Claim a Vanity URL for Your Social Media Profiles


A vanity URL is a short, unique user name. Vanity URLs are easy to remember, read, share and use in marketing documents, on company websites, and business cards. For example, when I set up my new Facebook business page, the randomly assigned number and URL was [link].

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Guide to URL Shortening and Tracking for Social Media

Sprout Social

Everything from your headline and keywords to featured image and URL should be optimized. An easy way to spruce up your links and get the most out of your status updates is by using a URL shortener. What Are URL Shorteners? Here are six of our favorite URL shorteners: 1.

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How I do it : Bulk URL shortening for #socialmedia updates

Koka Sexton

What I want to focus on is a way that you can take all of the collected and curated content you have and generate customized shortened URLS for them so you can easily have the updates scheduled for social marketing activities across platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. start adding URLs.

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Who Is Reading Your URL?

Small Business Mavericks

“A site’s URL structure should be as simple as possible. Consider organizing your content so that URLs are constructed logically and in a manner that is most intelligible to humans (when possible, readable words rather than long ID numbers). For example, if you’re searching for information about aviation, a URL like [link] will help you decide whether to click that link. A URL like [link] is much less appealing to users.” Who looks at that URL?


Facebook Page – get your own Facebook URL name

Laurel Papworth

You can also add URL names for Applications, not just Pages. You must have at least 100 fans, I believe, to score your own URL. Facebook Page – get your own Facebook URL name is a post from: Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy.

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13 Advanced Link Building Strategies You (Probably) Haven’t Used

Viper Chill

You could wait around for a virtual assistant to collect all of the links manually but thankfully we have tools like Screaming Frog (free for analysing up to 500 URL’s) which can automate the process for us. A Little-Known Reddit URL for Finding Promotion Opportunities.

9 Tried-and-Tested SEO Strategies for 2015

Writtent Blog

Sound SEO strategies lead to online success and business growth, but with the web and search engines constantly evolving, it can be hard to know what those are. SEO Strategies: 9 Ways to Boost Your Business. If this isn’t one of your top priority SEO strategies, it should be.

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SEO Strategies: Optimisation Ideas for Your Google+ Page


Links – You can direct other Google+ users to your company’s site by putting its URL in the “Website” and “About” sections. As a final tip, do not forget to use other social media strategies too.

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A Guide to Multilingual SEO Strategy


There are still many opportunities to carve out niche footholds in foreign language sectors by utilizing top performing keywords to attract international attention, in domain names, URLs and within the content of your website itself. Web Analytics multilingual seo multilingual seo strategy

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How to Align Social Media and SEO Strategy

Simply Measured

Are your social media efforts aligned with your SEO strategy? Here are some useful SEO strategies you can use in your social media efforts. You will have to update your page code with a relevant title, description, image tag, and URL.

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7 Advanced Social Media Marketing Strategies


Learn to leverage these tools to maximum effect with these 7 advanced social media marketing strategies. Advanced strategies go a step (or several) beyond simply showing up in the social media sphere to introduce and then reinforce marketing messages that prompt users to take desired actions.

How to Use Facebook for Business and Marketing

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

In fact, you’re likely spotting the shift; instead of companies posting their URLs on television commercials, they’re asking their followers to join them on Facebook. Let’s say you did something along the lines of what I do — social media consulting and strategy.

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7 Writing Strategies to Boost Traffic on Your Blog

Writtent Blog

Every blogger wants to boost traffic on their blog, but not everyone has the right online writing strategies. Writing Strategies: 7 Ways to Boost Blog Traffic. Check for title tags, URLs, and meta descriptions, as well as keyword density and links. Image source.

The Convergence of Search and Social Part 7 – A Strategy Framework

Josh S Peters

When it comes to setting up a search and social strategy there is no end to the ways you can put the pieces together and it can be as simple or as complex to piece together as you want / need it to be. Simple Search And Social Strategy Framework. Social Media Search SEO Social Strateg

38 Ideas For Your Pinterest Strategy

Diva Marketing Blog

Strategy. Amazing how many people forget to include a URL. Although your pins should reflect your brand values/promise (Strategy #1) not all pins should be directly related to your products, services or company (Strategy #5).

7 Actionable SEO Strategies You Can Do Today


On the most basic level, we all “know” how SEO works, really… but SEO strategy implementation is a whole other beast, and it’s what most of us often struggle with. So let’s say you start feeling like this: That’s OK, because you can check out these search engine optimization strategies that you can (and SHOULD) do today to make your SEO implementation just that little bit less agonizing. Anyway, let’s talk about the strategies. Content Strategy

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How to Balance Creation and Curation in Your Social Strategy

Simply Measured

A social media calendar plays a key role in your social strategy. Follow your social media audit checklist, which should include: Profile information (name and URL). The foundation of any successful social media strategy starts with content.

How Do You Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts? Our 12 Best Time-Saving Tools and Strategies

Buffer Social

I’d love to share a bit about how I made these changes and the best social media management tools and strategies I’ve used for handling multiple social media accounts—whether you’re handling several company profiles or juggling your personal brand in multiple places.

Conversation Agent: Curating Information as Content Strategy

» Curating Information as Content Strategy Content, which is anything that informs, educates, or entertain online, is your business digital body language. Curating information as content strategy Which is where the idea that curating information could be your content strategy comes in.

5 Questions You Need to Ask About Your Social Strategy (And How to Answer Them)

Simply Measured

In the short time that I’ve been guinea-pigging our new solution, we’ve already unearthed new strategy-altering findings about our social media presence. We’ve already begun to retool our social strategies for webinar promotion based on this analysis.

Strategies for a Successful Paid Search Campaign

Puzzle Marketer

Paid Search strategies can now be crafted off of these concepts and understanding of the model. Another strategy would be to target very specific Long Tail keyword phrases that are searched less often, but are further down the purchase funnel.

26 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Rebekah Radice

Have you ever wondered what an effective Pinterest marketing strategy looks like? Know what works, what doesn’t and how to seamlessly integrate it into your marketing strategy. Tips to Instantly Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy.

Community Discussion: Guest Post Pitching Strategies


Writing “I really enjoy reading your blog [link] – I know our URL! The post Community Discussion: Guest Post Pitching Strategies appeared first on ProBlogger. As the editor of ProBlogger for the last three years, you can imagine I’ve seen every. pitch.

Help – My Boss Wants My Facebook Strategy!

agora pulse

That moment when your boss suddenly becomes aware of the budget being spent on social media and demands a Facebook strategy. While social media has become more data driven, only 32% of marketers having a documented strategy. These are some of the items you need to record: Page URL.

How to incorporate Google Analytics data into your social media strategy

Engaging Brand

There are two ways of tracking social traffic – one is by using a new feature that Analytics calls social interaction analytics and the other is by using tagged URLs. . Social interaction analytics helps track likes, tweets, and +1’s, while tagged URLs help in tracking website visits from different social channels. . Tagged URLs. Tagged URLs are the easiest way to track social media traffic received on a specific website or blog post link. Social Media Strategy

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Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

Convince & Convert

It works like, but incorporates all URL shorteners into the data mix. The dominant URL shortener is also the best – in my opinion – at tracking and analytics. URLs whenever possible, and make liberal use of their “+&# feature. URL to see how many times it’s been clicked on, and by whom.

How to Use Marketing Forecasts to Improve Your Strategy

Convince & Convert

“People need to realize that anything with a URL technically is content. Forecasting for the Future. In addition to working at Salesforce, Mathew Sweezey is also a self-titled “marketing evangelist.”

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Developing an Effective Real Estate Content Marketing Strategy

Katie Lance

There are of course many benefits to these tasks on their own, but when combined, you have a content marketing strategy on your hands that’s a recipe for success. The post Developing an Effective Real Estate Content Marketing Strategy appeared first on Katie Lance.

Social Media Strategy: 10 Experts Reveal Their Secrets

Viper Chill

Create a network where you can share ideas, brainstorm content strategies and develop a comment strategy. On the first read, I wrote down 13 new ideas, mostly ways to use SU and blogging, that I can implement into my overall marketing strategy. Home What the F ?

Why Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy Must Now Include Social Validation

Bill Hartzer

The search engines love fresh, unique content–and they love to find new URLs and links. They see your new URL and index it, but will rank it higher in the search results if they can find some reason to: and one of those reasons includes social validation. The URL is “accepted&#.

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Does My Business Need to be on Twitter?


This will help you work out a creative strategy, be consistent with your content on Twitter, and save you a ton of time. This only works with images uploaded directly to Twitter (which use a URL).

The Single Most Important Social Media Marketing Metric

Convince & Convert

The right social media strategies do add value to the bottom line, and as social media marketers, it’s our job to quantify this where we can. Shouldn’t the measurement of your social media strategies map back to this objective? Google’s URL Builder.

Google+ for Your Business


Get a custom Google+ URL: When your account is ready, you’ll receive an e-mail asking you to claim your Google+ URL. Another way to check if your account is ready is to visit your profile page and look for a banner across the top asking you to confirm your vanity URL.

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Creating A Local SEO Strategy For Multiple Locations

The Realtime Report

Creating A Local SEO Strategy F or Multiple Locations. Some of the main places to use your keyword are in the URL, H1 tag, and title tag. The post Creating A Local SEO Strategy For Multiple Locations appeared first on The Realtime Report.

8 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Page

Convince & Convert

It all comes down to months (and years) of building up your social media presence using a solid strategy. But before you start working on that strategy and start investing in ads, there’s some groundwork to be done. Enable a custom URL or “ username ” for your page.

Using Facebook Hashtags for Your #FacebookMarketing


Look for hashtags on Facebook by URL: Easily search for hashtags or bookmark their results by using the URL: then include your keyword on the end. Test hashtags as part of your Facebook marketing strategy and measure your results. . -

A New Linking Strategy: Out is the New In


I’ve been thinking a lot about my linking strategy lately. The only way that you could get to a page was if you knew the URL, or followed a link from another page. I especially like one thing that he said: “Linking out is a strategy you have to embrace holistically.” Kimberly Turner’s Monthly Trends + 10 Tips for a Flawless Linking Strategy touches on the subject, for example. A New Linking Strategy: Out is the New In.

14 Tips to Generate More Leads, Conversions and Sales Using Twitter

Pam Moore

You can’t just hop on Twitter and start spamming urls to your website, blog or sales page. If your blog, website, content and engagement strategies suck, your conversions on Twitter will be the same. Importance of a good content strategy and plan to increase sales.

3 Simple Tactics for Using Twitter as a Traction Channel

Convince & Convert

If no, then figure out your buyer persona before attempting this strategy. I’m saying this not to scare you, but to set the stage for your Twitter marketing strategy. Only use this strategy when people follow you.

The 6 Sweetest Facebook Advertising Features Right Now

Convince & Convert

As a result, the company routinely tries (sometimes successfully, sometimes unsuccessfully) to provide a glimpse into the new ad units they want advertisers to run, the creative assets they want marketers to focus on, and the strategies they encourage folks to try.