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Micro Persuasion: Turn Gmail Into Your Personal Nerve Center

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scan 275 RSS feeds in Google Reader and I use dozens of bookmarklets and shortcuts to help me manage it all. As I write this post, Defamer is providing live updates from the Academy Awards and these are streaming into Gmail as IMs. (Be sure to turn off SMS alerts if you use these feeds since they will pile up.). With "toread", a bookmarklet is added to the bookmarks toolbar and when you want to save the page, just click on the bookmarklet. Click on the bookmarklet: A copy of the HTML is sent to the readers account. Micro Persuasion. gigabytes of storage.

4 Easy Ways of Subscribing to Feeds in Google Reader

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Use A Bookmarklet. bookmarklet is a tiny program (written in javascript) that fits inside a bookmark.  The Official Google Reader Blog has a couple of really nice bookmarklets you can use while you web-surf.  The first one works like a charm in most browser, and the second one lets you copy sections of web pages (even if they donâ??t The 2nd bookmarklet can also be found on the Notes link within Google Reader. Advanced Bookmarklet: If you are looking for a way to add a social aspect to feed sharing, check out Toluu. Google Tutor. Written by: J. bundlesâ??

5 Excellent Productivity Tips For Google Reader

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Thanks for including the Toluu bookmarklet. Google Tutor. Your how-to guide for Google with Google tutorials, tips for using Google and advice. Excellent Productivity Tips For Google Reader. Written by: Abhijeet Mukherjee on Wednesday, June 18th, 2008 Posted to: Reader 6 comments, add yours! There are no doubts about the fact that Google Reader is the best browser based RSS reader available. It has some excellent features and helps you to easily deal with a large number of RSS feeds. These are very simple but useful tips. 1. Master the Google Reader Keyboard Shortcuts. Use the List View.

Newsmastering Architecture for News Radars

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EmailTwitter – allows you to post Twitter updates and retrieve your Twitter timeline via your cellular phone or other e-mail enabled mobile device, without incurring SMS fees. It’s available as a Javascript snippet, a bookmarklet or a WordPress plugin. By now you should have an account and you may even be following a few people that you know. Follow people and be followed.