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6 iPhone Accessories for Almost-Professional Photos/Videos

Waxing UnLyrical

Being a non-expert at much of this stuff, I recently got a bee in my bonnet about finding a way to build my own, iPhone-ready DIY photo/video studio, that would let me take/create not great, but good enough visual/multimedia content ( Project 366 is proving to be great testing ground for this). It clips onto your iPhone and gives you the ability to take some really neat photos.

4 iPhone Apps for Twitter


These four iPhone apps have scrupulously gleaned the missing pieces and dropped balls of Twitter’s architecture to find their own place in the shadows of Twitter’s success story. Check out these useful 4 iPhone apps to use Twitter. With it you can Tweet video, which is significant because I don’t believe that the existing Twitter interface is all that easy to use with video.

15 Awesome Social Media Apps for iPhone

Razor Social

Tweetbot  is an iPhone app for managing Twitter.  It’s really nicely designed and easy to use. You kick off the live streaming from your iPhone but then you can switch to various cameras or to a desktop view. Share your imagery and videos using a variety of apps. Very simple to use and you create some nice videos. You can now build them on your iPhone app!

4 NFL AFC Southern Division Apps for iPhones


By keeping you in touch with the on the spot details of your favorite gridiron guys, your iPhone becomes your indispensable link to football Nirvana. With these NFL iPhone apps at your command, you will find yourself actually seeking out those long boring waits. The interviews, the stats, the audio, the video and so much more are yours to command. No problem.

4 NFL AFC Southern Division Apps for iPhones


By keeping you in touch with the on the spot details of your favorite gridiron guys, your iPhone becomes your indispensable link to football Nirvana. With these NFL iPhone apps at your command, you will find yourself actually seeking out those long boring waits. The interviews, the stats, the audio, the video and so much more are yours to command. No problem.

How to Hack Video Screens on Times Square


Want to hack video screens? hacker claims that he was able hack video screens around New York’s Times Square using his iPhone, a transmitter, and a video repeater. Watch the video below. There’s an app for that! Via What do you think: real or fake? Tweet This! Share this on Facebook. Share this on LinkedIn. Stumble upon something good?

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4 NFL NFC Western Division Apps for iPhones


You will never fall into that trap when you load one of more of these informative apps onto your iPhone. The blogs, the live news, stats, video and more fill you in on Cardinals football, Arizona style, like never before. Seattle Pro Football Scores , with its recent update, is the freshest of all of the Seahawks iPhone apps out there. 49ers Gameday Live. What’s in a name?

4 Eastern Conference MLS (Major League Soccer) Apps for the iPhone


FanZone keeps you in the Sporting’s inner circle with the latest videos and Tweets. Assay to install this app on your iPhone. Download the Chicago Fire app and ignite your iPhone with all of the juicy gossip that makes soccer fun to follow. Welcome to the sport that gives new meaning to the term ‘rough and tumble’. That will leave you free to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Small Business Marketing Through iPhone Apps | Small Business.

Small Business Mavericks

Small businesses are even getting in on the picture and it won’t be long before having your own iPhone app is going to be as important as having your own website. There are all sorts of ways to get creative with iPhone apps. Now is the time to start thinking about how you can keep your customers tuned into your business through their iPhones. About Us What’s a Maverick?

4 VoIP Apps for iPhones


Save some money by using these 4 VoIP apps for the iPhone. When you include free texting, photo and video messages, it may dovetail nicely with your current iPhone service to help you achieve optimal call quality with the lowest rates this side of Albania. Install the app onto your iPhone and make calls to nations the world over cheaper than you ever thought possible.

4 NFL AFC Eastern Division Apps for iPhones


Readers are encouraged to explore the many iPhone apps out there for themselves. Plus you get the Patriots’ news feeds from multiple sources right there on your iPhone. Plan on which concession stands and conveniences you wish to visit right from your iPhone. Miami Football  is customizable in how you would like it to load on your iPhone. New England Football Live.

Canva for iPhone – Design Like a Boss Wherever You Are

Socially Sorted

Canva for iPhone lets you design like a BOSS wherever you are. In this post, I break down the features of the new Canva iPhone App and how it will leverage your DIY Design for better Social Media Strategy. Canva for iPhone has been released in the app store! Check out the video for a quick snapshot of this awesome new app, courtesy of Canva: Try the Canva iPhone app today.

8 New B2B Video Content Marketing Trends

Convince & Convert

This is the sentiment that started the Vidyard Ignite conference – the first-of-its-kind event specifically designed to address the issues that B2B marketers face when it comes to creating video. Yes, but a video can really help give you a deeper understanding of the water bear’s extreme tactics. Consider the idea that not every single one of your videos has to drive direct sales.

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4 Tips for Sharing Videos On Facebook

Convince & Convert

Facebook video is taking over. Last year, for the first time, it surpassed the number of YouTube videos that were uploaded to pages on the site. According to a SocialBakers study of more than 180,000 Facebook videos on 20,000 pages in December 2014, people posted 20,000 more Facebook videos than YouTube videos  (highlight to tweet).

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Best Practices for Nonprofit Video


And it’s AWESOME.  It really gets into the ROI of video, and specifically takes a look at specific business goals for video – namely marketing and raising awareness, fundraising, membership development and relations, and advocacy. We are in the same place now with video. GET THE REPORT HERE. They would ask, ‘Where could we possibly get the money to do that?’

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How to Create Your Own Social Media Video Marketing Strategy

Sprout Social

Whether you’re a video producer fielding numerous calls from your social media management team or the social manager making the requests, it isn’t lost on anyone that social media video content has exploded in popularity. That’s why we put together this guide to help you create and launch your own amazing social media videos: Sections: Why Social Media Video Marketing.

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12 Incredibly Useful Video Tips to Make Better Videos

Peg Fitzpatrick

Being on camera can be a scary thing! I’m going to share useful video tips from a digital native YouTuber, my daughter Shayla. Shayla has been immersed on YouTube for years, not only watching videos but learning what works on camera and what doesn’t. When we travel, Shayla will shoot video all day on her phone and edit it into amazing little videos. Smile.

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3 Quick and Easy Short Video Tools for Mobile Animation

Socially Sorted

If you are looking to stand out on social media then check out these short video tools for animating text and images. In this post I share 5 short video tools that help you to quickly (and easily) create animations for social media. Image by Shutterstock. I’m sure you’ve heard it from many sources – create video for social media. animated video.

Online Video Is Just As Expensive As TV Advertising

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You have to wonder just how power online video advertising really is. Targeting is - more often than not - the most significant value proposition that is given to brands from media professionals as to why online video is such a wise advertising investment. With so many types of online video (and this goes beyond the breadth, depth and dominance of YouTube ), it''s hard to argue with this simple fact. For years, the argument has also been that online video is that much more cost effective. Well, is online video advertising that much cheaper? iphone.

The Top 3 Social Media iPhone Apps


The list of the ” Top 25 Free iPhone Apps of All Time ” has, no surprise, social media platforms taking three out of the top five spots. Coming in third is the online photo and video sharing app Instagram. Instagram launched in 2010 and just recently added the video sharing feature this past summer. With it’s growing number of over 1.1

A Modern-Day Marketer’s Guide to Creating Epic Video Marketing Content for Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and More

Buffer Social

Video marketing has taken the social media world by storm. People watch more than 100 million hours of video on Facebook. YouTube brings in nearly 125,000 video views daily. Snapchat alone fuels more than 10 billion video views  every single day! Yet the barrier to creating video marketing content that resonates with audiences  can still feel high. Video

Social Media News Ticker: Facebook Video Ads Expand Outside U.S.

The Realtime Report

Facebook to expand video ads to seven countries outside U.S. – Facebook’s video advertising service, featuring 15-second video ads that play automatically, are expanding to a limited group of advertisers in France, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Canada, Australia and Britain  (re/code). Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. ” (AllFacebook). Pinterest.

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Facebook Pulls Facebook Live API Access From Prisma

SocialTimes Facebook

Photo- and video-editing application Prisma  announced earlier this month that iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 users could stream live on Facebook with the iOS app’s visual effects applied to their streams , but not anymore. The live video API  is meant to let people publish live video content from other sources such as professional cameras, multicamera setups, games or screencasts.

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Ideas to Steal for Your Next Instagram Video

agora pulse

Every week I record a “1 minute moment” video. I set a timer and talk about some aspect of social media, digital or small business marketing. I’ve managed to squeeze my discussions into that 60 seconds only twice in 30 episodes. Fifteen seconds has always been the maximum length for Instagram video. One minute is a long time in video viewing. Last test video of the day.

5 Killer Video Editing Apps To Improve Your Content Marketing


Everyone loves videos. From the toddler dancing along with Barney to the technology officer looking to understand and compare various business apps via explainer videos. On the marketing side of things, it’s worth noting that: If you have video content on your site, you are more likely to retain visitors for longer than if you only have text. Videolicious. MoviePro. iMovie.

iPhone Apps for National League Eastern Division Baseball Fans


Welcome to the second installment of lists of iPhone apps that you need to follow your favorite baseball team to glory or to that proverbial agony of defeat. The Nats Blog  is unsurpassed as the most informative and fan-friendly iPhone app for the Washington, DC baseball fan. This is a nice app to add to your iPhone to keep up with Phillie-fever. It ain’t over until it’s over.

5 Ways to Get Started with Short Video, Even If It Freaks You Out

Socially Sorted

Video is here. If that’s you, here are 5 easy ways to get over the hump and get started with short video… even if it freaks you out! What is Short Video? By short video, I am referring to video of 1-2 minutes in length – short, snappy, engaging and not the full, edited, professional quality longer-form video you might see on YouTube.

Work On The Go With Podio’s New iPhone Application


Co-founder of Podio, Jon Froda , tells us that Podio has launched a new iPhone application, which makes it possible for everyone to build their own mobile work apps to get their work done in a more collaborative way. With the new Podio iPhone app you can create app items on Podio while on the go or on your way to the office. Put photos and videos directly into your app items.

Is the iPhone 4 Apple’s Vista?


Apple’s iPhone 4 just can’t catch a break. Even though the iPhone 4 had record pre-orders and orders that ended in record sales and excellent initial reviews, recent media coverage has focused on the phone’s “death grip&# : a reception problem triggered by touching its antenna as pictured on the left. – The Future of the iPhone. Tweet This!

Facebook Live Will Dominate Video Streaming

The Social Media Hat

Social Media Facebook Live Will Dominate Video Streaming. While that's an interesting piece of technological history, you might be wondering at this point what that has to do with Facebook and live video streaming. Live video streaming isn't new, but clearly has reached new heights of interest and capability in recent years. What's Next For Live Video Streaming? Reviews?

7 iPhone Apps To Pick The Best Make-Up


Be sure to check out the video tutorials that were created by blogger and beauty guru Michelle Phan. 2. Now you can, with these 27 videos that take you through the process step by step. iPhone Apps Tech & Gadgets barry m lookz beauty product reviews celebrity makeup looks cosmetifique iphone apps for best make-up iphone apps to pick make up lancome makeup app makeup skinmatch

The Rise and Rise of Online Video

Proactive Report

What started out as a text-heavy medium is increasingly becoming a visual medium and according to the Cisco Visual Networking Index, 80% of all online content will be video by 2019. Business is realizing just how powerful a tool video online can be. Why are videos more applicable to business? It is no longer a simple training video that explains the culture of an organization. 

Meercat jumps on Twitter Video

Janet Fouts

People are jumping on Meerkat , a relatively new app that allows us to live stream video directly to Twitter through the app. If you’re streaming a Meerkat video it’s pushed to your followers on Meerkat in real time and viewable on Twitter in real time. Gary Vaynerchuck has been jumping on the Twitter video opportunity so it’s natural that he’d use this too.

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Video Marketing in 2017 – Sunny Lenarduzzi [SSM029]

Buffer Social

Video marketing is one of the most-talked about subjects in social media right now. But despite its growing relevance, one of the questions we get most here at Buffer is: How do I get started with video marketing ? . Essential video marketing gear for filming. What type of video content works best for social media. How to Make Videos with your iPhone.

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5 iPad/iPhone Apps to Complete Your Social Fetish

Shift Digital

The iPad and iPhone.  Bottom line: Flipboard is great for reading what your followers share, has a cool audio and video section, and curates content in an easy to read fashion. Tweetbot is twitter client and is technically for the iPhone, however, works great on the iPad.  It costs $2.99. Social Media apps ipad iphone mobileTruthfully, they have changed the way we consume information, communicate, network, do business and socialize. ’  Zite wants to be your starting point for reading news. Flipboard. Instapaper. Tweetbot. Bottom line:

LIVE: Hands On With Facebook Livestreaming Video Through Mentions

Jon Loomer

Within the past couple of days, Facebook launched “Live,” a way for celebrities and public figures (as well as normal dorks like me who got access) to stream live video to their Facebook fans for a personal, interactive experience. The Celebrities Creating Live Videos. How to Get Access to Creating Live Videos. How Live Videos Are Created. The Future of Live.

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The Best Video Content About the Greatest Feeling on Earth

Convince & Convert

These words belong to Metallica’s James Hetfield, from the opening lines of Guitar Center’s most popular video on their YouTube channel. The video does what many other corporate videos fail to do: It opens on an emotion soon followed by a promise to the viewer. But then again, it’s not just any video on any YouTube channel. And music was a way to speak. surround sound.

Top 20 iPhone Apps for Bloggers


This guest post is by Daniel Scocco of Next iPhone News. With an iPhone! The WordPress app for iPhone gives you everything you need to make a quick post, edit previous posts, edit pages, reply to comments and the like. Just recently, the app was updated to version 8, bringing one essential feature suited for mobile bloggers: the ability to post photos that you’ve taken using your iPhone’s camera. With Evernote, which is a very popular getting-things-done application, you can do that quite efficiently with your iPhone. How do you do that? Enjoy! 1. 

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The Most Powerful Stat You Need To Know About Online Video

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Online video was supposed to be this massive competitor to TV, wasn't it? It turns out that online video is actually competing with people who want to watch videos on the go. From the article: " YouTube executive Robert Kyncl said at a conference that views from mobile devices now account for a quarter of views on the Google-owned video site. It seems to me that video content is headed for a moment of collision. On one hand, we have exponential growth when it comes to consumers watching videos on their mobile devices. The new face of video.

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7 Traits of Highly Effective Viral Videos

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Marketing , Viral Marketing > 7 Traits of Highly Effective Viral Videos 7 Traits of Highly Effective Viral Videos by Tamar Weinberg on January 28, 2010 Share In the past few years, video has come a long way. The power of the unexpected can move your video to great heights.

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