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Influence your PR campaign with Influencer Marketing

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This is where influencer marketing comes to the rescue. Loosely defined as a marketing strategy involving influencers to impact buyer decisions and boost a brand’s visibility by using their online personality and popularity, influencer marketing has many takers.

Marketwired Survey Shows PR Industry Still Behind

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a Marketwired survey, was released. I took the survey in October and, when I saw the questions, I told them I was interested in seeing the results…for two reasons: They asked if PR professionals are using the PESO model; and. Marketwired Survey Says. By Gini Dietrich.

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How to Identify Your Social Media Influencers

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If you hang around a social media marketer long enough, you’re bound to hear the term social media influencers tossed around in conversation. Social media influencers are the bread and butter to marketing strategies and help brands build valuable relationships on social media platforms.

Summarized: The 2013 In-House Counsel New Media Engagement Survey

Myrland Marketing

Those of us who care about all forms of marketing, networking and communication for lawyers anticipate surveys that study the use of Social Media, as well as all marketing tools, when it comes to lawyers’ clients. This is the third survey released by this partnership.

Are You Doing Influencer Marketing Right?


Influencer Marketing is turning out to be one of those terms that people should pay attention to, especially from a social media standpoint. What is influencer marketing? How do you know if you are doing influencer marketing right? Step 1: Identify Influencers.

89% of CMOs Say Social Data Has Influenced Their Decisions

The Realtime Report

The survey asked members of the CMO Club (a forum for top marketing executives) how they value social data, as reported by MIT Sloan Management Review. In general, CMOs surveyed expressed a high opinion about the value of social data.

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Contributed Content is on the Rise — Here’s How to Stand Out

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Influence & Co. surveyed editors at leading online publications to uncover what it is they’re actually looking for. Communication Content content marketers contributed content contributed content success how to guest blog how to measure the success of a guest article how to pitch editors Influence & Co. Influence & Co. survey is your content too promotional?

How the Majority Illusion Can Supercharge Your Influence Marketing

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A recent survey by the Pew Research Center found that 44 percent of Facebook users like content posted by their friends at least once a day, and nearly a third do so several times per day. It also emphasizes why more brands are turning toward influencer outreach.

The 4 Best Influencer Marketing Studies of 2015 (So Far)

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I read influencer marketing blogs and newsletters every day. Technology Plus Human Eyes Deliver Best Results Two studies were recently released on influencer marketing revealing what makes for successful influencer outreach.

How Brands Can Overcome the Biggest Influencer Marketing Challenges

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You’re familiar with influencer marketing. Now you want to launch your very own influencer marketing campaign, but you want to make sure you’re doing it right. . Challenge #1: Measuring Influencer Marketing ROI. Create Custom URLs for Each Influencer.

In-House Counsel Use of Social Media Survey: An Interview With Greentarget’s John Corey

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The long-anticipated 2013 In-House Counsel Use of Social Media Survey conducted by Inside Counsel , Greentarget and Zeughauser Group was released today. In another blog post today, titled Summarized: The 2013 New Media Engagement Survey , I provided a quick overview of the survey.

The Value of a PR Pitch According to 1,300 Publishers

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Media and influencer outreach is a crucial aspect in making sure your brand and its content get to the right audience. As PR professionals, nurturing intricate relationship with publications and journalists is essential.

PR Pros Not Keeping Up with What Journalists Want

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The TEKGroup Online Newsroom Survey shows journalists are visting company newsrooms regularly. And the Web Influencers Survey by D. I’m sure most of you remember when the plane went down in the Hudson River.

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The Social Influence Surge—Are You Prepared?

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With social media now mainstream, we’re experiencing a surge of consumer influence from “social shopping”, consumer reviews and online word-of mouth-marketing. The New Rules of Social Engagement.

Interview with Social Media Influencer: Tom H. C. Anderson

Social Media Citizens

G: How would you define a social media “influencer”? T: Anyone who is active on a social media channel of any sort is an influencer. Conversely, they can also be influenced to some degree. So to me, and more and more savvy marketers, influence is defined on a sliding scale.

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Video Influencer Marketing

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In fact, a survey by Wyzowl found that 88% of businesses consider videos to play an important role in their marketing strategy. The survey also found that videos can provide solid ROI by boosting traffic, conversions, and sales. Tip #2: Give Video Influencers Creative Freedom.

Why influencer marketing is an essential part of brand marketing strategy

Buzzoole , a self-service Influencer Marketing Platform, recently conducted a survey of the over 200 brands on their platform (full disclosure: Buzzoole is a Blonde 2.0 So Why Are More Brands Using Influencer Marketing? Photo Courtesy of Buzzoole.

How Much Should You Pay Social Media Influencers?

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Although some marketers have questioned the value of influencer marketing , it has become one of the most effective marketing tactics for many successful brands. Research from Sway Group reported marketers who implemented an influencer marketing campaign earned an average of $6.85

The Social Influence Surge—Are You Prepared?

Harp Interactive

With social media now mainstream, we’re experiencing a surge of consumer influence from “social shopping”, consumer reviews and online word-of mouth-marketing. Consumer reviews are significantly more trusted—nearly 12 times more—than descriptions that come from manufacturers, according to a survey of US mom Internet users. 53% of those on Twitter have recommended companies and/or products in their tweets and almost as many voice an intent to buy those products or services.

Why You Can't Measure Influence

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Take influence. But have you ever seen a unit of influence? In survey research, the survey itself provides an observable moment. Enter the model With influence , reputation , and engagement , we're dealing with the abstract.

16 Enigmatic Business Blogging and Other Marketing Stats

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86% of B2B companies surveyed are currently blogging, along with 77% of B2C companies. But just 60 percent of surveyed marketers consider them effective. The CMO Survey ). The CMO Survey ). The CMO Survey ). The CMO Survey ).

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47 Superb Social Media Marketing Stats and Facts

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Image credit: The CMO Survey. And that usage isn’t all selfies and cat videos; both consumer and B2B purchases are influenced by social content. The CMO Survey ). Then again—a recent survey found 46% of CFOs admitted to making important decisions based only on instinct. (

How to Monetise Your Influence Type: Micro-influencers


Welcome to the next post in our series on monetising your influence type. Last time we looked at Platform-Specific Superstars – a small percentage of all influencers. Most of us fit into the category of “micro-influencer”, and it can be an exciting place to be!

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[Cool Social Tools] Mattr Segments Your Social Audience To Identify Influencers


—————– Segment Your Social Audience To Identify Influencers with Similar Values. There’s a common question amongst marketers who are new to influencer marketing- how can these tools assist in increasing our brand awareness in new and exciting ways?

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How 5 Marketing Influencers Are Creating Action on Social Media – And You Can Too

The Social Media Hat

Social Media How 5 Marketing Influencers Are Creating Action on Social Media – And You Can Too. Wouldn't it be nice to have the influence and marketing know-how to grab the attention of your target audience every time you shared something to social media?

Why Your CEO Should Be Active On Social Media [Study]


Survey Results: The majority of survey respondents, 78%, said CEO participation in social media leads to better communication, while 71% said it leads to improved brand image and 64% said it provides more transparency. Tweet.

Social Networks Have Little Influence on What You Buy Online


But the results of a new Goldman Sachs survey should give the company some short-lived peace of mind. Facebook is capable of becoming an e-commerce giant in the not too distant future, surpassing Google in terms of online shopping influence.

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What Type Of Advertising Has The Most Influence?

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That true influence when it comes to advertising comes from channels that are more personal or more interactive. "According to Deloitte 's fifth edition 'State of the Media Democracy' survey, 71% of Americans still rate watching TV on any device among their favorite media activities. influence. You would think that the shift is clear. You would be wrong.

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Business Development for Communications Firms

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Your own research, which could be gigantic like Edelman does with their Trust Barometer or like what Andy Crestodina did this summer with his blogger survey. Building information roundtables with the influencers in the verticals where you specialize. By Gini Dietrich.

10 Top Influencers to Guide You through the Social-Media Jungle in 2016

While you may not have the resources to hire a social-media firm to take the helm, you can certainly learn from the blogs, articles and tweets of experienced social influencers. What follows is a list of 10 such influencers. He was named one of the top ten online marketers by Forbes, and a top influencer on the web by the Wall Street Journal. Third, use of images was rated as the most important social media optimization tactic, in a 2014 survey by Adobe and Software Advice.”

Search Drives the Purchase, Social Influences it… A Little

Direct Marketing Observations

The results from the survey/study revealed the following. The impact that search and social media have on a consumer’s purchase has never been disputed. I have always maintained that they were always joined at the hip.

Your Employees May Be Your Best Untapped Brand Advocates

Webbiquity SMM

Hinge Research Institute and Social Media Today recently surveyed companies with employee advocacy programs, and the results speak for themselves: 1% saw increased brand visibility. If you still have trouble identifying engaged employees, consider sending out an engagement survey.

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Are You A Social Media-Savvy Leader? You Should Be!

Small Business Mavericks

I just came across an interesting survey, BRANDfog’s 2014: The Global, Social CEO. This annual look at social media engagement in the C-Suite explores the changing role of a business leader’s involvement with social media by surveying 1000 employees in both the UK and the US. This competitive edge is based on being part of the conversation about your brand and influencing perspective by being engaged and transparent.

The One Thing You Can’t Ignore About Sponsored Content

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Are you like me and sit up late at night, wondering if it’s an ethical dilemma to pay influencers to say cool things about your brand? When I set out to research this ginormous question, I started compiling a survey of questions to ask other marketers.

Social Media And Branding [Infographic]


The survey findings: In order to dive deeper into this topic AYTM Market Research surveyed 2,000 internet users. A lot has been said about the influencing power of Facebook and Twitter users and how it effects other fans.

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How This B2B Brand Marketed With Happy People Instead of a Huge Budget

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Social Media Case Studies brand advocates grouphigh influence influence marketing influencer outreach readytalk social media case study summit club

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How Bloggers and Brands Create Successful Partnerships (New Research)

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At GroupHigh, we are on the forefront of blogger outreach and have worked with hundreds of brands and agencies on influencer marketing. Download the survey now. Key Takeaways from Surveying 4,000 Bloggers on Marketing. Image via

Why Your Brand Should Create Less Content

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Here are four influencer marketing strategies with user-generated content as their backbone, complete with actionable strategies you can use to do a better job of amplifying the voices your consumers actually want to hear from. Quick!

7 Steps to Creating More Effective Reader Surveys


The benefits of polling your readers and conducting good customer surveys have already been well-established in the blogging world. . Not only does this technique enable you to make better informed marketing decisions, gathering information via reader survey can help you to identify your visitors’ pain points and determine what they’ll spend their money on— before you invest the time in writing posts or paid products! Expand your response base with paid survey partners.

Influencers Influence Purchase Behavior, Steal Eyeballs | Social You Should Know

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Influencer content reportedly grabs one-fifth of our time spent consuming media, and a YouTube influencer makes $4,000 in just 90 minutes. A Whopping 19% of Total Media Consumption Now Goes to Influencers. At least according to a consumer survey released by a UK-based PR firm.