Top 10 Reputation Tracking Tools Worth Paying For

Data is captured in real-time as discovered and delivered to dashboard analysis widgets. Visible Technologies Visible Technologies offers two different services. Visible Technologies very possibly offers the most amazing reputation management tool available to the public. Our solution is built on a proprietary technology platform which aggregates, measures and analyzes information across a global network of content sources.

The Fifteen Classes of the Social Business Software Suite (Q4, 2010)

The social software space has ballooned into a disparate set of technologies, data types, and over 1000 vendors confusing buyers. Frequently mentioned vendors include Radian6, Alterian, ScoutLabs, Visible Technologies, Cymfony, there are over 145 known vendor s.

Class 33

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Picking a new social media monitoring service

We do actually have an automated sentiment engine that establishes sentiment at the sentence level, and there are widgets you can pull through our dashboard that directly break out sentiment. jeffespo To be honest Al, as you see from the comments on here there is a new technology every day.