UTM tracking & URL shortening for social media marketers

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That’s where UTM tracking and URL shortening enter the picture. UTM tracking involves adding unique UTM codes to your URLs to easily identify exactly where your traffic is coming from. Your tagged URL for the first ad creative will look something like this: [link].

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Three Things Twitter’s Marketing Team Needs to Do

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” functionality; it’s ridiculous the platform still doesn’t display similar accounts if you mis-type a URL by one character) and three ways Twitter fans can help keep the social network vibrant.

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Why You Should Create a Social Media Approval Process for Your Team

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Are you on a social media team? Social media management takes a team—even if you only manage a handful of agency clients or collaborate with colleagues throughout your company. Need a hand getting your team members on board with an approval workflow?

Should Browsers Display Only Canonical URLs to Users?

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Sites have been using the rel=canonical link element for a while now to help offset duplicate content issues that cannot be eliminated through URL consolidation. Marketing teams like to track referrals from newsletters, RSS, partnerships, internal navigation, etc.

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3 Ways to Engage Your Team and Improve Your Blog

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It’s something that comes up again and again: Your business has a blog, and a team of people responsible for the strategy, content creation, execution, and overall success of that blog. A team of people. The team of people is actually one or two people partially allocated to the blog.

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How to Use Pinterest: The Insider Guide for Businesses (With Strategies From the Pinterest Team)

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During an exclusive Facebook Live event with the Pinterest team, we learned more than 100 insider strategies and this article contains the very best of those ideas. We had the pleasure of chatting with Pinterest team members Aaron Ru and Leon Lin about how to use Pinterest for business.

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4 Steps to Refocus PR Measurement on Metrics that Matter: Part 1

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You will ALSO set up a system to track the outbound efforts of your team – in traditional PR terms we call these “inputs” – so that you can start to learn how much effort it takes to generate the awareness you’re looking for.

Publishers: Solve Tracking Code, Duplicate Content Issues with the.

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Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk Publishers: Solve Tracking Code, Duplicate Content Issues with the Canonical URL Tag by Adam Sherk on April 30, 2009 Really you shouldn’t need it. Every piece of content on your site should exist on one permanent, unique URL, and any duplicate pages should be consolidated through 301 redirects. Do you recommend inserting the canonical URL tag on every page of a site, or only those that exhibit tracking codes?

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Will Publishers Add Cross-Domain Rel=Canonical to Syndication Deals?

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by Adam Sherk on December 16, 2009 Yesterday Google announced that it is now supporting the rel=&# canonical&# link element (sometimes referred to as the canonical URL tag) across different domains. If you’re not familiar with rel=&# canonical&# see Publishers: Solve Tracking Code, Duplicate Content Issues with the Canonical URL Tag ). UNRELATED SIDE NOTE Right after I published this post I noticed a mistake with the URL, so I immediately re-published with a different URL.

SES Chicago 2009 Video: Were you naughty or nice?


Video features search and social media marketing professionals Greg Jarbo and his team made this video at SES Chicago, which stars a who's who on the search marketing and social media marketing scene.

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How to Use Instagram to Drive Traffic to Your B2B Website

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One idea is to hold Story takeovers, which basically means giving certain team players or employees access to your official Instagram page. Another thing worth mentioning is that you can add your URL to your Instagram Stories as well. Guest post by Natasha Ponomaroff.

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6 Social Tools to Use Immediately After You Hit “Publish”


Your awesome team was involved. It also supports visual campaigns which are great: You can share on your social media channels immediately and then schedule to share the same URL in a couple of weeks again using a unique image. You have invested in that content.

The Best Social Media Analytics Tools for Publishers

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Social Crawlytics allows you to crawl a domain to drill down on social metrics by URL and author. HootSuite is popular with editorial teams because it offers good all-in-one functionality without being overly complicated. Buffer for Business is good for larger teams.

[Tech Tip] 10 Steps To Improve The Speed, Security, and Functionality Of Your WordPress Blog

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The theme is well-supported and allows my team to design sites that all look different, but are built on a stable, easy-to-maintain platform. Configure Autoptimize to work with your site – I highly recommend this guide, put together by the MediaVine team on how to use Autoptimize.

How to Work With Designers to Design Your Blog


Your brief should also include URLs of example websites you like and the specific parts of the sites you want to emulate on your blog. Blog Design blogging teams contractorsThis guest post is by Rob Cubbon. Psychologists have long been aware of the halo effect —a situation in which our judgment of a person’s character is influenced by our overall impression of them. The same is true of websites. Rightly or wrongly, we judge a website first and foremost by the way it looks.

How To Improve Visibility, Communication & Accountability of Social Media Within Your Company

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It’s as simple as sending a project dashboard on a regular basis to a broader team. By more frequently communicating what you’re working on, you will increase the visibility of yourself (or your team) and the projects you’re working on. Determining Your Broader Team.

How To Simplify Content Promotion with the Twitter Leapfrog Method


Talk to your sales and customer service teams to understand the most common questions or concerns they hear from customers. After identifying the top 10 articles that pop up, sign up for an account on BuzzSumo, and plug each of these URLs into the BuzzSumo search bar.

How to Boost Your Digital Marketing Productivity

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For me and my team, that tool is Agorapulse. Like a true digital project manager , you’ll create a plan that includes: Project Goals (your digital marketing goals) Budget Team members Tasks Deliverables Milestones Timeline. Get a team management tool.

33 Personal Blogs of Startup Marketers We Love

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URL: https://hitenism.com/. URL: [link]. URL: https://www.linkedin.com/today/author/0_3FcqobhwbJ3bDC5DBkHOAW. URL: [link] and [link]. URL: https://medium.com/@meseali/ and [link]. URL: [link]. URL: https://www.matthewbarby.com/blog/.

The 29 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

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Track shares, likes, tweets, and more for any URL. Or use the multi-URL dashboard to enter lots of different web addressed and export a quick report.” It also allows the whole team to see what’s going on online, so there’s more transparency.

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The 11 Best Content Marketing, SMO, and Marketing Performance Management Tools

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If your team’s needs have outgrown standard website tracking and analytics dashboards, these tools can help you plan, produce, publish, and distribute content, then predict and measure cross-channel marketing performance.

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New! Find and Share User-Generated Content from Instagram (& Beyond)


You can also search by hashtags or add photos from any URL to find user-generated content in seconds, or have contributors upload content to your Later account. UGC is so effective that 47% of top-performing content marketing teams are relying on it to build their brand. Add from URL.

How to deal with Gmail’s new Promotions Tab


From the get-go, our entire Dev team signed up to kick the tires. url” – a direct link back to your website. url/googlePlus” – a link to your Google+ page, which scrapes the sender image.

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10 Things That Expose Good Sites to Google Panda

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Many are moving to setups in which the full content is accessible on the main page and that is the only URL that can be indexed.

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Here’s How to Use The New Facebook Post Options

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Rather than uploading images from your files, you actually connect it to a website URL to pull the images. It is important to note that you do not only have to enter the primary URL of a page. You can also add the direct URL to the set of images you want to feature.

How to Prove Social ROI to Your Boss (Who Doesn’t Really Get Social)

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It isn’t producing leads and they would rather redirect the budget to the sales team.”. Create customized URLs for every landing page, video, or web page you are linking to. You can easily do this using the Google Campaigns URL builder which is effective and (more importantly) free.

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How to Prove Social ROI to Your Boss (Who Doesn’t Really Get Social)

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It isn’t producing leads and they would rather redirect the budget to the sales team.”. Create customized URLs for every landing page, video, or web page you are linking to. You can easily do this using the Google Campaigns URL builder which is effective and (more importantly) free.

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What Wikipedia’s Google Ranking Means for Your Business

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In fact, if we look at the number of URLs in each of the top 10 ranking positions, and compare our August data with our May data, here is what you see: You can see a clear shift of Wikipedia from the first five results toward the bottom five results. percent of all the URLs.

Demystifying the Technical Side of Social Media

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And even if you have someone on your team dealing with the “technical stuff” you still need to understand everything what’s going on under the hood. By adding UTM parameters to the URL! You can add UTM parameters to a URL with the help of Google’s Campaign URL Builder.

Firebelly Is A 2013 TechPoint Mira Awards Finalist


I’ve included a video message for those of you who’d rather watch than read: [Video URL: [link] ]. Our team is just that – a team.

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How to Schedule Instagram Stories with Later (Video Tutorial)


With Later , you can storyboard your content, add captions or links, collaborate with your team, and visually plan and schedule Instagram Stories right from your desktop – something you won’t find on any other marketing platform.

Link Building Tactics for Publishers

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These activities typically involve collaboration with multiple groups including tech, edit and audience development as well as the SEO, PR and social media teams. Click on a URL with an error and then the “Linked from” tab to get a list of pages that are linking to it.

The Science Behind the Best Instagram Bios

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Tip #2: Make your one bio link count — either match the link to your bio or try a multi-URL landing page. At Buffer, we’re big fans of the latter — using the link to send folks to a landing page with multiple URLs. The Science of Social Media is proudly made by the Buffer team.

The Most Common Causes of Duplicate Content on News Media Sites

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Even when the engines do a reasonable job of filtering out duplicates in their results, sites are essentially shooting themselves in the foot by splitting internal and inbound links to a particular piece of content across multiple URLs. Appending tracking codes to URLs (e.g. ?xid=rss cid=top-stories) results in the same piece of content existing on multiple URLs – in some cases quite a large number of URLs. The canonical URL tag is a good way to mitigate this issue.

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How Social Media Transformed a Nonprofit Medical Professional Society


A little excerpt: Most important, ASN’s communication team gathered as much data as possible. The team gathered data on what other groups were doing, as well as statistics on ASN’s own efforts. For example, we began using the URL shortener Bit.ly Just came across a GREAT post by Jennifer Young, who recently interned at the American Society for Nephrology. Read her analysis of their social media efforts here.

5 Facebook Marketing Tips for Agencies

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1) Have the Right Team. However, having the appropriate Facebook marketing team also means needing a tool to optimize project management and team communication. Remember successful Facebook marketing today requires the right team, tools and resources.

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How B2B Brands Can Drive More Leads This Year

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You should also create custom URLs for all your campaigns with UTM parameters. Get your sales and marketing teams to collaborate to generate more valuable leads this year. Guest post by Brandon Brown.

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Which News Sites Have the Most Valuable Facebook Pages?

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CBS News and Reuters are the only two news organizations in the group that have not created a short, customized URL for their page (e.g. While on Facebook, the page URL shown to users in the browser changes radically depending on how it was navigated to.

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What’s the best social media marketing tool for scheduling your updates?

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Collaboration tools for teams. If you work on your social media marketing with a team, collaboration tools can come in very handy. Agorapulse lets you add multiple people to your team and you can assign content to them. Guest post via the remarkable Lilach Bullock.

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How to Build a Chatbot: A 23-Step Guide

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Choose your provider – Once you’ve done your research, it will be helpful for your team to demo a couple of the platforms that seem best-fit for your needs. Choose how you will build it – Some providers give you the option to offload the building process to their team.

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