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jobs thought to require “knowledge economy” skills, and therefore secure, Friedman reported, are now being exported to nations like India and China that have good telecommunications infrastructures, an overabundance of skilled workers, and, compared to the U.S., Doug Johnson.

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Out With The Old…Rethinking Outdated Intranet Portal Models Part I – Introduction

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functionality like blogs, wikis, and tagging instead of relying on one-way messages from the top. In 2006, I was involved in an Intranet project for a Fortune 500 telecommunications company with an employee base of around 25,000. Tweet Sean R.

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NEASC Best Practices for Electronically Offered Online Degree and Cert. Programs - Delhi Computer Information Systems (CIS) - Confluence

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Developed to reflect current best practice in electronically offered programming, these Best Practices were initially drafted by the Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications (, an organization recognized for its substantial expertise in this field. the Enterprise Wiki. Dashboard. > > Delhi Computer Information Systems (CIS). > > CIS Home. > > Services. > > Online Education. >

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