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    [Twitter] Thursday Roundup: Twitter Tips
    'Social media platforms will come and go; but I truly believe that if any recent platform has had a dramatic impact on how we communicate, it’s Twitter. An admitted Twitterholic (or, at least, I used to be… I’m not on the platform that much these days, but it’s still my favorite), here are some fresh takes on Twitter, at least, according to me. 6 Tips to Grow Your Twitter Followers. 15 People Every B2B Marketer Should Follow On Twitter. 18 Tweetable Twitter Tips for Newbies. Follow me on twitter…no, really….
  • KYLE LACY  |  THURSDAY, MAY 27, 2010
    [Twitter] Is Twitter Just a Big Popularity Contest?
    When looking at your Twitter account how many of your followers/following do you really know? Is Twitter the modern day popularity contest? In Twitter embodies this same ideal. Should we have a Twitter prom among our followers to determine who the King and Queen are? Just kidding) My point is that Twitter isn’t high school. Tags: small business social media twitter Sure, we follow people because they follow us and vice a versa…but why? What makes people choose to follow you? It seems as though people look at numbers rather then content.
  • HARP SOCIAL  |  MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2012
    [Twitter] 10 Tw-Awesome Twitter Tips
    With the goals of achieving the best click through rates, exposure and retweets, I've pulled together a list of top Twitter tips that should be committed to memory and employed on a daily basis. Blog Social Media Marketing Twitter how to use twitter retweet tips twasome twitter tips twitter etiquette twitter marketing twitter tips
  • JUGNOO  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 3, 2014
    [Twitter] Why People are Following Brands on Twitter
    Neilsen Research in the UK has released a report showing why people follow brands on Twitter. large portion of Twitter followers of a brand want information about new products and services, or want to participate in contests and other promotions. The post Why People are Following Brands on Twitter appeared first on Jugnoo Blog : Social Listening & Engagement. Social Media Social Media Management Social Media Presence brands following brands on twitter Twitter Not surprisingly, 52% are  looking for deals (and 33% are looking for freebies).
    [Twitter] 11 Twitter Tips for Building Business Relationships
    More and more businesses are jumping into Twitter to find new customers and connect with current ones. The word’s out that Twitter builds relationships – but many businesses get it wrong. Twitter has unwritten rules of engagement. Know the norms on Twitter. If you’re using Twitter to build business relationships, follow these eleven tips. Say something about their bio, location, or Twitter wallpaper.  Add them to a Twitter list. Make the name of your Twitter list flattering and interesting. People think you’re rude if you violate norms.
    [Twitter] Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in Plain English
    I prepared summaries for my upcoming Search & Social Double Whammy seminar on May 2 in Burlington, MA describing the “big three” social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Understanding Twitter. Twitter is still a mystery to many people. It turns out you can say more in 140 characters than you may think, and Twitter’s forced brevity actually encourages people to share information they wouldn’t communicate through long-form media like blogs or even e-mail. The core feature of Twitter is the activity stream. Facebook & LinkedIn.
  • KYLE LACY  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 29, 2010
    [Twitter] 25 Twitter Tips for Small Business
    With the launch of my book, Twitter Marketing for Dummies , I have been getting a ton of questions about Twitter and the use of Twitter for business. wanted to update and republish this blog post from the beginning of last year… to better inform you on some tips for using Twitter. Use your personal picture in your Twitter profile. Use  Twitter Search to find subject matters that interest you. Add in some of your personal life while you are using Twitter. It is important to use Twitter but do not waste valuable time when at work.
    [Twitter] Facebook vs Twitter 2
    Another take on the original Facebook vs Twitter artwork. – On a more serious note, here are the monthly unique visitors to Facebook and Twitter, according to Compete. Tags: Facebook Ads Facebook Advertising Facebook Pages Twitter facebook vs twitter social media marketing twitter marketing facebook versus twitter twitter versus facebook twitter vs facebook – Email this to a friend? Subscribe to the comments for this post? Share this on Facebook. Tweet This! Share this on LinkedIn. Post on Google Buzz. Share it on StumbleUpon.
    [Twitter] Shoutout! Twitter Looks to be Readying New Feature
    Want to send shoutouts to your peeps on Twitter ? If the emergence of a rather official-looking, but private, account on Twitter is any guide, the microblogging powerhouse is readying just that, which could fit an intriguing space that goes beyond the user-initiated practices of retweets and the rapidly popular, and then later fatigued, practice of Follow Friday. Contribute Your Shoutouts to Peeps on Twitter? Only retweets performed in Twitter's official way, and not the old RT style, are counted. Tags: Twitter More on that later.
    [Twitter] Understanding Twitter: Best Ways to Tweet
    'Twitter is a remarkable social media platform for your business. But if you’re new to Twitter it can be more than a little confusing. An effective Twitter presence starts with understanding how it works. When you send out a tweet with @username included in the MIDDLE of the tweet, “hello @username” (called a mention, explained below) all of your followers will see that tweet in their Twitter Home feed. To see your Twitter Home feed, click on Home: . Replies show up in your Twitter Home feed and the Twitter feed of the person to whom you are responding to.
    [Twitter] The Responsibility Of Twitter
    What is Twitter doing to ensure that the information we read and share is accurate? It could well be one of the most important reads about Twitter (and, social media) in a long, long time. The article titled, On Twitter, Sifting Through Falsehoods in Critical Times , looks at many of the false tweets and information that were being floated around on Twitter during Hurricane Sandy. " This is not Twitter. One could argue that Twitter is the publisher and responsible for all content that flows through the channels. Don't blame Twitter. twitter.
    [Twitter] Ten Simple Steps to make Twitter your Business Leads Machine
    Social media sites like Facebook with its more than 750 million users, Twitter with its more than 280 million users and the business network LinkedIn with its more than 100 million users offer wide opportunities for businesses, not matter if they are B2B or B2C, to get seen and to get in touch with their future customers. Take look at this Social Media Infographik: “53 percent of people on Twitter recommend companies or their products in their tweets.”. 42% of companies active on Twitter report that they have got new customers through Twitter.”. Download yours now!
    [Twitter] Who,Why & How of Twitter [Infographic]
    Tweet I found this interesting infographic on which gives an in-depth overview of Twitter. The infographic provides good insight into what kind of people are active on Twitter as well as the information they post or look out for. Corporate Twitter also looks like its picking up. 83% of European companies are already on Twitter. Take a look at the infographic here: Similar Posts: What People Love And Hate On Twitter [infographic]. How to Use Twitter As a Marketing Channel. Social Media companies Infographic tweets Twitter
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  MONDAY, MARCH 26, 2012
    [Twitter] Apple Should Not Buy Twitter
    I was just reading a GigaOm article titled, “ Should Apple Buy Twitter? ” It likely comes as no surprise to you that I’m shocked Twitter is still around. Twitter  automagically  makes Apple a  defacto player in social. Let them create a strategic alliance with Twitter, if it’s so important they go social, and also do the same with Facebook and Pinterest and, heck, even MySpace, if they want to. entrepreneur Innovation Apple TwitterWhile I love it and spend a good amount of time on it, I have no idea how they’re surviving.
    [Twitter] Connecting Twitter to LinkedIn: Just Say No
    Just over a year ago, LinkedIn introduced a feature allowing users to post all of their Twitter updates , also known as tweets, to LinkedIn. Now, before you start to school me on how I don’t get Twitter or LinkedIn, you may want to look here and here to see that I am a huge fan of both. It’s just that I see Twitter and LinkedIn (and Facebook, for that matter) as different places with their own culture, pace and etiquette. Since then, I’ve decided to put my audience – my Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections and Facebook friends – first.
    [Twitter] Twitter Lists: Are They Useful?
    Twitter lists are really useful! Social Media Management Tools Social Media Marketing Tips Twitter social media Social Media Management“What’s the benefit? Should I even bother?”  ”  I often get asked this by SMB owners and my clients. They help you organize the people you follow (and don’t follow) into a specific “group” and when you click to view a list, you’ll see a stream of Tweets from all.
    [Twitter] Look Out, Twitter Might Put Your Account "On Notice"
    Today, by all accounts, managing the massive number of users Twitter has seen flocking to the service has been a challenge for the company's relatively small (but growing) support team. 1 and -1) Uncle Sam Says You're On Notice, Twitter Style! The account follows an interesting mix of Twitter employees, including Troy Holden (@troy), from the Support team, Jillian West (@jillyface), a business analyst at Twitter, Timothy Yip (@tyip) legal counsel, and Matt Graves (@mgrooves) on the communications team. Tags: Twitter
  • TWITIP  |  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30, 2011
    [Twitter] Why Twitter Lists are Less Effective
    Twitter introduced the concept of lists about 16 months ago to enable the manual grouping of people into categories. Searching for the keyword apples, for instance, you can read Twitter biographies of the 491 people who someone added to a list about honeycrisp apples. Any Twitter user can create his or her own list, or follow an existing list — such as the above one about apples. Do I look at twitter all day long? 2008 TwiTip Twitter Tips. Why Twitter Lists are Less Effective. People Twitter Tips Tools Twitter Twitter Lists unfollow unfollowing
  • KYLE LACY  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 27, 2013
    [Twitter] Should You Use Twitter DM for Marketing?
    It’s called “spam” on Twitter too. twitter 'Yes and no. No, if you automate your DMs (i.e. write generic DMs to respond to anyone who follows you). There’s nothing more annoying than getting a DM from someone that says: “Thanks for following me. look forward to reading your tweets.”. Download a free copy of my ebook, ‘How to Supercharge Your Network Into a Profit Machine!’”. Thanks for the follow. Be sure to connect with me on LinkedIn too.” and there’s no URL). know a lot of people who will unfollow someone who auto DMs them, especially someone they just started following.
    [Twitter] 24 Free Twitter Header Images
    This holiday season I reedited 24 of my photos , cropping them to fit your Twitter header image. Marketing Photography 24 free holiday images license photography twitterAs an amateur photographer nothing makes me happier than giving my photos away so people can use them. None of the photos have watermarks, none of them require attribution. If you like any of them, click on the link located below these images to download on Flickr. If you are looking for my sweet Patagonia pics, find them towards the end of the post. Thank you for spending time on this blog. Happy holidays!
    [Twitter] What we can learn from Vodafone’s #mademesmile Twitter campaign
    Last week (and over this weekend) they launched a social media element to this campaign on Twitter and on their website homepage. Matt Rhodes Online communities Social Media Social networks Word of Mouth #mademesmile FreshNetworks hashtag online communities Skittles social media Twitter VodafoneVodafone homepage. Vodafone has been running a great campaign in the UK for Christmas called ‘The 12 Days of Smiles’ – 12 days of offers associated with the 12 days of Christmas. The idea was simple: Tweet something that made you smile today. Add the hadhtag #mademesmile.
  • DANNY BROWN  |  SUNDAY, APRIL 24, 2011
    [Twitter] Sunday Brunch – Twitter As a Marketing Tool
    Today’s question is one that’s been asked a few times, both in the comments of past blog posts as well as online on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. The question is: “How can you use Twitter as a marketing tool?&#. Twitter Chat List. Sunday Brunch – Twitter As a Marketing Tool originally appeared on Danny Brown | Social Media Marketing Blog - The Human Side of Media and the Social Side of Marketing under a Creative Commons license. Sunday Brunch inboxq timely twitter marketingIf you have a question, you can send it in via the form below.
    [Twitter] Twitter’s Big Announcement
    I just listened to the live Ustream broadcast of Twitter’s big announcement thanks to @Scoble and Ustream. Since 90% of the content on Twitter is public it’s hard to find the specific information you’re interested in. Twitter mobile users are up 250% this year. (the web site) is the way most people experience Twitter (not a client). EV- Twitter is the way people find out what’s happening in the world that interests them. There’s something on Twitter for everyone. The new Twitter was built on their own API.
    [Twitter] Twitter Tips Infographic
    Get 10x more followers on Twitter by adding your picture. We thought some of your friends that are new to Twitter might find this type of information helpful. Featured Infographic Twitter Twitter Infographic Twitter TipsSo our friends at Twiends put the below infographic together. Enjoy!
    [Twitter] What Twitter could learn from Facebook Deals
    I know that the comparisons between Facebook and Twitter are not justified. Facebook is really about developing deeper relationships with friends and family whereas Twitter is more about sharing and consuming information with people in a quick and easy fashion. But in 2012 you cannot mention social media without a reference to 1) Facebook and 2) Twitter. But if we’re to compare the adaptive growth of the two over the last few years, Twitter came out of the blocks fast and Facebook has been consistently building major momentum as of late.
    [Twitter] The Demographics of Twitter Users [Study]
    Tweet Twitter has more than 500 million users and is continuously growing, but who are all these new tweeters? Pew Research Center has released an Internet study that focuses solely on Twitter and includes some great user demographics. Twitter is soaring among young adults. use Twitter as of February 2012, and 8% are daily users. The number of Twitter users has almost doubled from 8% to 15% within 18 months from November 2010 to February 2012. In this time frame the number of daily Twitter users has quadrupled from 2% to 8%. The tweeters.
    [Twitter] Twitter Updates for 2009-02-28
    Tags: Blog General Twitter Archives
    [Twitter] Elevator Pitch or Twitter Pitch?
    While I believe most journalists these days are using Twitter, the PR industry, at least in India, is still catching up to that platform. “Now that we have social media, how about replacing that with a Twitter pitch?” ” With the increasing use of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, communications professionals like us can also  explore pitching stories to the media on Twitter in 140 characters , right? And who knows, after laying the foundation for a firm relationship, we might be able to make those Twitter pitches to them more easily.
  • KYLE LACY  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2010
    [Twitter] 25 Case Studies Using Twitter to Increase Business and Sales
    Instead, the company turns Internet marketing using tools like Twitter. The company started to use Twitter to push information out and soon found out that people were interested in talking. Twitter is good source for not only raising awareness on deals but to interact with customers. The company offers post exclusively on Twitter and makes sure to use twitter only a few times a week to avoid spamming their followers. The company found that the Twitter deals do increase sales. JetBlue was among the first corporate companies to join Twitter in 2007.
    [Twitter] How to Change a Saved Twitter Stream to Chronological Order
    If you’ve ever tried to transcribe a Twitter chat or conversation thread around a particular keyword or hash tag, you know that converting the chain to chronological order can be a real hassle. Whether you copy and paste a thread from Twitter search or a chat-hosting service like Twebevent , the default presentation is reverse-chronological, with the most recent posts at the top and the earliest at the bottom. However, this shouldn’t be a problem with Twitter chats because Twitter doesn’t support formatting itself. Tips twitter
    [Twitter] 5 metrics to track on Twitter
    Laser focused and sincere the question came: “How many followers should I have on Twitter?&# Of course you need some followers on Twitter, otherwise its as if your standing in the middle of the forest with a blow horn.what possible effect could that have (except to scare a few racoons)? prime example is this article on Aston Kutcher who is wildly admired for his Twitter fan base. Keep in mind, that a little over 95% of Twitter users have less than 500 followers and only.05% have more than 10,000 followers. That’s the artform of Twitter. Ahh, yes.
    [Twitter] Twitter Business Guide
    I was recently introduced to a compact guidebook for businesses trying to get a sense of Twitter. This short guide, entitled Twitter Business Guide: Communication and Marketing was written by Jean-Christophe Barré and Dr. Andreas Schroeter and in just 32 pages covers some of the things that may be keeping you and your business away from this platform. For someone who is new to Twitter, this e-book will prove a helpful compass as you begin to explore Twitter. Twitter Business Guide As with any tool or platform, this should be seen as just that. ebook Twitter
  • KYLE LACY  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2010
    [Twitter] Essential Twitter Tips For Reaching Local Customers
    He believes keyword stuffing looks ridiculous and that Twitter can be used effectively by local businesses. You can find him at his personal blog Help Me Reinvent or on Twitter @vincerobisch as he feverishly prepares for the launch of his new site. With over 100 million people estimated to be using Twitter , its worldwide reach is without question. But how does a local business use Twitter? The answer is that Twitter can still be an extremely effective social media tool for a locally-based business. Wait Patiently For The Twitter Business Center To Launch.
    [Twitter] 10 ways to be grateful on Twitter
    Retweet Add something to the retweet Share the person’s content Ask questions Continue the conversation privately List the user Visit blogs / websites and leave comments Invite the user to connect on Facebook Recommend the user Answer questions Related Posts: Among the major social networking sites of today, Twitter is probably the only one where. Tips Twitter gratefulness professionalism social media tips twitter tips
    [Twitter] The Power of Twitter
    Twitip Getting more out of twitter Follow 102,289 followers Subscribe 20,083 subscribers starters guide getting followers tools tips business people news add a tip Nando Rodriguez @nandoism New York City based dating/relationship blogger and web personality–conquering the world–one sexy blog and video at a time The Power of Twitter 12 Whether reading an article or having a conversation with people (face-to-face) and reading/hearing the phrase “It’s just twitter,&# irritates me–especially when it’s drenched in a condescending tone. Right?
    [Twitter] Why Twitter Still Matters
    Recently I read somewhere that the demise of Twitter is imminent and all anyone wants to talk about anymore is Foursquare and Gowalla , 2 shiny new LBS based companies that are reeling in new users by the bushel. Sure I’ll talk about and use Gowalla and Foursquare, but that doesn’t mean that Twitter is no longer relevant though. In fact what this  simply means is that those 2 aforementioned companies have merely carved out a niche for themselves in a space that Twitter doesn’t necessarily play in, though they have added an LBS type feature as of late.
    [Twitter] The Sunday Share: A Dr. Seuss-Inspired Guide to Twitter
    While Twitter is one of the veterans in the social media landscape, there are still new users joining every day. To help these users (and to celebrate the 110th “birthday” of Dr. Seuss), here’s a special themed look at how best to use Twitter. The Sunday Share: A Dr. Seuss-Inspired Guide to Twitter originally appeared on Danny Brown - Award-Winning Social Media Marketing and Influence Marketing Blog under a Creative Commons license. Sunday Share sunday share twitter These include standard presentations, videos, multimedia and more. Enjoy.
    [Twitter] How Twitter Celebrities Monetize Their Accounts
    While some members of the old media might brush off the idea that companies would be willing to pay a price for a short 140-character message sent via Twitter, the reality is that not only celebrities but also influential Tweeps are able to cash in big bucks for promoting products they use, cars they drive and place they go. Snoop Dogg promoting Mafia Wars on Twitter. Here’s an example of how Twitter celebrities monetize their accounts. One of the ways that influencers can promote products and services is through Twitter. How much do you think a tweet is worth?
    [Twitter] 3 Steps to Getting Started with Twitter
    'What are the 3 key steps every brand should take when getting started with Twitter? When you are getting started with Twitter, there are a few steps that  must be taken in order for your page to look and work for you. Below are the three steps that every brand should take before really getting started with Twitter marketing. You create your Twitter account and are walked through several steps before you can start tweeting. Your about section also help with Twitter searches and SEO. What other important beginner steps can you think of for Twitter?
  • KYLE LACY  |  MONDAY, JUNE 21, 2010
    [Twitter] What Type of Twitter User Are You?
    After reading Chris Brogan’s  50 Power Twitter Tips I started really thinking about how people are using Twitter. The tips are insightful and should be read by everyone who using, thinking about using, and obsession over Twitter. While most of the tips Chris covers are included in my book, Twitter Marketing for Dummies, it is important to point out a few more things and maybe… ask some questions! Below are questions outlining the ways that you use Twitter… Choose the answer that best fits you. Twitter or other social sites. When Bored.
    [Twitter] 12 Ways to Avoid Being a Dork on Twitter
    Note: a version of this original post appeared previously on the B2B Twitterer of the Year (B2BTOTY) blog. If you regularly read blogs like this, you’re probably already a Twitter pro. Complete your Twitter bio. Again, seems like a no-brainer, but it’s surprising how many people use photos that look like Nick Nolte’s mug shot , or worse – the default Twitter egg. It’s common courtesy, something people learn from grandma , but not always common on Twitter. Bonus tip: be very careful with automation , not just on Twitter but any social media site. Use it.
    [Twitter] The sea change in Twitter sentiment
    I thought it was just me and thus I wrote about the rise of the transactional conversation of Twitter on Monday. And Todd Defren lastly writes about moving the needle on Twitter.  All of these posts and reports and what have you, alluded to something that may be occuring before our very eyes and that’s this: Conversations on Twitter have deteriorated into flat out unadulterated pimping of one’s wares, or the company they work for. Subconsciously, we have become a party to and have embraced traditional marketing on Twitter. The interuptive interaction?
  • JANET FOUTS  |  MONDAY, JUNE 17, 2013
    [Twitter] Two Tools to Manage Twitter Chats With Ease
    'If you participate in Twitter chats regularly you’re as sad as I am to hear that Twitter’s API changes made it difficult for some applications to work. As you can see from the screen shot, Smart Stream allows you to follow a hashtag in real-time, see who else is participating, Tweet with the tag already added, enter Twitter user names to feature them within the chat so anyone who is participating through SmartStream will see that user’s tweets highlighted. Don’t know how to participate in a Twitter chat? OneQube. Twubs.
    [Twitter] Twitter Launches New Embedded Twitter Timelines
    Twitter today launched an embedded Twitter timelines widget feature. The embedded Twitter timelines widget can be created from within your Twitter account if you’re not a developer (information [.]. Social media marketing embedded Twitter timeline TwitterYou have different options to pick the content (tweets and tweeted pictures) you want to show and of course there are some settings regarding look and feel.
    [Twitter] The Sunday Share: 50 Random Twitter Tips for Business
    This week, a useful collection of Twitter tips from Ksenia Dobreva , who handles social marketing for webmeup. While Twitter is now almost a decade old, there are still new users to it every day. The Sunday Share: 50 Random Twitter Tips for Business originally appeared on Danny Brown - Social Media | Marketing | Influence under a Creative Commons license. Sunday Share sunday share twitter tips 'As a business resource,  Slideshare  stands pretty much head and shoulders above most other content platforms. Which brings us to this week’s Sunday Share. Enjoy.
    [Twitter] 12 Reasons You Should Use Twitter for Business
    In April of 2009, I was scrolling through Twitter and found an article in USA Today , written by Steve Strauss in his “Ask An Expert&# column, and was titled, “ Should Entrepreneurs Twitter? His points for not using Twitter as an entrepreneur were: You are in business, it offers just too much information, it requires too much time, and what can you say in 140 characters? Well, as an entrepreneur who uses Twitter for business, I couldn’t let that sit. run a business and I use Twitter to network daily with potential partners, clients, and talent.
    [Twitter] Fortune 500 Twitter List On List.Ly
    Fortune 500 List Twitter 'Fortune 500. Please feel free to add other Fortune 500 accounts to the list. View more lists from Harry W. Hoover.
  • JUGNOO  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 25, 2012
    [Twitter] Jugnoo’s Inaugural Twitter Chat – #sCRMchat Recap
    If you noticed a lot of SCRM related chatter in your Twitter streams this week, it might just have been because Jugnoo hosted our first Social CRM chat on Tuesday! Jugnoo’s Inaugural Twitter Chat – #sCRMchat Recap originally appeared on Jugnoo Social CRM and Social Marketing Blog - making your business social through crm under a Creative Commons license. We had a ball doing it and had an incredible response. EST. Be sure to follow the hashtag #sCRMchat next week! Social CRM Social Media social business social CRM social marketing
    [Twitter] The Most Retweeted Tweet Ever!
    Home > Twitter Which is the most popular tweet ? Of course it isn’t surprising that that he is one of the most popular Twitter users and has over 22 million twitter followers. In fact Twitter reports that the peak election frenzy saw Twitter traffic hitting 327,452 Tweets per minute which kept the site down many times. Best Way to Tweet Pages without Twitter Buttons on Any Browser. WeFollow Twitter Directory: Tweet Your Tags. TwitterThe same Facebook post has been liked 3 million times and shared by over 430,000 people!
    [Twitter] How To Use Buffer To Simplify Your Twitter Marketing
    When Alicia wrote her awesome post How To Save Time On Your Twitter Marketing by using Buffer, I wanted to share with you some of the new tips and tools that are making my experience of tweeting with Buffer even simpler and faster. There are certainly many apps and many Twitter clients out there but Buffer wins it for me right now. Connect with her on Twitter @alyssaaldersley as well as on Facebook. Twitter Business networking Social Networking time management Twitter for business Twitter tools working productivelym a bit of a cheerleader for Buffer.
    [Twitter] Grow Your Twitter Followers; Buy Them
    TweetIs buying Twitter followers such a bad idea? That’s okay, because I am suggesting you buy Twitter followers if your social media marketing goal calls for it. Strategy how to grow your twitter followersSocial media purist would say throw a hissy fit — in fact, one or two may do that after reading this post. Comedian Dan Nainan told The New [.].
    [Twitter] 7 Things Twitter Is Not (And 1 Thing It Is)
    Digg Digg “Twitter&# as defined by is “a micro-blogging service that allows people to type in short messages or status updates that can be read by people following them.&#. We all know and love the world of Twitter. There is a good possibility that you are reading this right now because of a Tweet you saw promoting this exact post (almost 65% of my traffic comes from Twitter according to my Google Analytics ). Twitter, like water, is a good thing. Here is my list of 7 Things Twitter is Not (and 1 Thing it is): 1. Hell no.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 27, 2011
    [Twitter] Does Twitter Have a New Spam Policy?
    While I can’t find anything about this on the Twitter blog , rumor around the blogosphere is that they  have a new spam policy to prevent you from tweeting a bunch of @ names and a link. They’re annoying, but it sounds like Twitter is taking action against them. According to the blogosphere, even though it doesn’t include a link, it soon will be banned from Twitter. And yet others do it straight on Twitter with a “#FF @johnfalchetto because he’s living the dream in France that we all wish we had (and he’s smart, too)!&#. Finally.
    [Twitter] Who Really Uses Twitter, and How?
    The Pew Research Center has released the findings (PDF) of their first study focused exclusively on Twitter. According to the report, Twitter is still a niche product used by 8% of U.S. According to the report, some of the demographic groups who demonstrate relatively high levels of Twitter use include: Young adults : Internet users ages 18-29 are significantly more likely to use Twitter than older adults. African-Americans and Latinos : Minority Internet users are more than twice as likely to use Twitter as are white Internet users. Internet users.
    [Twitter] Twitter Followers: Finding Good Relationship Material
    Once you begin embracing Twitter, every day can be a Christmas of sorts, when you open up your e-mail to notifications of several new overnight followers. As followers disappear without reason, that little tingle becomes a little knot in your stomach, and you wonder what you did so wrong on this Twitter thing, anyway. Margot Tohn, CEO of ParkIt Guides ( @ParkingExpert ), was excited to see her Twitter traffic on the rise, then confused when they backed out just as quickly.  I was seeing an influx of new Twitter followers with high Klout scores. Good riddance.
    [Twitter] 7 Steps To Hosting Successful Twitter Chats
    ' . Tweet Chat is understood to be a virtual meeting where people gather on twitter to discuss a certain topic. There are two options of running a twitter chat; one can opt to host a onetime Tweet Chat or once a week. Steps To Hosting Successful Twitter Chats is a post from Mr Ryan Connors Blog. Business Marketing Strategies and Tactics Social Media Technology tweet chat Twitter Chats It can be used by companies to engage with clients, workers or their audience at a personal level. Step 1: Monitoring other chats and filling the void. Don’t forget the #hashtag!
    [Twitter] Are Twitter Followers Better Than Facebook Fans?
    Online marketers are always experimenting on how to deliver the most effective messages across Twitter and Facebook. Some argue that Twitter followers have the highest conversion rate. Winner:  Twitter followers. Winner: Twitter followers. US online marketers suggest that Twitter followers provide a better ROI than Facebook fans. facebook vs twitter ExactTarget Subscribers Fans and Followers twitter vs facebook Tags: Are Twitter Followers Better Than Facebook Fans? This is a common question that online marketers ask themselves everyday.
    [Twitter] The Ambient Conversations of Twitter
    Last week I wrote about the diminishing return of relationships on Twitter. The gist being that what we call our network on Twitter is very loosely constructed and defined. This week, I want to focus on the ambient nature of most conversations in Twitter. The New York Times referenced this “nature&# on Twitter  by another name- “ Ambient Awareness ”, essentially saying that Twitter promotes — the feeling of incessant online contact…Yes and No. know there’s more but talk to enough sage users of Twitter and that is what they will tell you.
    [Twitter] Twitter and the power of celebrity – case study
    Charlie Sheen banked on his ‘meltdown’ by creating a record breaking Twitter account. These figures not only show the power of leveraging celebrity on Twitter but also the importance timing. What ever you may think of Sheen’s lifestyle, these numbers are another little bit of evidence which proves that value of Twitter as a marketing tool. Customer engagement Hamid Sirhan Social Media Social media case studies Social networks Charlie Sheen FreshNetworks TwitterBut do you know what he did for work experience website ? link].
    [Twitter] Crowdsourcing Music via Twitter (again)
    One of the things I love about Twitter is the fact that I can reach out to a large group of people that are far more knowledgeable than me and get ideas for things like restaurants, cameras, washing machines and yes, music. about 3 hours ago   from web   in reply to astrout I'm keeping a running list of these as more come in on my Twitter favorites which are publicly available. Tags: crowdsourcing iTunes music Twitter This morning, I mentioned that I was looking for five new songs to add to my iTunes and this is the response I got. Just trying to pick off odd-but-good.
    [Twitter] How to Promote Your Business, Blog or Website on Twitter
    Twitter offers many ways of promoting your business, blog, or website with interested people in the Twittersphere. Before I get started on the various ways to promote yourself, remember that Twitter should not only be about self promotion. While there are many opportunities to promote your own agenda on Twitter, you have to keep a healthy balance between promoting yourself, responding to others who ask you questions, thanking Twitter users that help you out, and just sharing valuable information with your followers from other websites and blogs. Twitter Directories.
    [Twitter] Twitter Badges For Brands Who Want to Avoid Narcissism
    While Facebook is mailing signs to businesses, I’m pretty sure no one is helping them understand Twitter – for free anyways.  After all, Twitter is for narcissists , right?  It occurred to me the other day that the phrase, “Follow us&# or “Follow me on Twitter&# is getting things off to the wrong start.  Businesses should all aspire to connect with people who are engaged and interested in conversation, creating a value exchange – Twitter is just one of many tools to enable that access to direct conversations.  Proposal. Little Help.
    [Twitter] The Power Of Having Twitter Conversations Off Of Twitter
    I hear it so often: “Conversations on Twitter are impossible to have.&#. Or,&# It’s impossible to track conversations on Twitter.&#. For those just starting out on Twitter, having conversations is essential for your business and to develop your personal brand. The conversation aspect that Twitter brings allows you to show others what you are about. Since other users on Twitter are most likely not familiar with who you are, these are the types of questions that are going to be running through their heads. 2008 TwiTip Twitter Tips.
  • PAMORAMA  |  MONDAY, APRIL 26, 2010
    [Twitter] 20 Top Twitter Monitoring and Analytics Tools
    pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact 20 Top Twitter Monitoring and Analytics Tools by Pam Dyer on April 26, 2010 Share Image via Wikipedia Social media is much more than a way to stay connected and to have fun: it’s a way to market yourself, your business, and your products and services. Here’s why Twitter is one of the best social media platforms for listening: Real-time results. We’ve all heard examples of how breaking news spreads immediately on Twitter. Twitter is useful to many different types and sizes of businesses.
    [Twitter] Twitter Auto DM: Just Say No! Home About Me My Videos My Resume Contact Me Browse > Home / Social Media / Twitter Auto DM: Just Say No! Subcribe via RSS Twitter Auto DM: Just Say No! September 9th, 2009 Posted in Social Media Tweet Share The absolute #1 pain in the neck Twitter nuisance for me these days are the hordes of Twitter auto direct messages I receive after following someone.  It has practically made Twitter DM a useless tool for me.  But let’s be honest here, people and businesses are using Twitter auto DM to pimp something, which I get. 
    [Twitter] Paid Media. Meet Social Media: The New Twitter Model
    For three years, many of us skeptics have wondered aloud about the viability of Twitter. Instead, Twitter is taking a page out of the paid media book of tricks -- but with a social twist. Twitter also has a third product called recommended accounts which they plan to dial up over the coming months (beta tests with select brands ran in September). It's this kind of integration that will prevent Twitter from being disintermediated from itself by the ecosystem of tools and clients that have cropped up over the last three years. Will they sell sponsorships?
    [Twitter] Facebook vs Twitter (A Comparison)
    Home About In the Media Moving One Step Closer to Dream Indian Companies on Twitter – A Usage Study March 3, 2010.10:02 02 am Facebook vs Twitter (A Comparison) Jump to Comments With over 40,000 tweets per minute and new-user registration growth rate of 1500%, you would expect Twitter to give a close fight to the social networking giant Facebook. was just  testing uberVU , a paid social media analytics service for doing a comparison between Twitter & Facebook and the results that it shows are quite interesting to say the least. Which one would your prefer?
    [Twitter] What Is Your Twitter Policy?
    It’s too dark to ride and waaaay too warm to be inside) and I listened to Mitch Joel and Mark Schaefer debate the Twitter elite on the Six Pixels of Separation podcast. This is a discussion on Twitter policies. When I started on Twitter, it was after I saw Robert Scoble speak at the PRSA Counselors Academy conference in May of 2007. was really terrible at Twitter. People I would NEVER have met without Twitter and without my policy of engaging with 10 people a week. Thanks to Ken Burnett for the funny Twitter elite image. did not get it.
    [Twitter] My Twitter Strategy [VIDEO]
    A little background of how I used Twitter in the past, and how I’m using it now. General Social Media strategy Twitter
    [Twitter] How To Build A Crappy Twitter Profile
    Over the weekend I helped my wife build a Twitter profile. Most of the time I help fix and re-do Twitter profiles that have been abandoned or misused, so it was neat to help someone start from nothing. It also reminded me that a LOT of people and companies start off on the wrong foot and even though Twitter is a more transient medium, if you start off with bad habits, they tend to stick around. If you want to have a truly terrible Twitter profile, make no attempt to change your picture from the egg. Twitter Pic, HO! Tweet. I was more than happy to tell her.
    [Twitter] 4 Reasons Why You Must Stop Using Auto DMs On Twitter
    Because YOU look like Bender when you use auto DMs after a follow on Twitter. asked on Twitter what people thought about auto DMs after a follow and there is a strong consensus that people need to stop doing them. Here are the 4 reasons why you must stop using auto DMs on Twitter. Somebody took the effort to read your tweet, take a look at your Twitter bio, and make the decision of following you. Tags: 4 Reasons Why You Must Stop Using Auto DMs On Twitter Twitter twitter marketing what Twitter users want bender Take a good look at Bender.
    [Twitter] Chat comes to Twitter in the form of Bonfire
    Ok, so I know we already chat on Twitter (that’s the point, right?) Marketing Tools and Apps Twitter Bonfire Twitter Chat Twitter IMbut a nifty little tool called Bonfire was launched today that allows you to add a plugin to your profile that provides an instant messaging service for your contacts. Go here to download Bonfire to your browser. Why would we bother? … Read more.
    [Twitter] Chat comes to Twitter in the form of Bonfire
    Ok, so I know we already chat on Twitter (that’s the point, right?) Marketing Tools and Apps Twitter Bonfire Twitter Chat Twitter IMbut a nifty little tool called Bonfire was launched today that allows you to add a plugin to your profile that provides an instant messaging service for your contacts. Go here to download Bonfire to your browser. Why would we bother? … Read more.
    [Twitter] Twitter for companies
    'This is a cool info graphic with some interesting statistics about Twitter and how French businesses use it. Twitter for companies infographic. Twitter Engagement Cheat Sheet [Infographic]. How to change your Twitter Name [video]. Headline Social Media Twitter infographic Related posts: Pinterest for business. The social customer. Wikipedia rules the waves. Click here to start to receive my newsletter. PLEASE LIKE  MY FACEBOOK PAGE. Related articles. The One Infographic About the Digital Revolution You Need to Understand.
    [Twitter] What People Love And Hate On Twitter [infographic]
    Tweet Over one million tweets including either the word ‘love’ or ‘hate’ in 2010 were analyzed in order to see what people are saying on Twitter. What do Twitter users love? Social Media Twitter Infographic love and hate on Twitter Social Media Graphics tweetsAnd what do they hate? This infographic includes graphs that show the value for sets of related words. The more hearts shown, the higher the love/hate ratio. Check out the infographic here: Similar Posts: 5 Popular Posts From The Last Month. Asian Social Media Equivalents [infographic].
  • GET SOCIAL PR  |  TUESDAY, MAY 7, 2013
    [Twitter] Twitter API Changes Shut Down TweetChat
    'TweetIf you manage a Twitter chat and use Tweetchat, you might want to start looking for another management tool. The new changes the social network Twitter plans to role out will make the chat tool useless. News Api Api Changes Communication Hootsuite Online Communication Real-time Web Social Media Twitter Twitter Api Social Fish reports folks should follow @tweetchat for details. Tweet chats are a community building tool companies, such as [.].
    [Twitter] Twitter Update: Twitter Rolls Out New Profile Redesign
    Yes, now Twitter started rolling out its new profile redesign on Tuesday April 8th. Note:  New Twitter users will get this new profile when creating an account and are walked through the account account process, so it’s actually a great way to practice using the new layout. So over the next few weeks, when you log into your Twitter account and see your profile page has been replaced with the new page design, you will know you have been upgraded! Here are the changes and details you need to know to make  your new Twitter Page dazzling: 1. Larger Header Photo.
    [Twitter] Facts About Consumer Behaviour on Twitter [Study]
    Tweet In a recent study made by Constant Contact and research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey , some useful findings have been made about Twitter users. What is especially interesting to emphasize from this study, is that people who follow brands on Twitter are more likely to both buy and recommend the products of these brands. Earlier, we have mentioned that the revenue generated by a Twitter follower is higher than cost per follower , and also referred to an infographic about what’s trending at Twitter. Twitter users = frequent online users. infographic].
    [Twitter] Follow @MellowMushroom Pizza on Twitter, And They’ll Follow You Back — In Real Life
    “Follow us and we’ll follow you” is the tagline, supported by several videos of ridiculous mushroom-outfitted mascots ‘following’ around random people who have followed the brand on Twitter. Social Media Campaigns humor Mellow Mushroom online video online video ads pizza restaurant Twitter campaignFor those of you who still have power, here’s a quick distraction from Sandy updates: check out this hilarious (and weird) social media campaign from Mellow Mushroom Pizza. richnowalk followed us, so we followed him. What do you think?
    [Twitter] On Twitter and real life: some love and some tips #socialsong
    So, there is some training to be done on phenomena such as Twitter, LinkedIn and community marketing. This post is about Twitter but most of all about people and one in particular, Chuck Kent. My personal Twitter rules When working on the Twitter training, I started looking back at my own Twitter behavior and realized I didn’t like it. Sure, I’m not stupid: Twitter is not the place where you will normally chat with your kids, partner, best friends or dog but, hey, there’s nothing wrong with being you, right? And Twitters works differently for everyone.
    [Twitter] 22 Twitter revenue streams – monetizing tweets
    Two, how can Twitter make money? Question two comes from Question one (in part) - if Twitter doesn’t find a way for us to show we value it, it will fold/go under/dead pool, and that would be a shame. . Anyway, I thought I would play around with Twitter business models, given the current interest in premium sponsored tweets in Search (and later timeline) on Twitter (see Fastcompany for more) . Customer Pays Twitter . Would it work for Twitter? Twitter cards (like iTunes) anyone? Would that work on Twitter? mets Twitter.
  • JUGNOO  |  MONDAY, MARCH 26, 2012
    [Twitter] Stop Poking Me, Mom! Is Facebook Losing the Teen Privacy Battle to Twitter?
    ? The other day my not-so-13-year old daughter asked me if she could set up a Twitter account. But something has clearly changed… It wasn’t too long ago when everyone questioned the value of Twitter among teens. ” “Twitter is for older people…not cool! report from Eloqua dated August, 2011 noted, According to Pew Research users, only 8 percent of online teens use Twitter. If Twitter wants to keep growing, it needs to reach out to this key demographic. What can Twitter do to appeal to teens? And Twitter is too public.
    [Twitter] Twitter does not have an Out of Office feature
    have been asked – what is a reasonable response time on Twitter or Blog comment. Since in Twitter or Tweetdeck (or whatever tool you are using to monitor) there are built in delay times. Tags: social media Twitter So at a recent Social Media event we got to talking about the Motrin social media scandal. One of the threads that jumped out at me was the part about the mommies who responded happen to really speak out late on a Friday night. And by Sunday, Motrin has responded and removed the ads that started the whole issue – just 2 days later. And I am ok with that.
    [Twitter] How Twitter Reminds Me Of “Vanilla Sky”
    So how does Twitter fit into all this? find the same three categories of people when I talk to companies about Twitter as with Vanilla Sky. I signed up for Twitter and used it 5 times then started parroting off “I don’t care what these people had for lunch&# because I thought I was supposed to say that and I stopped using it. Tags: Blog Marketing Social Media A-Ha moment clarity marketing social media Tom Cruise twitter Vanilla Sky This observation comes from multiple personal interactions about this particular movie. Then comes that “A-Ha!&#
    [Twitter] Freak or unique: a lesson in Twitter bios
    I wrote a guest post for Search Engine People this week, inspired by my friends Robin Dickinson and Olivier Blanchard on writing a great Twitter bio. This is how I start: Olivier Blanchard ‘s latest Twitter bio says “Pray that I never become your competitor’s secret weapon.&# How many times have you seen a Twitter bio that says “Husband. Twitterer. then go on to explain the importance of having a unique Twitter bio. Scott is also on Twitter and Facebook. Freak or unique: a lesson in Twitter bios. Father. Thinker. Runner.
    [Twitter] Create Collaborative Newsstreams with Twitter and MyTweetMag
    This famous quote from Clay Shirky exactly describes the purpose of MyTweetMag : Twitter is a perfect tool for sharing information and links. But on busy days you might get in trouble when you try to filter the rich news out of the endless twitter-stream. MyTweetMag wants to help you to curate the twitter-stream together with your twitter-friends and to create a collaborative newsstream for a certain topic. And this is how it works: Join the platform with your twitter-account, add some co-editors, select a hashtag and return to twitter.
    [Twitter] Help Me Choose a New Twitter Name!
    As part of that process, I also need to pick a new Twitter name, since @LevelTen_Colin just won’t cut it anymore. Ways Twitter Lists Fall Short. Featured General Social Media account name personal branding twitterFor those who don’t know, I’m starting a new gig soon. Lessons Learned. Skip to the bottom if you just want to vote! Over two years ago, when I first created the account the idea was to help create an official presence for LevelTen on social media channels, where there wasn’t one previously. Choose Wisely. Which one is your favorite?
    [Twitter] The Great Twitter Unfollow of 2011 – Leaked Email
    There’s been a bit of conversation in recent months about mass unfollows on Twitter. In this leaked email between two social media gurus, their reasoning can finally be shared as to what The Big Twitter Unfollow Purge of 2011 (as it has become known) was all about. ” Social Media Guru A: “I know – let’s completely ignore all the advice we doled out while building our false reputations, and UnFollow everyone on Twitter, and blame it on spam. Social Media mass twitter unfollows twitter unfollow experimentUntil now. It sucks.”
  • PAMORAMA  |  SATURDAY, JULY 14, 2012
    [Twitter] 11 Effective Twitter Strategies for Brands
    Brands are missing out on big opportunities to engage with consumers on Twitter by tweeting at the wrong time or in the wrong way, according to an interesting study from Buddy Media. The report, Strategies for Effective Tweeting: A Statistical Review, found that many brands aren’t using Twitter effectively and outlines the top strategies for engaging with consumers. Buddy Branding Infographics Marketing Social Media Statistics Strategy Twitter engagement Social media marketingBuddy Media [.].
    [Twitter] Help Me Choose a New Twitter Name!
    As part of that process, I also need to pick a new Twitter name, since @LevelTen_Colin just won’t cut it anymore. Featured General Social Media account name personal branding twitterTweet For those who don’t know, I’m starting a new gig soon. Lessons Learned. Skip to the bottom if you just want to vote! Over two years ago, when I first created the account the idea was to help create an official presence for LevelTen on social media channels, where there wasn’t one previously. calsheimer was thrown by the wayside in favor of the company branded account.
    [Twitter] Farewell to Twitter
    'Once upon a time I loved Twitter. But about a year ago when every TV show and every movie and every product placement had a Twitter name or hashtag attached, the site started going downhill for me. Twitter isn’t fun anymore. Going to a funeral puts a whole new spin on the point of Twitter. Further, when I look at my closest circle of friends, none of them ever created a Twitter account nor have any desire to do so. Related Stories Why Twitter Hashtag Infographic Fails Dear Former LinkedIn Friend Facebook Changes, Part 2. Media Twitter
    [Twitter] How Brands Used Twitter in 2012
    Twitter is definitely a platform that will survive on the long run, constantly growing in terms of increased user base as well as brands joining in order to engage with their audiences. To put the succes into perspective, in September 2011, the platform’s user base was half that amount, meaning that Twitter added as many users in 15 months as it did in the previous five years! Naturally, Twitter tends to be among the first choice of social media platforms that brands decide to engage in. The most common way for tweeting remains the Twitter web interface.
    [Twitter] 6 Twitter Do’s for Business
    Today we’re keeping it simple with some tactical suggestions on using Twitter for business. Tactics Twitter social media advice small business suggestionsIt isn’t that this list is complete or even that it ever will be. I’ve just.
  • JEFF KORHAN  |  SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2012
    [Twitter] Friends Help Friends Stop Twitter DM Spam
    You can also probably discern the same for the majority of your Twitter followers. 2 – Advise your friend to change their password – via a channel other than Twitter. Nevertheless, not wanting to missing an important message, my Twitter settings are adjusted to receive email notifications of DM’s. What I have seen some do is send a message (sometimes an angry one) back to the user via Twitter. This happened to me about 4 years ago when I was managing the Twitter channel for an association event. Many of us do not check our DM’s.
    [Twitter] 5 Great Reasons to Retweet Others on Twitter
    One of the key characteristics I (and many other Twitter users) use when determining whether I should follow someone back on Twitter is the level of interaction in their tweet stream. Now virtually every blogger and business user on Twitter tweets their own content, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that—it’s one of the strengths of the platform. But Twitter is a social tool, not a broadcasting medium. Retweeting is a key part of the social interaction on Twitter. Do they ask questions? Answer them? It helps those you retweet. Digg this!
    [Twitter] Ottawa’s Twitter top 20 for 2012
    Sherrilynne’s Ottawa Twitter top 20 lists used to feature on this blog monthly. This list was compiled using Twitter Grader. So readers, please feel free to let us know if you agree with Grader’s assessment of  Ottawa’s Twitter Elite and if not vote on who you think should be included.  Ottawa’s Twitter top 20 March 2010. How to Find Your People on Twitter. Featured Ottawa Social Media Twitter Facebook Lists Online Communities Social networkAll the profiles included are actually real people, not brands or companies.
    [Twitter] Twitter Webinar Basics Etiquette | Almost Savvy
    Twitter is growing quickly, at the rate of 5,000-10,000 new accounts per day, according to a new report from Hubspot called State of the Twittersphere.? More individuals (of all ages), businesses, news outlets, academic institutions, government agencies and non-profit organizations are finding unique value in having a Twitter presence. Before getting into the strategic value of a Twitter presence and the zillions of software applications available to enhance your Twitter experience and options, let’s cover the basics. There is no one best way to learn.
    [Twitter] Facebook, Twitter and True Intentions
    Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, just gave a facsinating interview that strikes at the heart of debates around the purpose of social media. It’s this context which makes the recent comments by pre-IPO Twitter co-founder, Biz Stone, so interesting. When When asked where he expects Twitter to be a year from now, Stone’s answered includes no mention of a NASDAQ listing: “From my perspective, a year from now or 10 years from now, Twitter should be considered a triumph of humanity not a triumph of technology,” he says. Image: Nellie’s blog.
    [Twitter] Why Twitter Hashtag Infographic Fails
    'Twitter launched this infographic on August 21, 2013. From Twitter’s cheat sheet for hashtags : Take the American version of X-Factor as an example. The show started promoting #xfactor in the second episode, and saw an immediate increase in the Twitter conversation. Media Twitter Mashable and other sites spread it the following day. Companies such as J Campbell Social Marketing continue to spread it. It’s everywhere. And, it’s a failure. Who spends so much time creating a hashtag? If you are creating a new product then create a hashtag for it.
    [Twitter] Content Curation: Testing Keepstream for Twitter
    Content Curation: Testing Keepstream for Twitter is a post from: ConverStations. You just finished reading Content Curation: Testing Keepstream for Twitter ! Follow me on Twitter or Facebook or on SansoneSpot. Blog Coach Cool Tools Social Networks Content Curation Keepstream Sharing TwitterI found a new tool worth experimenting with called Keepstream. The tool seems to allow me to “bundle&# tweets – either from the regular stream, those I follow, or various lists. Or, best yet (?) my own stream of tweets. Maybe I’ll do so weekly, maybe daily.
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