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Actionable Social Analytics: From Social Media Metrics to Business Insights [White Paper]


Tweet Recently, Awareness released a new white paper on social analytics and suggestions on how marketers process and assimilate seemingly endless social data. This white paper called ‘Actionable Social Analytics: From Social Media Metrics to Business Insights’ presents comprehensive definition of social analytics to increase marketing and sales effectiveness.

Is The White Paper Dead for B2B Marketing?

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In a recent conversation I was having with the Bloom Group they believe “the practice of publishing white papers must come to a close because of the utter proliferation of white papers, and the poor content contained within so many of them.” Kill the white paper!” they are increasingly telling their clients. “We And I tend to agree. Tweet This! Digg this!

Free white paper: key trends of 2013

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Each week, we highlighted a new survey, report or study to help readers gain the insight they need to make the smart decisions necessary to meet their own goals and objectives. Featured Headline Social Media 2013 trends Marketing and Advertising White paper year in review Presents (Photo credit: Wysz). Our whitepaper: Key trends of 2013 is our gift to you for the holidays.

Marketwired Survey Shows PR Industry Still Behind

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a Marketwired survey, was released. I took the survey in October and, when I saw the questions, I told them I was interested in seeing the results…for two reasons: They asked if PR professionals are using the PESO model; and. Marketwired Survey Says. Before we get there, though, the other Marketwired survey results are rather interesting. By Gini Dietrich.

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Get Your Social Media Budget Approved with These 22 Tips, White Paper and Podcast

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Download this free white paper and then take a listen to this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast and learn how you can setup a 6 month plan for budget approval. In addition the bottom of this blog posts is loaded with helpful resources, templates and white papers for you to leverage in your planning and execution. Do any or all of these problems sound familiar?

Five Easy Ways to Use Google+

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And, at least according to a recent survey from ACSI , users are more satisfied with it than with Facebook…mostly due to the fact that its mobile app reigns supreme. Now you can send specific content – promotions, giveaways, white papers, blog posts, webinars, podcasts, and more – to the audiences to which each applies. Was this an answer to Facebook? A lot.

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33 Thought-Provoking B2B Social Media and Marketing Stats

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The CMO Survey ). The CMO Survey ). The CMO Survey ). The CMO Survey ). White paper and eBook downloads are the top producers of B2B leads, cited by 59% of marketers. The CMO Survey ). These changes are affecting tactics, budgets, messaging, and metrics as illustrated in the compilation of B2B marketing facts and statistics below. eMarketer ).

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Inbound Marketing Is Rising [Infographic]


Inbound marketing focuses on earning, not buying, a person’s attention, which can be done through social media and engaging content, such as blogs, podcasts and white papers. Here is an interesting infographic put together by Voltier Digital , which highlights the difference between inbound and outbound marketing based on survey findings of six differetn sources.

Bloggers important in PR

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Bloggers are increasingly important in public relations, according to a white paper published today by DWPub. Results of the survey of 252 PR professionals conducted in March this year accompany a new whitepaper called ‘The smart PR’s guide to blogger outreach’. Our survey results show an overwhelmingly positive response. Daryl Willcox. Download the whitepaper here.

33 Phenomenal Content Marketing and Copywriting Guides and Tips

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Ardath Albee reveals three key attributes that technology buyers value in marketing content, including freshness: “58% (of technology buyers in a UBM TechWeb survey) said they wanted content that was timely and current (while) only 11% said they’d consider content more than 18 moths old.” What types of content are most valuable to my sales prospects? ’ Yawn. ”).

Understanding Social Media ROI Cycle


and about 10% on qualitative metrics such as brand sentiment , survey results and customer polls. Ideally, this would mean buying something, but it can also mean downloading a white paper, liking a Facebook Page, responding to a survey, or any other measurable evidence that they’re connecting with your brand. Stage 1: Launch.

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Become a Content Marketing Fox

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By Michael Gerard According to a survey by Curata , more than three quarters of content marketers plan to boost their content marketing investment in the coming year. Or you can build the pyramid from the bottom up and develop a white paper or eBook inspired by a series of popular blog posts or based on a webinar. How can you make best use of this newfound money?

Social Business: Four Real-Life Truths about Collaboration


As Nicola Millard (read her post, ‘ #socialmediauseful ‘)writes in a section on the social enterprise in her paper ‘ The networked watercooler: virtualising collaboration ’ ( get it via Scribd ), one of the big strengths of social collaboration platforms is that they combine communication with content. Some facts and data. and collaboration. That’s how we often describe it.

103 Compelling Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2013 (and 2014)

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In a recent survey of B2B PR professionals, 94% said they use social media to promote announcements vs. 71% who use press releases. Another opportunity being squandered: More than 90% of B2B marketers consider webinars/webcasts, e-books, white papers, and published articles to be either “very” or “somewhat” effective in achieving SEO and marketing objectives.

20 Ways to Generate ROI from a Corporate Blog

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Promote white papers / eBooks / reports for lead generation. Use “ads&# in your blog sidebar, and in-post text links where appropriate, to drive visitors to your white paper or other gated content download pages. When you come out with a new white paper, summarize one of the main findings in a blog post with a link to the page to download the full document.

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Community Manager Appreciation Day: 5 Must-Reads


And for an even deeper dive into the data keep scrolling for the white paper. Thomas Spend all the money you want on advertising, on customer satisfaction surveys, on focus groups—your community managers are the people making your brand every day. Today is the 3rd annual Community Manager Appreciation Day ! Below are 5 must-reads. A Worldwide Salute to Community Managers.

Realignment #3: From Passive Knowledge to Collaborative Discovery


Read case in this free white paper. Instead of surveys or focus groups, CEMEX executives spent some time on clients’ construction sites and talked extensively with contractors and their teams. From The Demand Perspective Leading From the Outside. This has become the association’s fastest growing program. These are all characteristics of true learning organizations.

To Grow Your Audience, Become a DJ For Your Content

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For your content marketing, you may be wondering what topics to focus on for your website’s home page, as the centerpiece and subject line of your e-newsletter, highlights on Facebook or Twitter, or for your next white paper or blog post. The actions people take as a result of reading your material – call you, download a white paper, purchase your product, register for an event, etc.

How to Develop Meaningful PR Measurement

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Even well-established agencies publish jargon-y white papers about metrics that qualify the quality and reach of a media placement rather than the impact to support the corporate goals. or long surveys with low-compliance, you can see that incorporating thoughtful interaction to customer touch points can give you really strong measurement of the customer life cycle. measurepr.

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Your Content Isn’t as Influential as You Think It Is

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According to the survey, 29% of marketing technology buyers say that all vendor content (including the website, blog, reports, and white papers) are very influential in their research. But the more general content on your blog and in ebooks and white papers are the things that form the bonds of the relationship. Content marketers like to think we are important.

Some Social Tools You Should Know About

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UserVoice creates engaging survey forms on Facebook and other sites to solicit feedback from fans and visitors. Slideshare is a home for sharing presentations and white papers online. Thanks to the folks at imediaconnection , I give you 15 social tools you should know about. Friend or Follow tells users whom they’re not following on Twitter. helps users manage customer service at scale on Facebook and Twitter. Conversocial enables workflow for multi-person teams to tackle the consumer communication for large brands. SEO/SEM

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Search and Social Weekly 1.5

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We are in our 3rd year producing the Community Manager Report, an infographic and white paper we create each year based on a survey of community and social media managers. This week we have some great articles covering the worlds of search and social and we also have a great ebook download about social business from SpreadFast. How Visuals Makes A Story Better by Baekdal.

Digital disruptor: How Bitcoin is driving innovation in entertainment, media and communications


My friend David Neff has written an excellent white paper about Bitcoin for PwC. PwC commissioned an online consumer survey to gather awareness, attitudes and behaviors about Bitcoin. If you are at all interested in the applications and future impact of this digital currency, I highly recommend you read this. In 2013, Bitcoin had 3.4 What are the risks and benefits?

Multichannel Marketing For Nonprofits


Data from Blackbaud White Paper on Multichannel Giving. when combined with other channels, the Nonprofit Social Network Survey found. This is the first post in a series provided for SocialFish by Artie Patel of , a tool I’m currently checking out. ————-. Let’s first look at how donors donate. billion dollars up to $2.13

The Corporate Social Media Summit 2011


To shortly get back to what the company works with, Useful Social Media also has a blog, writes white papers at the same time as they release podcasts and other content created by their conferences. Tweet Useful Social Media is a company that produces business intelligence products designed to help big businesses get the most of their use of social media.

88 Expert Content Marketing Posts Worth Another Read

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Writing White Papers to Establish Your Expertise by Prof KRG. White papers allow you to establish your expertise on a topic, making you more sought after and desirable to work with. Surveys suggest that many marketers are uncertain of the effect of content marketing. this week’s chart, we look at data from a survey of 542 U.S. Image credit: HubSpot. 2 days!

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9 New Social Media Statistics and What They Really Mean

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It’s a survey of 2,800 marketers from around the world, asking about their attitudes and plans for social media usage. Evidently – at least according to this survey – blogging is far from over. Bricks are more sturdy content initiatives with higher production values such as white papers, webinars, research reports like the one I’ve examined here, and so forth.

The Ultimate LinkedIn Lead Generation Guide

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You can start by surveying existing content related to your topic or industry on LinkedIn Pulse. Instead of linking your ads to a sales page, you can direct them to white papers, reports or other valuable lead magnets. Unlike social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram where users sign up for a variety of purposes, a majority of LinkedIn users are there for business.

Create a World-Class Online Community for Your Business

Edwards and Telligent CTO Rob Howard are releasing a white paper today that delineates what these standard-setting communities of the future will look like. The report is primarily based on their own insights, research by industry analysis and the results of an informal survey they conducted. You can read the full white paper on Telligent’s website.

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B2B: Involve Your Sales People in Social Media Marketing and CRM Now


An OgilvyOne survey found that 49% of those salespeople polled worldwide consider social media important to their success and the top performers among them rate it even more highly at 65 percent! The survey was based on 1,000 sales professionals in four countries. The Future of Selling – white paper. Of course, it’s not the only division in most cases.

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Best Practices for Association Microsites


This is a guest post by Andrea Bona , of One Orange Feather, on their great survey of associations’ use of microsites. Download the paper here. Associations 2012: Benchmarks and Best Practices ,” white paper, we found that nearly one-half of U.S. In the white paper we found that more large associations deploy micro sites than small associations.

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Not Tracking Social Media ROI is Your Fault

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There’s no question that the social media ROI question continues to befuddle business – 41% of respondents to an eConsultancy survey of 1,000 companies and agencies in late 2011 had absolutely no idea of social media’s financial impact. ” white paper. Last week, Susan Etlinger from Altimeter Group published the Social Media ROI Cookbook. Doable? Doable?

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How Does Digital Marketing Differ From B2B to B2C?

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B2B companies are usually also on LinkedIn, AngelList, and Google+ where people are in a business mindset and are prepared for more sophisticated content (like white papers and thought leadership pieces). The following is a guest post by Eleonora Israele. Howard Hill gained notoriety for winning all of the 267 archery contests he entered. So what sets these two categories apart?

How to Build the Ultimate Online Newsroom

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Links to white papers, PowerPoints, videos, ebooks, infographics, and other company-generated content and thought-leadership assets. See the 2011 Online Newsroom Survey (PDF) from TekGroup for more guidance here. by TomPick and guest blogger Maria Verven. They were bulky, killed lots of trees, and of course weren’t searchable. if absolutely necessary.

25 Newsletter Content Ideas + Bonus Newsletter Idea Resources

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Surveys, polls, and feedback: Ask your customers what they want. Case studies and/or white papers: Show your expertise and how your products and services help your audience with these research-heavy newsletter content ideas. Learning how to write a newsletter is relatively easy. Constantly generating newsletter content ideas is not. The same is true for your company newsletter.

105 Ideas to Add to Your Editorial Calendar

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White Papers. Often used to provide robust technical information, white papers are perfect for telling complex stories in a concise format, often appearing as PDFs. This is a great type of content to complement your written information in blog posts and white papers. Surveys. Really! Here ya go. Content That Tells a Story. Lists. How-To. Quotes.

How to Integrate Inbound Marketing Tactics Into Your PR Strategy

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Don’t stop at press releases and bylines – use them to create infographics, eBooks, podcasts, white papers and other pieces of content. Just launch a press release with survey results? Spend the day turning it into a compelling blog post for a trade publication AND a white paper for the website , then push out links to both via social media. What Remains the Same.

This Week in Social Media – 8/7/2013

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Metrics / Measurement / Big Data Facebook ads are undervalued by the last-click attribution model ; it''s likely that Facebook ads see better interaction earlier in the purchase funnel, which is confirmed by the Google white paper on the Customer Journey to Purchase What data are marketers interested in? A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry. These are those links.

105 Types of Content to Fill Up Your Editorial Calendar

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White Papers. Often used to provide robust technical information, white papers are perfect for telling complex stories in a concise format, often appearing as PDFs. This is a great type of content to complement your written information in blog posts and white papers. Surveys. Really! Here ya go. What Types Of Content Will Help You Tell Your Story?

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5 Expert Tips for Converting Your Webinar Audience

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” During and after the webinar, you will collect other data from online polls and surveys. Post-Webinar Survey. Another data point for evaluating life cycle intelligence is to have attendees fill out a short survey that can be completed as they log off the webinar. What did the survey responses say? Use industry disruptions to your advantage. Send Thank-You Emails.