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From Social Sharing to Creative Collaboration

Social Media Marketing

From advertising to customer service and from human resources to corporate giving, news travels at the speed of now --and the conduit through which it travels is the group that used to be quaintly referred to as "the common people." The Power of Collaborative Consumption The personal arena is by no means exempt from this modern paradigm shift, however.

Walking the Content Road Less Traveled

Waxing UnLyrical

Ready to make some magic by walking the content road less traveled? And that, I think, is the point at which we need to stop, collaborate and listen … to our instincts. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Walking the Content Road Less Traveled. Content Marketing Personal content strategy creativity in content road less traveledHey, Content Strategist! Right?

How to Pitch Your Dream Company for a Win/Win/Win Blogging Collaboration [Case Study]


obviously live in Australia, I love living here (and travelling around the country), and my audience always asks me questions about Australia—many have expressed a desire to visit. Be creative and bold. I’d love to hear your own stories about reaching out for dream collaborations. How to Pitch Your Dream Company for a Win/Win/Win Blogging Collaboration [Case Study].

9 Productivity Tools I Use to Run My Company

Convince & Convert

Sprout Social For our team, this is the more collaborative side of our social posting and engagement program. It totally organizes your entire travel life for you. If you travel even a modest amount and don’t have TripIt Pro (web and mobile) you are making your life way harder than it needs to be. Those are the nine we use most for time saving and collaboration.

New Media Artist-in-Residence Program for Lanai

Bare Feet Studios

I’ve been meaning to write more about the innovative travel blogger program I am doing with the L?na?i started the conversation here with some advice for travel destinations. I am very grateful to my clients at the Maui and L?na?i Each artist has agreed to collaborate with the other team members, extending and cross-pollinating their extensive individual networks. link].

Building a New Kind of Cruise Community

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We just launched our travel tech start-up, Cruiseable , three weeks ago after a year of work. love to cruise, but it’s frustrating that there’s no site or app to help me discover the wide assortment of cruises that are a good match for my travel style and budget – and to help me book the right voyage to the right destinations. know that my peers in the digital generations don’t want to traipse down to a storefront to spend an hour with a travel agent. Know anyone in the travel space we should be collaborating with? Guest Post by J.D. Lasica. Surprise!

5 Luxurious Technology Events for this Autumn


Learn better means of risk management, scientific and collaborative approaches in the technology industry, discover the latest lean startups and a lot more. Business & Marketing 5 events for busy entrepreneurs events for entrepreneurs events for traveling entrepreneurs In the past I have been to a lot of technology events. Some of them have been gritty or very basic. Who is BOB?

Do You Know Your Employees? Social Intranets As The New Talent Management System

SocMed Sean

The Engagement Experience To see how Social Intranets can play the valuable role of a Talent Management system, imagine a situation where a Sally Sales, a Sales Executive, creates a post on the Intranet forum asking: Sally Sales: I am traveling to SmithCo Enterprises tomorrow to show them a demo of the latest version of our ERP  software. Tweet Sean R. Bad situation.

Summary of New Media Artist-in-Residence Program

Bare Feet Studios

You can read more about the setup of the New Media Artist-in-Residence program here , but in short, it involved the hand selection of seven well-known bloggers who each spent a week on Lānaʻi and who also agreed to collaborate in supporting the other team members throughout a six month period in 2011. Melanie Waldman of Travels with Two. There are only three hotels!

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Collaborating and Investing in Green Innovations | Justin Levy

Justin Levy

Justin Levy Marketing and Social Media Home About Archives Contact Disclosures Newsletter Speaking Collaborating and Investing in Green Innovations Written on April 20, 2010 by Justin Levy in environmental , innovation 11 Comments - Leave a comment! Several major corporations have begun developing communities and collaborating to advance environmentally friendly innovations.

Finding Space

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Even though we have two Twist Image offices in different cities that I spend quite a bit of time in (if I'm not travelling, my days are usually spent in one of the two offices), for some reason, I consider my MacBook Pro my "real" office. Over the years, the construct of a physical office means less and less to me as my ability to generate ideas, create and think about the clients we work with and the industry I serve is increasingly less about where I am, and much more about the people I am collaborating with and my access to the information I need or tools to create.

How a Collaborative Critique Changed My Brand … and My Future #QLDBLOG


Upon arriving home in Colorado from Australia, I procrastinated a bit on changing our nicknamed bylines, even though my business partners agreed that it was a good idea—not only to make it more understandable to our readers, but to further our own personal brands as travel writers. It’s a small change to our site, but one that pleases me so much. I’m proud of my blog posts about family travel, romantic escapes, and girlfriend getaways on The Vacation Gals, and I’m so glad that my own name is clearly associated with my work moving forward. In the hot seat. Constructive criticism.

9 Reasons Why Hilton’s Social Media Strategy Succeeds

Simply Measured

The Buyer’s Journey for the Travel and Hospitality Industry (and What Hilton Gets Right). Social media has impacted the Travel and Hospitality industry in a huge way. travel site visits come from mobile, and Instagram is primarily a mobile-specific platform. Earlier in August, they posted tips from mothers about how to travel with little children from Buzzfeed. seconds.

IBM SJ 45-4 | Ethnographic study of collaborative knowledge work

Buzz Marketing for Technology

IBM Research: Collaborative User Experience. IBM alphaWorks: Collaborative Development Environments. Business Collaboration Volume 45, Number 4, 2006. Ethnographic study of collaborative knowledge work. We present an ethnographic study in which we examine the ways collaborative knowledge work gets done in a process-oriented environment. The participants in this study, knowledge workers in various business domains, work in a collaborative environment; their skills are in their areas of expertise rather than computer science and programming. IBM Research.


The New Rules of Social Marketing and PR

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He currently travels the world acting as an adviser to emerging transformative companies and speaking at conferences, expos, meetings, and just about anywhere with a podium. How unguarded, collaborative networking with peers in your industry can lead to success for your own business. It’s All About Now, Now, Now. In This Episode. Quotes From This Episode. ” —@dmscott.

17 Productivity Tools for the Ultimate Business Gain

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Ever needed to give a demo of a product and couldn’t travel into an office to give it to them? Their PRO/family plan affords you multiple access points, so you can connect your home PC and your travel laptop or whatever else. Want to do more internal collaboration these days? Trello is simply a user friendly collaborative team task organizer. Let’s dive in.

Autumn Transitions

Adam Cohen

You know who you are and I can’t thank all of you enough for the support and collaboration. It’s that time of year. Summer draws to a close, baseball season makes the home stretch to the playoffs, leaves change and school starts. For many it’s a new start and a change of seasons. Today I am excited to share that I am starting a new position that allows me to focus on doing just that.

Change Happens. Are you ready?


The direction of travel of an organization is set by its senior executives and is overseen by a board. Good decision makers deliberately frame the question – defining goals, priorities and criteria – they think creatively about different options and have a structured and collaborative way of coming to a conclusion. Guest post by Stuart Easton. —————-.

Drafting My Next Job Description

Ari Herzog

You will work on public policy issues in collaboration with cross-functional directors and coalition partners in the region and around the world. Collaborate with our stakeholders, keeping them informed and engaged. Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with diverse teams and interface effectively with internal and external stakeholders. Willingness to travel. After five years as a self-employed digital media teacher and consultant, I want a change of pace. created the following job description as a template to guide me in meetings and interviews. Thanks.

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The 20 Best New Social Media Tools to Try in 2017 (And How to Use Them)

Buffer Social

Travel/Vacation. Description: Intellifluence helps you discover and collaborate with the right influencers for your brand. What Through the system, you can send a pitch for collaboration to your selected influencers and manage your communications with them. The social media world is a fascinating one. Imagine how jam-packed it’d be today! Panda 5. Yotpo. Refind. Reveal.

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Twitter Tips for Your Business to Follow Into 2017

Sprout Social

Host a collaborative chat with a brand or influencer: It doesn’t have to be a weekly occurrence but it can be useful for expanding your audience. Much like if you hosted a collaborative event in person, you can promote a chat ahead of time and then reuse the participating tweets for a new blog post. Twitter’s algorithmic timeline favors highly engaged Tweets over new Tweets.

6 Powerful Social Media Lessons from Tourism that will Boost Your Brand

Socially Sorted

There’s no doubt that tourism and travel can generate great content – I mean it’s an awesome topic (who doesn’t like travel!). Here’s an example of how Brisbane Kids (a website that showcases activities for kids and families in Brisbane Australia) collaborated with the Queensland Museum to share a great printable for the Lost Creatures Exhibit.

The Rise of Social Business – Broader than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ Combined

Blue Focus Marketing

Innovative leaders must rethink their social strategies and move beyond the linear, process-driven approach to dynamic, collaborative, networked organizations. To achieve this, successful businesses must align their core goals and objectives in cross-enterprise collaboration and create a socially integrated organizational blueprint that focuses on people and culture. Source: IBM.

The Continuing Evolution of the Indian PR Landscape

Waxing UnLyrical

This initiative was undertaken by Google India in collaboration with  (compare this to the White House’s We the People effort). reading and traveling. As the Indian PR landscape continues to evolve, it is fascinating to see clients adapt to the integration of digital efforts. For example, a press event is not restricted to just calling reporters on the ground.

How to Structure a Successful Planning Session

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also recommend having everyone travel together, if possible. If you have the time, having managers spend time with other managers—in addition to their own teams—is ideal for ultimate collaboration. By Jess Ostroff No one likes meetings. That’s because they’re overused and inefficient. That’s what I attempted last month. And I think it actually worked. Don’t take them to McDonald’s.

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What’s Your Work Ethic? An Argument for Remote Employees

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Email is still a pretty ubiquitous method of chatting with people around the world whether for business or pleasure, and new collaboration tools such as Slack and HipChat create always-on virtual meeting experiences. Moms who “clearly have other priorities” are given the shaft in favor of someone who can travel away from family more often and who isn’t tied down.

Social Media Hitchhiking: Audi Sends College Student Cross-Country Using Only Digital Networks

The Realtime Report

Rule’s assignment was to travel across the country – from Boston to San Francisco - without spending any money (ok, there was a $100 emergency fund) by using social media to coordinate free rides and places to stay. The luxury car brand realizes how easy it’s becoming to travel in the U.S. According to Rule, ”This would have been impossible without social media.”

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Pinterest for Business?

Janet Fouts

Let’s say you are in the wine industry and you’ve created boards for sustainable wine making, your wines, Sonoma valley travel and wine accessories. Collaborate. When you find an influencer you are impressed with invite them to collaborate on a board. It’s likely they will reciprocate and may even invite you to collaborate. Or at least it was. Smart eh?

Use of Social Media to Inspiration for All Businesses


Great opportunities in a collaborative social media strategy. Considering all the content Southwest Airlines create to maintain its presence, a collaborative approach is vital for the company. The presentation gave great insight into social media and what to think about when dealing with this – to inspiration for both small and larger organizations.

Make Your CFO a Social Media Fan

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Listening for and spotting a customer issue, responding to them and solving their problem in minutes using social media provides an “exceptional customer experience” which also unlocks the beauty of social media and the web in sharing stories of great customer service travel far and wide. Social media definitely pays off, but you’ve got to focus on the approach not the tools. Users.

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How to Create People-Powered Content That Works for Your Brand

Convince & Convert

Look at your market research to see what their interests are both inside and outside of your particular category (Foodies tend to like to travel, skiers may also be into running or cars). Collaborates With Influencer To Create Content People Want Let’s take the example of the independent jeweler, Shane Co. The answer is simple: People-powered content. Sound hard? It’s not. Shane Co.

Urban Communication: The Curious Speech of Cities

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Traveling helps me clear my head. She supports the Mission’s preparations for official events and visits, including acting as a spokesperson and collaborating with UN partners, such as Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) , United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) , and UN Women. I moved to Kosovo in 2012 to get out of my comfort zone. How do cities communicate?

Meet Team Sprout: Arnita, Senior Product Manager

Sprout Social

Building a product is collaborative. At Sprout, that means we’re developing more team collaboration and workflow features like message approval , message tagging and the publishing calendar. love Condé Nast Traveler. I’m always taking notes when I’m reading about the places I want to go. Arnita Hayden is a Senior Product Manager who works with the Publishing Squad. read a lot.

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The End of the Open Office Honeymoon

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Where your co-workers used to be hard to talk to, it now feels like everyone is on the bridge of the Enterprise, collaborating together to steer this ship home. Plenty of other things besides noise can travel freely through the open office air. These walls will be transparent, soundproof glass. B y merely flipping a switch, an employee can choose between collaboration and privacy.

A Very Smart Way to Combine Search and Social

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TripCase is now a powerhouse mobile app that seamlessly manages at least 30 million trips each year using the combined power of over 40 airlines and more than 110,000 travel agents. Why showing your collaborators an example of what you can do can lead to better cross-organizational buy-in. TripCase post “How to Choose a Travel Laptop” CheckMate. In This Episode.

Tech and sanity – You can have both!

Janet Fouts

Asana  -Team management for real people with less email back and forth, Asana combines collaboration tools, data storage and project management in one slick interface. So if you’re wondering how I can hike and kayak, travel for speaking gigs, ride my horse, attend conferences and still get my job done, it’s the tech and an awesome team that enables me to work smarter!

B2B Blogging Trends 2011: Towards an Integrated Approach


That is a first part of the integration exercise: make sure your blogs travel along with your readers and ecosystem. No executive will – hopefully – invest money in something that doesn’t contribute to business goals such as branding, customer interaction, customer acquisition, customer satisfaction, collaboration or whatever else the goals may be. included). Should a company blog?

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Top 10 Web-Based Personal Project Management Tools


Personal projects can be smoothly managed with this online collaboration and project management tool. Collaborators in a project can conveniently discuss matters concerning them. This tool does not provide the chat feature that could have facilitated communication and collaboration among people, though. This is a guest contribution. ProofHub. Asana. ? Have calls to make?

Instagram for Business: 30 Tips to Grow Your Audience and Stand Out on Instagram

Buffer Social

On their blog, Instagram explains : People come to Instagram to follow their passions, from travel and fashion to cars and entertainment. takeover is a collaboration where you and another Instagram user or brand appear on each other’s channel and share content to Stories. The importance of goal setting and how to create a clear Instagram strategy. Let’s jump in. Mascot.

10 Tips to Optimize Your Presence on Pinterest

Razor Social

Mondays are best for fitness, Tuesdays for tech, Wednesdays for quotes, Thursdays for fashion, Fridays for humor, Saturdays for travel and Sundays for food and DIY crafts. You can also collaborate with other influencers to create your own group board. It’s hard to deny the power of Pinterest. Because it’s about so much more than posting pretty pictures, isn’t it? Thanks Pauline.