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Whether it's at an airport, on a train or in a car, you're mobile and your digital life is mobile too. JetBlue made a name for itself in the social media space after a difficult travel situation thanks to severe winter weather in 2007. travel social media trends Twitter

46 Travel Tools to Optimize Your Next Vacation

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As we bathe in the memory of friends, family and BBQ over this week’s Memorial Day holiday, our minds are now tuned up and ready to hit our favorite travel season – summer. Trippy – Like Pinterest, but dedicated exclusively to collecting and sharing travel ideas ( Web, iPhone).

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Business Travelers Increasingly Vulnerable To Data Theft

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Business Travelers Increasingly Vulnerable To Data Theft. trillion in 2019 to $6 trillion by 2021, one area of particular concern is information security while traveling on business. Business travelers are also far more likely to connect to insecure Wi-Fi networks while traveling.

Walking the Content Road Less Traveled

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Ready to make some magic by walking the content road less traveled? She is also the founder of The Social PR Virtuoso™ , which provides online, on-demand training that helps you unleash your inner Social PR superhero. Hey, Content Strategist!

Across the USA by Train… With Kids and For $0

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However, another viral post stemmed my desire to write about my own train experience. Last year, Derek Low shared his experience traveling across the US by train for $213. The max speed any of our trains was allowed to go was 110mph along the Northeast Corridor (NEC).

A Ticket To Discovery

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My car drove alongside the train track down towards the highway heading to the airport for my early morning flight. This train track connects many suburbs to the downtown core of Montreal. Montreal is known for its subway system (we call it the metro), but it also has these trains. It's also silent and runs below the street level in my area as it descends into the tunnel that connects to our central train station in the core of the city. Take the train. train.

Social Media During Emergencies

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City, State and Federal Agencies should incorporate public training: Last year I participated in CERT (Citizens Emergency Response Training). I was shocked to see that there was no training built into the class about using social media during a diaster. Twitter training should be incorporated into CERT training and response training. And those same people maybe wondering what just happened to their travel plans ( flying out tonight, anyone? ).

2017 How to Create and Use Facebook Business Page Lists

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Oh to keep an eye on your industry, to see best practices from your fellow travellers, to find content to share, to watch out what NOT to do and so on. Facebook howto social media #FacebookLists #FacebookTip Education socialmedia tips Training

ProBlogger Training Event Tickets are Available to Purchase Now


In the last few minutes, tickets have gone on sale for this year’s ProBlogger Training Event on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia on August 29-30 of this year. Plus I had a chance to learn more about that region of Australia with Tourism Australia and fellow travel bloggers.


Social Media Network Marketing

Sonographic technology is also expected to evolve rapidly, and implementing new sonographic procedures when they become economically viable will further the demand for well-trained sonographers. Request complementary information from these schools and start your training today! helps people find the right schools in popular medical careers. These days with customers / patients looking out for good treatment and proper medical care is on the growing side.

Want Success? Then Work Hard!

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I asked how they train. You have to travel. Reality Athletes book commitment edit ethic everyday NFL regimen success train Type A work write Image by JD Hancock. Last week I spoke at the All Sports United Summit at NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis.

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Alicia and Keren Take Social Media Workshop To Brighton

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long journeys and quiet train carriages are ideal brainstorming spots. Emma and Esme took a day away from their clients and travelled to London to invest in their business because they couldn’t get the reliable information on social media they needed in Brighton.

New Media Artist-in-Residence Program for Lanai

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I’ve been meaning to write more about the innovative travel blogger program I am doing with the L?na?i I started the conversation here with some advice for travel destinations. Six of the seven are currently in the top 100 Travel Bloggers.

Linkedin Replaces Applications With Features

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Some of these go waaay back in my training days and I really only see the need to show the most recent. Here are the applications that may be automatically moved into your profile when Linkedin updates yours to the new system: My Travel by TripIt.

8 Must-Have Apps for Your Mobile/Social Business

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I travel with an iPad and an iPhone as my mobile office, and it’s made it a whole lot easier to stay on top of my business, my teram and my clients. I travel a lot. Doing business in 2013 is going to be a whole lot easier if you can take your business with you on the road.

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7 Steps for Finding Work/Life Balance While You’re Trying to Save the World


I created a robust personal life that included training for triathlons, learning Portuguese (I’ve always wanted to travel to Brazil!), By Meico Marquette Whitlock. ——-.

#measurePR Recap (August 2017): How Measurement Affects Strategy Development

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Don’t miss this stellar opportunity to gain measurement smarts from this Sisterhood of the Traveling AMEC Board Members as I call them (ha!). In August, #measurePR focused on incorporating measurement from the start of your campaign before even thinking of implement your strategy.

Trends That Should Be a Part of Your Social Media Marketing Training in the Coming Year

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So it will also help to make your in-house team aware of the newest Google algorithms rolled in, the latest popular social media that customers are spending their time on and ways to make their social media training go a long way.

Cam Conversation: Business Travel to Hawaii, NextLevelHI, Facebook.

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The Continuing Evolution of the Indian PR Landscape

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other passions include singing (professionally trained for over a decade!), reading and traveling. As the Indian PR landscape continues to evolve, it is fascinating to see clients adapt to the integration of digital efforts.

50 Inspiring Tech Savvy Leaders Over 50

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Let’s talk about networked approaches & social media for training and capacity building for the nonprofit sector that leverage learning and impact. This is the me you’d meet traveling, or in a bar. You know what? I’m tired of hearing people say “I’m over 50, too old to understand this stuff” or similar balderdash. I’m over 50 and I get it, so can you!

On Twitter, Social Listening and Southern Hospitality

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I just got back from a trip to Atlanta where I did some training on social media with a group of fortune 50 corporate travel partners for a major banking institution.

The Sales Association Launches SalesProCentral


Readers will find great content on topics such as Inside Sales , Marketing , Prospecting , , Training , Tools , Sales Management , Customer Service , Lead Generation , and industry focus such as B2B Sales , Small Business , Education , Construction , and Travel.

Definition of Introvert -- What is an Introvert?

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Work Hard, Travel Easy The best tips for business travelers. Dog Care Get tips on training and caring for dogs of all ages. Search. Gifted Children. Home Parenting & Family Gifted Children. Email. Gifted Children How to Identify Education Parenting Help. Gifted Children Newsletter - Sign up ! Discuss in My Forum. Introvert. By Carol Bainbridge , See More About: introverts shyness introverted children.

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How to Make Your Email Autoresponders Sizzle More Than Jessica Rabbit

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There must be something in the wind, because after months of not traveling I’m suddenly all over the map. She is also the founder of The Social PR Virtuoso® , which provides online, on-demand training that helps you unleash your inner Social PR superhero.

Facebook: Improving Employee Communications?

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other passions include singing (professionally trained for over a decade!), reading and traveling.

Apartment Marketing Predictions 2014: The New Breed Speaks


Jonathan Saar, VP of Marketing & Educational Solutions, Training Factor . 2014 is upon us. Here’s some of the top players in apartment marketing sounding off on what’s important. Mark Juleen, VP Marketing, J.C. Hart .

Keep Calm And Carry On - 5 Steps To Getting Rid Of Stress And Anxiety

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Stop time travelling. I can''t remember where I read it, but James was talking about stressing out (something he knows a ton about) and he reframed that deep and dark moment by asking himself if he''s time travelling or not. Yes, time travel. or if you are time travelling.

Hot Association Jobs: November 10


Position is a work-from-home position, however the ability to travel to Alexandria for the first month for training and bi-weekly thereafter for team meetings is required. Here are some of the coolest jobs you can find on the SocialFish job board !

“You Have To Love People”: The Shashi Bellamkonda Interview


Twitter, Trains & Tandoori Chicken. My point is news used to travel at “the speed of sound” even without the internet and now social media tools have made it possible to communicate quicker and to a larger audience. I love …Trains.

Monday Roundup: PRSA Counselors Academy 2015

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Emergency surgery prevented me from traveling to Laguna this past week for PRSA Counselors Academy 2015 … gah! Training, Networking and Developing Your Personal Academy. Emergencies never happen at a convenient time, do they?

Have You Heard of the #CoolestInterviewEver?

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other passions include singing (professionally trained for over a decade!), reading and traveling. Disclosure: HCL is a client of my agency, Six Degrees PR. However, the campaign partners are ITSA Brand Solutions and FrogIdeas.

6 Powerful Social Media Lessons from Tourism that will Boost Your Brand

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There’s no doubt that tourism and travel can generate great content – I mean it’s an awesome topic (who doesn’t like travel!). When I was ready to travel I clicked straight back to that page and found the accommodation booking form.

The Greatest Glory. The Internet.

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space travel. The philosophical debate of our lifetime: is the Internet the greatest thing we have ever created or a disaster for humanity? Who better to answer his question than Werner Herzog ?

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How Indian Politicians are Using Google+ Hangouts

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other passions include singing (professionally trained for over a decade!), reading and traveling. “Would you like to hang out with me this evening?” ” Indeed, all of you may have been asked this question by your friends and family.

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Why AI will solve Attention Deficit Disorder in Sales Professionals


Few sales cultures invest to ensure they can help those with ADHD behaviors, offering training programs to help them or ensure they have the right medical support systems. Our Distracted, Always-On Reality.

Think Like Zuck: 5 Secrets of Success of Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

The most successful companies build their products on their purpose, whether it is Southwest Airlines striving to bring affordable air travel to everybody, Apple to create a seamless and stylish user experience, or Dyson to re-invent what we use every day and make it better.

4 Great Gadgets for Ocean Sports


After traveling around the world for many years, from Ecuador to the United States to Canada to Germany to Italy to Mexico and then back to the United States, I cannot imagine living anywhere else. Since 2007 I have called Honolulu, Hawaii my home.

Starbucks – It’s Time to Brew Some Tweets

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other passions include singing (professionally trained for over a decade!), reading and traveling. Caffeine. There is no way I can start my day without a cup of coffee. (I’m I’m sure most of you reading this post have an addiction to either coffee or tea.).

Match Makers go Social by Breaking Stereotypes

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other passions include singing (professionally trained for over a decade!), reading and traveling. [Ed: The tradition of arranged - as opposed to "love" - marriages has been practiced in India for centuries, and is still a thriving and commonly accepted practice on the sub-continent.