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Guerilla Community-Building Group Provides Insight to Modernizing Your Organization


recently discovered an emerging New York City community/organization called The Office Hero League that seems to be providing the same value to the members of their community that an association would provide. Their push and call for community is starting out as a digital campaign, and then bringing people together in person in order to strengthen the community.

Increase Blog Traffic with These 12 Ideas

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Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to sit with Danny Iny and his affiliate group. In it were 10 people who had helped him build his business…and sell seven figures. The people in that group are people I really respect and I decided it was time to get affiliate marketing a fair shake. Network with new groups. Network—yes, in person—with those groups.

How to Create a Call-to-Action for All of Your Content

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Every month, a group meets and brings in a speaker on a specific topic. When I speak to these groups, it doesn’t matter what they sell, how savvy their marketing team is, or if they’re consumer or not, 99 percent of them are distributing content without a specific call-to-action. Put behind a landing page so you can collect email addresses and build your database.

How to Build a Community that Thrives

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We talked a lot about engagement and networking and building community. In the early days of social media, everyone talked about community. Buildcommunity. Talk to your community. Community is the bee’s knees. Everyone should have a community. What is Community? didn’t build a community with this in mind.

Eight PR Trends for 2016

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Private communities. In it, he showed the decline of the comments on Spin Sucks because we have such a vibrant community. In our private Facebook group. By Gini Dietrich. Sing it with me now! Seriously, if I could sing, I would make a video of this song. You’ll just have to sing it in your heads. Let’s talk about PR trends, shall we? The Eight PR Trends for 2016.

Fear of Feedback Needs a New Perspective

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For those of us with fear of feedback, confrontation, or controversy (yep, that group includes me), it seems like a dream come true. Cultivating a community that engages with respect in discussions should be a top priority for any organization using social media. Part of setting an example of the type of community you want to cultivate is to emulate it when you go to other blogs.

Guerilla Community-Building Group Provides Insight into Modernizing Your Organization


recently discovered an emerging New York City community/organization called The Office Hero League that seems to be providing the same value to the members of their community that an association would provide. Their push and call for community is starting out as a digital campaign, and then bringing people together in person in order to strengthen the community.

How to Build Stronger Bonds With Your Community

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It’s no small secret your online community and your loyal customers within are your company’s greatest asset. While a customer may be happy with their one-time experience with your brand, what’s going to make them a lifelong community member? The same thing that’s connecting you and your childhood friends: building strong and worthwhile bonds. Image via

Uncovering The Remarkable In Your Social Networks

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We talk often – myself included – about using it to build relationships , about getting to know one’s community, about deepening human interaction. “I had a youth group of over 150 teenagers. When we talk about building community, aren’t we really talking about getting to know each other in a deeper fashion than that allowed by 140 characters?

Five Observations Gained from Starting an Online Community

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In October of last year, I launched an online community called Agree, Disagree, or Qualify. Agree, Disagree, or Qualify ( ADQ ) is a closed group for open minds dedicated to rigorously testing claims in concert with the values of free expression, eager education, and utmost respect. Building an online community doesn’t happen overnight. Discussion builds communities. The last claim I ever posted there suggested that ADQ should have its own group. The community builds upon itself by testing claims and commenting on those claims.

15 Things Smart, Social Savvy Business Marketers Never do on Facebook

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Facebook presents tremendous opportunity to nurture relationships, establish and grow community, increase brand awareness and even your business bottom line. However, if you don’t understand the ecosystem, how you can best fit within it to build relationships and your brand, you may wind up hurting your brand more than helping it. Be careful with the use of groups on Facebook.

Changing Trends in Social Media Can Influence Your Business Model (part II)


Tweet Written by Nabanita Roy , who is a web enthusiast and blogger currently working as a Community Development Executive at Facebook group applications can be used to invite like minded people to share their thoughts on a subject. And here with good public relationship building via personalized networking you can strengthen your business. sites.

To Happy Hour or Not to Happy Hour: That is the Question

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Matt LaCasse  believes that finding the methods and channels customers and audiences use, and engaging with them in their comfort zone, is the key to effectively communicating with those groups on behalf of clients. Business Career Communication Guest Posts Matt LaCasse Networking community building customer service influencecame across this post the other day. Not a whole lot.

General Mills Embraces Collaborative Storytelling with “Hello, Cereal Lovers” Social Media Community

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Inspired by the passion and enthusiasm people have for cereal, there’s a new, “Hello Cereal Lovers” co-branded social media community from General Mills that is generating buzz for its creative and collaborative visual storytelling approach. What’s unique about this community is that it’s inspirational, versus highly branded. Love cereal? You’re not alone.

Can Communities Serve As Perfect Add-On For Your Blog?


Tweet Written by Nabanita Roy , who is a web enthusiast and blogger currently working as a Community Development Executive at There are several community building tools for blog promotion. If you think it is time to take a leap with your promotional plans and take some new pathways for promotions, a community building tool can be a perfect opportunity.

The Desert of Community Building

Geoff Livingston

This analogy struck me as inherently true, in large part because of the significant amount of time and care one has to invest in building an active community. Most marketers and communicators fail to realize the imperative of engaging the Fifth Estate as a group of people just like them. Comments may be used in the final edition. The seeds have only begun to be planted.

6 Common Mistakes in Online Community Development

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Many of the myths surrounding online community development are proliferated by common sense conclusions. Creating an online community has a basis in science—but best practices that seem clear-cut on the surface become much more complicated when you dig deeper. Only then can you define the business goals of your community. The community indeed grew—from 5,000 members to 60,000.

Five Takeaways from the 2012 State of Community Management Report

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One of the more interesting, but challenging, aspects of my job is community management. Effective managers do not view their community as tied to a specific technology or network, but rather as a group of users who share principles and interests. In order to build an engaged community, managers must be on top of all the latest trends and best practices in the space.

Do you need to own your community?

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A little while back I was catching up with my friend Jim Storer of the Community Roundtable before we shared a panel about social customer support. In our prep, Jim and I continued our on-going disagreement on whether a company needs to own the platform that they are keeping a community on. Companies like Constant Contact and Aetn a do a great job with their own “owned “communities.

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Why the Boston Globe Shouldn’t Be Building Community on Facebook


——— My favorite Associations Now author, Ernie Smith, wrote a great article  about building community around your most engaged users. Kudos to the Boston Globe for recognizing that creating a community for its most engaged readers is a great tactic. But a Facebook Group as the home for that community? But online communities? Sure, why not.

Hot Association Membership and Marketing Jobs this week – January 26


Manager, Education & Member Services , LeadingAge Virginia – LeadingAge Virginia is a 501(c)(6) association focused on education, advocacy, community building, stewardship, not-for-profit leadership, and expanding the world of possibilities for aging in Virginia. This position may also support various marketing campaigns for the annual BIO International Convention.

The State of Community Management 2015


The 2015 State of Community Management Report is out!! You know I look forward to this research every year and I’m excited to see communities definitely maturing this year. Strategy: Community-minded organizations must invest in people and systems, not just platforms. Operations: Community advocacy programs are more than just a checkbox. GET THE FULL REPORT HERE.

2015: The Year of Redefining Your Basic Needs

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After that we finally move to social needs—community, friendship, love, and affection. Community Drives Everything One prevalent argument is the third tier placement of social need and belongingness in Maslow’s hierarchy. During Thanksgiving I volunteered with Wayside Food Programs , a fantastic organization that provides community meals weekly across Portland.

Do Social Referrals Affect Organic Traffic?

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Add value > Engage with your audience > Build relationships > Grow your community > Nurture relationships > Gain brand ambassadors  ( Tweet This ). know that when I find out about a new company or community that I’m interested in, I’ll Google the snot out of them, and there are definitely more people like me that do the same thing. WAKE UP!

Building A Real Twitter Community At #SXSW with Nestivity


We’ve heard it time and time again: Twitter is a great community-building tool. And I agree, in part – there is the potential for Twitter to be a fantastic place for deep, meaningful connections and powerful communities. The Acquity Group studied the behavior of Interbrand’s 2012 Best Retail Brands and found them lacking on Twitter. Enter Nestivity.

Social Pros 22 – Evan Hamilton, UserVoice

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So, Evan is the Head of Community at Evan, why don’t you talk to us a bit about UserVoice and what it means to be the Head of Community at UserVoice. What we’re really focused on, specially with our feedback product, is what I think the missing step is in, you know, building out a great social strategy. Listen Now. The RSS feed is: [link]. Eric : So?

How Social Referrals Impact Your Organic Traffic

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Add value > Engage with your audience > Build relationships > Grow your community > Nurture relationships > Gain brand ambassadors  (highlight to tweet). know that when I find out about a new company or community that I’m interested in, I’ll Google the snot out of them, and there are definitely more people like me that do the same thing. WAKE UP!

Connecting 2 the World: Lessons Learned in Working with International Virtual Groups

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Lessons Learned in Working with International Virtual Groups. Each day, as she worked in cross-cultural groups, she gave her insights into working with an international group in a virtual environment. Build in sufficient time into the schedule. If one system or process does not work, groups should be flexible enough to change it so it does work. problems with the group (dynamics)? Dont be insulted about ANY questions that might be posed to you and dont assume that any question is dumb as long as the intent is to make the group work more efficiently.

5 LinkedIn Best Practices for Marketing Professionals

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This space is ideal for those wanting to cultivate audiences, build communities and push content that directly correlates to those in your industry. But we are going to tell you this is the best place for businesses to build their professional community. LinkedIn has group channels you can join or create around a specific event. Know What Type of Content to Post.

Four Secrets of Successful Hashtag Marketing

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Use a hashtag to thread together conversation, create an integrated experience, and build a community around a topic, brand, event, or theme. What this means is using the hashtag to build awareness for your cause, like Kenneth Cole did for his new spring collection during the protests in Egypt. But that doesn’t mean you can use them haphazardly or without strategy.

The Online Community Secret Sauce

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People ask me all the time what my secret sauce is for online community building and I always make some self-deprecating comment about how my mom pays people a lot of money to be nice to me. But I’ve really been thinking about what it is that creates such a strong sense of community and why they want to continue giving. You have a community in the making. Humility.

How We Set and Measure Ambitious Social Media Goals at Buffer [2017 Version]

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In fact, this is our vision for Q1: Establish Buffer as the premier social media tool for businesses and teams via a focus on branding, content, and community. Build Buffer’s community. Brand awareness tends to sit at the top of the funnel as its main purpose is to build familiarity with as many people as possible. Build Buffer’s community.

Repurpose Content with These Six Tools

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But, at the same time, you already have a community of readers you’re writing for  and you write for that loyal group first and foremost. If you’re reading Spin Sucks, you already know why video is important for marketing (SEO, engagement, community building, and more,)  so I won’t belabor the point. By Stephanie Vermillion. could get used to that. Say what?

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9 Social Media Goals You Can Set for Your Business (and How to Track Them)

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In 2010, a group of researchers in Canada studied the effect of goal-setting on the academic performance of 85 students. After four months, they found that the group that went through an intensive goal-setting program achieved significantly better results and than the control group. Build a community around your business. One way is by setting goals. Thank you.

Four Tools to Assess Your Audience’s Online Usage

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If you build it, they will not come. Both groups are useful in assessing where your audience participates online. Once you have a good snapshot using one of the first two tools, you can begin to build your community where the majority of your customers and prospects are already participating. Promise kept! Remember, this not the Field of Dreams. We’ll explore both.

Tools 101

Lessons from Black Friday to Use in Your Communications Plan

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Build a Community Around Related Topics. We talk about community building a lot here at Spin Sucks, so it should come to no surprise that one of the most interesting Black Friday tactics you should include in your communications plan is community building. How can we integrate the four media types to facilitate our community? The Thrill of the Hunt.

The Case for Building a Fiercely Loyal Community


Based in Birmingham, Alabama, Sarah advises her international clients on how to build a thriving, successful community, how to increase social media effectiveness, and how to develop a remarkable online and offline business presence. ———————— I know you may be thinking “Why do I need to read about the case for building a community?

How to Hire Your Social Media Marketing Partner

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Engagement and community building is the time-consuming task of connecting with relevant social media participants. It’s about finding the right Twitter followers, managing a Facebook ad campaign, and attracting blog subscribers and members of LinkedIn Groups. This is a guest post by Brad Shorr. Want more? See How to Hire Your SEO Partner from November. Ongoing SMM Activities.

Cool Social Tools: Small World Labs Community


———— Cool Social Tools: Small World Labs Community. Small World Labs Community provides extensive collaboration, communication, and sharing capabilities to create an environment and experience that is tailored to your non-profit’s target audience, whether they be volunteers, members, donors, beneficiaries, or other key stakeholders. Collaboration Groups.

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Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing

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Use that as a starting point to build your own strategy. When you’re building your initial following, being active gives people a chance to build familiarity with you. Resource How to Identify Your Social Media Influencers Join Twitter Chats Twitter chats are organized group conversations where a host asks a series of questions to participants. Quick Stats 1.65