because it’s not 2-way. Case Study: Britney Spears on Twitter.
    [Twitter] Most Popular Newspapers on Twitter: Guess Who’s #1?
    'Which US newspaper do you think is tops on Twitter? These top three received the most mentions on Twitter in 2013; USA Today and the Washington Post also dominated the list of the top 10 most-tweeted newspaper website stories in 2013. Clearly, users are consuming – and sharing – news via Twitter. Social Media Statistics media newspaper industry newspapers Searchmetrics Twitter new study by Searchmetrics reveals the leaders: The Washington Post, The New York Times and USA Today. Here are the top 10:  .
    [Twitter] A guide to measuring Twitter (using the API)
    There are lots of tools emerging that appear to give us wonderful statistics and data about Twitter , but it’s hard to know which data we actually want and how we want to receive it. As Twitter’s API has been undergoing a few changes recently, we thought it would be useful to give you an overview of the information that you can still get from the platform itself, as well as providing some guidance on the best way to measure the data. The four main data types on Twitter are: User data – relates to the user who posted the message. Tweet This!
    [Twitter] My Brief List of 54 Twitter Rules (Did I Miss Any?)
    also have a lot of rules for how I use Twitter, so I thought I would share them. was very deliberate when I wrote “rules for how I use Twitter.” wouldn’t presume to tell you how to use Twitter. Block people who tweet your Twitter name in connection with marketing and follower scams. Use Twitter on various days at various times to catch followers around the globe. Don’t use Twitter like it’s IM. Don’t let anyone tell you they know all the Twitter rules. Add your top Twitter rules in a comment before Nov. Be relevant 90% of the time.
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    [Twitter] 5 Ways to Use Twitter to Develop Personally and Professionally
    Twitter is no different than any other conversation.  This is Twitter.  Emotionally support those in your Twitter circle, as you would  co-workers sitting next to you.  Find employees with Twitter. Is a charity new to twitter? Tags: Guest Post Marketing social media twitter DanaMNelson Today’s guest post is by Dana Nelson. Dana Owns @Danmnelson where she helps connect people to build community. Monitor. Monitor your name,  brand, company, competitors and industry. Watch for your favorite trade topics. Listen. That tweet came from a PERSON. Engage.
    [Twitter] Twitter Etiquette: Outside Voices, Inside Voices and Whispers
    Little did I know these voices would come in handy when thinking about Twitter. had a recent conversation with Laura of EzraTech on Twitter about the practice of sending DMs (direct messages) to new followers. Your Outside Voice on Twitter. Your Inside Voice on Twitter. On Twitter, these are the @ replies used to contact others directly. Your inside voice on Twitter is not private, though. Whispering on Twitter. This is the voice you are using when sending a Twitter DM, which is private. She seemed authentic to me. It is intimate.
    [Twitter] 10 Twitter Tips to Make Friends
    Gaining followers on Twitter can be a long and laborious process, so here are some tips and tricks I’ve found that can help you make friends quickly: 1. List yourself in Twitter directories. This is a hidden gem amongst the abundance of Twitter tools out there. find this the most useful Twitter tool out there. Pay attention to the top Twitter users. Making friends on Twitter can be a barbarous affair! Link to your Twitter feed on your other social profiles. Include a link to your Twitter so that all your connections in life can find your feed.
    [Twitter] HMV’s Twitter nightmare
    Then last week, as 190 people were in the midst of hearing that they were losing their jobs, the company’s Twitter account was hijacked by disgruntled employees who live tweeted events as they unfolded. One tweet read,  “Just overheard our Marketing Director (he’s staying, folks) ask, “How do I shut down the Twitter?” In all, there were more than 14,000 mentions of the #hmvXFactor hashtag online, most of them on Twitter. Meet the woman who took over the HMV Twitter account. Headline public relations Social Media Twitter HMV HMV GrouphmvXFactor” (sic).
    [Twitter] Top 29 Social Media Managers on Twitter
    Partially inspired by my Twitter list of social builders , and empowered by web startup that enables anyone to create a list with any web data and to share that list with the world to be rated and liked, here is a list of the top 29 social media managers on Twitter. Please continue reading Top 29 Social Media Managers on Twitter and leave a comment if inspired. Media TwitterThis list is very subjective and is by no means exhaustive. Do you agree with my curated names above? And if you can’t see it, you need to click here.) Would you add anyone?
    [Twitter] How to Use Twitter As a Marketing Channel
    Tweet When it comes to communicating and creating conversation with your tribe, Twitter is a great platform to use. When searching the web, I found this infographic presenting a strategic approach on how to use Twitter to reach this goal. In general, Twitter is a good place to choose, when it comes to promoting your brand, helping your customers and not least interacting and creating personal relationships with these. And with more than 200 million users on Twitter, there is no doubt that there exist a great potential in using it as a marketing channel.
    [Twitter] How to Find Your First Tweet on Twitter
    'Want to find your first tweet on Twitter? Topsy has indexed all tweets of every Twitter account and now its advanced search database can not only. Read full original article at How to Find Your First Tweet on Twitter ©2013 QuickOnlineTips. Social Media Twitter Use Topsy and you can find all your older tweets including your first tweet. All Rights Reserved.
    [Twitter] 15 Most Annoying Types of Twitter Users
    It can be argued that those of us who tweet links to content on the web are the most annoying of Twitter users. This is, of course, a partial list, but we’ll be expanding the post once more annoying Twitter types come to light. With as much money as people are apparently making on FOREX, it’s amazing that they have time to work their Twitter accounts. The Twitter Gamer. Unlike many, I have nothing against the games on Twitter like SpyMaster, Mafia, Ninja, whatever. Why would anyone go to Twitter to find it? Tags: Featured Twitter
    [Twitter] Twitter = Fastest Growing Search Engine
    Twitter Founder Biz Stone at Aspen Ideas Festival announced that Twitter now has over 800 million search queries per day. Twitter's monthly searches now surpass Yahoo and Bing combined. This is up 33% from April, where at Twitter’s Chirp conference Stone said Twitter was serving 600 million search queries per day. We have indicated all along that Twitter & Facebook would be bigger search competition for Google than Yahoo and Bing. By Erik Qualman. This roughly equates to 24 billion searches per month which is more than Bing (4.1) and Yahoo (9.4)
    [Twitter] Does Twitter Work?
    About once a week I usually get the question, “How does Twitter work? or What’s the deal with Twitter?&# And yet throughout the course of a week as well I will also hear the following: Twitter doesn’t work. How can people spend so much time on Twitter. Twitter has no value. There are 56 million accounts on Twitter following 8 or more accounts. To the casual observer, this all might mean that Twitter is a complete waste of time. For me, Twitter is invaluable. Twitter social media tom martinThrow the numbers out.
    [Twitter] How to Optimize Your Brand’s Twitter Presence [infographic]
    And like Facebook users, 50% of the Twitter users access the network via mobile. This means that your Twitter followers will tweet and RT anywhere, anytime – and they’ll expect you to be ready. In the following blog post, I will share some pointers on the basics that brands will have to understand in order to engage successfully on Twitter. The price of Twitter followers. In last year’s case on PhoneDog vs. former employee Noah Kravitz , the price of Twitter followers to a company was negotiated heavily. Just imagine that! helping hand to brands.
    [Twitter] Twitter: The CB Radio Of The New Millennium
    Twitter is the CB radio of the new millennium. Opinion Social media marketing CB radio TwitterRealizing this connection gives us a glimpse at what is going on now, why it happens and where it might go. It should also help keep things in perspective for business trying to leverage it to reach potential customers.
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    [Twitter] Twitter Madness on the Field
    'What would you do if you received a thousand retweets for one of your tweets on Twitter? He let Twitter influence him to run wild and commit a dim witted act on national TV at a baseball game, but not any baseball game, this was the All Star Game! Unfortunately, Dylan may now be faced with some hefty fines and maybe even some jail time, all because of Twitter! Yes Twitter drove him mad!  All in all, I think this is a great reminder of how Twitter can influence our daily lives and how it can drive us to either accomplish great things or very foolish things.
    [Twitter] Is Your Local Business Doing These Three Things on Twitter?
    You’re ready to take it to the next level and truly grow your presence on Twitter and harness the social aspect of social media for your advantage. Although you should always plan ahead and schedule at least some of your Twitter content, it’s important to remain connected to replies, questions, comments, and re-tweets you receive. Taking even a couple hours to respond on Twitter can be akin to taking over a day to respond to a client phone call. As you can’t sit by your computer each day, there are two ways your local business may stay close to the Twitter chatter.
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    [Twitter] Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram Demographics
    But who exactly are the people who use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram? Branding Demographics Facebook Instagram Marketing Pinterest Social Media Social Networking Twitter67% of online adults use social networking sites. Some very useful social media demographics are outlined in a recent report by the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project. The study reaffirmed that young adults aged 18-29 are more likely than [.].
    [Twitter] LinkedIn Pages Like Facebook and Twitter
    In addition to literally taking a page from the Facebook playbook, LinkedIn is also adopting a highly useful Twitter feature – notifications. Whereas, a notification directly from Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter is more likely to be reliable , and should therefore prove to be a welcome feature. Do you think LinkedIn can give Facebook and Twitter a run for leadership in business marketing? Personal is the New Professional. People do business with people first, and then with the companies that stand behind them. Follow their LinkedIn Company Page. What do you think?
    [Twitter] Use Twitter Bootstrap for Powerful Web Design
    'QOT is now powered by Twitter Bootstrap , a powerful front-end framework for powerful web design, and speedier web development. Bootstrap is made by Twitter to do some cool stuff with your website. <link href="//" rel="stylesheet"> <script src="//"></script> Power of jQuery. Original article: Use Twitter Bootstrap for Powerful Web Design ©2013 QuickOnlineTips (QOT). Blogging Twitter
    [Twitter] Twitter’s Average Ad Rates Drop 81% In Two Years
    'The cost of the average ad on Twitter is falling; data from Twitter’s annual report reveals a drop of 81% overall since Q1 2012 in average ad rates, and a drop of 18% in just the last three months of 2013 ( Quartz ). The data includes ads on both Twitter’s website and mobile apps. This isn’t necessarily bad news for Twitter; total revenue is still growing, with more advertisers buying ads at the lower rates. What do you think – will Twitter be able to stabilize ad costs? Twitter’s declining ad rates [via Quartz].
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    [Twitter] Getting Celebrities to Become Advocates on Twitter
    The plan was to donate $1 for every new Twitter follower supporting the drive. Through Twitter, the reality television star encouraged her four million followers to contribute to the campaign. Developing a Twitter campaign is no small feat. Essentially in order to generate the maximum amount of followers is to engage the Twitter sphere. Getting one of the most popular Twitter presences took a lot of work. social media marketing twitterAn example is rare aggressive cancers like mesothelioma that is triggered from asbestos exposure. Good luck!
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    [Twitter] Introducing the Twitter Business Center
    Twitter is paying attention to what its social media users want. Like fellow social media sites Twitter is working on a new business feature. This feature is  to be called “Twitter Business Center,” and will gradually make its way to the public. So far only a couple accounts have access to the feature while Twitter refines and polishes it. As soon as set up it is verified and the verification badge will show up on the profile (in the past Twitter was selective in allowing accounts to be verified). Mashable >  Twitter to Launch Business Center.
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    [Twitter] Top 9 Ways to Use Twitter for Business
    Why only Twitter? Twitter offers you all of the above mentioned features through its wide and mammoth networking module so that your business could get the much needed lead in the consumer market. Here we will take a look at the ways and tips how we can set our business in a new dimension with Twitter. Just search on the Twitter with keywords related to your business and services, you will find a number of clients and consumers on this platform. You can simply join a number of topics and forums on Twitter to gain new partners and investors for your business.
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    [Twitter] 5 Ways to Use Twitter to Become a Happier Person
    Twitter is a great, great platform that we can all use to make a big difference in our lives if use it well. Here are some ways that I use Twitter to help me that you can use, too, and become a much happier person. Twitter can give you the powerful benefit of positive peer pressure. Twitter allows you to expand your reach. have found that using Twitter throughout my day and my week actually ENHANCES my week by increasing my focus on productivity. 2008 TwiTip Twitter Tips. Ways to Use Twitter to Become a Happier Person. Just tell them.
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    [Twitter] Get Twitter Follow and Google +1
    And Twitter is trying to figure out how to monetize. And it’s been a big week for both with  Google +1 and Twitter follow launching. The thing I like about both is you don’t have to direct people to leave your site in order to follow you on Twitter. Hence, Twitter follow and +1. Twitter Follow. Get Twitter Follow and Google +1 originally appeared on Spin Sucks on June 5, 2011. Social Media Trends google +1 twitter followIt may not come as a big surprise to you that Google is trying to beat Facebook. It’s here now! Viola!
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    [Twitter] Twitter and Blogging, Tips and Tools
    “Every blog should have its own Twitter account.&#. If EVERY blog had a Twitter account, the site would be “over capacity&# constantly.  Twitter would be at 99.99% downtime considering there’s more blogs on the Internet than atoms in the known universe. Assuming there are a couple of hundred thousand quality blogs in the world right now, that wouldn’t be too hard for even the Twitter servers to handle. Where does it all fit in and how can Twitter and blogging work together? There are tools, such as… WordPress Twitter Tools.
    [Twitter] 8 Twitter chats you should check out today!
    Looking for ways to increase your followership and establish your expertise on Twitter? If so, have you ever thought of participating in Twitter chats? Twitter chats are meetups that take place at a specific time on the social network. 8 Twitter chats you should check out today! Branding Twitter Twitter chatsEach is hosted under a unique hashtag, which allows attendees to follow the conversation and interact [.] was written by Cendrine Marrouat for her social media blog, Creative Ramblings.
    [Twitter] Twitter: An Explanation Evolution
    ” Although it has been around for a while now, Twitter is a social media platform that many have but still don’t know how to use. ” has changed over the years in regards to Twitter: What do I tweet about? Twitter is the perfect way to start the ripple in the puddle — your information working as the initial drop of water. Use Twitter as a way to group all the websites you normally visit to individually. Twitter moves quickly, and you want your feed filled with solid information to get the most out of your time spent on your account.
    [Twitter] As Twitter Locks Out Developers, a New Site Welcomes Them
    It won’t come to a surprise to many of you that I  love Twitter. I’ve always contended Twitter wouldn’t last forever. Until now, Twitter has been an open platform and it’s part of the reason the social network has grown as quickly as it has. What that means is, any developer who created something genius to help Twitter grow no longer has access to their coding, which allows them to increase the features and benefits of their services. The latest in the death of being able to use Twitter? As they should. IFTTT. So What? Imagine that.
    [Twitter] 11 Tips To Thrive on Twitter | Almost Savvy
    How you set-up and manage your Twitter account has a huge impact on how many people decide to follow you (translation: follow = subscribe and have the chance to read what you post). Here are some of my quick tips to get you started… Know Thyself – The question isn’t “Who to you want to be on Twitter?&# , it is “Who do you want to be online?&# You cannot be one person on LinkedIn (the hire-me-I’m-very-accomplished professional) and another on Twitter (the I’m-posting-endlessly-about-every-mundane-detail-of-my-life tweeter). Thanks!
    [Twitter] An Unkindness of Ravens: Thoughts on Twitter Communication
    Twitter. ” So #4 got me thinking about #3 – how “Twitter,” as an anthropomorphic name, perfectly describes that chaotic, disparate, competitive, showboating raucousness of #1. get a huge amount of great info from Twitter, but I don’t always start conversations with the curators; when I do initiate chats, it often involves words like “lovely.” An Unkindness of Ravens: Thoughts on Twitter Communication is a post from: Waxing UnLyrical. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn An Unkindness of Ravens: Thoughts on Twitter Communication.
    [Twitter] Why are you following me?
    I’ve been gratified and a little puzzled by some of the people who follow me on Twitter (or any other social network for that matter). did a little rough surveying of my Twitter friends and it seems there are really only a few ways people make the decision to follow or not follow on Twitter. Twitter is a great way to keep up with what your friends and co-workers are up to. That said, when somebody tells me they “just don’t get Twitter&# I can easily guess this is exactly who they’re following and nobody else. The serendipity of Twitter.
    [Twitter] Twitter More Popular Among Minorities
    I find it increasingly fascinating when the Pew Research Center releases information on Twitter and “personal update&# based services on the Internet. It is good for the Internet, the technology, and the people behind the content to have research and data to build cases in support of using Twitter as a marketing vehicle. Pew recently released their findings on a research report called The People Who Use Twitter. This information was interesting on multiple levels… however it did not pertain strictly to Twitter… they changed that.
    [Twitter] Microsoft Bombs on Twitter
    Unfortunately (for Microsoft and his own career) he performed a major faux pas on Twitter last night. The controversy began when Adam took to Twitter to discuss the next iteration of the Xbox. Original post about Adam Ortho can be found on Wikimotive’s blog titled, “ Adam Orth, Microsoft Creative Director, Bombs on Twitter.” ” Twitter 'Adam Orth is one of the creative directors at Microsoft studios. He’s not the top of the chain, but he IS important, and he should be aware that his words have weight.
    [Twitter] Twitter Changes User Profiles
    'On Tuesday, April 8, Twitter announced they will be updating their site with a whole new profile design for Twitter users. Three of those features highlighted by Twitter include: Best Tweets: Tweets that receive more engagement will look slightly larger than other tweets on a user’s page, making a user’s “best content” easier to find. The update is rolling out to a small group of users today, and new Twitter users will get the new profile design. Social Media Social Media for Business Twitter Facebook Twitter profile design
    [Twitter] Is Twitter for Business Even Worth the Trouble | social crm.
    Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search Is Twitter for Business Even Worth the Trouble? We are spending countless employee hours tweeting, retweeting, responding to tweets, figuring out whom to follow, secretly following celebs and athletes, and designing custom Twitter backgrounds. Check out the Twitter X-Factors study here.
    [Twitter] Burger King Twitter Hacking: Take A Chill Pill
    Burger King’s Twitter account was hacked today, with the hacker turning the company’s Twitter page into an offensive mock-up of a McDonalds Twitter channel.  If Burger King needed to go through Twitter to to pull the account down, how long it took them to respond. Given the frequent separation of audiences between Facebook and Twitter, the company may have considered the option of posting elsewhere, and decided against it (again, we don’t know ). Tweet. As often happens, a huge amount of basement punditry has already begun.
    [Twitter] Twitter Tells Tales on it’s Users
    Twitter announced today a new feature called “ Twitter Tales “ The idea is to feature the stories of users and how Twitter has impacted their lives. Natasha uses Twitter as a place of expression and Since I’m a big fan of The Blogess on her blog and on Twitter and her blog, I was tickled to see the first humor post is about her. It may sound mundane but I think it’s a good example of how a site like Twitter impacts everyday lives in unexpected ways. Browse Twitter Tales and see if it strikes a chord for you.
    [Twitter] 80% of Twitter’s Ad Revenue Comes From Mobile
    'Twitter just announced its first quarter earnings report for 2014, with impressive gains in advertising: total revenue grew 119% year-over-year, with 90% of those earnings coming from advertising. Not too surprising, since  78% of Twitter’s total monthly active users are now on mobile ( VentureBeat ). Twitter added 14 million monthly active users, and only 3 million of those in the U.S. vs. Twitter’s 57 million. If user growth continues to stall, how long will Twitter’s ad revenues stay on the rise? New users outside the U.S. for U.S.
  • SOSHABLE  |  MONDAY, JULY 23, 2012
    [Twitter] Mitt Romney did not Buy Twitter Followers
    There was a recent spike in Twitter followers that is very clearly the work of an agency being paid to pump up his numbers. While his opponents and detractors would love to accuse his campaign team of buying Twitter followers, there is absolutely no chance that this is the case. It doesn’t take a lot of cash to buy followers on Twitter. Political Social Media Social Networks Twitter politics romneyThose who follow me are well aware that I’m not a big supported of either Presidential candidate Mitt Romney nor President Barack Obama. It’s that simple.
    [Twitter] When to Post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
    Determining the best times to post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and blogs is vital to content marketing success. HootSuite’s functionality enables you to automatically schedule your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn updates based on your followers’ engagement patterns. When to post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and blogs — and when not to. Twitter. When to Post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest is a post by Pam Dyer on Pamorama | Social Media Marketing Blog. Follow her on Twitter at @pamdyer.
    [Twitter] HOW TO: Gain Twitter Influence
    Top Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video Google Buzz Social media Small business Business Advertise Network Blippr iPhone App Mashable France MashDeck Twitter App Mobile Site Social Media Events Twitter Guide Book Facebook Guide Book Partners App Development WordPress Experts MaxCDN Content Delivery Dynect Managed DNS Rackspace Hosting Intridea About Us Submit a Tip! Guy Kawasaki and Robert Scoble have vastly different philosophies when it comes to gathering Twitter Twitter followers. Kawasaki has more than 300,000 followers on Twitter.
    [Twitter] LinkedIn and Twitter Connect: So?
    LinkedIn and Twitter announced last night that LinkedIn will now be integrating Twitter updates with LinkedIn user accounts. LinkedIn tweeted early this morning “Learn how you can link your LinkedIn and Twitter accts together! link].&# @LinkedIn even changed its Twitter avatar to mark the occasion. Reactions on Twitter were mixed, and Read Write Web was not impressed. Some on Twitter felt the two worlds should not collide. Or how about letting people view your Twitter account name on your LinkedIn profile?
    [Twitter] Twitter Direct Messages Are Useless
    I want to be able to use DMs in Twitter, but really it’s such a vast wasteland of spam that it’s practically impossible to do. What I fail to understand is that after years of being in existence, how is it that Twitter has failed to deliver absolutely nothing in the form of spam control or filtering for DMs. How’s about filter options that let me dictate what types of Twitter users can DM me. If Twitter isn’t going to pull the trigger, how’s about Hootsuite or Tweetdeck offering these features? Related posts: Dear Twitter: Please Add Auto DM Blocking.
    [Twitter] Must-See Twitter
    One recent Fast Company articles point out how appointment TV has returned , because of none other than Twitter. Fans who have TiVo'd their programs had better steer clear of Twitter while their favorite programs are on, lest they have a barrage of spoilers come their way. In another article, Fast Company called Twitter TV's killer app. PBS contcted me and asked that I host a live Twitter chat (promoted through my other blog ) during the premiere of a much-hyped new show. One way would be to capture the moment through a chat on Twitter. What's that, you say?
    [Twitter] Twitter Launches @twittersuggests for Follow Recs
    Twitter really wants you following more people. As Twitter describes it , "@twittersuggests is an experimental feature that helps you find interesting new accounts to follow by tweeting Who To Follow suggestions, personalized just for you! This feature was created by Twitter, and it looks like a normal Twitter account – it will Tweet recommendations which you can reply to, retweet or mark as favorites." Twitter Suggests has already posted almost 100,000 tweets and new ones are going out every few seconds. Twitter RelevanceIt's a hot topic these days.
    [Twitter] Guy Kawasaki On Twitter Strategies For Building A Huge Following
    The legendary Guy Kawasaki, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, author and Twitter aficionado talks about the strategies he uses for gaining incredible numbers of people following him on twitter. He talks about how there is no correct or incorrect way to use Twitter despite the challenging criticisms he gets from his followers on his strategy. He uses Twitter mostly promotionally just to build Alltop , a company he co-founded and loves dearly. More than 180,000 people are reading his tweets as of October 2009.
    [Twitter] Thou Shalt Not Auto-Direct Message On Twitter
    I’m going to go on my soapbox just one more time in the hopes that this message goes viral , spreads through the Interwebs, and finally convinces every “online marketer”, “ social media guru ” and “eBook entrepreneur” that they should, once-and-for-all, turn off Twitter auto-direct messaging. Basically, some Twitter marketing software like SocialOomph and TweetAdder allow you to set up canned, automated welcome messages that are immediately sent to a new follower once you have followed them and they follow back. It is a good idea. Cheers!
    [Twitter] Why You Should Have a Secondary Twitter Account
    Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Marketing , Social Media > Why You Should Have a Secondary Twitter Account Why You Should Have a Secondary Twitter Account by Tamar Weinberg on February 16, 2010 Share As we know, Twitter is an incredibly powerful platform and enables businesses and individuals to build strong relationships with customers and peers. I, too, find that Twitter has been incredibly powerful for me to connect with real life colleagues, readers of Techipedia, family, and everyone in between.
    [Twitter] Free Webinar: Unlock Your Twitter Brilliance
    Do you want less Twitter, more results? ” then you’ll want to join me for my free Twitter training session. Y’see, when I speak to clients and other entrepreneurs about Twitter, I hear the same issues crop up. And, the thing is; Twitter isn’t hard! Which is why I’m sharing my Tweeting secrets to help you unlock your Twitter brilliance. That’s the date and time of my free Twitter training session. Once you know how to use these, it will open your eyes to the full potential Twitter has to offer. When: Wednesday 17th October.
    [Twitter] Twitter Updates for 2009-03-01
    Home About Contact Archives Testimonials Speaking Podcast Chat LIVE Social Media Vault My Inner Circle Plugins eBook Hire Me Twitter Updates for 2009-03-01 March 1, 2009 by Taylor Marek Must pop out for a bit, but I will be back! and tonights show… # Oh wow, I did a search for Donald Trump on twitter, seems someone is holding it ransom for $100k Not Kidding! Now I can still stay updated even when on twitter # Out of the blue, I wonder if Jim Cramer is on twitter?… Take note. :) Filed Under: Blog , General , Twitter Archives Tagged: Comments are closed.
    [Twitter] A Picture is not Worth a Thousand Tweets: The Instagram – Twitter War
    In reported social media news, the battlefront looks grim for Twitter users who relied on the savvy photogenic talents of the Instagram app. By pulling Instagram from the Twitter feed, Facebook is breaking the cardinal rule of social interaction and laying the brick work for a corporate takeover strategy. Mashable reported in a blog post that, Several months after Facebook acquired Instagram, the latter company disabled its integration with Twitter cards. ” So what should Twitter do to battle the mighty Z’s Facebook antics? Featured Instagram Twitter
    [Twitter] Hidden Twitter Retweets
    Home Consulting Products and Workshops Boulder Social Media Training How To Use Twitter To Grow Your Business How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business Sink or Swim Webinar Facebook Tutorial Twitter Tutorial About Grandma Mary Contact me Subscribe Hidden Twitter Retweets – Don’t Miss Out! April 28, 2010 If you are using Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, you will not see all of your tweets that have been retweeted in Twitter.  Some of them are hidden in the web application of Twitter.  That makes me a little cranky. Watch the video for more info on that.
  • ALMOST SAVVY  |  FRIDAY, JULY 24, 2009
    [Twitter] TrueTwit: Managing Spammers on Twitter. Does it Work? | Almost Savvy
    Home About Testimonials Events Services Webinars Twitter Getting Started on Twitter Webinar Twitter Webinar: Tools and Tips (Intermediate Level) LinkedIn LinkedIn 1 – Getting Started LinkedIn 2 – Building and Leveraging Your Network Ask Calendar Contact Blogging Branding Business Career Facebook LinkedIn Networking Social Media Tips Twitter Lijit Search TrueTwit: Managing Spammers on Twitter. Posted by Irene Koehler in Twitter on July 23, 2009 | 11 responses Note: This was written prior to Twitter’s purge of spam accounts this evening.
  • KYLE LACY  |  MONDAY, APRIL 26, 2010
    [Twitter] 3 Things to Search for Before Using Twitter
    When you first start to look at using Twitter as a communication and marketing platform it is important to verify that the tool is going to be worth your (precious) time. The first thing that should be done before implementing Twitter is to actually search and test the tool before adding it into your overall marketing strategy. By using tools like Twitter Search you can decipher whether or not to use this wonderful communication medium. Three Things to Look for When Monitoring Twitter. If they are… there is a good chance other people are as well.
    [Twitter] Indian Companies on Twitter – A Usage Study
    Home About In the Media Facebook vs Twitter (A Comparison) How People Respond to Your Online Content March 8, 2010.1:39 39 pm Indian Companies on Twitter – A Usage Study Jump to Comments We recently did a study to understand how the businesses in India are using twitter. In addition, Sriram Vadlamani has talked about it on the Asian Correspondent site Quotes from the Asian Correspondent Story Many companies are using Twitter actively and many users are on Twitter but not much activity. quick overview of Indian business twitter scenario.
  • JOSH S PETERS  |  THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2012
    [Twitter] Twitter Analytics… we’re waiting
    The Twitter Analytics we were promised. wrote a post for WebProNews, Dear Twitter Analytics… You’re Late ,  that was 1/2 rant and 1/2 informational. The rant is about how long it’s been that Twitter has promised us analytics, but never delivered. The informational 1/2 is a list of sites / methods that you can use to get Twitter analytics data. Twitter needs to make more money, and a platform that wants to earn advertisers and marketers trust needs to provide data. As it is, it feels like Twitter’s hiding something. in 2011.
    [Twitter] What Can Brands Learn From Lady Gaga’s Twitter Growth
    Tweet Lady Gaga recently passed 20 million Twitter followers – breaking another Twitter record. Looking at her recent Twitter record, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of her strategies for using Twitter as an effective marketing tool and how they can inspire you to do the same. The chart below shows the growth of her followers on Twitter: These are some take-ways from Lady Gaga’s Twitter strategy that can help your brand. It always helps to integrate your Twitter handle with other media platforms.
    [Twitter] @YourDad is Now Following you on Twitter
    A Story of How a 20-something Girl Got Her Much Older Dad on Twitter. Hah, no, my dad’s Twitter handle is not @YourDad, and if it was that would be a little creepy. Actually, I had a lot of help from Kyle Lacy’s book, Twitter Marketing for Dummies, but if it weren’t for my pushing, @getrealsound would not exist. After many conversations and arguments on how to go about releasing his idea to the masses, it all came down to Twitter. So my dad came to me and said, “Okay, what is this Twitter thing, and how do I get on it?” Guest Post twitter
  • IDACONCPTS  |  MONDAY, MAY 21, 2012
    [Twitter] Overview of Twitter Ads [Prices, Screenshots, Terms]
    Small businesses based in the United States will have the chance to take their Twitter marketing efforts to a new level. Starting in late March 2012, Twitter introduced a new advertising offering that makes it simple for companies of any size to grow their businesses using our Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts products. Twitter partnered with American Express to make it easy for small business owners to advertise on Twitter. is one of those 10,000 and it just received its invitation on 05/21/12: You're invited to Twitter Ads email.
  • LOUIS GRAY  |  TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2011
    [Twitter] Twitter Tweaks Emails Again, Highlights Connections
    If you still receive e-mail notifications every time a new Twitter user follows you, you might have seen a change in the messages, starting between 10 and 11 am Pacific time today. The new messages do a better job matching Twitter's new corporate color scheme and global approach, while eliminating some joint follower information common in the previous round of notices. The top bar was the original Twitter blue, featuring only the corporate logo and mascot. The new Twitter notification emails. Twitter
    [Twitter] Massachusetts Tops Twitter Usage
    Melissa Miller and the great folks at Hubspot ran some recent analysis on Twitter by U.S. State to determine which states had the most active Twitter users.  The top 3 states with the most Twitter usage are  Massachusetts, Washington and Oregon, each with usage over 60% higher than the average.  The fastest growing state for Twitter usage is Utah which experienced 66% growth from 2009 to 2010.  This may have been the result of Twitter opening a new data center in Salt Lake City. The bottom three states are Mississippi, Montana and West Virginia. 
    [Twitter] Jeremy Lin: Lin-Sanity hits Twitter @JLin7
    Lin is still couch surfing on his brother and teammates couches yet his Twitter followers have grown overnight to nearly 300,000 people and include celebrity followers like Bill Cosby and Spike Lee. Like Tebow, Jeremy Lin is a devote Christian (see @JLin7 Twitter image). Jeremy Lin shows his humorous and Christian side with his @JLin7 Twitter image. Featured Social Good Twitter @JLin7 Jeremey Lin Jeremy Lin Twitter Lin-SanityJeremy Lin #17 top selling NBA jersey. Jeremy Lin, the movie, coming to theaters near you. Lin was undrafted out of Harvard.
    [Twitter] 4 Ways Twitter Helps SMBs [Infographic]
    'A mutually beneficial relationship between SMBs and their Twitter followers drives brand ROI and consumer value. Twitter followers drive recommendations and sales. 72% of people are more likely to purchase from an SMB after they follow or interact with them on Twitter, and 30% of followers are likely to recommend the brand. Twitter followers are emotionally connected to SMBs. Twitter helps SMBs connect with new and existing customers in positive ways. Offer Twitter-exclusive sneak peeks of new products. Twitter marketing helps you reach more customers.
    [Twitter] Your Customer’s Twitter Account Can Build or Kill Your Brand
    Today, I read a tweet about yet another twitter user reaching out to a business because they had an issue with a service they paid to have. There seems to be a growing number of disgruntled consumers that are appearing in my twitter feed complaining about something or another. fellow employee suggested, “taking it to twitter.” It was the twitter responders of that company that turned the situation around. customer’s twitter voice seems to mean something to a growing number of companies. Tags: twitter ATT Guest Post Slingshot SEO —-.
    [Twitter] Twitter: Important Or A Waste Of Time?
    When I first discovered Twitter my sophomore year of high school I thought it would turn out to be a fad. However, Twitter started striking a chord with most of my friends as it became a way for us to see what we were all up to. While I became a fan, I’ve wondered if Twitter is really hitting home with the nation as a whole or only a few of us. According to data journalist Jon Bruner, the median Twitter account only has one follower. In October 2013, Twitter had 218.3 As of right now, Twitter has yet to click with everyone. Twitter
    [Twitter] Is Google+ Killing Twitter?
    But lately I’ve heard some comparisons between Google+ and Twitter. In fact, some Google+ users are abandoning Twitter. Or replacing their Twitter profile links to drive traffic to their Google+ streams. I’ve even read some A-list bloggers compare Twitter with Google+ and go so far as to say that Google+ could siphon traffic from Twitter. Is Twitter old hat? First, I think Twitter still has value. Here are a few alternate Twitter realities if you’ll indulge me. It doesn’t have to be Twitter OR Google+.
    [Twitter] KLM Lets You Book Flights Via Facebook and Twitter
    customer on Facebook or Twitter can now book or rebook a flight, reserve a seat, arrange extra baggage, and pay through the social networking platform. Here’s how it works: KLM sends a link to the customer in a private message on Facebook or Twitter. Customers requested it — KLM’s 130 social media agents answer around 35,000 queries on Facebook and Twitter every week. million fans) and 804,000 followers on Twitter ( @KLM ). Social Media Campaigns airline industry airlines Facebook KLM Twitter the customer receives payment confirmation.
    [Twitter] Twitter Tips: Turning Your Twitter Followers into Readers
    Pushing Social It’s easy to overlook Twitter as a reader-attraction tool. Twitter is still an audience-building contender that routinely shows up as a top 5 traffic-source for fast-growing blogs. Twitter, however, is changing. Like most platforms, its users are maturing quickly and are using Twitter in more sophisticated ways. ve found that many readers use Twitter as a quick way to get filtered news from people they trust. Now, the goal is to get followed and added to the reader’s Twitter list. I’ve turned off all Twitter new follower automation.
    [Twitter] Twitter Tips: Turning Your Twitter Followers into Readers
    Pushing Social It’s easy to overlook Twitter as a reader-attraction tool. Twitter is still an audience-building contender that routinely shows up as a top 5 traffic-source for fast-growing blogs. Twitter, however, is changing. Like most platforms, its users are maturing quickly and are using Twitter in more sophisticated ways. ve found that many readers use Twitter as a quick way to get filtered news from people they trust. Now, the goal is to get followed and added to the reader’s Twitter list. I’ve turned off all Twitter new follower automation.
    [Twitter] A Short Rant Concerning Twitter
    guess I should start out by saying I was never really a Twitter addict; I was never one of those individuals that had to tweet every little thing or just take a peek at the Twitter stream every five minutes (though for a short time there my girlfriend might beg to differ). was and continue to be fascinated by Twitter, but I’ve noticed that in the last several months that fascination is waning. This has slowly led to an increased disinterest in even checking in on Twitter, and it’s got me to thinking about why I even use Twitter in the first place.
    [Twitter] Twitter Marketing: Twitter Followers Buy More
    'Twitter marketing works! According to Market Probe International, Twitter followers are more likely to make a future purchase from an SMB (72%). Twitter Marketing: Twitter Followers Buy More originally appeared on Jugnoo Blog - Social Media is a Business: Social Media Presence Management under a Creative Commons license. The post Twitter Marketing: Twitter Followers Buy More appeared first on Jugnoo Blog. Social Media Social Media Management social media campaigns social media marketing twitter marketing
    [Twitter] Twitter Etiquette: Should You Follow Everyone That Follows You. Home About Me My Videos My Resume Contact Me Browse > Home / Social Media / Twitter Etiquette: Should You Follow Everyone That Follows You? Subcribe via RSS Twitter Etiquette: Should You Follow Everyone That Follows You? August 26th, 2009 Posted in Social Media Tweet Share In an earlier post, I talked about the idea of quality vs. quantity when it comes to building out your Twitter following. Since then, I’ve noticed two schools of thought when it comes to the art and science of Twitter following. Of course, but I don’t use Twitter to browse.
    [Twitter] How to be smart on Twitter
    'Twitter has gone mainstream as people, brands and organizations flock to the social network. Maybe there is no real value in Twitter, or at least, no value in the way a brand is using Twitter. The key to realising the true value of Twitter as a communications channel lies in understanding how and why key stakeholders use the social network.  Start by taking a good look the Twitter community. Examine the Twitter profiles of all followers to see what keywords are used and assess if these interests align with those of the company or brand.
    [Twitter] The History of Twitter
    The History of Twitter. “This is what the naysayers fail to understand: it’s just as easy to use Twitter to spread the word about a brilliant 10,000-word New Yorker article as it is to spread the word about your Lucky Charms habit.” Twitter is approaching its 6 th birthday soon and the platform has really come a long way from its early beginnings. Twitter is one of the most popular social networks used today but it began as another micro-blogging platform created by programmers who worked at the podcasting company Odeo Inc. Twitter Beginnings.
    [Twitter] 10 Easy Tips to Build Your Fan Base on Facebook & Twitter
    Your business has a great Facebook and Twitter page.  I take it that: You are creating and posting good, if not great, interesting, compelling content and your Facebook page and Twitter feed are full of information, news, reviews and links. Facebook Marketing Social Media Marketing Tips Twitter Facebook Community Facebook content Facebook fan Facebook fanbase Facebook posting Facebook sharing Facebook username marketing for small business Twitter followersYou are interacting with your fans on a daily basis. You have acquired a short.
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