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7 NEW Social Media Solutions to Grow Your Business


You want to hit your social media marketing out of the ballpark , but with so many changes, updates, and new features, how can you know you’re leveraging every avenue available? Here are seven new tools and solutions that you should be aware of when marketing your business on social media. Put These New Tools to Use in Your Social Media Marketing.

10 Effective Social Media Options Every Business Should Use


Setting up social media accounts is an easy way to reach a target audience for a low price. To make the most of all of your business social media accounts , be sure you are using these helpful tools: Facebook. So take advantage of this easy social marketing tool. Your links and text can get lost on other social networks over time, but your articles remain in one section – sort of like a portfolio for people to look over when they arrive at your profile. What simple social media tasks help boost your business? Call to Action button.

Companies Invest More in Social Media Marketing in 2014


Last year, Forbes contributor Jayson DeMers wrote a list of predictions for social media trends that would rule this year. One of the most accurate was his prediction that social media marketing would continue to skyrocket, forcing companies who were holdouts in the social media arena to finally buy in. Social media advertising is the wave of 2014.

Why Social Media Is The Catalyst For Telling The Truth


Social media has forever changed marketing and business. As a result of these new and inexpensive social tools, businesses are jumping onto social media as means to communicate with their customers and create awareness. But, thanks to social media, the conversation between businesses and customers has become a two way street. That’s ok.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right

Finally – A Promising Buzz in the Social Media Marketing Atmosphere


I’ve watched with a bit of dismay as marketers have tried to figure out the social media environment, working to get consumers to buy products and services purely based on electronic communication. Blog Social Media business daily deals groupon livingsocial marketing promotionsFreebeeCards.com. In April Groupon settled a lawsuit for $8.5 Many vouchers go unused.

Social Media Use: Three Big Mistakes Made by Small Businesses


In seeking to connect with and grow an audience online , small businesses frequently turn to social media sites. Still, though social media is a popular marketing tool for small businesses, it can also be a minefield of potentially costly and critical mistakes. There are several key ways in which small businesses are continuing to miss opportunities to maximize their social media marketing potential. Here are a few of the biggest: Believing social media is free. The use of social media is not about controlling your message.

Unlock these 6 Secrets to Better Email Marketing


That’s more than direct mail, social, telephone, or mobile advertising. Fitting The Social Media Cube into a Round Marketing Strategy. Email marketing is dead! …at least that’s what some corners of the Internet would like you to believe. But take one look at the numbers and you’ll find that email marketing is not a dying breed. Your recipient is busy.

Is Klout On The Way Out?


This morning, Klout launched a new algorithm, which has affected the scoring of Social Media users “Online Success Scores.” ” This change has caused a dramatic decrease in the Klout scores of most users and all platforms on Social Media are ablaze with discordance, confusion and anger in regard to Klout. Klout scores have dropped on average, ten points.

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Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls

Social Media Contests and Giveaways: A Good Idea or Not Worth It?


Social media networks are seemingly the perfect place to run contests and giveaways. Businesses typically have quite a few people who like their company on Facebook, and since the social media giant does everything in real time, you can run contests quickly and efficiently. So why is it a good idea to run social media contests on Facebook or Twitter?

Why Twylah Is My Favorite Influential Tool


To give you a better understanding, here is an example of how this works for me: Klout has determined that one of my influential topics is Social Media. Here is a list of just a few Social Media leaders that I follow: Oliver Blanchard. Twylah is a blog of your own tweets arranged by your most influential topics. Are you curious how Twylah works? Twylah vs. Klout.

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Once upon a time, I Believed in the Fairytale of Klout


Klout has made some dramatic changes in the past few weeks, which has led the Social Media ecosystem to ask many questions about Klout’s brand credibility and business agenda. They did not answer the many concerns, questions or open debates in regard to many issues being asked of them on all Social Media forums. We think broadcasting is GREAT Social Media!

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How to Get Your Profile and Data Completely Disconnected from Klout


Once your profile is "disabled", be aware that Klout is still collecting and utilizing your data from Social Media Platforms. To prevent them from collecting and utilizing your data, please note that you need to revoke access of Klout applications in every social media platform that was linked to your Klout Account. LATES UPDATE. October, 31. FACEBOOK. FLICKR.

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Once Upon a Time With Klout….The Final Chapters


Beware of the Pied Piper on Social Media. That we rocked the world of social media. The Pied Piper of Social Media had revealed himself. Millions including myself, have chosen to shut the door on the Pied Piper of Social Media. Klout clearly does not understand the core strength of Social Media which is Community. Period.

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How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

To The Crowd #crushIQ


This means that conventional media sources are always looking for content. Your crowdsourcing campaign needs to be as natural as Pinterest, as social as Spotify and as shareable as Flipboard. Blog Social Media advertising chrushIQ conference crowdsourcing facebook google plus social media twitterThis is a guest post by Jeff Barrett. Embrace it. Ease-Of-Use.

Think Like Zuck: 5 Business Success Secrets from the Great Leaders of Our Time


It was built to accomplish a social mission – to make the world more open and connected.” By aligning his work with his passion Mark Zuckerberg has created a product that has revolutionized the way we connect on a global level, and Facebook will continue to drive the future of social networking into the future. Below are just some of the insights. Passion and Purpose.

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Crisis Coverage: How Should Companies Handle Social Media?


We hear about ways that companies handle bad situations all the time – mostly via social media. One of the most recent happenings that was discussed heavily on social media is the NASCAR Nationwide race and the awful crash that happened at the end of the race. Companies should train their social media staff to respond quickly to a crisis.

How to Listen via Social Media and How it Can Help Your Business


While so many companies, large and small, are turning to social media as a primary marketing tool, are they really listening to what their customers have to say on the networks? “Listening” via social media is an interesting concept. For small businesses, it’s particularly important to engage with your customers in a social media setting.

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media

Fitting The Social Media Cube into a Round Marketing Strategy


What would happen if an anthropologist, an innovator, a neuroscientist, and a social media marketer got together and decided to create a brand marketing campaign? The idea of linking these concepts together was discussed in my recent post , “Taking Multi-Dimensional Marketing to the Next Level,” where I presented The Social Media Cube © as a visual representation of this approach. Instead of fully understanding the social medium and the rapidly evolving mobile network, they are trying to apply old rules to a new game.

How (and Why) to Clean Up Your Online Reputation


With all of the social networks and sites out there, it’s easy to paint a picture of your skills, talents, and interests. People can get to know you more thoroughly, as you can use social networks to highlight many different attributes. Being too wordy on some social networking sites might turn people off. Related posts: LinkedIn: Now Multi-Media. Just watch out.

Social Media Fails: When Good Brands Go Wrong


While there are many articles out there telling you what to do with social media, it’s just as important to understand what not to do. We take inspiration from a few companies that have fallen flat on their faces when it comes to using social media. Last year, after some back and forth tweeting with a disgruntled USAirways customer, the person managing the social media account sent a graphic and offensive image that was seen around the world. Often the fails we see on social media are simply people not thinking through what they write.

5 Safe Social Media Tasks for Business Leaders


A BRANDFog survey found that 82 percent of consumers trust a company more if its leadership engages on social media and 77 percent said leadership’s social media presence makes them more likely to buy. It’s clear that consumers want leaders to be online – but what about the inherent “fishbowl” risks of social media? There are ways that leaders can tap into resources like social media, however, and still come off as professional and in control. What ways do you boost your leadership clout through social media?

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations

Have you been put in Klout timeout?


If you are still under the spell of Klout, be sure that you don't spend much time engaging and supporting your friends who are new to Social Media. It's seems Klout doesn't assign influence to true Social Media relationships. It is time that Klout educated their staff on the importance of Social Media relationships. Digg Digg.

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7 Simple Blog Post Ideas for Your Small Business


It’s smart to experiment with your social channels and video options like Periscope , but great blog content is also really important. You can either re-report news that is relevant to your industry (citing your sources, of course) or give your opinion on something that is being talked about in major media. You can put a call out for guest bloggers through your social media channels , or just reach out to people you know who might be interested. 4 Ideas for Home-Run Social Media Marketing. Here are just a few: Behind-the-scenes. News briefs.

Is Klout Really Accessing Your Protected Tweets?


Blog Klout Social Media ethics influence klout klout concern klout score privacy breach twitter policyLast week I wrote, “Klout Story Part 1 – Are you reading between the lines? ” , which concentrated on some of Klout’s privacy issues. Klout’s Marketing Manager, Ms. Megan Berry , commented on my post and disputed my claim that privacy might be at risk.

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How to Keep Customers Happy in a Digital Marketplace


Keep a close eye on your social media accounts, comments on blog posts, customer review sites and your email inbox. Social Media Contests and Giveaways: A Good Idea or Not Worth It? Blog advertising Anheuser-Busch Brand management business Cloud computing Coca-Cola Consumer Customer service facebook social media Building a friendly website.

Clout vs. Klout – Or the Real Meaning of Social Influence


” They report several strong reasons why marketers should seek social media influence: 90% of purchases are subject to social influence. So, the theory goes, if we identify the main social influencers, we should be able to effect change or motivate action. ” He points out that social marketers have a great deal of difficulty identifying influencers in advance. Blog Influence Klout Social Media brand business celebrities influence klout online influence social mediaDigg Digg. Have you been put in Klout timeout?

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Who Are The Influencers and How DO We Find Them?


In my last blog, “ Clout vs. Klout – Or the Real Meaning of Social Influence ,” I pulled together information which concluded that the most visible people are not necessarily correlated with influence, and word-of-mouth recognition can only be harnessed by targeting large numbers of ordinary influencers. I strongly believe that consistent engagement on social media is the best mechanism for building your influential base. When someone writes a testimonial or review, post it on your website or send it out through your social media network.

Influence Met Transparency with @Kred


PeopleBrowsr is a high-tech social analytics company with a passion for marketing. PeopleBrowsr is a global industry leader in the social media revolution and offers many Social Media engagement services and tools to global brands, advertising and PR agencies. The PeopleBrowsr Playground is known as one of the top Social Media engagement tools on the market today.

Social Media saving lives – two words at the time


Social Media saving lives – two words at the time. I write a great deal about using the power of social media to become an influencer and motivate change. What chat rooms, social media networks, Facebook and the rest of the social media universe really do is allow us to communicate more easily, but the one thing this technology all too often doesn’t show is our feelings. ” Related posts: How To Connect On Social Media Tip from @RickiLake. The Most Remarkable People on Social Media Today.

Social Media saving lives – two words at the time


I write a great deal about using the power of social media to become an influencer and motivate change. What chat rooms, social media networks, Facebook and the rest of the social media universe really do is allow us to communicate more easily, but the one thing this technology all too often doesn’t show is our feelings. We spend our time on social media retweeting or “liking” to show someone that we care, but we don’t take the time to look people in the eye and tell them they matter to us. Angela Maiers.

The Importance of Consumer Insights in Today’s Marketing Strategies


This is one area in marketing that is grossly under-represented in contemporary academic and media discussions. All of this must also be accomplished in the blink of a virtual eye because the social media universe has made the consumer response swift and unrelenting. Social media influencers and advocates can quickly build up a product they like to their circle of influence, or just as easily tear it down. Original article: The Importance of Consumer Insights in Today’s Marketing Strategies ©2014 UNSPOKEN ~ Social Media.

How to Use Social Media for Marketing Research


Social media has had a massive impact on marketing and the way that consumers view businesses. While many businesses are taking part in social media marketing, many fail to see the market research potential that the platform offers as well. These tips and tricks offer simple, easy to implement ways to turn social media into a powerful marketing research tool. Before you can begin to sift through your various social media platforms for information, you must first form a research plan. Using Social Media to Track Trends.

5 Reasons You Still Need Infographics


Infographics combine the benefits of both read-only and video media and can be posted in a variety of formats. There are plenty more who stumble upon them on websites or social media too. Become Social in Social Media With Jugnoo. marketing Blog business Consciousness raising Crowdtap Exam (film) facebook Facebook features Infographic social media twitterDigital video content is getting a lot of attention lately and for good reason. Consumers like the ease, interactivity and fun of digital video content and it is driving up views globally.

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The Klout Story – Part 1 – Are You Reading Between The Lines?


There are many concerns and questions being raised daily on social media. Klout measures the raw action acted upon by my content shared within Social Media. Blog Klout Social Media facebook influence klout klout concern klout score privacy breach social media social media platforms twitter twitter policyKlout. Klout. Klout.

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Holiday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


It only makes sense that businesses should try to make the most of social media as well as other marketing tactics during the holidays. Utilizing social media and other online avenues to draw in customers is crucial. For smaller companies, using social media to drive people to a full website is an important tactic. · Social Media Pages.